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feme industry
On Tap everywhere.
Only Union labor employed.
Th2 Hock Island Brewing Company, success-
fl.s to ueorge warier mianiic isrewery, l.
Seer's City Brewery and Raibie & Stengel's
pock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Mfe Works, has one of the most complete
Brswin? establishments including Bottling de--inment
in the country. The product is the
h-st. Beer is bott'ed at the brewerv and
.. ,.f 4.-:
pverea :o anydinu mc ui-uues, ana may
h ordered direct from the head offices on Mo-
in- avenue by I eiepnone.
Call for Rock Island
ISrcwins Co. Beer.
Rock Island Buggy Go,
Phaetons, Surrie;
Buggies, Spring and
Farm Wagons
':.y ou to
CJi'ariu j't-t our
Lew prices before Imying.
Win Rnomt on
Sixteenth street between
i irrt And Second avctiuo.
retail trade especially solicit- d
See our spring
md summer Suits.
Our purpose in advertising is to let everybody
who buys clothing that is all mankind here
about know that our suitings are in, and the
;ncst ever displayed in the city. You are
respectfully invited to call and see the latest
ir. patterns and styles.
Call and leave your order.
Star Block, opposite Harper house.
f I:: i:k;:.
Vice President.
Sec iiml Treas.
St-:::ni and Gas Fitters.
g Isiani Healing
2nd Plumbing Co.
H' t Water Heating
' l';:mps
i i:. s;.
Tel. No. 12-ts
" t w i in: r annua.
3E'7 .. ''WCtfT
Am Dealer in Wen's Fine Woolens.
1706 Second Avenue.
he Fashionable Merchant Tailor
Has the most replete line of new patterns in imported
and domestic suitings in the' city.
brief MENTION.
Picturesque America" brin in
your coupons.
Otto Hu1er left last evening for
Chicago on business.
Part 3 of Tns Argcs World's fair
series is now on sale.
Money to loan on real estate secur
ity. Apply at Jackson & Hurst's.
'Picturesque America" are you
petting the series? Rack numbers at
The A kg us office.
The Argus "Picturesque World's
Fair ' meets with popular approval.
Secure it and preserve it.
James Thompson has succeeded
the late Charles Arnold as custodian
of the river engineers' office.
, Mrs. Mabley. formerly Miss Spen
cer, is prepared to do dressmaking at
her home. 2307 Fiflh avenue. Op
posite Fifth avenno pharmacy,
Frances IMaek, for manv vears
school treasurer of the township of
Hampton, has resigned, and (i. B.
McNaluiey has been appointed in hi
Rudy's PihiSuppositorv is guaran
teed to cure piles and constipation.
or money refunded. Fifty cents ier
box. Send stamp for circular and
iivc Mimoie io oiarun Kuiiy, Lancas
ter, Pa. For sale by T. if. Thomas
and Ilartz & R&hnxen company, drug
gists, Rock Island, III.
Articles of incorporation of the
Sylvan Steel cnmmnv w.r r.i...i ;..
- ' ' tin u 111
the oflice of the county recorder, at
wavcnpnri yestenlay, by S. H. Velie,
William Hutterworth, 'i. B. Carson',
F. O. Davis and G. Watson French!
The authorized capital of the corpo
ration will be $.0i),),0)1. one-half of
which will be preferred, ami the re
mainder company stock. The main
office is to be at "Davenport, and the
officers .are G. W. French, president;
Nathaniel French, vice president, and
T. B. Carson, secretary and treasurer.
Royal Kuiiy-' l:yc Whisky
!aa"Kyc a is a Fyr," natiirn'.ly riiencd and
fn-e from all foreign flavor and adulterant-, sua-.
Mitred r.! ar.d over cU-von yerrf o, a?e, rcroin
mended to t 'e eojin"lfur a a meritorious aitl
clc worthy or the cotiflIcr.ec of invalids, conva
lercvnt and the ztsri. tec that our came is
llon in bottle. $1.00 per qn irt but le.
jmrc. old and mellow-, therefore bet adapted for
ImalUs, rm.vulec nt aud tLe a red. It terlorM
l-irt vitality, creates stretch and ai'pclltc, builds
np the weak and ("cbll'.tUfd. timrte. f 1. I'img,
CO cei.u. Tut uji on honor and ; uurutiU-cd by
IJOYAL WIXE, IX), Chicago.
For a'e at Ttitrper IIo:iae Ih '.nancy, and by
Wiilmiu CUndi i in. Vol, ii '.
IllRUrMiuH to the South
April 10 and 21, May 8 and 2!), at
one fare for the round trip. Tickets
limited to thirty (SO) days from date
of issue; choice of routes offered:
stop-overs permitted within certain
territory. Detail information upon
application to
K. STOCKnofSE, G. T. A.
Depot, foot of Twentieth street
Kink Island. 111.
