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Yd XLXX. CO 7ft.
Bfirmi I Fcr Wcfc,TeOaala.
& JUMl ) airngtrnVmrnri
Are Some Very Low Prices
Friday, and
Dress Goods.
Broken liar of 75c and fl.O)
goods go at 47c a yard.
Stfc and &0c Jtomtown nuit
lap go at 57c a yard. Xo other
material will cfinal tbi for hard
wear and for M-bnol children.
2ta colored Henriettas go at
l&o a yard.
ftOc ail wool drr goodn.brokeii
assortments fr I"c a yard.
Reamnants for this week at "35
per cent from reduced
36 la. wool rre in mtt only
at 12k.
Cloaks are linjr closed ont at
from I to I off of the regular
price, in other word a f 10.00
garment is aelling at $4.00. etc.
Com in ami get prices.
Lawn handkrrrhic( with es
col lap I edge at 2c each.
Kruhroidrry lawn handker.
rhlrf, a little mnsoed. at &c earh.
Embroidery lawn handker
chief, hem stitched. Mc each.
Rome silk embroidery hand
kerchiefs Ac each.
Koine silk embroidery hand
kerchiefs, initialed. 11c each.
Very lino embroidery lawn
handkerchiefs, slightly soiled,
at Sic each.
In this lot you will find hand
kerchiefs worth 40 and fiOc each.
Cashmere and silk muffler,
reduced from '.c to 73c.
Specials in Hosiery.
Ail wool at 22c, S9c, 33c, 36c
and 44c each.
Specials in Gents' Underwear.
Ilrokcn lots of ft and 1.3.1
shirts and drawers will bo sold
at 69c a garment.
Very heaty unbleached 4-4
muslin at 6c per yard.
Very fine soft bleached 4-4
mnslia at 7c per yard.
This muslin we bny in short
lengths from 10 to 20 yards, and
sell It In these lengths only at
this price. Kfgnlar price 8Jc
for a single yard.
9-4 unbtearhed sheeting at 14c
per yard.
Hast finality of shirting at 8Jc
a yard.
Itest wool jeans 25c a yard.
Very good jeans Sle a yard.
Wash goods at fije a yard.
Heavy wash goods at 9Jc a
J .73 gray blankets at 2.19.
Bargains in Comforts.
At fl.SS. 11.62 and 12.33 each.
In Basement.
Etchings worth I1.&0. for 97c
Dolls at jast half price.
92e games for 69c each.
Ac baskets at 89c each.
Hlackhnarris worth 3.2i. fur
1.94 each.
79e drums at 49c each.
All toys to close out at very
lew prices.
Horned, Pursel
d Von Maur.
'residential Communication
on Hawaiian Question.
t Merely Transmits the Cor
Electric Railway Plant Wiped
Out at Cleveland.
General News Brouerht
the Telegraph.
Wamuxotox. D. C. Jan. 13. The
president's message is a brief docu
ment, simply transmitting all the
correspondence on the Ilawaiiian
snoject except a aispntch irom Mc
Tens, dated Oct. H. WJ2. The first
piece of correspondence is a letter
from Willis, saying that on Xovim
iN-r i.hu. the tiucen called on him
lie informed her of the regrets of the
president that she had been drthmn
ed through the unauthorized inter
vention of the I nite.l Mates, ami his
hope that the wrong would be right
cu. Mie declared that all twrsons
engaged in her overthrow hould le
lieheaued and their proiwrtv
Cfiniiseated according t; law-
She declined the olTcr of a war ship
ir ner protection, vvnlis has sev
eral letters telling of the events al
readr known, and savs he has a tel
ephone in his sleeping room, and
asks the queen's people to call hira
up II any trouble is threatened. The
queen can seek safety in legation, or
n the war shin.
Three f klldrra IVrtsh.
