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VOL sxii. no GO.
nnrnv I Per We.TOi"M.
A Larue Tart of a New York
Town Destroyed.
An Infernal Machine Pound
in Berlin.
rt KxpJodcs in the Hands of
T. C.
Matt Gets a Railroad
S in.;.'vm , . Y..
IVc. 27
, i,. entire uitivr fnl of
this tlacc
: swept t l.rc this morning. Trn
L....n Iiiumcs were destroyed. Thtf
i)Lr.-; and will run into tV
in lil.mn. whim tbe insurance In
a tl Maralne,
I'.tmiv In
. 1 a ;
T. - T workmen
h; F.o.'ning. and
. iiHV to e.;I..t,n occurred,
f'll'e wounding the turn. Il
'.-a;' ar. i Vrna! tnttr-hine, t"t
' it. "urn rem itisaws-
I;i u lirimk. n brawl lar tent
i.h t:
;i I n' .!
t -
I r,
fie t 'kuw ...: I" !;.
v. V. V . I ve. H,:i. T.
Uv tl.e Y.'.i !.,w
ri I r.uU t k yi If
.; Ii . V7. Mor'.'.n loni
ii' r i-e live n':'e lit .oun.
W wlfl lli r t'ei-e.
;.!. -T.--''l e T-! .!.. i;:r.)in
,Miti l!,o filu' ; 1. 1 -r. rrj M
.r'n - Ul. :.ri'i i;n !Vn;iJ. nt
in hi in.' i
'. .i. . Ka
ii'i" !i i!c I'm;;. I l.T lmli.
' ..!'!! -i-rj. w.i ! p . i.riv let
Il, ,r, m-,-yr i ':-., o e i'r uT
Vivr.: - , o.lt iir. 'I . . hi I i-r;,.,i j '
' i , . . 'it. tut" n, ' ' , i' !:ir".. Tlie
I ' I , r :r.". nuia: i., r -tr,ti il If
.! ; ttf nietit tl. uv i M in ,-ftl'y
i I .
t'tiHt-e t'frtl Serntj 1 1 f.
v. citv. dt. -r.-Th- jnii r,r
tb rity illil Ihr h:indttiiMtliiiiK'heii they
f i tiiiiril M vt.'ity t r.inifi-u lio h.td Iwn
I 'itvtt in th" t'etilntl (mlice Kintlon a
li.iif. in. (!trt.iiuw r-Mt. TUtt ni1 nM'y
. f iIir:t.- ffm fnriiinnl by tUu l'olnti
t ut. linn riutt rtUm.
t'lNrtNATl, "JT. A iinl to tiie
('"tut i. ;.i. ;in fi-Mii L'rin:i. f ' ,
r. kt A. ?. l'irt, i.f Vi l.iUrty. itiatluiit
a. ili lirmit Jitikutit. a coioml rulluui.
:.:ll.tl .lnt k.li ith a iiinKlit. HiU
were umlT tint iiitlin-tire of lliiiur. I'iHtl
i a nrjilifw nt the inte ('olntifi itiin l'latt.
He vra nrrentetl abd held lit l.(M) furniaii
Iituhtrr. W.ltr'. a:l Mar t Ite Lejtel.
f.n-un extra os.iijn of the le(;idiittire la
ilttteil IK. Ts Aj Chtittma Day lit a
It itnl holidiiy iu till nnd nil lit her tnt of
t .... 1'nL.ii 1 1.. 1 ! ... I 1 I .
t.e call h icnl "nil bimlmic The coiirta will i
pnilntlily be aked to deride the mativr at
Jllannh IIm fir llarataB Asa 'a.
MIlK. I!l.. Dve. 27. The "re In the
?diiMiti!i iiiIik a not entirely put ont.nml
hit broken out at the In torn of the reAjm
-Ikift. and w.i nutter Kitrh headway in a
few minute t h it II enuld uttt lie exliit
uni.theil. The mine ban attain lieen cioaed.
hery titan le a(o.
