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Tttl Aid 1CC3.
Of Oath MMtl
Ttn Lit. Tornado.
Aooldnt. Maria.
Employer's Liability
loads of Suretyship.
omca lupm-t Mock oek Island, me.
manatee; they will tntoraetyo.
General . . - 55
Insurance Agent
Tme M laadTlme-trlrt Coetpaale
Losses Promptly Paid.
as tow My rellahla company cm afora
Taw Patrona la aoUettad.
XXoUoe, III.
Corset fifteenth atraat saa Thlra A
CAPITAL t 1 00.000.0a
Sat Stella Bartow Ra
Oinetsea aader Sum Law.
Opes frwn a. a. to a p aw, aae Wesassday aad
atarday aifhkf frasTtoSpa
Pssrrsn ImiEi
B, A- Amewoarra,
Porter Sktaaet.
.. Bowers.
W. Walla,
V. f. Ha
ilraa DarUs.
Western Investments
tor pmata parte la ths Bardaa
ensi at ua west ay ta
Orchard State Bank
B. W. Saw, President,
J. 8. Saw Caaaiex.
Mitchell A Lvada. lulni
J. r. Betftaaoa, caabiat hock Ulead; kaUocal
O.C. Carter, M. D.
Uaary Dart's lout, Wholesale Oram.
Kidney Trouble?
Bladder or Uri
nal Trouble?
Catarrhal trouble
Do you want immediate relief and
cure? Get . .
For aala by all druggteta.
Read what Dr. Snyder, formerly
01 treeport. says:
Chicago, March 7. 1818
Sr. Bornham. M Adaaw (treat. Cltv:
My Itaar DoctorMy attrnttoe wan Snrt eallad
to h.ii Jaa Ivt year la ta cae of Captain J.
M. Broslas.of AUant (la., who was attacked In
this city with acme nephritis (Inflamed kidney)
and systltl (inflamallon of bladder). After pre
scribing tb aaual remedies withoat ami. fcan
J ah" h neimlnl. and tbe Inpromaient WW to
ai.rkad aflar ta. ant daw tbat a complete enra
rouovaa an apeetmr, tbat I at once commenced
aa lnv.itlg.tkon of tu merit., and hare aince pre
aorlbad It In alBHiat every known form of kid
ney. bladr, aretbral, vae-iaal and catarrhal
troablm, followed la each Instance by tbe bap
ptaet malts.
la my own ease ff yatltla) tba relief it gave Be
la a few day waa pimply marvelous.
A caa of .narrate la ay own family waa vary
macb Improved by a few doses, and radically
cared la let tban a week ma practical eipcr
tvac. m a anmher of bad eaaae of leaeorrboea. I am
frM tn .ay that I have found no remedy tbat ia
equal to 'San Jan."
And while I nave never before given a ptofea
ekmal andommrnt to a proprietary remedy, I aay
uabeaitatinicly and without rreerva. that I connlo
er ''eanjak'' a veritable bona to humanity, and
after applying it to the aureet profeaekmal tests,
caa aay with confldenca It la better tbaa it la
lecommeaded to be.
I aball enatlna lo prescribe It la all eaaee of
geaito-urlnarr or catarrhal trouble la preference
In all other known rvmwtir.
A a nerve tonic, eepectallvln the case of weak,
raemic children, "ban Jak" can be tolled npon
fully and entirely. The delieion taste of the
medicine ia alao in lt favor. In prescribrng It f . r
cbildre. 1 aa at present asing "baa Jak" aa an
alterative in akin d aeaaev and aeveral oafea of
chronic ecxema h tying vellded so readily to Ita
Influence tbat I ehall contiaae to aae it In eimllar
case, feeling cnandent tbat It will meet all tbe
tadlbeUone la ancb caera.
Vcyr Sincerely,
(Signed) Geo. w. mtdib, M. B.
