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1 '..HMHIHi I
The Great
May Bargain Sale!
.nini. ii 'in; Wednesday, Mav
n, inniinuin the bal
f tin week. TheJ fol-
,mj; price "peas, lor mcui
f!ri': I tt ..,,,., bargains "Ac ladies'
,,,, r "i rv.arhi rem canro wmp-
.... f i i Inmt. at '!:':
L t 4 a-lw ' r-ier jroke.I'm I
,n.k n""'"- mhroiro tr'nj
m n- f. WTpi)r. mOltll
,.V.'t-- frit, t gut tack, full ak.i.-vc.
.wlt'.'i.! I
M,.,,li, Knii I mierwcar rar-
Ita I. kl 'r P-I "I IVll lamea'
j it, i i 1 t. tp aire an-t
i..i: l'v it li ; lali-a Jerrv rthbrd
I,.' .:ir rl' tvlBrk,Bi W-ictaea.
1 1. Iiarair. adics' fast
i. . i ir; ii!es .ram'ea raat
Mi '! I' !t; onr roc ro'on-d
.,.. rt.- .n'ltf. h" at 31 pair for 11;.
j- .i-l' iiLt-k h.i. 3 pair for (I.
i Li'" tiirt.iti and Prapery Bar-
fift Imu; roller
, ;.-. ,, h i.fnf mmptto. at l;c
i, ; ' f i! U iu rullrr hide, wlia Ea
rn. I'lririMt lln-a f r oi. t
v i. w.ilr wtnm.w .hade with
t us,. mme'iMc. at IU' r.ch. Can hr
it u.iiii hi.t'V Milft an1 tli.ii whtl
.... vmw . t iirt.ln per m at S'vc
iTir'.Tn"' i v iirtr tift at 80p atari) ;
-n I turiiiiti i ' a nalr; i font
I'll" p iv. Iran kbU titurva compttM)
U ! W':iit At rnch. la-
i, . . ii.ilTtl fmnt and back, full
jtaii,'.' whlti' waist, tucked
j'lu.i .1 u t"I'ratU cuff i.at ttic aacb.
I Th .M itlicr'j Kriftid Itovs' itbort
-4t .lit.
Mh'hn' Knit I'ruli'rwcar Piar-
e:.ia l-rnV Amrrlrnt hallirlir:::in
h 't-nil iiMirrr at 'JSC orb: cnli'
""i-n li-ir ..r I hirt anri dnwi
ii. rich . gut' ritiH lulhrlj4in ahlrta
r.i itwir. rr intrd. Ibrypt an
"niWil, tit 3'h- rnrn; men aiptncr
1--r n iurT in.l rtrawrin at .Vc earti;
s-"' '"' ll.c IU ti luiUaad draw-
lii r.N' H .it UarL'tiins Cents'
11 f -t Hi h' "ic: grn'a' dim
irfki ,.i bi. k. i nwi. Un and alalc
'. ; h na, at i"ic a (air,
I'r i r ninirp. li",c a artl.
ii .
jC Mim! tatTt:t. Ue a yard.
; and !. drcsa ginghani at
t. ; tnt
j M -i'i liattci.ti shirri'il rrrtit;k.
j t.inn pxHt drn glPfhim. at
'r yir.i; t:ir fli l.wn.. :f a vardalirk
"l i r a , anl, nk iiko : irnml ;
t. rt is. .t ,ujB pfln s at 4)jC a lard,
ir 'I Ml:tl.
Lim-n l':ir':iin Fino all linen
'f'HrJVttwl; fix Ml twlllrd rraali
' I i" i i .l; l' .i' t mri ns at 4 ie a
' i. tit art rn.i mh i el-lib at IV a
i' Jt' 'I; i ...-, nl-n -hrd Ulil-linrn t
1 " i itu. S'.i iiii-l.thiiahiltnr
r I ir,l . iirr i k ll llara tonvl
'" h; !.. h-m nil hni-k towel at
t v n; p mn h r .mt rofcrvl tmr
i .it tv. a a if friii-. il t iwcl, ail II n a.
I )russ Goods.
j rm inij-.rt,.,! TatttTiis, at 14c a
;i;-iii.'!i miunr.-a at 25o a rard;
i'-ineii .l.iini'.tiwn. wear and
''".t r,.,Mtjni: fi,ricn. 27c a vard.
""icli l:iii,..s' rlntli. riM'iiltii
ll'r:,',-. r- iliifod to iiT.jcayard.