Sai. Ost. Jan. 13. Thomas
John's home wa destroyed bv tire
last night and three children burned
to death. TThe remainder of the
family narrowly escaped.
aireet Railway Itaat IteolrnfeiL
CLEYtXAsn. Jan. 13 The barns of
the Cleveland Electric railway were
destroved bv fire this morning, with
a loss of tCU.O.K). Cars arc all stop-
Halt a Town Raraed.
Ispw toil. Mass., Jan. 13 The bus
iness iortion of the town burned
early this morning with a loss ol
. K),0 ) ).
(iUdstnae O.T for Trior.
Liw, Jan. 13. Il.n. William
(iladstono.and wife left for France
this morning.
tatrmiing Media al r.tprrimrat.
Ualtiwh:!:. Jau. i:t. A must remark'
able electrical rxpt rinieut was siiceesKfully
exhibited at the Coih-ce of I'liysiciatis and
surveons. when ly linal:-. of a tlexiMe
rubber tulie a dimiiiiilive-lTlric lilit was
intnalueed into the stuniuch of a itietit
The lm.it of the hall Ix-mit I. mired the
urmunding dnrtnev, enulited studeutx
to view the workimr of a iliiti s iiraslric
anatomy as thrown utsiu a trmtMinrciiry
by the light crvMil in tin- aiHlonnual we!L
'hane t rrtlM-ti, Ihtn'l f.n.
Boston, Jan. 13. The full liencb of the
auprenie court has rendered a decision that
rerdicts arrived at by chunce will not
stand. The case at t he hnr was an action
brought to recover 'ission of a horse
and the verdict was eliTniued for tlie
plaint itf hy cn-lner 1'Ms. n,v t uurt erauted
a luuiion lora new trim.
Mllil Kvldrnee A cellist ll!m.
C'ltlCAiio, Jnn Ir. A. Peek, the den
tist accused of "awenting" gold mgles nnd
double eagles, was dischare l by Commis'
sinner Hoy ne on motion oi the district at
torney. Mr. MilchriHt siiid the evidence
agniust liiui was hiijht. The (.anesaguiiist
Airs. Wilcox auu latlph haw were cou
Rich Ore Htrnrh al Cripple Creek.
Cuirru: t'UKt.k. Colo.. Jan. 13. Ore has
been struck iu Hull Motintaiu tunnel
which assays ei,i to 10,r p, r ton. Tlie
tunnel tile was Indited in 1.M. and tlie
ew iters clnim that under t he division o!
the courts of Colorado they have a itrioritT
right to all tlie veins located tiitou thesur-
Irtcn aubsciiielit to their location.
Interuatiowa Hrirklajrent.
OMAHA, Jan. 13. Tb session of the In
ternational Brick layers and Masotis'union
was devoted to the hearing of the report of
the grievance committee. The rcpoct was
withheld from the public, hut it was said
by the pfTfs committee that all dilTerences
bad been adjusted to the satisfaction of all
the interested urtlrn.
Torturer. Held la Hall.
CACnoLLToX, O.. Jan. 13. The Bourke
lirotbers, Jchn Intrick and ijirry, have
been positively identified as I lie l tart if
who a few nights ago so cruelly tortured
snd robls-d tbe I'rarch sisters of .Vi. The
Uourkes waived preliminary examination
and were bound over ly Justice West.
ew IttlnaU llaak Authorised.
Kru!.Miu Jan. 13 Th. auditor of
public accounts has issunl a permit to
Jaetdi Masys, Charles 1'iiikil, Jacob
Kis-nigsmarX, Charles Crosse sim! William
M. Horinc to organise tlie Slate Hank of
VatTh, at Waterloo, Mourue couuty,
bapiuu rtgck, -, J.
I'atal tire at Milwaukee.
MIL At KCC, Jan. 13. Fire in the Cram
City hotel, corner of Jackson and Wiseoa
sin st tveis, drove the guests out In their
night eh be. All escaped without injury
a.mftl u wnmu Itanusi C hniH. aifnl Ml
yean, whose charred remoitu were found
in her bed. The damas to the building
Eaenrttaa at M. Lnh f Ike Mardmr ml
C'lramMlM HuiIh.
