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! B05T6N
Spring Goods.
You arc Getting Ready
for Your SPRING
You Will Need These
them. and such handsome
pond. When displayed the
effect I lik m beautiful flower
garden that beggars descrip
As fie w rases of wash goods
re itallr opened, adding to
and making unapproachable
iur ulreudT unrivaled aelro
tion of WANH FABRIC'S, and
a wi art looked to for every,
thin? that is STTLtMI and
NOVEL, we feel it our duty,
a a matter of appreciation
fr your patronage, to let you
know through tbo rRKSSthe
arrival of such good.
Watcb these columns
from week to weak, and
we will endeavor to
SEW ouom and the
different B a no Aires we
have to orrER.
Fine Wash Goods
Will lie a specialty at the
BOSTON STOKE this rear.
In fact, we have Imnght so
anvthing shown heretofore,
and in such LAIItiK QUAN
TITIES, that we have been
compelled to place them in a
separate department fur your
Is situated underneath the
Urge skylight in the center
of the store.
Mere are a few of the names
and prices nf the new weaves:
Tinted Novelties
Will he alt the nge this spring
and summer. Beautiful rain,
bow efTrrts, warranted to
Wash Inexpensive, qualities
considered only 26c n yard
at the Boston Store.
Juvenile Ginghams
In all the latest colorings.
Checks and hair stripes, etc.,
a&e a yard.
MandalayTabrique. ;
A very Ho ,hkric'wltir
and superior this poafee. bat
not so cxpenetv44e yard.
White Goods and Dotted
Range In all qualities and
Novelties. Crepons,
Tinted Effect?. Etc. It would
take a sir Walter Scott's de
scriptive powers to give nn
Intelligent description of these
goods. Ask to see them: The
Princess. 3i to 89c n yard;
Telia and Villa Duck, m new
weave which every mother
will be making op in n few
weeks for the children's
waists, kilt shirts, etc.. le
n yard; sbanghn pique, surree
silks, marque de fabriqne, etc.
Cor. Second and Brady
The Situation in Brazil Over
the Special Election.
Reported Reason for Presi
dent Peixoto's Calling It.
Indications of Government
Candidate's Defeat.
Trouble Over a Suspended
Bank at Waterbury.Conn.
Rio Jaxeiko. Feb. 9. It is report
ed that lrioto's rallini? an el0ii
is due to an attempt to assassinate
him. It is expected that if the cot
eminent troops don't interfere the
government cannidatcs win oe tie
" . . .
Mat for RnMwrjr,
Ilorrros. Tes.. Feb. . It is not
believed the object of the wreckers
of the Missouri. Kansas & Texas
train on the bridge at White Oak
Havou, was for the purpose of rob.
bery. It is believed to be due to
fancied malice. Brakeman Klliott
was fatallr wounded. Lou Morris.
the mail agent. II. Uatton, express
messenger, and Baggage Master Car.
ter were teverely injured, but arc re.
covering. A posse is scouring the
country for the miscreats without
TraaMa Over Itaak.
Watekbi kv, Conn., Feb. 9. Some
Italian laborers created a riot here
today, and at tempted to get money
out of a suspended bank, i'bey were
clubbed away by the police anil citi
zens. Many were injured. The
situation is threatening.
i i
PnailMI Me Dead.
Paris. Feb. 9. Maxine lu Camp,
member of the French academy, died
La'vaca. Tex., Fob. I. The con.
reiterate general, ttarlor. who cap-
turcd the Arizona, died here today.
Tarssell liver tkt ll'aea Hill.
Wasiiistc!c, V. C Feb. 9. Con
gress is in a turmoil over the Bland
silver bill. Members claim It was
wrongly reported.
Hetea Matoat Agate ahawa.
Bostok, ten. 9. The common
council has ordered the removal of
the nude figures in the art decoration
of the iiorarv. ,
Mlafeter MrYraca Mi IMtdoa.
Iomhin, Feb, 9. WavneMcVeagh,
minister to Italy, arrived today en
route to bis new post of duty.
Twa CklMrM PerWk.
BmMsnrKi. Pa., Feb. 9. Bert
Rimano's residence was burned tt
dav, and his two children pcrii-bed.
Frisat fmter I:ieetbNn.
