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A Woman Suffocated in Mil
Arc Some Very Low Trices
Friday, and
Negro Murders an Aged
Couple and is Lynched.
Cincinnati Man Murders
His Wife and Suicides.
Three Men Drowned
Wr.vr Union. O.. Jan. 12. Rosooe
Parker foolorcdi this mornins raur
leroil an tur&l roupN named
Phinrua for their nioni-y, and
was caught red-handed, anil
lynched liy the infuriated popu
lace of the town.
Tfco Rtata Xearlaa; a 1om la tfco Croala
If ardVr Cm,
Cmr aoo, Jan. li-lt h probable that
the Mate will clone Its ntmentatioti of evi
dence in Uie Coughlin am by Saturday
on." The medical expert, Detectfoa
Flyna and T. T. Conklin are aboat all the
witneMca the Mate baa yet to introduce,
nnlr-a Joe McLaughlin should arrive and
Major" Sampaon and Hoatler Morcland
chould he found. '
The defenne in preparing to make a dea
pt-rate onxlautftit on the Mate'neawe. Each
l-ading wit newt for the proox-nlinn Mm.
roy, Mr. HnrrteL airs. Horton. Mr. Bar-
dimn and Milkman Mr-tat will be aa-
Mined in one way or another by witnewes
whom the defenae will prexent. It will be
charged that Mrs. l'oy tentilied fur the
rtatr under promise of reward, and her
atory will be ot herwixe impeached.
UoiiKhlin himself will take the ntand to
routradict Mm. For, Mertea, Bardeen and
Mm. Horton, and to (rive hi explanation
of how he came to hire the white horse of
llinan for bis friend "Smith." The defenne
will be long aud vigorous.
Dress Goods.
Broken line of Tic and tl.ft)
goods po at 4"e a yard.
3le and &X Jameotown nlt
ng gn at S?r a yard. No other
material will tonal this for hard
wear and for aehool children.
33e colored Henriettas go at
ISo a yard.
50c all woo! dre goods. broken
assortmrnts for i'io yard.
Kcmnants for this week at 25
per cent from reduced
34 in. wool serges in nary only
at ISJc.
Cloaks are Mng clit ont at
from I to J off of the rrgular
price. In other words s tio.oo
garment is selling at SH.00, etc.
Com la and get prices.
Lawn handkerchiefs with es
rot I aped edge at SJc each.
Kn broidery lawn handker
chiefs, a little mussed, at 6c each.
Embroidery lawn handWer
chiefs, hem stitched, ftc each.
Rome silk embroidery hand
kerchiefs each.
Kotne silk embroidery hand
kerchiefs, initialed. 11c each.
Vrty fine embroidery lawn
handkerchiefs, slightly soiled,
at SUc each.
In this lot you will find hand
kerchiefs worth 40 and 60c each.
Canhmere and silk mufflers,
reduced from HIc to "3c.
Specials in Hosiery
Alt wool at 22c, 29c, 33c, SCo
and 44c each.
Specials in Gents' Underwear.
broken lots of $1 and S1.S3
shirts and drawers will be sold
at 69c n garment.
Very henry unbleached 4-4
muslin at 6e per yard.
Very fine soft bleached 4-4
muslin nt 7c per yard.
This muslin we buy in short
lengths from 10 to SO yards, and
sell it in these lengths only nt
this price. Regular price 8Jc
for n single yard.
9-4 unbleached sheeting at 14c
per yard.
Best quality of shirting nt 8c
a yard.
Best wool jeans 3.1c a yard.
Very good jeans 3Ie n yard.
Wash goods at 6c n yard.
Heavy wash goods at 9jc a
92.76 gray blankets nt 92.19.
Bargains in Comforts.
At 91.26. 91.62 and 92.33 each.
In Basement.
Etchings worth tl.&O. for 7c
Dolls at ju-t half price.
Me games for f 9e each.
Me basket nt 89c each.
Blackboard worth 93.26, for
91-96 each.
79e dram at 49c each.
All toy to cIom oat at very
low price.
