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thousand dollars
worth of Books, Sta
tionery, Wall Paper, Pic
ture Frames, Holiday Goods,
Toys, Games, Pocket Books,
Gold Pens, etc., to be sold at a
great sacrifice in order to ef
feet a speedy removal of our
stock by our customers. We
have determined on discount
ing our present low prices all
the way from 20 to 50 per cent.
Come and see us and be con
vinced. Our store is full of beautiful goods, selected
with great care, for this season's trade. No
finer stock can be found in the state suitable
for Christmas and New Year's gifts for young
or old, rich or poor, than can be obtained from
our stock.
1725 Second Avenue, Rock Isand.
lUftOXI tf 01316 CI iCTV
Cracker Bakery,
Ak Tw flrwt trrr TltrWI .
TBey e Hel
Tk. Cariaty "Ciftn" u Ctrtaty Taww.
HOC li A1
I'.ut if Afflict.-.! it Costs Yon Nothing
t Consult the F.rainrnt Phy
sicians and Specialists,
Hp 1 1
Metropolitan Hotel,
aVaayHray, Cbr. Prince St., Kew Tot Ctty.
Krlrtrd ad nwmWl udt aew aua
oa im Kanapme pt.a.
ii i u . av .no nwvn .
Ktxianx rqna! 10 Um M tatae eltf at and
MiMfanmau R. K. iim
aau aa latry lawlKHt paw um mr.
UILORKTH AlXaN, r-rp1.
j Siri IxsYltxts
frrmw1lT Located la IB Itraa Block. Caraat
Mta.S aad Brady Streeta, DaTeaaort, loom.
Ah tho Alfiietrd fe ewlrnme. Dm. Aertrtaoa
Mw ar rrart.tr Ik. k-arttec BWIeal cot-
k-oranf ihtamaatrt. a4 wtfk ru yrere epT.
k-arr tn tar trr-.itmrat nf carnatc diroaOT.,a
rraaf ul'T trrat (.'atari h.1 amat and l.aa, dlmaaiie
Co- aMim ta.. rhr .ar larfhir t.
KiliMCY AMU I'K SAKY tronUce peeduy
KKrVOI'4 nmEASlF The khhI amrrant.il
arr aprmtir ami pro aaofctiy car. i by oar
a. mrik.rt nf trra'nHmt
I AKr'I.MTKI-Ha-rlaIatlraHnB1
In all dlrro-rr prcaliar In a-oeea. lim) facility
aid aavanlasr fur we tmtlawal aaa a,mly ra
amal Af tin. rlar of dlreaare.
rwlnir from mipar. Mood, arfof eta, acf a, let
tar, tuBMH. akara, lc.
Scientific Applies-
Electricity Ita
Far lat MtalAti. aa amtea. aaanlanna hair.
tm auirlw. Maon, m, alc, naml by alee-
Caa a comalled eooSdeatlr ay tetter ar nther-
le. Null 4 tn'i far qaeetlna DUMB, aaorra
IRt. ANUUMUM Boa. Hiaa feme, laws
port, iowa,
olio? tr?EW7 raa o
ft aaay M ataiUplkid by ai af itlattaya-
0 XttWZ&0
r I I a ta aaVl i ll H 7 'r-'l I J .II1 J V
pip? t'wr
They WooMat tTark Proaajtl.
an J Um Caa.tquaneea IFata I'aplr a.aaf
I Ii&to in my miad display of firo-
wot'a given by myself vrben 12 yean of
uso or lesd. Dr. Adam Norris, my
acboolmastt3r in those days, knowinir
that I waa a past master in chemistry
and an adopt at ttao mannf actnrc of col
ored fire, directed ma to "organize an
entertainment. The old ccntlcman is
gone now where there may "or may not
be fireworks, bnt to his dying day he
never nppreciat"d my efforts on his bo
half. It was proposed to illnminate tho
plsyronnds with colored fires nnd bin-
tciTC, to invite the fiarents of tho SO
scholars and to rognlo them after the
diMi.tay with cake nnd wine I mean,
of oourf tho parents. '
I was let oft my evening lessons for
a week and allowed tho ran of the
school laboratory. There I reveled in
preparations. Not content with mere
red. Moo and yellow fires, I arranod
Catht rino wheels and Roman candles
and rockets. I felt tho instinct of a
urot K ana a ram nsinc in mo. I even
askrd Dr. Korris for additional monev.