I'raa Aawllm t'alal ml View.
rimt ronky Fj. e-r fccar inos- ey.
plnren em-eTinc nw
Sertttvl Mrmkey .m
Virt Morr--l Uuwder if we could
m.t:. :; in lnn tiier t-inptrmtr
te.in. :.Mikev I itm mire we couid.
i'.tit where j l nms- TUir ii.ic't took to
meiwt if tLey mid t .y lur.w worth com
mnriehttr 1 ixni.un SUr.
Mr$. Foy Stands a Severe
Qaestloa. Aafcctl Taut Lay a Fswadatlo
for Imoeaehtiienl Two Letters tanV
rallvs of the WltaesV story lntra.1neel
by the lcfcac l Nliow That She Bad
OaVrvtl to kwi Mleat for a faMm
Mm Marram le "Rrimnb tm Du."
CiiiCAou, Dec tt.-The Coughlin trial
brg'.nsto grt interesting over the testi
mony of Mr. Foy. and the line of ques
tioning adopted by I he defense shows that a
denpernte and skillful effort will be made
o nrr.k down hir story by showing thut.
siie is an 1111:1 1'r.Wc witness. The questions
nl.ishort'.i .md the earnestnrs. wi'h
whirU Mrs. t'..y denied the implications
t.tulaUied therein will beanirnng po'nt
ftrthe intense H by credib! witnesses
!'! ahal' prove the s.me Imptirnt ions.
Yhe wit nea denied "hofii Uttd r-
p-iren'v bbl on-ns:onal!y added "It, it
M e," "1 reverdtd. I new did."'
teeliuea Qntitltin Aiknt.
AnitNtK tle iiietioni fiiJ at the wi'nrvs
ar-j wiiether .he bd iHrt nefi'nl h-r hn
Ut !'.' Hr!r the min whi thr'w the en
an h't btn lv dlil nVe rot ilrc'-.r" that ?-!ie
ttvl neterl;rd IV tutti-e of .J-an,! .r
Snliiean neniio - J in nmiitvutin uliui -.e
t'nti.in uiiinler --rt-irt in neiifiilMtrhiwitl
.ne-ifi. end pteer -.uch iiie limit, be liati
reH-aietluQ truas eTiniinmiti tne autfe
niet.t t!::,t Ait-vamlfr Sullit
wen nietiliiHted by tin riiiirattnk S!ia
wal- -ildn't you te'.l tJarrity
i wiheti yon Itt.-a- mutatliiuit fcaiiit
Ahrpn.W al.i'-nn thnt yt.u etviM
'rnvt I.im ili'o the ee. . i-uie f j(.i; did
;. wou'.ti lf lu.idt c.n: 'tittle fttrthe ret.
.I your l.fc-V
Itntl .. Tleic t Ol.jtt t.
It f.as a f;rrf nl or.le i! fur a e.omrti. lmt.
he efotxl t! htf fT ii-id revwr.'e-l
viTJtJ.UiK. tlet.j ifn t ..tj.li.ttu.r.'.y tlint 'h
l. t.levr ntii-l tti.yll ' iw ei-i , rntl ra'ln u
I'BllCii lori'iit- tS-i'iii!i or wh.-it i.!:i
tJitt. r-n rr.t 'y .:. hi' tii rli .T lier-elf nf
t ! e impmuvitii in thr ,i:w:'; ;is M':it the
p.u'ioii(ii.iW i!-n u rnulij.:it'i!i.
! ! .n- tl.e reiil. v,i if id- . Mud lit;-1!. .Vnst
; . i j-.-.l i. iri.M '.n : iru oniy yi or no
wii.. ritv,.fv 'i it. tv w. t.'.Xi; a si .i.-a-t.t.;i
w.ica A ij. i .! i::i i4a l:tttr
ni.tl i,,.i her if..!iv wr it-, il -i.n! -iie t.ul fi
i...tcu..u)y atl.i.ii.t.i th ii die d:.i.
1 hey fTttHtr.'e Htr in.-t , tu tlie lir
trnf I w Tttt-at.
