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The Horse Mrs. Foy is Spring
ing in the Coughlin Case.
The Defense Brings Out Dam
aging Admissions.
I Icr Evidence Seems to Have
Been Made a Boomerang.
President Cleveland and Oth
ers Off on a Trip.
Ciiifoo. Hee. jr.. In the cross
fniinatlnn of Mrs. For, chief wit-
pr fur the prosecution in the trial
tr In Coughlin fur the murder of
ihr.Tmnin. this morning, the defense
mad her admit that he had lived
with her hatband in the last week.
had M-nt her compliments to Cough-
tin in jail, and that the had received
menrv and clothing from friends of
the prosecution, and expects a re
war.! for testifying.
rrr.M-nt mm4 Party aff a Trla.
Wasiiimitox, I). C, Iec. 26.
Prv.idrnt Cleveland, accompanied by
S-rn-taries (irefham and Carlisle
boarded a light house tender in
charge of Capt. Evans at 11 this
morning, and steamed down the To
to mar to Chracake bar. They ex
tH-ct t ie a !. nt two davs duck
shooting. Private Secretary Tbur
InT i-ays he will give a statement re.
garding the trip at 4 o'clock this af.
tirnoon. Considerable business is
to be transacted during the trip.
fagiltat SUtrarllaaal rartjrOX.
ri!tLAtr.LrniA, IVc. 26. Charles
Mitchell, the English pugilist, and
friend, departed for Jackronville,
1'Ia.. this morning.
Mmt Walt Till II tirU Ihv fiaaallpos.
TtUKK ItAlTK, IiiiL, lire. Srt. Jniltfu Tayw
Inr.uf tbe circuit court, midemla decision
in rrjrard to the power of local board of
health ami the ncliool authorities to ex
clude a pupil because of fnilurr to be vac
cinated. Tbe judge decided tbnt unttar
tin- fircseut rulm of the stata board of
twalth the local board has no power to
rtmipnl healthy child. Hot exiNnrd to
smallpox, to be vaccinated or quit acbooL
Kirst. for the renaou tlwt the rulf of the
st:ite board confer no such power. Second,
lircnuse if they did confer such power the
rules were uever promulgated by tlie
jin'prr authority, the county btmrd. an net
tH-i-vwary to give authority to the city
Aaathw Ifcsaher to Trawfcta,
Kass.w CITT, Mo., Dec SB A warrant
for the arrest of Willard I. Hi lines, presl
dent of the Security Carinas Trust com
mi nr. which marie an asniininmnt last
June, has brew fcwurd cbartriua- (craod lar
ceny. When the failure iicnim-d the as-
srts were cirea as tliO.JOO and the liabil
tties , WO.
Dte4 at I. Aa mt tos tears.
Tccrc II rrc Ind., bee ac John Daw
son, the ofcleat cttiaro of Indiana, died a.
his home In this city, aged 10 years
I nmatk and diir. lie waa a native of
Vmrtnia ard attended the funeral of Wash
lautoo. Ilia first vote was f.r Jawra Madi
son, and he sarvail as a soldier la the war
u mix
ftrmkmaa laataatlv aUUraL
Ducrvr, la. Dee. ST.. A sianof the Doooe
Tntn-pnrtatiia company's bridge gave
war. orvciuitatinit three coal cars into the
Dm. Moiues rirar. llntkesnaa A ill Palmer
Was Instantly killed,
rah! too
"Perms to me young Skorcber ycrowsaa
Inch latter every day.
"Ua'sRMff ly stntiiditeuincun. He hasn't
bud a Cannes to rUe bis bicycle aiuce the
euuw leU. CLicarfu Tnbuucu
Train IlntiberCoturl Sbcllewt!
Kural Minister t-aUlyV-If 1 U.m1 ruch eav
tTv-rlic frikrws as you to -u the platanow
and then, 1 tulttbt hare nutucUikrtg to KlvW
ou.-New York V.'eekly.
1 IN
y I J l-lflswats-ie
Deliberate and Complete Work
of Eight Bandits.
