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Good until January 15th,
Dr Wllao of the Seott Medical In
stitute has arranged to accommodate
all who desire to place Ibearerlve
under treatment hr placing the firtce
of consultation, treatment ami nieit
iclae at 3 for the month. Thin offer
not only includes Brw patient. Int
includes all old patirals who hare
at any time turn treated or examined
at the IfeoU Medical Institute, ami
who desire at this scan of the year
to renew their treatment.
first Stage Koul breath. husk
voice. allTa sllnia, no clogpeii up
and discharge a P'xhI deal. Mow out
chunks or scabo. nose sore, aneein.
pala la front of head across the eyes,
sense of smell impaired, bank to
clear the throat, mucous drop back
into the throat, thrott drv. This
is easilv enrml.
Second Mage When catarrh of the
head and throat is left unrhri-krd it
extends to the bronchial tiilies and
Innffa. These are some of the svmp
toms: iMfllrnlt Wreathing, rough dis
tressing, burning imin in throat.
grow weak, pain behind breast Ismc,
disgust lor tatty tootis. spitting np
01 chresv Inmps. hacking rugn. mil
eous becomes of a yellow tinge, eough
until you gag or vomit, stitches in
side, take cold easily and gradually
lose nesh.
Third stage Mnniach and Imwlrs
are involved, raised by swallowing
M)isnous mucous which drops down
from the head. This stage of the
disease it commonly railed d vspeimia.
There is nausea, vomiting, belching
of gas. brad light or dixxy, tongue
coated, water brash, hawh'and spit.
pat a arter eating, nervous ami weak.
constipation It.llownl by diarrhoea,
rasa or oinmi to avail, growing sea
satlon in stomach. Noting of stom
ach and Imales. sick headache 'and
palpitation of heart.
This class of disease ran lie cored
in fact hnndreds title tteca cured
ly Dr. Wilson.
0 a Heath,
Medical Institute.
221 Brady street, Davenport, la.
Ovrr Americas Ex rasas Co.
MT.CIALTIE8-Catarrh. Eve, Ear
ose. Throat. Lungs: Nervous di
eases, ktn diseases. Chronic dis
OFl ICEIloyRS: 9 to 11 a. m
to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 p. m.
On Sundays the office .will be open
from t a. m. to 12. 2 to 4 p. m.
Lye and Ear Sp3cialiat
Aad sn's nrrrprletiir M tht srkmltl Kys
srd Bar InltrsMrv, will r1l
January 16, 17, 18 and 19.
from t is tolls, ul nsM rttnra visits
set aea'k.
ttr. ' ka Ifestrd am IMS S"tlrn"S
Rnrkajra mm f.i mnrt m4 m' f M a aad nasal
tMlvSS. I n SalMIMni trre Ml Br TIB.
Ho will rtrilsWatBOSB at Mil 1ST EYE la
tWa IMtSlMM,
Snwna I'ATABACS'a twe sslnatr.
Pta-rrvtitns ef Sim me Um j-ann Bttaale.
.fctfllMfttWM Mt.ni.
Twining k ant at as smI 'W kairs. te
MwwiiJ atl'rblv.
Mnaetairnt lrnejnnel lter ttoet. eaasing aa
Pa-vpna Txamfs la an er tnsnl la tea
Opearsref Ike gsMarklae Taks Wilts; fnae
linw ear ts ls-e niineia..
Bae vies TMik bb4 I llpptag Vvala,
awry as f lk nwnkw I M rf fav
aapt nwm, saa s P wmmm n.
A TAfAT. rrtRTnlMMK sf tim mrt Ik
srswry aw waila rl h-m. rliiiuli M
rv , aMfcaw.. mm m taia tm . f
Ua.Hasa Nlnwl 4rt ttmt sn). la.
awe. . li rf aar. AK tJt
.a iH tin i 1 a a sa4 Ma am.