""Med Kiiitin-ri, 2!H-
'r'.iM.a: l-.'J.-a vard.
wtrntfd tliannal nuit-
J In-'-. iiiarM:.! to i vll at itfc, at l'Jc
' .in .
'"'i'l' ll III liril'tfia " lnnttflil
ill u......
" !l v'r,1: 3:' 'iialitv."
";-iim Ii nil w., niividiii-ti. fiOit
'I"""-. Ih. cold fr 2'Jc a
,ir,,: " iiir-;.' variety.
Cor. Second and Brady.
'yfrEgLjjt 170 ROCK I8IAHD, ILL., SA1URDAY. HAY it '
- - 771 PBIC3 TUBES
& tih on
Though Disgraced, Breckitv
. ridge Eloquent Still.
FirstSpeechof His Campaign
at Lexington Today.
He Refers to His Recent Trial
in Flowery Language.
Speaks of the Effect Upon
His Career.
The Coxey Trial up Again at
the Capital.
A Couple of Presidential
Lexington, Ky May 5 Col.
Itr-ckinride delivered the opening
puech of his campaign to a large
Crowd here thin aflornru
ring to hia trial, ho denied that a
'r mm was a vote or approval,
and if not
tion. "Of what I have lecn puilty,"
no nam, "l ve made public aeknnwl-
-ugenieni tlPiler oath in Sight of Uol,
of court and of country. As to num
berless charges made hy thone who
have conspired to destroy me, I
enter my indignant protest. I've no
defence to make for what I've
done and of which I've been
guilty. Entangled by weak
ness, by passion, "by sin.
In coils which it was almost impos
sible to break, I did everything that
was within my power to prevent
public scandal", except one thing,
which for no moment ever entered
my mind. Your re-election of me
can neither take from nor add to the
punishment I have miTered."
The f'oxrjr TrlBl Acaln.
'ASUi!fiTO. May 5. The trial of
Coxey, lirowne. and Jones was re
sumed in the police court this morn
ing. After several witnesses had
been examined the dofense moved to
take tho Coxey case from the jury on
the ground that the evidence did not
sustain the charge. The court over
ruled the motion and adjourned until
I'rralilmtiitl Kominatlnns. '
Wa.miinc.tox, May 5. The presi
dent sent to the senate today the
nomination of Kdward S. Prickett. of
Illinois, to lie United States consul at
Kchl and of Seneca Hazel ton. of Ver
mont, to be minister to Venezuela.
a Cxritruivnt at Lexington.
LlxinoTiiN, Ky May 4. Tim city is in
o fvvrr of txc.ti'ii.LMit unit C(irresioii(k'Uts
ami Militivmu are llockinu hither in nu
ticiMttion of (Jul oriel lirtrckiuritlge's ar
rival. Visions ( bliMHlsluril cutiio in ru
niiini Ilint .Slute Sem.t.ir HikIvh, nlitnrof
The tllawrvtfr, hail tlnviitiiicd to hold Edi
tor Mi lore cr.tmi.-illy rsi(iiisible if hia
Impcr contiiitieil stricturva on Hmles' k
leiiHe of lirvckinrnlv. Kditor Mmirv
tMk early mraua to suppress IjlotxNhfil by
plnuil iiuU((ra uniler t j.lXIU buudb to kuvp
ll:e pence. ,
larrla-r Contrary to I'ulilir I'ollrjT
Sl'i:!N(it-KLl, Ills., May 5. In the San
pimou circuit court lu n nititulHniiis suit
bnnieht by the National Marriage Kailim
ment aswicint.on for a writ of mandamus
to coniwl tliu sVcrutury of state to Ismiiu u
lirviiKV to liitorK)rute tlm iiKMiciatiiiii,
Judm'C'rviiilitini utuim-l the demurrer ol
the necrvtary il stnle.iind held that the us
socintion was orgunizitd for a purpooe con
trary to public Hliey. This irobably Uis
iowi of the inaUer.
Illluoia ,rrryniaiiiler t'aae.
D.XNVlLI.i:, III., May 5. Attorney (len
crl Moloney, of Springfield, utul IKlos .
l'lalMi, chntrtnan of the Democratic stute
central committee, have arrived here to
defend the Kerryiiiiiniler case which comes
up today. It is understood they will uak
fur coutiiiuance for ten days.
At the Clearing Hnnaes.
NEW YoliK, May 5. liaiik clenrinp, ftt
the principal cities of the country fur the
Week footed tip i !0.j.i!I!t,4."jj. n decrenne of
ro.O per cent, ns com (tared with the
uiuouut for the currespuudio week last
V or y
TO BE" etnUINlr.