Ho tln-n ;:.ti.'e.i l.er aivii iu r ami she ud
Mi:trd wntitiir it a'-o. 'i'ln'lnrioeof in'ro
tiucin tt.e letter wss to llittntllt
the wiifW te-ttirtit'ii v l-e .vhowintt
I'irt ''e:a'4 ri!Tiiriiiti.l jiny from
tlif -.e-inidTiit rn1 f.-"n.1 as
t1. nr. - it.r ct (... ic M!en -e. lui: .! let-t-
"'ii: . dir.vtly fiirTi.lKirn: i'.e of tlie won
n itiory to t:ie tnr' . Ti." !irl N iu'
mrirtly private r ud in lme. ' iI.kiiI t'lii
rit'jco, Jniw , lo'J-, iiiitl uililr. tl to Al
tomey Korett.
It Kays: "1 eee mid hear of ymi going
to Ottawa in tw-tobor nt-xt. Well. I waut
to tell you tbnl ie-f.irc ihnt time Ir.
t'ntnin'H itiiirtler wiM Ih' iio lonKt t a niy
ety. lam in i:ll pto-teion of nil the
f w in tilKiut it. nnd V b it i Inure 1 inn the
w.ie of one of the rhiel routtpinitont. 1
kni.w" all llut pnnt ii;ii in lite eriiel inur
tier nttd knvc talked xv itli the niot of
tiirin. n:d I'm tt.mn to muke a nworu
ttateniei.t of all 1 Wnovr iu n very ntinrt
time mile 1 get nome retmril for all 1
hnve fullered inee that, fntnl niitht. that
i eat up waitittu ". .ho fiulitir if my
."bildren to mm; L'i;:it- i.i the morning and
then lie toid bn wa! Iping to remove a
il ft eternity, tint dirty nory of apy
mid tniiKi- would Dot nuit me an it did
lotit of more b'iiiruiil ieiple. 1 knew he
v.it a setter mau tuau auy of the mjoun
tlieln that killetl him, which I can prove
in their own art hut.
" Ak for my hiitliHiid, he baa liecome a
hi'tii.ili luolittet'. lie hut .ttrarcely ever beeu
n ,alJ u"' 1 '.' 1
111 ar-''r- "'' 1
'! OH'-.K. Mid I
li s i..n bouiteaince tlie
biiuine a dmuknrd nnd
have gone through more
rai. ni.a nuttertng man 1 tnouulit any hu-n.-ti
It iui enuld lienr. He left the houw
n" - iny niirht end promi!I teonie iu a
few hoiim. tint he enme al n) o'rloek in
tlie luoriiinit. ami he did I lie name utet
muiiU He known I wou't nleep, uo matter
lw long be tn out, ami I am in very puor
litt.il ih au.' poor ill Micket nu 1 every way.
So I have made tip my mind to put a stop
t It. nil. Iam not goiiiu tonotler alone
mi y i'lnoer fir nueb an nugrateful Imd
er twl. I will tell you al1 I know.aiMi tlutt.
bt a (Moil deal, for vhey are ad a bad crowd
any wav. it u null to tttmwer me or nee
me you rati io o a, t.me, (or 1 hake mads
U my m. nil ami I aui uniuu to do a I nay.
1 rv. If you w 'sh u answer me put a
IKTnuiiid tntlte pi.ter. thin eveiiimr and
inwniiiiu Newn, lo' u ftienuol jliitiu-, 'uud
1 . ill uwer it."
llnftlaty lltl Helmwtttn-4 haaced Opin
Im wf Wiac
The nerend hitter ha the wii:i aildri
nnd foliated a vettr later. June SI. I NO It,
in on follows: "1 wili you wonld ak IJ.iu
ivl tiHik'hlin to speak lo eouie of bia
many Ir-eotW iu C'hiciuco aliout my 1 ntt
liml. Air. Amlrvw roy. antl try aud lanke
Mime clutu.t iu him.. Tell biiu that ue
aud llurno and U'rullivnn r.re not theuuiy
ui wiio Imve suderetl for Ilr. t'nuiiu'n
niuriie. -Tell blm iir. A. roy baa nuf
fer"' ul". ami O" knows that I mil llio
irtilv iiiiiuceiii pentuu that baa niilVcntl, but
i aui fcoiiiK to have a change now or 1 will
know why. J talked to you and your
friend hint .Miniaitr. but I gut uo .i.Hfa
tifai, wit now I iiave a cluuice to take it
and 1 am going io do n).
