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"Picturesque America." j
Coopoa am Page S.
vol. xm PO 146.
Newest Things
Best Shades
Lowest Prices
19c Each:
A window shade, six
feet lonr, linen fringe,
spring rollers, in all
color?, with fixtures
complctconly 19c each
J7 l-2c Each:
A vahable spring rol
ler window shade, lin
en fringe, in all colors,
with fixtures complete,
en!y .;;,'-:c each.
Our events'
I urn is h ng
' In the front part of
store 1 has become a
vvry important one in
cur store. Our large
line of new gents' fur
nihings is complete in
every detail, and we
feel confident thatwith
the low prices which
prevail in this depart
ment, as in all parts of
the store, we will be
able to please the most
fastidious young man
in this vicinity. Here
are a few items:
K' rular S'jc white shirt 4 for
59c Each.
Silk :atct hatM'H, sat
' L . . . .
17c Each.
H; iT'-a four-in-hand
J2'.;. 15 and iSc Each.
25c Each.
95c Each.
j 'iuiirant...,! f:i,t block nock-
ioc a Pair.
K;u!r .nl.Tfil upcn lent .
35c a Pair.
Van del volon-d shirts
5Sc and Upwards.
T"nni shirts, all qualities
"'! prices
A vmh- lar-e line of summer,
ties ....
5c and Upwards.
Cor. Second and Brady
Breckenridge-Pollard Case
Nearing an End.
The Plaintiff Again on the
Stand Today.
Emphatic Contradictions of
the Colonel's Allegations.
False, a Thing as
He Ever Said."
The Strike in the Pennsylvania
CjOke Regions.
AMI Aii:tv AWil.tP Midi Prl.
lar(t tCstiliotl trfiilnv- villi. Alniih!l4i4
hich made an." nltvious impression
IS to the ennt rmlinlinr ovitlonpp of
Hreckenriilgc that she had ever ad
mitted ilimrmwr intimncv with
Uhodes. !She clinched one of her con
tradictions liv sftvitifr rhit's n
Talne a statement" as" ever he ever
Mrn to le ovr.
PlTT-.Hl-INI Artril C. Tl.n IxwL linnn
of the strike in the Connelsville ( oke
repion is undoubtedly broken. Many
ic running ana many moie
. ,iu 1 ui tomorrow. J ne leauers
f the strikers sav as soon as the men
recover from fright and confusion
caused by the arrest of the officers.
ne strike will be renewed with more
ijjor than ever.
Three Murderer Hmncrd.
N'F.Wl'ORT. Art- . Auril f. Urmlv
Wyrick and Hill, convicted of shoot
ing Conductor McNully, while rob
bing a train at Olenli.int Inst Novem.
ber, were handed tbis morning.
Telecrupblc ltrlelt.
I)r Churivs K'.rli".. who :. u iiu'i:i1ht of
the KoclutiT '.V V., 'Vitliolivicu; society,
a well us of a clmrcii in tlmi citv. to'iud
upon f Xittniiii lit; the dres ol ;i i-ommuniou
cup tiioiitrli microbes to cuminuuicate
twt-uty d:lUiviit kinds of diveuse.
Hull of .Missouri in exiiiiimins the ren-
sou for tlie bill to tax Krwiiburk- suys ilmt
banks are lioi-rd:ni tlmt kind of iimurv to
tvade tnXHtiou auil passing hundit-s of it
Irom one tiunk to auoiher just, al:t-aduf
tlie assessor.
The Arlington mill ai Wilmington.
Del., will resume o;ienitioiis ntxt ilouduy.
g. vim; employment to jm ImuiU.
Eliler Kphraiiu Wilc.ix is ilifilinc a cave
tear Black Kivee ftl, -Ui, m i1uU lie
bojies to lie mtved when bis neinliUirs shall
be destroyed by an overwhelming disaster,
which be thinks isabout due. llv suys the
unrighteous laughed ut Noah, but that
Ximb lauihed la-u
Obituary: At Kairbury. Ills., William L
tackpole. ai-d tT; at Kvantun, ilrs.
Hculieu Johnson, ut Oregon, Wis., John S.
t r.iry, wivd '.