- v. unuu I
two naadred and t irteen Thoaaand Idle
Indantrlal Workera.
Vfcw VOUK. Mny 5. Bradst reets' review
f the sUte of , trade says: The move
ment of Keneral merchandise throughout
the country is smaller in volume. Spring
trade is finished and orders for fall deliv
ery are, with few exceptions, not meeting
expectation. Jobbers in leading lines at
almost all tho larger cities report sales
almost without exception as of a hand-to-mouth
description. The extension of the
coal and coke strike, accompanied by
riots at Cleveland and Mesalia, has enipha
itd the depression. The industrial situ
Ition, therefor, has not improved.
strikes of iron-ore miners, amonir build
ing trades, with an extension of the coal
miners' htrike and the almos; total cessa
tion of operations in the cokerojrioni, have
swelled the total number of idle industrial
workers to fully S1S.O0H. Shut downs of
Industrial concerns depsndent on coke or
soft coal for fuel are incrensini;, notwith
staudinK an attempt of coal operatives and
operators to get together to arrange a ban
of settlement. The prices movement tips
the scales with Indian corn. oat, cotton
coffee and reUnwl ni;ar all lower, and
wckiI and some varieties of woolens and
cotton goods heavy with marked ten
dency of quotations to weaken.
Wheat scored its fifth or sixth lowest
price on record during the crop year 00
cents at Xew York. A relatively favora
Me industrial report comes from Detruit,
where there ara fewer unemployed. An
other contrast is seen iu the New Eng
land shoe factories runniuij on short time,
while at St. louis four months shipments
are iu excess of last year. Transactions ia
wool have slackened aud prices of some
grades are weaker.
Judge Coolrjr Telia Jut What Uncle Sam's
Government Is.
ASS AltBOU, Mich., May 5. Judge
Thomas M. Cooley delivered an address to
the university students on "Free Institu
tions." which was virtually a discussion of
the Coxey movement from a constitutional
standpoint. The judge spoke first of the
nature of our institutions and govern
ment. It is a representative nud not dem
ocratic government The duty of the citi
zen is to vote for a representative and
when be has done thnt lie almost ontirelv
ceases to be a political power.
Suppose a large class of people heco me
dRsuiistied with the conduct of the gov
ernment and 10,000 arise iu each state and
march on Washington to demand that
eight hours be a day's lab r. or that the
uationttl government improve tho roads
or issue more money. They claim to voice
the demands of the people; but they repre
sent but a fraction of the tieotl Tim
function of the citizen is to vote. The so
called army has no power to coerce a
single representative at the seat of govern
ment. The petitioner cannot go to congress in
liersou with his petition. Accoriliug to
the principles of our government it must
he preseuted by tho representative of the
people. When each man attempts to de
termine the law there is a state of an
archy. There is one law which tiie people
created, and that is the constitution. The
presetit Coxey movement, said the judge,
may be a f arce, but it looks to a revolu
tion which cannot be accomplished short
of civil war.
Flf-hting the Elght-IIonr Law.
MofXT Vkunon. Ills., May 5. The cases
involving the constitutionality of ths Illi
nois eight-hour law which was passed by
the general assembly June 17, Ik-jj, were
argued before the supreme court. The piain
tills iuenor were prosecuted and convicted
iu a Chicago criminal court for the viola
tion in section 5 of the act of the general
assembly which provides that "no female
shall be employed iu any factory or work
shop more than eight hours iu any one dav
or forty-eight hours iu any one week." Iu
each case it was asserted that that act was
unconstitutional because it places un
warranted restrictions upou the Individ
ual', right to coutract.
Racceaa of the "Crasuilers.,
St. Lofls, May 5. The reports re
ceived from the milling districts of Illi
nois iu the vicinity of this city show that
but six mines are now being operated
Staunton No. 6, Clyde.Uillespie. Sundoval,
Odin and Hunker Hill. The uet result of
the crusade of strikers Thursday wus the
stoppiug of the work iu the .Staunton No.
5, lireesv, Trenton, Troy, liruokside, Ilills
boro, Coftee aud Carliuville mines. Tho
roads running through southwestern Illi
nois lire said to lie ou the uuxiuus bench
for supplies and just how much coal they
will "oeize"sit will take mouths of "trac
ing" to ascertain.
Great Northern Strikers Hurprised.
