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THE ARGU8, MONDAY, MAY 21, 1894.
teh Class
" -mm
awn mowers.
the genuine itiila
hkijiha. the conti-
Il-bber nobt.
ilwvx KOI.I.F.RS.
niK .kicks are low-
Fvrrj-thinjr for the mating
( riii lawn at ,
.1 . Ilnnflfiltla
inlli s-
r:7i2S 02i S2D ST03S,
;3 nl 215 West Second St..
lavcnport low
, prncuro A 1 I-W ASIIBUAK1)
wUrUt" I'r.i; iroe oj charge:
(;: nil tin1 nl of tho wrapper,
n: named. When Ton have
.:. 'pii-tnri' of oar Anti-Wash-i:irJ
"!p Powder, take them
t, rmir civcit or present them
Imri'iVice anil you will receive
iKKK n 1-pound package, worth
2V. IV e make this liberal in
iironn'rit to quickly introduce
te Lady Soap and
ki Washboard Soap Powder
An! liolil jrno,l nntil ail wrap
r.;j nn which this offer is print
iil, i. presented to us.
Warnock & Ralston
Van Makers, Hock Island.
Drain asd Importer of
Wines and Liquor
and 1618 Third At
1 IS.V.
Me a Well
t9 of
IQlh r-
fntrJCM Bturnw
r "7 "rw ctt
m,i. v ' :"'!1'ili-kly. Cunn w lion all other
" I'.., , ! thrlr manhood,
u-c-ni '" riirmr tlwlr youthful tIitoi
v 1 A LIS. It quickly and surely iw
hi i-Vitality. Impotence.
X K ..J K!",m- rNwrr, FnlllulC Mew
lri.r. ,nd all aftecta of self
M7rY"" Indiscretion. Ward oS
VTa i "'Wimption. Inalat on havtnc
r!L " taa be sarrted In ml
k.-.u."v mull. l.tOnrrnachum.oraUfor
"!; ., rwltt wrMtra lt.iiilii to cm
tlu 2iS. f'trrulnr frr. Addreaf
mini CUTAMt. ctiiai, urn,
tt'!"" 11 Kw-k l.land ky Darpcr Boum rkar
' '"I William lit a; rata, tr.gUt, Holla.
2 k 'Vlff Tip silk ;iove I
fit mmi
t . .w
t regularity b
womanly tnncnaiia.
catarrhal innammaMoa,
iruio uermnga
Sm After taking roar
mmMcrnn t tri lit
x prraoo. I abaU rm.
v.uH-iiti wiq TOUT
ncdiclne wherever I a-x
xonr im-dlcine hat work
ours rrarwrtfullv,
A ixiuacmcnts.
Grand opening of
the season
Sunday May 27.
Gigantic Reproduction
of the World's Fair
All of the principle fea
tures of that famous street
reproduced. Objection
able features eliminated.
Admission to the grounds
and street free.
Cafe now open.
Burtis Opera House,
Thursday Night, May 24.
. Alexander
Accompanied by MR. WM. RED
MOND and a company of play
ers, under the direction of
MR. W. M. WILklSOX, in
Dumas' masterpiece,
"Tha Three Guardsmen"
The aalr nf .eat. for thla sntahie enifi gement
cammeDci 1 1 niMlay, May '.2, at Fluke'a.
OTt The (crfonnanee will be eutir.ly In
Pt oca-SS. SO. Vk II and f 1.B0.
Woods Bros.
Will exhibit at Rock Island
Wednesday, May 2).
A superior entertainment consisting
of nil the best features known in
modern show business. Two per
formances daily at 2 and 8 p. m.
Popular prices of adniishion. Show
rrrounds on Twelfth street between
Fifth and Sixth avenues.
Comhinaticn Coupon
Thla eonpon win ntabllah Identity
a. anbacriber to the HOCK
ISLAND ABGDS, and will he
accepted for any oral! of tha
fuatorea mentioned:
'P.oturosqno America" 10 con ui
and three coupons of different
Gathered Jewels of Bong"
SO cent and aix eonpons of
different aatea. W
VIotaretqM World'e Fair." f
15 eeata and three coupons of jk
Monday, May 21.
City anbaerlbrra win pneent tha
aab and the eoapona at the
AJU7UB ofBoo. Oat of town
saberrlbera will nsil toe eaah
and the coupons to this c flics
with the order for the part de
al red, and It will be nulled
free of any further
Kolao Made by Natural Causes For Whir
Ko Explaawtlon Baa Ever Beea Found.
Faanows Sounds la Tariowa Parts of Uae
Carth Have Scared Many.
Of strange sounds which probably de
pend on meteorological or other natural
caosea, one of the most retnarkablo baa
long been known as "the guns of Bnr
risanl," but though ite canses have long
been debated no accurate explanation
has been given, so far as we are aware,
that is thoronghly satisfactory. The
Sunderbunds-as the delta of the Ganges
in native dialect is called is covered
with a vast and luxuriant jungle of
marshy vegetation. One of the stations
is named BurrisanL From here, in the
rainy season, have long been heard mys
terious sounds resembling tho discharge
of artillery, and therefore popularly
named 'the guns of Bnrrisaul."
Only heard in the rainy season and
from the southward, they have been
heard 100 miles off, yet on the coast it
self they appear still farther south. The
sounds resemble the booming of cannon.
Mussulman and Hindoo superstitions
have each associated the sounds with
their religions traditions. Others have
thought the sounds were produced by the
breaking of the sea on an island in the
bay of Bengal But where? That some
atraocpheric or meteorological ranse is
the explanation is all that can be said
after hearing all arguments.
