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THUJ13DAY, APRIL 26, 1894.
-Real Estate-
-Insurance Agont-
Kspreseats, eajoag other Mix -tried tod wel.
knew Firs laeanue Coos pule, tbe followlnf;
Hoyal Imnmi Pesapaay.a KneHrwd. -WtnwbMtar
Fir lira. Company, of N. T.
Bsfale Oersaaa Ian. Company, Buffalo, 9. Y.
Rnearlrr Oermaa la. Co., Mochester. X. Y.
Litis' laa. Co., of Pittsburg, Pa.
ana F1r Ofnoe, Ifiro'irrt .
I'akM la. .; of California.' '
enrlty laa. ., Haw llavvsv Onoa
miwaaaa lleckaoics rasv'tb., ftuwtahs
tieraaa Fin In. Ofe, of Peorla,lU.
Offic Cor 18th St. and 2d Are,
Rock Island, III
EtUblished 1868. .
raun am
Hapraantlng trm 40 Million Dollars
Of Caah UNU
Firs Ufa, Tornado.
Accident, Marina,
Employer's Liability
B Mitts of Suretyship.
OrriOl BnKKtoa'a blocs flack Island, 111.
car ar rawe: they will Interest yon.
General . . .
Insurance Agent
The old Plra and Time-tries' Companies
Losses Promptly Fail
UtsM law se say rsllabl company caa affora
Ynar Pstrtmsr to solicited.
ZXolioe, ILL
OSes Corner flftswrta street and Third A
CAFrTAZ. 8100.000.00.
aecesdt the Voliae Barincs Baaa. Orjmnlasd 1101
s Per cm mm fun 01 befosits.
Ortaniaed oader State Laws.
Opea from a. m. to S t m, and Wednesday aad
Saturday nights from? to 8pm
fnaria) Raimraa, rrestrler.t
H. A. linmiTi, - Vice-President
I. W. Hsaaswai, Caablsr
Forfar Skinner, W. W. Wells,
C. A. Kna, B . A. Alnrworta,
O. H. Eiiwsrds, W. E. Adams,
Andrew Moor. C. F. Hemeuway,
Hiram Darling.
Western Investments
made for private parties In tho tardea
spot of the west by the
Orchard State Bank
ft. W. Dasrr, FrssldenL
1. B. Dabt Casbler.
Mttrhell Lynda. Bankers.
J. r. KoMasou, tasnier Hock Island liatlonal
. C. Oarter, M . D.
Henry bait's sane. Wholesale Green.
Cutreswmideuio solicited.
Kidney Trouble?
lsladdcr or Ln
nal Trouble?
Catarrhal trouble
Do yon want immediate relief and
cure? (let . .
For ssle by sll druirglsts.
Rend what Dr. Snyder, formerly
of Frerpnrt. ny:
. , .. . ." rhleim, arch 7. 1SS8
Dr. nnrnhsm, M Arlmn strrrt, C'itv:
My lear lntnr-My att-atio wi llrst called
to "asn Jss" yer in the ca of Captain J.
M. Bm.lm.nf Atlant , .. who waa ntiarafa In
thl. elty with mrnir aphrili. lnitmed kidney.)
aMlrratlit. (Inflm.tlm of bHfliler). Alter pre
serlbiac Ih. aul nmlia ithiat avail. ban
Jah'' va. MinrnMrd. aad In. Impmvewnt wa. m
m.rk.d afmr Ui. rt do, that a complete core
rll.d pHUI)r, that I at once commenced
aa Invv.iigatMm of It mrrlt. and bav. finer pre
wrihvd U la alainat rnry kmnva furm of kid
ary. bla-'rtr. arethral, vsviaal and cat.rrhsl
tmnble followed la rack Iaflance by tbe aap
P'eat mult.
la my ea ease (cystitis) tbe relief it gave mc
la a few day waa pimply marvslnna.
A caa.nr.nare.ie la my on family was very
mneh improved by a few dim, and radically
rniad la fans than a week I nrm pnetleal eiper
lence in a anaibcr of bail essvs nf kncorrlioro, lam
free t nav that I hare foond nu remedy that Is
eqnal tn -fUn Jk."
Aad wbtl. I have never before slven a pmffw
sternal ewnWrcmeat tn a proprietary mmedy, I .ay
nahraltatlngly and wttbnat resrrve. tluu I conxio
er "SaaJsk" a veritable boon to hnmantty. and
after applying n tithe .ureet pnilraional team,
can say with ennttdenco It to better than It t
teeowiawanvd tn be.
I rtiall cnalinue to prracrlbe It la fll cases of
gealln-urlnarv nr catarrhal tronblee la preference
nail atbar known riUMnllea.