Miss Marie Outhwaite, of lie I'ere. Wis..
has passed au examination as au mj't rt
drummer lK-foro the jury appointed by
1 Ueo Jore Thomas. She is only S years old.
AildrewM-il ly Arrlitiisliv Ireland.
New VoKK, Ajiril 3 The New York
commundery of the Iyal Legion n;iv
the second of its yearly series of live din
ners at Di'lmonico's with Archbishop Ire
land of St. Paul as its guest of honor.
At the conclusion of the diiim-r Arch
bishop Ireland spoke most entertainingly
for an hoar and a baif 0:1 the duty and
value of patriotism, making the cine ad
dress of the evening.
Irelilential Nomination.
Washington. April i The presi
dent has sent the following nominations
to the senate. Hu'iert Calvert of Wiscon
sin surveyor of custom for the port vi
h t'nisse. Wis : Second Lieutenant I. I)
Lot l.rulue, Second cavalry, to lie first lieu
tenant. I'ostmasters Kd ward C Holt,
AuitmoM, la.; Charles S. Scott, t'urming
ton, la.
iBTeatleatlun of J mis'- .Irnkins.
WasIIINGToS, April 0. lioatner's com
mittee to Investigate Judge Jenkins' anti
strike injunctions, bus decided to start for
Milwaukee next Saturday night, begin
ning the invent imit ion on the following
Monday morning.
for Monetary Confe retire.
Washington, April 0. Caminetti, Dem
ocrat, of California, has introduced a joiut
resolution authorizing the president to
invite the uations of the western hemis
phere to m conference on the liuuuuial
Arrested for Stli,lng the Outer.
SriUNGFUXD, Ills., April ti Ieno Klce
ino has beeli arresteil here for passing
counterfeit dollars and quurter dollars,
several of wbi'.-li were found on bis per
son. Voting ltenult. in a Tie.
Pltmoutu, Wis., April 6. The vote for
the two candidates for mayor was a tie.
Lots were cost by the common council,
and v illuini Laeuiunn, Republican, aue-
Know Tnjself.
L'ow ImpottS'it this inj inctlun ts cv ry jtv.ng
man! Bow many rain their hcilth and future
hspp'o'M through per Icions practices 10a-
tractcd la lffaor4t.ee, an 1 repvntel of when too
late. Psreuts, guardl ins and htunantarians can
do bo belter ser oe to the risit g cenerotion thnn
tJ pis' la their baud the information snd warn-
IntscJntaincl In a little imiK curjfu ly prepare 1
by an afsxlation of medic 1! gentlemen, who
biTe I'a4 root cxwlnc la d.-aiiiig mith tbe
irrave mal idle bare hinted at, and who feel that
they owe It 10 humanity to warn the yonnp of the
Ian J against certain dvsttuttive babim which am
far more prevalent than any layman can jioHlliijr
ItnsclDcand wblcn. IfpersHtrd In. Erjduallv no
d ermine tbe con'titution snd hcilth and dctroy
thefalarebappine-scf Uiavlcllm. Cat ont tbi
ahm and IneloM wits 10 cents in slamna tin
l otae) to World's Dlpenarjr Medic tl A.-o-cat
on. an Main street, Buffalo. H. Y., and the
hank will be ant. secat Horn onserratioa In a
iBlaiaasalfd eavcloiM..
American Slatenien Say It I Inferior to
lh Senate Measure.
Washington, April .-The .English
bill to give effect to the Paris agreement
on tbe Itering seal fisheries does not itive
entire satisfaction nt tbe Canitol.
liuvis ol the commit tee on foreiitn relations t
said that the bill was inadeoimto 1
dot not go as far as the bill which ns.sl
me senate looking to the prevention f
seal poaching. He pointed out that the
English bill provided a niaxiniati penalty
of t'.'.riOO forfeiture for an off. n. u.r,,;,,.
stipulations. "It may," he said, "be made
as low as t.V.. He took snm ial exeer.iio..
to the clause providing that the act shall
not lie enforced against any vessel which
may have sailed previous to the publica
tion of the act. ,
"The fact is." said the sennto4
the Pacilic is covered with Cauadi'tutalr!
iug vessels w hich, it w ill be found,' -hr-il
s.hkmi in time to evade the provision
the treaty, and the effect of the legislation
will be to give the Canadian sealers nn
ot Iter year to devastate the herd."