Homed, Pursel
& Von Hour.
la Ike Home.
Wamusctos. Jan. 12. In the
house Browns, of Pennsylvania, and
r.rerct, of Alaxsat'liuscttM. spoke on
the ilnon bill. The committee on
banking postponed further consider
ation of the motion to repeal the
state bank tax, penilinsr the tariff
The coinage committee favorably
reported the Bland bill providing
for the coinage of bullion now in the
treasury. The bill provides for the
immediate issue of silver certificates
for payment of government expenses
of 6.V,tMMM)0(), which is the amount
of the arigniorago which is being
The senate is considering the nom
inations in clearing the executive cal
Killed ttfc Wife aaa aalrhler.
CixctxxATi. Jan. 12. Kd Lewi, a
carpenter, who had lived unhappily
with his wife, yesterday icat tier
frightfully, and w'as arrested. This
morning.'being released, he t-liot her
dead and then suicided.
A Woaora aaftoratoft.
Milwai KrrJ-,n..l2.ratire jn the
Cream City hotel this morning snfTo-
ted Mrs. Anne .Schrani. air'-il wt.
The damage to the building is l.iMW.
The origin is unknown.
There Men Droara-4.
Baltimore. Jan. 12. Xral Fir-
layson. W. II. Nelson and Kolwrt J.
Safranski were drowned in the bay
this morning during the existence of
a tcrrlhc gale.
A MaraVrer llaarrd.
ST. Lot is. Jan. 12. Samuel Wil
son was hanged here this morning
for the murder of Clementine Man
arlllng HmmU to Url thr fuor.
CLP.VIXMi. Jan. IS. The city authori
tieamhlfcM,iiuin4 per out. uiuiik-ipal
txmd at a premium of 61 1.7m to the Citi-
arna Saving, and L ain aMuciat ion. Tiie
funds dmvrd will be iimiI iu improving
Ibe parka, and thus lumiab employment
for a turtle nunila-r of il!r mi-u.
TaM,l Men Arttp a ITotrst.
NEW Yoi:k. Jon. Ui. The National As
sociation of Wool Manufart nrvr uiet at
the XrtrotMilitan hotel and tiMwrrd
protest atiuiu-t the wool wlinlnle in the
Wilson bill. The protot suys tlie bill will
drstmy a lnre iart of I lie capital invested
iu the imsiiM-w-;
,rTrlr Over a Cava at I'rdra.
l'.w Ia-, Mich.. Jan. li-llui;U His-
Kins and Kuvene Finch qunrrvled over a
pame of IV1I1-0 in Almena. Finch is iluad.
while lliuuinn is in Jail, awaiting triul
for murder, lliggius stablied Finch three
I imes.
Her Saa'B Ua-calll Klllrd Her.
IlooNC la., Jan. 12. Mrs. William
Buschke, auvd over 1U7, committed sui
cide by cutting ber throat with a pair of
scissors. Itrief over tlie rascality of her
uu. who bas lieen indicted for forgery.
led to the act.
Thlafclaf off Heatnllatlaa Their Aarrenteat.
lAnK!-m i:(i, W. V., Jan. li-lt is
prolMble that today the entire Ohio river
railway system will be tied tip. The men
who accepted the IV per ceut. reduction
several weeks ago at theMirection of Chiefs
Arthur and Strpcnt threnteu to strike and
both chiefs are here In conference now. The
braketnen wlMtviiffered heaviest by tlie cut
arc alnuut sure to o out.
Nchtml t l-rtl Irjr IMahlkipria.
Kansas City, Jan. 1A The liamilton
publk school 00 CaniDftl street, near Fif
treat h. was abruptly closed and the aev
eral hundred pupils dismissed for an in
or Unite perils. Tlie discovery of a Hialig
bant case of diphtheria was tlie cause.
Shocking Discovery Made fcy a Fa
w York ta.
