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Spring Goods.
You arc Getting Ready
for Your SPRING
You Will Need These
tlit-m. ami such himliom
po.i.l.. U hen displayed the
i tTiTt is like a beautiful flower
pirilrn that beggars descrip
tion. A nrw rased of wash goods
niv daily opened, adding to
ami making unapproachable
'ii r already unrivaled selcc
tinn i( WASH I'A KICK'S, and
we are looked to for every
tl:nc that Is STTLlSH and
MiYFU we feel it our duly,
i a matter cf appreciation
f. r rur patronage, to let you
know through the rRKSS the
arrival of such goods.
t !
Watch these columns
f rum week to week, and
w will endearor to
Rr.rr-" toc"VoBTre e
r. utMtttfl and the
different a un a txs we
ii tc to orrtit.
Fine Wash Goods
Will l specialty at the
HlKruX VftiKK this year.
In fact. w hare Ixiupht so
arrthing nhown heretofore,
and in au-h l.ACliK tjt'AS
T IT ICS. that we hare been
compelled to place them in a
separate department for your
I situated underneath the
larr okrlight In the center
of t lie st'ire.
It'-rr are a few of the name
nn price of I he new weaves:
Tinted Novelties
Will l.e all the rage this spring
ami nmnii r. Iteautiful rain.
erfc('t, warranted to
wauli inexpensive, qualities
eoniilerei only SSc a yard
at the !(otun Store.
Juvenile Ginghams
In nil the latest colorings,
''heck and hair stripes, etc.,
-c n Vard.
Mandalay Fabrique.
A very line fabric, softer
nmt superior than pongee, but
not so expensive 16c a yard.
White Goods and Dotted
Hange in all qualities and
Novelties, Crepons,
Tinted Efforts. Etc. It would
take a Sir Walter Scott's de
scriptive powers to give an
intelligent description of these
goods. Ask to see them: The
I'rinreM, 3 to 3!c n yard;
Telia and Villa Duck, a new
weae which every mother
will be making op in a few
weeks for the children's
waists, kilt shirts, etc.. IZJe
a yard: shangha pltie, snrrew
silks, marque de tabriqne, etc.
uedv mm
William Purvis Narrowly Es
capes Hanging.
The Rope Breaks and Specta
tors btop Proceedings.
The Kearsarge Wrecked at
Kocandore Reef.
Thought to be a Fatal Loss
out the Crew Rescued.
Cm t-vat , ll.m I'.l. a Tk
rope broke in the hanging of William
iiiiBcmmi morning, ana ine
body was rescued before death had
ensued. The spectators then pre
vented farther proceedings. Efforts
win oe maae to secure clemency, on
the ground that the accused is jnno
eent of the crime for which he was
in -
to nave been hung.
iri Last.
WASIIIKOTrilf. 11. (7.. PeS. ft The
cruiser Kearsarge was wrecked at
Boncadore Reel, Feb. 2. She left
liavti for llnmlnraa that itav. and la
thought to be a total loss. The
onrccrs ana crew were saved, i ne
news is cabled from Panama by
ueni. urainard.
Mr. I.aaee Wha,
Tupeka. Feb. 8. Mrs. Lease wins
her suit against Gov. Lewelling.
She cannot be removed.
C a falaaajlaa; la WlnV aaaln.
St. Pai t, Feb. T. Au Kau Clair, Wis.,
special to The Pkewer IVena irm details
of a mysterious poinoaing caae ea a farm
ia Iteaaant Valley, fifteen milea from East
i. laire, wtitcki may rrull fatalijr to Ubbie
r. Ihinn. aavd au. Kbe was talten violent
ly HI. and after aotue time staled that aba
had taken Paris green. A physician says
mat net enanera lor recovery are alight.
There is muck eariietnrat. and htnu that
the giri did not poison herself, but is
BUMMIng some oas rlae. The aulUaritiaa
W'l mveatiKate.
