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Highest of all In Learning Power. Litest U. S. Gov't Report
Tv n- o
Ylow a TUttla Man A re! fed a nM Wit
HlaucrlRg Big pne.
T1k ig man was jnst drunk enough
to fci spoiling for a fight. Thaa was
apparent to every one in tho cafe. He
Ladn't been there 10 minntca before be
niched a quarrel with a taaa three
sizes smaller, who had bean quietly
minding hi i own business in a corner
of tha room.
"Sir, you're insulted me!" exclaimed
liie Liz mau.
! "You tre l&istak a, " quietly responu
i cI t.ie c.ber.
You're a liar!" (hundi red the big
rMlM Daily aaa Waktj M MM
Avtaas. Sata IUa4 01.
that should be early and fully dis
cussed, at In the event of a nomina
tion brine made br a state conven-
tion, Itefore the election of a lezisla
The KaH af Stuvwabei-v's CeOeetloe Saaa to
Ba Bahlbited la Gathaam.
Arrangements hare been completed for
the exhibition in this city of the famous
i torture Instruments from the royal castle
'of Nuremberg. This remarkable his
I torical collection was purchased in 1800
: by J. Ichenhauscr of London for the
! Right Honorable the Earl of Shrewsbury
. and Talbot, England's premier earl. Since
' It renKwi 'from th? cnstle the Cf1ls
tkm has, by jecTniM4on of the ead, been
exhibited in London and . elsewhere
' throughout the United Kingdom of Great
J. W. Porrta. - Ptrsiisasa.
TKRM90an, tea ata pt imL Weekly,
t.i4 per saana; ta Mvaaet ft.in.
All toiaaMawaiioao' arrlikal er e-acMaraU-I
' haraatrT, Battlta)! a wgtnaa, aw awa
f Mina I'MrH fa nabOsatiea, He b
t etwlll teatlawd tnr stl'ltawsatgaatatrs.
Oaei i"sassisai aslmits nam evatt tawaakla
In Ravi Mae t oast.
Warl PAV,
pKcrvar. IMS.
to Intelligibly Instruct the.r dele- Watcr, hurry up that re-
later edition oi the same rare."
paper comes the following further lb3 big man, nonplussed for tho time
man, "and if yon know what that Thousands of persons have gaxod npon
means you'll fight." ' these terrible relics of a semibarbarous
Certainly, " was the rejuinder, with- ! ,g. All the instruments In the collec
out a tremor of perturbation, "but it tion have been in actual use.. There are
must ba after I ve liaised eating. 1 over 1.800 exhibits, included in which ia
a aeries of engravings illustrating the
manner of armlvinr the tortures. One
bonne rteh! Never mind if it is a bit i of the most interesting obiecta in the
collection is the justly celebrated iron
The Earl of Shrewsbury, who is still
the owner of the collection and has
loaned it far exhibition -in this country,
is the twentieth in succession. He is
Earl of Shrewslmry and Earl Talbot in
the peerage of England and Earl of Wt
terford and Wexford in the peerage of
Tut Piton Sun has tent ont Its
ttrst daily edition. 14a Ion; life and
prosperity attend the feature of our
enterprising neighbor.
The lat IcgUlature amended the
revenue law so a to require county
eWrks to make a Rote ia the roller
tor's books nf all lots and tracts of
Irtnda sold for tav.es or special asaeas
meat. the collector to notify the
owners. Thi fives owners notice of
the sate la time to prevent preat
accumulation of rot. Heretofore.
. ... ; " " 7 J hi democracy recommends him to
una iwnaiir oi per cent nai f u;
m w m B '
annonnrement: beini; bv sm-h a dimilav of coxilnees. sat
The t'-ouricr seems to have struck 1own at a tablo near by and glared at
a rerponsive chord In the democratic I his proonectivevictinu We all felt sor
heart, in the mention of Ken T. Cable 1 ry for him, but tho big man looked dan
In connection with the United States prrimn, even if he was "three sheets in
enatorthip. Mr. Cable's name is so tho wind," and we decided ot to in
eloscly Identified with democratic terfiTe.
tirtory in Illinois, that his notnina- " h- n tho little man a steak came in, ; Ireland. He is premier earl of England
tion lv a state convention would be he said m .tnethiug to the waiter. Two and Ireland and hereditarr lord hiirh
minnU-s later the waiter said something steward t Ireland. He has recently
to the big wan. It was noticed thst be ( been appointed high steward of tho an
diJu't look quite so fierce after that, 'cient borough of Stafford. New York
and soon afterward, remarking with j Times.
anmed carelessness that he would be I -
hark in a minute, he left the room.