Ml all H. kiraw Nr4 khmmi IIt. Irmkl
rirHt, a. kawkiaa iwm4 Mtinc. rahwava
aaMKM, sa. af ar. . Mail all rt
t'tKAf S Ksn n. nt. aa a. rai r II
ihhm caa tH M aa wlaaiaa aj
af S.r rH ra Irfatafat.
aiMsaia PAH I raaeara la
IHsrllASfllu tABSalrMrm la itaifat
afH Mill af.1 tlu IRVIBUI caeaa
Irwai isMCtk ssa as tatao.
rswaamaadaaaiaaavvjiaef I i 'au M
, m, - ,
Tht New Yorker Weary of the
Cuckoo Cry.
ir Rawnksiy Oeva M
OfcAa Mas RaaM TaMra whtrli
wMk Vlgaa A C assklas
Dm Awar law DatasU's
Biaalsei Talk at atowlt 4 taw Anww
awtatkaaa tar rwMk BalMtasa.
WAsniNCTof. Jaa. ll.-Tae third day of
tbeUr;S debate ia the house wasenliv
eaed br two aensafiona, one being Joha
sou's free trade soma and the other a
'dinVulty" ia whkh the participant were
Ihmtrlle ami Trarry of N'ew York. Cum-
minga, rkalnuaa at tne mmina) aai
naval sITairs. arose and aked uaanimons
consrat to cousiuVr the Boutette resolntlow
repurted back frum the naval committee.
calling oa tlx- ascretary of the navy for
copies of all orders and couituunicationa
whlt'h alared the oflkers and mra and
abips ut ibe I'nitcd States nary under the
coal nil of t'uniiiiioiwT Blount, a civilian
who had not hern conCnned by the senate.
The attempt to secure nnaniinous consid
eration for this irsolntioa raised a merry
r.iw, wbh-h conrliKkil with a verbal duel
b'twern Bniitelle and the speaker.
Daraa'l IJka Thai t'arkaa Cry.
During Ibe war of words Traceyof New
York aked the chair whether it would be
ia onler lo call for the regular order.
Oh. the White Hon. clock baa not
truck Ibis aiorainjr," Interposed Boutelle.
anat it-allr.
Trarey's cheek flamed. He inquired
aotiy whether a meniher while making a
parliamentary inquiry could Isr affronted.
and called alien! Um to the fart that on
another occasion a gent leiuan (Wilson of
Wanbiugloai bail shouted "cuckoo" while
he wa talking. Bmitrlle discbiinied any
inlentiia of insulting bis colleague, and
after the chair saM that ia courtesy be was
giving llootelle a bearing Trarev took bis
his seat, still cballng under the affront put
npon him and riet-laring to his friends
hiMit him that he would not stand this
suet of temtmeut any kaairrr.
"Thenevt man who says anything of
hat kind." be dcrlan-d, "will get his lace
Jahaa KeaaW '.ai lrtara.
The tariff delsite was then resumed,
lloikinof Illinois continuing bis remarks,
aader a raaaiag fire of questions from
l-iKiiubs of New York and Bryan. After
tbermnpietioa of Hopkins' eemarka Torn
U John-wra, Itentocral. of Hiiu,tlie well
known free trader and single tax advocate.
Uik the ftSs.r and created anmKbing of a
wasatioa by bU bold utterances. He said
among other things: "We of the Demo
cratic party weat Isrforetbts country in
WJ asserting that the existing tariff was
arrong la pnociple and nnjuM in operation,
nd plvdging ourselves tocbnlish it if the
AnierH-aa people gave u authority. They
JhI give ns authority, and then our haste
to repeal oppmsive taxes sulaiided. It was
tbrdutyofa party naming into power oa
mark prnlgea and at awh a coajunrtnre to
nave procei lied wilbout a monaent a delay
U tue radical rcvlnloti tit the tariff."
A Wharh at the aeaker.
Continuing be said: "The bouae has
tf'iod DBralvsrd hecanse. despite onr ovar-
wliclming naajocity, as Democrats would
2 twit lirr furnish a iiiin-um to be counted
or rouui ine onr huh was reaiiy pres-
tut. It i not merely that we have yet
lour nothing. It in that we have done
unthing where we had promined much."
lule Johuooti was condrmuing the al-
li gnl steel rail pool be Imtsuiu engaged
u a heated controversy with Dalzell. 'Yon
liny the present existence of a pool?"
ikd Johnson. Ye. sir."
