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of all la Lecro&e iWr.
U V - U VVv
b1ib Dairy aaa Wash MM
ImN. Met hi I ta.
J. W. rOTTt.
TBRM Batlr, taM put. Waskty.
..lar nam; M mtm !!..
All faiasMaleatlaaa af a critical at
tla tlMMtaf. Olttlal at rsltiriaaa.
mi attars far aabllaaUefla. sack
art'rla wUl as arlste wi etlllaaa rtfaatar.
mrrnawwiiww amwasai ma awry
la Rurk alas4 aoaatf .
Fripat, lhccKMK 22, 189S
A nrrsic prtatar'a elrealar ta ao-
pros profit on sheet musto at whol
sain la about twelr cent a copy. At
that rats on 80Vxopjr aaccaaa
make a margin big enough to. t
tip a rood many hundred failnree.
Wnwt the power of Gens any la to
ba defied, all Frenchman, whether
monarchist, bonapartlst, republican
or aocialtat In opinion, aland to
gether with mat enthusiasm. Tba
kaiser will find no dlaunltod Franc
to face It war aver cornea again be
tween Teuton and GauL
' Ir Admiral Matlo really wi.bed to
depopulate tba liraaillan capital ba
ahotild bar atopped hi harmleaa
boabardintr and aenl the people to'
tha world' fair la apaclal tralna
duly divided Into two or mora eeo
tlona each. Aa llfe-dcstroycr they
baat hit old runboaU out o( alffht
' Tut popular auperetttion acaiaat
rarellng Friday baa-had Bach to
support It within tha last few wecka.
Tha abash colliaion at Kingsbury,
lad., occurred Friday; tha terrible
catastrophe at Jar Ic ton. Mich., took
place Friday, and again tha fatal day
baa claimed twenty-six Uvea at Battle
1? L 1 . - . &
Tnt taUn man and the abort"
man of many a fabled robbery are at
their highway trlcka again. There
la a growing belief that In eom of
tha reported deada of violence these
wicked two are mythe. The truth
appears to be that somebody get
Very bnrtn occaaionallr. and doea
tome 'tau talking to account for IV.
Ax Immense trunk which belonged
too e wly wedded couple furnlahed
plenty of amusement to paaaengera
t the Baltimore and UMa railroad
depot ta Ilttsburg, tha other day.
The trunk waa decorated with old
Bhoea. tied with gay-colored ribbona
aad two hearts pierced by C'upld'a
arrow were drawn oa the aldo with
Tnt railroad magnate who aro
"morally responsible for the long
ear lee of deadly wreck of tralna
bound to or from the world' fair
ahould ba placed la rharge of guard
Ian for weakmtndedne, Anyoo
with a grata of tense would hate
baea able to foresee that sit months'
buainese cop Id not aafaly be crowded
Into tlx week.
t . a- ce
M. Jons A. Iwiaji espresses the
opinion that women who work for a
living are less likely to marry than
those who do not. Another way of
putting It would I to say that wo
men who can support themselves are
less likely to want a husband to sup
port them than women who cannot.
There i nothing strange aliout that.
Tnc annual report of Secretary of
the Treasury Carlisle show that he
lad ully ooaversaat with every detail
of . tha , Important department of
which ha i at the heat!. Hi recom
mendation are logical and bnsineaa.
like, and worthy of the most earnest
and thoughtful consideration of
congress which they will doubtless
Tnie official couat of the retnrns of
the Chicago municipal election doea
not materially affect tha result aa
shown by the Hgurea previously an
nounced, and John 1. Hopklna I
elected beyond any reasonable ground
for doubt. - CoanVtorabte elgnitteatjc
may be attached to the eoneee1ow
Bad by Ireorg B. Swift, tha de
feated candidate, aad his friends,
thai lb rllgto attack Bade
by nnscrupoloua persons ia
Urted In Swift tucee,
cot ooaslderabl of a figure In the
oat). If Indeed It waa not the
aatn laent of defeat of the candU
dat whoaa adherent adapted such
a oonraa. It Bight aa well be ua
Oeratood In Chicago, aa well a In
Soak laland and elaewhere, that relig
ioa ud politic are not Ingredient
Uat wlU cW ally combi they
nrt U oil and water aad will not
mix. Tby ar tronbUeome bed 11
Imi, Mi wo to be who la aw fellah
.Latest U. & Go Report.