St. tacts, Jan. 13.-.Samul Welsor. the
murderer of Clementine Manning, spent
his lart night In eating ojrsters and drink
ing ueer ana talking with tbetwodepnty
sheriffs who const it nted the death watch.
He was escorted to the scaffold at 8 o'clock
In the morning- When axked if be had
anything to asy, he dimply replied without
iremor: "uo ahead." The dron fell at
'ffl. HLs neck wes broken. In twelve
minutes the body was cut down and pre-
parea i or ennui.
The crime for which Welsor was hanral
was the murder of Clementine Manning at
her room, corner of Walnut and Tenth
streets. He had lived with the woman tor
number of year, but left her. iroiiurto
f u imu. ijearninethrouicb a newsnaner
uem inai une nan won a prize of fl.MW in a
hrttery he came twek and demanded that
he lie reinstated in her affections. As
on earnest of her recard for him be de
manded ihe.t the major portion of her prize
ne used to start turn in the mloon business.
His propositions were rvfuxed. Sliding
her sister, who was in the room, for a
pitcher of beer Welsor, as soon an the sister
was gone, shot Clement ine to death.
un trial the defense of insanity was put
nn. The principal evidence of mental
weakness was the fact that Welsor carried
in his pocket the shrivelled and mumilied
nnger or a ue ai ncro wit a which it was
his practice to stir the frequent glasses cf
whisky winch he drank.
Heir. te Appeal te the Knpn
a. Court for
the lnpertjr.
1.AKCASTF.R, Ta., Jan. 13. Judge Iir
ingstone ha handed down an opinion on
the exception to the auditors' report in the
estate of Thaddcus Stevens. The excep
tions will be dismissed nnd the report con
firmed absolutely. Thnddeus Stevens died
in leaving as the bulk of bis estate
bis furnace property and several thousand
acres of ninunt.-tin land. His executors
were unable to dispose of bis property for
several years, hut it was liually sohk The
money realized was iuvested in securities
aud in time their value reached fcVUKiO.
Cnder Mr. Stevens will, if his estate
reached that sum, it was to be applied to
the founding of a home for Ikivs of all
creeds and oa:iualiiics where all were to
be treated alike. When the fund was
ready for distribution the relatives of
Thaddcus Stevens, nephews and grand-
rtcphc ws, put in a claim for the estate.
Their counsel took the position that, the
fund not having rem bed ?i0.Muex:eiil by
accumulation of interest they were en
titled to it. The auditors in their report
overruled the r Is ims of the heirs and d
ciiletl tli.it the fund shoul 1 lie for the sum
provided in the will. The heirs will ap-
Jieal to the supmue court.
firiirlals Us Hplleve the Mm Were
ftlvaam aud MorrrlU
Flzlxo, C'al., Jan. 13. Tlie sherilTs of-
fice gives no credence to the stipiioMtiun
that Chris Kvans and Morrell committed
the robbery nt Fowler. Kvaus is lielieveil
to be still in the mountains. One of the
sheriff's men returned from the foothills
with a letter found iu a rancher's bouse.
Kvans broke into the building during
the rancher's ulisenre and exchanged his
own rifle for a tidbit rone and took the
rancher's lield glass. He li ft a note sayiug
bis own rifle was too heavy for his band
and that be would twiv for the rifle and
glass at the first opportunity. There is no
doubt about Kviibs' handwriting. The
sheriff's men are mystilied, however,
aliout the raid at Fowler.
Removed for Safekeeping.
IAIt- All, Ky., Jan. 13. Jace Brown,
the Ilanhvell train roblx-r who turned
state's evidenee against William O'Brien
and Joseph Itns-kenridge was brought to
this city nnd lodged in jail for safekeeping.
It was teansl t hat (J Inen and Urecken-
ridge would kill him if permitted to re
main in the ivklule Jail, as they hau
made such threats. His confession uot
only makes out a clear rase against them
in the Illinois Central railroad robbery at
Hani well, but also in the Lakcton robbery
on the Mobil3 and Ohio railroad a few
miles from li:;rdwell a year previous.