Rio tig JjtMirrai. Feb. V Iresident
IVixoto has issued a decree ordering a con-
L'l'i ilonal and presiiicntial eU-ct Um tor
March I. The constitutional iwrty will
nominate Senhiar Cnnlcute .Aloraes for
tsmtdent. lreshlent IVixoto gave a big
retention to Unileil States Minister
Tnomrrwm and Itenr Admiral Ilenham.
The oeneral belief at Itio de Janeiro is
thai the rebellion prw-tirally at an eml
ami that it is ;iot likely that tliere will be
any more righting of importance as the
Dreshlential election will now take up the
attention N who pnniea.
And They IHI Ike Vt smaa ta Jail!
Sai ASTOXHi, Tex.. Feb. Mrs. Ilettie
Chaves was at bom alone with her little
children when a Mexican vagabond named
Jose IL Trevinio enteml ber house and
mads an lndccent.pmpiul. She says that
be also drew a pistol upon her, whereupon
he grabbed aa ax and with a desperate
blow split bis heart wule open. The police
were noftfled and the woman, who is of a
ery respectable Mexican family, was
Blared la iaJL She claim that the deed
Will Sttaad by Man.
MlLWArKKX, Feb. . The news of the
arrest of lrofrssor !im, tne American
Protective association lecturer, caused a
great deal of talk here. There were a tun-
PPT of beaieu arguments, inn uuin lug mure
prrMHts. The following telegram was sent
by local members of the onk-r:
Saml by the flag and for free speech.
Iet there be no anrrender at Kaukanna.
Over 10.0MI of the Milwaukee boys declare
themselves ready at your call "
ratota msn Taw riad Hsaatlsaa.
SmixcriELP, IU., Feb. V. The Illinois
hoard of health has been notified of the
existence of smallpox at Fort Madison,
Keosauqua, Marion, Council Bluffs and
Kew Hampton, la.; Pouth llend. Ind., and
Jnnean. Wis. The Iowa board has ordered
all citiaens to be vaccinated, and a like
onler has been issued toall school children
h. th Wiscoosin board. Since Jan. L
1HM. U3 eases have been reported as exist-
tag In Chicago.
A. r.
DCIXTH, Minn., Feb, Ouluth
stained la the greatest parade evert
t fnllr 10.000 being In line. The
aidh eahsi esnblesa in the parade was a
1-L.tnm of the "IJttle Bed School
Hm.." Thiata the first time the A. P.
a haa sbowa publicly that It was later
a-tad la the receat election. There were
ajasBsanaan boys lnthedivadoa
Mattes Seat Oat by Cfcalnaaa Jaaaa af the
Katlanal C laslttae.
Washikctox, Feb. fc Georice O. Jones.
chairman of the national committee of the
national Greenback party, has issued the
following call for the preparation and
signing of petitions by those who favor a
lamely Increased volume of money:
National Ureenbacker and ail others
who are in favor of the immediate issue
of a largely increased volume of constitu
tional money and of perpetuating on onr
statute books that decision of the United
States supreme court rendered March 3,
It, which in substance was as follow:
That United States legal tender notes.
commonly known as greenbacks, when
issued by direction of commas to
the requirements ' of the
government or the necessities of
the people, are constitutional legal tender
money of the United States, and all who
favor the free and unlimited coinage of
'ilrer are hereby reunited to meet in
their respective cities, town, villages and
aeigbhorhooils on Saturday, March 8, WH,
to celebrate the tenth auuiversary of that
important decision, and then and there to
prvpareand obtain signatures to petitions
to their senator and representatives in
congress requiring them to speedily enact
laws authorising and directing the fur
ther bwue of gtveuhscks and for the im
mediate repeal of aHlawa relating to the
coinage or use of silver that have been en
acted since Jan. 1. 1S."3, and to re-enact
all laws relating to silver that were iu
force on that dute, and to immediately for
ward said petitions to their senator and
representatives in congress at Washing
ton," atalsee aa latrrrstiaa Ouetioa.