"IvIliHia '.bat I know tM ulmu. his
vwitn totuy hoa-Miauil I'al, (Tuoney'n iiefore
and alter liie !oclov death. Tell him 1
know all about tb.; mutiler on tjuuday
morning at S o'clock, for 1117 hushand told
toe wbeu ie came honw uu May 5, and tell
kirn 1 knew what him and l'at Cornier
Cameron Sunday, May 13, for aud bow I
loiknred lm aud kuow all auuut what
1 hey done utal night. 'And I am going on
the witueay aUtnd to tell it, and my brotlwr
in coming to do tlie same. Ue knows all
an well as me. 1 can assure you thU is no
idle threat this tiuie. - -
"I aoi going to have some satisfaction for
all I've suffered. Vow talk of Innocence
and of righting a wrong. It makes me
tiraiL It totiaor ainrderets fine in rurbu
then where ts justice? 1 ncpe Uoa win ue
t !e thi time. They hnve my c!ne tinee.
1 beard of thnt cruel work, and it has don:,
iiawork. Nov, reinemUur, I am goin$to
tnx iuc mju h aiuirucy next week. If you
wi:t to answer mu yoa can do so, tut do it
at tinte. tiive Uau my rt-yartls."
"That is Ntrcubtiob'' raid ilra. For. as
Tt?d,'p Wing finished rending the IrHter. Tlie
nvji i-iTi-r una no cite. It. was reml es
.n.nwn: I seen ynnr annwer In the
fwper. 1 can't enme to your office, for I
mi nick. I send thin by my olilK boy, 1
rnn come to rour office next Tttexdavi if
thr.t in all right. Tell the boy when 1 can
r.ime. hot riont ask him any questions, as
It will frighton him." j
Mm. Koy viniw Mr. Forrest's office.
Was 1 1 here" asked J udge Wing.
"Yes and you said you couldn't give me
any money, nn yon didn't t&t nuy yourself.
I anked you if I had asked for money, you
said: 'No, I hmlu't.' I thought you was a
very honorable gi-uilciuan then."
'Ym changed your W.ind since then,
Itnren't you?" asked Judge Wiug with
a smile.
Vm. Foy smiled back. "Yes, I bnve,"
she w-plied.
"What else vu said?'' asked Mr. Scan
Ian. "Well. 1 told tliem if tlie v didu't chitLge
uiy lmsltand I v.-.wld t -II .i'l I knew, ami
you," aditrrKung .lud. Wing, "fold me
to uo bark hoiim and g.e u.y huslmnd six
nionihs' chanee."
This concluded the cxamiuation of Mrs.
J.ew M.n That May Arrc. nl for the
Two sarletnn,
t'KTAl.l. I 's. IW. St. A new tory
in ennm iiitii n.n tl.e wy-rery f ries1:el
lons in the .dtt 'iellnml (mini bro geiee-i
-urrency here. 11-e storv if that w.Mle
Alevnnder Met Icllnml wiieinn -itl in the
niUniK liii!", it, r.intivrl a rrin-'!eri:
!e!HSMily tif :. .: k w:n p:;r, l,:i;."t an.l
'rfi'finti mi tin. fi..l rn 1 we- te iiiiitfr f
' lie mm f.r.t: . ft. ijcU truu-V:. WiHr
4i.'eu3u;td it Fru-.icl.t.ian ami h;:. son w-c
enspl .ycl by A!i . ;.!. r M.- "n Ihind to
'-.Jy :nl i.te.-.i to the sU i.. Ie.t!i rr.-pr.-r.
.it the ha.i e if : c! 'lell..:i.l. This l'n-wh-ntiin.
it ht sui,!, j.!.::: Tr;: ,-r took a
t-ar LstI of :.fk .0 h:. I.v ais for -MeCLd-jin.!
m il nii. i.