Aak your Druggist for home ref
Baths of all kinds. Including
Turkish, plain, shampoo, eleo
trio, electro-thermal, etc., may
bo obtained at the Sanitarium
Bath Booms, on the first floor of
the Harper Mouse.
For Ladies From 9 a. m. to
IS m. on week days For Gen
tlemen From 6 a. m. to 7:30 a.
m., and from S p. m. to 9 p. m.
on week days On Sundays the
rooms will be open from a. m.
tn 11 a. m. for Gentlemen only.
Klectrio aad Klectro-thermal
bath may be obtained at any
time during; business hours.
Gymnasium connected with bath
room. '
The War is Over. A Well-known Sol.
dier, Correspondent and Journal
ist Makes a Disclosure.
Tndlnna contributed her thnnsnndanf brave
anluu-rH to the wrxiuMl iifjittnto Irun a let
l nfirt In IlintVvipcitt than It Uoea. lo
liU'i-aturo It ui rnpidly acquiring aa
envliililo nlucc. In wiir and li
Holomon Trwcll, wkII known aa it writer aa
foi. ii as won un annoniDip posit Ion. Irur
Ins the lute war lie waa menilHrnf Co. M,
M. N. Y. Cavalry nntl or t lie l.lth Indiana In
fantry Volunteer. KcsnriliiiR an Important
Clrrumstniirc lie writes ns follows:
"tH-veml of old veterans here are using
Pr. Miles' Uestorntlve Nerviiw, Heart Cure
and Nerve ami l.lvi r 1'IIIh. nil of them irlvinv
uplendid snl lf net Ion. In fact, we have never
um-i nwoHn mat conipnre w'T.ii them. if
I lie I'iilH we must say t l-y are t lie best com.
uinniion in me miamies reqiiinMi in a prer
.ration of their nature we have ever known
Ve have nnnu hut word, of rlun ia.
They are the mittrrowth of a new principlo in
nM-flicine, and tone up the system wonder
fully. We say to all. try these remedies."
eoiomon leweu, aiarion. mil., iiec. a, ltffz.
These remedies am wild by ull drucRista o
a positive Buaranteo, or sent direct by tn?
Ir. Miles Medb-al Va.. Elkhart, lnd.. on n
reipt of prtf-e. (I per Imttle. alx bottles 16, es-
press prenaio. j ney positively coatam
OBiatew ikjc UangeitMia druga.
S. D. OOimLLT.
Ckmnelly & Connelly,
Attorneys at Law.
CMBca aecond floor, over Mitchell A Ljrndc'a
bans. Money to loan.
Jackson & Hturst.
Attorneys at Law.
Oflca la Bock Ieland National Bank ball dins.
a. p. awiaasv. atvum.
Sweeney & Walker, t , .
Attorneys and Councellors at Law.
Ofltea fa Bensston'a Block.
Charles J. Searle,
Attorney at Law.
Legal baatnet of all kind promptly attended
to. State's Attorney of Bock bland connty.
Offlea. raatoflke Block.
McEnlry & McEniry,
Attorneys at Law.
Loan money on rood eecurity; make collec
tion. Eefercnce. Mitchell A Lfnda, baakara.
Office, Poatoffl-. Block.
R. M. Pearce,
Booms tP and 31 In Mitchell A Lynda1 :
BaUdlag. Take elevator.
T. L. SilTis,
Mo. 1716 Second Avenue, over Krell A Math 'a.
Drs. Bickle & Schoemaker,
Dental Surgeons.
Mltch.lt A Lend Block. Roran XS and S4
formerly occupied by Dr. Ladewig. 'lake o.-
Dr. Asay.
Physician and Surgeon,
,1134, Third A venae. Telephone, 1170, office
Hoar : 1 to 4 p. nu and at night.
J. a. aoLLowania. m. d.
a. a. BABTH, H. D.
Drs. Barth & Hollowbnsh,
Physicians and Surgeons.