Washington, Feb. U. One clause of the
federal constitution provides thnt the
compensation of the justices of the United
States supremo court shall not lie dimin
ished during their terms of office. The
constitution also declares that the presi
dent's comiiensation shall not lie increased
or diminished during hi tertii. Iu new
of these constitutional provisions an in
quiry has arisen as to the power of con
gress to make an income tax applicable to
these high oil teem of the government. The
inquiry into this question tin develop!
aoaie interesting intomvttion, the tenor of
whieh is that the presaVut and judiciary
wonl.t be exempt from paving tlie tax.
Feb. 1. IAS. Chief Just i. Taney, of the
Biipnmie court, wrote a letter in which he
declared that the tax could uot be collect
ed legally from the officials in question.
Cleveland Mgaa the Itepeal BilL
Washington-, Feb. IYcsident Cleve
land has signed the federal elections re
peal bill and it is cow a law. Tucker of
Virginia brought with him to the White
House a gold, pen especially purchased for
use in signing the bill. It had already lieeu
ued by the vice president and Speaker
Crisp in signing the trill, and after the
prcsideut had used it it became the prop
erty of Tucker.
- . : ggr - - -
91 lahlgan tHrrtloB aaadakr
LASKlMi, Mich.. Feb? . Secretary
State Jochini, l.and Commissioner Berry
and State Treasurer llanibitzer testified
before the grand jury and occupied both
sessions to the exclusion of several other
witnesses who were Waiting to be called.
Their cxamidnt ion was Very thorough and
the prowcuting ollicerscsay that the re
sults were the best thus' far. seen red. S.
S. Cooper, count y Clt rk Carlson and IKa-
uty Strom of Itcsseincr and I'ostmnster
Ilealcy of Iron wood will lie examined with
reference to the forged returns of lud from
tiogebic county, and their testimony, it is
asserted, will so involve a prominent
state official in the fraud that his canape
from indictment will lie.impossibie.
The Sattooal f'amten Allinnca,
Tol'KKA, Feb. 9. At the session id the
national alliance the political demands of
the alliance were adopted They are the
same as last year's. Two resolutions in
addition were adopts 1, not as demands,
but as subjects to lie discussed by the suli
alliauces. One is in favor of a graduated
pnerty tax. and tlie other is in favor of
such state legislation as will place the
liquor traffic under state agents proierly
hound to otaay the lnw so as to rliniiuaUs
from the business tlie clement of prollt.
t-mr a U renter .rw 1 ark.
ALU M", X. Y-, Feb. The greater
New York bill pas.wd in the assembly
yeas HI., nay 7. The bill provides for ths
consolidation of New York and Itrooklyn.
. Mara Itajr Ktale Blae Laws.
lksrroS. Feb. Kepresentativc lluck-
Icy of Cambridge has introduced in the
legislature a petition lor legialauoa pro
hibiting the game of fool balL
Working for aa Karly Adjnarnmeat.
JJl.XVKK, Feb. The senate majority,
workiug fur an early adjournment, bat
killed over a dose l of bills J:aaseU by U
Ben Ktratlac 1-hrnaga the. Kails.
SmiNUFllXU, Ills., Feb. . ltudolph
Ilean. of Illufford, Jefferson county, h
been arrested and lodged in jail here by a
federal officer, charged with using the
mails in a scheme to defraud. Ileam has
been securing orders amounting to thous
ands of dollars from numerous wholesale
firms by representing bimsell as a general
towelling Uaa Nothing la Hay.
WICHITA, Ka., Feb. . Governor dw
elling, who passed through the city, re
t used to be interviewed on the decision of
the supreme court in the Mrs. Lease case.
He raid, however, that be did not under
stand that the decision settled the contest
or secured the posftioa permanent r to
Mrs. lease.
The ElectkMi at Dalnth.
Dt LlTH, Minn., Feb. 9. -On a recount of
the election returns VSi more votes were
found for Captain leads, the Republican
mayoralty candidate, from the Seventh
ward. This makes the total vote 10,003
and the Republican plurality 8.a:7. about
67 per cent, of the total vote being Kepub-
rsatase aC Asatn Aai.rleaa War.
Xgw Yobk, Feb. v aA special to the
World f roan Guatemala says: Stories are
told of great cruelties oa the part of BonM
la's troops towards adherents of Vasquea,
ana children are shot.
If They Did Not Buy Those
- Government Bonds.
