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IMPM ! a. 1
ypiTxUI. NO. 162.
How to Dress Prettily
"Though your purse be
ne arly t mpty." Come to
the Huston Store any day
this week the earlier in
the week the better. Ex
ceptional values. The
cream of the stock to be
sul J at greatly reduced
;;.m v;i'"'W rro pla'uU, copied
fr in in:p'rii"l patterns, at He a
liii-inrh mixture nt i'"n' a vanl:
! l-.k-K'k.- i !t n tT.
I :!'"im h .latin-towns, wear ami
I -lu-t r-i t : nr fahrics. .'7c a yard.
I .'.i-irh bulii-x rlotli. regular
iprv" T ic: reduced to .ITJe a yanl.
j' -;Ti.-h l:nlir' rlotlt. regular
I pr '' . rfluffl i I tc a yaril.
r. i, wnfieil suitings, ;up
f.i''ss. at t a yaril.
n i i w i.rti'i diagonal suit-;n.-.
narked to soil at i'.c, at I'M'
n li Ip-nrift ta. leautiful
r I. iiar for years, at
:7'a var I: HOG (itialitr.
.!'''.inc!i all wnal nov-!tTc,5??A(P
ju:i!itv. he (i I for 'JVc a
ir.! : :i l:.pt- variety.
.:: w.im French cballics at
i' ! i i.r.l.
A!! u ...i l'r.titli llanoels at 3ic
:i mr.l.
." ; -1 in-li a',1 wnol suitings at 55c
a unl.
A' ?'..-: licautiful checks
niark. .1 t.. ..li at I.
A: .!'.: .".t-iiirh Scoth -f-fi'i
s. !.;, i .M:ilin,
l.i-im h checks, silk
tii: x.-.I. !.-:, .iiality.
I'-ini'ti all wool hatistc re
vtTiai.ir g.n., 1 quality, at
.1 wool suitings, plain I
at .'Il'.'.c a rani. ,
a yar-i.
lil'-inril il
atiil tuitur.
A-nnrt'-l orated novelties, not
"i" W'Tth less than 1 tofl.1'5.
at s:i-- :i :trl.
Aborted i. rtcil nnvi-ltif.4. 85c
and $1 iiia',iti-!4. nt f.."e a yaril.
(-inch l'irian ii'.vclti-s, fl
' 1 ' 'J" : : r '-- t a yanl.
.'-ini-ii i-raw.m-tte serge at
;.-' and f I.T. a vard.
Iilack Goods.
"l-incli ilrajBTV ilt- F'aris at 15c
'tan I.
Hi-inch hmrictM. vert tine ami
'"'M. at t7t- a yanl. "
''-iin-h hoiicyrrinili, silk finish,
:l' a yanl.
11 ' li lani-town hlack swivel
a nrd.
N". 7 . i;-ii,ch hi nrictta. nilk
I - m h dye, at Kite a yanl.
"' li !iirmwiwi', K5c ciual-
,r.v- ' :-..-aynr..
('IlM'ii fitful irrr.. - ft tin
""il'l - l rt'aililvatji-, for67Jc
a rnr.l.
i-iri' li I'lurin WL rn..11iit
'r kirt ami ilrrs-n-s, at C'Jr a
'-ill' h I. lark tiiin vrilin"-.
'ry -loi r, nt :,i a yanl; rich-"-
ami font fort an- comMm-d
in this Lvautiful fal.ric.
I't-inrli aM.ntros. wt-11 worth
' at :c a yanl.
''-inch all wm.l lBCc rrcnailinc,
II -rth i. at 7'jc ayard.
Cor. Second and Brady.
The Hutte "Industrial" Chief
Seizes a Train.
He Loads IIis 475 Tourists
1 hereon.
Coming Cast at a Fifty-Mile
Warrants out for Hogan's
A Sheriff and Posse Out in
State Troops Sent Out to
Captured and After Battle
Resumes His Journey.
The President Calls Out Uni
ted States Regulars.
The Situation is Sensational
in the Extreme.
