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Valentine's Day.
CunCdUdY, i cu. i-r.
Cor. Brady
and Second St.
Is Selling
The Prettiest
At the
Low Prices
Harned, Purse
d VonMaur.
he Insurgent Admiral Ser
iously Disabled.
Strenuous Efforts Being Made
to Save Him.
Fire at the Bath. Me.,
Iron Works.
rouble at the Illinois Central
Shops in Chicago.
Rio Jaxkiho. Fel. 13. Admiral
Dasama was serionslr wounded in
the neck ami arm dunn? the Imttle
t Armaceo triclar, and strenuous
efforts are Mnsr marie to fare his
luc, much fear being felt as to his
Ktrlkera Make Troable.
Chicago. Feb. IS. laborers in the
repair shops of the Illinois Central
struck tbis morning, and refused to
now any men to take their places.
The police were railed out to guard
property. Trouble is expected
Arrival la SafrtT.
Ciiicaoo, Feb. IS. Signals from
the 60 men imprisoned at the 4
mile crib announce the safetj of the
noats mat nave gone to tbe rescue.
Ia4W Slallea Wrerfceal.
Paris, Feb. 13. It is rumored the
police station at Hue Armand C'orrel
was wrecked by dynamite this morn-
rLtnoiTii, Pa.. Feb. 13. Thir
teen miners were imprisoned in a
cave-in this morning at the I lay lord
Oe.stamsat farces Raetra,
... w, ... a ... BMW J."
forces were defeated at Ombcr yes
terday. Three hundred were killed
Bath traa War in Dntrayrd.
Bath.. vje-.-rehw-13.Tho .Kail
iron works were destroved this
morning, with a loss of f 200,0CK.
alas AaSHMM far TraaMa.
allLWAl'KU, Feb. 13. Walter Sims, the
I. A. lecturer, lectured here. Mr.
Sim said be would return next month to
Kaukauua, where he was attacked by a
Btob. withahudyiruardof S.nnnA. I. A.,
IJMl fmra Milwaukee aud 1,(M from Osh
knah. Kvery awn. Mr. Snm said, would
carry a rub and there would lie Maud-bed
If MmT was any attempt niale to molest
blm attain, lie intended to notify Govern-
or Meek ol tbe time be would l in Hau
kauna, and M the governor rvfiixrd to give
ktm military prutectMMi be woul.l call on
his own friends to protect him if neces
Attaak aa Kagla- ra' iMrwm resspaay,
NEW York. Feb. 13. An action ha.
beaa brought in tbe supreme court KinM
IVtrT M. Arthur, iimtident of the Hnrtlnr-
kond of Locomotive Engineers' Mutual Ufa
Insurance asaociation, fur an inium-tiou
to restrain that aaviciation fnmi curryiuic
on business in this state. It is alleged
that tbe association baa never complied
with tbe inaurance laws of t 111 atate.
Kaidaaitc a Black IMphthrrla.
St I Feb. 13. A siwrial tu The lie-
public from Valparaiso, lud., says Wets-
ville, a town of l.tmu people, in cruzwl with
.MtiwMiit orw. an etuiletiiu? nf lil.uk
diphtheria which U carrying death in iu
aake. Tbe acnoois nave ueeu ciom-u anu
nti.rantl nm baa been eMtnliliHliMl
The first victim of the malady died within
tea hours after Deiiuc sincacu.
pseU.d Aaalaat Rlkrr
WAtunxoTOS. Feb. 13. Tbe cane of Car
roil D. Hiker of Chicago tocompcl the sec
retary of the trraaary to allot .ai,Mi,aju of
bunds bid for by Kiker was deciled agaituit
Dm petitioner, un cuurv muuuii iu imhuc
k. .ndimiu nraved for on tlie imuind
of lack of authority to do so on the show
ing made. Kiker says be will change tbe
petit too ana itream. n ajiuu.
Killed ay aa Klmtric Car.
ClXVtXAXD, O., Feb. 13. Kx -Judge
peter F. Young was struck by au electric
Motor at the corner of Im-n-rt and
Hrawnell streeU BOO asm I rum the effect!
.J him iniuries. Tbe deceaxeil wan well
known In local political and police circles,
having presided over tbe central police
court lor several years.
