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nfccst of ah la Leavening rower. Lateit U. & Gov't Report
liWi tea?
My as Vwiii at mm
iWM, BBS M4 ta.
as "sa. Wssfcr,
r eteinssi hmm
slttlaal a NltftM, m fear
M tar eaatiestiaa. iwk
MIImMI to ashtM aa t Be III was Awlm
atibat, Fkbbcabt 10. 184.
2f ATBAB lisle 414 when he was SI
years el4. reraape ae 1 tbe jonnp
I aaaa WBo eref Bel a public tnon
aaMat erected to hi uetmrr.
Taoega Be died at 21. his mrroorj
will doabt'ess tire forever.
Ekolabd is worried over her slow
golag atea-of-war. She should come
to aa Anerleaa shipyard and get war
tesarls built with some in
them. The record-breaking Colom
bia bH et the o!4 world navies all
ot a qalrer.
AxorntR Baa ha been announced
at about to marry Miss Helen Uonl.l.
If the yon off fatly Is not satisfied
with some of the material so kindly
elected for ber he most he hard to
alt. She serais to bo threatened
With bigamy rather than old maiden
hood. Ho. William pBr.Ti9 has been
appointed by tier. Altgeld, a mem.
ber of the board of trustees ot the
lastitutlon for jureoile offenders.
Mr. Prentiss is a useful man wher
ever he may be trltrf. tie is one of
the most intelligent of the represen.
tatlre democrats of the state of Illi
nois. tMrrwy Sates.
la the Tan of the strong and at
tractive table of contents of the
Korta American Review for Fel
raary is aa article of unique Inter,
tcrest. entitled My American Kx
perieaces." by the president uf the
Swiss republic. M. fctail t'rey, who
relates many reminiscences ' of hi
aarly Ufa ia this country, of his ex
perieares daring the war. and of his
ubsoqueat diplomatic career in
Washington as first Swiss minister
to the Lulled States. Tlris is fol
lowed by aa article on The South
Carolina Liquor Law." by Gov. Till,
aaa. of South Carolina, who gives a
brief history of the origin ana work
lag of what is known as the rfipen.
ary system. "The Income Tax in
England is next taken up by the IU.
Hon. Sir Joha Lubbock hart.. St. P.
Taa literary feature of the number is
furnished by Margaret Itelaad. whose
article Is entitled "A Mennre to Lit'
nrature.' Two articles of special in
terest arc bracketed together under
the eaptloa of "Needed Municlml
tUtorm." The first, by Rrv. Dr.
Pack hurst, deal a with Our Present
Opportunity:" ami the second, bv
Joha W. Goff. Is entitled "Jngling
with the Ballot." "Are We a Pin
tocrary?" Is a attest ion which is an.
wered by W. D. Howells. tbe famous
aovellst. ia a striking article. Sen
Btor Roger Q. Mills, who framed the
last democratic tariff measure in
188, contributes an important paper
oa "The Wilson Bill; the Brazilian
minister at Washington, Salvador de
Mcndonra. writes on the "Latest As
pects of the liraiilian Rebellion;'
aad Henry George tells "How to
Help the Unemployed. "Territor
ial Sovereignty and the Papacy"
farms the subject of an article by
the St. Rev. Mgr. O'Reilly. The as.
Blatant secretary of the treasury,
Charles S. Hamlin, tuniabet a time,
ly paper oav-Tbe Customs Adminis
trative Art," and Ir. Cvrus Edsnn
points ont "The Evils of 'Early Mar.
rlages." Other topics tieited are.
The Menses of the Lower Animals."
lrj James Weir. Jr.; -Colorado's
Bright Outlook." br Ifenrv Woll
IMaai "Paris Workfagmca's Cafes."
j AIvbb F. Sanborn; "The Amateur
Marec Aa Accomplished Fact." by
Kala Gannett Wells; and "Cuban
Women." by Mary E. Spriifger.
