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11. u
V" !
Pork Gilaso re's pork.
Saratoga chip at Hesa Dm'. ,
Druml turkeys at Srhroeder's. '
California cabbage at Bnarner's.
Oysters a ad celery at Ilea Bros'.
Rica & tnti per pnnat at Paalgs.
Attead the Colambia rlearlag aal.
Orangea &0 rent per peek at Pas
si ,
Wtater roods slaughtered at tke
Piaeapp'et aad Malaga grapes at
Be acker's.
Daadag school this evening at
Korae aaii.
Choice eating and cooking apple
at B acker'.
Dancing Mkno at Roche's kali
tkl eveuiag.
Lett are. spin are anl ovster plant
at He, Bros'.
Men dried apple. 10 eeaU per
poead at Passig'e.
Sapervlsor J. A.-Wilson. of Raral.
was ia toa today.
Fresh fl.k. tmelu and herring at
Baacker'a grocery.
A lot of fiae drese4 tarkeja at
c breeder's market.
Red Row. patent flour 9i cent
per sack at Passlg'e.
II. D. Mark's condition it reported
about tke tame today.
Twenty-two poamls of granulated
sugar for f 1.00 at Passig'a.
Oats' undershirts. 50 rent value,
at 34 rent at tke Columbia.
Thomas Lee, of Coal Valley, was
ta tke city today on business.
Money to loan on real estate secur
ity. Apply at Jackson A- Hurst's.
If yon want to borrow money on
real estate, spplv at Jackson A
Tke stage of tke water at tke Rock
Island bridge at noon was fi:0; tke
temperature 22.
Charles Bo ford, of Chicago. I In
tke rity on a flying professional visit,
aad re torus tonight.
Tonight, at Armory kail, occurs
tke locomntiTe firemen's ball for tke
benefit of Fireman lircecher.
Miss Hope Curtis left last evening
tor Fort Francisco, near San Antonio,
Tex., for a visit of some week.
Tke King's Daughter will meet at
tke residence of Mrs. J. M. Buford
tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock.
The temperance societies' of Dav.
en port have united under the name
of tke Davenport Temperance nnioa.
Capt. Joseph Cameron, of the fer
ry, J. W. Spencer, is out again, after
kis painful accident of two weeks
Mrs. Gilpin Moore's condition is
reported as less favorable today, she
having passed an uncomfortable
Will some one choke the local edi
tor of the I'ninn before be inflicts the
public with any mare of those origi
nal package of kis?
If you are in need of any fruit or
vegetables, anil your grocer has not
got it, go to I'assig's. He has a full
line always on Land.
fie. JV. A. Sfckmilt received a let
ter from Jacksonville this morning to
tke effect that Judge Wilkinson's
condition was unchanged.
The Ladies Industrial Relief soci
ety will hold its regular monthly
meeting next Friday afternoon at Jf
o'clock, at C M Twentieth street.
Wkile about half of the M. K.
stock of ladies shoes has been sold,
there arc thousands of pairs left, aad
nice one at tkat; but all must go.
There are several kuadred pairs of
slippers aad (Hfords left kalf price
take tkem. la a tew days they'll
all be gone. Are yon supplied M.
J. R. Johnston enter upon kis du
ties toraornw as inspector of tke
port of Rock Island, aad F. A. U sob
er will become postmaster at Haven-
V. Busbao got hi wagon ia tke
way of motor car SI east of Brooks
trosslag tki morning, aad the eon
sequence was kis wagon suffered
considerable damage.
Our Boarding House will be
opeaed tomorrow eveaing at Har
per's tkeatre. and you will miss a
great treat it you don't go. It is toll
of comical situations, and the special-
Hue are "top aotcnera.
Dr. X. W. Tracy, as a return en'
gage meat, gave a stereopticon lec
ture on Bea Hor," to a fair slaed
and appreciative audience at Har.
per's theatre last evening, under the
auspices or ibe w . c r. L.
Aad bow Fred Uilller I announced
tkrougk tke column of tke Union as
rmrimi XXi-t XZi
T7orlVa Fair.