Then some of na ventured to suggest
sufficient to insnre a repetition, if
hot a gain over the majority of 192.
It is well understood that his Op
pressed sentiments in favor of an in
come tax, to replace whatever de
licienry miht renlt from the re
duction of the tariff, has had great
influence with the ways and means
committee at Washington, in the
regulation of the schedule as pre
pared for submission to congress. A
man of Mr. Cable's wealth suggest,
inga tax niton himself, as a relief of
the people in support of the govern,
ment. Is sufficient ti recommend him
to the people, as an officer of the
government who wonld not snpport
a nieanm, whose burden, if adopted,
wwilil nt fall cfjuallr nju n l.imso!f
with the rest of his countrymen, or
one whose benefits the whole H-ojile
would not equally rkarc, and in this
hi democracy recommends bitu
Ballats ataypaA the Daaec
There was a sound of revelry the other
to th little mnn that it was a good on- , Bight at Malta. The youth and beauty
pirtuniry for bun to "ekip." which. ,of the cow country were there. The
e wddcTing the discrepancy in mm lie- i dance was at its height. But there was
t ween hi m and the man who had forued j jealous husband with a big six shooter
a quarrel npon him, wonld involve no ; outside, and when Thomas Wherry saw
disgrace. ! young and dashing Lem Eranson enjoy-
" M uch obliged for your good advice, " ! ing a tete-a-tete with his young wife he
said ho as cooll v as ever, "bnt there is ! opened fire through the window, and in
Tho other fellow j an instant me oomoarament ox ma was
Oh of the bast ksova ItaiiiMa la CUcsn;
npnsoatatiTs of th great Btadttrect Co.
Sir. Mttem Metiral BOhmH, Ind.
Centleinrn : I tskepleasDrc in tnffinntnTnia
of tl.c very beaeficial ramlu which havefollowad
tbc uhb of On. Miiea- RrareasTivc Ncsvtsc
:n tlteeuatnliayaclranaait)!. 'nrayarla
tuh'cct to a dinucssina pain at the biae of me
bcaiu and upper portion of the spinal oorl.
lost itexh and was rcnlly
nURr D troubled wltb ileeplewnisa.
WWniiaf your iien-ir.e was UUtily
lefwimenflcd to me. afsreane hud been so 1I
iiaie tl.al 1 bad bo eonadenre in tba rffimrv of
any medicine. Yet aa a remit 1 oonwnted to
five it atrial. Much lo mysurpriae. I expcrienml
marked benefit; my tleeplestnem diaappcared:
my headache was removed; mykpuiuandaisiieral
aataco twcwtv aeaaee. Sl. tmib occursco
ama uaaaca ana atciL aMewnawvaicinna
ui raiLto My ue i using tots aerviuc wita
MTMat at mulu. Uxm IK VaKpaavaaa.
Sold mb Pooitira Oaaraatea.
Oft. IKilCS PI LIS, 60 Oosks 25 Cn.
Accumulated. Now notice will lie
sent when the first penalty of 2& per
cent expires. This goe Into effect
the present yes", and thj tax booke
to be given out .othe collectors after
January 1 will contain the tat sale
8r. RCtAKT Caklislk proved him
self itn ring his long service in con.
fires to be one ot the ablest legisla
tors the country ha produced, and
ii annua! rejmrt submitted to con
gres this week places him in the
front rank of national financiers.
K.n n a cursory glance over his re
port, which makes a pamphlet ot 62
PRE", will show the enormous
amount ot studying he was com
pelled to do in order to familiarize
himself with the more or less com
plicated subjects with which he
deals, lie stronglv commends the
WiUon tariff bill, and puts forward
strong arguments to show that it
will greatly heneHt the country, and
reminds the mnjorirr of the honse
that it was especially elected to rr
form the tariff. He show toe tinan
cial condition to tie such that i tunic
diate relief hy congressional legisla
tion is uncessary. and points out that
this may he by authorising the issue
of 6-year 8 per cent bonds, or by an
thorising the secretary of the treas
ury to use a 3 per cent note to run
one year to pay these creditors ot
tho government who nay elect to re
ceive then la lien of cash.
i party.
Aa Ordcet Lratoa.