"Well, here is the proof of it." said John-
am. flourWhing alolt a dts-umeiit. "Here
is the agreement in The Iron Age. A cer
taiu IL K. Kenneily contracted to receive
A.im Ions of rails at what I considered an
xor'iitnnt price and to forfeit tt.imoa day
lie ilia not take tbrni. I looked into the
matter to see who such a large buyer
o-.lM Isr.
MeeaM ta Prase Hh t'aaleatkns.
"I round that be was a stockholder ia the
C.-rmlirU wrks. a rival concern, and now
wtrrtsry of the new poo! formed last No-
vemls-r. Tbat mhI mcreeil to give the
manufacturers of riarrow'a ISiiut. Md.,
H.onOa day lo close their works and dis-
lisrv"' their men. That is the sort of trust
the Wilson bill's S per rent, duty prrpetu
ata. tkfnornitk- appbuiar.l It gives a
L-oticern ia lennsylvania a year to
I'm iItiwii. The old pool of eight or nine
coniirfinirs agreed to maintain the price of
rail at tri. hie of t lie members secretly
undersold I lie pool. Carnegie made war
on tint, bent the price down to VIP, chxed
him up and thru formed another pool."
Jahwna Mat aa Aall-WaaaanlUU
I cannot controvert tbat whi-h the
sntlemsn says." interposed Mr. Dalacll,
Imt if such a pool at be describes exists I
Jrprecate i! as much as he."
"Thai is were I differ with tne gentle
man, returned Johnson. "I believe ia
making all the mooey I can I am a
thorough going monopolist and taking
sdvantage of all the bod laws you Ke
publicans have nuMle. but I don't believe
in defending those laws here. (Loud and
prolonged He muriatic appUuse.j
stasis raveea Aawesatkaa aa Maallrat Dee.
I lay tlaimaa'e Sea.allaa.
The priacipsl event In the senate was the
speech of Latvia of Minnesota ia support of
the policy of non-interference ia Hawaiiaa
affairs. The araalor plainly expressed him
self a. ia favor of the annexation of Hawaii,
and declared that to be tba manifest des
tiny f the Hawaiiaa falaads. It had for
forty eara been recognised ns inevitable
by every Anwricaa miaisterto Hawaii, and
no f'svign government objected to this
plsa when ruaMumnuted under favorable
rircwamtanrea and coaditioaa. The aaaia
hMlksa af the argument of the araalor waa
lu show that the revolutioa was the legiti
mate aulcotue of tba ueurpatiua of tba
la the earlier part of the day aad aa a
etber aaliject heaator Uorasaa created
sosne sarprias by deciariug that duriag
IBe past ibne years the tot
tiowaof aawgiww had sxcesdsd by
MV.OTO the total letaawea of
aseat duriag that period. A large gorUoa
ef this eaoiusuua aggregate hi for pablia
bulldi s aad is la a great aiaasars yet
waeaptadad. Frfer coaaplalaad tbat tbera
bad beea aariassaahlu delay ia baglaiiBel
tbeeoeMructioaet the public bwibliac a
MaUaa. Kaa. The approtwiatioa had baaa
marie four or gve years ago, and yet the
as But yat tana begua.
aaM taa teoabte waa that eaay1a
heal made appraariatkms for more pabJe
it had bean physicaily a Me to construct.
Can t now rat it wat taraortaat tbat gn
yaUie build ings to be ecawteuctai should
be begua as aooa aa awaaibra la order to
give easpkif Bii Bt to the mUlioaa at aanaa-
ployed Amencaa laborers now la actual
id and distress. Dolph did not thiak it
was tba duty of the govern meat to provide
for general destitution. He referred to tba
communication of tJoveraor Franoyer of
Oregon to tba president oa New Year's
nay. "The people of my state, ae eato.