voice of one err-
Ins, ant in the wilder
ness, bat In the nurs
ery, la the aoand that
arrets the startled
ears of the mother thm
night after Christmas, and generally It la a
notse that may writ startle the eara of a
mother. It In brxt to impossible to prerrct
children from rating things on that day
that prove -too much for the tender lit
tle stomachs. Loving aunts, indulgent
Rrandanatbers, heedless fathers and often
Ignorant mothers let the little ones, even
the baby, hare things that no child or
grown person should eat. They aay, "Oh,
hum wont nnrt mm," not when nearly
every one In the household has acted on tba
Bams principle the children have filled
themarlrea with Indigestible stuff little
better than poison.
Chrlstmaa la a day wherein nearly every
body seta mora than la good for him. and
the food considered suitable for that day la
m me ricnest ana most complicated and
Indigestible kind. Grown people find
a Christmas day'a feasting a serious mat
ter. How then cai we expect a little child
to llva thronga It? A physician of note
onea said more children die of overeating
than of atarvation.
The most dreaded and dangerous form of
illness resulting from overeating la the
convulsion. The child may or may not
ahowsignsof the coming illness. Its checks
may be very red, Ita lips white and pinched,
and the child uupb and Drrroua. It may
go to eleep, bnt It will often err out in
eleep and move about restlessly. The mus
cle often twitch and the eyes frequently
turn upward, but all these symptoms mav
be presrnt and yet the child will not have
a convulsion. Still they give sufficient cause
tor alarm to demand a good dose of sirup
at rnunaro. or ot magnesia, or a wtne
giaaeiul of Ilunvadl mineral water, which
1 have used with good success with cLli-
Where there are symptoms like those
mentioned above, one baa a warning and
ran combat the danger, but only too often
there la no sign of coming sickness nntil
the mother bears that one strange croak'
tng cry, and then It is often too late, and in
any case requires the moat active and be-
roie treatment to nave the little sufferer,
who lies rigid and without consciuusnesM.
The eyea are then tnrned upward, having
CMdy the whites visible, the little teeth are
art tightly aad the lips drawn back. After
awhile the convulsions begin, and the poor
little lunacies strain, and the child writhe
aad twists, bnt is all the while unconscioua.
rtometimea bloudy froth appears In the
month, the breath cornea Irregularly and
often seem to stop altogether and some
times does.
There is anmethtng so unearthly In that
one terrible cry that precedes a convulsion
that no mother ever heard It Without trem
bling. In an Instant the dortor is sent for,
and women fly for remedies. The fin
thing ia to get the little sufferer into a hot
bath np to the chin, the water to lie as bet
as the mothers wrist ran bear. Itiaei
to aay from DO to 1"0 degrees of beat, but
few have a thermometer at hand, so the
mot her'a wrist must be the guide in emer-
The child slionld remain in the water 10
to 1ft minutes, a little boigrr If the convul
sions do not relax aotuewhat. Then it
should be taken from the water and laid in
a wanned shawl or woolen blanket, with
out stopping to dry or dress the little oue.
and as sunn aa it can swallow give it an
emetic ot warm mntard or anlt and water
(a teaapooof ul of either ia enough!, mixed
with a cup of warm water. Sirup of ipecac
is better still, if at hand, and can be given
In teanpoonf ul doses every 10 minutes until
the little stomach is freed from the car.se of
Irritation. Aa aoon as the child lias vomit
ed freely the coutuImoo generally crane.
but eonte nervous etiildren are apt to have
err era I ia succession.