KaoniK, law, Feb. J. In
eourt W. A. IleU was sentenced to sjght-
nositns and J. H. WelU to sis
the la the lamitontlary at FX Hadl
lav. for (nuxiukmt ma r the '-
The dvfendaau' families were nresentand
(aw scene waa one 01 the most pathetic
ever wiuianii la a eourt mom,
aiAOMW, Feb. H The State Bee Keep-
swanrdnc. haecy adutteratian, aarf kia-
ored aabjreta. The aaaoriKUoa was eapa.
rially felicitated by Vice !reailent Frank
Wilson, al kUaatan. on the Hue bouey ex
hibit bmW by Wisconsin at the World's
Kallaaal laalryatra'a laiarlalai
CLCVUASO. I'eU . Deletcatea from
twenty different sUtea mc at the Forest
Cltr bouae to omnise the National
laurymen's aaaoeiatiun. The object at the
oruauisatkja will be the diane-aiaatloa of
Infurniathei and the betti i isent of the
dairymrn'a Intereata generally. Mr. H. X.
Arms of tpnns;lleld, L, acted as
aorary chairman.
Talssjtarh Brapfa.
The clause of the Wilson bill rrpeallns;
the reciprocity law will have no effect on
reciprocity treaties already made, but will
end all prod ins; negotiations.
A colored preacher has lieen arrested at
Columbus, U., chanted with following the
r oration of a prophet without a license.
He bad prophesied dire retributioa for
backalidina: members of his flnck.
Sin. llarriaaa. fonoerly bonsekeeper far
Alsmbnm Jenninics at Conneaut. O.. was
found lying on the Boor with her throat
cut from ear to ear. She Is supposed to
have been murdered by burglar.
Twenty-one atudenU,seveu of them girts.
have been us peart 1 1 rum .Mount Ilorab,
(Wis.) Academy for attending a masked
All the convicts on the Retrieve planta
tion near Velasco, Tex., forty in number,
scaped and bloodhounds are on their
B. A. Kipp. proprietor of a large up
holstery factory at itonn Milwaukee,
Wis., baa made an assignment to John G.
Wing, who furniubcl a bond for 160,000.
Obituary: At Lock land, o.. General
Jacob Ammen, aged 03. At Independence.
Ma. Mother Jerome, of tbe Order of Sis
ters of Mercy, and a daughter of the hue
Admiral Hcbubart. At Columbia, Mai.
rofeasar B. C Hinde, of the I'niverslty
of North Carolina. J ew lora, Harry
Wat kins, a veteran actor. At Washing
ton. Csptaia Daniel P. MannL
Corporal Tanner has bad an additional
two and om -half inches amputated from
the stumps of hla legs at Brooklyn.
Muskegon citisens am excited over an
assault on a white girl by Harry Gant, a
negro, and lyacmng at talked of.
J. Kittrrskamp c 8on of FraUuKhTilU.
Md have saaigned. The UabUities will
exceed M0.00U.
There was a big drop la wheat on the
New York produce exchange, and the
The renal fell teWl-9. The
By the reason of the recent tniearina
eksaat eSakwat Aahlaaa a bets
Mraag Vp fcjr a Me mt Dstse.
West Scrtmon. Feb. a. ti n m.
ageof Ewe.eaat of this city, Oa the Du-
luta, iMmtn Boon and Atlantic railtaai, la
all excitenaent over tbe lyackiaa; of a traxl.
Thenaase of the vilUia la AadnwPik-
kariew. He la a Knniaa Fian aad Head a
few miles from Kan at a littu.
called BrueeS Cmaaing. Peter HatteUl
ana wire lea their home to be gone for a
day. They left their R-rear-old daughter
at home in the cam of Pikkarieu. who out
raged the child in a terrible manner. Two
other men witneawd the outrage, but they
claim they were fearful of the powerful ae-
As soon aa it henaana tun that TNV.
kartea admitted kia milt eft .wl .
cttiaeaa weartag masks surrounded the
toi atrvciure la wiks ne was pjausl de
termined to lynch him. Officer protested,
but to no avail. Tbe Jail doors were
smashed in and the culprit brought out by
uTce, a rope was placed about his neck
and be was drained aiirat mU t Mil.
road trestle, where he was hanged. Tbe
village Is still wild over the outrage, and
should the citisens And the guilty man's
aasociaies iney would also be lynched.
