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"Picturesque America."?
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How to Dress Prettily
"Though your purse be
m arly t mpty." Come to
the I'mston Store any day
this wet-k the earlier in
the week the better. Ex
ceptional values. The
cream of the stock to be
sckl at greatly reduced
........I. t.M. I I
, ' :i;'i- seit.- iaiits, copied
f r r i i'iii.rrcil patterns, at He a
.iii-im li mixtures at 25c a vanl:
""-in -ii .'aniestowns. wear ami
Iik r-v.tiii-.' fabric. i'7c a yard,
t-.-ii ladies' cloth, ri-'tilnr
n: i' T.V-: reduced to ;Jc a vanl.
1 . . i . l: . . ., . ' .
.."- in ii i:rin lidill. regular
jci'i ' red need t lie a yard.
:!: fi wnrted stiilinys SOc
n:'f U'U a rani.
-,.-! -i. Wcir-li-il diagonal suit-;r..-.
;i.:.rl.-. to c!l at -j:c, at l'.ic
;,;-.nc!i licnrifttas. lieautiful
i; !. wear (or years, at
:7 a uirl; S."e fjualityJ
im-li nil winil nnvcltic. Mi'
li:t!;tv. ill tic sold for l".c a
v.irJ; l:ir-r variet v.
All w.-vd French challic at
a v :ir,t.
All m..1 trench flannel at 3'tc
a vard.
i ;m ii a. I wool snitings at 5.c
! 1 1 aril.
At T9'-: IVeatttiful check
m:irk.'. t.. -t-il at $1.
A i l.T.t: i-l-inch Scoth rf
( '. !..Vi (nniil .
"i f: 1'i-iiM-h check!", silk
t r f i -1 1 all wool batiste rc-
yir-aVe jn.,iU, fl quality, at
:ir.-ii., I, .,; wool diiitin. tlain
I an ! n.ixtu r--. at JU.'.ca rani.
Anr"l i.r-inl ni.vclti.-, n t
i n. worth than f 1 to 1 :,.
;it :;, a vanl.
A-.rti"l Mirtoit novi-ltii4. 8.r,p
I ami ft iualitif, at 0.".c a vard.
.-; Tt-ti I rriati liovcltii'., fl
n:i'itic. t ;: a rani.
"'I'-itiell rriUfli.t!- aiif-n, tit
;.-' ari'l f l.7." a vard.
Black Goods.
."l-inrh drap rv Pari at lie
a vard.
t'-incli ln-nriftia. v.tv finpnnd
I" ivy. at 47r a var I.
;'-i-itirh hoii'coiiil.. !ilk litiith.
ii' :'7c a vard.
""'-inch .Jain-t iH 11 l.lnflr vriv..t
i l.iti, nt :': a vnrd.
7;; tt'i-itich lii'iiriftta. fctlL
III' -Ii. V r''tl( nt fi'lp m Tiiril-
at a vard." '
'- in ii ron Mcrirc. rcrv line:
I 1 rt adilv at Kic. f.irC7Af
'iiuli L'tur'ia iiilL. ..oH..i.i
' r kirt and iIrcsicB, at 69e a
'inih lilack nun's rciliii".
h-'Ty ..... r, nt t.c a yard; ri-h-""
and ii.inf.irt an- roinl.iiicd
Hii fK.-aiitii'ii faliric.
-itnh alhntru-s. well worth
i'l l-c a vard.
I '-inrh all wool lace trrrnadiiip.
'!! w-rth tt. at 7!c a vard.
Cor. Second and Brady
Coxey's Train Hookers Still
Held There.
The Remainder of the Army
to March East.
Illinois Miners in Conference
at Springfield.
President Mc Bride Gets an
Infernal Machine.
IinuxiM, Mont.April 26. -The SOOmcm
n.T of the Ilocnn army, on their nfoli-n
train, arrived in this city and close nt their
hot Is was a trnin hearing soveiity-five dep
nty United States mnrshals, and a conflkt
between the depnties and the nrmy was nt
onee precipitnte,!, which resulted in ono
nmn on each ttide hciiiR severely wounded.
The train with the Coxeyiteson Imnrdhml
"pent the niht at Columlms. a Kinall sta
tion formerly known as Stillwater, and
the deputies overtook them nt that point
and demanded their surrender. "Gen-rral-'
II.. pan paid no attention tothe com
mand of the deputies to five lip possession
of the stolen train, and ordered his men
to go nlieap. Tho two trains came on
lowly ilnriiiu the forenoon, the deputies
cliisi-ly following aflcr the Toxeyites and
Watching for an opportunity to seize
them and their train.