Alice Stone Clarkwcll tells a delicious
tittle story. It was town meeting day j
in Carton Iwi ling. Vt. The ladies there- j
shout had been tainted with the ioion ;
of woman iffrngm notions, and a nnm-1
tier of them determined to atte.id the
meeting to see how the superior sex con-1
dneted itself on di;rnin"d public nrca-1
sion. Thy acccrdingly attacked the '
hall in a body. At the same day end
hour the schoolteacher of the place mar-
shalled the pupils, male and female, of
the political economy class and took
them to the town liall also, that they
might see how the sovereigns of this na
tion hold It lcreL Arrived a: the build-
imi t'uey found tut ir uliUcid rulers in a i
squabble and state cf disorder only ex
ro ncccesity for that.
has run away already."
Whin 15 ndnntm had dipped by and
'the other tallow" ha!nt shown np,
wo concluded thnt the little fellow was
right fnd wsnted to know, of course,
what had caused the stampede.
"Oh. just a littlo l.lnff." he replied.
" I wasn't any more ouxious to fight with
that nrutn than the rut of you were.
.ii. auv uis, uuim ;i4c4 iMwr
son's head, the third broke his sLouiJer,
but he clutched his own trusty gun in
' his left hand and replied to the fire, with
' out doing any serious execution, how
ever. Both men emptied their guns.
Noncombatants hastily moved out of
: range, and the good night number on the
programme was omitted. L.anson will
though. I knew be wns a coward, or be ; probably recover, although Le is in dan-
wouldn't have pick-il out a man so
mo h smaller than himself to fasten a
quarrel on. I just told the waiter that
it would be worth a dollar to let him
know that I was Tim Mct'ool, alias the
'Kilkenny Cat,' lightweight champion
of Ireland, just landed aud anxious to
get on a match with somebody. I knew
thnt would work. I never get into a
aerrpe when I can bluff my way out of
it, and as 1 keep a cool head on my
aonld.-ra I gecrnlly succeed.
"Things, bnt if you'll excuse me I'll
con at mvtflf with a c;gar." New
York JIorall.
In th ; -M time tin n and women who
t lln.vih-i..mousiiemtinin!rms-rhin . " n-'rr' acquaint ances exchanged
the Bntisii parliamcut. I nplcaMintness
gcr. Malta is a small town in the north
ern part of the state. Helena (Men.)
Dispatch in St. Paul Pioneer Press,
a T. Cabas la llllastta 1-wlHlaa.
From ftU parts of the state cone
endorsements ot Hon. Ilea T. Cable
for United Mates senator from Illi
nois to succeed Shelby M. Cullota.
The Carmi Courier sounds thin re
sponse to the nention of his name.
la connection with the post al
laded to:
The time Is ant far distant when
the democrats throughout the differ
ont legislative districts will begin to
consider the qualifications of proba
ble persons to represent their views
in the choice of a Lai ted Mates sen
ator to h elected at toe neat session
of the legislature, which being one of
Vast importaRcti in that respect
makes it desirable that the people1
representatives should be select ml
with regard to their self-sacrificing
devotion to the supremacy of demo
cratic prlaeJples. It Is those who
can tacrlUce jerona! preferences la
order to maintain the supremacy of
their party principles who are recog
nised with distinction hv their fellow
men. In this connection the Courier
wonld suggest that the victory ot
1"M, which after over 80 years of
repnblicaa rnle. wrenched the state
from the hands of that larty, and
placed It la the hands of democracy,
waa largely due to the. force of abil
ity ulsplayed In the management of
that campaign ly Ben T. Cable, and
that the tlemoc ratio party could
make ao more appropriate acknowl
edgment of its appreciation of blade
roll on aad ability than by conferring
upon him the highest honor possible
to Its legislative capacity.
The Courier ia prompted 'to these
suggestions not only by a sense of
party obligation, but by a generally
reeoirnlaetikDowledga of that super
ior ability which would thus be made
aotive la th interests of the party lo
protaou) tha lateraaU of th people.