Outeeeae of the TJslsgtapbais Strike ha
Mascoctah, Ills., Feb. t. Tbe trial of
D. G. Ramsay, grand chief of the Order of
Railway Telegraphers of America, which
will soon be held at Marion, la., will be
watched with mora than ordinary interest
by the people of this county, where Mr.
Ramsay formerly lired. He was elected a
rcprcsentaUve to tbe general assembly of
the state from this county in 180(1, and be
was one of the 101 Democrats who, by vot
ing solidly for weeks, ultimately elected
General John M. Palmer to tbe United
States senate.
After tbe expiration of his term lathe
lexfadaton Mr. Kamaay was elected to aa
oflice in the Telegmpben Brotberbood.
and some time later he was placed at tbe
head of tbe organization in America. Dur
ing a strike of operator and dipatchem
on the Burlington, Cedar Kapids and
Northern railway in September, l?i, Mr.
Itamsay conducted tbe affair of the strik
ers, and It isolleged that be directly or in
directly countenanced tbe cutting of tele
graph wires of tbe road during the strike,
lie waa indicted by an Iowa grand jury.
kteSei Daatrwrrd hj tire.
SoifknM T, Pa., Feb. K-The Park hotel,
one of tbe largest hotels in this section,
waa destroys- firs at an early hour in
the morning. The mumes spread so rap
idly that the occupants Aaaa to leave tbe
building in their night clothes and many
of the women and children were taken
from the windows with the aid of ladders.
One servant girl. 131a llarmon. wasover
eoaae by the smoke and' Una laaiwerl milk
dimculty. She was badly burned and
may die. The guesU suffered greatly from
the cold aad had to walk through tbe
snow In their bars feet to plnera of abet
ter. The building contained thirty rooms
and was formerly the home of the late
Judge J. Black, The loss was tcw.iiou.
Tardy retltleew to the Heewe.
WASHnsoTOX. Feb. . Petitions con
tinue to be presented to the boose against
thepeaaage of the Wilson MIL afthough
the measure has emerged from that body.
The peeuliaritiea of tbe petition system
waa shown tvrently when Representative
Payne of New York preaaaasd aeveral pe
titions urging tbe repeal of the purchase
clause of the Sherman a&rrar act. Them
petitions came three aMasths after the re
peal became a law, and alter a recess of
congress had occurred. Petitions for and
against the repeal of the federal election
law continue to come to tbe bouae in
Urge numlKTs, although the election bill
paaaed the bouae at tbe last aewdon.
Kkreted Haree mt Italatb.
DrtXTIt, Minn., Feb. 8, Ker. T. Lewis,
Republican, was elected mayor of Duluth
by a majority of 8.8W in a total vote of
about 10.IH.L The Republicans elected
sixteen aldermen, which le a clean sweep.
John JenswoM, nominated by tbe Demo
crats and Populbita, did not carry a sin
gle ward. The fight was made a party
one with tbe position of Major Baldwin
oa the tariff question aa an iasue Tbe
present city administration ia Democratic
Intends Tel
BfCTltts, O.. Feb. 8. Levi Nye, of
Nevada, a little town near here, has an
nounced his intention of being hitflusl
alive for sixty days. Nye claims the power
of being abte to go into a trance for an in
definite period, and a enteric of doubting
citisens offered him 4600 to make the
burial teat. He refused at first, but tbe
offer was increased and he accepted.
Some of tbe mora conservative residents
will endeavor to atop tbe experiment.