If puliratn Jiili-U on TrlcRer.
On arriving nt this city a stop was or
dered and theeonflirt resulted. X'niled
Xatcs Marshal McDirmctt ordered the
It uders of the nrty to surntnuer, and on
their refusal a few of the deputies
nervously and without nny onlcrs fired
Upja the men in the ears. A few shots
were exchnnited lef,re the marshal could
regain control of his men and stop t lie
firing lairing the tiring one of the
deputies was seriously wounded and at
lat one of the "arme" was wounilcil.
There was a rciort that "Hciicral" I logon
was himself wounded three times, hut llie
fact that the train at once pulled out fur
the ent made it imMissiliie to confirm t lie
reiort. Marshal Mc I), rmott derided that
his men were not kjiiuI to the work cut
out for them, and as soon as ho pit his
men to stop tiring he withdrew them nnd
notified the authorities that his force was
iiisnllicieui for the urrest of so large a
t'nitrd Stairs Trnojm night on tlio Line
That Will Srii Iloenn.
ST. TAfL, April a!. Ueports from the
train that was stolen by the Bnrte :oxey
ites and has lieen coming this way since
Monday tiiglit have come in from various
points, the last h;'ing from Killings, where
the entente with the deputy marshals took
place. The authorities have not liern idle,
and orders have gone out to the army posts
stationed near or ou the line of the Xort ii
ern Pari lie road, and troojis have Imvh in
ri'iidiuess for moving at Fort Snelling,
tiiitr tliis ritv: nt I'urt Vnts ..n
Imarck, and at Fort Keoh, near Miles Citv,
and the last named point is right on the
, . . . t i
line vi i tie rnuiu
At l'irt Keogh Colonel Page is in com
mand with half u doz.at companies of
inrnntry and two companies ot cavalry,
one llotchkiss and one (Sntttling hattery,
and the fort numlK-rs Oll as hardy troop
as are to bo found in V. S. service.
Colonel I'age is a firm commander, who
liflievcs thoroughly in olicying orders mid
is a hard hitler when the orders are to
strike, so that the outcome of the coming
scrimmage between llogan s nrmy" aud
Cnele Sam army is not much in doiiht.
If by any possibility tiie train should he
utile to run past Keogli double the force of
tsoops stationed there could he thrown in
the way in a very few hours. The Ft,
Keogli Karnsoa is in readmos for the
enemy. J tie "army lias shown a fear of
night running since their llrst night, and
are expected to go inco camp for the night
at some point between Hillings and Keogh.
Thcyhaxe an idea that the cotnpatiy will
block the track by throwing a m i-s of dirt
across it or in some similar way preventing
their further progress.
The Noitheru J'acilic operators iilon
the line are k.-epiug the eompanr advised
of the position of the trniu and the troops
will lie iu rcatliue&H. jviier t heir capt ore
it is probab'.e that the C'oxeyites will lie
returned to ltutte under military cse.ni-r.
The only way that the "nrmy"' could es
cape, a!:irciitly, is by lev.vin.; their train
aud btnrliutf on foot aeross the country.
Held by ttieTmijis.
ST. Pai l, April L'; The ;i r.iral
ittauaer of tlits Northern I'acilic, rt
cfivetl a dispatch from Korsvtlie,
Mont., this morning stating that the
federal troops are still there wit'h the
loader of Ooxey's army under tiard.
They arc a waiiini; orders as to the
disMisition of the itiot)i-r. The re
mainder of the army is prcjiarin" to
march cast.
Sllner In Cnnrerrnce.
Si'KiNCiriKi.i. April ''f. A jjcneral
miners' conference of the organized
and uuorjruni.ed Illinois miners is
loin held here. Two htindri-d dele
gates representinjr 20,0d0 men r.re
present. lteHrts from t he delegates
show that the state atlare is now on
a strko ti a man. and pledges have
been sent to the conference that they
will stay out until the general arm
slice is" proclaimed throughout the
luterna! Mitrlilun fur Mrlttlilr.
Coll bis, O.. April 20 Presi
dent McHridc, of the United Mine
Workers, received an infernal ma
chine in his mail today. The ma
chine failed to explode when the
package was opened. The package
which Iwars no jri.-! mark, was turned
over to the police.
The Great Northern President Raises the
Question of Credentials.