I.IVIM;st.X. Mont.. April 25. The innst
Itsjilioiiiil mid lit the Kiiiiic time Iuwli-
pror-v,li!iK lKlt ha 0 tnr iimrki-il ttie
t;.ixi'y inovt-niftit is the fi'iit of (Ji-ihtiiI"
ilounn. the ltntlt-r of the liiltte colitinuriit
ut Cuxryitm, in lireakiuK into the rotiml
Ihiiisc of the Nortlicrn l'Hritic railway at
that place, wizinn nn fnitiuc ami train,
manning tlii'ia from his own ranks and
ntnrtiiiK east nt the rate of fifty miles an
hour. Siu rilT L'imniw, of tliis plan-. Ills
Teceiveil a disp itcli from Cullen anil THle,
of ilfk'tui, atturticys for the Nor! hern
I'.icflc instructing liim to arr-t '(cm-sal"
llo'.in on the clinru of lam-ny of a Nnrtli
eru l'lirifir truin nml a warrant lias
lieen sworn out ly the company's local
attorney. Siiperiutemk-iit i'lini lias Inlt
in his private car, going east. There is
consi ilrrtihle excitt ment in the city over
the coming; of the army ami it was waited
with preat interest.
Arrlvrtl Sn( ly nt Livingstone.
The i.miy was ilclayi-il seeral hours at
T.nilH-rliue, fouUeen miies wu-st of Living
gafHtokMMaaMWIsi the -tumid. Mil nft
distan-'e this side of Tiir.herline, hut they
got through there. Such tr: IIi-s as ruiiuinu
ortli rs did not deter the Coxi y liripide.
nml from t!ie time they left liutte until
they rai-hcd I'ozeman the ollitials were
kept in a fever of anxiety lest a collision
should occur. The army, iiumhering 475
men, (cached Livingstone yesterday ufter
nixm, and a sii'.iscription foritsliem-lit was
taken up ami the money, meat., nml other
provender collected was turned over to
"General" I.i:au ttppon his arrival.
I'rrfretly IterkieM on the Kikm!.
Superintenileiit Finn was asked his opin
ion ns to whether the Coxcy hrigade
would take tii! right-of-way to the end of
the road, and laconically replied: "Thev
hnveilotie it so far." The train came over
the steep mountain from lUitte at the rate
of tlfty-live miles an hour utid is evident
ly in the hands of i sprienrcd men .When
the oflicials sent them word to look out for
trains they replied: "If you don't want
j-otrr trains hurt keep them out of the
way." They had Mippcr here and have
not vet decided when to start east.
Jluil a I'ltebetl ltattle.
MlNNF-Al'OI.is, April 25. Dispatch
es received this morning state that
the sheriff from Livingston. Mon
tana, with a posse, he has secured, is
overhauling the Butte Coxeyitcs nt
Colmnlius, Mnutana, and a pitched
hnttle is now in progress for the. tos.
session of the Northern I'acilic train
stolen by the ('oniinonwealers.
Later dispatches state thai State
troops have been sent to assist the
hen ff.
Captnretl hnt CSut Awj-.
Minneapolis. April 25. Further 1
advices state that Coxey's liram h ar
my arrived at killings. Mont., at 11
o'clock this morning. A force of 75
marshal! attempted to take posses
sion of the train, hut were repulsed
ltr the mol. Shots were exchanged,
and James Hogan, a Coxey leader,
was shot and fclightly wounded.
The deputies were surrounded and
disarmed, after which the mob
hoarded the train and resumed its
journey eastward. The militia will
now meet inem on me I'aKota line.
Tina for t'ncle ham to Tulir a Hand.
Washington, 1. C, April 25.
Hv direction of tiie iresident. Major
(ieneral Scholiold has instructed (ien.
Mcrritt to have a sutVicieiit force sent
to arrest all persons engaged in the
seizure of the Northern Fat-ilie train
at Uutto, and hold the train and all
alioanl until they can be delivered to
the U. S. marshal for Montana.
A Mutiny That the California Young Man
Could ot Ouell.
ATLANTIC, la., April 25. Kelly's indus
trial army reached Atlantic at 0 o'clock
last night with Colonel Speed and his fol
lowers in the rear, Speed having been de
posed and a separation of the Sacramento
and San Francisco divisions having
been cfT.-cted during the march, with a
narrowly averted internal war. Speed
bad refused to obey orders issued by Kelly
and was promptly court -uiartinled and
reduced to the ranks. The Sacramento
division at ones declared that it would de-
serf Keliv ut tor.ow SjH-ed; ana t lit- tem
porary camp just east of Hu tier was soon
a scene of wild disorder. About :iiKde-
ciarcii lor pinit and the men urgued their
ilitTer.-nees with much profanity and a
lilsT.-d show cf clul and stones.
niit wm averted, however, and t!w
army, moved on with the "generals-'
forces in advance and Speed's following
lJefore thev reneliml
men to division elected Speed "general,"
...... -ii nn-n ueeiare ineir intention to fol
low no banner but his. They openly de
nounce Kelly as having appropiUu-d to
his own use the army's luuds and aver
th:;t they will oU-y orders no lunger
Speed has accepted the leadership, and
says that he will march to Washington
with Kel ley, but not under his guidance
"!l.-ncefoit1i," says Speed "there wiil lie
two armies absolutely distinct, lint shar
ing provisions and glory." The twin
armies candied last night ia the fair
grounds and wern w.-ll
f'Vxl and fuel.