Carried On a Ca-a ReMer.
Imrn. Feb. 13. A novel robberr
-"- Two men entxml
the rUlvrrMoon resUnrant about midnight
Lit. ak. aukLw nllPfl In I k. ,
Ike room for a moment ana picked up tbe
ask fetrMer weighing l pounds and
tarried It off and eacapeu. Tbe amount of
--mH j asenred a not known.
BolTSE TCMtC, Ma, Feb. 13. -Mrs. Psal
u. iivlaa? foar mikm east of W
kw lnd Mr two child rea, aged S and
aan Ml taa bouse while she went to lbs
. . . . I .
aartaa POT WSSar. vm n irim. UK rVDBB
M g.ajr Tko bonse, witk tbe two
AUdraa and It conunts, was
It Bart,
texana. Feb. IS. Tbe Priaceaa 1
tktl J I nld daughtar of Prince Henry
at aamabwrff and Princets Beatrice, was
to the ground
able to walk to tha
after arriving there itU
Vaster ef a Catfcelle Chare
Dawa by Hla Aaanttaas.
BnnoKLTX, X. Y., Feb. 13. There wasaa
exciting time at St. Peter's Roman Catholic
church In this city, and tbe spectacle of
one priest asaaulting another on the alUr
canned a panic among tbe large congrega
tion which attended the mass service.
The pastor of St. Peter s is the Rev. Father
illiam J. Hill, a man of middle age,
while Father Patrick V. McDonald, a
young man of about DO years. Is his assist
ant. Tbe latter was the celebrant cf the
mass, while Father Hill was on the altar
as deacon. When Father Hill commenced
tbe reading of notices for tbe day. Father
McDonald, who was kneeling, suddenly
aroae, anu turning to rather Hill, said:
l ou can t apeak here." Father Hill wan
taken bysurprine sod whinnered to his
assistant to keep quiet, but the latter who
weighs -jno pounds, rushed at Father Hill
and knocked him down at the altar.
lather McDonald then nicked bv the
chalice and Father Hill attempted to take
It rrom bim. Tbe former dealt him a
low under tbe left ear which knocked
him down. Tbe startled congregation
were oy tuts time wild with excitement.
and several men in the front pews iumned
over the chancel rail and prevented Father
McDonald from committing further vio
lence. Sonic of tbe congregation bad in
the meantime run to tbe liutlcr Strert h ta
ttoo for asnintance and Father McDouald
was taken to the rectory ornxwite the
ennren and confined In lux apart menu.
V ord was sent to Ili.-hop McDonnell.
who directed Vicar General McXamara to
make an investigation. In the meanwhile
rather McDonald had become so violent
that it was evident be waniunane. Ijrter
he was removed to St. Peters hospital,
where it was found twwarr to detail a
policeman to attend him. Father Hill
said that he wan taken entirely by sur
prise, as r ather McDonaM had never be
fore manifested any signs of insanity and
be could not account for the sudden de-
raiigrnivut 01 nin minci.
Klot la a Tesaa Ckerrh.
HorsTox, Feb. IX A riot occurred in
the Salvation Army church. The preach
er in caustic language s sailed the men.
He followed up by reflections on the
women, denouncing as unchaste t hone who
uned powder on their faces. He defied the
audience to renent bis utterances, and de
clared his ability to clean out tbe houne.
F. 1- I'uderwood accepted the challenge
and wan bavmg tbe best of the light when
tbe whole army jumped on him. I'nder
wond's friends came to his rewrite and a
riot was tbe result. The police finally
uk puneesMon.
t'aagreaaauia Vrtlaoa III at Kaanas City.
Kansas ClTV Feb. IS. Congressman
William L. VUson of West Virginia
spent a quiet day in Lis rooms at the
C onlen bona and is resting exnily. Dr.
Porter, tkeirt ending physician, toid a re
porter, thtAate, Wilson is suffering from
follicular laryngitis. - His ailasaas in not of
a serious nature, tbe doctor stated, and
there wan no tenth in the sensational re-
ports circulated that he h dangerously ill.
Mr. ilsnn expecteil to leave for Mexico
Tuenday moruing. but acting on Dr. I or-
ler s advice be will not leave till a few
days later.
tireat tiale la Brltala.