ST. FAVL,April;.-The committee from
the A. K. U. that, is trying to arrange the
wage schedule on the Great Northern,
spent all day with President Hill trying
to convince that official thnt they were
the regularly accredited representa
tives of his employes nnd the day ended
without their object having lteen attained.
There are thirty-three members of the
committee, coming from all branches of
the roads' employes, and JliU went over
the pay rolls of the company In the first
place to find whether the men were, as
they claimed; employes of the companV
This mutter being settled the unction
was whether ttiey represented all of
their co-employes. Hill explained that he
did not wish to settle the matter with
them and then find out that they were
not what they claimed and have to settle
the schedules all over again.
It was claimed by the" memUrs of the
committee that they were therein their
representative capacity, although a few
of them admitted that they did not repre
sent all the employes. T ie conipauv.how
eyer, agreed to hear' the representatives
or any one class of its employes, either
personally or through their rcpresenta
Jives. If the grievance, whatever it might
be, could not be arranged t Leu It would
lie disposed of by arbitration. Hm also
wanted the men to go back to work pend
ing a sett lenient of t he differences. This
last . suggest ion was promptly negatived
by 1 resident Delis, ot the union, who an
nounced that the uu-n did not promise to
do anything until the whole trouble was
settled for good.
The demands of the men are a return to
the scale of last August, but. thisnaes'tion
was not discussed, the important q.ies.
tain being with Hill whether what was
done this time would stay done.
A Wire's Novel :?xi-rim!il.
Javhstown, X. Y., April JO.-A masked
burglar entered the house at the corner of
Fourth and Washington streets and find
ing Mrs. Walter Knox alone bound and
gagged her and went through the place,
securing n quantity of valuables. This
was the report made to the police, who
after investigating the case have come to
t lie conclusion that the burglary was no
burglary nt ail. but an effort on the part
Mrs. Knox, the alleged victim, to keep
her husband home iu t he evening.
I'lilon fnril'.e Losing Itusiness.
PsktoN, April a:. The fourteenth an
nual meeting of the stockholders of the
Union Pacific H-iilway company was held
iu Horticultural hall. Vice President KJ
ward F. Atkins, presiding. The director-.'
report for the year ls'.i:; shows a deficit on
the whole system of 'V!''.M1. compared
with asuiplus iu the previous year of
$J,oi'..7."n. The heavy decrease was du" to
the silver crisis, the l.dl ire of the Kansas
wheat crop, aud the general prostration of
Most of Such Thins Meun 31 nrtlcr.
Kk.wkfoST, Ky., Aprd CO. Quite a sen
sation wus created here by the discovery
ffn wiis;iracy for an out'.reak iu the
penitentiary whi h meant murder as well
as escape, had its consummation not been
thwarted. The men concerned in the affair
made a confes-ion when they found they
had liceu discovered. Their plan was to
saw out of their cells at night, unlock the
celis and kill ir capture the night guard
Iiekt tf t hem and ninke i heir escaiie.
M:lic Tiiiii ll or I lie A. II. I .
ST. Cloni, Minn., April a;. A commit
tee of A. 11. U. men visiicd the (ircat
Nor. hern shops and ns n result thirty-five
hlacksmit lis and car repairers walked oiil
The blacksmiths have never been cut and
have uo cause for this action. The lueu
here insist that no arbitration will go,
and will take nothing but the August,
Stricken Sitililenly ltliud.
East Tawas, Mich., April -JO. Major
Hugh McDonald, who served two terms
ns customs officer under the llcjmlilicim
administration, while sitting before the
fireplace iu the Holland hotel, suddenly
asked if the lights had gone out. Heitig
told that they had not. he said: '"Then I
have lost my sight"' This proved to
be the case. One eye was deprived of
sight in an action during the civil war,
and now the sight has suddenly left the
other. The major is ;i years old. lie
served iu the Mexican war.
Ildva loekwtioil vs. Virginia.
Washington. April !. Uclva Lock
wood, recently an unsuccessful applicant
for admission to the bar of the Virginia
state courts, has applied to the I "tiiti.il
Mates supreme court for a tnaiidemus to
compel the supreme court of appeals of
Virginia to admit her to practice before
Strikers lliij n a'oltery.
East Livr.itrooL, O., April 20. A com
pan of striking potters and business men,
with a capital stock of ?r.U,t m, was organ
ized to purchase the Ka.it Liverpool pot
tery, a lour-kilu plant, which had been
shut down since the strike. The company
has nil opt-on ou the factory for fi.i,0 o,
and the deal will be closed in a day or Uo.
