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annni J rwWiAfcilW!,
ciwwi I
Maffta Kmpt. Tmtmm Cart.
Arc Some Very Low Trices
Friday, and
Dress Goods.
Broken lines of "Ac and 11.00
g.tnds go at 4c a yard.
Slo and 60c Jamestown unit
lnjr at Sir a yard. No other
Material will enual this for hard
wear and for school children.
3Ao colored Henrietta go at
Ifto a yard.
M all wont dress jroods.broken
assortments for S.e a Yard.
Remnants for this week at 25
per cent xrom reduced
34 la. wool screes in narronlr
MJJc. 3 '
Cloaks are Iwinsr closed out at
from to 1 off of the regular
price, la other words a 10.00
pirmeat Is selling at fH.OO, etc.
Com la and get prices.
Iwn handkerrhiets with es
eollaped eilje at tc each.
Km broidery lawn handler
chiefs, a little mussed, at Ac each.
Embroidery lawn handker
chiefs, hem stitched, r each.
Rome silk embroidery hand
kerchiefs c each.
Home silk embroitlcry hand
kerchiefs, initialed. lie each.
Very fin embroidery lawn
handkerchiefs, slightly soiled,
at S2n each.
In this lot you will find hand
kerchiefs worth 40 and &'tc each.
ahmer and silk mufflers,
radnced from 'Ms to 73c.
Specials in 1 Iosiery.
All wool at 22c, 29c, 33c, 36c
and 4tc each.
Specials in Gents' Underwear,
Broken lots of l and 91-33
shirts and drawers will bo sold
at 69c n garment.
Very henry unbleached
muslin at &Jc per yard.
Very tine soft bleached
mnnlia at 7c per yard.
This muslin we buy in short
lengths from 1') to T yards, and
sell It In these lengths only at
this price. Regular price 8jc
for a single yard.
9-4 unbleached sheeting at 14c
per yard.
UestipMlttj of shirting at 8c
Best wool jeans 3.V a yard.
Very good jeans 31c a yard.
Wash goods at 6c a yard.
lleary wash goods at 9c a
.'.75 gray blanket at 2.1E.
Bargains in Comforts.
At 91.25. 91-62 and 92-33 each.
In Basement.
Etchings worth 91-60. for 97c
Dolls at just half price.
92e games for Cite each.
Uo baskets at 39c each.
Blackboards worth 93.25, for
91.95 each.
79c drums at 49c each.
All toys to clot vut at Tory
low prices.
Horned, Pursel
& Von Maur.
Bandit Evans and His Pal
Turn Up at Fresno, Cal.
Rob the Depot and Citizens,
and a Skirmish Ensues.
Willis' Report Received
Brother of ex-President Har
rison Turned Down.
Frksxo. Cal., Jan. 11. Two men.
Mipnoflcd to be Chris Evans ami Ed
Morrrll, robbed the depot here early
mis morninc ana hf hi up rax citi
zens in the atrwt. f I ho town of Tv
Icr. The bandits emra-ed in a tight
with constables, and the latter in
tiring, wounded two citizens. The
bandits escaped.
la tlnaac and Senate.
Washixc.tox. I). C. Jan. 11. In
the house today. Congressman Brc;:k
nridgc addressed the committee of
the whole at length on the Wilson bill.
anI finished amid the plaudits of his
associates. Kicbardtn (democrat)
of Ohio, follows, and then Dingley
republican) of Maine, speaks.
in me senate, the committee on
commerce ordered an adverse report
on J. cott Harrison, brother oi ex-
President Benjamin Harrison, nomi
natcd for surveyor of customs at
Kansas City. ' Senator Davis, of Min
nesota. resumed his speech on the
Hawaiian t'.iiiicultv.
Willis' Rrport R rlvrd.
WAMiiXfiToyj, I). C., Jan. 11.
Minister Willis' report was received
trom Honolulu by ecretarv or Mate
lircshatn this morning, and he is now
considering it in conference with
rresident Cleveland and Secretaries
La mot) t and Herbert.
fatal Botlrr Esntomlna.