Man and BTsvreas Matt SUfed aad Pa.
eagrra Believe mt TTsrlr Talwaktea try I
TSni Wfc RrltrW to Doiac ThiaacB ITrU 1
4ttvaarkahla h. .r -.--Z. I
uraaarfcahlr Ca af Kldaawlag t saw.
at Chl
Btoadjr Betwtt of s .
FaaUlad with Oaasblcn.
pAUsnXL Kan . IW n nn.t.. hJ I
the bnldest train robbery ever tarrpetrated 1
has been recorded in the Indian territorv.
The robbery occurred at Seminole, a small
station on the Kansas and Arkansas Val
ley, which la a division of the Missouri
Pacific. The train robbed was a train
bound for Little Rock. Ark. Aa the train
approached Seminole the emrlnevrsaw a
danger signal ahead and slowed up, being
annerine impression that he was facing
flawed to meet another train. As the
train neared the switch, however, the en
gineer perceived that a flat car had been
run out of the side track on to the m.tn
line and red o light placed on the car.
Te IWM Brlawad Apimreta.
As soon as the train reached the ob
struction the ctJKine was boarded by two
men who commanded the engineer and
fireman to Jump out of their cab, which
they did with alacrity. As they did so
they were confronted liy half a dozen other
men, armed to the teeth with Winchesters
and revolvers. A detachment of the ban
dits then started toward the back of the
train, and, as they proceeded, gathered the
rest of the train crew, who had stepped off
to ascertain the reason forthesudilen stop
pipg of the train. When the robbers had
collected all the crew they were corralled
and a guard placed over them, and then
they proceeded to their work of mulcting
iae express ana mail cars.
Set a Goad Itoy for Beatatoaea.
They attacked the mail car first and met
with no resistonre from the mail clerk.
Pouch after pouch was opened and rifled of
its contents. Then the letters which had
been distributed in the pigeon holes were
gone through deliberately and all their
Valuable contents extracted and placed in
a receptacle which the robbers carried.
After completing their work in the mail
car the roblien turned their attention to
the express car and looted it of its contents
w ithout the k-nst objection from the ex
press meast-nger, who was powerless to pro
tect the company's property against such
Kow Ceases the Passenger's Turn.
Having satisfied themselves that they
had secured all the valuables in the ex
press car the gang then proceeded through
the coaches and made a clean sweep of all
valuables in the possession of the terror
ised passengers. It would have been more
than folly for the passengers or crew to re
sist, as the Imud was made up of eight des
perate looking men and it was evident
from the way Uiey went at the Job that
they knew their business. While the rob
bers proceeded through the coaches each
passenger was compelled to band over all
his cash and jewelry. No violence was of
fered because every one gave up quickly,
glad to escape with a whole skin.
The I'eaae I He aw the Trail.
The work of the bandits was so deliberate
and painstaking that it is believed they
are old-timers and that they are the same
gang who. held up the Missouri, Kan
sas and Teas train. They secured big
Itooty, but no estimate can lie given of
the loss. A nosse was organized as soon
as it was possible to advise the authorities
of the facts and deputies are hot on the
trail of the ro!lr. It is liarely possible
that If the posse gets near the gang a fight
will ensue.
A Weattfcy rtttabata: Maara Attorney Veils
m Very Startling Story.
CniCAOO, Dec. 26. Henry B. Shields, of
Coleman, Shields Co., iron manufactur
ers of Nilea, O., has been arrested here
charged with kidnaping E. iL Byers, of
Pittsburg, a member of the wealthy iron
manufacturing firm of Byers Ac Co., in
that city. The warrant was sworn out by
Sin. Byers. The prisoner was admitted to
bail in rlfl.000. The attorney representing
Mr. Byers says, that Shhl brought
Byers from Pittsburg to Chicago last May
aud placed him tn charge of Dr. Tall man,
the bouse physician of the (ireat Northern
biteL Byers, by various charges against
bis wife, was worked Into a state In w hit u
he was easily handled. lie wes placed in
charge of a female nurse named Dilta, who
received directions from Tollman.