TheotMetioa ot who ehall be the
dasenecioieafor aeaator is one
was in the air plainly. To see bow in
the twinkling of an eye the meiuiiers of
the superior sex snatched their feet off
the desks, threw away their cigars,
Btraighb-ned thcnuelves up, huabed their
angry words and began cooing as gently
as a dove on the arrival of the visitors
was an obji-ct lesson lioth to those who
did aud did not Iw-lit'Ve in woman taking
part in municipal government.
ftk T-arhr l blaf-
A Wiacourtiu wonuiii. Hum Kale Irwin
Wheelock, ia a pioneer in afresh field for
woman's occupation. For eight years
slie has lieen teaching whist to women in
Milwaukee. Her initial class grew ont
of a company of friends, who, knowing
her proficiency at the game, begged her
to give them a little instruction. From
this informal beginning Miss Wheelock
has built np a lucrative business, and
her classes now are regular and sys
tematic The young Uacber is described as a
small woman, with quiet manners, a
oft voice and a colorless face appar
ently not the embodiment of the master
of t'je scientific and complex game that
she ta, tint once seated at the whist
board the underlying characteristics of
her temperament are ia evidence. She
ia said to be a cool, keen player, politic,
yet dominant. Cavendish ia her author
ity, and her faith ia the ability of wom
en to play whist equally aa well as men
ia unbounded. SXilwaukee Corespondent.
ASM. Lewie
A conversational clnb in 8t Louis,
Which meets weekly, promise much
merriment to its membership and gnents
throngh the coming aeaaon. It is com
posed of 10 young women, and once a
month they invite 10 young men to as
sist in the diacuaaion. At such times
the obviously unfair arrangement of
concealing from the guests the enbject
to be talked about ia folicwed, and the
martyr youths come np to the sacri
fice ant knowing Whether they are
to be immolated on the altar of "The
fttone Age of Europe or "Is ltarriage a
Faitarer To their credit be it said that
they chrralrotialy come, and ao far they
have encountered nothing worse than
"Love and "Boston Baked Beans' to
CQMTcTss npon. tH. Louis Letter.
There is a decided return ia the art
embroidery shops to the canvas work,
cross and overstJtch work of our grand
mothers' samplers. The revivals come,
too, with all modern Improvements.
The garish red, green and bine wools
combined without any other idea than
to get a variety, after the manner of the
beginning of the century work, have
vanished, aad the pale tones of tho art
worker of today are in their place. Ban
ners, anf a pillows, screen panels aad the
lilre are shown in the canvas and will be
welcomed by many women who have
never attained the Kensington stitch
and to whom the mysteries of brush and
color are still a sealed beak. New York
kiss. i a p&blic, and with a rertatu
cmotint of ceremony, and a visitor to
whom it was desired to show speciil
civility was always received with a
The mode of salutation has chanced
gteatly with the times. U:utA and i. lli
pressure have contributed to render the
form of greeting as britf us t.tiliU'.
X4 only havo we given up the quaint,
fiuiilirr ways ef our uucton. but we
have nlao pitrtcd with mnch of that
eim'jrate Uqnette wnich in the l;it
century playcu so kjfa-e a part in social
Tho changed bebita of society, tho
greater mingling of its various grades,
have brought a simplicity into the form
of intercourse which strikes oddly npon
the scmiee of people accustomed to old
fashioned ceremony. "I always kiss
tile lady's hand when I take my leave
o tin uohteas after a party," said a
Ucrinan lady, a descendant of one of
the oldest families in what used to be
called Prussia. She was commenting
rather severely on the habits and cus
toms of her adopted country.
Tho offhand manners of girls toward
their mothers and of all yonng people
generally toward all older people
drew forth her reprobation. Kissing
is now confined t i state ceremonies nnd
to a few old world lovers and gallants
who have retained the ways of their
nvat-grandfathers. Notes and (Queries,
raaj rUawaltao
A metliod of fog signaling has been
introdnrcd on several branch of the
North London system of tha Great
Northern railway of England which
obviates much of the unreliability and
complexity of the systems hitherto need.
A wire is kid in a pipe from th? signal
box to the various signals, at which
brushes of coppur project some four or
five inchi-s above the side of the rail
nearest the signal. A similar brush,
which connects with an indicator and
bell on tho engine, is fixed to the en
gine font plate. When the sigual points
to danger, the two brushes come in con
tact, and the ringing of the bell aud the
warning of the driver by a miniature
signal on the engine that the line to not
clear are the result. The arrangement
can be readily switched oft in fine
weather so as to become inoperative.
This electric device seems to be the moat
simple as well as the most efficient
means yet resorted to for fog signaling,
and the Great Northern railway intends
to adopt it over the whole of its lines.
Chicago Record.
The larsjaat Saabs la tha Wartd.
