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Highest of all in Leave nin- Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
PaMlssst VtKj """I Was-stf at MM Becos4
AM. MMT talraVl 111.
J. ? INrrtit. ri ri.inric
TSAMS W, art arts. Wsrk'j.
)"HMiii la air as- ft..
A.I MWWsallllliitl afstcltlral at S'f ii snt.
ntMM, itl si a nra, bmm kara
tm aeeaa NMtal to asaiajMlna. sack
rials WIT, ka ana il Br 1 1 aoa i fMlm
ft" '"l'iliw ssikilaA frves war tcweip
' Ja Hark sa'-axi.t tjast.
HlftlliiptT, jASrABT 31. 1691.
A ikmii h b txsra rajing op
tout dwa scc's-inx wbosw Kkt book
k ralffat tlour has at Ut beta
jrt4 Mi i i In jrnl.l and a watch
worth aa aaarh mora foncd no bit
rrntk It would b cranl idea l
catch tha professional hrffsar. run
thra through stamp-mill and de
tot, tha proceed to the worthy poor.
Tilt encouragement riven tha Rn
tan frinr industry ljr the) world's
fair ia remindful of th prevalence of
title, la th land of hears atvJ frrand
duki lHn't know who I am.
iff-aa? queried the bejcwcled bo.var
of U tollffato keeper. aia the
Prince, rlarlowisk;." '"So am 1. your
txcelUaey," retorted the noblo cate
nas. rnrxiER ;LAiT.r. assurance
that bo apprehension mi; bo felt by
hi countrymen of Finland's distinct
naval aupramat'y seems to Ig nor th,
rapid growth of the naval establish
ttent of thi country. If thin? keep
on aa they are now progressing' the
(rand old man assurance will need
revision in ruer to mako it conform
to the facts.
If is gradually becoming apparent
that the only improvement of Jack
n park which were net merely lent
by tha contract rs are the things
which are ot worth the ot of no.--tag
away. And it i 1- minif
apparent that it ot the World'
Columbian xp ition more to hire a
bench or a fw rods of roadway tlmn
It would tn-at corporations to bjy
them outright.
i j
lf tport saya: "Secretary
Carllale's decii n to ine Unl.
and the early rei.rt of lare l.i.U
for tbem. hrlped to arcelerale reeoT
rr of industries and trale. a a
horsil lsat week. Industrial gain ia
more definite than a week n?o. Few
establishment a have stopped work,
while manv hat resumed or in
creased frmWtin. and thongh theae
are not works employing thnnsanda
each, the aggregate increase is con
siderable." TC congressional district imme
dlafely south of this, and which in
clude, many of the counties former
it of the old f:ieventH diatrirt. ia
enmpoaeij of Adama. Hancock. M.
ttonongk. Henderson. Warren. Itrown
and ttrhnyler ronntiea. The conte-i
for th womlnStion Is now on. and
there 1, a multitude of candid-?-..
Among thos named are: lion. Trn-
Bian Flaatt. of Waraaw: Albert A.
Wells. T. J. J-chofield and fieorge A.
Anderson, of Adams; C. af. Schotiel-I.
of Carthage; William A. Xeeee. of
McUmongh. and J. J. McDonald, of
Brown count.
Tub Teorla Herald rightly inaUta
that the; Drst thing the nest demo-
cratie state convention should do
must be the nomination "of a candi
date for fnttol Mates senator. It
must nominate a broad-gauged man,
a good campaigner. In nominating
that candidate the convention mast
again insist that United States sena
tors be elected by the tieople. to the
end that questions of federal politic
be reniovt-d. as far as posai'ule. from
tate and local politics." The sd!cc
Is wholesome, and The Ak'M's taks
the lilierty of adding that this much
done, the man to fill the bill on the
ticket for United Mates senator is
ox-Congressman Ben T. Cable, of
toil city.
Two prominent .'Qtiacy :ciUea.
both strong admirers of the Cali
fornia pugilist, were discussing the
principal points in the manly art last
Thursday morning, ant'eijting the
CorbetlOlltebeir battle, and were in
the midst of a very heated coutersa.
tioD, whtD their pastor accidentally
appeared upon the scene. The mln".
later joined in the discussion fcr a
abort time, and then advance! a
proposition) that If Mitchell was tlie
winner bo Woold excuse - them from
attending church for two Sundays',
bat if Corbett bested hi man. they
hould attend church together for
twj Snndaya la succession. As Cor
bett won tbe battle the two church
men are ia duty bound to attend tbe
aervlce a promised. They were on
IWIHVI aw nuwmi
band la rood shat
Verily it I aa ill ml
ipe last sunuay.
ribd that blow no
It Proves Very Effective in the
Rio Harbor.