"are iedigaaat and have adopted resolu
tions deuyiag the statements of the gov
Aaather M
Wakhixotox. Jan. 11. Congressmen
who have visited the White House and
state department have received definite In
formation that President Cleveland win
d another Hawaiian message to eon-
grew today covering Ibe dispatches brought
by the Corwin. Holman has prepared A
resolution w-hich be will submit to the
house declaring it to be the policy of tba
Cubed States to conclude a treaty with
Hawaii by which this country will exer-
a protectorate over the fcdand. Tba
resolution in quite lengthy, and besides
com biding with the declaration for a pro
tectorate, numerous other phases of tba
Hawaiian question a re covered. The act ion
of Minister Stevens fn originally abetting
the revol ul km is condemned, but at the
same time Ibe policy of the present admin
istration in seeking to restore the anon-
rcby is not approved.
' Jafcaaaa's Bill mm the Tariff;
Wahi mjtoN. Jan. 1 1 During the speech
i the tariff in the bouae Johnson, the
Ohio I stilt rat ir free tiaderand single
laser, sakl his tariff hill would consist of
three section, ns follows: Section 1
Alt import ditties and rorrPMionding in
ternal revenue duties are hereby abolished,
snd alt officials engaged ia collecting such
duties are hereby diwMrged. rcction X.
The secretary of the treasury is hereby
directed to aril alt custom bouse and reve
nue cutlers ami pay the proceeds into tba
treasury. Section X declares the bill la
lorce upou its signature by the president.
The CWajgreavtoaal BrleC
WahbinuToS, Jaa. 11. Gorman told tba
senate that appropriations for the past
three years had exceeded Income by tht
total of gWO.ann.nio, a large portion being
for public buildings, and not yet expended.
Ikivts spoke in favor ol non-intervention ia
Hawaii. Davis did not get through and
the senate practically did nothing, except
nold aa executive session and conflrm noma
The house continued the debate on. the
tariff, a night session being held and a
number ot speeches wing aiade.
The fcwert Weai-iaea. Has mm Mrs. Mary
Klles) Lraaa.
Torr.KA. Kan., Jaa. 11. Mrs. Lease baa
arrived at Topeka. In reference to tba
story of the alleged conference telegraphed
from S4 Louis wherein it is said she con
ferred with George K. Peck, general solic
itor of the Santa Ke. Mrs. Lease at first
denied the story, saying she was not in St.
Louie Tuesday; that she had not seen Mr.
Peck, bad never met him and would not
know him if she should see him.
An hour later, straiige as it may seem.
le akl sue did have a conference with
Mr. Peck Tuesday in St. Louis. In ex
t.lanatioo of the contradictory statements
she said she was very tired when the
porter bad the first iuterview with berand
was mistaken in that interview
Itratra la Death with a Pailag.
ST. Irit is, Jan. 11 A Post Dispatch
special from Tnskegee.Ala.,says: Just after
churrb services John u est and W ill Duke,
mere youths, quarreled over who should
lake a certain girl borne. Jn the girl's
presence Duke tore a paling from a fence
sud felled West with it, afterwards beat
ing his brains out, killing him almost in
tantly. Duke fled, pursued by West's
rriends who caught him and after fatally
beating bini were about to string bim up.
but were prevented by officers who took
Duke to jail, where be now lies in a dying
The Crank Wha Wants Maaey.
N'EW Yokk. .isu. 11. A well-dressed
man about fi walked into the Garfield Na
tional bank and demanded toOO.OOU. Ha
ippearedtobe perfectly rational. He re
prated his demand in a louder tone and
tbe cashier sent out for a policeman. The
man was arrested. He was taken before
Just ire McMahon, in Jefferson Market
.-ourt. where he became indignant on hear
ing that he was made a prisoner. Tbe
priaoner said t bat bia name was Ueorge
Moo-on. and that he lived ia Jersey City
He was committed to Hrllvue hospital.
Knllivaa Drain the Mary.
p!lT.ni i:o, Jan. II. Tbe story from
Buffalo that John U Sullivan bad been
kuorked out recently by his wife is denied
by theex-rhatnpion. "Why. that's absurd,"
aid he; "does anybody think tbat if tbe
sflair bad ocenred it would he this late in
Setting out. It's somebody that hears me
enmity. I'll get even sometime " bulli
vaa then called bia wife, wbo corroborated
bim by denying tbe story in toto.