AnCLItlt. O.. Jan. 11 The boiler
in-Wiiaon Bros, saw mill exploded
this morning, kill'ng Silas Wilson
Amos Wilson, Noah Hoffman, and
fatally injuring John Y.'il.ou.
H Calrao fa Hurt-.
CiitrAOO. Jan. 11. C. P. Willard
4c Co.. Iron founders, failed today.
Liabilities. tWOJ; asets. lOJ.O'H,
TAralraa Vrmlrlta.
KT. LH"I., Jan. J I. A xjwinl from Sal
tillo, Mrs., rrport. a liliiolr Imttlc at
C'uantri) Uoa, the rru!t i.f an .;J feud be-
tw n the Vt-uiro Pnnjora fumilir-t.
The brati. of the two familif. wrrre killril
iu the Lctntiins. Mnr thru ibrr- Vet
a -ro ana two I'aui'iri rnn have bon
killed. Icavinn tbr on c.i- h niile. The
ix TiH-n run, ami a rrvoivpr uurl was
fouubt. rrui;iii4 id the kiuin of two on
arb vide and the M-riou. wnuu'ling cl tbe
(.111 tr.
Mtkrr Aarrnlt ra-lrs II
M.Mt:i. .Inn. 11. D.wU'tir from Sunt'
giawa wiy that thr ph yicuin- in attendant
upon Salvador Kranilie, Ibe mtifcvtrd per
i-rtratnr of the IJro thratre bomb outrage,
h twice atteniinl mikmU- when be wan
arr trd, so severely wuuuilml biinwlf
that III, recovery U now tlotibtfiil. Though
inliirnx-il a, to hi tomluiou Frunche re-
f urd t he cflirr of a chi. plum who was ncut
to him by Cardinal llruairdjs. Frauche
ktilt warmly tidiltt auun-hy.
MlmrataiMHi In t anvriitioa.
IXIHANAPoLl.i, Jon. 11 In the aosion of
the convention of the .touuniasoii,' union
the rrvtiim of the conntitution was taken
up but little headway made. The revision
was deferred and action taken on some
communication from tliffereut parts of
the country complaining that tcu hour
were lieinit mjturcd a a clay's work on
Mime government work. The convention
will probably ak tkirctar)- Carlie to
wake an iuvi-aiKatiou. t
MrtlMMil MlnUlcr 3IImIkb
I'iHIT DolHiE, Ih., Jan. II. Her. J. H.
.Vvery. a Methtxlist minister here, left
Friilay to bold protracted nieetiiixi at Day
ton, but instead of '..)ppin there he
btmulit a ticket to 1lMMie, wln-re all track
of him K lent ami all effort, tail to locate
him. The supposition is that while tem
porarily insane he wandered away. Hit
Wife to prostrated with grief.
aM-rl aMi Thrown la the idver.
Urn Axt.KLKs, Cal., Jan. ll.-C'bnrles 1L
1 taker, of Chicago, wax ro'.iUtl and nearly
murdered in broad daylight here. He was
walking along the river bank, when he was
seized by two men who beat him on the
head with a stone. The robbers (rot tlOO
in money, a round trip ticket from Chi-
cago and n gold watch and chain. After
robbing Baker they threw him in th
river. Uaker was uauiy uruised, but will
(tat 3.a-a far HU tllfc's AWpctlaas.
CunSINU. Ark Jan. It Tbe damage
suit of lien Tyler aipinst James M Steph
ens In the circuit court, has been con
cluded, the Jury rendering a verdict for the
plaint iff for fXZ'.i. Stephens to one of the
wraltbir-tt and rnoivt prominent citizens ot
flay county, while Tyler to a poor farmer.
Tbe defendant wascharaed with the aliena
tion of tbe affections of plaintiff's wife,
and was sura tor t lo.ww.
ara Mclllaw Satiety,
BoMC, Jan. 11. A dispatch from laler
mo says that the jrovernnient measures
have succeeded in hreakinn up the organ)
tat ton of tbe Fasct Uei Lavoratori
bra or has Tbe society referred to is raid
to-have been suppressed everywhere In
fcictly, and all tbe persons Implicated In
Starr flaaa Waeka
Eallrelr C
Richmoxd, Jan 11. -The Starr nana
work were entirely destroyed by fire.