CBce40Sardt. Telephone lOSS
MasidaaceTllSlatat. lus
omcB otms:
Dr. Barth I Vt, llollowbnxh--
. tlMa.m, I 10 to 12 a.m.
ltoSand7loSp.m, I StoBand7tofp.au
Dr. Chas. M. Robertson,
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Only.
Oflice, Whit taker Block, aonthweat comer
Third aad Brady t recta, Dai import. Iowa
Booma 17 and 18. Uonn.; 9 to 11 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m.
Edward L. Ham matt,
Office, Room 41. MltcheU A Lynda Bonding.
Geo. P. Stauduhar,
Plana aad ennenntenleaca for all claaa of
Banding. Room, aj and 05, Mitchell A Lynde
W. A- Darling,
City Engineer.
Bnford Block, rar Kmaaharr (tore.
Toian Volk Sc Co.
Maaafactarer of
Sash, Doors, Blinds. Siding, Flooring
n ainscoaiing.
And an kinda e wood work for baUdara.
eSchtaeath St. beCTUrdaroarUaveaaoa,
Susquehanna River on a Mis
sion of Destruction.
Williatnsport People Looking for a
. More DestructivK Inundation
i , Tha Tiat of 1880
The Torrent looked for st tba Dead of
Might ami the Threatened Resident
Move Their Property to h Blghiaada'
Bradford Vndav Water A Baby- raJla
Into the Streaaa. bat la Heroically Rea
raed Woanaai Drowned While Trying to
Save Her Belonging Fanner Loae
Williamsport, Pa., May 21. With the
horrors of the disastrous flood of 1889.
which spread death and destitution
throughout this valley, brought back to
memory by the threatened danger of a
avreep of water that . promises to be as
preat as that of five years Ago, the people
of this city and all through the West
Branch valley are in a state of panic.
Since .Friday night a steady and almost
contra nous downpour of rain lias been
swelling nil of the streams, and numerous
cloudburst along Pine Creek and other
tributaries of the Went Branch of tbe
Susquehanna have made it impossible to
counue tbe water within the banks of the
streams. It has, thereforo, spread out
over the county and nt every point is pour
ing into the main river.
The I'lood Expected at Mglit.
AH reports indicate that, if anything,
the flood will be worse thnu iu 1SS!. Of
course this condition of things has paral
ysed railway traflic wherever the condi
tions obtain, but the center of interest for
the people of this city is the fact that the
cultivation of the flood is expected to reach
here in tbe dead of the uigtit. The Sus
quehanna flows south of the city, and it ia
crawling up at the rate of a foot an hour.
Gruflus run, a tributary which empties
iuto the river below the city, has over
flowed its banks and spread over a consid
erable Krtion of the city, flooding many
houses and driving the occupants from
their homes. All of the houses were occu
pied by poor people and the rise was so
sudden that the sufferers lost much of
their personal property.
Threatened People Moving Their Goods.
In anticipation, however, of wltat is ex
pected the Are and church bells of the city
I were rung to notify Uie people of the im-
peuuing uangtsr' aim me worKO! prepar
ing for the worst is in progress. In the
Iraudreds of homes that wore submerged
five years ago the people are moving out
and storing their goods in the houses of
those living ou the highlands. The busi
ness part of tbe city was a complete wreck
five years ago and hundreds of merchants
are moving their stocks to places of safety.
The regular church services were all sus
pended yesterday and in all of the houses
of worship those who attended confined
their devotions to the offering up of pray
ers for the assistance of Providence in the
present grave emergency.
Bain Cominz Dona In Torrent. -
The rain is still coming down in tor
rents. The river is coniiug tip rapidly and
is now twenty-one feet above the low water
mark. It will overflow its banks and as
the certainty of great destruction of prop
erty grew more appnrent the general in
terest increased. The banks of the; river
and the bridges were lined with thousands
of people watchiug the rise of the water
and those who had not moved during the
day hurried their belongings and families
to places of safety.
Million of Logs Let Loose.