As a nerve tonic, vaiteciallvln the cases of weak.
araemie children, "San Jak" can be relied opon
fully and entirely. The dellckina taMe of the
medicine h) aim In Its favor. In prrecriblnr ft for
children. I am at prevent aaing Han ink" aa an
alterative la bia d eeaM. and eavsral svei of
chronic eeaema h tying velldrd mi rraillly to H.
Influenee that I shall continae tn one it In similar
rssw, feeling eoaad.nl that it will meet all the
mdlbaUoM In aarh eaar.
Veyr Miacerely,
(Slgnesl) a no. w. isrtdsb, m. D.
Ask ycur Druggist for home rcf
What a -
Struck bv the
of me quickly vanishing Beauty,
how many hundreds of times you,
my meter, nave made tne above re
mark to your friend as vou nasaed
along the street ; but did vou once
. A 1 i - "
stop ana ponder how that complex
ion which you so greatly admired
wb acquired, and how a similar one
1 x 1
migui, oe secured lor yourself ?
A lovely complexion can nnlv 1
obtained by the use of that incom-
s i . .
parawe preparation for beautifying
and preserving the skin
Empress Josephine Face Bleacb.
It removes wrinkles and sallow-
ncss and imparts to old and faded
complexions ine tint ot the Blush
It ?nrp! UViVIi TSr-.-iW1nt- T
Sunburn, Eczema, Acne, and all
other diseases of the skin.
all drojreista .... price ISO
For alo bv T. H. Thomas. IBSfl
Second avenue and 206 Seventeenth
a. e. oomut.
a. d. cosksiat.
Connelly & Connelly,
Attorneys at Law.
Ofllce second floor, over Mitchell ft Lynde's
bank. Honey to loan.
Jackson & Hurst,
Attorneys at Law.
Office in Rock Inland National Bank building.
Sweeney & Walker,
Attorneys and Councillors at Law. I
Office in Bcngston'a Block.
Charles J. Searle,
Attorney at Law.
Legal bniness of all kinds promptly attended
to. State's Attorney of Rock Island connty.
Ofllce, Fostoffloe Block.
McEnlry & McEniry,
Attorneys at Law.
Loan money on good security; make collec
tions. Reference, Mitchell A Lynda, bankers.
Office, Postoffl-e Block.
R. M. Pearce,
Room 311 in Mitchell ft Lynde's new Bonding.
Take eleTator.
Hawthorne & Silvis,
No. 1716 Second Avenue, over Krell A Math's.
Drs. Bickle & Schoemaker,
Dental Surgeons.
Mitchell a; Lynde's Block. Rooms SB 31. Take
Dr. Asay,
Physician and Surgeon.
1134, Third Avenae. Telephone, 1170. office
Hoars : 1 to 4 p. nu. and at night.
S. S. BABTB, X, D.
Drs. Barth & Hollowbush,
Thysicians and Surgeons.
CSice 4Cnrd rt. Telephone 1WS5
Btsidence7lSlstst. Ilea
Dr. Barth I Dr. lioUowbtub
s to m a, m. I lutolna.m.
1 tos and 7 to 8 p.m. I to 6 and 1 to 8 p. m.
Dr. Chas. M. Robinson,
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Only.
Office, McCnlloogh Bnildlng.lU W. Third BL,
Dai en port, Iowa. Ilonrs: 0 to 11 a. m., 1 tot p. m.
Edward L. Ham matt, .
. Architect.
Office. Room 41, Mitchell A Lynde Bnllding.
Geo. P. Stauduhar,
" Architect.
Plana and superintendence for all class of
Buildings. Rooms M and 65, Mitchell Lynde
Building. Take clcvav.r.
W. A Darling,
City Engineer.
Buford Block, over Klngshnry's store.
WeVshai IvwTthlM From a fini
EllkEaadktrcMtf to OirouTest.
LftM Cntaioia Bptdalty,
No. 1724 Third Ave.
A. M. & L. J. PARKER.
Telephone No. 12 14.
Hoosier Republicans Hold
Their State Convention.
Aad Another to the Kx-Pre4ident, Who
Paya a Warm and Glovrlnfe Tribute to
the Old Man Eloquent an Telia What
He Thinks la the Matter With the
Country A Tirkct Made Vp of New
Timber Except in One Inatemre.