The plant will be started within a week,
and will employ 100 men.
Flannels tiring Low Prices.
NEW VoKK, April a;. The largest auc
tion sale of flannels since May, IKK), lias
taken place. The buyers were many, but
the prices brought at the moruing sale
were considered low. The three-quarter
yard width, Tyral cream white flannels,
brought M)i to I'i' cents ler yard. Full
width cream white. Id cents; three-quarter
yard width, Domet, v' to t;,' cents.
Stonecutter' Mrike Settled.
MlLWAlKF.E, April 20. The stonecut
ters strike, which has lieeu in progress
for several weeks, was settled through the
intermediary oliices ot Commissioner
Hrockmnii of the board of public works.
The stonecutters, according to the terms
of settlement, are to receive $3.50 a day for
eight hours' work during the entire year,
and their union will lie recognized.
One Company Sign the Scale.
USIONTOWN, Pa., April a.. The strikers
scored their first victory by the Atlas
Coke company signing the scale as de
manded by the Seotidale convention. The
plant supplies Ohio furnaces. Their tneii
will go to work at the advance. Tn is vic
tory will lead to renewed energy in bring
ing out thy oilier uieu who refused 10
A Crafty Coon Who Has Been
Taking Notes.
Alleged Arinor-riercln Shells Made to
Tierce or Not According to WhoMt
Plates Thry Were to io Agninst Pound
Also Some Jnaullncj W ith the Powder
A Very Knl.'en ftaatnes All Througli,
ll Apiienrs Story Ienled.
Nicw Voiik, April 3G. A Washington
dispatch declares ihat another govern
ment scandal, rivaling the disclosures of
the rotton armor plate, is bt iitff investi
gated l y Secretary of the Navy Herbert.
Captain Oliver C. Coon of McKcesport,
Ph., is the informer in tho caie. lie avers
that he became friendly with cue of the
Stirling brothers, who run a steel projec
tile factory nt Kivcrton, outside of Mc
Kccspurt. Thej manuf icturc balls and
shells for tl.e United States government
nnd make the armor-pieicing shells which
lire used iu the government tests. Coon
told the secretary that Stirling boasted
that he could tell in advanced Just what
the results of the government tests would
be, nnd Coon found to his amazement
that the results tallied exactly with Stirl
ing's predict ions.
!lai:ul'urtured Shells to Suit.
He pumped the manufacturer, and was
told that when a certain armor-plate was
selected for the ballistic test Stirling
would icauulaet ure sin lis to suit. For
ai aior-plates truai the 11. thlel.em works
Stirling said he sent on bails that were
brittle and winch would fly into pieces
when they struck the plates, tints jirov
iti :, apparently, wonderlul strength for
the armor. Coon said t.:-;t from his in
formation he believed Stirling ilros. re
ceived a large amount of money from the
ii tiiiei.em concern every year. He told
Secret.-.ry Herbert that Surling s-iid to
him ot:e day concerning the Carnegie
Steel cnipany: "I'll blow their armor
plates to h :t they don't ti:: us as lijtl.le
heai does."'
liu. t ids was not all i f Coon's informa
tion. He told Sicietary Herb.-rt he had
reason I o Itciicve that ti. ere was jtigglitij;
of p. w.iir as will ns balls at Indian
Head, lie produced published reports ot
tests nnd tables showing the velocity prop
erly attained by a shell during the first
sec.aid ;.!:t leaving the gua.
V, iiat the Comn.-irlKiOl:: Miowett.
lie lompated these witu ti e specifica
tions iiicoiii-ianyiug t:;c original contracts
betue. utiie government and m.inulaet
urers of i nitial ce nnd projeci lies. Tiiese
(otnnarisotis showed, it is sa.d, that there
was a great deal to be explained bcfi-re
the se:!-ati nal charges winch l oon made
could Ih- explained a nay. Coon backed up
his ttatcmeut with interviews which lie
had with workmen iu Stirling Hros.'
mill at Kivertoa. His investigations cov
ered a n riod of eiguteen moutlis. Mr.
Herbert kept him in Witsniugton for
nearly two weeks. It is imi.ossibie to
learn just how mu. h fail ii Secretary Her-la-rt
p.its in tl.e astoutntig charges which
Coon has niaile. but it is known that Mr.