Senator Davis said the inadequacy of
the Kngiish legislntion could have no in-
Iltieiice upon this countrv. as it. is ,,r
duty to proceed i u our owu way to exe
cute the treat v.
SUIT FOR $12,000,000.
The Money Cluinieil to Have Kern Fraud
ulently Appropriated.
ColXMRTs, O.. April .A suit was
instituted iu the court of comnio'u ideas
of this county by the Central Trust
pany of New York to recover about SI:.'-.
(MO.OOO from the former management of
the Columbus Hocking Valley and To
ledo railway. The plaintiff represents
the holders of SS.otKl.ooo of the bonds of
the railroad company which were issued
in It: to double-track and otherwise im
prove the road. It is now claimed that
the proceeds of the bonds were fraudu
lently appropriated to their own use by
the officers ol the company. The suit is
instituted against Stevenson ISurk. the
estate of Charles Ilickox. Will
Hitchcock and others of Cleveland, John
W. Kilis, Wallace C. Andrews ami others
of New York; the estate of Ctiauncey 11.
Andrews of Youngstown and the estate
of M. M. Greene of this city. The suit is
the outgrowth of one of similar proceed
ings iu New York.
ircwiiue Kflirs of the Crime Produced
in the Court Itoom.
M.l:S!IAl.LToWX, la., April C The tak
ing of testimony in the Wiese murder
trial l.as begun. The county surveyor,
coroner and sheriff were examined. They
minutely and graphically described the
scene of the murder, the character of the
wounds indicted, the inquest Und subse
quent autopsy on the body, peculiarity of
hairs found in the dead gill's baud and
the arrest of Mrs. liennet, with circum
stances pointing toward ber guilt. A
bloody club, tbe corset of the murdered
girl, and the apparently bloodstained
uuist of Ibe accused mu-h exhibited io
court, producing a profound effect ou the
vast a.ulieuce. The defendant still main
tains ber inflexible attitude, evincing
neither agitation nor cone -ru duriug the
most thrilling recitals of the girl's horri
ble butchery.
Another Koiub lliphmlon at 1'arijt.
I'Altls, April C Another lniuib explo
sion occurred here near the senate cham
ber The bomb was placed iu a flower
box ou the wiudowsill of the restaurant
Foyot. Hue Yauguriad, opposite the
senate chamlnT. The bomb exploded with
a tremendous report and shattered all the
witiduws of the restaurant, besides break
in the windows in a number of ctiier
buildings. M. Tailladc, an artist, and a
'aily friend were injured by the explosion.
The artist loses one of bis eyes and the
lady is badly hurt. One man has la-en ar
rested, but the Hlice are not sure be is the
l:low to the Whisky Trust.
CllIcAuo, April 0. Judge Gibbons has
rendered a decision in the whisky trust
quo warranto proceedings. The decision
wiis adverse to the trust. .Sometime ago
A,f,ir,iev Getieml Aialoliev f i I ... 1 ill f. irtini
tion for quo warranto proceedings against
the trust. The trust tiieu tiled pleas al
leging that the attorney general s m for
mation was iustitbcieut. The attorney
general filed a demurrer to the pleas and
this demurrer the court now sustains. The
trust may appeal from the decision or file
a new plea.
Fate of Two Negro Murderers.
Sklma, Ala., April . A gentleman
from Autauga county reports the linding
of the bodies of two negro men floating
iu Mulberry creek, aliout nine miles from
S'-'lma. The two were tied together with
a rojie and their ears were rut off. They
are believed to have been the murderers
of Mrs. Jessie llucker iu Clinton county
several weeks ago. One of the bodies was
identified as that of a deserule negro who
lived iu Chilton county.
Shiloh Itattlelield Association.