For more than threa months Mrs. Byers
made diligent search fur bcr husband, and
during that pcritsl she claims that be fre
quently wrote her but toe letters never
reached ner. ana tnat wnen lie inquireu
after ber he was told that she no Imiger
cared for him. After a long search Byers
and the nurse were located in SC PauL
Mrs. Byers went there and next day Dr.
Tallman arrived and together the party re
turned to this rity. Dyers was again taken
away by Dr. Tallman while Mrs. Byers
toy ill
Siuee taea liyers naa ueen lasen so vari
ous parts of the country. He bad drawn
personally but little money from the firm,
yet it is estimated that since the abduction
there has been spent for bis account ap
proximately 1.V"UU. Continuing the at
torney said: "We know I rum auuemenia
made by Tallman and others that Byers
wanta to go to his wife, but is held in
duress la the manner related."
Dr. Tallman ridicules the story of the
alleged kidnaping and says: "Mrs. Byers
has peculiarities, and that twenty years of
married life with her, together with busi
ness cares, brought on nervous prostration
and Byers came out hers to recover hia
"He waa doing finely when Mrs. Byers
went to St. Paul and created a scene. I
brought the entire party back here, and
Byers said be would try to live with his
wife. For fourteen days they lived together.
and then be told me be could stand it no
longer, and was going away to get well.
Since then I have seen him but once, but
his friends know where he is, for be writes
to them occasionally. ,
A Hauls to a atoaen That Beeauta as Three
anUton Itoatha, '
Lot u. Dec 3&-A special to the B-
publle from Btnnfngtuun, AJa., says:
Town Marshal Phillips and a pome of offi
cers raided a notorious gambling den at
Pratt mines at night. As the officers broke
open the door the lights in the room went
out and the gamblers opened fire, which
was returned by the officers. A regular
battle in the dark followed, the gamblers
retreating from the place as rapidly as possible.
When the anafnsion wan over and the
usm WKn Wed on again a bloody scene
presentel . Henry Sherman, one of
lay dead on the floor with a
buUet in hia hMr- I un. o .
Sterne, two more of the samblera. were fa.
wuywonnaea. One of the officers, whose
Dame could not be learned, was sarinrislv
1. ,'etnainder of the ftambten.
twenty-two in number, made their escape.
It is thought that several of them were
hurt, as drops of blood were found in their
Phn Arsaewr and tr. Caasaaras Wage to
Peril mt Their Uvea.
Chicago, Dec 88. The lives of Phil D.
Armour and Dr. Frank D. Gunsaulus have
been placed in Jeopardy and their institute
at tbe corner of Thirty-third street and
Armour avenue threatened with
destruction by dynamite. The threat
was recently made to Dr. Gunsaulus,
who is president of the Armour institute,
by a supposed crank, but the threat was
not made directly to the millionaire pork
packer. It was just immediately after Mr.
Armour bad given Dr. Gunsaulus .V,(0
to remain at the bead of the institution.
This was just before Dr. Gunsaulus made
a trip to Denver for bis health in Novem
ber. At the time Mr. Armour retained his
president by giving him a check for t50,(M
tbe impression got out that it was a gift
and that tas little fortune bad been be
stowed upon Dr. Gunsnlns as a present.
When it was made public thnt the money
bad been given to Dr. Gunsaulus it is sup
posed that a crank on the million nireques
tion thought the money should have been
disbursed somewhere elms, and at once sent
the president a threatening letter.
The letter demanded the money, saying
that unless it was forthcoming the insti
tute would he blown to smithereens and
both Mr. Armour and Dr. Gunsaulus
would be assassinated. The matter has
been kept a profound secret, for as soon as
it was reported to Mr. Armour he and Dr.
Gunsaulus kept their counsel and put the
case in the hands of detectives, who are
now trying to ferret out the supposed an
Slnttler Done to Avenge m
SnxiVAK, Ind., Dec 26. William C
Hultz, a prominent attorney of this place,
was killed by a disguised man, while in
front of a livery stable. The assassin ran
up behind Hultx and emptied both loadsof
a double-barreled nhot run into his body.
He hud just time to declare that the deed
was done by Lemuel II. Willis, ex-sheriff,
when he died.