I. and-soekers' excursion. On Jan
9. Feb. 13. March 13, April 10 and
May 8, IHOI, low rate excursion tick,
ets may be had at the -Burlington1
office to all points in Texas. Final
limit of tickets. 30 days from date of
sale. For particulars" apply to
M. J. Young,
Aent, Hock Island.
II. I). Mack, D. 1. A.
otlce.f Ii nnltitlon.
Not re I- tn'rrbv n-'l-rn tlmt tho Arm of nr.wtk
fc Thirr iimi i- tlii? ilnv tlicso'w ; ly mutual c m-
ffiit. Uimlav Ttuermun rrt'rinir nnt n G. Uroiks
c lituii-, olU at b iilii; eh ir.e "f u:l nffuirs of
tlie tlitu il.ii. UiiiMiKM,
Kccklsr.n l. Til . April 21.
We are now at 1610
Second Avenue.
Wholesale Liquor?.
John Volk 5c Co.
Wannfaetnrers of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Siding, Flooring
And all kinds o wood work for balldara.
Eighteenth bu 1 Third acd Fourth avenues,
SEE mm AS !?l YOUTH !
Are the result of years of scientific piper-.
Imentinjr, and are now plaeed, owine to
fheirfluperiorltr, preeminently above every
tiiinif hnretofore protlu!e.d in this line.
Thejraro acknowledged by experts to on
'no finest and most peritly constructed
Lenses KNOWN, aud are peculiarly adapted
locorrectinc the various visual iznperfoo
tions. A trial of tho WmiNOOR wll) eonviBOO
i'"ti they nro PERFECT etCMT UBIEWEBS.
iMijPaif Wwraatad.
For Bale by T. II. THOMAS, Drug
i;it and optician, t
Special April Meetinr or the Board of Sa-perviao.-a
First D.y.
April 25. Fursnant to a call of
one-third of the member, the board
of supervisors in and for the county
of Rock Island and state of Illinois,
convened in the supervisors1 room in
the city of Kock Island in the county
and state aforesaid, on Wednesday,
the 25th day of April, A. D.. 1891.
Upon motion Supervisor Ilasson was
elected temporary chairman.
Supervisors Ford. Vinton and
Schoonmaker were upon motion ap
pointed a committee on credentials,
which committee submitted the fol
lowing: Your committee on credentials sub
mit Jhe following report: We have
examined the credentials of the fol
lowing named persons and lind them
to be entitled to membership of the
board of supervisors for the term of
two years:
(Joe Simon Trent.
Canoe Creek George W. McMur
pliv. Fort Byron J. C. Maxwell.
Moii ue Frank A. Johnson, Thomas
Jenkins. .
South Mo'ine Jams Ilasson.
Kock Island William Rinck, W.
P. Quayle, William Gahagen.
Black Hawk R. B. Olmstead.
Bowling Foster Armstrong.
Andalusia James G. Britton.
Buffalo Prairie William Edging
ton. Supervisor Ford moved that an
informal ballot be taken for chair
man. Carried. The chair appointed
Supervisors McKinley and Britton as
On the informal ballot Supervisors
F. M. Sinnet received 15 votes; John
A. Wilson 3; McKinley 2; Schoon
maker 1; Ilasson 1 and Britton 2.
On the formal ballot Supervisors
Sinnet received 17 votes; Wilson 4:
Schoonmaker 1; Ilasson 1 and Brit
t n 2.
Supervisor Sinnet having received
a majority of all the votes cast was
declared elected chairman of the
board for the ensuing year.
(In call of the roll it was shown
that all the members of the board
wore present
Supervisor Case moved that the
rules governing the board last year
be adopted for the ensuing year.
Supervisor Britton moved as an
amendment to rule 2, 'That all bills
against the county shall be in the
hands of supervisor or overseers of
the poor authorizing said bills at
least one day before the meeting of
each session, and that said hills shall
be tiled with the county clerk by said
supervisors or overseers of poor be
fore the closing hour of the first day
of caeh session."
Supervisor Vinton moved as an
amendment to the amendment to
rule 20, -Xor shall any claim neces
sary to he certified to by a super
visor or overseer of the poor be al
lowed by the hoard unless the same
shall have been presented to the su
pervisor or overseer of the poor who
has jurisdiction to certify to the
same at least two days before the
session at which presented.11 Amend
ment to the amendment lost. Where
upon a yote was taken upon the
amendment which was also lost.
Supervisor Armstrong moved to
amend rule 21 by adding to said rule
the words -where the same can le
legally done."1 Amendment carried.