Lommix, Fob. IX The clianuel and the
Britinh coast have again been sweit by a
heavy storm which has done much dam
age to shipping. A hurricane in the chan
nel detaiued tbe mail and pannenger
steamer at New Haven. The Dicpw
steana-r, which was due to arrive at New
Haven at 6 o clink in the morning has not
yet heeu sighted. N'umcroiin minor
casualties are reported and the telegraph
poles in many dirertionn have been blown
down, thun preventing the receipt of ac
curate information regarding nhipping dis
n.aargl with Fraadulcai Hanking.
Omaha, Neb., Feb. J. Yetzer,
president of tbe defunct Cass County
bank of Atlantic, la., won arrented at
Council DiuSn on a char.-e of fraudulent
banking. He has been staving at the
home of a friend in Council HlnHn for a
week while officers have lieen neamhiug
the state for him. Yetzer will be taken
to Atlantic. Fueling at Atlantic is very
high against him. At one time lyuching
was talked of. Yetzer is already under
t.VWJ bail on a similar cunrge.
Crew af the Keanarge Hafe,
CoUiN, Feb. 13. The crew of the United
States cruiser Kearsarge have been rescued
All are well and healthy. Only one man
wan drowned.
The old warship was abandoned on Ron-
cador reef with the stars and stripen still
flying at her peak. The steamnhip City of
I'aris, with tbe crew of tbe Kearsarge on
board, will leave this port New York on
M ednesday next.
Eight I' reach Firenea Killed.
PaIUS, Feb. IX A fire occurred in the
Ruede Qeuilly. While the firemen and
workmen were engaged in tbe basement
of tbe burning building a carboy of nul
phtiret of carbon exploded. The flames
completely enveloped the party. Eight
firemen were killed and seventeen work
men severely burned.
Miners Aeeeat a Btedactlaa.
CoUMBt'8, 0., Feb. 13. TbeOhio miners
adjourned, having agreed to accept re
duction of 'JO cents in the price of mining.
The Hocking Valley is taken as a basis.
the present rate there being cents a ton.
A proportionate reduction will be made in
all other dwtricta.
Fteaa raataey' Maraaa.
Leomtxhtek, Mass., Feb. IX Tbe fac
tory of Rice Holden. piano manufactur
ers, was burned. The building and its
contents are a total loss. Tbe Ions will be
between 130,000 and 7S.0W: fully Insured.
Cdltor afthe rahllc ladgar.
Philadelphia, Feb. ix The 'Public
Ledger appears now with tbe name of
George W. Childs Drexel at the head of its
editorial columns as editor and publis'jer
la place of the late tieorge W. Childs.
Fire at Catt's Anas Factory.
IIabtfobo, Feb. IX Fire destroyed a
hop of tbe Colt arms factory plant, and
burned up all tbe patterns of Gatliugguns
aad arms which were tored ta the attic.
Loss, tiao.000.
Dn Moists, Feb. 13 The dry goods ss-
tabuahaMBtof E. J. Kisser bomed.
Keeping the Memory of the Mar
tyred President Green.
All the Courts, FahUe Mlce aad Baake
CbnMdaa4 the Bay tilvea Over toMe
aerial Eaerclnen la Haaor mt HM
Abe" Tha Nehoet Chlldrea Carry Oat
Manlcal aad literary Fragnuaatas ta
Celearatlaa afthe Day.
Chicago, Feb. IX The anniversary of
Abraham Lincoln's birth was observed in
Chicago by tbe closing of nil the courts,
public offices, and banks, and tbe holding
of memorial exercises in many nbires
throughout tbe city appropriate to the
occasion. The seventh general celebration
mm pun rait taken in Ittib
was held at the Auditorium, where Dr.
Robert Mclntyre of Denver delivered the
principal addrens, which was followed by
niu-ical programme of some h-ngth.
M. K. Cole made an addrons at the Y. M.
C A. branch. No. TM Monroe st reet. Dur
ing the afternoon musical and literary ex-
errines were held in all of the public
schools in accordance with programmes
arranged by the principal and teachers of
each school.