Taa ateral of the great success of
Ike Cdvmopolitaa is ma so hard to
lad. If one looks careful!? over the
aamber for Pabtij52.''A atyrj by
V aides, taa famous hpanish novelist.
ta Irat from his pea to apar in
My Aatcrrt'aa msgaaiae, is U -un in
iaea number. Arthur Mtcriturne
Hardy's story. "A Rejected Mann
eript." U eharmlagly Illustrated ly
L. liarnld. who wo believe makes bis
tat appaaraeea ia taa magaaiaes on
tkls atsla of taa watar. A prof asely
lllaatratod artlele oa the designing
aad kalldlng of war-ship appeals to
taa Mtareat takea ar nil la taa aew
ary, aad a' ttrtfllag dateriptioa of a
aaval eomeal aadar the aigalficaat
UUa. "T'e HelobBB aad tha l"cn
tirara. deaeriboa, aftor tha manner
of the buttle of Oorkiaj. a possible
eoa-lgbt. taa oateme of which I
watered ky taa Hra aaval worid.
Glidlaff Flitrbt" is an interestinir
contribution to the problem of aerial
navigation or one wno nas siuutea
the flight of soaring birds in the east
for 2) yean. EUinn Goodale. who
married a member ot the Sionx na
tion, has some Interesting informa
tion of Indian wars and warriors. T.
C Crawford, the Washington cor-
respondent. gives the first half of a
startling story, under the title of
"The Disappearance Svndicate."
Tha poetry ia this aamber by Sir Ed
win Arnold. Graham R. Tom son and
William Yonng. is nnusoally good.
The department. "In the World of
Art nnd Letters." and the -Progress
of Science." continue to have as con
tributors men famou in both conti
nents. The Review of Reviews for Febru
ary is strong in all of its depart
ments. In the Progress of the
World" the important political, so
cial and Industrial events of the
month are reviewed and heir sig
nificance clearly ami , frankly set
forth. This department alone con
tains .V timoly illustrations, chiefly
portraits of 'well-known men and
women. Among the portraits are
those of Prcsideut !-lo and his cab
inet and sketchirs drawn from life, of
Representatives William L. Wilson,
of West Virginia: Charles F. Crisp,
of Georgia; Thomas It. Keed, of
Maine: Benton McMillan, of Tennes
see: Thomas L. Johnson, ot Ohio,
and Julius C Burrows, of Michigan.
Apropos of the opening of the Man
chester ship canal, the editor dis
cusses tbat ami various other water
way projects which are being con
sidered by European governments.
Each tnccesciTe nnmbcr of the
Book of the Fair, .bv Hubert Howe
Bancroft, lets us more and more into
the plan of the work, which is such.
while avoiding too lengthy descrip
tion, ns to cover the entire ground
with u indent detail, ana present in
permanent form all the character
istics of the great exposition. In
addition to this great work the Ban
croft company will soon publish
the Resources and Developments of
Mexico, written or llutx-rt Howe
Bancroft at the personal request of
President Diaz, mho issued a com
mission to gather fresh material
from everv n -tarter of the republic
and aid Mr. Bancroft in every way in
me prosecution oi i;ie work.
Vow Try This
It will cost you nothing and will
urelv jo you'good. if you have a
fougn. co'ld. or any trouble with
throat, chest or lungs. Ir. King's
New IMscovenr for consnmption.
conghs or colds is guaranteed to give
relief, or moncv will lie paid back,
sufferers from la grippe found it just
the thing and nndcr its use had a
speed and pcrfit't recovery. Try a
Sample bottle at our c pence and
learn for yourself just how good a
thing it Is. Trial U.ttle free at Harts
ami I" I mover's drug store. Large
size & k. an:
srr.rtvtr.x case.
S. H. Clifford. Xew Castle. Wis.,
was troiiMrd with neuralgia and
Rheumatism. I.'s stomneh was dis
ordered, bis livrr was affected to an
alarming degree. apn-tite fell away,
ami he w terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Three lioltles of elec
tric bitters cured him.
Edward Shcpjwrd. Harrislmrg. III.,
had a running sore on his leg of
eight years standing. Used three
bottles of electric bitters and seven
boxes of Buckley's Arnica salve, and
his leg is sound and well. John
Speal er.Cataw ba. Ohio. had live large
fever sores on his leg. doctors said he
was incurable. One tattle Electric
Bitters and one Imix Buekicy's Arnica
salve cured him entirely. Sold by
Harts 4k Ullenieyer's drug store.