The rules as amended wi re then
voted upon and adopted.
Supervisor Ford moved to add to
rule 20: "No chum for police, con
stable or justice of the peace fees or
costs shall be allowed ly the board
until the final termination of the the
ease in which said costs accrued and
that fact properly certified.1 Carried
by unanimous vote.
Supervisor Jenkins moved that
the bill of fare governing the over
seers of the poor in this county last
year be adopted for the ensuing year.
Supervisor Vinton moved that the
chair appoint a committee of three
to receive bids from the different
newr-papers in the cities of Iloek Isl
and and M )linc for publishing the
proceedings of the board. Carried.
As such committee the chair ap
pointed Supervisors Vinton, Arm
strong and Carey.
Board adjourned until tomorrow
morning at a o'clock.
Warning to Young Men.
How many jours; men hankru.it their coni.'i
tation. riiiand tr Uicir vitalit y and tuio t!ni
health liy pernicious practice gctu-ra ly contrac
ted through ignorance. Nerynui exh':ti!-tit!-, at
hllitv, tnllnoBj of mental f icaltie, impaired mem
ory, :w f piritu, mor.itc or irritable tc mper. f---nr
of in-. pending C'lamity, and a thonanl and one
aro the demngrmrnt of m.na'aid body, wh'.cb
result frrm reh indiscn tioan. FpiUpsy, par
alysis, acftculmr of itacbrao atd dread insinily
ara not ntfr q icnt'y the result cf unnatural
hai.its cintr icted in youth through ignorance of
their destructive character, and roMnti d In until
the constitu'.io'i is wrecked. Such utifor'.nnp'es
arc sure'y entitled to the t rdcr eyntpathy, the
noblcM effort and the b st tktll of U.e tnnlic 1
profession. To reach, reclaim and restore such
unfortunate! to health and happiness, is the aim
of an nfsociation of medical prentlrmen. ho,
having had a vast experience in the cure of the
maladies ho:cin hinted at, have prepared a com
prehensive, scientific treatise, written la p:aln
butchastc iangnage on lb s nature, symptoms and
curability, by borne treatment, of nch diseases
The World' Kifliionsary Medical Asiociation, of
ei3 Main street, Buffalo, New Yor, will on re
ceipt of this i.otice cnclos d with 10 cents (ror
pos-ae),maiI, secure from observation. In plain
sealed envelope, a copy of this useful work,
which should lie read by not only tvery joupg
man in the land, but a:so by ever parent, guar
dian and teacher hating care or the young.
We are offering to the public a full
line of medium and High Grade biey
clcs at unusually low prices. Call
ou us and save money.
D. M. Seciii.ki; Cakkiage Co.,
Third Avenue, Moline.
Coal Valley, April 25. Miss
Irene Peters returns to Bureau coon,
ty Saturday to commence a spring
term of school.
Miss Minnio Martin has finished
her term of school in Cable.
The warm weather is acceptable,
but there is great need of rain.
Jacob Stascrofskl is putting a tin
roof on his dwelling and saloon.
Our town has not had so much im
provement going on in many years as
this spring.
Mrs. William Haddick and family
were here yesterday visiting old ac
quaintances. '
James Wilshire, of the Soldiers1
home at Quincy, arrived here today.
The old veteran looks well.
We had quite an excited school
election for director on the 22d.
There were 129 votes cast. The
women turned out 25 of them and
cast their ballots. B. R. Lewis was
elected. He had CS votes, T. J. Mur
phy 3S, J. 1). les 19, and R. Cala
han 4.
The canvass of the vote of the vil
lage election Monday did not alter
the results, the candidates all getting
one vote less, leaving R. Patterson
and Thomas Counley to settle by lot.
So the newly elected officers are
James Clrgg, president. B. R. Lewis,
1). II. Lyons and Thomas Counley.
trustees, and G. B. Krapp, clerk.
Flrinirs comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The manywho live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form mtst acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the rtlreshinrr and truly
bencCckd proerties of a jicrfcct las
aiive; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling coJds, Leadachcs and fevers,
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the Approval of yie medical
profession, beenu it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable sulistancc.
Syrup of Fijrs is for sals by all drug
gists in 00c and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup tif Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
ecccpt any substitute if offered.
Com'oinaticn Coupon, J
This coupon will eftahli-h identity t
as a subscriber to the ROCK W
ISLAND AKGrs, end ill lie
ji accepted Tor cny or all ol the a
jj features tneutioned: W
J! '"P.cturesqne America" io cents F
and three couKns of different p
tj ' Gathered Jewels of Fong" k
J: 3)ccn:s aid six coupons of
S diuVrcnt fates. W
1 ''Picturesque World's Fair." Jr
m 90 cents and three coupons of
d'llercal dates. Z
jj 'The American Encyclopedic C
S Dictionw." 15 cents end w
three coupons of different fit
da e'. f
j Americas ureatest jyj.cn cna L
j Women." 10 ei-nu and "
O three cospocs of d ffcrert fit
M dates. a
Thursday, April 26.