telling him that I had an idea for a
splendid novelty. lie trusted me, tak
ing the word of onr " chemistry master
that J knew what I was doing. My
novelty, which I kept as a grand sur
prise, consisted of a "set piece," with
tho words: "God blew Dr. Adam Nor
This lienign wish wonld come out in
red fire and flnbscqnently chance to
prom, if all went well. The night ar
nved and the company. Tho prelimi
nary illumination- was not entirely snc-
cesTuI, an my annuitants did not under
stand their hnsincss, bat tho first Cath
erine i heel went aronnd several times
and appeared to le well liked. ' Owing
to some unfortunate miscalculation with
tho materials, my rockets wonld not
soar. Tho spirit was willing; the
chemical compound was weak. So they
toro nbout the ground, like snakes, and
hissed in among the company, and one
let off pnrplo stars under the petticoat
of a Luly. A solitary rocket really went
np a considerable distance, and the
stick fell through the hothouso of a
man nest door, who had always been
unfriendly toward tho school. I pass by
the hot nir balloon. It soared all
right, but I forgot to no on tho mag
nesium light, so nobody realized what
a tine thing was being done. The Ro
man c.indles imsscd off without adverse
continent, and then I lighted the "set
l on will not believo what happened.
Nobody has ever credited the storv.
though I have told it to thousands. The
facts, however,' nro these: Owing to
unforeseen circumstances, the first two
words of tho display those asking God
to bless our good master did not light
at ell: tho next word, Doctor," fell off
altogether; tho 'A"iu Adam also fail
ed, and tuo whole of our preceptor s
surname, excepting the .initial letter,
blew up. What was the result? W by.
against the black night, raised on sup
ports some 20 feet aliove the heads of
the bewildered assembly, there blared
forth n solitary colossiil "Dam 3.
It burned red. and then in a silence
that conld bo felt tnrned green. The
Damn" and I turned green together.
That ended the entertainment. People
never tielieve this story. Indeed at so
great a distance of time I should be in
clined to doubt it myself, but I cannot
forget the subsequent intxTview with my
dear old master in his study. Wo had a
little private display of fireworks all to
onrselves. Thus do most improbable
effects result from remote causes. The
Chinese by inventing fireworks were do
ing a thing which, after long genera
tions of time, rendered it impossible for
mo to sit down with any comfort for a
week. Idler.
Woaiaa BasTraca la Cotorada.
Xot the least gratifying feature of the
election was the extension of the suffrage
to the women of Colorado. Jot to ex
ceed half a dozen counties voted down
the equal rights proposition, and in most
counties the majority in its favor was
very snbstantiu. It was not a matter
of good nature or gallantry on the part
of the male voters of the state to bring
aliout this result, but a matter of simple
right and justice. Denver Tunes.
Dec. 21 Fdson J. Severance to
Emma V. Severance, south " 100
feet outlet 11, South Moline, f2,000.
Fannie Green to Charles W. Green.
part block 6, S. Brimrham's add..
Cordova, ftoO.
22 Moses H. Tattle to John Beck,
nw swl 6, 16, lw. S2.S00.
Christian Wildermiith, by heirs to
Peter WilJcrinuth. tract by metes
and booiinds, 11, 18, le. f2,0'J3.
France Sieiller to Joseph 11. lien
die, wl nw; 17, 10, 4w. $1.04.
John A. Rowan to Joseph II. Ben-
llc. nc! sel 1, 16. 5w, 50.
in of
Petit i
ion iy
Dec. 22 (iuardianslii
heirs of Daniel Swank
gnaidian for sale of Ward's
Estate of Isabella Wright. Proof
of notice tn heirs tiled, and final or
der approving report of administra
tor and closing estate.
Lirenard to Wed.
Dec. 23 John O'Brien, Flo;cnce
Wilkin, Burlington, Iowa.
Alfred Johnson, Hannah Peterson,
Louis Tecjjorst rom, Moline, A vina
Kosenbougli, Hock Island.