' Iniiiaxapolis, April -JC.-t a hall lib
erally decorated with red, white, and blue,
around tho walls of which were the por
traits of the leaders of tho Republican
larty, aud hanging over the atuge a heroic
aize portrait of the pnrty candidate for
president in 1S3, the nearly S.OOO delegates
to the state convent ion met nud nominated
a ticket to be voted for iiext fall. The
building was packed tijion the floor, in the
g illeriiss, nnd on the stngoi and the Kepub
1 cans of this state probalily never held a
more enthusiastic gathering. There was a
vein of sadness in the enthusiasm, how
ever, for the chairman, Colonel Dick"
Thompson, was prolwilily presiilins for the
last, time at such a gathering-, and all Indi
ana Republicans love "Dick" Thompson.
;eve tbe Old Leader an Ovation.
This was apparent when he appeared oa
the ftagp. Did the rouvenlion whoopf
Why it was like the roar of many waters
ami the rafters tug-god at their l.isti nings
lu the swelling sound of welcome. Theex
lucretary is 80 years old, nud hearty as he
uow is it would lie phctitiineiial if ho
should again preside at a similar conven
tion. Ills speec'i w.-.s biief w hert he rose
as t he presiding cllirer to addr.-ss the dele
Rates, lie said that lis work was nearly
tlone that he was no longvr a Ixiy. lie
urged tha state litpublirans to work
zealously for success jn November; advo
cated n protective tariff and .ieplored the
present couditiou of rfTairs and charged it
to the luisgovertuiieuj of tho party now in
powtr, nnd then he annouticed that Gen
eral lk'iijainiu Ilarvison would address
the cotivetitiou.
Harrison Warmly Welcomed.
It were possible, to have eclijised the
storm ot uppiause gfven to Colonel Thomp
soti, tUts audience seemed williug to have
done 9 when it saw the stout llyure of the
ex-prtsideut at thej front of the platform,
and tvheu he could obtain a hearing he
paid an earnest tribute to the presiding
oiliiiur. He said: I
ilu. 11:e.su.kst: My venerable nnd
honored friend. I congratulate you; I
congratulate the Ui-puMicans of Indiana
that you are permitted on this hopeful day
.wiicuci u uiiiering 01 ine liepuo
licans of this great state. lApphiuse. Vou
have buttled for t lie jiriuciples of the pnrty
for laauy years; jrou have been the uble,
datuitless cliampipa of those great prin
citUes which called the party into existence
and which have won for it so often and
through a seriesof such brilliant years of
administration (lie confidence of the peo
ple. Applause As you have been fait b
ful to the p'utyi in the hours of weakness
and darkness vre are glad that you are here
this morning ivheti the country is awak
ened t.tj the fact that a restoration of lie
publtcau priujciples in aduiinistratiou is
es'itiul to the prosperity and happiness
of. the people, tireat applause.
' ltcady tn Help the C ause.
"To you, my friends, 1 come this niorn
in with an acknowledgment of my grate
ful obligations for tliese undeserved aud
accumulated! favors which you have
heaped uponme. 1 will uot undertake
this morning, it would be iuappropriute,
any full distmssion of Kcpuhlicau princi
ples. 1 will uot stand between you and
the important work which you have us
setnbled tc do, nnd which you are eager
to lie about. At some time during tbe
campaign which so auspiciously opens to
day if It be the pleasure of my tellow.
citizens -1 nhnll hold myself at their serv
ice for a fuMer discussion, lirent cheer
ing. 1 cannot allow, as I have said be
fore, that B.n ex-president has lost his citi
zenship. Iljmghtur and applause. Nor
can I admit that a calm nnd temperate
discussion of great public 'questions is un
dignified In nr.y man. Applause.
Th.:TarifT Is Alnny. With In,
"We have had, beginning with those
years when as a champion of the Whig
principle;! Colonel Thompson spoke to us
fellow citizens of Indiana, down to the
last national campnign, a continuous de
bate upon the question of the tariff. The
.Teople nave now accepted one view of the
question, nud now turning, have adopted
the other. (Appluusc.J The debute
seemiri to have worn itself out.
EvfiV your silvery eloquence, sir, was
liuruly equal to stirring a great interest
in the question. t)ur cople became so
pro qierous, so rich; labor was so nni-ver-ally
employed at good wages that
men censed to appreciate the danger uud
disaster that was involved in an abandon
ment of the protection principles."' Ap
plause. J
As Viewed by the I'.mliinit m'.lanlnn
Ticket Nearly All New Timber.
The ex-president paused a momcut and
then, went ou: "No orator was equal to
the task of maintaining their interest.