The best salve in the world for cats,
brnisos, sores, nlrers emit rheum
Fever sores, tetter, chapped hands,
chilblains, corns, and all skin ernp,
tinns. and positively rures piles or
ao pay required. It ia guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
Fot aala by Harts A Ullemeyar
The rnto
Perhaps no local disease has pns
sled and' baffled the medical profes
inn more than nasal catarrh. While
not immediately fatal, it is among
the most nauseous and disgusting
ilia the Hosti is heir to, and the
records show very tew or no cases of
radical cure of chronic catarrh bv
any of the many modes of treatment
Bitil the introduction of Ely's Cream
Halm a few year ago. The success
of this prciaralioa has been most
gratifying and surprising. So drug,
gist is without it.
All taxes oa personal proper!
mast be paid before March 1, aad. to
avoid eosta. oa real estate before
March 19. office la court house
building, will beopea all day, aad on
Wednesday and Saturday "evenings
from 7 in p. m.
V.i. BarcaseTtn. Collector.
H. C. CLakKt, Dvpaty.
The Man Who Used the Dinan
White Horse
a ta Da-
Xm 9m On tl
COKAOO, Feb. 10. "Tha defease fests"
wees taw words anokew by Jwdga Wing aa
Thomas CoughUa, Dan's brother, left the
ataad in the Cronia murder raw, after
UUlnc what he knew about the mrstert
loos Smith. This settled the question
among court attendant would Dan
OoughUn go oa the stand himself T It was
found that his memory was so bad reganl
iagtheevwnu he would be called upon to
talk about that to put htm oa the stand
would be aimplr to sacrifice him to the
prostcuUon. . There was a little prelimi
nary work done before Thomas Coughlin
was called, the state wanting to put a few
questions to a couple of witnesses for the
MrDaaaM aa4 WBal .
Rcniond SfacDnnald and Michael Whalen
were recalled, aad Officer Mac Donald was
asked bjr Uottura: "Did not Captain
Schuttler ask you in June, whether
you knew anything about the Cronia
No, sir, he did not. He asked me it I
was the policeman who called at Dinan's
to inquire if the white horse had returned
and I told him no."
Wben you were examined before the
fmtvl jury were yea not asked: 'Is there
anything else you know?' and did yon not
answer 'So't"
"I did."
Tmr the rfin C IssswackaseBt.
The valne ot this evidence, from the
state's point of view, was that although
McDonald had told CaptninSchnettlerend
the grand jury that he knew nothing of
the case, be testified foe the defense here
that he saw Cougldin at the Chicago Ave
nue station on the night of May 4.
Michael Whalen was called aad asked if
he did not state to the grand jury that he
had not spoken to Coughlin on the night of
May 4, and he said be did not remember.
On his direct testimony Whalen bad scid
he held conversation with Coughlin that
Ttaa's Brother aa the Stasa
Then the defense called Thomas Congn-
lin, of Hancock, Mich., brother of the pris
oner at the bar. Judge Wing interrogated
the witness, who said he lived in Hancock
and ras engaged in the livery business.
"Were you eugaged in the livery business
haw?" ,
"I was." ,
"Did a man In that year come to your
stable and did a conversation ensue during
which you gave bim a csruf
liottum objected to the question aa in
competent, immaterial and irrelevant.
The jury and the witness were ordered to
retire whue the objection was anrned br
the attorneys. Wing stated what he want
ed to prove by Thomas Coughliu, and
t hooch the state objected the judge over
ruled the objection.
A Lawyer WW Taald Dial Believe Ber aa
Osth ftasilh Iaaiatl.
The jury was called back, but before
Thomas Coughlin took the stand Lawyer
Whitney was railed by the defense and
identified a letter he had written to Judge
Wing in which be said be would not be
lieve Mrs. liaertel on oath. The state
brought out the fact that Mrs. Iloertel had
prosecuted witness for enibrsiding money
he collected for her. but Whitney explained
the matter creditably to himself and the
record of the case sustained his explana
tion. Thomas Coughlin was then recalled and
testified: "OnAprU 19, l!V, a man who
gave his name as James Smith crnme to
my stable at Hancock and hired a rig to
go over the hill, be said. He drove away
and returned in about two hours. John
F. Ityan was present and said: Why,
Conghlin has a brother on the police force
in Chicago; you ought to call on bim.' The
man said he would like to do so, and asked
me to give bim my brother's address. I got
one of my business cards and wrote my
brother's address on it and gave it to him.
John ltyan asked the man to say to Dan
tbat he bad seen him in Haucock and to
give him his regards."
"Describe this man Smith."
"He was about my height (about five feet
eight inches), dnrk complexion, with a
dark reddish mustache."