Paducaii. Ky., April tt. The Shiloh
Battlefield iibsociutiou arrived here at 4
p. in. Tell thousand people welcomed the
distinguished visitors. Hub. M W. ling
ley. General McCleru.-iud and General Lew
Wallace Hioke. The parly weut up the
Tennessee river for Pittsburg Landing.
Tbe object of the association is to visit
Shiloh field und demonstrate that some
statements in history ure erroneous,
fctmninetle in Wheat.
Chicago, April 6. There was great ex
citement in the wheat pit on the board of
trade. May wheat cqieued wild at W;Z
cents and broke to C-Jb cents, when the
longs sold out. Then the bears oversold,
and talk of rain being deuied, a regular
stampede occurred before tbe close, when
May wheat bounoed to Mii cents and J uly
to CT.l ceuts, Tbe closing price was Go
liurglar Shot IH-ad.
Wausaw, Iud., AprU 6. - George Weir
ick, a merchant at Palestine, near this
city, shot and instantly killed a man who
w us trying to gain entrunce to Weirick's
store lor the purpose of robbery. The
dead burglar is unidentified aud is sup
posed to be a tramp.
Qaiet in the Coke Krgions.
fMOSToWS, Pa.. April . All is quiet
in the coke regions and tbe belief is gen
t0tX that the violence has exhausted itself
and the strike is broken.
Rests in the Case of
the Colonel.
Called br the Defendant's Attorneys She
llevelops a Slip of Memory u to a Name,
Apparently Two Witnesses Testify That
Those Kentucky Imposition Are Impos
sible of Truth The Proprieties at tile
Wraleyan Seuiiuary That Cook.
Av Asm ng ton, April 6. The defense in
the Breckinridfje-l'ollard case called Mad
eline Pollard and asked ber about the birth
of her second child, born, according to ber
testimony, Feb. S, ISVj. She said that ac
cording to ber promise to the colonel she
only held it in her arms two bours. She
gave it the name of Pietz Carlyle, having
been reading Carlyle at that time, and
pinned a mite to that effect on its clothing
before sending it to a foundling asylum.
Then Mrs. i Lidtlie, who hud been matron
at the asylum referred to in lss, produced
the record of the asylum for that year,
contnininithe slip of p.iper pasted iu the
Look, showing that the child's name was
to be Diet "Downing." Ti e baby died in
April, is
l'rottocution l.egins Impeaching.
For some reason the judge wouid not
admit the book as evidence, although the
slip of paper was in the mother's hand
writing presumably, as it said: "P.ease
Lame 'my'Xiaby." etc. After proving that
no return of a birth in February. IS-. baj
been made by Dr. Mary Parsons, the
physician in tbis alleged case, the defense
rested and the prosecution introduced Dr.
William A. Coweu, cousin of Madeline,
and Charles Sawyer, another relative, who
swore that Madeline had !eeu at Pitts
burg from ltiTti to IPSO, and at Lexington
from lsso to lsS) two periods when wit
nesses for the plaintiff bad sworn she was
frequently the inmate of u bouse of ill
repute at Lexington and nt no time dur
ing these years could she have ls-en where
defendant's witnesses bad testified she
bad been. ,
Mrs. llrown's Hook Admitted.
Mrs. Mct'leilaud lirown, wife of the
former principal of the Wesleyau semin
ary, hearing a large book, took the stand
and Was jiibotit to refer to this volume,
stating that it was the school record, when
the defense objected, but Judge lirudley
admitted the book, lu brief she swore
that young Indies at the seminary were
not permitted to see young men alone at
all and never more than twiee a week. This
was to impeach Hor-sell's testimony.
Madeline was bright but not tlei p, she
thought, jbut won a not.lMe victory at
school considering her s outh.
li. l.oell Asaiu on the Stand.
Next came Mrs. Lowell, the type writer,
who swore that ltrei kiiuirige bad cot ber
to copy letters to his "D-jar Sister Louise,"
and she was allowed against the protests
of tbe defense, to state tiie sulistanee of the
-letters sfc- eopied, notwithstanding the
fact that :ie letters were not iu court. The
sulistanee was that lireckinridge "spoke
of the greut disp irity between their uges,
of bis great love for her. and I think used
the expression that be never knew two of
the same family of such different uges
who loved each other so well. That was
the tenor of the whole letter and of other
similar out which followed it."