Tbe murderer then made bis way by
diuys until out of town, and tbenssopuing
at a pond wrapped up his disguise in his
overcoat and then threw it, with his gun,
into the pond. A few months ago Willis
caught his wife and Units in flagrante de
lict u and wounded Hultz. ' The latter got
well and left the city, but came tmck.
At that time Willis got a divorce and
sued Hultz for damages. He had made
threats to finish Hultz, and the evidence
against him is about conclusive. When
arrested be mid he knew nothing about the
murder and pleaded not guilty in court.
His preliminary examination will come off
He Bays That Mrs. Fojre Testimony Be-
garding Him Is Falae.
Chicago, Dec 2C Ever since Dr. Cronin
was murdered so foully there have len
dark hints of men high in professional and
political circles who were alleged to have
been tbe directing hand of that dark crime.
In Mrs. Foy's testimony at tbe Coughlin
trial she plainly charged Sullivan with
complicity. The gentleman has been silent
undurthe burden of suspicion cast upon
him nntil now when under oath the dread
ful charge is made.
He said, referring to the woman's testl
many: "So far as the Foy woman's testi
mony refers to me it is infamously false.
Hue made a statement for publication
recently in which she ascribed to another
tlie authorship of an imaginary letter
which she now ptetends to ascribe to me.
He added that he bad offered to testify at
the Cronin inquest and also before the
grand jury that indicted Coughlin et aL,
but his testimony eras declined oy botnuio
coroner and Iioogeneeker.
The Artist of the OarfleU Hoi
Wants a Balance of See.
CletelasDm Dec 30. A suit has been
commenced in common pleas court in
which thr names of more men of national
reputation appear as defendants than ever
lief ore in tbe annals of this county.
Krnst. the sculptor and artist, sues the
Garfield National Memorial association to
recover the sum af fjiXl, which be claims la
inc hlaa lor work and labor.
The asaoalatlon wa i swiglnally composed
sf toe following eminent men: Tbe late
At-l'resident Butherford B. 1 In yes, James
G. Blaine. J. H. Wade, J. 11- Khodca, ex
Governor Charles Foster, ex-euator 11. li.
Pavne. General James Bornett, Dan. P.
Eells. Hun. Amos Townsend, Colonel John
Hay. J. B. Parsons, Judge Henry C
White. T. P. Handy and others. The
monument was built by popular autt-
Hayar-Elect Hopkins at Washington.
WashixgtoK, Dec SO. John P. Hopkins,
mayor-elect of Chicago, has arrived In this
city. He Is accompanied by Mr. Johns.
Hooper, of Chicago. Mr. Hopkins and
Comptroller of the Currency Eckels had a
conference In reference, it is said, to the
relinquishing of tbe receivership of the
Chemical National bank of Chicago.
Hot Busainilsli far the Honmi
Marshall, Mich., Dec 2a A verdict of
"Not guilty" was reached in the trial of
Conductor Scott. The jury was out about
an boor. Scott was oa trial charged with
having been in -part responsible for the
terrible Grand Trunk disaster at Battle
Creek, Mich.
Death of a WaU-ataowa ral
CUKAOO, Doc SO. George Sherwood, a
well-Bownpeaabac.daed this Moav.
' 4:
An Ower True Tate from New
Jersey's Metropolis.
a and Vanish BaaBHa
--Alleged Tragic Bad to aa Adventure
That Is the Talk n-ean Hoboken to Cob
Xew Yobs, Dee. 26. It would not be ex
pected In the last days of tbe nineteenth
century that any civilized community
would point to the alleged fact that the
devil of tradition, with hoof, boms and tail
complete, had visited - it and vanished in a
blue flame, leaving behind VUm the tradi
tional odor of brimstone, wet that is ex
actly what happened tn Jersey City. From
Hoboken on the north to Cotnmnnipaw on
the south and from the North river away
beyond Jersey City beightscrfd the Bergen
uplands on the west citisens are telling
each other the story that in response to the
prayer of a pretty young girl bis Satanic
Majesty appeared in ber own parlor, van
isbed, and that the young woman was
seized with a fit and died immediately aft
erward. '
Twas the KIght or Halloween,
It seems tbe story started the night of
All HuUoween. A young girl, whose last
name is Hennessey, living hi Fourth street,
in a wild spirit of fun walked backwards
downstairs at midnight, holding before
her face a handmirror, while she wished
three times that the devil might reveal to
her the face of her future husband.