Matviixe. Jan. 13. A shocking discov
ery was made by a farmer. While passing
the home of Mrs. Chirk, who lived alone
with her dauKhter, his atteution was at
tracted by feeble cries for help, lie en
tered the house and found outstretched on
the flm the body of Mrs, Clark's daugh
ter, a woman aped K5 year. Her remains
were (in a decomposed condition. The
mother, who is K2 years old, nearly blind,
so cripph-d thnt she can bnrdly move
about, and mentally affected, slated that
her daughter fell to the floor in a lit last
The old lady was unable to get her tack
in the bed and covered her with blankets.
She refused to believe her daughter was
dead. She tinted she had fed her regular
ly since she was stricken down. I !. la
ments proved Hint tlie coriwe had been
treated three or four times daily to bread
and water.
Rnlilinl a r'allea BlrjclUt.
Tims, ., .Inn. 13. Dr. l-uis Sprau of
j?anduky,wlio was on his way on a "bike"
to Cincinnati and intended going from
there to see the Corhett-Mitchell fight,
was knocked !T his wheel near firccn
Opting and rendered unconscious. When
he recovered lie was minus his coat, over
coat, l'Ji watch and tlx! in cosh, aud his
wheel was liadiy broken. Sprau Temein
btTs seeing two men approac h him in the
roadway alsut two miles from this vil
lage. He borrowed clothing from a farm
er near the scene of the robbery, came to
this city, and telegraphed home for funds
and clothing to enable him to travel on his
way fci an ma itttiu :
I'ennd Callly of .Marder.
1ST. PAIL. Jan. 13. Charles .lones, who
brlped hold up the Northern Pacific pas
senger train east of Livingston. Mont,, in
August last, bas iKHn tound guilty of
murder in the first clcgree iu the Cnited
states court at Helena. His offense con
sisted of killing a man uained Schubert on
the lliockfisit reservation a few weeks
after the rohlicry. Schulwrt was one of a
posse that attempted to arrest Jones.
There was a running fight that lasted aev-
era! days and resulted in the kill'ng of
hree of tlie train robbers and Schubert.
Should Jones 1sj hanged the extermiuation
of the gang will las complete.
rallare la Boota aad Shoes.
Boston, Jan. 13. The Nationnl Shoe and
Leather Kxrhange announces the assign
ment of W. II. Tenney & Co., Ismt and
ahoe joblsTs here, lae assignment was
made to II. Chauncey Hrowcr, attorney,
i:t Ile-onsbire street, aud r 11. Smith,
liookkceiicr of the firm. The liabilities
are said to he in the vicinity of WO,!!,
though that has not lss-n fncially nn
nrtincel, as the assignees are now investi
gating and making up a statement. The
cause of the failure is the giving of long
credit anil the impossibility of making
Klght IVrnsii- Wrulsi-d aatl ft rami.
GniNNELl, Iu., Jan. 1 3. Tlie accommn.
nation tram on tlie Kock Isluuil road was
derailed near Ih-i-c. The calioose turned
over and caught fire, severely burning and
bruising eight persons as follows: . k.
I.idny, Newton, la.; Iiev. Burke, Newton;
Herman Maywnld, Kellogg, la.; r- N.
Uolden. Kellogg; (ieorge Hurnstine, Mal
comli. Ia.; II. A. Grand. Des Moines; L. M.
Frietch, J. Ik Young, Kock Island. None
of the injured will die.
rallare at Chicago.
Chicago, Jan. 13. Charles P. Willard
made an assignment in the county court
to J. Walker Fcc;tleld as assignee. The
assets were scheduled at aiun.isw and the
liabilities at ,V,(SS. I mler t he firm name
of C. P. Willard k Co. Mr. Willard con
ducted for some years a large iron foundry
and bout Imilding establishment at Ilo-
minick street and the North branch. A
large numlirr of the steam launches used
at the World's fair were buill by the firm.
Mrtha aw a Moatbera Railway.
XasHVILLC, Jan. 12. Tlie expected
strike oa the Nashville, ihattanooga and
Ht. Louis railway has gime into effect. The
strike is so far confined to freight contluo-
lura awl traiauoa.