"'hi- Kunoiii i;:n 1:,,. re:i:rniiiK
pr -tupil u.- csjuiiiJ Mrfl. iliii-.rt went to
M. I.M'.ife. in -j-jif-r of lii.n rntl louni! l-ii-inih.it
pert of louts krown n 1
r repelitok :i. Here t'ne n: ui.v for thi
etm l; wps olit i.tii-1 ' y, jlrOdJp.id crd
tHVrn lis-i; to S;;ml".v1 w't'i htm, tl.e
1 Yi'M-'itHiin rem.'iiititig ie, fi. l.niti t. So:m
time nfu-r this the Frenchman and his
son reiarntsi aivi v.-err enacrra as tK-T"re
in cari:. fo la.-si nk, lsrtt or !VJi the
Fiilielii-.i.'iii i-.'lil
f.1.111 4.. -id iiLs sou di..'ttiearil. :.t
our ki...u. v.I.i-re tucj
Jul. iu, my.stei'i...,siy 1. ;
vei:l tii WtleU,
was t Lo aisau-
),.luu,u tit Ihu ...cCii.t;aa.is. tl.e u:
11111 two feilitlrs: Jl" line 11 fiakes ilie
mystery ileejur: if false, nod onirni.it st
i .iiii. the suspects, it mld'i unotker lull
t - the rhiiin of evidence.
ltefentlnnt Konntt (.t-.lltv ff M enter lit the
fourth lKree.
rfIn.AfUKF. lhf. '-7. The jury iu the
I loath murder tritd returned a verdirt,
after nine hours of deliltcration, finding
the defendaut guilty of ninuslatighter in
the fourth degree. Tlie punishment set
on this crime is detention in the house of
correction for one or Wo years. Heath
was nrcnsitd of hpving str.lihisl nnd killed
dainen fobiri-lly. Aug. 3. IVtth aitentled a
liaii lit the Nation;.! lu.rV and heutniu in-
volvtsl in a qui-rrel altaut, a yoiiuir lady
whom Coniiuil) iiise.lted. as isalleueil by
1 it-nth. t'l.niie'.iy strui-li ii;e littler a blow
in the face aud wao lioiug him up guueis
ally when lie received tlie slab which
caused bin death a few hours later. The
triid consumed considerable time, as for'
three ilayn 110 jury could lie found. Heath
seemed not to lie very much elated over
t helindim;of the jury antl claimed that
t he prosecution hntl used unfair means nnd
that several state's witnesses bad perjured
Jkllhansh It Was Too tjtsjr, an It were, to
fiet Inside.
LtAUVUXK, Colo., lice. ST. Two masked
men went to tbe telephoue office and
knorked at the door, which wan oiwiied by
Harry Apliu, the night operaitir. When
he saw who wan there he started to throw
the fellows out. The scuffle which ensued
nroiiseil Frank Messerau, who was Klcc
ing next dtMtr. He juuiied tip and rushed
into the room, v. lieu one of tlie men took
a shirt him, but missed.
Messerau then secured the gun nnd gave
the fellow who hail shot at him an niiiner
eifui intating, but Isah men succeeded in
esiaiing. The telephoue men lirrd at them
ant bey left, but did not hit them. Tbe
roiilsTH evidently ex;ee:ed to get a large
sum ttf money in the snfe. They had no
trouble iu getting in.
l ilt-rullv tlteued lo llitit
ClMlN.NATl. Dec. 27. A Newfoundland
dog. weighim; more than b: JmiuikIs, iu re
senting a kick from 1-t-yenr-old James Cut
lins in Covintjttm, literally chewed him to
pieces. Tbedog juiujied oil the Lid, knocked
him down, and tore one of bis ears off. A
crowd of more than LOW persons were at
tracted by lite lioy's scre.uiio, but urn one
had Ike courage to intorfer.-. A polioi-mf u
Iiuaily nitcrts-dcj iu lntiiiiiuiiud afterward
hhisiting the ilo. but latere thin was a.'
compliahed the hoy ItuJy hntl lie.-nt.-rri
hly laiterattsL He will il l-
How Um Kn- n Sj'.t.OUO.