What the orator ami the pamphleteer
could not do, a bitter experience that has
iutruded itself into every home aud into
many brought starvation, has done and
is uoing today. Our friends may endeavor
to iersuade the American eople that
tins ieriod of depression is one of those
Iieriodic panics that they say at intervals
inure or less certain necessarily fall upon
u . tMinie may endeavor to persuade you
that the influences that have brought it
aluut were climatic or seismvt ic. lint I
Is.lieve 1 da not state it too strongly when
I say that the common mind has settled
tipou the cause of the present disastrous
"They find that cause in the attempt to
Wipe out protection legislation nud to sub
stitute for it the doctrines of a revenue
tariff. They find it in that uncertainty
which has intruded itself into every man's
business enterprises, which has paralyzed
his energies aud which has compelled the
wheels to siop while this great issue was
being concluded." The spcukcr enlarged
upou the subject from a Republican stand
point and then said that the solution of
the silver question lay in an an agree
ment betweeu the commercial nations ou
the subject and that the Republican party
was always the friend of the proper use of
the white metal as money. He lielieved
that Kngluud and Germany were becom
ing more friendly to silver, and it would
nut ba long before they would lie in ac
cord with us on that subject.
After some reference to state matters, a
word in favor of non-partisan civil service
in state institutions, aud a plua for every
man to work for the ticket when nom
inated, he said: "Every man, I have al
ways contended, has a right honorably
' to seek office and that a president had no ,
ngui to complain mat Ills time was sonin- j
what occupied in attending to them. (An J
plause. Rut there is one contention .
that goes with all this that must not be
forgotten. When a man has honorably, '
earnestly, by appeal to his friends or to
the oppointing iiower, sought a noirina-
J tion nnd failed, he is altogether to be re-
prouau-u it ne carries nis grievance noma i
with him and deserts the party.,'
ine next tumg on tbe boards was tne se
lection of a state ticket, and in this matter
tbe convention succeeded in knocking out
the "old ticket." The combined strength
of the new applicants for houors was too
much for those who led the party two
years ago, and with but a single exception
nil were turned down F. J. Scbola, of
Kvansville, was renominated for treasurer .
of state. It took four ballots each to sclsct ,
. 1J. Owen, of Logansport, for secretary
of state; A. C. Dailey, of Ijebanon, for au
ditor, nnd E. J. Scholz for treasurer. A
bitter IJght was waged for attorney gen
eral, but the nomination was captured by
VV. A. Ketchum, of this city.
Two Children linrned to Death and Two
Adults l utally Injured.
ST. Louis, April liC. A terrible explo
sion caused by gasoline took place at tbe
home of Casiniir Nigg, one mile below
Caroudelet, in which two children were
killed, two adults fatally injured and one
.seriously burned. The dead are: Leouora
Nigg, aged 2 years, burned to a crisp; Rosa
Nigg, aged 7. Fatally injured Caroliue
Vogel, aged 70 years; Casiniir Nigg, aged
4"i yeurs, severely burned. Mrs. Caroline
Nigg seriously.
'1 he gasoline can broke open while being
carried through a summer kitchen ami,
lieconiiiig ignited, the vapor caused an
explosion that shook houses for some dis
tance around. Nigs's house was burned
and his two children perished in the
Bunies before they could lie saved. Casi
niir Nigg aud his mother-in-law, Mrs.
Vogel, were fatally injured while trying
to rescue tho little ones.
Victim ot a Misunderstanding.
Washington', April 20. Congressman
Outhwaite of Olio is the victim of a mis
understanding. He explains that ho did
not say, as has been reorted in dis
patches from Columbus, that he will not
accept a renomiualion, but that he will
not seek it.
Tramp Holm a Kuilnay station.
Ciiown Point, lad., April 26. While
the I'auhaudie operator and agent were
at dinner a lame tramp entered the oflice,
broke the lock ou the money drawer, took
S4t in bills, aud then started toward Chi
cago. A deputy sheriff is ou the trail of
the tramp.
The Weather We May Expect.
WAsniNCTON. April 2i. The following are
tho weather indications for twenty-four hours
from f u. in. yesterday: For Lower Jlichigan
Fuir weather; southeasterly winds; slightly
warmer. l'or Illinois Fair weathen south
erly wiiuls; warmer ineastern Krtion. For Up
per VichiiBni Partly cloudy weather and
local showers: Tariahle winds. For Wisconsin
Fair weather, except local showers in north
ern portion: southerly winds: warmer in
southeastern and iu exiremo northern por
tions. For Iowa Generally fair weather;
Miuthcrly winds.
New York FinnnriaL
Ntrw YoiiK. April 2i
Money on call easy, offered at 1 per cent.
I'rimo mercantile paper 2Vi. per ceut. Stcr.
liug exchange dull w.th actual busiunss in
baukers.' bills at 4.ss'4 i tssu for demand and
4s7 (a, 4S7.'4 for sixty days: jiosleil rates 4fvs
4S1IW. Commercial hills ts.ii..siii.