Am mf lca Ctprrasre Iks tHewst sf
Iks) iBaarers), Admiral bk4 m OtHrra
Ike OaSvraBlitalhMi of larlt aai-ll
bsiaaa, INanairaseal at Hala tai ri(ht
On Xmry a Wall as rlae, Waau to
tfsiM I ishlia-.
Kki MC Jxuu Jan. 31. Th following
sutrmrat ha brett niaile to the Asaoriated
lres comroOiio-Wut t.jr Admiral llruhara,
tommanderof the Unitrd States fkvt in
this fcarbr: '"Tte inaunrrnt forces on
Colics iUnd lt Kri.Isy fin-d np..n a ship
CvinK the Cniteil Matnt fl.iff. 1 protested
to Admiral Nal.Unha l Ur.ma niraiDi-t this
sxtkn. and bis r-jx n- a,a that he had
warned the commnl-r of the ship when
It was at the bar at Um Janeiro as to tbe
whereabout of the tUnjrrr line. 1 ordered
Admiral IU litiM tocetwrttieiinnK. Both
theiinnaun the NUnd of Cobra and the
itnea of the inurwtt war-h.p Trajano
turned fire SttunUy nia the bark Agate,
a VcsM'l hailiuu fn.iu New York.
Ia daM l-rrur V .-II TtrU I p.
I warnetl Admind la (inmn at oitre that
iftheCrewaa rvia-atnl 1 would fire Lack.
I aUowan.nl l.iin tlmt If he toucheil an
Anierican ship I would cnidt-r him a
pirate. told him 1 would pmu-ct Ameri
can prrty from tbe .fire u! hi gun, and
that I should retaliate upon him for any
rlaruaire done unit- it waa entirely aia
ft'Ot that tbe dnmaKe wa due to chance
aliots." Admiral IVnhnni sin that he no-tifit-d
Admiral Ua tianm tmofTicially that
tiriim by tLe inurftenta upon tlie wharves
l.rtl.e purpr-e merely of cost in 4 terror
an-1 to prolong a blockade woitid nt be
permitted so far a Aaieriruna ami Ameri
can re-l were connmixl. To this com
mnnicatior.th insurgent admiral made no
Had the Rebel Admiral Tout.
The captain of three American reej
Admiral llenhain cmtimn-s intimated
tLat tbey wanted to en to tbe wharves and
tUe Ameriraa ailmiral notified Admiral
IH Oamathat it wja ni attention to con
voy t hem at simrixe on Momlay. Vesrinu
trouble Admiral IVnbam orleml that
the veawls of hi fiia-t t rWred for action.
The three ship n-frrrrd to were the Amy,
tlie UinaI anil tlie Julia Kolliii's.
The raptaina of two of the ship weakened
and fatied to come tnt-i thehnrlor The
Amy w the only one that vetitun-l in and
he wa r--.irtnt by the Cnited htate
truiaer Is-troit. A a pr-emuin ataint
an p.il.le attivt a-tion on tlie irt
of tite innivrui tlierrui4r New York.
Charleston., and Newark were avined to
watib tLe actiona of I)a (irtma'a ship
A'i'lidahan. while tl.e IMrnit and Sin
I'ramiacn were in.lrl to take nitioca
bear the Tarj ino and the (iuanalKira.
frwIf-MesI with a Market Mtt.
TIe precautions certainly proved ef
fertive. ami the insurirrnt. in the f we of
the formidable array of American veoaeN,
tna-le but a fndrie attempt to binder t!:e
Amy' prsiri a to her wharf. No pun
were opened Upon ker by Ita Gama'a vea
selaarel aa a matter of ctmre the Amer-t'-ao
veaela did not Tire npon the inane
fcent ahlM. The tuiiivtit prrfet coni
d of thia- A the Amy tot alreat of tbe
U'ir.t.r amarineon the i.it named
eil aiinJ 1 mu'aet at her and fired.