Tj City subscribers will pr sent the f
V ca h end the coupons at the W
ARGUS offi -e. Out of town K
sutiscribers will mai1 tte rvh Z
and the couron to this flics w
with tbeoider for the part de- Ik
sired, and it will be nailed k.
them free of any farther W
charge. B
urtis Opera House,
Fifth Annual Tcrtinu n'nl to the yanapemcnt
of the Itur'lg.
Thursday Night, April 26.
Special Return
Eugagcment of
Mr. Richard
nd stock company, prefenting (by rcqneat)
O'unllicr'e Brilliant Comedy,
Piirc 5I.W, ?l. 75 mid 50c. 8euU on sale
Mimilay morning, April S3, at Flute 'a. Telephone
No S.I.
Positively no free lit t.
Hard -Times Wwi i
No man can afford t& have a sick Wife or
Daughter, nor, ia such times as these,
A big Doctor bill Zoa Phora cures
the sickness, eaves the bills.
V.I .
Gas and Steam Fitting
Sanitary Plumbing
A complete line of Pipe, Brass Goods,
Packing Hose, Fire Brick, etc.
Largest and best equipped establishment
west of Chicago.
DAVIS BLOCK, Moline, 111.
Telephone 2053.
112, 1H West Seventeenth street.
Telephone 1148. Rock Island.
Rcsitlencc Telephone 1169.
Wholesale and retail dealer in Flour, Feed,
Grain, Hay and Straw.
"Proprietor of Cyclone Roller Kills. All kinds of grinding done
to order. Agent for the GEO. TILESTON MILLING CO.'S
WORLDS BEST OF ALL FLOUR in the world. Ask for it and be
convinced. 2s ice Fresh Meal and Feed always on hand.
1601 and 1603 Fourth Ave.
Telephaar 1155.
Small Pox, Cholera, Typhoid and
Scarlet Fevers, Diphtheria, E;c
The Best Disinfectant Ready for Use.
Trade supplied by IIOUST VOX KOKCKHITZ. corner Fifth ave
nue and Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Pharmacy. Sde Ajent.
liock Island. Manufactured by the Pastaur Chemical Co., New York.
Rock Island Savings Bank,
Eock Island, III.
Opes dHy from . m. to 8 p. m -, nJ Sstsrdsjr eTCDtcgc fron T to t o'clock
Five per cent Interest paid on Deposits. Money loaned on Personal col
lateral cr Real Estate aeenrity.
W C. raNEMAXX. Vice Praft. Jg . BLTORD, CMhSer.
P. L. H'.tche J, r. C. Drk--iirm. John CraMnph. Fhil Mltrlcll, TL. T. HulL L. 81a om.
JLW Knrrt. t. M. Unford, Jnkn Voifc.
jAcKgox A licKKT, bnlicilora.
Began tnwlTjet July t, icon, irii occupy tha aontbat comer of Kitchen A LroeVa new MrQAMt
F. L. MITCQELT, Fresl.
Proprlctoror of tte Bndr rt-e
A-3 Uodt cf Czx Flowcn eourUit y on band.
One block from Ccu'.ral Ptrk, largoat In Iowa.
Flnwtw Sme
: Brady street, Davenport. I a.
rahB389 BHST8BSOS5
:l 'itiran, -,vH Il'vaitt. Lark ul Mkniw. (rnMHM..
hy fiTwrtiti, vnaitt'cl crmr. rMf)iv f A...a.
irMi!'inti.Tit!I.U!. t . I :tirjmir. oiuan-tt-.r. nrxl InanltV C-
itri-iiuL1 a vi .Ltt'L e-Livf "' "n:- 1 "! and acr'it rw other. "ll:On.AI MtrK.
Ui.bOKt AM AUr.k ISISU. A Wre. A KVK KttlMU., K.mk Trm,l ici4, 1 1
For Bale in Kock Island tr Hartz & IPilmever drucr-ist S01 12th at
Contractor and Builder.
Shop, Holly Hose Honae.
Residence. 410 Seventh street.
Opera X2Io use Baloon
GEOEtiB SCHIFEK, Proprietor.
101 Second AreiiBe, Corner ot BUteonli Street, . OpvosiU Harper TaaatM.
The choicest Wine. Liquors, Beer and Cigars alwais on Hsnd
arac Luxa Xraty Da . g.

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