By order of the board .of trustees the
I'niversity of Chicago Wan cliwed in honor
of the day. The ladien of the Illinois Wo
man's rVtldiern' Home nsnorialion held a
reception from 8 to 10 o'clock in the even
ing at 61 Iake avenue. Short addresses
on tbe life of Abraham Lincoln were made
by the Rev. W. J I. Burch of Arc vie Park
and tbe Rev. Dr. Hancy, followed by music
and recitations. The Knit Regiment Sons
of Veterans guards celebrated by attend
ing this reception and taking part in the
exerrisea. There was iMo a supner gotten
np by donation on the Mirt of nicnitwrs of
the auMociation. 1
E. A. BnrnsHle Post No. 109 celebrated
IJncoln's birthday at the Congregational
church in South Chicago, an.sited by Liu
coin ramp No. SI, Srsis of Veterans o(
rernwood. Kx-Governr John M. Ham
ilton delivered tbe addA-ss, hin subject be
ing "The ljfe and SeA iccs of Abraham
Lincoln." Memorial services were held at
tbe Armour institute. iThere were luusi-
cal selections and .ludjs- John Moses, the
Illinois hintorian delivefvd "IVntnnul Rec-
ollectionn of Abraham i Lincoln." Judge
Moses wan a pcmonal friend of Mr. Lincoln
during the war, and was well acquainted
with the characteristics of the martyred
president. '
The Bay at New York.
New York, Feb. IX The members of
the New York chamber of commerce and
other patriotic citizens commemorated the
birthday tx Aliraham Ijneoln by present
ing the committee in charge with tbe
fuudn for a new set of ilugn for the national
Bag pole at the Navenink highland and
to relieve the Columbian Liberty bull of
the balance of its debt. i
Treaty Mea la Beadly IVriU
MiLWAt'KKK, Feb. 13. The twenty men
who have lieen at work for several weeks
nMin the new intake tuuuel crib in Luke
Michigan off this city are routined there
by the U'lmflc blizzard which is now rail
ing. It in imiKMsibie to communicate with
them, ati much more impossible to take
them on; and great anprehension is felt
lest the fatal aceideut of a year ago may
be repeated. The .wind was Mowing a
gale of forty iriles au .hour aud the air is
full of blinding suow and sleet.
Flpe Line lnaadates a Vlilase.
Bt:FTAU, Feb. IX A sicciul from the
village of Doyton, Erie county, states that
the Standard Oil company's pipe line from
Bradford. Pa., to Buffalo burst in the
village. For bourn a stream of oil as
large as a man's arm shot into t he air a
dintance of thirty feet, flooding the sur
rounding territory for acres. The farmer
residents worked far into the night scoop
ing up the crude petroleum in buckets and
tubs and carrying it home for fuel.
fa? Gtore.
These Bargains
Have the Kind of a Bargain Ring to Them that
Shrewd Ones Love to Hear.
$10.00 Will Buy $20.00 Worth of Goods!
We have put on seperate tables all small
lots of suits and overcoats, and we offer
you the choice of the entire lot for
Not a suit or overcoat in the lot worth
less than $15.00. Come and see what
$10.oo will do lor you.
Big Gtore.
Louis rmouri,
(SsrcaMor to B. WESDTJ
Merchant -:- Tailor,
110 Eighteenth 8treet
PaVFlt and Workmanship Guar
an toed the Best
Cie&Liog and Bepairing Done.
Is Life
Will cars yes and kaee you well.
For mi st Harper Hons, rasmary.
csa M at s
oa ? 0 g 1
if o!
Our Popse Io
is to let everybody who bays clothing that's mil Man
kind here about know that our suitings are in. and
that the finest ever displayed in the dry. Ton are res
pectfully Invited to call and see the latest in patterns
and styles, in fall and winter wear.
J. B. 7TT.rr.TTre?-
Call and leave your order
f tab Block Oppostxs Havpsb House:
Cracker Bakery,
The Fashionable
Has the most replete line of new patterns in imported
and domestic suitings in the city.'
1707 S!C3n AVC:i.
The Young America
saixple noon
And All-Nlght Lunch Counter.
Contractor and Builder
Dlue Front.
Blue Front.
cRjiciinn co
ciuxo i ess a tzv
Ask Toer aeaesr far 1
Tbe Christy -Orema" sad CktM
Merehant Tailor
S10 CmateraCi Ct.
r srf wra. 410 fetenfia attst

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