'Describe his eyes."
"fie was cross-eyed."
Witness said be did not know Martin
Burke and had never seen him. He did not
know whether Burke had called on John
K. Ityan in Hancock in June, l&V. When
Burke waa arrested in Winnipeg he said
be bad come from Haucock, wberd he
knew John . Kyaa.
On the crmMxamiaation Mr. Bottum
questioned the witness mainly as to bis
vuuts to Chicago ana whom be met here.
Nothing of importance was brought out
and the witness' statements were not con'
t indicted. When Tom Coughlin left the
stand Judge Wing said: "We rest, your
Xstlssal IHury 1 ataa.
Clevelaxd, Feb. 10. At the meeting of
the National Dairy Union a plan to secure
the co-operation of butter and cheese deal
ers throughout the United States in secur
ing legislation favoriug the dairy interests
of the country, was discussed. It was de
cided to bring every influence to bear fa
voring the passage of the Hill bill giving
polios control of every fraudulent food
product. H. M. Antes, of Yrrmoot, waa
elected pturidoat and D. P. Ash bam, of
Nebraska, secretary.
Ma Revival.
AXCOXA, Ilbk. Felt. 10. A remarkable
revival has been ia progress here ia the
Aacnoa Christian church since Jan. 1.
Elder K. J. Wright has been carrying on
the work without the aid of any other
ministers aad has baptised all the con
verts. Oa asvsral occasions the ice, which
waa very thick, had to be cut ia order to
accomplish the purpose. Over oae hun
dred persona have beta, eoaverted
KCTaXXKO, Pa., Feb. 10. C. A. Belt.
fried, the
I railway builder.of Albany.
K. Y aaye Be baa placed aa order for
ave amuesei bum wtta taa Tom Johnson
eemaawy.ef Jooastoa.Pa. ThJseomnaav.
hwaeid. gave aim prioas fcLIO cheaper per
toe than those offered by the Carnegie
cornjan j,
a aa riisiB. Bat asKaoww
i sisal's rakr. Who 8w
aniesa. Ika, Save Btai
Dm ass! Hellrs That
mm Piftuss Bests.
fCie eea aaala fee a Ceaale of St.
Lewis Newspaper Clerks.
t. Locis, Feb. 10. The crank's latesi
dlvcrtisemeat ia this city took a new aad
asngerous form when aa attempt waa
made by a French woman suffering from
aa at tack of lunacy to shoot two of the
counting -room force of The Post-Dispatch.
Clerk Adolph Smith, standing at the re
ceiving counter was first, and all unawares
waa attacked by the woman, who alternat
ed to aae a pistol upon him, but was un-
aoie to get tt clear of ber skirts to firs.
he then, as Smith dodged below the
counter, turned upon W. E. Winter, an
other clerk, ami snapped her weapon twice,
but the cartridges tailed to explode. Be
fore she could make another attempt
Winter leaped over the counter and arrest
tag the pistol from her gave her into police
custody. At headquarters she gave ber
name as Mrs. U. A. lierrot. Her reasons,
when asked. werebut incoherent mumblings
about insult.
Bat Their Death Ma a lag WaoaV
NflBWALK. O.. Feb. 10. A terrihla Mi.
deat occurred at Boughtonville, this coun
ty, i nree men were sawing wood with a
portable mill on the farm of Isaac Atyeo,
when the boiler exploded. Mack Atyeo,
i rarmer, was instantly Killed and
his brother Vrnwp Atvm
were fatally injured.
Wbsa Baby wasilck, we gave ser cartncla.
Wbea nbe was a Child, she crird far Csj&oria.
KTbea She became Mas, she dung to Castocia.
Wbea the had ChUdrea, she savetbem Castor'
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Pitcher's Casteria.
Children-Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Testimonial ot Miss M. Chambers of
Peoria, 111.
Well and Happy.
- --C
Poris. 111.
Mj trouble commenced with
Catarrh. It settled on my Bronchial
Tube and Lungs. I 'had nine
hemorrhages in 20 days. My lungs
would pain me so at times I could
hardly stand it. I read of the suc
cess of the Thysicians of the Scott
Medical Institute. I took their
treatment sent by express. I never
was at their office, but I am Crutt.
This was IS months ago. I have not
had any bleeding of lungs since and
have gained S3 pounds.