: 1 -
New York Flaaneiers Told, That If They
DM Ket Take the New p l'er Cents, a
Worse Paale Thaa lastj Year's Would
Kasae Keed Ktaves (tflJthe Considera
tioa af nisnd's Selgnlarage Bill for
Paar Hoars by 1'ilitmatering.
Washington, Feb. . While the senate
was discussing the Stewart bond resolution
Teller got the floor and said thnt the recent
purchase of United States bonds was a
"forced' purchase. Tlie secretary of the
treasury had in New York stated to the
bankers that if these lionds were not float
ed there would te a panic a greater panic
than the one of last fall and it was to
avoid thnt panic that they reluctantly pur
chased the bonds. "I am "not speaking as
a partisan or as a silver man," said Teller,
"but I want to know wlmt the American
congress is going to ilo with this question
of a deficiency. Kvcrj body knows from the
experience of the secrctaJy f the treasury
that no more 5 per ccn$ bjnds on a 3 per
cent, lwsis can lie sold. Iti morally cer
tain that if another toO.noOO were offered
it would be a failure. -
A tjaeslioa of Dekeiencjr.
MWe are face to face wth the question
whether there is to lie a continued defi
ciency or whether there is to lie some ef
fort to meet this deficiency by t-ome sound
system of finance. The credit of the
country is threatened and ths men who
have la-en loudest in denunciation of He
publican finance have now to stand up
and declare that they have not the skill
or the will to devise a way out of these
IVffer contended that t0 secretarv of
the treasury had not even pretended that
the money derived from the isimls was to
be used for redemption purposes.
A Uveljr Time in the House.
There was some filibustering in the
house, Keed doing what he could to delay
thedelmte on the Bland seigniorage, bill.
He kept the honsc in deadlock for four
hours when Miami mustered a quorum
who were willing to go into commit tee of
the whole on his bill n qjruni that con
sisted partly of sixteen I! tmWirnns, hut
twenty-two Ilemocrats joined the other
Republicans ami refused to vote. Heed's
first move was to insist that the first busi
ness in order was the report of the scrgcant-
at-arms on arrests of absent memlx-rs.
Hpeaker Couldn't See It That tVav.
The sieaker held thnt Uie order for ar
rest was a continuous one -itnd until fully
executed it was not the duty of the scr-
geant-at-amis to niaUc a report, lie stated
a hypothetical case of where a single
mem 1st who was contumacious living in
a distant state was ordered to le arrested.
Such an order having1 ticcn made the
le, house tml exit. te held up until
ic arrest was mitfu. is overruled the
point of order. Hoed thf i moved us a
question of privilege that' lie senieant-at-
arnis lie iustructed to make his report.
This being declared out of order he shifted
his ground and moved to reconsider the
vote by which the motitm tourretali-
acntcca was iassed. He declared that he
did not believe It competeiil for less than
quorum to pass such a resolution.
lteed. t'nuimrnU nn planse.
The s)H-uker held that the motion to re
consider was in orler, whereupon llland
moved to lay it on the taiiV This mot uhi
was carried on a riuingjrotc 11 to tw.
Heed demanded the aves and navs and the
roll was called. I luring tlie pronss of
the roll-call the secretary of the senate ap-
appeareil and announced the passace by
I lie senate of the lull to repeal the federal
election laws. The announcement was
greeted with a hurst of applause from the.
Ik-ntocntlic side.
"Now," ejaculated Heed, as lie listened
to the applause, "ballot-box stnflim; is at.
lost a recognised art." The vote resulted
12 to HI, so tlie motion to reconsider was
laid on the table.
A Number la Farar nt Mndirying The
till 4'arii!c In Canf'mice.
Thus it went on, as stated, for four
hours, when the quorum upjicared iu
island's favor and . he got' tiie house into
committee of the whole on his bill, and
lllund explained its provisious, not being
through at adjouruincut. it was thor
oughly understood that quite a number of
Dniocruts who voted with lllaud were in
favor of certain modifications of the bill,
although they won id not curry their op
position to the extent of voting against its
consideration, it is also well known that
Secretary Carlisle and the administration
generally is opiosrd to tins tiiil iu its pres
ent form. After the coiisiA-ratioii of the
bill began Carlisle arrived nt the Capitol j
and had a conference wit It several of the
leading Uemocrats of the Mouse as Well us
those Democrats who were managing the
filibuster, and just before adjournment tlie
announcement was officially made on the
floor by Mr. Tracey that ino further at
tempt to iilihuster uguiust the considera
tion of the bill would lie made.