A Ma Craps Csassa afTa
P T3Ag TUk aTatOaga.
a caadldare for towatklp collector,
subject, anforteaately for kisa how
ever. to tke will aad approval of tka
repablicaa city township coavaatioa.
Quite a amber of Rock Island
people atteaded tka receptioa riven
bv Mrs. J. r. Vaa Patten aad daagk
ters la Davenport yesterday. Mrs.
T. R. Harper, of Rock Island, assist
ed ker mother aad sisters la eater
The Woman's Foreiga Mlasioaary
society will kold ite regular atonthlv
meeting tomorrow afternooa at &
o'clock at tke residence of Mrs. T. J.
Robiasoa. CIS Tweatietk street. A
literary . aad musical program kas
been prepared. All members art In
vited to attend.
Miss Allie Rose, tke gifted instruc
tor in vocal and instrumental music,
leaves Saturday for Chicago to com
plete bT course la the Chicago ton
servatory of vocal and instrumeaUl
art. and ker classea la Rock Islaad
i'l be taught bv her mother. Mr.
II. E. Rose, ia kef absence.
The Texas colonists met at Jack
son A Hurst's office again last eve
ning, aad there were read a namber
of communications from gentlemen
in inicago, . urate and eisewaere,
com mead ing tke movement, and
wishing to join the colonists. Tka
meeting tken adjourned until Beat
Saturday evening. .
Referring to Tit A rocs bavins?
mentioned at lengtb tke candidacy
of tke three particular stars of tka
late muaicipal administration for
tke repablicaa nomination for sher
iff, the in ion remark: "The ab
or might more sensibly trot out
some democratic candidates. Xes.
guess that's so. The democrats kave
furnished tke only successful candi
dates for tke office iu tke past 12
Dan Packard, one of tke comedians
of tke "Spider and Kly spectacular
snow, ieavea the company shortly,
aad be writes to a friend "kcre that
ke will immediately return to Rock
Island, and attempt tke organisation
of a local opera company for the
presentation oi "nnxiore " for the
benefit of one of our deserving insti
tutions. It would be a most worthy
endeavor, aad would undoubtedly be
aiienuen ov success.
TV. sailut Maatral dab.
Tke Cftk Chopin recital of the Rock
Islaad Amateur Musical Club was
iven in tke association kail of tke
M. C. A., yesterday afternoon.
Bf.hm's Calm as the Sight." was
given in a delightful manner bv Miss
Margaret Dart. Mrs. Bishop follow
ed with Tripping O'er tke Mead
ow," and "Waits Hrilliante," op. 34.
No. 2. Mrs. Kohn then rendered
"Equestrian Polonaise," op. 34.
Xeidlinger's "Memories,"ti"Xight"
and Morning." were then sung by
Mrs. J. K. Ki tubal, and Mis Blanche
Buford rendered a very difficult
waits in A flat. op. 34. Tke im
promptu piano solos by Mrs. Robin
son And Miss Hass. and several vocal
selections by Mrs. Kimball, were all
charming. " Mrs. Allen closed the
program with Polonaise, op. 22, an
danto spinato and allegro motto.
The club will give a complimen
tary entertainment to its associate
members and friends on Tuesday
evening, Feb. IS. '
NHra leasts.
John Conklin and Robert Thomas,
of Davenport, were arrested on
Twenty-first street and Sixth avenue
yesterday afternoon, for being drunk,
and this'mornlng Conklin was Ined
110 and costs, and Thomas $8 and
Thomas Nicholson was arrested by
Constable Erkhart yesterday, on
com plaint of Matilda Couskey. who
charge him witk a grave offense.
He is kaving kis bearing this afternoon.
A Cases
Tke prisoner was a 111 faced va
grant, and the judge bad it iu fur bim
from the start.
"How many times kave you been
here?" be asked.
"Really, your honor. I never kept
connt after the twentMh time.
'I'll Rive you six months," said the
judpe sternly. '
"All right, your honor."
" But It isn't all right. It ia all wrong,
and you ought to be ashamed of your
self.' . " WelL your honor. ' was the impu
dent response, "you oughtn't to com
plain. The stats gets my aetTicea for
nothing, and you make it pay you for
yours, "and the judge gave him 30 days
mors for contrwj. Detroit Free Press.
every variety of bakery goods, but
especially cake. People think bakers
cannot make anything but angers
food. We think we make cake just
as palatable as you bave at borne.