The "boom" at Lockhaven has broken
nnd 15,000,000 feet of logs have been lost.
The Upper Linden boom also broke. It
contained 11,000,000 feet of logs and they
have gone down. There are about 150,
000. Quo feet of logs in the main boom and
half as many more iu the city mill ponds
that may go on a twenty-five foot flood.
Worst flood In the Town'a History A
Baby Bravely Ileacued.
Ehadkokd, Pa., May 81 -The worst
flood iu Bradford's history is rushing
through Tuna valley. Twenty streets con
tiguous to the creek are inundated and
hundreds of families are in the swim. The
east and west branches of tbe Tuua are
both transformed into good sized rivers.
Below Foreman street, at the confluence
of tbe two streams, the flood is a quarter
of a mile wide and is high enough to ruin
all the carpets in the houses on Hilton
and other streets in the lower part of the
Sixth ward. The Douglass dam is partly
torn away. Weaver's ice house is in ruins.
The North street bridge is gone, and sev
eral railroad and street bridges are in dan
ger. In the Sixth ward twenty families were
taken out of their houses in boats during
the night and on Clarence river, and Hil
ton avenue a rescue corps with skiffs res
cued as many more. Luckily there were
no fatalities. An 13-months-old buby fell
iuto the East branch, and was being swept
away in tbe current. Thomas Potter
leaped into the creek and after a desperate
struggle, saved tbe child.
Webster street is navigable by boat.
Across Coridon to Newell avenue, to
Main, and then down Davis street there is
a rushing body of deep water and skiffs
ply from tbe tuddell House up aud down
tbe streets. At the Henderson House on
the grouud floor there is six inches of
water. 1 weuty business houses on Main
street between Webster and tbe Erie rail
way are in a itill worse condition.
Tbe fire alarm bell was sounded yester
day morning at 3 o'clock and the firemen
were called out to help people from
their houses. They did excellent work. A
car load of lime in a storehouse near the
track about Elm street became water-
oaked and fired the building while un
dergoing tbe alaking process, and in tbe
Uood to their waists the firemen had far
ther work to do. The rain has abated
somewhat and it is believed that the worst
is over.
Woaaan Drowned nt bloyMtewn.
HtNTlstiDON, jPa., May 21. Within
tweuty-four hours tbe Juniata and the
Kayatown branch have risen twenty-two
feet, flooding the low lying farms and im
prisoning entire families in their homes
who cannot be reached. Portstown. a
suburb of this town, was flooded to the
second floors of tbe houses, and Allegheny
street in the town was submerged. The
gas company's works here nave been tem
porarily abandoned to the risinir. waters
aud ninny residences and business houses
are flooded to the second floors. At Sloyes-
t Jwn, Bedford county, Mrs. Jacob Miller,
vpile trying to save licr personal belong
ing was drowned.
Reports from a Mnmber of Point.
PniLADKLPHIA,'May 21. Dispatches to
Pennsylvania railroad officials report that
it has been raining for several days; that
the water of the Susquehanna . is still
rising, and that a conservative estimate
places tbe probable total rise at from 2" to
30 feet. The flood imperils lienovo. Drift
wood, Went port, Sinnamrihouing, Lock
haven, liising Springs Bixter's,. -Vine-yerd,
and everywhere railway' embank-'
ments are washed out and "bruizes endan
gered, many beiug held down by trains of
ears loaded with stone,
; Crop on the-Farms Deatroyed.
ALSpoxA, Pa., May 21. Bet ween -this
city aud Mill Creek tbe loss from fiord
suffered by farmers is very great. Theit
crops are destroyed and fences aud small
building; have been washed away.
Fire at Tower Hill, Ills., destroyed seven
frame buildings worth about $4,01.0, nod
part of the stocks contnined therein.
Coxey's sentence has been deferred
L The Presbyterian assembly at Saratoga
is discussing the seminaries question, so
nearly related to the difficulty with Drs.