Pali s Ih-c. '7- A lady some time ago
e'ft the nuui of luO.o.M! 'luni-s io the Inti
tule of Ftaure ns a p. ize to the lirst per
son who. within ten years, coiumuuiciUes
null a celestial I sidy and receives an
snswer. It u unite passible the couucil
of state may decide t hat it is unable to
MfSStfat ttu Ltttnev .11 ' 1 . . ! w it t. Ill I u.
I "r. . ' " " " " 1
tifTt.il l.i , lut Itii ii.ttlct i.f l iinn tl rut nnH it
need be to other iuntitutcs.
The Weather Vt e May Kspect.
Waohisutox. Hn: s;. luo foliowinc are
the wwtilw-T iutbcatioiu ior twauty.four hours
ftum p. m. yestiTtlnvt K.ir linliaim. llli
no:s, Tnv"r MichiKitu tt-nl Wlotnsin Gener
ally fs'.r soattter. wormer southerly -tintls.
For or SlicliiKSii lioneraliy lair, slixhtly
warovr renthrr; ttinds bneoming southerly.
For iowa-fitir, warmer scaiUer, soatberiy
A wettliuy t Liiicsc company tins pur
chased !t!,UX) acres of land iu fSinula, Mex
ico, on which it proposes to colon iae &,UUU
The Illinois Senatoron Political
Business Intent
A roafrrvnee with Illinois Party Leaders
on the Programme, tlie frahjert ttf IUi
ransioa To lie the Senatorial Kleetlon
Knorutoun I'lgnres f I3uninrsn Uoue by
MailThe iag To Be Applied if Neces
sary oa the Tart.T Bin. ' 1
AVAmsr.To, Dec. 27 Senator Cullnm
lias left for his home, and his visit to tlie
Jrest will lie made the occasion of a g n
ral consultation of Illinois leaders on tlie
Bourse to ls pursued by the Republicans
"n the next senatorial contest in that state.
The Democrats of Illinois throe years ago
set the precedent of nomituitihg their sen
atorial candidate in state convention in
stead of leaving this prerogative to the
?srty caucus of legislators after the gen
eral SKsenihly had lieeu chosen, and John
M. I'nlnier was chosen senator. The in
novaiion has been steadily gaining lavor
tmon. the Illinois Kepublicans, and it is
Is lieved that lrty sentiment is iu favor
of the Kepublicnn state conwutiuu next
hpring B"ltting the puny candidate for
Vuited Sti'les senator.
V. HI ttnn Ai;iiln IT Iesire4.
If th: tit-.-'w aptier.-s y erpl after a cor
ferT's? with party leit-'t'-is th's week Sena
tor Culloin will prt.ti.ioly definitely dwide
tnd ana mure wiir'her t:e is ns.'.dii to Vx--comea
cauuidaio tor t nited Maies seita
tor. I p to a very rt tee lit fiate S;ant r Cul
iom has In-eti disinrlifed t strain enter the
setisttiri:i! moe, ts 1:p dcsirisl to resume the
prnciicct.f tne law nn.-i gain aeompetency
for himseif and i.vmiiy. iit in view of the
;a l tnat i lie K';nr iit.-a,e. who have !i.-i;-ttiisi
him in the past, now di sir- that he
llouid t t It v-itiUy.'iid rioittiTiet? til ttieit
1 1 ouvcittioii aud .he party staaduni-iM'arcr
iu a ct.ntts; Ijr c iiitS t-..l of ie next general
kswiiibly the st.iat.ir s.ii'1 to iriends just.
X'iuro leaving this ;i.j i!i.tt he would re
consiiler bus .a. :;;;,..; i.; tiHa enter tie
tie.J if titi'to t sjt.ied . i.e.ii.r;.i ;,. i-e to
have hi:u do s,i. tlv tn jt il.at havum 'ocen
h it! ir.vl f.ir s., uiai.y y.-ars by J;e Illinois
ll'-'ptiblicuti'. v.'aen u immiuii.t:::! mtant an
ele-ti-tn he t-::irt amv, when the ntsult
n.ay l-e doubt.'u!, aJTotd in tit!ali -v.
Those That Tt !l of the Nitt:hrr sf Pleeen
Sent in the !WaiU.