Umslag Mat a usal Laratlaw.
Lash no. Mich.. Jaa. II . -The Michigan
state fair eras permanently located at Lan
sing four years ago. The society now finds
itself f&xm in debt, end in order to re
plenish its treasury tbe executive commit
tee has favorably considered a propositioa
from the uetroit exposition managers to
bold tbe fair ia that city this year.
Caaadlaa Felice Leee a Filssasi.
Xiauaba Falls, X. Y.. Jan. 11. Tba
Canadian police have lost an Americaa
prisoner, aad. from their excitement, ha
mast have been a valuable catch. He was
snested on suspicion as be stepped from a
(iraad Trunk train, but succeeded in mak
ing his amy out of JaiL He gave his mum
as T. D. Cannon of Brooklyn. ". Y.
Iowa Agricultural Beelety.
DuMoisrs. Jaa. II. At the regular
annual arreting of the Iowa state Agri
cultural society, Joha B. Whager. wbo has
beea secretary of the society for tba past
twenty years, withdrew from the contest
for re-ekcUou aad Ueorge W. franklin, ot
Atlantic, was elected over P. & Fowler, of
MntngsJaa. 11. Fire la Arbuckle,8oBS
Co's. cattoa warahonsa oa Ti'aahiagtna
BUaet,bwraed l bales of cottoa. wbih)
Ir 'balsa more are almost a romplets
loss. Arbackle twaadc Co. are losers ta
tba amount of about W0.UK', aw . various
nner arms sunar sevcra kaata.
Krw Yoaa. Jan. Ml
Msaevtweall easy. Offered at IsMM per I
eeat. rYiass astecsatns paper simm per
Rerliaa etrhaaao arm. wita actaai
aad MMS4M for slaty days;
rate tillH&IKH. Cowaisrclal
KUsar certitcatea. aae bid; ao aalea; bar
ellvec.aAt Maciosadoltarsak
. Daftal atmtas bjads. 's iwalax. 1R '
rseoupaa lUJk dsi s, Paciao 'a of
UK. t
Vew Tark Crsia aa4 aad Fiadaea.
Haw Yoaa. Jat- M.
Wamt-Fefaraary. e?H March. aMi
70k Mav. Khi: Rve-OOilBai. ion-
ontioaa x aalax aaa easH-r: rsoraarr.
giie Mae. teals Hc. Oats -Options No. t
Anil; Mar. Miir: track Wkita kUta. Mk Oe:
track white wattera. akawr. Pork-b'.rm.
tis.;v famil'. t lkmiktae i
clear. aMJUtUJOL tardrina;priaM srajtera
stsaavfkJU bia.
Chicago Orata aad Pradejee.
CaiCAao, Jaa. Ml
ffalkiwiae srarj the oaotattaas oa tt
sard at Tsaae today: Wheat -Jaaaary.
aaei AMe, elased si Hie; May. api
Tmjc. ckwed Ur. Jaly. ck
TMc. Cnra-Janasry. opens J ckwed
Stake: May. seas is closed as-an: Jotr.
easaad JMeo. ckaad :Mc Oats-Jsana-T.
opeosd Kfec. dosed S9ke: May, opeaed JW&
doaed Hate; July, opeura sac. CMssa sv?c.
Park-JieauT. oeeasa till ciosaa SlJio;
Mav aaaaad 113. U dossd lELITsk. Urd-
aaaary, ansasd a.uJ . closed gss.
Prod ace: Batter Fancy creassery. MJac
pt lb faacr dairy. lrte; aackUtg aioca. ;
itgtllc. Eggs rresh stock. ISc per doasa;
roM etaraas. H3I&. lire rwnltry-cntck.
VtWSc cer lu: turkeys. -sc; oacaa.
HktOc-. eeess. 7 Sr. Pofetoea Harbasks
KtMc per bu: Hebrews. &1 Si ': Ross. WSUe;
aaiard lots. 5eK?. Ap, le r sir ta enoice,
MOAkn per aU. ItanberraM-Cape Cod.