Briggs and Preserved Smith.
Governor Waite will make a Fouith of
July speech at Springfield, Ills.
A majority of the Democratic con
gressional committee of the "Ashland"
Ky..district is in favor cf tbe rcnoniiuation
ol Breckinridge.
Manchester, N. J., containing railway
shops, churches, school, stores and resi
dt'iiftrs. will be sold at auction May 23. on
a niortae given in 1SS7 ou the land t he
town is built upon.-
The CotiMerate "White House" at
Richmond, Va., which since the war has
!-eii useti its a public school will this
week lie given to the Confederate Memo
rial and Literary society for a museum.
il. W. Ellsworth, who has leen de
nounced as n traitor by the A. P. A. at
Des Moines bt-caused he was stiRjiected
of supplying "the enemy" witli informa
tion during the recent campiign. has
sued lifty iiiemlH-rs of the order lor lib'jL
Men at the mines at Breese, Ills., were
forced to quit work by a mob of Mrikers.
Y:ce President, E.eta of Salvador, was
to have murried Ida D-nt Wright, of
New York, but the lady has broken off
the marriage. She has been reading up on
South America and doesn't want to live iu
a chronic revolution.
P. .1. ,T. Foute, n Chicago letter carrier,
was badly burned about the head and
baud nnl the burns would not heal satis
factorily without the giaftiug of new
skin. Hearing this fifteen of his comrades
putted with several inches of cuticle each
for Foutes' benefit.
Lucy Sefton committed suicide near
Vandalia, Ills., and the cause has turned out
to be that she was e Hunk-id to two young
men and could not decide which one to
jilt. .
William A. Simsrott, the treasurer of
the Switchmens' association, is still miss
ing, and there isn't a clew to his where
abouts. Mrs. Shacklett, of Alexandria, Va,,
swears at Philadelphia that she was mar
ried to J. K. Landis. of Chicago, while nu
der the influence of drags without her
knowledge, consent, wish or desire, and
she asks that the marriage tie be broken.
O. W. Potter, of Chicago, a millionaire
well-known in the iron trade aud iu other
commercial lines, is very ill at Lake
Geneva, Wis., ana bis death may occur at
any time.
Cashier Tracy.of the Great Falls (Mont.)
National bank, was shot just below the
heart shortly after he entered the bank in
the morning. He did it himself, and
whether by accident or design is not
known. No reason is apparent for suicide.
He may survive.
Aud re w Graham, author of a system of
shorthand bearing - his name, died at
Orange, N. J.
Thomas Miles, senior partner of Rob
erts Bros., the publishers, is dead.
Frank H. Greer nnd Winiield Smith, ed
itors of newspapers nt Guthrie, O. T., after
terribly wounding each other at long
range through their respective papers aud
ieus, met ou the street and broke all the
glass iu the neighborhood with the leaden
hail thev inaugurated.
A Millica Fronds.
A friend in need is a friend indeed,
and not less than one million people
have found just such a friend in Dr.
King's New Discovery for consump
tion, coujjhs and colds. If vou have
never used this frrcat cough medi
cine, one trial win convince vou that
it has wonderful curative powers in
all diseases of throat, chest and
lungs. Each bottle is guaranteed to
do all that is claimed or money will
be refunded. Trial bottles at Hartz
& Ullemever's drug store. Larire
bottles 50c and $1. b
We desire to say to our citizens
that for years we "have been scllin"
Dr. King's New Discovery for co
sumption. Dr. King's New Life pills,
Bucklin's Arnica salve, and Electric
bitters, and have never handled rem
edies that sell as well, or that have
given such universal satisfaction.
We do not hesitate to guarantee them
every time, and we stand ready to
refund the purchaser's price, if satis
factory results do not follow their
use. These remedies have won their
great popularity on their merits.