The "Cardiff Giant, the famon
tone man boas of 20 years ago, was 10
feet incites In length; bad a ttu
tnt-be h:iig. n mouth 4 inches wide
and a font IS ' inches from toe to heel.
Eleven million sis hundred aad
twenty thooaand families, with an av
mtt iacuae of f8. pay 90 per cent
of the tana in the L ulled states.
Man and Woman Found Dead
t St. Louis.
nroiCATiovs or a double mtjbdeb.
Dowete Qaletljr That N'oOaa Beard the
Iteports of tbo Platol trued la the Perpe
tratksa A, Measatloaal Mory Lnnked
Far The Oaltoas Prrpartag to Baiaa
Cala la OUahoama Their K-erat More
aats Chrta Eraaa Agala.
St. Louis, Jan. 12. The police of this
city have suddenly been confronted by one
of the most mysterious cases they ever tried
to solve. A man named Steve K. Wilsko
pplied at a, boarding place, 1413 Olive
street, for a room, finally engaging a nsmt
for a week, paying therefor in advance.
He then, left the house, returning late in
the afternoon and going instead of to his
own room to one on the same floor occu
pied by. Mis Josie Stevenson. Late last
night a man called at the house and asked
to see Miss Stevenson. Going to her room
to call her the landlady found the door
open. Miss Stevenson was lying on the
floor dead wiih a htiUcthole through her
forehead. Wilsko Was on the bed, some
six feet distant. thot twice through the
heart. Betweeu the two on the floor was a
revolver, all five Chambers of which were
ludiealioaw of Houbte Murder.
Tlie first theory was that a murder had
been followed by suk-iile, but after an ex
amination of the mora and the wounds the
police say that neither of the dead persons
could have fired the fatal s-hots. The two
additional sl:ots from the revolver were
tired at the man, but missed. Although
there were several H-rsons in the house-
on Isrth the some flistrand the floor above
all uftcrnoon no one heard any shooting
or unusual noise. The man who called
or Miss Stevenson luis disapiieatvd and
cannot Is found. !iis name his Ut-n as
certained to lie II. G. Mason. Nothing is
kuownof WiL-ko and but little of Miss
Stevenson. Tlie whole affair is shrouded
in great uivMery and much of a sensation
al nature is cxiMeted in its dientaugl
The Alleged and 4'onvia-trd Slurdtrer la
l4irk a Third Time.
Sr-KINGFlkXD, Jan. li George 11. Paint
er, senteneed to hang today in Chicago for
murdering Alice Martin, and in whose case
Governor Altgt-ld refused nn Monday last
to interfere, was lust night granted a
respite by Governor Altgeld to Jan. 2.
(hie Gleason,fif Chicago, made affidavit
that ia December. 1W, Dick 1-Mwards met
Jb.-on.in-jiilT at. West Superior. Wis-
nne mere, rewards cor.ivssen tnnc nc
had killed women in Texas and that he
bail "fixed" Atiee Martin in Chicago so
that no one could have anything to do with
her again. Armed with this affidavit C.
II. Blackburn and Theodore G. la
1'aintc.r s attorneys, came down and suc
ceeded iu securing a respite. This is
Painter's ttird respite.
Preparing to Make a Raid on Some Bank
or llirh Train.
GI THUIE, O. T., Jan. li The Dalton
gang of outlaws are undoubtedly prepar
ing to make a wholesale raid upon some
of the banks of I he territory towns or rob
some heavy loaded train on the Santa Fe
or Kock Island roads. Four tiuies within
a week they have male public apiarauce
near towus iu the Cherokee Strip, only
each time to again disappear for a day and
reappear kt some other point.
Arrest of aa KrabeExler.
Cleveland, Jan. 13. Cnited States Mar
shal Haskell has arrested J. A. Mack, alias
Joseph F. Morgan, who about six months
ago emheazled between eU.noo and f 15.000
from the American National bank, of Kan
sas City. Mack- has been employed here
for some time (time past as a clerk in a
bookstore. It is said that Mack made good
the amount cm he zz led. but was afterwards
arrested on charge of violating the Cnited
States banking law, and was released on
!,!) bail. It is claimed that be then fled
from Kausas Ch y and has been sought for
by the authorities ever since. hen ar
rested Mack broke down, wept, nnd admit
ted that he was tlie man wanted.