SSilvcr certilicutes bid; no sales; bur silver
IU!4. Mexicun dollars ,M.
United States iMinds, ,Vs regular. 118: do
B's coupons. lls"MTi 11'r: do 4'8 couiMin. ll:fi
foil 4 ".4; 4"s regular. 114..j.114'2; ivSs. !K1 bid; l'a
cilic li'i of ,'U ltkl.
New York tirain and Produce.
NfW Yohk. April 2X
Wheal May. lilStrifil July. tsl',ili Mile;
DoceuilM-r. ti'.i.'a-. Hye Dull: western, al. t'oru
May. 44V4I'4" July. 4.V tr,t .".Uc Unts
May. Xt-y.iitr-'V-: . Inly, .u-; rack white
state, 4"4.'ie; track white western, 4'Hii4.V.
Pork Stemlj: new mess. S14.oir,i I4.i; lamily,
S14..ii.(.l.'.l: short clear. tl4.i lii.ui. ljird
Quiet; prime western sitaui, Js.nr, noniiuul.
Chicago drain and I'roduce.
Cntctno, April 25.
Following were the qnotat i:ms on the
Board of Trade today; Wheat AjiriU
oiiened "714i'. closed ast-; Jlay, t)iened Sso,
closed oS-V-; July, oiH-aed BU'4(;, closed tiHU.e.
Corn April, opened :vsU.e, chwd llsije; May,
ojiened ;ism-; closed IIS'ki-; July. ou-nei :4C,
elos. d asi;w- Oats May, oioiii1 ;C5t4-. elosel
;5H4e; July. oieiieil closed aic; Sejitcui-
licr, oiK'iied -."'iic, closed "VtHo. l'ork May.
opened 81::.37'si. close.l $12,411; July, ox ut'd
l2..Vi; closed 12tl2Sj. Lard May, opened
S7.5H, closed S7.5;s.
Produce: Butter Fancy stiarator, 'Zc per
Ibtfaucy dairy. atiTJlc packing stin k. Ki.itle.
r-KKs r resu si.x-k, loperuoz. uve Poultry
t hickens. SMf'.iB i-r Ih: turkeys, s,i Hk:;
ducks, ttn hk : geese. S4.in.i-V.im per doz. Pota
toes Ilurhatiks, rti.TJikr per liu; Helirous. tsi
",: F.nrly Kose. aUeru; mixed mii.9k Sweet
l'otutoes Illinois, fU..-ii.. I.ai per bid. AppU
Fair to chnice, S4..'i;i.".3:i per bid. CranUerries
Jersey. S.:iil.'il.r:l ikm- 1,1.1. Uoney White
chMpir, l-lli sections, ll!s.(12,-: broken comii.
lu.'.ll; dark comb, good condition, labile;
strained ' alifuruia, aiHk: "
Cliirago Live Mock.
Cliti Aco, April 25.
Live Btock lricss at the Uuion H.ick
yards today ranged as follows: Hogs Esti
mated rw-eipts for the day rtt.timi; sales ranged
at Sl.ir,(ij.i;( pigs. S"..U.". 0.1.2,1 light, 4.Wt.'-r.(li
rough puekiui:. a.tl.V.t..-iji- mixed, aud ii.lU
5iT heavy packing aud shipping lots.
Cattle Keccipts for the day, 11I.5U0; quota
tions rauged at ft.aiji.tU choice to extra
shipping steers, 4.ai good to choice do
S-i.;iU-,ia.;il lair to good, UJ.35 common tn"
medium do, S:.lW.e:U)ii hutcuors' steers, S2.N1-9
3.10 stockors. :i.:l.;..l.il feeJers. Jl.Wiij,
S.40 raw 62.tnrita.ii5 heifers. S2.uirrj..jii bulls
IK.Jtr.tt.oj Texas ateers, uud S2.7ijij.jo veal
Sheep and Lambs Uoeeipts for the dnv
III. i; ptices ranged at i2.V,(.4.l) western, tci jo
4JI Texius, 2JU(iAJu naUvtta aud !.7jo.'.J
The Local Markets.
Wnoat Wc.
Corn as3TC
Oats ic.
5Tlmo,J,y' WSWW: nplan. tsfttB- wild
H5t 7; slouch, 5-4M; baled. 1
oButter-r, to choice. 18S0c; ertnuswy.Bc
Cntoas I per Da.
1 nmips 80c per hn.
tcLl ' lfea. V4U3!C calves
abeep 4oA4uc
Spring lamb. a.6C3 a head.
Owl-Soft, 10c; ham, tt.HO.
General Weaver has con eluded not to
move from Iowa to Kansas iu order to be
Populist candidate for congress.