Whether she saw ber future husband's
face in the mirror does no appear, but the
story says she said nothing to her mother
to that effect. The next step in the story
was that Miss- Hennessey went with a
young man to a dance a fortnight after
her Halloween experience and sometime
in the evening quarreled with him and
started to return home alone. She had not
proceeded for when she was accosted by .a
strange looking young man whom she
had never seen before and who asked her
if he could escort her borne as she was all
The Tonng Mam Waa There.
Site demurred at first, but finally con
sented. Arrived at the house, the young
man invited himself into tbe house, but
Miss Hennessey became alarmed, fled up
the front steps, opened the door, and
slammed and locked it in the face of her
companion. She ran up-stairs to ber
mother, told ber hastily of her strange ad
venture, and then both of them looked out
of the window from tbe second floor. They
were surprised, as they could see no one.
Going down -stairs to their parlor, they saw
the same young man sitting unconcerned
ly on tbe sofa. At least it is said Miss
Hennessey declared then and there to her
mother that thr young man sat there,
while Mrs. Hennessey Declared with equal
confidence that she could see no young
man in tbe room. -
Had Horns and Cloven Hoofs.
"Yes, there is," Miss Hennesey is de
clared to hare cried; "don't you see his
cloven hoof and his horns in the hair?"
Then Miss Hennessey is said to have
shrieked several times in a highly hysteri
cal manner, whereupon Mrs. Hennessey
ran for either Father Kelly or Father
Mooney of St. Mary's Roman Catholic
church at Erie and Fourth streets. Re
turning to Mrs. Hsnnessey's residence the
"young man ' was still there and so wus
Miss Hennessey, growing more and more
hysterical evcl-y minute.
Heroine of the Btory (Joins Into a
Traaee and Dying.
The priest, it Is suid, declared he could
see no young man, but to humor Miss Hen
nessey he entered Into an imaginary theo
logical argument, and after "giving the
devil his due" the "young man," to the
priest s amaEemenv, rauuuieu iiirougu me
window in a blue flame, and there was
enough sulphur left m the room to bleach
half of tbe Leghorn bonnets In Jersey City.
Miss Hennessey's tragic Vnle ends with ber
going into a trance -and dying the same
night, Mrs. .Hennessey declaring that it
was mighty lucky for the soul of her
daughter that she had the presence of mind
tn call the priest to .perform the laxt sad
ritees. There are several variations to this
A reporter arnica ratuer Mooney, the
junior pastor of St. Mary's Konmn Catholic
clrirch in Jersey City, if he knew of the re
cent death of a Miss Hennessey in the par-
"Oh. you have come about tbe devil story.
have you " said Father Mooney, with a
apiile. We.lL, I've beard that story in sev
eral different forma. It seem to have gone
all over the country. It was rehearsed to
me one afternoon in tlie parish house by a
young girl about as you describe. There
was one exception in the-f etoils.
"Tbe "young man la snid to nave de
clared: "I came for a life And I must- have
Then a cat came Irito the room, the
young man,' or the daril, nnatcbei it and
vanished through the window. As a mat
ter of fact no Miss Henneawy has died that
1 know of. I have not been summoned to
take part in any such scene or anything
that might be mlstaKen lor u. e nave
beard so much of tbe devil story that It
ought to be denied to save tbe bother of
more conversation about it.
Father Kelly said, with a smile: "The
Btory has been growing and growing until
it is talked of -eierjahere. 1 belong to a
big club not far from here and we members
have had tbe greatest amount of sport of
comparing the different devil stories. We
bare tried to trace it to its source, but so
far have been unable to do ao."
AVwsated tor Cawalng n Costly Wreeh.
Wilkesbabbe. Pa., Dec 26. Seven of
the operators of tbe Lehigh Valley railroad
have been arrested at Whitehaven charged
with being the cause of the wreck at that
place during the strike, which cost tbe
company 170,000. Five of the seven nre
urutnernooa men.