Tws mr.k.-t -hota werefircl at the (inana
Isra atid tbe Traj.ini from tbe Amy's e
c rt. tbe ia-iroit. in return. This waa all
the Jirinff dune dnrinit the Amy's trip, and
It n tnoukch. Ail o;.po-.tiou cea-d at
01.ee. ani the u-e ( Lravy ana was not
cob-i'b-rrd tti-eewary at at any time.
tw'l isht the t ailed late.
The cummnu b r of sixteen wrarshlps
liere. iocli.'l.ujr Jlv American and four
Kbu.L-b ami i n lu h, ltave-ent meaaatfeato
A'linind lvnliam crrjtulatinffhim upon
l.la proiu;t action. TUe Austrian com man
der rieareil ship and made ready to help
tbe American admiral, in case help was
necemary. At a later hour Admiral Pa
Gama conferred with bia officer tion the
adviaahility of surrendering to the Detroit
in consequence of tbe mnnket shot fired.
I le wa.a Uiaenaded f rom doing so. but it is
thought possible that be may yet decide to
surrender to tbe American commander.
IMS, tmmU W a ThatWtir.' , , t
There i no doubt that Admiral Ua Gama
i In a bad war. A proposed compromise
ba liren refuaed by IVixoto's government,
and it mm to K- only a matter of time
when be will have to (five up tbe at rouble,
TlieoMiipliJttion of the insurgent situa
tion are iucreased by tbe absence of Ad
miral de Xi-Uo. The failure of the latter
a-l:nir1 to arrive here to the assistance of
the insun:eot fleet has given rise to tbe re
port tbut he is dead.
Aaother IU aad L. (a. la Trowhle.
Srui.N.rit:l.D, I1L Jan. 31. Another case
of niiamanaift-ment in tbe affairs of a
buildina and loan association has been un
earthed by t ate Auditor (iore's examin
ers. This time it is tbe Atlas Ixian Com
pany of Chicago, with .oflice iu the Ash
land block. Tbe exaniinera' report shows
that the company has been in business only
eight months, but its liabilities are already
iJJAXM in excess of its asset a.
Ifeasy Baak Kabaerf. ' '
ICtXAViLlE, Ga., Jon. SI. The Planters
htink of this city was broken open by
hurglHrs and MJO taken. The work was
fbjoe Mrieutilitlly and it is evident that
tbe perpetrators were professionals. Dogs
were put on the trail of two atrange men
who were seen Journeying toward Pres
ton. Tbey bad been in tbe neigh trarhool
twjkduva ajul auddeuiy dinapprarrd.
Ire at I.saa, Haas.
Lrsr, Jan. L Fire broke out shortly
after midnight la tbe shoe factory of Well
man 4t Orsborne, in West Lyna and
spread rapidly to the West Lynn hotel and
ether adjoining buildings. The guests of
tbehctel owteienaoved safely. At IJjOa.
m. tbe Ore was under control. Lssa will
be abvt UQayu-, BaQly iawjorsd. ,
Teleceakw Brtefs.
A Portlant. Me., woman got married re
cently, ghe hml a Job washing floors at
the city hall at tbe time, but applied to the
Janitor for forty five minutes' leave of ab
sence. After the wedding she came back
and went to work again.
At Katey. Mich . Andrew Glenn shot
and killed James Foster. Tbe two men
lived together, and Glenn when arrested
aid thst the shooting was accidental.
Other declare that there was enmity be
twcejthe two men.
Oaaraatsl Car.
We authorize onr advrrtiod drug,
jriat to ell Dr. King' Xcw Discovery
for consumption, coughs and colds,
npon this condition, if you are af
flicted with a oouph, colli or nnv lungj
throat or chest trouble, and w'ill tio
this remedy a ilircctcd. pivin it a
fair trial, and camt"uii-o no Ismx-I'iI.
yon mar return the bottlo and have
your money refunded. Weeniild not
make this offer did not know that
Itr. kind's New D.soovery could lie
relied on. It never disappoint.
Trial hot lie free at Hartx A: Ulie
meverV drug store. I.ar;c size .Vto
and ft.
Sinoo its firct intriMluoiion F.loclric
Citter ha gained rapidly in topular
faror. until now it is clearly in the
load among pure medicinal tonics
and alteratives containing nothing
which permit its ut"c as a" leverage
lr intoxicant, it is recognized as the
bed and purest medicine for all ail
ments of stomach, liver or kidneys.