A burning pain behind the breast
bone, shooting pains through chest,
stitch in the side, tenderness in the
upper part of chest, cough tickling
or burning of throat. Breath short
on exertion and of a wheezing sound,
tightness across chest. Toss of
strength and flesh, night sweats,
mucus sometimes streaked with
These are the prominent symptoms
of Bronchial Catarrh. It can be
cured if the Lung Tissne is not
' Medical Institute.
2S1 Brady street, Davenport, Ia.
Over Axekicax Expkem Co.
SPECIALTIES Catarrh, Eye, Ear,
Xose, Throat, Lungs; Nervo'us dis
eases. Skin diseases, Chronic dis
eases. OFFICE HOURS: 9 to 11 a. m., 2
to 4 p. m.. 7 to Bp. m.
On Sundays the office .will be open
from 9 a. m. to 12, 2 to 4 p. m.
Jolm Voile 5c Co,
Suk, Doors, Bliada. Siding, Iloariax
Aa an kjais at esa wm far ba lder.
. Bfl.ThvJaBiresrth
Hood's Cures
EliCer ,7oel IT. Austin
Tension attorney at Goshen, IniL. and for SO
years a Baptist missionary minister, suffered
for years with swclitas ot the limbs, very pain
ful, aad nu:r.b at times. After txkios six bot
tle of nail's SrjsapnriTla there has not bscn
any sv.cll.ng of Iwt or linihs. He also snfTcrei
wiih catirrh. aud says: "SInre trykii Hood's
Sars.;i(r.lla tho isin In my head fia stopped
a: xl 1 u posiuvc of perfect cure. 1 recommeol
Hood's SarsapariSIa
3 many, nnd si least a dozen are taldns It from
nuiictai' lu cCJca oa lac" J. II. ArsriN.
HOOD'S PlLLS tba ben Kfter-dlnnat
Will, t tint glj;a.ua.cuo hf hcIicms. Inabaa,
Knra Iujd iouktt. f
In the Cir-r.lt Coart c f miM Bock Island coaLty,
to I he May t-rm A. I. ls-l.
BkA l-lnn1 Savirc hani vs. Jiha H. Kcv
no'l. a tn P. Ke.uold, Jr.. Lncy M. C'taan
roa, Bm KFTnold. Amanda K-yr.oMs and
Ben KrToW, in rlianc r-. .e- '1 o" sail.
Affidtirit of son-rv.Mence of 4ohu H. ReT
tmld" Biiba P. KeynnM-, Jr., Brr.y Nt:nold
and H n Iteynold. tinTlt-Hded wi'h tte above dc
ft ndaiita. I ncy M. C'liaunon and Amanda Key
Lo.Uf, having hea Sled in tbe clerk '(
oQica or the clrcn't ronrt of aH eoun
. notice ia Ibtrc'ore be'eba given lo
Ilie tad non-reid nt dnfrntlanta tbat the
con-.pl In-nt 6J In the eletk'a efti-e its bill of
emnplaitit in .aid emiri, on the chancery side
thereof on thr TTtitlo.t(i d of oeceraber,
A. I , and lhat a ummotia hw been iss iod
out ot said court, wherein said.nit ia now pend
ing, rtt:nn::h'e iu the first Momiay in the
mouth of May nc. aa in by l.w requires.
Nw. unless you. the said Don roidi-til dc
fenrtani. above rnnuil, John II. k-yixld.
Fl-shs P. Fcyno'l-, Jt Hcsry l(cyno!(l and
B n Koynnld. al.all pervonally be and appear be
fore 'd circuit court on the Crt day of the next
term 'h.enf, X be bo'cVn at liork lasnd in
and for the Md county. n tt.e firwt Vonoar in
ay next, and rl ad. at.wcr or denur to the
raid romp'amant'a bill of complaint, tbe atm
aud the ssartcro and thlrc llirmn charared
and ta ed i!l be 'aven aa ennrerod, and a d
cree etin-red againa: yoa aiconiin lo tbe pmjer
ol said bilL
&Kk Island. Min i. Fob. i. ISM.
JarKSoa & nrrt.T, t'ompt. sl.
m.tvrr.RY .onct:.
Intlie Circnit conrt of fa'.d county to tha Hay
term, A. I). 1U4.
Ro-kl.'and Sadtur Bnk vs Joha n. Rctr.olis.