ToTEKA, Kaa., Feb. g. The National
Farmem Alliance la in secret aeaaion here,
and little has leaked out except the presi
dent's address. Louck said the cause of
the panic was simply want of money. The
rest of his speech eras in favor of free sil
ver, government control of railroads, to
begin with tbe projected north and south
line, opposing bonds, aud generally taking
the Populist view of political affairs.
Te Vai i laali Kail way Straw
Valparaiso, Ind., Feb. & Word was
received here that the recent order issued
by the Pennsylvania company, requiring
every employe of tbe company to be vac
cinated, is to be put Into effect. A special
train will start from Lima, O., with three
physicians on board who will operate on
every section man, switchman, gatekeeper.
and employe of the company bet'
Limn aad Chicago.
Em row A, Kan., Feb. B. A county wom
an's suffrage aaaotiatlon has been organ
iaed here, compriaiag the meet protaiaauit
ladies In this county. A vigorous cam
paign will be begun immediately and con
tinued until November, when the aaaenri
assat proposition. wUl be submitted to
Quelling a Riot in the Czar's
As Well as Xaan her mt the Seldlera. Wha
Ave Drivaa laih aad Veeeed to rrtl(y
aad AwnHmssataeetmiiate Kalse Billy
Warns Mis rarilaaaeat That tt Is Basse-
Treaty ee War In Three Months
BEKLIX. Feb. 8. A aneeJal dianah m
The Vossisches Keiting from Perm, Rus
sia, sava that a riot baa taken nlant at tha
large iron works situated at Nizhnee
Taghilsk, in Urn Ural mountains, and that
8.000 workmen took nart in the diktnrK.
antes which am attributed to low wages
and to tbe nihilistic propaganda. The lo
cal authorities were utterly unable to cops
with tbe disturbance and sent for a strong
force or noons .! to quell tbe rioting. The
Soldier were ordered to flre ntmn tha H .it
er. A fierce conflict then followed, dur
ing wmcn many im rioters were killed
and a number of the soldiers were eitber
shot or stoned to death.
Tieaat Bstteai Back.
The riot en nakllv made such a fierce at
tack upon the troops that tbe latter were
repulsed and driven, to seek shelter in a
position which, they fortified while await
ing aanistansn. I An additional force of
troops were sammnd aad tbe combined
force-of military moved upon the rioters
and stnxeeded m driving them from tbe
works and ha quelling tbe disturbance,
though many more were killed and
wounded on both aides during thia last en
gagement. Tbe troop and police made a
numiier or prisoners who, it is understood,
will be dealt with in the severest manner.
It is said the nihilists are spreading their
propaganda in aamilar manner in many
parts of Russia ind thnt the authorities
bare been called upon to take the most
energetic steps to arrest the nihilist agents.
Mam 8111 la Frur..
IXNDO!C. Feb. fL Mrs. John V
has returned to London from Pari An
intimate friend of the Mackay family aaya
that the Princess Colon na, daughter of
Mrs. John W. Mackay, has not gone to
the 1'nited States,, as at first supposed.
The friend referred to says that the prin
eras is in France with ImrliilHnun
adds that the reason that her whereabouts
is not revealed ia t hiit she fears that her
children may be abducted. It is asserted
imi iue pnnoevs i not tiKely to go to the
1 ti NHifM .ml il tk. .1 : : r . I
r rench icourta is announce d.
A a erii aa a Trial la Londaa.
London-, Feb. fk At the public trial of
W. K. Dorney. '.nnr American financial
agent aWBfnsTwhflhi bankruptcy proceed
ings nave neen tMten, Mr. Dorney nars he
came to England f lmi to float tbe West
Virginia Freehold IjuxL Mining and
Railroad romnanr. Tbe canital was tone
flJSm.WMK but Ms! Durney did not succeed
inms nndertaKiau. He estimate his lia
bilities at JC!,4p and Lis assets at TS
cents. r
Mew Uae of Mteaaaera.