As soon as the vom iting has ceased, a dose
of castor oil, rhubarb or magnesia ahould
be given, the oil preferably, as it heals and
calms t be irritation and carries off the mat
ter which has caused alt the danger and
trouble, ham physicians employ ether
and chloroform to quiet the convulsions.
hat all doctors agree that nothing can be
done for a child in caovubaona from the
Christmas feast but to rid It as quickly aa
piawibie ot l be cause ot Ita trouble, and the
hot bath and emetic are the first trine
dies and can be administered sad ly while
awaiting the arrival of the doctor. Kon
but pbyaiciana should ndmluiater ether.
The wise mother will take care to include
among her Christmas purchase an ounce of
sirup of Ipecac, two ounces of apiced sirup
o rnuuaro anu two ounces of castor otL
When she goes to bed at night, after the
great day baa passed, aba will have seen
that there la a plentiful supply of hot water,
and that the mustard and salt are bandy,
and lastly she will visit each happy if un
comfortable little alecper and aee how hear
bos look and note whether the sleep ia
feathva ami the child flushed. Then abe
May go to bed and sleep with one eye opea
aad both eat aad all ber senses on the alert.
A few anch precaaUona would prevent many
aa early death, and a little more firmness
In not allowing children to eat too much
sweets and rich food would avoid theac
dangrr. Kathkrixe Lmn.
Wbm Lacy tttono waa a child, as she
went through tha pasture" one day abe
cam Vpoa a large blackanake asleep
on rock la the aan. Most little bare
footed girl would bare given it n wide
berth or Bade off at the top of their
need. It aever occurred to little Lucy
to ran. Picking np tbe heaviest atone
ab could lift, abe went aoftly np to tba
sank and dropped tbe ton aquarely
upon It bead, crushing it to. piece.
Tbe incident waa typical. Her whole
Him waa drvotcd. tnono formor aaotb-
& to "brniaiaat tb acrpent'a bend.
Kn eat WjrBtaWay 9XTtT'BMaTe4tag V&fttty
UtUe Lea Asgetas Girl.
I poor pretty Annie Ollanrahaa
modern Cinderella? A great many peo
pla are Inclined to believe that she I.
laat child were recently recited ia thee
dtspatcbes. The girl is in the care or a
borne here, and her alleged parent. Sir.
and Mr. QUanrahan, are trying to re
gain posacmion of ber. The mystery of
the case waa caused by the cootradictory
evidence of the parent. They brought
Annie op with the idea that abe waa not
their child and that her mother was a
Mrs. Payne of England, but when Annie
aooght refuge in the Florence home they
declared that they were her parent.
They have dropped hints about the
possibility of the child coining into a
great inheritance someday, and it would
seem that there was eome basis for this
hypothesis, for they are now as eager to
get hold of her as they were to lose ber.
and rnmors about ner belonging to a
great English family are extant.
At any rate, the proceedings show that
O Hanrahan. who is a wealthy man,
treated the girl shamefully until his sud
den and recent acqnimnent of a regard
for her. It was shown that for two
years post he kept Annie ont at service,
her employers being instructed to give
her little earnings to O Hanrahan. and
she waa kept in a shocking condition.
only having one dress and no unacr-
Mrs. Sheldon Borden testified that she
had employed Annie for a time, and on
one occasion when she bad told 3Ir.
CVHanrahan that the girl was ill he res
plied, "Throw her ont or send her to a
Mrs. Borden bought the child some
underclothing, but her father took it
away from her, and Annie went on the
stand and corrotxtr&ted the evidence and
said she had rather poison herself than
go back.
The mystery about her case has arous
ed great interest, and inquiries will be
made to ascertain if she has any rela
tives in England. San Francisco Exam
Terrible Besalt of a Joke Flayed by a Bay
oa Bis UtUe Sister.
A pall hangs over the house of John
Powell, who resides in tbe little hamlet
of Prospect Plains, N. J., about 12 miles
from this city, by reason of the untimely
death of. Mary ToweU, his bright 12-
year-old daughter. Her death was the
resnlt of a practical joke played by her
brother, who is nearly crazed by the out
come of his thoughtlessness.