'i he march to this point was made partlv
o:i foit and oartJv liv u-nrmn -ei... .
-'-". inc jariii-
era of the Avoca neigh Uirhood supplieil
so-mrce wagons, winch only held half
the nrmv. CoiisiiiiK-nr iv u... ......... .
and walked alternately half at a tinie
iiie reception Here wis less tlatteiing than
those accorded at Council ISIutTs, Xco.'a.
and Avoca. Hut much aid was given the
armv. Mavor Whitm-v klmn-ii,., i
will hy riding into camp on a donated load
uicunmuuii, i ue i rotn ie at Walnut had
led the couuty oflicials to anticipate
trouble, and sixty extra deputies were
scattered through the town and about the
camp. Kelly Ix-licves that Speed and his
men will apologize and return to Lis
Clilnco'a Coiitiiij-.-i.t Kt-at'y.
CllICAiiii,April'J5. Everything is ; readi
ness for the line. 1 organization of the f hii-.-i.
go contingent of the Coxey common weal. J.
u. luumau uasiH-cn clio- en commander-in-chief
of the recru its. It is exiw.-ct.-d that
start will lie made some day this week.
The numlier of men is siimut..,!
Where between 1.000 and 5,0 Kl.
Killed by a I'riest.
Cincinnati. April 25. Marv Gil
martin, a pretty clerk, was shot and
instantly killed this morning while
on her wav Ao work hv Kntbor
0'(5raily, a Catholic priest. Insane
jealousy over the girl and her desire
to get rid of his unwelcome atten
tions caused the tragedy.
Miners' Contention at Springfield.
Sn:lNi;Hf:l.l, 111., April '.'.. A delegate
convention of the United Mine Workers of
Illinois was held here and the following
Ftale oflicers elected: 1'res.ideut, J. A.
Crawford, of Iiryant; vice president, J.
W. Murray, Spring Valley; secretary-treasurer,
.1. J. Gyniong, Spring Valley. Ex
ecutive committee First district, Alfred
liroud, ltraidwood; Second district, F F.
Italser. Danville; Third district, lleury
Van Slyck, Bryant; Fourth district,
Thomas Uallaher, Spriugdeld: Fifth
district, James 11. Kdwards Uuipioin.
The following resolution was adopted:
"This convention requests all co-operative
mines unt organized to suspend at once.
The action of the national convention in
calling a general strike is heartily indorsed,
and no local settlement shall be recognized
or authorized until a general settlement is
ad throughout the entire United States."
Invited l.ovemor il! I," Attend.
Sl'i:iN(;KIKl.li, His.. April -. IVtcr Kiol
bassa and A. J. Kalowski, of Chicago,
representing the Polish societies ot Illi
nois, called upon tiovernor (.Jill and ex
tended him an invitation to lie present at
the ceremonies commemorating the looth
anniversary of Kosciusko's allegiance to
Poland, which will be celebrated in Chi
cago Thursday May 5. Governor (iill ac
cepted the invitation and will attend.
"Wisconsin Thief Cuti-liers Organize.
MlLWAl kKC. April tr.-.In response to
the invitation of Chief of Police Jansseu
a number of chief of (Kilii-e and city mar
shals from the principal towns ot Wis
consin are in conference here with the
view of organizing a slate association for
the purpose of procuring better co-op.-ra-tioTi
in the detection and prevention of
crimes throughout Wisconsin. A branch
of the Nutional I' n ion of Chiefs of Police,
which ws brought into existence in Chi
cago some mouths since, will be orgau
izeiL All l;ririls Itroken.
ClIICAliO, April 25. May wheat broku
all records and sold on the Hoard of Trade
at ittJt cents, the lowest price ever re
corded. It was the climax of the di
pression that has forced the market lower
and lower during the last three weeks,
and the whole bull fraternity is sr,uirui-
ing. The situation se-uis hopeless for
them. Where the descent win stop thi-ie
is no telling. There nre many who say
that wheat wiil reach o'J cents a bushel or
may be less.