ST. PrrFUsntrKO, Feb. 8. A company
with a capital of D,0w,0U0 roubles ia beimr
formed bees in oder to establish a large
steamship eomrMtny which will run a line
of st men bat atwea Otlesna and the
United State. It as said that the scheme
originated durinSMfeteTt of Mime Rus
sians to the WorkTa fair at Chicairu.
tee renew Killed aad Foar Othen In-
Jand SA ladiaaanoll.
iNDIAKAPOLIa. Vh T -.An .mln.infi r
natural ma in tha mtlar .f tk. ni..n ....l
home of Louia 'Kunrhler wrought sad
havoc The building was located at 4$5
Madison arenas.. The family, consisting
of the tether, mother and four children,
am h lail aiiM Ik, .vwW.... i..v.
caused by an esrapola Uie supply pi, oc-
laiHHiigw was reuucea ion
BSB of doksls and naetirlM nn. mnrt-rm
tot hlllldSillls of tkada hnt tha niirhnnv.
hood. Rosa Kurifchlrr. aged 13, was in
stanUy kiliad. hW. awek being broken.
Charles, two yeas younger, was also seri
ously injured. Ltais, Juliut and Lottie
were also sightly aVjured. Julius, a son,
was thought to hate been lost, but was
readied alter diirkg his way partly out
Sf the -Wreckaaal Tfaa mmrt.ra kw. I
small. 7
IIHaata Cawslata AtWa.pt tm tcane.
MESAEPjlla.. Beo. FrederUk
Ilarver Kamaoan ami rirW
three convicts iailat eoutbern Illinois pen-
iieniutrynaoe a Baring attempt to escape.
While a gang of twenty-five of them were
crossing the yard; in charge of Keepers
Bannon and Hllff, George and Ramage
seised Stiff and' Qmeland held Bannon.
W-v . . . a a.. - -
wepmy vi nroea Randolph appeared and
find two halla 'hm kia
Ueorge's body, bodiv wounding him. The
convicts then sumSdered.
v niinccvr
rA ruiiLOl
VAVeieX. I I sin as aass
vMm 2
Cia Gtcro.
For less than the Wilson Bill will ever
Reduce them, if they should take the Tariff
all off.
Your choice of any of our fine Tailor
Made Overcoats in our house, none reser
ved, worth up to $30.00, for only
This offer is good until Saturday, but
bring this advertisement with you to get
this enormous discount. All overcoats at
the same discount.
Big Gtore.
(Successor to H. WEKDTJ
Merchant -:- Tailor,
119 Eighteenth Street.
BftafFlt and Workmanship Guar
anteed the Best
Cleaning and Repairing Done.
Ig Life
iiomoe's Tome
WIU earn jo aad kaea r wtU.
for sale at Barrer Beass Fharascy.
o I s d I
. - - T
Our Purpose In Advertising
is to let everybody who buys clothing that's all Man
kind here about know that our suitings are in, and
that the finest ever displayed in the city. You are res
pocif ully Invited to call and see the latest in patterns
and styles, in fall and winter wear.
J. B. Z
Call and leave your order
' T4K Block Oppobtxjj Bakpxb House:
Cracker Bakery.
The Fashionable Merchant Tailor
Has the most replete line of new patterns in imported
. and domestic suitings in the city.
1707 sEcon ayec:e.
The Young .America
Aad AU-Night Lunch Coanter.
Blue Front
Blue Front.
cruckeii go..
Ash Tear Wracet tm Theai.
Tbs OhrUty 'OTSTma" ss4 CaiBtf Wa
S10 leWVwmtMaltk Cta
SOLDWr Ms oiily
Contractor and Biiilder.
Cac?s rTy:..y Cxr ITrat3.
Jk a. utaw ssnsls kutis mm
Uaiamri m arm III i in of all the bUls
tm of taw stasia
Cor. Secern! and Brz&y
lYtUhaanw ta eherteed-r. The
to can a msetiag of the full
the asth of Feoruary in
to the
Css2S3sao I
vote of the

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