Miss J ane lieilman, a u:iddlcaged wom
an of Wheeling, W. Va., refused to leave
her buruing bouse until she was fully
dressed. She was burned alive.
Tbe Ohio legislature has conferred upon
women the right to vote at school elec
tious. Mrs. Lulu Calvert, daughter or Alder
man Kerr, of Chicago, has brought aait
for divorce at St. Louis.
Edwin Booth left, personal property
amount ing to $np, 073.
Texarknna, Ark., has twenty-seven cases
of smallpox.
The government of Great H.-itaiii hasde
mnnded of the government of Nicaragua
an explanation of the withdrawal of tl.e
exrqii.-unrnf the llrit isli consul at f Sivy
town (San Junn del Norte), II. llingh.-iti'i.
Two more comnicnwc.il "armies" are
moving 011 Washington, tine is on tbe
Union Paeilic just east of Portland, Or.,
waiting to capture a train, ami one haa
started on foot from Seattle with the&ama
object as to a train as the other.
The trial of Grand Chief Ramsay, of the
Order of Railway Tclcj.r.'pkers. "indicted
for interfering with the telegraph service
of tl.e lr-.:ri;ngto::. Cedar liapfds and
Northern railway, li:.s Wcgun at Cedar
Hapiils. la.
Da Gama M.u.ies Mello and Mello
blames Da Gunui fcr the lir.M-.ilian fiasco.
In a speech at Utica. N. Y., Miss Susan
B. Anthony related how, when visiting
the same city in 1J1 as an Alolitio:;ist,sbe
had refused the proffered ana 01 the man
who was then mayor.
Kiu? Oscar of Sweden h.ns composed
fill ode to the nn-imiry of Gounod which
has excited favorable criticism iinioug
inusiri.-i i:s.
President Ii.irris c-f tho Miinn State
college is one of t!:e yo:i:igcst men in
charge of n great ducat ional institution
in t he count ry, being only !) years of age
A minute worm is destroying thousands
of acres of tlov.r in the northwestern
11. T. Dick ami wif;-, of Newmarket,
Tenn., celebrated their golden wedding.
The same minister and attendants were
present who saw thetu married a half cen
tury ago.
Goaraatel Cae
Wc authorize our advertised dru
p;ist to sell lr. Kind's New Discovery
for consumption, cmilis nnd colds,
upon tins cniiilition. If you arc af.
flirted with a couo-h. col.l Or anv lunp;;
throat or chest trouble, ami will use
this remedy ss directed, giving- it a
fair trial, and cxiMTience no licnefit,
you may return the bottlo and have
your money refunded. Wc could not
make this offer did wo not know that
Dr. King's New Discovery could be
relied on. It never !isaKiints.
Trial Uittlcs free at Harlz & Ulle
merer's drug store. Large size 6'c
and 1.
Since its first introduction Electric
Hitters has gained rapidly in popular
favor, until now it is clearly in the
lead among pure medicinal tonics
and alteratives containing nothing
which jierniits its u-e a a beverage
r intoxicant, it is recognized as the
best and purest medicine for nl! ail
ments of stomach, liver or kidnevs.
It will cure sick headache, indiges
tion, constipation, and drive malaria
fioni the system. Satisfaction guar
m toed with each bottle or the money
vill be refunded. Price only .Vie xt
.Ottle. Sold bv llnrlz & Vileiucycr.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers salt rheum
Fever sores, tetter, chapped hands,
chilblains, corns, and all skin trup,
tions, and positively :ures piles or
no pay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 2ft cents per box.
For sale by Hartz & Ullemeyer
FoiTO Cts.
We vrill senj you a trial tire eaVe of the best toilet
toap manufactured. Woodbury Facial Soap
is prepared by a specialist oa skin affections, and is
recommended by physicians everywhere. It will
iaae a clean smootn tace from a
blotchy skin. We will also send ynu
and scalp diseases.
John H. Wootflmry
DermatologicaJ Institute,
EstaMlsbed 1870. 125 W. 43d St. N. Y.
Buy Your
1717 Second Ave. Kock Island.
406 Fifteenth Street, Moline.
(Saccalror to B. WJNDT.)
Merchant Tailor,
119 Eighteenth 8treet.
AWFit and Workmanship Guar-
an teed the Best
Cleaning and Repairing Done
THE best investment
' in real estate is to keep buHd
ings well painted. Paint protects
the house and saves repairs. You
sometimes want to sell many a
,good house has remained unsold
for want of paint. The rule should
be, though, "the best paint or
none." That means
Strictly Pure
White Lead
Vou cannot afford to use cheap
paints. To be sure of getting Strict
ly Pure White Lead, look at the
brand ; any of these are safe :
"Southern," "Red Seal,"
' Shipman," Fahnestock."