PoUceaaem Who Bobbed the Keedy.
Iboxwood, Mich., Dec 86. Three poliee
ien bare been found guilty of stealing
supplies froam the pnblic relief store. Flour
aud otber artkaes were taken out at night
by the puheeauan, whe were the custodians
of tkw store. .,
- .
Oswt Aeeewt Mssart ftea Vattawwn Oe
I I Is r.i Ttauj May Have Baca aaal
I CImm Hs aad Vawlsn toaBtoa riaasa
Die: Otoro.
AH Kinds of Overcoats for all Sorts of People.
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth $15
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth $20
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth $12,
The largest and cheapest line of children's
Ulsters ever placed on sale in Rock Island
Underselling everybody on everything.
Big Store.
Great Clearing Sale of Holiday Goods, begining
Tuesday, Dec. 26.
Everything in Holiday Goods must be sold, cost no consideration. Some will
be marked one-quarter off, some one-third off, some one-half off, and the balance ""'
for almost nothing. You have forgotten someone? Now is the time to remem-,
ber them at a small outlay.
All Dolls at Just One-Half Price.
Drums reduced from 79c to 53c; small Eize from
25c to 15c; medium size from 45c to 33c.
Kalf skin head drums reduced to 76c each.
Baltimore printing press reduced from f-4.95 to
Ma"ic lanterns 4.75 to 13.57; from I3.5C to
12.76; from 2.50 to $1.95; from 11.62 to fl.83.
Bagatelle game from 2.19 to $1.52; from (1.19
to 82c each.
Xmas tree game reduced from 55c to S3c each.
Hobby horse reduced from (3.95 to (2.95.
Wooden Toys.
American Menagerie reduced from S9c to 19c
each. ...
Noah's Ark, 26 inches long, by 7 inches high,
reduced from 89c to 58c each.
Sideboards tor girls (hard wood), reduced to
15c each.
Folding beds and dressers combined reduced to
26c each.
The chariot reduced from 92c to 50c each.
The fire patrol reduced from S9c to 25c each.
Tbe fire escape reduced from 92c to 50c each.
U. S. cruisers reduced from 92c to 58c each.
Wash sets for girls reduced from 89c to 58c each.
Games and Puzzles
Seduced to 5c. 10c, 25c, 36c, 68c and 69c each, all
at about one half their value.
Horses with natural hair reduced from 79c to
48c; from 98c to 63c each.
Greatest Values.
Respectfully Yours,
Leaders and
Dluo Front.
$9 9? 1
14 9
7 SO
Blue Front.
Baskets, i
All baskets reduced from from ne-fourth to -one-half
regular price. One lot at 8c, one lot at
15c, one lot at 25c and one lot at 44c each.
Beautiful Artist Proof Etchings.
Ecenced to (1.19 for choice, all with white and
gold, silver and dark frames.
Toilet Cases, Manicure Cases, Shaving Sets,
Carving Sets, Smoking Sets, &c, one-half and
one-third off, for choice, all are included.
Five o'clock Teas, reduced from (1.58 to (3.19;
from (3.48 to (2.47; from (2.48 to (1.73 each.
Hanging fanips, reduced from (7 and (8 to
(5.95; from (6.48 to (5.19; from (5.98 to (4.33;
from (5.79 to ( 1.25 each.
Reception Lamps, with shades of silk and lace,
all at prices like the following in point of reduc
tions, from (12.73 to (9.85; from (11.75 to (8.95;
from (7.22 to (6.19.
Library Lamps from (7.48 to (6.25: from (3.98
to (3.37; from (2.68 to (1.97; fre-m (2.39 to (1.95
each. . , ,
Fearful reductions ia Japanese Vases, Caps and
Saucers, Jardanairs, Plates, Sugar and Creams. -Tea
Pots, Creams and a hundred and one other
pieces, including about everything In this depart
ment. To close out our entire stock of Candy we will
make unheard of low prices this week.
Promoters of Low Prices.
. -r t
- i - ' 1 ,
v.- - "
t i)
fe ;
'-V-. rJ

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