Tlie llnud Scheme.
WAstHXGTox. Jan. 13. Republican"
meniia-rs of the senate committee on
finance d not see any pr;wpect of imme
diate action on the profiosition for issuing
ImiikIs which was submitted to the finance
committee. Mr. Carlisle told the commit
tee to exercise theirdiscretion, but he fixed
the interest limit at 3 percent. The de
nomination of tlie bonds he left in blank to
lie tilled in by the rotumutcc. Some of the
Democratic members of the unauce com
mittee do not relish the bond scheme and
there Is sure to be a sharp contest before it
is agreed to.
Tourhrd the MaglstraU''. Heart.
SocniAJirTuS, Jan. 13. Five stowaways
who were found concealed on lioard the
American line steamship Jew lork
shortly after she left the United States on
her last iNissage to this port were brought
up before a local magistrate here and were
sentenced to pay small flues. The stowa
ways touched the heart ol t he magistral
by drawing a pitiful picture of tlie New
York labor market, saying things were
never worse in that city than they are now
and they would rather get back to Eng
land at any cost than starve in America.
Lively Battle la BracIU
New Youc, Jan. 13. Tlie Herald's spe
cial dispatch from Montevideo says: A
correspondent in Kio sends word that a
lively rifle aud machine gun duel has
been fought between the rebel launches
and the government troops on shore in
front of the Saude storehouse. The fight
ing continued for two hours and many
were wounded in the fusillade. Shot and
shell fell In several parts of the city. Dur
ing the engagement a shell was exploded
near the United States warship Detroit,
but no damage was done.
Tke Curtis Bribery Can bruuaod.
Sas FBASciaCO, Jan. 13. It Is under
stood that the grand jury has dropped the
Curtis bribery caor, owing to inability to
obtain sufficient evidence to warrant find
ing an indictment. Charges were made
that the jury which acquitted Actor M. B.
Curtis of the murder ol Policeman Grant
I was bribed, and the grand jury has been
Jiu-eaiiatinr.iJ. for some time
The Senate ofi Colorado Puts
Mself on Record.
Rnt Adata a Beaslnttea' Itenidlatlaa
Walte'a Moartary ' Kcheme Mlaerlty
rails oa the C.overaer to Again Aateasbte
the Iglslatare If It Adjoaras Mrs.
Imw Reftnrd Her Oetary by the Kan.ee
Aoditor Iter Saaeeme Court Case.
Dknykr, Jan. 13. The state senate by a I
vote of 20 to 12, adopted the majority re
port of the committee appointed to con
sider the governor's rjepsages, rceommen-
ing immediate adjournment of the extra
session. Senators opposed to this by fili
bustering prevented a vote ou a concur- I
rent resolution to adjourn the session sine
die at C o'clock yesterday, uutil 4:30, when
it was adopted and sent to the house.
When the honr of 0 arrived the concurrent
resolution was still King debated iu the
house. A little later both branches ad
journed until morning, when it is believed
enough votes can be mustered in the house
in favor of adjournment to pass the reso- I
lotion. Karlier in the day a motion to
suspend the rub's and take up a resolution
favoring immediate adjournment was de
feated in the house by a vote of 90 for to
29 against, a two-thirds vote being re
quired to carry it out.
Rrawdiated the Camam'i Scheme.
Ib-prvMcntative Helton s resolution re
pudialing the governor's scheme of coin
ing state money aud importing Mexican
dollars, after a long dt-tmre was adopted
by a vote of 44 to IS. The rejiort of the
minority of the senate committee apjxiint-
ed to consider the governor a message con
cludes as follows: "III case this general
assembly shall conclude contrary to what
we consnier the will vl the people to
adjourn without nuy actum to re
lieve the people of the state
as recommended by the majority re
port, demaud of the governor that be at
unce. Is fore the memb.-rs slrill have dis
persed, call smother special session.".
No Salary for Mrs. Irase.
TofEKA. Kan.. Jan. 13. Mrs. Mary E.