Accordiac to a decree rendered by
the British court of law, payment caa
aot legally be enforced for any order
Ctrea to a debtor o Hapdajr. .
The t'arhelt-MHcbell'right.
Jacksonville, Flo., Jan. 13. Nothing
has lire 11 heard yet from Governor Mitch
ell in regard to the statement sent out by
the Duval Athletic club. Consequently,
the feeling is general that the battle will
not be interfered with. The cltfb Is selling
tickets, giving the purchasers a certificate
that will insure the return of the money if
the fight dues not come off.
Costs the C oaspaajr Aboat U43,aoO.
Baltimore, Jan. 13. Fire broke out ia
the bell foundry of the McShane Manu
facturing company and pattern valued by
the company at f JW.UiKI, together with
I ajum in machinery iu the pattern shop
were totally destroyed. The building was
valued at tcm.OM, and half burned down.
Insurance about lOti.OUl. .
fa as lag Diss oa (ho Bridgo Cesanaay.
Lot lsviLLE. Jan. 12. Eight suits for
damages aggregating firo.Miu have been
filed against the Phoenix Bridge company.
Five are for t3a,UW each. Suits for TS,UUU
had been flied lieretofor-.
Loxdon. Jan. li The widow of William
Mafcapaaea Thackeray, the distinguiihed
author, died at Leigh, Easex.
Sax FXAXClsooTan. It It ia announced
that the midwinter fair will be formally
on batarday, Jaa, S7.
Mall Clerk ITaa lUeady for Basine-a.
St. Joseph. Mb.. Jan. 13. There are no
developments of importance in connection
with the "Eli'' train roblwry. The rumor
that the moil car was entered and two
pouches ot registered matter taken are
groundless, as no attempt was made to en
ter the mail car at all. The mail clerk,
however, when he heard the noise at the
door of the express car, barricaded his
door and got his guns ready, but the rob
bers did not come. The total loss is now
put at (1 .WK.
i at Legs thac.-
the xzz of cm er eran u s
Ults Ctore.
Clue Prbnt.
Are You Money-Tight?
We are overstocked in OVERCOATS, and
will unload at a great sacrifice. Don't delay, as
now is your chance to buy less than manuiac
ture cost:
Overcoats worth $3 00 now 01 97
Overcoats " 5 00 " 298
Overcoats 7 00 399
Overcoats " 10 00 " G98
Overcoats 44 15 00 " 9 98
Overcoats 18 00 12 97
Overcoats " 20 oo " 13 99
Overcoats 64 25 oo 17 69
Children's Ulsters at from 25 to SO per cent
less than regular price. We do just as we ad
vertise. We must unload the always busy
Big Store.
Blue Front.
J. F. LEE, Dist. Pass. Agent.
232 S. Clark St., Chicago.
First Class Limited Rate, - $5.00
Second ....... 18.00
Round Trip to Pnget Sound
and North Pacific coast
points, ... . . 65.50
San Francisco, First Class, 30.00
Second Class, ... 23.00
398 Robert St. 127 Third St. So.,
(Hotel Evan) (Guaranty Did)
St. Paul. Minneapolis,
or Union Depots.
? 0
i t
i i
Annual Shoe-sale.
Before taking inventory January 20,
At Cost.
We shall offer every pair of Ladies'
Misses, and Children's Shoes in the
house at Cost Price, and all of our
Men's Shoes at 10 per cent discount.
Call early, and we will easily convince
you. First come, first served.
162) Second Ave., Under Rock Island House.
Our Purpose In Advertising
is to let everybody who bays clothing that' all ttaa
kind here aboutA-know that our fall uitinga are in, and
that the finest ever displayed in the city. Ton are res
pectfully lnrited to call and see the latest in patterns
and styles, in fall and winter rear.
Call and leare your order
v Bras Cuwk Onosns JUxra Caere,

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