Hartz & Lllemeyer, druggists.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
braises, sores, ulcers salt rheum
Fever sores, tetter, chapped hands,
chilblains, corn's, and all skin erup,
tions, aod positively cures piles or
no pay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Harta t UUemejer
Royal Koky" Ky. Whtakr -la
a "Rye a hi a Bye," naturally ripened and
ree from all foreign flavor and adottcranta , gear
an teed pare aad over eleven year of age, rococo -Blended
to tbe eonnoiatear a a meritorious arU
cla worthy of tbe confidence of Invalids, convs
leecenta and the aged, fee that our naaw Is
blown in bottle . f 1.00 per ajaart bottle.
pore. oM and mellow, therefore best adapted tor
hi valid, coavaleaeenta and tbe aed. It nrXormm
lot vitality, create strength U( appetite, bnilda
ap the weak and debilitated, qnane. 1 Plot.
00 cents. iat ap on honor and gaaraateed by
,' ROYAL WINK. OO, Chicaao.
For sale at Harper House Pharmacr. aad br
WUUaaClenfenlifroliiie. 1
Streets, Alley and Cellar Fall nf Water
Crops All Ruined.
JonssTOWS, Pa., May 21. The neaviest
rain storm since the big flood of 1889 has
ceased aud early light disclosed flooded
streets and alleys and cellars full of water.
About $I.000 worth of timber belonging
to the Coneniaugh Lumber company
broke loose and was carried away, tearing
two bridges away and causing great dam
age. Fifty feet of a stone wall along the
CoherhMnjgh HWr was! Trashed, away and
crop" In Oio vlrihit y 'were mined, entail
ing a loss of thousands of dollars.
Keports from Eliensbttrg say that the
heaviest rain since 1S8! is falling there and
the streets tiro under water.- Bridge
across small (streams are s wept away. Tbe.
report says that tbe crops are washed
out. and everything is a big loss. Tom
McFaatres, a l;id 13 years old, was drowned
in tbe Coneniaugh river iwhile trying to
ride ou a log.
Frje "Army" In Bad Shape.
' ClN't'iNNATt, May 31. Judge Buckwalter
refused the application of labor uuiouista
to enjoin the police from prohibiting
Frye's army from marching through the
city. General Frye said that the men in
camp at Collam's station southwest of
the city were taken charge of by the police
aud if tbey got any food the police must
furnish it. They had a slim breakfast and
dinner and no supper. There are ZM of
Looking for a Very Cool Young Man.
Washington, May 21. The police are
looking for a very cool young man who
last week attempted to swindle the Na
tional Bank of the Republic, of this city,
by a forged check for f:!l,0(J0 purporting
to be signed by II. O. Haveruieyer, son of
the millionaire sugar refiner. Tho young
man presented tbe tl.OJO cheeck at the
teller's window, but the latter refused to
cash it.
Two Bead Men for One Woman.
NEVADA, Mo., May 2L A terrible
tragedy , was enacted at Hinehart, a small
hamlet fifteen miles northwest of this
place. William Perdue shot and killed A.
Handle, then set fire to Kundle's house
and shot and killed himself. The cause of
the crime was Perdue's intimacy with
Kundle's wife, which intimacy had existed
for more than a year.
1 he Load Mnrketa.
Wheat- Se.
Corn 8STi tne.
Oat Sialic.
Hay Xunoiii. 10; nnlanri. $8; wild 6:
r:s)ojvh JM.E0; baled. $T.:oS.J.
straw, i.
,. moDcca.
Butter Fair to choice, 155 :r.c; creamery, 16r.
Kggr fresh. H&ita.
Poultry .-pring chlckCLS, large, 14 50 per
dozt n.
Potatoes 70T0e,
Onions $1.50 per bn.
battle Botchers pay for c rn fee: atoer
4iSc; cows aid telfera 2tf-3!" calces
fcheep tott"
Spring Uinib $2 5T$6 a head.
Coal Soft, 10c; hard, $8.50.