Found a I'etrilied Itmiy.
CAKI.tHJ.ToN, Ills., April 25. A petrified
woman in perfect condition was lound i:i
Walkerville township, west of this city,
by WilUain Howard. The heavy rains
had washed away the soil nnn Kit me ie.-i
protruding from the side of a hill, which
nttnicted the attention oi Mr. iioivaru,
who exhumed the solid body, which lie
has now in his iosscssion. The body is
hard and as perfect in form as it alive.
Nan Arrested for Asiiult ami Hattery.
VAXKTON, S. U, April ia.-Sister Flo-
rentie. a member of tiie Order of St. lk-iu
dict ine, and one of a colony of Sisters of
Mercv which conducts a R.iman Catholic
.invent in this citv was .before the city
justice of Yankton upon a charge of as
sault and liattvrr. She admitted having
whipped a C-year old girl who was a stu-
11 . , ..i..-t.l'. I..-!..
dent at tue convent ana me cimo -'-j
showed marks of a most cruel lieatiug.
Fire in a ?licliic:in Town.
BLIsSFlELl), Mich., April 25.-Fire de
stroyed four of the principal business
houses of this town, and at one time
threatened to wipe out the entire town.
The principal losses are: S. H. Brown,
dry goods, Slo.UUO; Collins & Karin-r,
.i.ii... .T. 0 l lisi on laiildiiii;. 2.500
Philip's Hardware company, fl.iU": Bar
rows Bros., grocery, tl.trio; James U. Cle
ment, fo.ouu
Rheumatism racks the system like
a thumb-screw. It retreats lierore
the power of Hood's Sarsaparilla,
wnicn pnrtaes ine uioou.
The State Convention Will l!r Attended by
1,715 Welt-garr.
IsiHANAroLls, April .5. Numerically
the state Republican convention to lie held
in this will be by far the largest ever held
in the state. Seventeen hundred and fif
teen delegates will vote for t he candidates,
the largest previous convention having
comprised l,2t.O delegates, in round num
bers. The programme calls for but two
speeches and one of thrss will be by ex
President Benjamin Harrison. Ex-Secretary
of the Navy Richard W. Thompson
of Terre Haute will likely be chosen us
president of the convention.
The platform is musing much specula
tion. The American Protective associa
tion will Ik considered by the committee,
but w hether it will be mem ioned in the
plattorm is not certain. Tomlinsou ball,
where the convention will lie held, has a
seating capacity of 5,000. Several days ago
the full limit ot admission tickets bad been
distributed. This congressional district
(Seventeenth) nominated a candidate to
oppose Congressman Rynum. The candi
date was the Hon. Charles I Henry of
Madison county, who was the candidate
two years ago. The Hon. Charles W.
Fairbanks presided and the nomina
tion was made unanimously.
A Well Known Attorney Foaml AVelt-rin
iu His ;rr.
IxiHANAPi.l.ls, April 25. Albert T.
Beck, a well-known lawyer of this city
and the former law- partn.-r of Congress
man Uyiiuni, was found dead cm the floor
of his sleeping room. Jlisbody lay par
tially dressed with a bullet in tue bowels.
The lloor was covered with blood and the
window off the porch was open. While
the suggestion of murder has been made,
his friends think it is a case of suicide. He
was about 5-1 years oi age.
The coroner after invest iga;ing Lawyer
Beck's death, decided that he had been
murdered. Beck was found lying on his
lied undressed, wit It a ghastly wound be
hind the kit ear. There wen- signs of a
struggle, the shutter had been sawed off
so as to ai'ir.it an arm and blood was
found iu the yard and iLnuiy tracks led
to the sidewalk where tj-y were List.. A
strange revolver was ofe the Hour and
Heck s n voiver was four.d in a drawer
The house where tiie crime was committed
is located at Twentieth nd Ashland av-
nue, in the northwestern portion of the
Admiral lienham CiihgratiilaU-d.
WasIII.m, ton. April 25 J-Secret ;:rv Her
bert has -written the fojhiwing letter to
Hear Admiral Henham: "i"p;-n your re
tirement fioin active service 1 desire toex-
press to you the department's apprecia
tion of tiie ability and ' good judgment
shown by you in guarding American in
terests while in command of the South
Atlantic station. Your uvouipt and deci
sive action at Rio da .lam iro, Brazil, in
iving full protection to United States
commerce merits special commendation,
and I congratulate yoa upou such a happy
termination oi a long m:u honorable tu
leer on ti.e aclive list of $te navy.''