KH.ba P. Itt-yrM,!!!. Jr.. Lnry M . t liannon,
Itct-ey Ttvyi-o d. Amanda K,ynol and Ben
Kcmoldis -tirnorJ o.:i S in i lnucery.
AfBwritof nrn-r ide-oI John II. heynolla.
RlMiia I'. Krynoldr, Jr.. Betsey Keyno d. and fen
lti y. Id., r.p isdi d sltn tie alxis'c i efcndints
LuryM. t'bannon n.l Ani tnda K-yrolda bainr
s ri fi'ed m ilie e'erk'p oftire of the circnit court
of .id count, n.itice ia thcre'ore sre'rinven
to the .a d nonrtsifetit deferUsmht the com-
l l nam Olt-d in the clerk oifl e it bill uf oni
pla'nt in .iirl court, ot the chaiccrv etdr th re-
', m ne m. h day ri lecA mtcr, A . I . isss and
flint a .utnmon. n.a been le-ntd oat of raid cont
frhe-n-tn ai unit tktm pr nunc, rctumabis on
tbe fir.t -M-.cdnT in Hit uionib of May oext, a I
!y 'n required.
Nw. 1.1. lie. yon, the fa'd on-rc!dent defen-dar-ta
anove tamed. Jo!in II Itcvnold.. Eli.ha P
hcyno'dn. Jr .lie ey Kryno.and te:i l! vnH.
.nan veowirany ne atxi a-t-er btfora the sale
ctrvuit conn on the fiivt cay f the next
tfrm th-reof, t lie h'.lucn at Kor.k If land i
rnl for .aid corntf. on the fr-t WttiI In
lny next, and p'esd. answer tr demur to
th, aa'd rnmpli.r.nni's bU of eompiamt. the
fame and tu n-aiu r. and tl inrs tt.e-nn enctsed
anil Haled will be taken a ct nfc.e!, at.d a do
en-e anerei a.inrl yon according t j the pravcr
vi eaiu uui.
Eock Ialanrt.in..reb.nd. A. T.
r.OfGE VT. GSBLE, Clerk.
JarEooxJt hi a-T. toirpSl.
Waslxs iTsrythbg From a Tint
tilkHasaterdiief to Circes Tent.
. LiCCBrtarsaSpeda3ty,
No. 1724 Third Ave.
a. m. & l j. Parker.
Telephone No. 12 14.
A h&vx lUlLJjiT
la not complete
trithont an ideal
Combines every element of
beauty and parity. It is beaati
fying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and hatnlcss, and when
rightly used is invisible. A most
delicate and desirable protection
to the face in this rilrntf.
Inrirtepon hating the gamiiaa.
fj it is rat tan warwwaay y
Ses h.-,fw
:z m 1 mm 1
$2,7S0 Worth.
Sale begins Monday, Feb. 12.
Ladies, if you wish to buy and save money,
attend this sale.
Our embroidery. Sale continues, if you have
not seen them. You will be rewarded by calling
and seeing both Muslin Underwear and Em
broideries. Sale on second floor.
Klug, Hasler, Schwentser.
r 1 -7 1 nn 1 r r c - J c. r 1.
3 zianusti vv.
$25 in
To be absolutely given away.
How it will be done!
We have had made for us a number of keys,
ONE of which will open the heavy burglar proof
safety money box. We have placed in this box $25
in Gold, and on and after March 1, 1S94, each holder
of one of these keys will be permitted to try to un
lock and open the box. The person whose key opens
the box will be given the $25 in gold absolutely free.
How to Get a Key Every cash purchaser will
be given one key with each purchase, gratuitously,
and on and after March 1, 1S94. be entitled to try the
key to open the box. To the person holding the key
that fits the box, the contents will be given without
reserv e or conditions.
Cor. Second and Harrison Sts.
Telephone 207.
Molikr, Ills.
Uannlaclurers cl FARM. SFrilM AHD FREIGHT WAGOHS
fall sad ooaipleta tlae ol Platforat f.nl rl
Wastmtrate.otasparlora - arite.avhn
City JBus and Express Line.
TlepboM Book Island or H&rper Hotelt for 'baa or zpret
vagoii avnd yon will receive prompt attention,
TltragTUisUCB tt CPCICI1H. Prop-
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occuiiu 01., uavcupun.
Wagon Co.
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iUBTB SIF.SCN . AOmuuIs 1aisla. Caacacu
s UUuear dtais 301 12th st

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