It will cure sick headache, indiges
tion, constipation, anil drive malaria
tioni tho svstem. Satisfaction guar
anteed w ith each Inutle or the money
rill be refunded. Price onlv Site per
Ottle. Sold bv Hartx & Uilenieyor.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers salt rheura
Fever sores, tetter, chapped hands,
chilblain, corn, and all skin crup,
tions. and positively ;ur9 piles or
no pay required, ft is guaranteed
to give )crftct satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 2o cents per box.
For sale by llartz St Ullcmeyer
Hood's Cures
lira. John ronton
Dyspepsia, Intenso Misery
" y pea eaa describe the r afferlnc I ro
ured ta var fruiu Urapepalo. I lud al
tjo.tCirraup Ilenc olevcr l-cinanvbeUor
1 br ii tiku Hoo t s Sars.'parU;a. I
BSearelr eorrd and auvisa aurous sugeis
laj Itoui UyipepsU to Uy
Kocd's Saroaparil.a
Tho truth of th' r tateai-t I rm Jn las-erif
Moarliar," JuaJtirUkluc. t;71'.-ias
M Hood's) Pills a-- ptirrly v-srtal.te, eata.
umj (Kcimicu uou we oca lagraucau. si
Jfotleeef Ftaal Hrtf l-aaeat.
Tat e of I!rl (V Brlen. de.es-d.
ruble notic i hrr-lijr ri'rn tho the under
:Md, IHV..I Br in. ha. Ihl dav (S et hi tral
n and aenieraerit a each In tie cwant enort
"f lines (.land c-M.ntv. and that aa nrt!er baa
bai a eft-rvd raidrrt aptiritiii; tha sa:d re
prt. uie. oKJct on ihrn ti or ra to tsc
r-si'T.rf la aw arn on or htfnre the fir-t Monday
of F,b narv. A. it. iswi, sim! apon t m Skal P
prorai of raid n-pnr?. tae aaid I'avi l Hman
aah for aa order .f d-a'rilmtina. and will a:M ark
0 iiei:isiiar-'f i. All urton. iti.crrccil are ao
tlid ati-n I
ock I.an.t, I!! , an. It, 1s.
lVlt li K WJ.
ETe-a'nrrftic lart will and testament of Dan
iel O'BrWo.
nnr.kirrw s tir.
Frvlrtneof lapcelal exe-aUna sad fe bill Tfo.
6M le-adoatuf trai cUrk'ao3'.ra of the rirrntt
onart of Kick laiat.d conntT. and rtaieof luiMMa,
sad to ma direrted. wr-rrhy I aai eommandrd to
Slake the amount of a certaia Judvn.ent recently
ontained seaiiet C '. ISorhrr la faiur of Trie
Peoples -a:inrai Bank rf Knck Iriaod. ill .out of
tt Iwids 'ro.tn'tit-. gKli and vhittlrs a' the
.M eerrr d ict. C W. MfwUer. I tiair lri-d
pia the foilowtee amprrr. towlt: Ait that pin
porteav of tt l-.'and Ijini ia Kne rrer taat
1K-S hrtsea th 1 rt ltn.r the ricnt of war of
Vie Hoc I-lanl ana Ptoria Kila ennra-r,
acd the es't lini o aer'l'A sumh, r Sitreaii-oarid
twen'y two VJtt In t'rn.hip ttuaiiwr arntfii
iKtnata anvtw iwe-iof tha ("tint piin
rtpal BM-tidian. ia tac county of IfcKk Ipland sad
saie of 11 rao'a.
Tnetvfofe.aecorillng toaiid command I ahallex.
poae fuf .ale at public and ion all the rfbt, title
sad Intereal of the adore named. C. W. Movb-r
iaaiid to the eSora dai-eribad pn.peny, ou r ri
dty. the t'th day of January, at t o'do k p. m ,
st tb cats door of too t'onn Ilocae. la tha
ctt of R.ark l o-. m In county of Kork leland
and tat of lili-toia, for ca-a ia band, 10 satisfy
said Exec tins snd fee Mil.
itated at bock Iriaod tliia rd 1tr ef Jatiuarr,
A. D.l&t :KLilt.OORIiiN,
ber:S of Rock Irlaud Cosmy.Ulinoia.
Use It yonr own way.
It It the liest Soap made.