Tbe children were playing about the
house in the evening when Mary tie-
thought herself of some doll clothes she
had left in the cellar. She was of a quiet
and timid disposition and did not enjoy
a trip into the darkness of the cellar. She
finally conquered her fears sufficiently to
hurry down stain, and just as she thought
sho was out of harm's way her brother
appeared, and the thought occurred to
him that now was his opportunity to
give Mary a fright. He avaded himself
of the chance and quickly closed the eel
lar door as Mary reached for the knob.
When the girl realized that she was
alone in the dark, she screamed in ter
ror. To increase her fright, tbe boy gave
vent to a series of sounds that made the
little girl nearly frantic.
The boy listened to his sister' cries
nntil ber scream grew fainter and
finally ceased entirely, when lie became
His alarm increased when be called
the girl by name and received no reply,
and he was terrified when he opened the
door and found his sister lying on tbe
Receiving no reply to his questions.
he rushed in search of his mother, who
was horrified to find her daughter was
dead. A physician was summoned, who
gave it as his opinion that the little one's
death was tbe result of acrasm produced
by fright. Tbo boy, who was the cause
of his sister's death, lies in bed, tossing
about and mooning, and refuses to be
comforted. acw Brunswick SpeciaL
Clres His IImm to tbe Faor.
A dispatch from "Waverly, Ia., says:
To tbe indigent people of Bremer county
the prospects of a journey "over the
hills to the tioorhouse will henceforth
be robbed of mniiy ot its terrors, for,
through the generosity of Mr. Abraham
Slimmer, those who are so unfortunate
as to become public charges will dwell
in marble balls. Mr. Slimmer today
dropped into the county auditor' office
while the board of supervisors was in
session and pleasantly surprised that
body by presenting it with a deed of
his palatial mansion that overlooks the
city from the west, and which, with the
beautiful park surrounding it, is valued
at $20,000. Tho only condition of the
transfer is that the dwelling should be
need exclusively as a home for poor per
sons, and the donor takes it npon him
self to pay tho expenses ot tbe establish
ment till his death.
"Leg ralllaaT Legally Deflaed.
Theexpressive but questionable phrase
"pulling a leg" was defined by tbe Berks
county court the other day. In the divorce
case of Lewis W.Yocnm against his wife,a
letter written by the latter wa produced.
in which aho told her husband if he
wanted hi "leg pulled" she would do it.
The question was asked what was meant
by "pulling a leg." J. IL Jacobs, coun
sel for tbe defense, said it was a slang
term, meaning to get money from an
other without giving an equivalent. The
court acquiesced in this definition of
"leg pulling. Heading (Pa.) Dispatch.
Fa His Dlaaer.
A man 81 years old, so interested in
his work as to forget to go to dinner and
o vigorous a to suffer no hajtn from tbo
deprivation, is to be congratulated. This
is tbe report that comes from Mr. Wal
ter KicboUof Fannington, who has been
surveying in tbe woods tbe past month,
and whoa accuracy in anch work is ao
great a to be never aneatiooBd bv the
judge of tho uprem coort. Lewiston
Tb Grand Duk Alexia' right arm ia
adorned with a dragon which coven It
almost entirely from tbe wrist to tb
elbow. Tb new Duk of 8axe-Cobarg
Gotha ia tattooed much the east way.
while tb Duke of York has a couple of
CTOod flag upon hi forearm. King
Gcorg of Oreece, bis second eon aad hia
nephew, the ccarowitx, are each of tbem
tattooed. Beeidea these there are among
tb tattooed princes Queen Marguerite
of Italy'a brother, tbe Vnke of Genoa,
Archduke Stephen of Austria and Prince
Henry of Prussia, brother of Emperor
Princess Waldetnar of Denmark, wife
of tha sailor son of King Christian, has a
beautiful anchor and a crown tattooed on
her arm, halfway between ber shoulder
and her elbow, and which of coarse is
conspicuous whenever she wears a low
dress. Her husband likewise has naval
emblems tattooed: on his arm, and so,
too, baa King Oscar of Sweden, who
served for many years in the navy before
ascending the throne. His sons have
followed bis example. Boston Herald.