Tbe immense buildings burned like tinder
and all the department worked on the fire
without being able to do much toward
.upTceinK it. The Iom fotwo.an, with an
insurance or w, it was a stock eon.
cern. with Joneph Iumileu St. IxMiis,
pr iilent. The works will probable be re
built. One hundred men will be rendered
' Mlrklgaa Ton l ira Mwapt.
Battle Cucck, Mich., Jan. ll. Tbe il-
Uge of Bellevue. twelve miles north of
here, was half destroyed by fire. Tbe fire
originated in an old foundry on Jackson
street, Tbe losses will foot no KiO.Ono.
The principal loners are K. J. Holland, the
nooinson estate, Taylor's saloon, W. H.
r.ldretis iuirnes store. Stevens' black
smith shop, John Markhara, Kimberley's
Kenerai wore, uarnes' wagon shoo. Evans'
opera hone. Sawyer & Haven's hardware.
r itzgeraltl estate. Masonic lodge, Evans &
I lair general store. EL J. 1 ions t re cer.
r rea ans cigar store.
Kaaaa Tow Nearly Wiped Oat,
Foirr Scott. Jan. 11. Arcadia, Kan., a
town seventy miles south of this city, was
almost burned out by fire. The fire de
stroyed most of the best business houses of
the town. Tbe loss is over 50.000. with
insurance auout the same.
fire at What Cheer, la.
W iiat CiiKEn, Jan. .11. Fire started in
a row of frame buildings and caused a lom
of about 15,000, with $8,900 insurance.
There were ten buildings, including the
Commercial hotel. Tbey are a total loss.
t'lve-Storjr nnlMlag Burned.
ST. OL'Is. Jan. 11. The five-story brick
ouiluing located nt Alain and Washing
ton streets used by Joseph Flanuigan aa a
hominy null was totally destroyed by fire.
Loss, (130,000.
fret! military Hearing ef Those t harrvwj
with Marder Held at Fort Dodge.
FoKT DoDOE, Jan. 11. The preliminary
hearing of the Dayton rioters was held
here. Paris Winters was charged with
the murder of 1 .arson, bis brother, Itave
inters, is cnurgea wit n assault with in
tent to commit great bodily injury, and
Harney Bradley, Cole Hamilton, Willis
rhipps, Hans Hrotme and Willuira Bar-
lier were charged with mnlicious mischief.
All except Browne were held. During the
trial it was brought out that had the pris
oners not been hrotigut to this city some
ot them would have been lynched.
the Dayton residents are still greatly
excited and are particularly wronght up
because three ot the men arrested were
let go witbounAreluuinary hearing. The
men all In-long to a gnng of rowdies who
make a habit of breaking up tbe rural
dances. Dayton people are now deter
mined that the hoodlums ahull be suit
pressed. The Wiuters brot hers have loug
been a terror to the neighborhood.
Sclaara ml R!e C'artrialg-a Itestiaed for
Admiral Mello.
JfKwyoRK, Jan. 11. The Red D line
steamer Marncaiybo did not sail for Vene-
cucla aa scbeiluled. Over 3(10,000 rifle
cartridges destiued for Admiral Mello,
which had ta'en smuggled arautrd, were
seized and removed to the oilices of the
dock. The cartridges were in five cases
marked "winp." First Mate Thompson
confessed that he and Chief Engineer
HotiMchrll were responsible for them being
on lioard. and liot h men were discharged.
The cartridjres were shipped for Curaroa
and had they reached there and beeu dis
covered by Venezuelan authorities the
steamer would be subject to seizure.
Tragedy Which IHf pens la Itystery.
Mai:i:u:tt.. O., Jau. 11. Tbe triple
murder of the Saner family deepens in
mystery. Tbe son supposed to be missing
was found in the ashes of tbe barn and
fully identified by bis watch and other
articles, thouzh burned beyond recogni
tion. The father and mother reveal fear
ful mutilation by bullets and bruises. The
evidence reveals a fearful struggle. Tbe
Imrn is about four hundred feet away and
there are some blood stains lstween the
house and barn, as from bleeding wounds.