25. K. VV. Hicks, Ajencv, Iowa,
Lulu B. Dowel 1. Hamlet. 111.
Walter Lancaster, Davcnport,Amc-
na Colin, l.ock island.
2G. J. D. Nccr, Kric, Ada Iniel,
McClelland Snvder, Bock Island,
Sarah Johnscn, Cable.
William Kuthcnbcrjr, Drury, Xe'
lie Bartlett, Duncan.
II. M. Kobinson, MaL-ic D. Clark,
Is Continued the Law Rates for
Skilled Special Treatment.
This is the Season to Thoronh'7
Eradicate Old Catarrh Troubles.
ics.i.nony of a Promfnent Yorrg
ITolel Man His Hearing Defec
tive since Childhood now en
tirely Restored.
"My srcncral health has been im
paired bv chronic catarrh since mv
erly childhood," writes Mr. Frank
lance, a prominent vounir notel
mm of the Lahr Ha use, Lafavrtls,
Indiana. "These troubles affected
mv cresin-ht and almost resulted in
total deafness.
Clear 8 tor and Billiard Parlor.
AlwayaaacaaatBaaaeat twaads of
aad lamar.d ekrara. All araada n
raaanaf aDtaa ball I
ISM BMaad dvaaae.
i win ba lacahwd
Hair Death
traiantlv hnnwf and fmvBT dratiwyr ab
olrc.iotM.hlr bar. whttBrr apna tl haana,
. Iar. ara or arrk. wltboat dl-colnratlna
wtaJnrytoMwkictilrHeatertln. Ittb
O M..r vm, ,t. TKI aitCBET WMHU OW .
Hi Wliann. ar.kwmlri by O
Orioa. tlw binkwi autbo i and iba :
i inoctrailnnitdenD.'o'nsM andtu'r-peia- o
O llatlba rr llvrd. Iwnrt Marvata ptur- .
' llctnf t lllMia HD UK 'i'.J o
o trlocrary of Kamp. kr prrKrihmi Ihi. ra. .
. ripr. Parr, SI briMtl. eorely packwL
DurrrMHmrtracr c.nl. cut la!. "r,'r, r""'" ?.
O t. Ail.lrra Till bKOOKUW .
i uiniT IIAianKOWKHCO. Dep-. IU6J 9
9 aaath Bth aicaac. New York.
Cno o- n o"0'-O-0"0-0"0O0
m w
i ' .- ar w m aaaak. Lad. mm mi tr
I a J - '1 J ILM
Bow Tiy I his
It will cost von nothing and will
i-nreiv oo vou coon, ii von nave a
cough, cold, or any trouble with
throat, chest or lunirs. lr. Kind's
Xew Diwoverv for consnmption.
ctmphs or colds is guaranteed to give
. ... m 1 , ,
reliei, or monev win oe pain one.
sufferers from la gripiie found it inst
the thing and tinder Its use had
speed v and perfect recovery, jit i
Sample liottle at our ex pence and
learn for your sen j ti st now good a
thing it ii. Trial Utl1e fn-e at Hartz
and Ulnievcr's drug store. Large
size fiOc and 91.
nrr.ciMEX CASES.
S. II. Clifford, New Castle, Wis
was troubled witn neuralgia ana
Rhenmatism. his stomach was dis
ordered; his liver was affected to an
alarming degree, appetite fell away,
and he was terrihlv reduced in flcb
and strength. Three bottles of elec
tric bitters cured him.
Edward Sheppard, Harrisburg. 111.,
had a running sore on his leg of
eight years' standing. Used liirce
ltoLtles of electric bi tiers and seven
boxes of Buckley's Arnica salve, and
bis leg is sound and well. John
Speal er, Catawba, Ohio, had live large
fever sores on his leg, doctors said lie
was incurable. One bottle Electric
Bitters and one box Buck icy 's Arnica
salve cured him entirely. Sold ov
Hartz & Ullemeyer's drug store.