A VTIIU lloy Case.
The authorities of Madison, His., have
wild boy, who they believe hails
from St. Louis. He was captured in tbe
woods near that town and in many re
spects resemble the "wild man of Bor
neo" found in the side shows of traveling
circuses. His finger and toe nails have
grown to inirnenso length, hair has,
sprung out over nearly his whole body,
and he haa well nigli lost his ability to
talk, merely ottering incoherent howls
and screams instead. He was brought
in by a party of townspeople who had
been disturbed by the reports of the wild
creature prowling in the vicinity of their
homes. St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
No. 2155.
or the comiTioa or vna
av anca iiuni,
la the Bute of Illinois, at the clo-e of boninen.
Dec 19,
- mxsotracEs.
Loss sal discounts ...S332.C1 SI
Overdrafts, secured and aneeraied.... CM 75
U.S. Bnads toeerur eircnlatioa...... 5u.UK) On
PntmiaMoaU. S Bond .100
Stock, mcuritia. etc .VW uu
nankinc-feoae, furuitoss and fixtures. 2 (KM 09
One from National bssk (not mint
spent 8271
One from rtate banks and bunUer... I.Mt; 07
Dae from approved referred agents.... H6.9."t st
t necas nu owcrcasn 'un. .......... w
Nous of atber National bmks 8,eS m
Frac yaper Car. nickel-, anrt rents.... 33 a
Lawful avNiey rcnerve in bank. Tic :
Specie 18.413 T 1
Leml-tendcr notes 1V11U 09 f '
Ueilsaiitios fund wtth D. 8, Trcstnrer
(3 pel cenioi circniai:on.... ........ z.'i on
Total ......SttW.UTJ 75
Capital stork paid in finn.ono no
Survla fnnd MLOUu 0
Ind.virtpd profl', less ezpeutes sad
iaxcfcaa 51.31" OS
Rational Bank Notes outstanding 4V 00
One to othrr National b.nk. .......... 7.MI 87
Due Ui tate hank and tankers 1,3U hi
IHrtdetids unpaH...-. ................. 53 an
Ind.drp subject ta check.. lKi.7-.ti 5
Itemand (w. of derwii.... li.tiSl 15
Time certiflca'.ct of deposit. SV 5
Total......... S469 0T3 75
Cocxrr or Boca Islahd, f
I. C. nctnentelL cahter of the ahnee-naned
hank, do sulema r wear4hat the above tmtut
u true 10 me ncuot ay knowiedX'e and belief.
Subscribed snl rwarn to before me this Sxd da.
Ot Uecemser, i&i. 44EO. F. KOTO.
scai1 2iotarj Public,
Correct Attest:
fma rmvs. I
F.C. A. Us-K4SS. rt rector.
JoMtra Kosasriaui, I
Harpefs Theater,
J E. Montrose, Uanacet.
Wednesday, Dec. 27.
Special Engagement of
Supported by EUGENIE BLAIR. Ed
munu Collier, and a strong com
pany of player in a grand
'scenic production of
The Gladiator.
Prices 91 JB, S1.00, 75, 59 and Tie. Stat, on sale
pcrtis 0;:ra i:::s3,
aaaw DlTrVPORT.
TWO NIGHTS DSCa 25 80(1 26
Extraordinary Engagement.
Pmillrcly tb only chance torse this great
Aaicric a pity.
A story of the south by Augustas
Thomas. The triumph of
New York, Chicago and
New Orleans. '
Fourteen weeks at Hooky's theatre
Chicago. The original cast.
All Special and Beautiful Scenery.
Pries tl, IS, 80 andtSc. Bale opens Iharsday
uf . IXe. tl. at Flake's.