1S.UH :.( per buu Jersaya- 4JU.as. ,
Honey Vblte eiuvcr. 1-poood serttons. HA
loc: broken roatb. HVd 1 V. dark comb, good
roadltwa. Jsc. stiaiacl. CaUtoraU.
per lu.
CTaieaga Live ateca.
Lira stork. The prices at the l aloa Stock I
yauaa aaeuaaa- gcawajiVTw aee
follows: Cattle
WsiaipU for he uay. bstuuc aunrket steadr.
top steers, kAA4ViV; others, t SdM.Wi cool-
Hues - Kert ints for the day. B2.0XI;
acrtre and higher: rough heavy. e5.maa.lS:
silked ckars. aUUAek prima acavy .
batchera' weijrlrU, fa.4ufci.t
dbsea sad Laasbs U cejutt Tor the Oar,
M.W( market steady; lop aueeis SXevaxat
top lambs, gUMelke.
Caeagaw. geVBc.
lUv TasMShv. tlO: aidaad. fasts;
KM7; SaVA. Mfta.
rssreHs, tBft.K:; crauaarf, ttc.
Sc: tsttrrs. 4maa-
, omoa, sgiss i g asc, 3sc.
Apalw tseaatceiyat afe
film siaTBt.
OaWasnc ear aa
pr .f-f
Tlies litilr-BarFp-aUcAVKc
Coal Soft, mailt: Hat-. tS-Ml.
Wead Cori. a4.aSe.MJ0: sawed, SS.SS.
The usual treatment of catarrh is
very unsatisfactory, as many can
testify. Proper local treatment is
positively necessary to sacccs. but
man j, if not most of the remedies in
peneral use afford but temporary re
lief. A cure certainly cannot be ex
pected from snuffs, powders, doarhas
and washes. Ely's Cream Balm
wmcn is so mcmy commended, is a
remedy which combines the impor
tant requisites of nuick action.
tienu Tbe drntnnsts all sell it.
Germany is tbe greatest cine produc
ing country in the world. The main
district is ia Upper Silesia, where the
metal ia made from calanine and tine
blended by distillation.
WbeaBaby was afca, we gave aerfaatorla.
Taea (be was a CoDd, she cried for Caatorhv
Warn she brcaaa? Itas, ana chrag to Casloria.
WkaaaVs bad Qifldiaa,abegas thaw Castoris
Children Cry for
Pitehero Cssteriaa
Lane's Family Mediciae moves the
bowels each day. Moat people aeed
to aw it.
PltcheKo Cestoria.
Conrhins leads to consumption.
Kemp's Balaam will atop the couch
tt onoe
CssssdrcTi Cryfcr
Pitcher's Ccctcria.
Tba Gcll Dcllir llbtz Co.
or csirrLg cgKkg, col.
orsaaiard aadrr hrsa af Odarafa. Csaiud
ens, mmjmm i ants, par sanm ai sacs
Tns sXaski toeatrd la the rkhert psrtlna at
as eel aretes aal proeacisa easriot at Vnm
cesee,Baakaoaaars CnWsw etaias nsw
grnii us hi kWi nstaaaat la hw-e nanrl'Wa
. m Amsiry.aa4.tas Oinassi snM aegia as;
mf ragsnr misisiy anus nil at ans rate of
24 Per Cent Per Abbub oa the
Abw t Invested.
H- H. OFFICES. See. gad Treas.
A Hsdtsdeasnaat ef the shares ars aaw
aW amis pr tfcwes. asneav. Wsnjmas aad
eanrrta' isesat mt bssat iiij Dam tba bank-
si. Mmm
never excell
ed.- "Tried
and proven'
is the verdict
-J o f millions.
Liver Rogu
- jrw lator is tne
medicine to
which 70a
can pin your
faith for a
care. A
mild, laxa
tive, a n d
purely veg
etable, act
ing directly
on the Liver
and Kid
ney. Try it
Sold by all
Druggists in Liquid, or in Powder
to be taken dry or made into a tea.
Tha) Crag of User Medlelae.