For Washing Machine use.
t7AC::3I 6 HZISTC3.
tM Bverywhara.
r 1
SVJ- 1 - ' " I .j .
Ttc tlainao Electrical Forces!
How They Control the Organs
of the Body.
The electrical force of the hnaia nody. aa
the nerve fluid may be termed. t aa espe
cially attractive department of science, it
eert so marked sn influence on the hca!;b
of tlie ornnns of the body. Nere forve is
mticei ktr tite braiu ami conveyed by
tin mis of thfj ni-rni to t he various oruatis of
tli rnviy, tlimiinplviiiH Ute latu r witk tb.
iwiiii n.s-'.ary 10111
sure tin-ir hiaitii. IbJ
pneiimifiastri: e,-rve. s
siioata hetv. mar tie Mid
to lie lliein,t iiuirtaut
oftheenttre nt-rie sys
tikm. aa It auppiii-4 the
hear?, lin-'s, stotnacli.
boar, 1. c-u-., with the
m-rv font- ne--wiry to
k) llM-ra ai-tivo ami
heahliy. As will bo seen
by llH-i-iit tUe Ion? nt ro
d.--endiii fnnu the
ti of t!w brain and
U-MTiin:itirtit in th.i Nia
eN Wi!h- iih-uuio.jnatrtc
wiu.e tin. iiiitiH-niils III
t:e tiraiK lies Minuitr tin
heart. Itl.11 nii.l tonl-'
acti s:itii ni-.'-i-ssarr vi-
t i'ity. Whvii tlie tirsin
in-saie man ar dis-o-Oi-vl
lv Irrituliiliiy
oretu.iu-t ioti. the uerve
funv viii.-ii it. supplies
is k-sseiie 1. nitl thrt or
Kaus n-.s-ivini tlra i
ui nl-lif-1supf rare ran
fe'l'i-nrle si.-aKend.
i'iiysici:ms pc-niTalty
the imnorimi-o of till
to recoxnlzo.
out treat Hit
orjiiti ii-. !t inMeadof the caiieof 'he troul.-je
The notet speclHlUt, Kratikiiii Miles. M. II.,
LI- B.. h:is liven ilia rrs-alcr part of ii life
so trie si ii. iv 01 tins suit-i. arm trio tirin' Ipa
tiisi-uverte i'onitniinit It ar ilui;tohi-etfit
Irr. .Vlu.v. iist,irati'e Neri ln. tlie utirl-rati-.
I lira'n and nerve f.ayl. ! men:ir'OOM ttii
priii'-iriie liiar all nervous and m iny oiliet
uim.-uiiK's originate mini ctsmsiers 01 lin
nenei-eniors. Its vnnderful su. ces-lnC'trin
tne e Hi -m I. r is testiiivd to by tuousmida it
evrrr pirt of tho In nil.
Ko-?orarlve Ni-rvine enrrsi sVep!r-9tne's
nvrv.u- iro-tr;itiot. dliziiH-sn. hvstcri. rci
unl K-iili:y. M. Vitus iiin-e. epilepsr, etc I
ts fns- froui opWtes or ilnnirerou drills. I
sold 111 a p r.iti,-e eti:irum--e bv all dm?
eLsts. rirMru fjinsi liv tl. Iir 1J lfl
t.'iv. Kikh.Ti, I ml,. o:irsf ipt of prit-e. t pvr
wv.mv vis kj. v.us iiitm eapr-jt nreua.u.
Highly Successful !
Sufferers and Patient Uej-ain Per
fect Health.
8it-e tha earahli.hment of tha Mo 'lev! tnl
u a-ical lnati-11-e o! Iir. Ancron nnd Hew, in
Ryan bl, bandrt-da of tlw ana"-;ier from
chronic d!r.-. and inva'iila of ihs-iri citlca and
tetnity tava railed at th- I-titn'e. and hive
fnund that onili" itie akilltul trtstraent pre-
" i"'7 nave wcb n:orca to p r.ett
I na ai d fna-na r,f te-t!moni-i mlirtit b
pr nted. hat cu csu be continent br ralMnv in
person at inc luututs. wbvre yua will Gnd taat
. i' at- A
s. . j3s-r
Medical and Surgical Inslilote
Pcrminetitly Located In the Ryan Blort, Corner
becond and Brady Streets, Dan-noon, Iowa.