There is a growing suspicion that the son
killed his father and mother and then
rushed to the barn, setting it on fire and
killing himself. A pistol was found near
him empty.
Colorado'. Legislata.
Denvek, Jan. 11. The extra session of
the legislature called by Covcrnor Wnite
to consider the silver question and enact
laws for internal improvements convened
at noon. The governor message was read
in joint session after which both branche
ad ion rued for the day. It is now under
stood that the session will adjourn at the
end of this week without having passed
ny bills. The governor has been using
all his influence on the Populists to have
them vote to continue the session for at
least thirty days. Many have forsaken
bim and it is understood that there is now
a majority in-. both houses favorable to an
immediate adjournment.
boom ml Oar "Bra Cltins.n
ST. Lorn, Jan. lb The decision in
Washington in regard to would-be pur
chaser of "green goods" promises to re
sult aensailoually. luquiry at the office
of Inspector J. P. Johnson develops
the fact that in a total of 1.300
names in the uossession of the office
are included a great number of prom
inent men. Leading physicians, lawyer
and prominent professional and business
men all over tm United States, and par
ticularly in Illinois. Missouri, Arkausas
and Wyoming are known to be included
Coralac and Lisis "Jfne Drives.
TortKA, Kas., Jan. 11. Mrs. M.iE. Lease
baa formed a partnership with JCyrus
Corning, editor of The New Era, a weekly
paper, and will soon oegin tne puonca
tion of a Populist daily paper In this city.
The paper, white advocating Populist
principles, wilt was a relentless war
against Governor Lewe'.ling and the entire
state administration, corning isan w
antagonist of tbe governor.
-meet Taylor of Oak Park. Ills., was
killed by a Northwestern Uaia white walk
Didn't Get There.
fleeaait Great of Ike Kind la a Few Months
OOtciats Clalta a "mail Lest, s Clalas
That U Dtecrealtrd Ts of the Thafj
Pretty Well Desrrlbed aadaHotChasa
Regna Rejl.tered Mail and Kxpreas
Packaces Carried OBV
St. JoF.ru, Mo., Jan. 11. For the second
time within a few months this city has
been the seen? of an attempted train rob
bery. On tbe 2.th of last Snptember an at
tempt to hold up a train on the Council
Bluffs road was frustrated by tbe officers
being informed of the proposed plan. Two
of the robbers were killed that evening
and another was recently eentenced to ten
rears in the penitentiary. This was thought
sufficient to put a stop to the operations of
this class of people in this city, but last
sight another train was held up and this
me it was almost within t he city limits.
The Burlington "Eli," leaving this city at
6X3 p. El., was held up about three miles
east cf St. Joe by five masked men. The
train was stopped by torpedoes being
place! on the track and a red lantern
wucs across the road In regulation cus
Did It Like Tbey Were Experts.
As soon as the train stopped three of the
robbers boarded tbe engine with drawn
e vol vers and ordered th engineer and
fireman to accompany then to the express
car and order the express messenger to
open the door. This they did, and upon
being ordered to open the door the express
messenger did so, when lie was covered
with a rifle in tbe bands of one of the men.
Three others with revolvers in each hand
bad entered the car and tbe messenger was
ordered to open the safe. The robbers then
took all there was in the safe, which
amount is cbiimeil by the railroad officials
not to exceed $50. This statement is not
credited here, however, as 'Superintendent
Hold, of the Burlington road, and W. H,
Moselv, of the Adams Express company,
Lave lieen in consultation v.ith the sheriff
and the chief of police, and a posss has
lieen orgauized. )
Tv. r the Thn gs nesrribed.
The following is given as descriptions of
two of tbe robbers who were in the express
car: tlnp is tall and slim aud wore a light
brown suit with double-breasted coat and
bo overcoat. The other was short and wore
a black suit, black overcoat and black
Derby hat. The engineer and other train
men were unable to give a description of
the other three men. All the trainmen
think tbe rubliers were amateurs, as they
were nervous all during Aie affair and ap
peared much excited.