For Colors. National Iad Co.'s
Pure White Lead Tinting Colors.
These color are sold in one-pound cars, each
ran lietnc sutbcicnt to tint 2S KMin.ls oi Sti u-;y
l'ure White iead the desired shade: inov arc 111
no sense ready-mixed paints bet a comoiiiAt'iMi
of pei fectly pure rolors in the banaicst lorrj to
tint Strictly Pure White I cad.
A good many thousand dollars have been
saved property-owners by having our book on
painting and color-card. Send us a posuU i.ard
and get both free.
' Chicago Braiirh.
State and Mftcculh birevis, Chica-o.
Masonic Temple, Davenport. Iona
I was for 20 years I could nut get
no air through my nostrils; tried
every kind of catarrh cure, but
could only breathe, through my
month. Two years ago I took tine
month's treatment at Scott's Medi
cal Institute. 1 am cured and have
stayed C-U-II-E-D."'
Scott Medical Institute,
2il rirscly Street, Piv-ojiort, Iowa,
Cver American Exprs Co.
SPECIALTIES CaiarrTi. Tvc, Est. Tose.
Throat. I.nui:: Nervous d'-scssn, S'ia il H'at.
Chronic dimases.
OFFICE HOUR8 9 toll a mSto 4 tj. in.. 1
mil p. m. Ou Mnittxyr the o3S;e iil be optn
from 9 a. m. to IS. 10 4 p. ra.
How to procure AXTI-WASHBOAK1)
SOAP POWDKK free of charge:
Cut off the end of the wrapjtcr.
at place named. When you have
85 pictures of otir Anti-Washboard
Soap Powder, take them
to jour grocer or present them
at our oilicc and you will receive
FREE a 4-pound package, worth
25c. We make this lilieral in
ducement to quickly introduce
Onr Lady Soap and
Anti-Washboard Soap Powder
a a i .
jna noius good until ail wrap
pers on which this offer is print
ed, is presented to us.
Warnock& Rafcton
Soap Makers, Itock Island.
Aalc a Weil
Aao of
En v .'. y unJ t""CK'y- i.n all oih. rs
irii niH"1 """" resin th. ir lo.-t manhood
bv San.i'! Vfr their joutlitul vicoi
sioSl n5.V'TALIS. It quickly and mrely re
KiJhfrv:n"iM a Lot! V i milt y. Inux.t. iicy,
or? ivT ,,;,ul!'. Lot Power. Valluis Mem
aimo " n4 all . Sects of aetf
lnVIfli. .'"CMS an,X Indiscretion. V, aros
ttil.ir,? no "'-' Cn be carried ln vest
Svi. rJ mail- ,0, Tr rovkaee. or rx f.
DfwL ii. virlttea rnaranUe to cere
ESSiitPuYZlVl "'rei!l:.r fn. Ad.lrrt
For sale t Hoc Island hy Uarprr Uwh PLar
sasey William and Clendenln. Uolioe.
. . rr ir. ....
, 1 1: l.
FRENCH RPMrrtv vVfl3'
r. l,.v
Carpenter and Builder,
Shop on Vine Street. POCK TSTsANP.
City Bus and Express Line
For Bus or Express Line telephone 1141, and you will receive
prompt attention.
AIMIijTKT4ilt-K s,JT.
rstste of 1 1, In d P. r..... r" t
rne andeiiirTtMi h, .......
Tne aitdrrfiimea hu,u i.;;
m-n'-riria oi llm (....
Peni"er. late of the enni, r
of llhuoi, derew,!. hi-r.-i,v , '"k J.1
will amiear l l-r tbe r. ,, ,". . ' '' ' n..
the rltv of I.'ock ' i r ., J
th- Cri Monday in J..; i,,
all perof. havine rla'ni. . a , ,
notiil. d ane rtq.iei-a ft '....,'
of havirii; the imt a Ma-r, ,j
d"hed tofaide.t -.le ar. ,
nje,oie myir)f m to 11 rii t-
laud Ibis i31 dv nt r . J
NiUY I'E.M.n: , . 1
, 'J' - ' -"?,
Ejtateof ItnJ..l.h Pri,.,,.(. (
Te ondcrstffned r.svir.t :t. ...
tor of the l-.n mils ai.ii t. -:.' ..'..!
Sehacli. late of tbee,!..ii",,f
aie ol Illinois. ir,'al. a,'r, i.
"i i , r"
Bock Ismnd -u:;?y. a, t.'ie ...r ,
s dconrt. In thnm ol Iii-s' j.