The best ss' ve in the wor!ti Tor cnta,
braises, aoi-es. v eer, sa t rbennt
Fever soi-eB, leUer, chapped hands,
chilblains, co, ds. and all skin ernp.
tions, and posit. veiv cares piles or
no pay required. It i goai'-nleed
to g!ve perZect satisfaction, or money
AxoAi.rsiA. Dec. 25. we wnte
to sav that we are enjoying Chrikt-
yn.is in that grand old-fashioned
way, and if I were to mention the
homes in which the turkev met his
fate today, I could only omit those
ho visited those homes, and the
children whose little, thongh capa
cious stomachs, have been made the
receptacles for turkey, cranberry
sauce, -doughnuts, mince pie and
other articles too numerous to men
tion, that the fond mothers, after the
old Dutch fashion, have been hord
ing up for the past few months, were
n tho evening given a treat at tue
Baptist church that surpassed all
former attempts. A huge wind mill
was erected over an old-Iasliinncd
grist mill, in charge of a Dutch mil
ler, who for one hour ground out tin
horns, drums, tin horses, dolls of all
sorts and kinds, and last, but not
least, a great link of bologna for
Henry Thomson, who, after putting
his tooth into it, announced to the
crowd that Charley Haves didn't
ke" good sausage.
Andalusia ledge, 516 A. r. & A. M.
elected the following named persons
as officers for the ensuing year:
Yt . M. Ira II. Ituffum.
S. W. Charles A. Haves.
J. W. S. E. Uoerts.
Sec. Charles Roberts.
Treas. Benjamin Dill.
They will be installed Trcsday
evening. Jan. 9, when a iow gnosis
will lie invited, and supper served by
the g'od wives of the members. The
altove lo !ge, at their last regular
meeting, passed resolutions con
cerning the death of Charles A. Xi-
Thomas Muldoon is visiting at
James G. Britton's, after several
years' absence, during which time he
has visited nearly every city of im
portance in the state, and has many
pleasing anecdotes which he relates
in a pleasing manner.
John Houston received a present
from a daughter in Memphis that made
many envy him. It is a glass smoke
pijk? filled with southern apple-jack
that puts tire in the smoker instead
of the pipe.
Mrs. E. II. Bowman is very poorly.
and her many friends hope that she
mav soon be restored to her former
rood health.
Miss Jessie Moshcr, a teacher o!
the Geneseo normal, is spending va
cation at home.
Teddv Jones is home to spend the
winter with his mother and sister.
nails work,
trie them.
The Moacra aaoiarr
Has fonnd that her little ones are
improved more by the pleasant laxa
tive, Syrun of Figs, when in need of
the laxative effect Af a gentle remedy
than any other, and that is more ac
ceptable to them. Children enjoy it
and it Iicncflts them, ine true rem
edy, Svrup of Figs, is manufactured
bv the California rig Syrup company
Special Holiday Batca.
For the holidays the C, B. & O
offers the following rates: Tickeli
sold Dec. 23, 24, 2, 30, 31 and Jan
1, 1894. at one and one-third Jare, to
all stations eastof theMissouri river.
and within a radius of 200 miles
from selling point. Tickets good
going, date of sale; returning, to and
including Jan. 8, 1894.
M. J. lotKO, Local Agent.
"ine sense ci hearing was on itd-
ly destroyed in one ear, nnd I ne 6C
vere ncauacnes oceanic every yerr
more violent ana irequent. 8i;
ir-emory failed; I became despoil
ueu i anu was unaoie to secure nec-
rssa y sleep. I nearly always had
I od'.!esome cold and experienced
g.cai annoyance from chronic sore
;A(tcr a brief course of the Stack-
liousc treatment I was gratified to
notice an entire change for the bct
ler. The unpleasant symptoms were
gradually but surely dispelled nntil
today I am glad to "say that I feel
better than I have in yea:s. The
treatment of Dr. Stackhonse and his
associates is truly wonderful. It
gives me pleasure' to recommend
these physicians and their sneei.il
methods to every person out of
$5 a Month.
To all who apply for treatment for
catarrh and kindred diseases before
me nrsioay oi January. 1894. no
fee in excess of $5 a month will be
charged. Those whose names are
enrolled during this period will be
entitled to trea went at this special
low rate until entirely well.
Stackhouse Medical Institute.
Rooau 17 and la.
(Firrt Floor. Take the Elevator.)