This is taken to mean that a compromise
has been agreed upon and that certaiu con
cessions will be made, in line with the
auggestions of Carlisle who, while he is
represented as not being against the coin
age of the silver seiguiurage in the treasury.
yet insists that discretionary isnver ought
to be lodged with the secretary of the
treasury about Issuing the seigniorage
either in form of certificates or of coin, so
that it would not be injected in a lump
iuto thecirculating medium of the country
He maintains thnt it would be as injurious
to put out aVsrui.tiuti suddenly as it would
be to withraw that amount from the cir
culating medium, lie is also opposed, it
is understood, to the second section of the
bill, which makes mandatory tlie coinage
of the Kst of the bullion in the treasury
and the redemption of outstanding treas
ury notes under the act of lMKIaafast as
the coinage takes place.
AU Qaiet at Hssmlulu.
Sax Francisco, Feb. a. The schooner
Bangor has arrived, fifteen days from Hon
olulu. The captain of the Bansor reports
everything quirt at Honolulu, and that It
is generally understood there that Minis
ter Willis is awaiting further lastrncUona
from President Cleveland.
i ti
1 Vl
Bia Store.
For less than the Wilson Bill will ever
Reduce them, if they should take the Tariff
all off.
Your choice of any of our fine Tailor
Made Overcoats in our house, none reser
ved, worth up to $30.00, for only
This offer is good until Saturday, but
bring this advertisement with you to get
this enormous discount. All overcoats at
the same discount.
Big Store.
Eaiperor WSlllnni'i, speech nt the Keecnt
1'arliamentary llaiuim t.
ST. PETKItsi:vi:, Feb. . Tiie Xovr.ji
Vremya and other papers comment upon
EmiHTor Williams' siicuch at the receut
parliamentary Innqtict at llerlia and ap
pear to be greatly pleased with it. The
speech npiiears nlo to have given jnvat
satisfaction iu M. IVtersburg generally.
It further says that the forcible utUTnueo
of the eniH-ror did great service to the
economic welfare of (n-riiiiiiiyain! expresses
the opinion tliut it was also the cause of
maintaining the peace of Europe which,
according to the newspaper mentioned, is
sorely iu nec.l of qu'etuilc in onler to pur
sue the task of developing its prosperity.
Il.'tlUoii; 2!crdrr Case.
CllK.Uio, IVb. ti. The federal grand
jury's investigation into the nhootiug of
Captain Alfred lied berg by Lieutenant
J. A. JIuuey at Kort Sheridan has been
completed, but no immediate vote was
taken on nn indictment, and, if one lie
fouud, it will not le t umed into court un
til uext week when tlie jury makes its re
port. Everything indicates that a true
bill will bj fouud. practically the only
question being whether it will be murder
or manslaughter.
Will io to t:urope with Trotter.
Lexinuton, Ky., Feb. . Colonel Barney
J. Trencey, of the Island Park farm, will
make a campaign of the cont inental cir
cuit this year with American trotters. He
has engaged several colts and fillies in the
Uran Premio de Milan, Italy, and will race
the youugstcrs in Uermauy, France aud
other countries.
NO Otltar asm ana ami
I than Half
iraaoli bettsv
I than 1
f sr rsrsrf.
Our Purpose In Advertising
ia to let everybody who buys clothing that's all Man
kind here about know that cur Baitings are in, and
mat the finest ever displayed ia the city. Ton are res
pact! ally invited to call and see the latest in patterns
and styles, in fall and winter wear.
Call and leave your order
' tb Block Opposite Harpxk Hoc:
Cracker Bakery,
The Fashionable Merchant Tailor
Has the most replete line of new patterns in imported
- - and domestic suitings in the city. ;
1707 SEC3I3 AVIKE.
The Youing America
SA1IPLE aoou
And AII-Kight Lunch Counter.
Contractor and Builder.
do?, ZXcIlj
Bluo Front.
Blue Front.
Marco K ens. a
ask TontBroeerrTTwn.
The Chrlstj Dntaf ad
310 ZmaUtmfh. Ct.
410 Crczi street,
by the A. ir.

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