.cne tt'rm.oo rht fr-: v.,:,...
t wMrn lice aii perwr. i. t. ,
sa'd ;at.i are t.M'fle.1 ,j r, ,
for the 1-rpotc of hsv,.,L. rj;,.
All ot .-sees Ind .-hit d m ... , ,
qa.ftcd o sik tanx.fr vtc .
Ual. d lb:SJ car o M--, h t
imwki'ji. ;
W. i". M'U!:Li.
Notice to 4 mitracloiM.
Scaled fMjo1 aill N r.r,
i w ..in. roit.ik ' ,;f t.
IS". 4. t) o Clork p ti f.T r u. Vi -P'ev,
niotiii on:t-ri-d l.v an m,-,,
entitli 1 ' n or In an e r ii,.- ...
feventi-etifh Mrttr. (Krarn t '.'
aeni(T lc he 3U"h iint- ..f . ,
Hit wi t-U" pa-MU Star. I. :.. I ..'
narte for lb- improvun.-i : f v(. , . ..
(ruui li e .ooh uae -f , - t t,
wert o tht Kiuln 1 t e o Sit,- . iMy .
v. t.'' :a'el varrh y j.;;
f:,t l!lf iintroertl''tl of i., i ; .
tl c su h !:n cf Nu.ti a v. i j..
tie t.orin lire ot I. :" t., u, ,
March 5, v, siid for fum -t . :.. .
aim drit'u the nrlc i t,, -
"ci:',.-a;oii o-: flie ri iti- : . ;. .
I'ivk m- i 1 h tan:, -In o...
Iiltl mnt h- n-jirHii. f ....
above pirrfle.l. si,j arc .rnr.ii ... t
rotes in the arm of t i.ij,. . ..
der cf the n.ayir .f u-.n. ' .-.
corre folftitcJ t -aide u It. r-... , .
fail to enur in;o co'i ct . -u
flir-'lie. ti rloiiv tte It
UK-lili, nrd fn :ii l,.t! r.i..!
rn'i -r riflrfcTot. ir tn e i,t I.' Il t
rt.a I lv aw-mrd- :o t.i n.
' nl'l. tor an itii--t ti fr, i
of hrii-s i!h hi. , , rt tv i V,' ,
u?eti in tne vu-rs mu-t cor.-.p .l; m :
j.li.iti oi:a fVMil r vie.
Lock 1-UOu, li! A r 1 1T. 1-4
A. II. IU MM,.
( -k
Painl - fs!r, r itivt ly. Pi rf.n v.rT
niancnllv. C'-L'-K-K-ii
Without Surgical ; . rnii .r. ori!i:
tion frrru li:!.;n -.
"o psy f.irtr-at-nt'i.t n:t;'cjr : i . ,
rtt-rtiu.-hroiilcf..;i.i (r.ti tn..;-;r- .. . ry n ..
I'rn-l'Uor iti-ti.ni' fl.e-. m.ji; t. , , ',
KiMiila earee :t.''-r t . j i.
I ile rvtuovt d a iliioat yi:.n tt :lc
Medlcsl and Surgical hiU
PermarDtIy Lwated In the B)an B'.otS.CTis
Second and brady Mmx UavtLiMrt, l.aa
rm, Ard-ion ani Hoe are itjoJu'.
leadire nieoVsJ collere of thi r - ;.-T. ri
with !W years" expeniLca is lbs tmSiiii
cb oi.lr UiM ax-.
They t!Telir"v trat Ci.tar:b. !:.- ri
Lvn:.- di-a-- of tbe die.:ve or-tT. :,.
.iver tioults, cocf;.ii ol. ti.i c
TronV.cS spenllly removd.
The tr.-t afrivaUd cn ar . rt
perxatentiy curuu by our mw cieth J i! ' :
cv nt.
L.M'ES Ar"FL'CTEl-Ppcc'a! af. -. - r
to .-ill d 'eraw t cnliar to aotri-t.. K,-:y '. J 1
acd adva:tt.'i?e f. the Treaimsi.t ti.i t,tt-J "
moral of t'rsc law of direar- .
Klcrlrivitj Its Scientific App'ic
tion. Facia? L'eKl.hrs, as tmil. , tr tf"
vine s.ara. tumors. w--I:r, etc., nra -u- 41
AK trouhlte sris.ni: from lmj :.'i- ' i.
la. eczema, t uer, minor. ulr-t. ;
-Xfau be co.ulled cucrlaeo- 'V y iet t-Wi
re. rV-.i 4 ct-Ti'n f.-r q'.t-rtiou i.'i- A
U1IS. ANUKrtsOS hU-.i, h:ii t -i t-s. ;"
port, Iowa.
T I .
I l.l.v.'lJ'Ju

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