Ami Now Here Comes the Conk.
Mary Jauccy, tbe. cook, whose work
lireciuridgc is alle4lfo have promised,
and told her that wlatv lie and Madeline
went to housekeeping Im teamed said cook
to work for him, next appeared, and she
swore it was all true. She had also seen
the work basket and saw the colonel with
Mrdeline wl.eu the latter was sewing
with the basket alongside of ber.
Arter His Marriage to Mrs. W inB.
She had also seen lircckiuridge caress
and kis' Madeline. The point of the tes
timony is that the period was after the de
fendant bail married Mrs. Wing. The last
w itness of the day was MissMinear, who
wore that Madeline was in Washington
in August at a time the colonel bud j worn
be tlid nut see ber.
Purify the blood, tone the nerves.
, an" Ul ' c Kironjjtu to
the weakened
taking Hood's
org-ans and lod v
Sarsaparilla now.
Seven Per Cent
The following- is a partial list of
completed pilt-edetl first mortg-a;re
loans on hacd, which vc now offer
for Bale subject to previous selections
for their face and accrued interest.
These loans have been -carefully se
lected by us, aud are first-class in
j every respect. They are all seven
per cent net to the investor. We
have other loans to offer if these are
not in amounts to suit the investor.
their tth
of .SVcuriy
Amount p,r
$ 350 (10 7 fi
8d0 HO I 7 5
315 00 7 5
1,500 00 7 5
450 00 7 5
1,000 00 ' 7 If,
200 00.... 7 15
500 00.... ' 7 5
2,200 00 ... i 7 '5
1,400 0d i 7 ;;
1,000 00 j 7 5
1.600 00 ' 7 i5
2.000 00 7 i,5
Ti mt
-:0 00
1.500 00
1.500 00
3,000 00
4.060 00
3,500 O0
1.S00 00
1.500 00
4,000 00
2,500 00
2,000 00
3,200 00
5.720 00
The securities we offer are -especially
adapted for the investment of
trust funds, as our personal atten
tion to all details of the loan, from
its date to its maturity, relieves the
mvestor irom all annoyance, except
m pemju, ins coupon to us for col
lection. For further information
call at the oflW of
Masonic Temple.
Supt. Loan Department
6, 1894.
Big Store.
When you're ready to "shake" your winter duds we're ready to
serve you. We have added a new feature to our line of clothing.
These pants will be made to your measurement guaranteed to fit,
or don't you take them. About one hundred patterns to select
Underselling Everybody
On Everything.
Largest and
Big Store.
Louis Hanssen's
213 and 215 West Second Street,
Davenport, Jowa.
Dealer in Garden. Field and
Flower Seeds. Fresh, pure
and reliable of the highest
class, for the
Market Gardener,
Private Gardener
And the Farmer.
Lawn Grass, Timothy, Clover.
A complete stock of Seed
Drills, Cultivators and gar
den tools of every descrip
tion. A full line of the cel
ebrated Planet, Jr., tools.
Also berry box material
fresh stock.
Louis llanssen.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer,
213 and 215 West Second St.,
Davenport, Iowa.
O go
H as h e
J -c
oq -m t 9 i
W ! I
Made to order for the small sum
finest store, and by far
It is a Feat
Same as above in russet, 6 button, etc., only $3.25.
See them.
Gentlemen, we are showing the handsomest line of
men's shoes in the tri-cities, in russet or patent leather
5-button, and the "elite" toe.
162? Second Ave.. Under Rock Island House.
Blue Front.
i $4
the largest stock in Rock
Blue Front.
. . We Can and Do . .
Look here for $3 ladies
tan and black imitation lace
Ladies' fine vici kid boot,
patent tip, narrow square toe,
long vamp, very stylish.
A LEADER $3 buys a
6-button, wrinkled vamp, fine
dongola shoe, a very hand
some shoe.
DEU S11E5 o
E. F. DOttN,
The New Merchant Tailor.
1823 B1C0ND AVE.
BarpwHoia Blosk.
. i.

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