WAsmxcttiN, Dec. JT. A slut'.'inent pre-pttn-dntlhe
pusiollitm dvtiartnieTit shows
tluu aiiirin,-; the last fiscal year the tofrl
tinnds-i- of pi s-trs ti' letter mri! t-cnt in th'
tiotiicstir tiuiils. of the l'r.ii hintt"; was
i.4ic,-vr.r., t f whi.h yju.u.s.s; were
p.kd t lv. mtoi.i'i Si.,l.."i,il! J tefe
I t'Ui iree oftirit;! bkuui s. i'iiere wt-iv
i.iio .';i5,;.i?,'.i:i i-ii-.tal v-ait'u, V..tii:iii.sl. The
l.-i.liil.-ci' of ilev. imisi-R and 'jieno.lirals
niailcd l,y pa ilisiit rs ia - lit s- . -ral i niu
t it-s of pn.iiicliou ftre w.ts s-,;.;i.
Ncv.siitpers ai.tl erit.(iieals inailtsl by
others tiuui puhlislicrs and nevts agents.
tl.ors,777. The total secoiuls-lass matter
was l.-m.'Jla.ittJ pieces. Third-class mut
ter bundled. Iwoks. piniiliiet.s. etc.. i;i.".-
VU. ITIi pits.:. Fotirth-clnssmaUcruiailed, I
s.7;a.lSl pieces. Grand totil piei-es of I
domestic mail matter handled .Vfel.Ml.u.'iB.
The Vote n Ihr Titri (Thill. !
WamiimiToJC, Dec, 27. The pTVtcrriTr.me j
tiKn which the tariff deliate will lie tstu
ducted, as oil. lined by a i:it i.ilier of the
ways and means committee, does not in- i
elude fixing a time fur taking a vote as
soon as the bill comes belore the house.
It. is the present intention to ailow the
dclwtte to run on for some time and if it
then Isfouies npiiarent that no vote can
lie reached, or that the bill caiuiot lie sea.
souably considered by iiaragraphs, the
committee on rules will be asked to fix a
time for consideration under the five-miu-
ute rule and a final vote.
The PatlUrtl-llrrrlilarhltce CW,
Washington-, Doc. ST. Miss IWlard,
the plaintiff in the sensational breach of
promise ease against Representative W.
V. V. lirerkiuridge. of Kentucky, has left
the House of Merry, w here slie bus lieen.
nnd has gone out of the city. Tlie Kven
iug News says it in rumored that she is
on ber way to Kentucky aud that a con
ference with the cotigresfinau will be held
with a view to securing a compromise.
Tbe at torneys iu the case deny that auy
compromise is contemplated or that any
coiifcrctice ban been arranged with their
knowledge, -
M euttunca ltohn tor a C risis.
W'AsmjiGToS. IXs-, ST. Minister Men
dumaL, of llray.il. believes that a crisis in
the liraziiian Tevolutiou Ls at hnntl and
that tin- decisive stroke will he made this !
week, lie says that the two gtvut irunel.itU '
of thr reliel eommaiiucr Mr'.lo and the Ho- j
tilla of little torpedo craft hastily inipro-I
vised by I're.sidcht IVixoto are rapidly I
Hearing each other. The minister says j
that a collision is almost certain to occur i
before uexl Monday. -
naUowa.r'n Urunkeu Freak.
Wamiinuton. Dec ST. David (taliowuy,
while cnuiy druuk, attempted to celebrate
ITiri-stmas by jutupiug dowu the smoke
stack of a moving locomotive from olf the
bridge which cron-en the I'eunsylvania
ruilrond tracks in ilie Siuithsouian
grounds. He missed the smokestack,
struck the Ixtilcr of the engine and rolled
out of the way of the wheels uninjured.
Itefftcattl ttu the I'tlt e.