Wkat a Brakeaiaa Says,
A brakeman who was too late to catch
bis train, the "Eli," says- the robbers en
tered tbe mail and express cars and took
all the registered mail in! the former and
all the packages in thesaTu of the latter.
Tliis lirakcman fol lowed t he "EH" on the
St. Ionis train which leayesthisciry about
& half hour asterwards. ' in the hope of
catching his regular train, ile reached
the scene just after the robbery was com-
Its OBcers aad Prlnelpla Made rublic-
uatn raemu-rq l ake.
LansIKG. Jou. 11. The Secrets of the new
Ancient Order cf Loyal Americans are out.
Its officers are: D. A. Reynolds, of Lan
sing, Mich., grand commander; CYincect,
of lndiauasolis, Inil , grand adjutant; J. J
England, of Michigan, grand quartermas
ter: Kev. Myron Keed, oi Denver, I'olo.,
grand chaplain; S 11. Pierson, of West
Virginia, grand ensign: W . C. Bateman,
o: Mum, grand sentinel, fcacu omcer
swears that lie is not the spy of any monop
oly; that he will guard theorddr's iutere-ts
against being used in the interests of polit
ical parties. ;
1 he basic principles are: 1. The equal
legal and political right sbf all loyal Amer
icans. 2. The prosecution as traitors of
all armed forces not recoguized by the con
stitution. ;i. The establishment of postul
savings Kinks. 4. The absolute non-inter
ference of any foreign power in American
industries or America u finances. 5. Uov-
crninental ownership or control of all nat
ural monopolies, fi. The reclaiming of nil
unearned land grants, the same to be held
as homesteads for actual ettlers. T. Gov
ernment issue of all money in sufficient
volume to transact the business of tiie
country on a cash basis. 8. Tbe referendum
of all legislation of vitod importance. 9.
1 he exclusion ot c.uropean crinr.iml and
pauper lalior. 10. The making of bribery
capital crime to be dealt with as treason
against the national government.
Obituary: At HolMiken. X.. V . Vathpr
Patrick Lorrigan. aired Ml: at New York.
Arthur Went, song comnoaer. aired ITS: at
jmena. ins., jolin J.eadcr.
Big Gtore.
Are You Money-Tight?
We are overstocked in OVERCOATS, and
will unload at a great sacrifice. Don't delay, as
now is your chance to buy less than irianulac
ture cost: .
Children's Ulsters at from 25 to 50 per cent
less than regular price. We do just as we ad
vertise. We must unload the always busy
Big Store.
J. F. LEE, Dist. Pass. Aj-ent,
232 S. Clark St., Chicago.
First Class Limited Rate, -Second
Round Trip to Pugct Sound
aud JNortn. l'aciuc coast
points, ....
San Francisco-, First Class,
Second Class, -
S98 Robert St. 127 Third St. So.,
(Hotel Ryan) . (Guaranty Bid)
St. Paul. Minneapolis
or Union Depots.
CO X-r
5 s i
S i 2 V-
0 fc r5 S3 J
iv i
Overcoats worth $3 OO now
Overcoats 5 00
Overcoats " 7 00 "
Overcoats lO OO
Overcoats 15 00 "
Overcoats 18 00
Overcoats ' 20 oo y
Overcoats 25 oo
Annual Shoe-sale.
Before taking inventory January 20,
At Cost.
We shall offer every pair of Ladies'
Misses, and Children's Shoes in the
house at Cost Price, and all of our
Men's Shoes at 10 per cent discount.
Call early, and we will easily convince
you. First come, first served.
162) Second Ave., Under Rock Island House.
Our Purpose In Advertising
is to let everybody who buys cIoUudr that's all Ifaa
kind here about know that our fall suitings are in, and
that the finest ever displayed in the city. You an res
peotf ally Invited to call and see the latest in patterns
and styles, in fall and winter wear. '
Call and leave your order
8TA.B Blook Opfosiu -Uarsa noma:
Blue Fronts
$1 97 '
2 98
9 98
12 97
13 99
17 69
Blue Front.
Uertften: lidina sre beuu siir-tcii.
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