" 1 have nscit TimrMinimHw l.iver Rema
lator and can nMiwrtent-iouxly eay It ts the
kins of ail liver tnolrrincs. I conxlnerlta
medtelne chest In itaelf. iu- W. jACa
BOX, Tuooma, Washington.
1 tba Staanw ia red ow '
TJolixid, UL
ornei OoraCT Fmes t stiaet sad Third Avs,
s fetor mm .'Hi n Krsa
Otgaalml aadet gum tews.
Openfiasava aali avaad w
astareay Bights rraeTta8pai
law gamaaa.
B. A. Ataawoara, - Vim pmHaal
i. r. aaaawav,
PsttarSkraaer. W.W.Walls,
C. A. laa, W. A. Ataaemfth,
0. U. aMwsrdS. W. Tf. Artaaw,
Andrew Fnbsrg, r. P. Hsanswsy.
Uuaw Darliag.
Western Investments
Bade for pnsate parties ta thi
epM of the weat by the
Orchard State Bank
a W. Dsn. President.
J.8.D1BT Cashier.
Utrbell a trade. Baakera. '
J. P. Bobutaoa, Cashier Mock Island ati nsl
CC.Osner, .T.
waary Halt's aoas. Wholesale Ore en
health is wealth
But if Afflicted it Costs Yon Nothins
to Consult the Eminent Phy
sicians and Specialists
AjRiEnson nc2.
i reraMneatly Located la the Byaa Block. Corner
aseoad sad Brasy Streets, Oaveaaart, Iowa.
All the ASllctei are walCMna. Ttrm
feose srs gradates of the lead rax BMrUosl eoi-
Wgesattkisersmtry.and srkh M yasts eaper.l
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ifurr weat Cstank.Thrsat sud Lane. Aii
ef tbe diessUse erases, djsnipsla. Msat trsablsa.
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to all dbaasss neeallar w aaw. gret t faeUilr i
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-nvnlof thWctssTtateWaara. I
mrtMmg rruai Nkpara stood, scnif sis, eca, nja, lei
ler, taaists. alcaMS. ate.
Electricity IU ocicntlfic Applica
ITaclal blemlihia. aa nwlas. sanaraaana
' rnrks Tuaiirl inns rtn nainili aaa
usa as eiaiawea eaaaaeattv ay letter eratase-
rlas. " ' - tint ASSr... I
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I sssaMaa.aaVa-et ,
geathe MOU1IX
nnTionnL, cnaoricn co.P
Steam 1
Cracker Bakery,
City 'Bus and Express Line.
Telephone Rock Island or Harper Hotel for 'boa or express
wagon and yon will receive prompt attention.
TmBlllUsgVSB 4k CPCITCEB. Front.
errf o D ..t t.osCC.
Mimmkinor JranltT.
i. mat: nreiMid. w'ltb
;ar -rrud ineataaex.
FOkC iod AFTU VZliiZ-
Vox sale tn Bock Ialani br Harts A
Real Estate-
-Insurance Agent-
Bepteaeats, aaMag other rJrae-iricd and we I
kaowa Plra UaBranosOseapsaies, the following;
Woysl fasaraaes Ompaay. ef Knrland. : " -
wtscasiierrite 1ns.uua1psny.or . I. -
Baflale eenaaa las. Urmpany. nntraio, y .
Koehester Ocnasa Ins. Co.. fcnch-ster. a. T.
ClttsenK' las. Co ot ritubun;. la.
Ban fire Office, Umdop
rnien Ins. Oo of lalifnmls.
aaearlty Ins. Ok, sw Uveu. Conn. -
MUwanaee ntocaanwa las. Oa.. MUwaakte.
ticnaaa rue Ins. Oo of rsoris.111.
Office Cor 18th St. and 2d Ave.
Rock Island, III
Estoblished 1868.
atepreaeatinc over 40 Million Dollars
of Cask asaeta
Flra Life. Tornado.
Accident. Marina,
Employer'a LiabUlt
Bonds of 8aratysbip.
OmOaV-aVtngstca'a block Berk IslaaJ, Ulr,
; taey will interest yon.
Genera) . . .