Naturalists say that tho largest
pent of which accurate measurement'
have been taln in modern times wau
an nnacomla wL'ch Dr. Gardner found
dead and suspended in the forks of a
tree in Mexico. It was dragged ont
into open ground by two bones, and a
oareful measurement with a tape lino
proved that it was S? feet ia jkmgth.
lit. Louis Republic
' l.aud a TVotrsrt Worth S9S3.S0.
One cf the handsomest nuggets of
gold ever bronglwXnto Los Angeles was
shown the other day by John S. Reed,
Tt well known California miner, who has
lately been prospecting in the gold dis
trict 40 miles northeast -f Mojave. Tb
nugget weighs exactly rCl out-ces aud
is worth fiiS3.5(. It is in sppearance
like a medium sized cobblestone aud
has evid'-ntfy lxvn twice as bis; as it now
is. for t'.if n At a mark iliowii; whora
half of it has Vetn broken off. Xr. Reed
unfortunately could not find the Bussing
half. Kan Traricisco Ei.uu iter.
Ordered taTVUl
OiKtAMi, Cal. About two years
I ordered from J. U. Gates & Co..
SSan Francisco, a bottle ot Simmons'
Liver Regulator on trial; and so sat
isfactory has been its use in expell
ing bile from the system and regu
lating the action of the liver, that
from an order of one at a time tbc
order has risen to a dozen bottles at
once. B. V. Lawrence.
-A. ni use merits.
arpef s Theater,
J E. Montrose, Manner.
Wednesday, Dec. 27.
Special Engagement of
Supported by EUGENIE BLAIR. Ed
mund Collier, and a strong com
pany of players in a grand
scenic production of
The Gladiator.
Triers SlAtlM. la, CO sad 93c Sratsonaale
lx. Htb.
Bcrtis 0;:ra Hchsb,
Faaioas Eceaie FroducUua of
With Its Wonderful Scenic and
Electrical Effects.
The marvelous brocken scene.
AMagtcIUiaof f:ra.
Price Si.ea,?s. U aid K cen t; Seats at
rliiba'a. TetopbaaaMo.su.
T. H. THOMAS, Druggist and Opti
cian. Eyes tasted free of charge.
T6LLEY ESS. & C3.,
eweaae, ill.
Oar "KOR-I-irooxrto the
bt aartart. i.a., Cor
WE TROrOSE to boom our
trade from now until Christmas
by offering unusual inducements,
viz: With every order foe a
dozen cabinet photos we shall
prive an extra photo in the new
Vienna panel sir.e, and in addi
tion your choice of three beauti
ful souvenirs. In crayon work
we arc offering an exceptional
bargain a 16x20 cravon portrait
in a beautiful gold frame at
f 4.03, regular price $5.50.
Visitors arc always welcome.
1725 Second Ave.
O s
Da j
H a fe 8
D nS rt 1
King, Hasler, Sciiwentssr
Dry Goods Co.
217-21"i W. Second St., Davem-out
The Battle Above tbe Clouds.
I have a large consignment of Napkin
Rings, Ink Wells, Pen Racks, call biiLs
etc., made of materials taken from
Lookout Mountain; they will make
presents which the Old Settlers will
prize very highly. We have them on
sale for a few days only.
Geo. H. KinifeT,
louis EnGLm,
(SacceMor lo H. WSSOT.)
Merchant Tailor,
119 Eighteenth Street.
aasT-Flt and Workmanship Guar
anteed the Best
Ceasing and Repairing Done.
Waahee ererjtning from a fine
ailk handkerchief to a dims
tent; Laoe cnrlaina aspedaltj
No. 1124 THIRD AVE
, A. M. & L. j. PARKER,
Tetophoais Do. in
A car load of handsomej bed room suits going
at the following prices.
Suits worth 15 00
20 00
25 00
27 50
80 00
" 85 00
40 00
go at
f 12 51
2'J 00
25 CO
27 50
30 OC
Remember we have only one car load to dis
pose of at the above manufacturer's prices.
1635 and 1627
Second Atnne
1?4 126 and 1-
Sixteenth Stri
As we
are going
to remodel
our store for
the spring trade
and having left
about zoo cloaks
and 256 trimmed
hats, wc have de
cided to close them
out at less than
manufacturers cost
within the next 50
days. This is the
greatest opportu
nity the ladies of
this vicinity will
have to purchase
Cloaks and Hats.
. xm
ii4 17. SoccM St.. Davenport

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