Washington, lVst. -jr. in icplyto the j
wheat and Hour circular of the dcjiartinutit j
of state diaries X. Daly, cotisul ut Utielph, 1
Out., reports that people t here are ready
to buy American flour if it can be sold as
cheaply aud of as gtssl ttualily as tbe do
mestic, la:t three in adulyot Ti cents a
barrel ou American flour.
tiot ttanMleraltta Imoly. '
ST. Ltoris, Dec. 27. It is now pretty
definitely known that the robbers who
held up tbe Mobile aud Ohio train at For
est Lawn, a few miles from here, got con
siderable booty. The local safe was well
tilled with packages wrapped aud sealed in
the way money is usually done up aud the
bandits carried off forty of these bundles,
it is not known how much money they
contained, nur will the twutberu express
ageat furnisii auy iaforuiation on that
point, but it is no longer denied that the
robbers obtained coBWdexabla boodle.
Biz Store.
All Kinds of Overcoats for all Sorts of People.
Twenty stvles of overcoats, worth $ $
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth $20
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth 12,
The largest and cheapest line of children's
Ulsters ever placed on sale in Rock Island
Underselling everybody on everything.
Big StG7C
Great Clearing Sale of Holiday Goods, begining
Tuesday, Dec. 26.
Everything in Holiday Goods must be sold, cost no consideration. Some will
be marked one-quarter off, some one-third off, some one-half off, and the balance .
for almost nothing. You have forgotten someone? Now is the time to remem
ber them at a small outlay.
All Dolls at Just One-Half Price.
Prunis reduced from "9c to 53c; small size from
25c to 15c: medium size from 45c to 83c.
Kalf skin head drums reduced to 76c each.
Baltimore printing press reduced from f 1.95 to
Magic lanterns 1.75 to 13.57; from $3.50 to
$2.76; from $2.53 to $1.95: from tl.2 to $1.33.
Kaga telle frame from $2.19 to $1.52; from $1.19
to H2c each.
Xntas tree game reduced from 55c to 33c each;
Hobby horse reduced from $3.95 to $2.95. '
Wooden Toys.
American Menagerie reduced from 39c to 19c
Noah's Ark, 26 inches long, by 7 inches high,
reduced from H9c to 5Sc each.
Sideboards for girls (Lard wo-x!), reduced to
15c each.
Folding beds and dressers combined reduced to
26c each.
Tbe chariot reduced from 92c to 50c each.
The lire patrol reduced fr.-im 39c to 25c each.
The tire escape reduced from 92c to 50o each.
lT. S. cruisers reduced from 92c to 5Sc each..
Wash sets for girls reduced from S9c o58c each.
Games and Puzzles
Reduced to 5c. 10c, 25c, 36c, 58c and 69c each, all
at about one half their value.
- Horses with natural hair reduced from 79c to
48c; from 98c to 63c each.
Greatest Values.
Respectfully Yours,
Leaders and
uo Front
5 9 9
14 9
7 50
B!us Front.
All baskets reduced from from ene-fourth to
one-half regular price. One lot at 8c, one lot at
15c, one lot at 25c and one lot at 44c each.
Beautiful Artist Proof Etchings.
Reeuced to $1.19 for choice, all with white and :
gold, silver and dark frames.
Toilet Cases, Manicure Cases, Shaving Sets,
Carving Sets. Smoking Sets, &c, one-halt and
one-third off. for choice, all are included.
Five o'clock Teas, reduced from $4.68 to $3.19;
from $3.48 to $2.47; from $2.48 to $1.73 each.
Ilanging Lamps, reduced from $7 and $8 to
$5.95; from $0.48 to $5.19; from $5.98 to $4.33;
from $0.79 to $4.25 each.
Ket option Lamps, w ith shades of silk and lace.
all at prices like the following in point of rednc-.
lions, from $12.73 lo $9.85; from $11.73 to $8.95;
from $7.22 to $6.13. .
Library Lamps from $7. 48 to $6.25; from $3.98.
to $3.37; from $2.53 to $1.97; from $2 JSQ to $1.95
Fearful t e-l.ictious ia Japanese Vases, Cups and
i-aucers. Jardanairs, Plates. Sugar and Creaats. -Tea
Tots, Creams and a hundred and one olher -pieces.
including about everything io this depart
ment. . .
To close out our entire stock of Candr we will
make unheard of low prices this weak.
Promoters of Low Prices.
- 5 i
. t
L "s
' .(

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