Insurance Aeent
The eld Mis ss Tiae-trieS Cvnpsnias
lass Prcaptly Ptid.
BaasaWwasaay isJIable sewpsaycaa aBal
Tear rstmaaaii is aaUcttad.
KJii end Liacora.
i . w eiar r iy
I M M . aj. . m
i anvsmaawanmna.
I I Ua aad 1618 Thlxd Ave
tloLura, Ilia.
Mne Wagon Cov
Ask Tea Wrseet Hm Tsm.
They ate Hei
Tts CkrUty "Orsvxa" aad Christy MWsBa.
aocc Megan
TVW i ill ftj w.il BMW
raw. wh . 'nt MfmraT.nf Hreln INiaer. Menehe. Wskefulw
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wsjta - . - nniii 1 -1 r ,.T. . ..--.-71
s aUtnn- teeiee srrtlsao tsarssu.
irrol tuft M1W all oraijjiftft. jij '"J"-""
Ullmeyer dnrwjrise SOI 12th rt
- " Is not complete
' without an ideal
Combines ever element of
beauty and poritT. It is beauti
fying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and hcmless, and when
rightly used is invisible. A most
delicate and desirable protection
to tbe face in this climate.
InristttpoBhaTlaftnt fejniaa.
IT IS rot MU HltWIiB. ?
ucgaaaitsaiisisi esDauniTOFTHa caoerwasi arras
eat ni mx BToejuroa im sruw m Tag aa? or tat
rti TNmt btra tn mrM Own rhkscn. Mtal, Ottswa.
sssrla. La SsTle. Mollns, Bask Msad, la ILUKOIS;
"annii ill. Maaostlae. OOnaws, faasasaa. IMS
Uoums. Wlntenal, Anasbaa, Bsrtsa sa Coram
rstrajjia mwAt Wraarsfila) ss aw tml, la MIS
XEarrMt WaHrtub eel Hosz palls, ts ItAgOT A
nan ii a. BU jasisa aa Ksaaas CBy. (a HBSOrjlt
."Whs. LSaoela. FMrbsry sad grana. to a" EBBASK A I
stchnoa. tsnreaasrta. Henan. Tapeks, BnUalnna.
a Wkna.atarlBa, Abnaas. Bean. Ctty. CaldaHI. ta
ANSAS: KraSaacr. El Baaa mr Mlaea. ta I9MA3
rtr.rtlTOBy j Omrer. CstarmU Serial aa Patbln.
a COLOBADO. Trnamni new amw rf iirb nn!
anl srssisa WssS, lSWIIiwOw brat BKtmtw af IrSrr
anaaisnkathp ta all Warns and cttaa ana ant nan.
tMdlet all
ww ctncAoo sat on Monncs. conaL
aXrFPa an .OMAna. aa4 inns in CBTJCAOO ..4
0EAit,-tmjajaAfMi araniue aa4 rrjujifi.
KAX9AS CITT and TOrtXA sad vnt BT. JOSETH.
rrraVOani BhyCsarhnx nrg KgCLDmtO CBAIB
'AgS. pmt rian Blfnjan, vtth lanliia Car eamea
Ian) raansrtlaioat Daivsr aad Onloade Sietnaj at A
nieiiuig flsuvay
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var ".hick BBjssMyeatnrai WeSaa raa eatly
tuaoroa wrraovT cHANOg a am am asa.
takerry. OpAas ant Baa Facbos. TBfg COCg
taiJlKP a ana raa mtsctaaa tasnras Una w sna
keei !anaa,f1MrWt aad sB at'M sssMnry and
crsis I UsalilllMasI sat all a ikai ass ta Odsi m ro
1mm $L Aarpk sad KsasM CKy ts sat Bses an tea
rwua racs.cejss ant awnaaa ni assojara aabmkt
Uanw ant tnt tnilaa TwiUaiy. aaa) vW aXftEBI
Jim BCCTE tnm gaaaa CMy ant Calmni K Watrr
ana. Stan gnus, kunEATOUa aaa tt. tAVi.
V eTT. 40NM. JONal aSSMTIAf.
Eroadway. Kew York.

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