HcrU-rt is working with the greatest cau
tion, au. I that he regards Coon's informa
tion as of importance is proved by the
many conferences the two have had to
gether. Says His l.vidence I Positive.
M Ki.i:s:i;;t, Pa., April Si. Captain O.
C. Coon was seen at his home on Kiuhth
avenue, nnd sai l:".My evid-nce is positive.
If the secretary did not believe this gigan
tic system of collusion was possible he
certainly would not have spent as much
time as lie bus iu conference with me, and
I would not be working for him now. Hut
this is not all the evidence 1 have."
"Do yon mean 10 say that your evidence
implicates naval officials:''
"A man is a man, whether he is an offi
cer of the navy or uot. i-T,'t he?"' said
Coon, siguili .iiitly. "And this is a com
mercial age. We lire all out f . r t ne stuff. "'
tlenieil by Navat tllllrcrs.
Wamiim.ton, April ,V Stories of un
alleged collusion between armor-plate
makers and the makers of the pn ject.les
Used in testing the plates have been iucir
laiiou ever since tile disc ivt ry of the di
rective armor plates furnished by the Car
negie company. These were denied at the
beriiiiiiug, nuj they are denied now by
officers of the navy department, who say
they are now fully acquainted with the
lacts m the matter.
W hisky on Thj, in Noun Carolina,
CoLfMiUA, April SO. Carloads of whisky
arc lieiug received here and saloons are
opening as under the former regime.
l,cer is ou tup nt all places nt 5 cents a
glas. No effort hies lieen made so far to
stop the side and proprietors are making
no eff ort to conceal t heir business.
It is not what its proprietors sav.
but what Hood's Sarsanarrilla does.
thai tells the storv of its merit
iiutin s Sarsaparilla euro.
ZsZZfr fit TAIS
n If a
The London challenges the combined clothing
houses of Rock Island to meet their prices.
The London Always Undersells
More now than at any previous time of its suc
cessful career. If any doubt exists, arm your
self with these challenge prices and see if any
other house has the goods at the price:
i.ooo boys' pants, worth 25c, for 9c.
Domet shirtwaists for 11c.
Childs' pants, worth $1.50, for Soc.
Childs' blouse suits for 49c.
Men's fine black clay worsted suits in
regent frock, round and square cut sack
suits, worth $16.50, for $10.
Duke of York bows, worth 35 to 50c,
15c each; 75c per half dozen.
Men's half hose, while they last, 3c.
Fine spring teck ties, worth 50c, for
You know us:
Big Store.
Seven Per Cent
We desire to call attention to
the fact that we have constant
ly on hand and offer for sale
at par and accrued interest
First Mortgage Loans
In sums of $200 and upwards,
secured on improved firm
and other choice real t-oi.i . ,
running- from one to live years
and drawing- SKVKN per" cent
interest somi-annuallj'.
A Word to the
Wise is Sufficient.
The shrewdest investors are
now calling in their money or
patherin it together to put in
these seven per cent loans
w hile they can be had.
The securities we offer are
esecially adapted for the in
vestment of savings and trust
funds, as our personal atten
tion to all the details of the
loan, from its date to its ma
turity, relieves the holder
from all annoyance except to
present his coupon to us for
collection. For further infor
mation call at the office of
Masonic Temple.
Supt. Loan Department
I make a specialty of repairing or
furnishing parts for any
liicycle, and guarantee
satisfaction on all work
If your wheel needs attention try
me. Hair Clippers and
Bazors sharpened on short
Market Square.
Way Down
Sixty-nine Cents
One Dollar
See us for Bargains.
162? Second Ave.. Under Rock Island House.
Double-breasted childs' suits, worth
$2, for $1.10.
Men's all-wool suits, worth up to $10
about 400 in all for $5.
Men's suits $2.49. Honest suit.
Gause underwear 19c, worth 35c.
Men's black and tan British half hose
worth 25c per pair; two pair for 25c.
Hoys' fine suits, worth up to $15, go
for $7.50.
Overalls, the 50c kind, for 25c Black
and blue.
Everybody On
Blue Front.
Our prices are away down on
Oxfords and shoes.
For a pair of Ladies' Patent Tip
Oxfords. Be in time if you want
a pair.
Buys a pair of Patent Tip and
Trimmed Oxfords in black, or we
can give you a very nice Russet
Oxford at the same price.
ill Sao a
The New Merchant Tailor.
1822 KfcCOND AVE
Harper Home Block

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