I love a maiden fair to see
And b:et of all she loretb me ;
our heart! both best in nslty
Wc owe it all to Parks' Herb tea.
For the w sallow and 1 was red.
And r.either of ns wonld ever bave wed
Bad it not been lor ber aunt wbo said :
'Just takes Parks Tea when jou po to bed. "
So d by Har s A rileraeycr.
Worn Out Faces Ca"?,"?
at Office
SO years practical experience
removin wrinkles, tllilnc out
hollow enc eks.re-f orrnlna nnana,
earaand njoutha. AUakiablein
tsbeaand deform lua and their
treatment described and Illus
trated In a 1 paa. book a.ns
eaaled to any adores f or 10 eta.
John H. Woodbury
Dennatologlcal Institute,
EataMUbcd 1S70. 125 W. 424 St.. N.Y.
Woodbury's Facial oap tar the Skm,
Scalp and Complexion. 3 cakes, $1.00, at
Druggists every wheic.
makes the home circle complete. This
great Temperance Or ink gives pleas
ure and health to every member of Uie
family. A c pecltage makes 6 gal
Ions. Be sura and get tbe genuine..
Bold everywhere. Made only by.
The Chas. E. Hires Co4 Philada.
Bros e. manp tT beswrMfqt Ptrtttrr CH an afea.
d to -Toes Wim
No man can afford to have a sick Wife or
Daughter, nor, iu such times as these,
vn A bit5 Doctor bill Zo Phora cures
; j , lie !i t the sfcknesa, eaves the bills.
A complete line of Pipe, Brass Goods,
Packing Hose, Fire Brick, etc. .
DAVIS BLOCK, Moline. 111.
Telephone 2053.
J. M.
Wholesale and retail dealer in Flour, Feed,
Grain, Hay and Straw.
Proprietor of Cyclone Boiler Mills. , AH kinds of grinding done
to order. Agent for the GEO. TILESTOX MILLING CO.S
WORLD'S BEST OF ALL FLOUR in the world. Ask for it and be
convinced. Nice Fresh Meal and Feed always on hand.
1601 and 1603 Fourth Ave.
Teletae lis.
Small Pox, Cholera, Typhoid and
Scarlet Fevers, Diphtheria, E;c.
The Best Disinfectant Ready for Use.
Trade supplied by HORST VOX KOECKRITZ, corner Fifth ave
nue and Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Pharm.icv. Sole Acnt.
Rock Island. Manufactured by the Pastaur Chemical Co.. New York.
Merchant Tait,ob
And Dealer in Men's Fine Woolens.
1706 Second Avenue.
Rock Island Savings Bank,
Bock Island, III.
Open dally rroat I a. at. to Sp. m.. and Saturday errii(njn from 7 to 8 o'clock
Fito per ont Interest paid on Deposits. Money loaned on Personal col
lateral or Real Estate security,
omens :
f . L MITvuU, 1WI. F a DKNXMANX, Vice Preen. JIM BUFORD, Ct:er
1". Ia Mitchell, W. C Oenkmann, Jobs Crahanph. Ptill ajltrheU. B. P. HulL L. tlmon,
S. W Bant, 1. M. Buford, John Volk.
" jAcanoa Boas, noliaitor..
I Jaly B, USO, ani occupy tba
Plumbers, Steam, Gas Fitters.
Uoaae Heating and Sanitary Plumbing. Basement Rock Ieland Sat. Bank
crxac. DeOunAOHcit.
332. 0'E
AD Mats af Cat riswera
i Slock from oBml Park, laiMt ia Iowa. '
Gas and Steam Fitting
Sanitary Plumbing
Largest and best equipped establishment
west of Chicago.
1 112, 114 West Seventeenth -tr,.:.
Telephone 1148. Kock Mial.
Telephone 1169.
aoutneast comer of Mitchell a Lrnce's new bu'.'.Jx
To Boftunrm.
of the Brady street
DowrWois- .
801 Brady street, Davenport. !

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