St. Cloud, Minn., May 5. An order has
been received from General Manager Case,
of the Gtvut Northern, that no employes
urn sted for maliciously injuring the com
pany's projierty, abandoning trams be
tweuu stations, wilfully imperilling the
lives of the passengers ou the company's
trains, or aiuing iu delaying the mails iu
the lute strike could go to work until their
:n-es are thoroughly investigated, but
that the balance of the men could return
to work without prejudice. This order
itaggered the men, us they understood
that all the strikers were to go back.
riuerahelm Think- It Will Full.
l'lTTBUt'las, May 5. Henry Floersheim
tud lii-diurd liuutuu, representing two of,
ihu largest railroad nud river coal com
INi nice iu this district, gave it as their
-ipiniou that the coulereiicu culled fur
.iiiy 15 at Cleveland to settle the great
-ol strike would prove u lnilure. Fioer
dieim said that the Put-bargaiul Chicago
aud New York and Cleveland co.l com
panies, which were largely responsible tor
rale-cuttiug, hud not hecu consulted iu re
gard to the mutter. Itutu getilhmicu said
.he couterence was not representative.
Another B. anil 1 Insolvency.
SriU.XUFlELD, lils.. May a The auditor
of public accounts finds the itautuul Uuild
ing anil Lionn association inxilvetit to the
amount of U,W, and lleid Allison hus
been appointed receiver by the court at
strack and Killod by Lightning.
BAT CITY, Mich., May 5. During a
thunderstorm John W. Ferguson, a gro
cer of West Bay City, was struck by light
ning and instantly killed aud Mrs. Maggie
Beuuet seriously injured.
Members of Congress Report
Days of Absence
None of Which, However, Wilt Figure In
Their Pay Cheeks-Crisp Will Not "Go
Mehind the Ketaraa" for Fear of Cant
Itig Odious Inquisition Rrport Against
tlte "Dockiufc I.aw Coanmonwealera ie
tonrt Iockcry After Sugar Ilountle. .
Wasiiinxtos. May 5. Congressional
salaries for the moot h of April became
due yesterday, so that members had their
Erst experience with the new procedure cl
"locking ' for absenteeism. Up to Thurs
dny night S13 members had filed their
certificates showing the number of days,
if any, they had been absent. Yesterday
about fifty more certificates wore put in,
leaving al out, lO members unncccunted
fir. In the certificates thas far receive'l
s:x day is the greatest nnmber cf absent
days admittel by any member. The
"dockage" for this ut $13 C'JS per day is
13. Th great majority of the mem
bers certify that they have not been ab
sent at all. and the most of those who
certify absence limit the period to cno or
twjdays. At this rate the total deduc
tions will be small.
I'utt Them on Their Honor.
Tiie congressmen are showicg much uu-c-asiness
iu ::iaking out the certificates, as
there is nothing beyond their word of
honor to show how many days they have
been absent. They feel reluctant to sur
render a part of their silary and yet are
bound in h.nior to report the days for
which deduction should lie made. Some
of the certificates were written over on
both sides with apologies and excuses for
absence, niemliers hoping in that way to
secure their full pay and yet admit ab
sence. The sergeaut-at-ar:ns notes only
the sp-.'cifirr statements of ulwcnce and does
not. attempt to pass judicially 6a the long
nnd lab i-ed excuses. The ouly excuse
r.-coguized by law is sickness, -
Not Going llrhind the Tirtorna.
It is said that the certificates of one en
tire state delegation show not a day ol
absence, although three of the delegation
have been ulistut a considerable part of the
entire month, and none of them claimed to
b3 sick. Care is licing takeu to keep
from publication the individual names ol
mem 1i:ts dorke'd, as it might cane ques
tions to be raised as to the accuracy of the
amount deducted. Sjicaker Crisp nnd
Sirgeant-at Anns Snow are riot going
back of the face of the returns made by
each member. Many of the certificates
with. the doubtful excuses were submitted
to the first comptroller of the treasury, r
Law Itrpi-alod by Implication.
Representative Wono, of Pennsylvania,
has submit ted to the house a minority re
port ou the questiou submitted by the ju
diciary committee as to the "docking" of
salaries of members. The majority re
port upheld the old law under which de
ductions for absenteeism ure now being
made. Hut Stone's report, concurred in
by Childs nud Updegraff, reviews the
laws bearing on congressional salaries and
concludes that section 40, under which de
ductions are uiade, has been repealed by
rrruliar View of the Case.
It is further contended that even if sec
tion 40 is still in force the deductions shall
be on n basis of a congressional salary of
$3,0U0 per year which was the amount paid
when section -iO was enacted. In conclu
sion the report says: "We, therefore, re
spectfully submit that the sergeant-alarms
has no legal authority to withhold
from the members any portion of their sal
ary on account of absence."
The Fight To I5e Made on the
I'eacenble Assembly.'