Tra. Ad-raon nt Rose r priduvtea of the
teirtiee medicil col'esea of thia coan'ry, and
with 3J yPra' experivue la tbe treatment of
cb onlc diaa-ea.
LAM AFFUrTET-!preiaI atn-ntlon frivea
to all dwease jH-calir to women. vety facility
and adramai:- fur tar treatment anl speedy ra
moiaJ of tn a ciaaa of iliaeasra.
FJeetricitv Its Scientific Applica
tion. Facial bleml.nr. aa moles, mra-rd-ima hair
wine anaraa. tumor, wens, etc, removed b alec
tril vats.
Can be eonnVrd mi tentlr br letter or other,
wi. bsnd 4 raaT rorqiestlon blank. Address
bit.. ANDKlblON A lulsB, Kyaa blck, Daven
port, loss.
Wbo!esile Scaler and Itapcrter of
Wines and Liquors.
1616 and 1618 Third Ave
hashes XTerjtUrg Trcn a 71a
asilk&BdtocUiftoa OircxsTtmt,
Lact Csrta'.tia Specialty,
No. 1724 Third Ave.
A. IX & L. J. FaVRKEB.
. Telephone No. 1214.
I 1
1 I
P5saL-1 aiwtii4i tiJJ
rasUtrUaWCft KAIL
W way Desot earh-i fink avenue aad Tblrty
uat atnet. Prank B. Pisa
TBAISS. . Base. Wasi
Umvrr unii-d AINii ka.Jt St4Sa! S:tsm
FL Worth. Uawrr K .. It 4:4j awl 1 1 :1Spta
ST. Ml J.. A Mlnaaann'la' I'l'iuil 8:45 DB1
Omaha Iea Moines S:iOsmi 5:10 pat
:m ha A EnaaCity ttlWpml turn
Omaha A bes BTolnes Ex... : amlt apra
Hlmsh. SfM atolnM Ki . I1 til m1 :3S am
henrvr. I fnoln A timaba.
- 3:lnsmtT ardiiaia
St. Tatil A Mioneapol a.....
M. l'aill A MlnneapnlHi...,
st Joseph. Airhbon A K. C.
Denver, Kt. Wmlks H. ..
Kansaa ( itr A St. Joseph
;liit Island A Wa.hlm?tua
:?SaBi't s:pm
II :a pm:t 9:flin
S:tnam't S OI ra
t.Kiam Hr-'Upui
turnout: IjlllB
a ciiim t S:IS pat
;rtock I. land Kitratur.
SrlWpm t :10sm
Amral. Detai-tnr. tDflly.exceptSsnday.
All others daily. Telephone IUM. ,r
F. U.PLrwm. Agt.
Bt'kMNtiTON K'H'TK It. A f. KAIb
w.tyltopot First aveniie and tdxUtath
sueet, H. J. Yours, asrnt,
TKUSS; ji.rav. hhih.
SU IxniVFxir, ..,.'6:ij am; pin
tt. I oiii- Kettle a 7;v, t m's s-sj, am
t. Paul l'aer.cT j S pm; 7 am
HVsnl-bis-n I'.s-s-nfr I :lrli.mj M:x'iam
storiini' I'saaeiiA-r 1 Mam! S:4lp"n
DiiHi,iie PaM-i.-rer- i TA5aui; s tTiplu
tSNTng l'a-a-W!?er I S : pm
war Kseise A) Southwestern. Division De
at Twnntietb siraet. betareea Pint and bacorfl
av JSe. K. D. WHouaes. agent.
TRAIKS;. Laavn. Aaarvs.
tan and Sxpreaa. .......... "fisjaa tSU pa.
t. Psul Emresa 4 4'Jpm 11:4 am
t A; are mmoitailon 745 tr t f.1"e
rsdFirat arenoe and twentieth attest. P.
I. Bock wall, Aceat.
TRAINS. Lmara taaarrs.
at all Sipre 77)m Y BV pn
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M Acosmmadatloti 9:10 ami tM pa-
4rfWpm SKW an-
ern railsar. depot f-iot of Braly atreet.Dar--nport.
Ja. Morton. Gen. T'kt A Pass. Aaeot.
r-avntvw Trains .rare. Arrive.
Vaaseturvr b4:4V pmlhtlViuam
FreiKht aa.Ut am!all:l pm
Leave West Daren port.