Don't get mad because we think so
Try Iu . KbeixA Math.
Vav rear fifty Tears.
Mrs. Wtnslow-s Soothing syrup kas
been used for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens tbo gums,
allavs all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea.
Tweaty-flve cee's a bottle
-He of taa most intercatfng coltec
tioaa of bieturtyl papers in the country
to la the pu stun of Joseph Hilton of
Pittsburg- The collection includes many
old, rare autographs and newapapeia.
Aa election extra," Issued by The
Ledger ta 1M4. is a prised relic bslong
lag to Mr. Hilton.
Tka many testimonials received
daily by tke proprietors of 8aJvatioa
Oi?. emphasUiag its virtue as a euro
for neuralgia aad rheumatism, fur
nish coaviat iag proof of Its great
merits. It ia par excellence tka
' The Henderson faran three miles
below Milan, now occupied bv Rob
ert and Michael Kane lease out
March I. 2894 40 acres pasture and
160 actes more, mostly plowland.
All feared and well vtimJ. Ti i
leased for a term of year. Apply to
Attorney at Law, Rock Island.
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends a personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
tor thaa others and enjoy life more, with
lass expenditure, by more promptly
sdapting the world's best products to
tka notda of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
Uxativa principles embraced ia the
remedy. Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence ia doe to its presenting
ta the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the svstem,
dispelling coUs. headaches and 'fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has giv.-n satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it arts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Fijr is for sale by all drug
gist in 50c and f 1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by toe California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, alw the name. Syrup of Figs
and being well informed, you mill not
accept any substitute if c&rcd.
Intelligence Column.
Vul monty
Wact a cook
Wsnt boMm
Waat- a partner
Wnt a rHaaOoa
-Ml to iMt room
Waat a (vrruit rtrl
Waat la sell a tans
Want to Mil a home
waat to csehtnre smthlne
Want te tri aoosrkold goods
Warn to make aar rrsj estate laaas
Wast to aril or trad for acjnalnf
was to ana eastaawt for aaruung
rsa tbssi coLCMxs.
rrnia dailt aitors nauviRgD attoub
X aoorTT cttbiiui for 10c pt ntL
cn. Kpii7. iii rnira aveao.
c4s SMMt or pocrr eook. Address Aaaa
Wttsb. Grn'l Oeiivary. t'ity. ,
J BalOT.
T. a. Kauri.
thb iXAsnre
Real Estate
Bar. ssfl aad ri atuuuij ea cosnmaoa,
oaa r.esilsttssais.aiss iau anasafftaa
das ars tararaac. easjaaalas. SalMlsg IsSj far
aropert hi all salts of ta. dtj
Barns. VUchcn Lrads
Soiamssaraf aUStsatiaiaaa
40 Hours Away.
A trip of two-score hours, will take
you where the weather's warm
A pleasant and continuous journey
via the Chicago and Eastern IHinots,
Louisville and Nashville and Savannah,
Florida and Western R. R's can be
made for a short time, at very low
rates. Write to
CMAS. W. mjatfMBJV.
17. Ea Third Sc. Sc Faal. Miaa.
CL Paa. Ap. C S. L B. , Cakssa, ta.
3 YC3m!
I CI f
f " a i
Taasa Msstirii'ifiin
For sale by T. H. THOMAS. Drug
gist aad optician,
Eyas tested free of charge.
Mupcr's Ttcatre,
II J. aV Montrooa,
aaagar. .
Thursday Right, Feb. 1.
The Bright aad Sparkling
Musical Comedy,
Brate. with lra or Sons ad Batettstaiac
Speeisltire. A juac east of Characters,
rai bracing Eifhteea Pcopla.
rvic-SS. aad SSc. Bestid
T. II. Tbossa. Drag Sum.
seat sal. at
crtis C;:n n::a,
FRIDAY and J Zb 0 tmA
Carleton Opera
targ. Choni. aad KUhorate Costaaies.
Bupstb Bcpertolr..
Friday ctzht. Satardar aiaht,
Bohemiam Girl. "Nanon."