'Kight ol
Washington, -May 5. The commonweal
leaders were bt-forj the public once more
yesterday when they were before Judge
Miller's police court for violating the
District laws. "Marshal" Browne was a
little uplifted by his pro'mincucc aud at
onetiuiu put, in a word of comment re
garding the proceedings. Jud;;e .Miller,
who is a bardheaded magistrate, exhibits
a tendency to treat the titled common
wealers like other defendants and threat
ened to have the marshal consigned to the
dock. There was an audieuce gathered
which filled the court room nud included
most of the Populist leaders as well as
other uiemliers of congress.
Senator Allen, while disclaiming sympa
thy with what he called the visionary ideas
of Coxey, made a strong plea for the con
stitutional rights of citizens to peaceably
assemble uud petition cougress. Judge
Miller refused a separate trial for Coxey,
so the three defendants are iu o:;e boat.
Tho plea of "ri-htot peaceable assem
bly" will be the one the case will be
fought over, and if Coxey is as good as his"
reported word he will lake the mutter to
the mpreme court to find whether there is
a piece of public property iu the country
that can be shut to a popular nstcinbluge.
The trial is coutiuuing today.
Waya and Means Committee Directed to
lteport the Same.
Washington, May 5. Dockery has in
troduced, aud it has been referred to the
house rules committee, a resolution pro
viding that "the committee on ways and
meaus is hereby directed to prepare aud
report to the house for consideration in
coutiectiou with the legislative, executive
and judicial appropriation bill, when I he
same shall be reported at this session," an
amendment repealing the provision of the
McKiuley law authorizing the payment of
uouuties to domestic sugar growers.
Condition or Coxey's Army.
Washington. May 5.-Frequeut showers
of twin dampen to a considerable extent
the ardor aud enthusiasm of the army of
the commonweal. The meu are uot
adequately protected against the weather
aud preseut a very foiloru and dejected
appearance. The .rations furnished are
sin. pie aud limited. . ,
The severest cases of rheamatism
are cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla.
the great blood purifier. Now is the
time to take it. Hood's c
The London challenges the combined clothing
houses of Rock Island to meet , their prices.
The London Always Undersells
More now than at any previous time of its suc
cessful career. If any doubt exists, arm your
self with these challenge prices and see if any
other house has the goods at the price:
i,ooo boys' pants, worth 25c, for 9c.
Domet shirt waists for 1 ic.
Childs pants, worth $1.50, for 89c.
Childs' blouse suits for 49c.
Men's fine black clay worsted suits in
regent frock, round and square cut sack
suits, worth $16.50, for $10.
Duke of York bows,, worth 35 to 50c,
15c each; 75c per iialf dozen.
Men's half hose, while they last, 3c.
Fine spring teck ties, worth 50c, for
You know us:
Big Store.
Seven Per cent
We desire to call attention to
the fact that we have constant
ly on hand and offer for sale
at par and accrued interest
First Mortgage Loans
In sums of $200 and nyw- Is,
secured on improved' Uiuis
and other choice real estate,
running from one to five years
and drawing SEVEN per cent
interest semi-annually.
A Word to the ,
Wise is Sufficient.
The shrewdest investors are
now calling in their money or
gathering it together to put in
these seven per cent loans
w hile they can be had.
The securities we offer are
especially adapted for the in
vestment of savings and trust
funds, as our; personal atten
tion to all the details of the
loan, from its date. to its ma
turity,, relieves " the holder
from all annoyance .except to
present his coupon to us for
collection. For further infor
mation call at the office of
Masonic Temple.
-. Supt. Loan Department
I make a specialty of repairing or
furnishing parts for any
. Bicycle, and guarantee
satisfaction on all work
If your wheel needs attention try
me. Hair Clippers and
Razors sharpened oa short
Market Square.
Tan Shoes
For ladies and
shoe and very
Large Buttons.
If you like a
$3.00 Shoes a
162? Second Ave., Under Rock Island House.
J I1"
"Picturesque America.'
Double-breasted childs suits, worth
$2, for $1.10.
Men's all-wool suits, worth up to $10
about 400 in all for $5.
Men's suits $2.49. Honest suit.
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worth 25c per pair; two pair for 25c.
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for $7.50.
Overalls, the 50c kind, for 25c. Black
and blue.
Everybody On
Blue Front.
See us for anything in this line. We can
show you the proper things, at the right
prices. All widths.
gentlemen; a great summer
stylish shoe these will add to its
also wrinkled vamps. We have
,The New Merchant Tailor.
HawparBoaa B!ok

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