I, W. Corner or Brady and Third ftreoti,
The enrceaaful and prraanrctly etabl'hd
i pecialtsi in the trcatmrnt of ra'arrb, Aethaia,
Oii-casc of the Eye, Ear, Now, Ihroat and
Lane', Kcrvotit Dlwases, Blood aad bkin Uls-
earc; Chronic Diaeawe.
Office Uonrs 9 a. m. to 12 m.. to 1 and 7 ta e
m. : Snndaro. S to S p. n. naly. ,
Carhmnas and Hew Tear Holiday Batet.
For the above occasion the Bur
lington, Cedar Rapids & Xorthern
railway will sell excursion tickets at
all stations to points on its line with
in a r&uius z'jsj miles, at a very low
rate for the round trip.
1 lckets on sale lcc. 23, 24, 25, SO
and 31. 163, and Jan. 1, 1894, good
to return until and including Jan.
3, 1894.
For rates, tickets, time of trains
and other information, call on or ad
dress any agent of this company.
Gen. Tkt & Pass. Agt.
Holiday IxcTuxoa.
For Christmas and New Team's
holidays the C, M. & St. P. will sell
excursion tickets at one fare and one-
third for round trip within a distance
nf 200 miles. Tickets on sale Dec.
23, 24, 25, 30, 31 and Jan. 1; good to
return up to and including Jan. 9.
C u. W. holmes. Agent.
C B. I. F. Bf.
Dec. 23, 24. 25, 30, 31 and Jan. 1st
the C. R. I. & P. railroad will sell
tickets to any point on their line
within 200 miles at rate of one fare
and a third for round trip, good to
Tor C v r fit y Teat.
Mrs. Winslow s Soothing svrnpbas
been used for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allavs all pain, cures wind colic, and
s the best remedy for diarrhoea.
Twenty-five cen's a bottle
When Faby -sras rick, ire frar. m-- outoria.
When -ho waa a CaiM, ahc cr!od fur Costoria.
7hnu she became Kias, she cluns to Caatorla.
Wken toe had a'JMrea,he gave thorn Caatotd
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
;0. - Ouril-
.mSa wet lat rftftMl
co&iiidtK.miSoeTQne. If a
trrtcrf3aTj3a joy for
eer; ltajyat&ed are they
"9bo-pooBeaamr dressers.
How ' about" wa&ng quali
tiesr? UheqselfxC. Manu
faetfxtsStamttdtbAce selec-.
tjiard wtioda, br skilled
No hurried, knocer-txet)rGri-bmm
They're honest YonH ay -ao? fLea.,you xam
Alsuftrt rmces. EmJur ?5urBrkufe of all
10S, i iyT10wmitX!AV
Grand Slipper Sale all week.
Twenty per cent discount.
Men's Leather Slippers,
Men's Embroidered Slippers,
Ladies' Bronze Slippers,
Ladies' Suede Slippers.
Gray, black and tan colors.
Turkish and Boudior Slippers.
Twenty per cent discount cn every pair of
Men's, ladies, or children's slippers in the house.
Lane's Family Medicine moves the
bowels each day. Most people need
to use it.
Pitcher's Castoria.
Couching leads lo consumption.
Kemp's Balsam will slop the cough
it once
Children Cry fcr
162? Second Ave.. Under Rock Island House.
A Nice Pair of Slippers. :
Practical Holiday Present
For Gentlemen.
This department, as usual, is stocked with innumera
ble pretty styles, from the cheapest to the very best, in
all the popular materials and colors.
Goods and Prices to Suit the Times.
Commencing Monday next, and continuing through
out the week, we will give to every one calling at our
store an elegant souvenir calendar.
Open evenings until Jan. i.
Cor. Second and Harrison Bts.
Imported and
Domestic Su.tings
Now Open
with a replete stock of Fall
and Winter Suitings at No.
1707 Second avenue, in the
store formerly occupied by
II. D. Folsom.
mm. ataisj.
The latest
And Most Stylish
refunded, rrice X cenu per dox.
Pitcher's Ccstcrla.
Foe sale by Harts Ullemeysr
t.u. nx'MMEK, Agent.
return np to and including Jan. S-94

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