BatSTdaj Katinee,
Fra Diavolo."
frk-ri Sn. 7 94 atd CS erats: Seats st
Flnke a Wadaesaar a oraiax. T.kvboae No. Sy.
J. X Montroaa. Macajer.
Monday Night, Feb. 5th.
In Repertoire.
Monday eve., "LITTLE NELL
Tuesday eve.. "CIRCUS GIRL
Wednesday ere.. "TANGLE IT"
Prices will be only 10i SO and SO
cents, beats on sale.
1 1
Half Price at
Fur Store,
I i
Riverside Oaks, Riverside Ranges
Riverside Cooking Stoves.
Garland Hard Coal Stoves.
The best sasui Usual of Store, ta th cU.
IBIS iM iei7 means At.
r h Asa n a R o o a
r la 18 an ooo "sasa" "
New Scale Kimball,
HaUet &l Davis.
And Emerson.
Wall Organs.
Jjiatrarcenta sold on eaay
time paymenta. Yiolina
and avccoideona at half
price. At
1815rcond At.
Baths of all kinds, including
Turkish, plain, shampoo, elec
tric, electro-thermal, etc., may
be obtained at the Sanitarium
Bath Rooms, on the first floor of
the Harper House.
For Ladies From 9 a. m. to
12 m. on week days. For Gen.
tlemen From 6 a. m. to 7: SO a.
m., and from 2 p. m. to 9 p. m.
on week dava. On Sundays the
rooms will be open from 6 a. m.
to 11 a. m. for Gentlemen only.
Electric and Electro-thermal
baths may be obtained at any
time during business hours.
Gymnasium connected with bath
U0(t V
Knife the Dry Goods,
Beginning Monday, Jan. 29.
Dress Goods.
10 pieces 60-inch Suitings 25 cents,
worth 70 cents.
6 pieces 60-inch Suitings 35 cents,
worth 86 cents.
10 pieces 40-Inch Suitings 25 cents,
worth 66 cents.
120.00 CLOAKS hr.,
18.00 CLOAKS x
15.00 CLOAKS ; :,
12.00 CLOAKS (,,,
10.00 CLOAKS :,,,
8.00 CLOAKS 4 IN,
6.00 CLOAKS 3.,,
4.00 CLOAKS 2M
Besides manv garments f(,r
apiece. "Our Ios is x
Come and see. ' ?
Everything all through the i
sacrificed. Come and
1708 and 1709J Second wtJ
Wholesale and retail dealer in Flour, Feed,
Grain, Hay and Straw.
Proprietor of Cyclone Roller Mills. All kinds of grindin; dc
to order. Agent for the GEO. TILESTON MILLING co s
WORLD'S BEST OF ALL FLOUR in the world. Ask for it and
convinced. Nice Fresh Meal and Feed always on hand.
1601 and 1603 Fourth Are,
Merchant Tailoe
And Dealer in Men's Fine Woolens.
1706 Second Avenue.
' GEORGE SOURS, Proprietor.
Aveaaa,Ooraaref aztcaata Sbest, - OppoattaBanwrTtMn.
Tha chcistst Wine. Liquors, Beer and Cigars always on Ksd
vsrvDaj . smslancam lumaaMse Short Mas-
Toa Bosnrraa.
Plumbers, Steam, Gao Fitters
House Heatintr and Sanitarr Plumbing. Basement Rock Island Nat But
'. ir,-
Ladies' Misses' and Children's Footwear
At less than manufacturer's cost
The men's and boys; shoes wOisoon join our to reunite the
men's and boys' shoes with the clothing.stock. and not having sufficient room for Vl are sell
ing out our entire stock of ladies and misses' shoes less me foUowing reductions: Some j3 one
fourth off, some at one-third off,5 seme at cnhalf df , and some at less tiolit rialf off
It s a pity to sacrifice our fine stock of Ladies' Shoes, particularly wh-n this has been one of
CHirmwtsussfuldepartirn being unable to seenre nmtST
course. With the big reductions they are moving fast. It's a chance in a life time. Don't nSs 7t.
Shoe Store. 1804 Second avenue. Rock Island.

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