M'ann lU-'i:tlo:i t:' mlee tps.
RockfoKU, Iil., Anril 25. Dudley
Thompson, a farmer near here, was paid
a visit by Whitecaps. Tiioinpsoii was ap
prised ot their coming and shut one of
ambling Witliont Limit.
f, Ce-rrc!" s!.e ixclaimed, as tlicy eazeil s .a-
ward. "tlic:c fetnic :o h no limit to oil or-eV,
hraid csnSRK. Ana tie.? waves, low .l-e ram
Ic a'on rie sh-re.v "The wave? arc very fnol--h,
ilear." -How fnoti-h?'' -Tj p.n lile wh re
then- ix no limit. Btit rot ha f snfoilisli as arc
tiou urils who ere ityii g w:tli een-umplion are
inking theirhist chancj i n ;hi- or ttiat rt-meJv
whii li iias ccver yet bt-en knim n to rnre. an re-
fnsiiiE tn try tti.-it wli i-U cartiiniy tring them
hack to life ami hei'.th Dr. Pierce s Ooldeu Med
ical discovery. In the earlier ptim? tf this, turn
ti'c d sense it is a p.isitivc care.wld e c en in the
last staecs :t kItc- pria' re ief and i rol.ine i.
Fur weak lung-, sti.ttin of Mend. 1 interim;
c cgli?, at-tmn ai.d k'n'rud al!n;e:itf-, it is guar
antied to c rt or billed-, or mDaey iii . f jt it wil
be returned.
Buy Your
1717 Second Ave. Kock Island.
406 Fifteenth Street, Moline.
J. k. i:f.iiv.
t. u. ItEIDV.
Room 4, Mitchell & Lynde Building.
A'& 'Sow
The London challenges the combined clothing
houses of Rock Island to meet their prices.
The London Always Undersells
More now than at any previous time of its suc
cessful career. If any doubt exists, arm your
self with these challenge prices and see if any
other house has the gods at the price:
i.ooo boys' pants, worth
Domet shirt waists for 1 ic.
Chillis' pants, worth $1.50, for 89c.
Childs' blouse suits for 49c.
Men's fine black clay worsted suits in
regent frock, round and square cut sack
suits, worth $16.50, for $10.
Duke of York bows, worth 35 to 50c,
15c each; 75c per half dozen.
Men's half hose, while they last, 3c.
Fine spring teck ties, worth 50c, for
You know us:
Big Store.
Seven Per Cent
We desire to call attention to
the fact that w e have constant
ly on hand and olTi-r for sale
at par and accrued interest
First Mortgage Loans
In sums of $200 and upwards,
secured on improved farms
and other choice n-al estate
runninr from one to five yearo
and drawing SEVEX per cent
interest semi-annually.
A Word to the
Wise is Sufficient.
The shrewdest investors are
now calling in their money or
fTatherinp; it together to put in
these seven per cent loans
while they can be had.
The securities we offer are
eseeially adapted for the in
vestment of savings and trust
funds, as our personal atten
tion to all the details of the
loan, from its date to its ma
turity, relieves the holder
from all annoyance n-xeept to
present his coupon to us for
collection. For further infor
mation call at the oflice of
Masonic Temple.
Supt. Loan Department
I make a specialty of repairing or
furnishing parts for any
Bicycle, and guarantee
satisfaction on all work
If your wheel needs attention try
me. Hair i 'li ntwra anil
- n
Razors sharpened on short
Market Square.
25c, forge.
Way Down
Sixty-nine Cents
One Dollar
See us for Bargains.
162) Second Ave., Under Rock Island House.
("Picturesque America." j
Ooql imi Prnc 3.
Double-breasted childs' suits, worth
$2, for $1.10.
Men's all-wool suits, worth up to $10
about 400 in all for $5.
Men's suits $2.49. Honest suit.
Gause underwear 19c, worth 35c.
Men's black and tan British half hose
worth 25c per pair; two pair for 25c.
Hoys' fine suits, worth up to $15, go
for $7.50.
Overalls, the 50c kind, for 25c Black
and blue.
Everybody On
Blue Front.
Our prices are away down on
Oxfords and shoes.
For a pair of Ladies' Fatent Tip
Oxfords. Be -in time if you want
a pair.
Buys a pair of Fatent Tip and
Trimmed Oxfords in black, or we
can give you a very nice Russet
Oxford at the same price.
The New Merchant T-ilor.
1822 BK00ND AVE
HarparKooM Bleak

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