West LiSertr Train' j tNonh. S'sib.
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altf:45pin' bT:3Uam
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?otnc tionth and eaet. Scarries passengers ta
rrdur Kapiria on!y.
-!a?t. South and Sontheai?-.
.r Rock lauiu.....
" ira
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Prtnrari Ia
No. a.
7 3 1 am
:11 am
::. am
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9 5rl am
No 4.
Srikl urn
SrtJ pm
34 pm
St pm
4:'.S pm
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A. Peoria
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" St. torn ........
Terre Ilnota......
ttn lanatl
" 'xral.el
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- -
; 15 pm
1 1 -55 pm
v:3 am
S:S5 am
SaiJ un
4 am
, i:iipa
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.10:. 5 pm
, H-4 'ptn
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"SprniVld ,
" St. Louis
IiMlian-poVa ..
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Evanrvi J.-..., ...
fine nna I
t Olti-Vlll
I N. 1. I
11:0.-. am
No. X
7:W pm
Ml i m
S:Si pm
5:'S pm
4:lt pm
1 nm
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S.-.-0 .m'
K MX anil
::. am!
4:U amt
11:30 am
11:41 am
11:44 am
14. i; am
X:4 tmi,
7:15 am
ti: nm
11:15 Pi"!
5 am
:45 pm
t:li pm
! :V.,,n
f:"" pm
oasLi aaaaca.
Rs.'k laiaiid..
Taylnr Kidge.
beynolds ....
Preerap Ion ..
. :iHpi s
i'pn. w:ioa.
4:lnm 9. air
7:s) am
7 :45 am
.i5 am
; ssri'iii, a:a.T am
.... 5:115 pm U):SUam
....! SrJii pm lu.0am
... i t:4( i m H:noain
4 -VI i m, k:55am
hock luiaiid ..
Tay'o- P.tdge.
Iteynoliia ....
, 8: Sam: r,:m pm
?-S am! o. .m.
i.: JO pm
sVI pm
4:10 pa,
!:.'. pm
.. 7:15 am, ::'spn
. 7:loam l:pm
. aioini i:ipm
..' S:am It Wpic
accoaaousTi sTaaiN.
Hoc laiaa-1.
Psnrl ,
7: 10 pmi
I 3:oami
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Itork lilabd.
! 4 impml
. ... I 6 OU ami
. tt. aUDLuvr,
. Boperlnteadsat.
m'l Tat. a, rait
A LAJJi S lUlLlliT
Is not complete
without aa ideal i
Combines every element of
beauty and purity. It is beantr
lying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and hsinless, and irhea
rightly used is invisible. A most
delicate and desirable protection
to the face in thia climate.
W at X mVmjm aaaaa w - am-aaaw-aa
latlitttpcaluTiagtBa jtaalaa.
psa it u rag tut tttmnasT
Great Reduction
Dress Goods,
Klug, Hasler, Schwentser.
217 and 217 1-2 W. Second St., DAVENPORT
$25 in
To be absolutely given away.
How it will be done!
t Ye have had made for us a number of keys.
ONE of which-will open the heavy burglar proof
safety money box. . We have placed in this box S:;
in Gold, and on and after March i, 1S94, each holder
of one of these keys will be permitted to try to un
lock and open the box. The person whose key opens
the box will be given the $25 in gold absolutely free.
How to Get a Key Even' cash purchaser will
be given one key with each purchase, gratuitousiv.
and on and after March 1, 1S94, be entitled to try the
key to open the box. To the person holding thekev
that fits the box, the contents will be given without
reserve or conditions. - - - "
Cor Second and Harrison Sts.
Telephone 207.
Rock Island Buggy Co,
Phaetons, Surrieu
Buggies, Spring and
- Farm Wagons
It will
Pay you to
Call and get our
U)jw prices before buying. , .
City Bus and ILfcipresa Line.
waeoti and y cm will fody, g0mJpt atfp r
TgglUaASgftepgJCir, Prop
I - aws kiraiaasat
Factory acd
Warn Benin on
otatccatk street between
. Fl rat and Second srecne
Bctan trade espcciaUr tolie'i' L
-1 Crai TArCTiVip:
lusr 1.
iri an
- j i j
I rv f a, t I . I
,-iff i iiii isii aa . v int
V V V.' J it y - kSl
i r i.arta I lXoVr,M

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