Cssrj Pita WllBaKTES by
TCtiEY CZL 443..
CaUCA, -
fimbsj paniniil.is ssrlr as
T. H. THOMAS, Drnggiat and Opti
cian, fcjes tested ire of oaarge.
J 7
SSrickea Down with Heart Diseasa.
Sr. jrOa JTaMeat Ca 7Tae. , Jsvd.
OESTuarr: I Icrf It my duty, as well cs a
pleasure, o trohUsh, unsolicited, to tbe world tb
benefit received from Da. Murs- ttcwoaarnra
stroma. I arm sti
iratrons. I m stricken down with ilea
XWera.e and its cotr plications, nmpld pulse vary-
tnr from 90 to 140 brats ner minute, a cboklnz or
Burning atnanltnn ia tae wiud pip, opprcIoa
0nn of tbe heart and briotr lower rib, pain fa tbe
aron,s!iortue!sof tiroath.klccp'eancas, iveaknest
asd reneral debility. 1 be arteries in my neck
would liirob violently, tbe tbrobbi of my heart
could I beard across s lares room and would
hake oy wLole body. I was so nervous that I
could nut bold my iiand rtoady. M kmme btm
mmdrr fas fraKaunf f mnintmi fMm
- lin aa. mmtlmmm of Iwiiil Jr.
.nffaiin (he bemrfU. A friend reeonf
mended yonr remedies. Kb waa cured by Dr.
Miles' remedies lbsTetsken a a mm aav
throe bottles of your New J H R" Ij
Heart Cure sad two bottles W aa mm
Menrlna. My pulse Is normal, I have no more
violent ihroobinitof tb heart. 1 aa a wtu maw.
I atneeraly renommena every one wun rympioma
of Uean Dia
to 1
tiypsua City, Sana.
SaM ss a PoslUv Oaaraatea.
oa moncv nrruRNcn.
WE PROTOSE to boom our
trade from now until Christmas
by offering unusual inducements,
viz: With every order for a
dozen cabinet photos wc shall
give an extra photo in the new
Vienna panel size, and in addi
tion your choice of three beauti
ful souvenirs. In crayon work
we arc offering an exceptional
bargain a 16x20 cravon portrait
in a beautiful gold frame at
4.00, regular price $5.50.
Visitors arc always welcome.
1725 Second Ave.
(Sacces.or to n. WXITDT.)
Merchant -:-Tailor,
119 Eighteenth Street.
afaT-Fit and Workmanship Guar
anteed the Best
C eat ing and Repairing Done.
Washes ererything from a fln
tUk luadkerohief to a drcoc
tent; Laoe enrtaina a specialty
No. 1734 1HIRD AVB
A. XL & L. J. F&BKER,
' TelapOave Bo. 1214
Open Evenings,
-i .
Our store will be open evenings this week
Endless variety of useful articles, suitable for
Xmas presents.
-Klug, Hasler, Schwentser
217 and 217 1-2 W. Second St., DAVENPORT
The Battle Above the Clouds.
I have a large consignment of Napkin
Rings, Ink Wells, Pen Racks, call bills,
etc., made of materials taken from
Lookout Mountain; they will make
presents which the Old Settlers will
prize very highly. We have them on
sale for a few days only.
Geo. H. Kingsbury,
mTTTTr A T"T71
A car load of handsomebed room suits going
at the following prices
Suits worth 15 00 go al t! - - f 12 5i
2D 00 -.-- 15 in)
26 00 - - - IS ttn
27 50 - - - 2i ixi
" S 00 " ..... J (Ml
35 00 .... 27 ,vi
40 00 ... . s j
Remember we have only one car load to dis
pose of at the above manufacturer's prices.
1626 and 1S37
Second Avenue
T A Tal A THTr
124 126 and l-'8
Sixteenth Street
At Hair Price.
Now is the
, .' . ... i up
time to buy
your Christmas
TnTtm TI711
mi am,
114W.Second St.DayeDpirt

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