Lease applied to Slate Auditor Prather for
her voucher for last months' salary as
president of the state lioarJ of charities.
but 11511 her declined to reply with her re
quest on account of the action taken ly
tiovcnior luewelling to secure her removal.
Mr. I -ease announced .she will institute
mandamus proceedimc in the supreme
court to compel the auditor to issue the
voucher. 1 tie supreme court will today
hear the preliminary case involving Mrs.
Lr.-ise s right to meiuliershiu on the hoard
of charities on the mot on for a restrain-
inff order asked for by jFreelmrn.
An Expedition. That TrnpoM to Dig Tp
Two Million.
St. Ij'.'IS. Jau. 13. A peculiar story has
developed here from the fitting out of
what was supixwed to be a buntiug expe
dition, but which is now known to be for
the pnriKj.sc of searching for gold alleged
to have been bidden near this city, having
been brought up tlie river during the war.
Nearly two years ago a similar expedition
was titled out here by Dr. A. tt . r innev.
but as he never told the result its failure
was presumed.
He now stales that on the previous trip
he secured t'.'-OO in gold bullion, but got
no trace of anymore. This time be be
lieves be has Ix-tter informal ion and holies
to tiud the main treasure, estimated at
T-tl.tsastsm in value. His information, he
says, comes from a confession of a dying
man. The treasure is supposed to be
buried near Knot's landing. Ills.
Vnar lirnnett, th Hall I'layrr.
Toi'EKA, Kas., Jan. 1.". -Charley Ben
nett, the IjusIou catcher suffers great
uiu, but his physicians state that there
are no longer any symptoms of a fatal
termination resulting from the great shock
caused by the amputation ft both legs.
John Clarkson, t he Cleveland piteber, is
with him. They had planned an extensive
hunting trip aud would have started in a
few days. Bennett can scarcely sneak of
bis irreat misfortune without weeping bit
terly. . -
JulesSiimm thinks tlie sure.t reeipo Tor
attaiiim a bale old aire is "intellectual
Emy I WatUUSTU tf
Amm, ill.
'OR-t-morii tha
T. H- THOMAS. Dragbt and Opti
cian. Ejes tested Irc uf charge.
Bit? Ctore.
Are You Money-Tight?
We are overstocked in OVERCOATS, and
will unload at a great sacrifice. Don't delay, as
now is your chance to buy less than manulac
ture cost:
Children's Ulsters at from 25 to 50 per cent
less than regular price. We do just as we ad
vertise. We must unload the always busy
Big Store.
J. F. LEE, Dist. Pass. Ajjent,
232 S. Clark St., Chicago.
First Class Limited Rate, -Second
" - -
Round Trip to Paget Sound
and ortb racihe coast
points, - - - -
San Francisco, First Class,
Second Class, -
398 Robert St. 127 Third St. So.,
(Hotel Ryan) (Guaranty Bid)
St. Paul. Minneapolis
or Union Depots.
M ? -
ca I W n 5
of s ? 0 g I
t -
Overcoats worth $3 00 now $1 97
Overcoats 5 00 2 98
Overcoats 7 00 399
Overcoats " 10 00 6 98
Overcoats 15 00 " 9 98
Overcoats ' 18 00 12 97
Overcoats fc 20 oo 13 99
Overcoats 2-5 oo 17 69
Annual Shoe-sale.
Before taking inventory January 20,
At Cost.
We shall offer every pair of Ladies'
Misses, and Children's Shoes in the
house at Cost Price, and all of our
Men's Shoes at 10 per cent discount.
Call early, and we will easily convince
you. First come, first served.
162 Second Ave., Under Rock Island House.
Our Purpose In
is to let everybody who bays clothing that's all Man
kind here about know that our fall suitings ars in, and
that the finest ever displayed in the city. You are res
pectfully Invited to c&ll and see the latest in patterns
and styles, in fall and winter wear.
Call and leave your order
8riK Block Orroscrx Babtxb Housa:
Clue Front
Blue Front:

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