A much humbler yet ancient instance
of great local interest used to exist, we
believe, at Baddeley, in the New forest,
in the shape of a groaning tree. Whettier
it still lives and groans we are uncer
tain, but it is said to have uttered mys
terious and lugubrious sounds at certain
times, probably dependent on wind or
weather, but full of omen and import to
past generations. Indeed in the various
mysteries which, despite fin de siecle
acuteness, still surround us, eerie noises
have always played a most conspicuous
part, whether ont of doors or within
ancient houses. Instances of the latter,
indeed, abound. Some of the most thrill
ing of inexplicable ghost stories turn
not on anything which has appalled the
eyes, but has "distilled horror" through
the ears. It is, we believe, in East An
glia that the shrieks heard from time to
time round certain pits have long beeu
a tradition in which a fomale phantom
has part.
The "drummer of Ted worth's" phan
tom sounds are so well known from
Aubrey and more modern desc fibers as
only to need allusion, but we may here
say that, according to n communication
in a popular j.eriodical some few year
back, similar sounds had recently, com
paratively speaking, been heard in the
locality, and by peoplo of most practical
disposition. These may bo called phan
torn sounds. Returning again to those
which hover on the border line between
the natural and inexplicable, there is th
wild strain as of weird music which has
been heard aboard ships when getting
within tho circle of a Mozambique cy
clone. One of the same kind, formerly mys
terious and thrilling enough, has been
resolved into a natural one. Early trav
elers through the primeval forests of
Brazil still among the few unexplored
places of the globe; were astonished and
awed to hear tho distant resonant sound
of a bell pealing from the depths of the
woods, which certainly had no building
and for ages had known no human foot
step. Many a legend was woven round
the strange sound. Ultimately it was
discovered to be the note of the bell bird.
There are, however, few mysterious
sounds which have been as satisfactorily
explained as this. For instance, there is
the legend of the sounds heard at times
on the plains of Marathon, the clash of
weapons, the snorting of horses, the
"shouting of the slayers and screeching
of the slain," which recall to memory
tho famous battle that lives so much
more vividly than many modern ones in
the history of the world. Of course
there arc many instances of sounds
which, at first mysterious, become so re
ally from the distance over which they
traveled, but these must be distinguished
from those which are onr theme.
One of the most interesting examples
rests on the authority of the late Sir Ed
mund Head, who remembered when a
boy going to church on the famous
"Waterloo Sunday," June 18, 1815, at
Hythe, in Kent. His father and he, on
arriving at the church at 1 1 a. m found
to their surpriso tho congregation out
side listening intently to the faint souiid
as of distant cannon coming from the
cast. Afterward it was ascertained that
Napoleon having, on the (for him) un
fortunate r.dvice of his artillery officers,
who pleaded the state of the ground,
waited till 11 to commence his fire, the
first Freneh gun was tired as the Nivelles
church clock struck 11. Nor was Hythe
the only place where tho French cannon
were heard in England.
Here, however, is fact dependent on
the by no means remarkable axiom that
sound under certain conditions travels
enormous distances. But the sounds of
which we speak for the most part have
puzzled all who have attempted to ex
plain them and lie indeed in that vague
region which is inexplicable. Such is the
sound of tho "Airlie drum," sucharo the
wailing of the banshee in some parts of
Ireland. New York Post.
Narrow, bwt CeefuL
The good lady was going around
among a lot of poor people distributing
all manner of old clothes which were
gratefully received, when she met a
newspaper man looking for a clew to a
killing case.
"Charity covereth a multitude of ans,"
he said sarcastically.
"Well, that isn't what I'm looking
for," she responded.
"Nor and he looked surprised.
"No." she said, "my mission is a little
narrower than that. We cut it down to
charity covereth a multitude of skins."
Detroit Free Press.
Pay your water rent.
Insure with Huesing & Hoeft.
Buy none but Johnson's extracts.
Johnson's extracts are strictly
Ask your merchant for trade re
ceipts. "Picturesque America" bring in
your coupons.
'Kindling wood for sale by E. B.
McKown. telephone 1198.
If in need of a carpenter see W.
Wiesener, 207 Sixth avenue.
"Picturesque World's Fair," the
best published. The Aug us is now
disposing of at 15 cents a number.
Rudy's Pile Suppository is guaran
teed to cure piles and constipation,
or money refunded. Fifty cents per
box. Send stamp for circular and
free sample to Mattin Rudy, Lancas.
ter. Pa. For sale by T. H. Thomas
and Hartz & Bahnsen, druggists,
Rock Island, 111.
A special meeting of the W. C. T.
U, is called for tomorrow afternoon
at 3 o'clock at the Y. M. C. A. build
ing. All members are requested to
be present, as there is business of
R. R. Bemis, a city-builder, who
established Wichita's reputation a
few years ago, and is jnst now stir
ring Fulton from end to end, is in
the city. He may take advantage of
Rock Island's opportunities to im
prove h'13 reputation.
Dr. G. L. Eyster attended a meet
ing of the state board of health at
Springfield last week, at which an
auxiliary to the state board was es
tablished, in order to accomplish bet
ter work throughout the state, with a
member in each city, Health Com
missioner Eyster being the represen
tative in Rock Island.
The night of May 24 will be de
voted to a magnificent production at
the Burtis opera house by the Alex
ander Salvini company, of so com
plete and lavish a nature that the
auditor will be transformed from his
every day surroundings to those dear
old days of chilvalry and romance,
made famous by such literary giants
as Victor Hugo and Dumas, whose
word paintings have stimulated the
ambition and tired the zeal of innum
erable feeble imitators to compete
with them in their graphic descrip
tions of times and places and scenes
of bravery that have now been rele
gated to the past. The transforma
tion of the grand heroes made so fa
mous by such brilliant writers into
living breathing humans, requires
more than imitation; more than the
routine machanism of stragecraft;
requires not only the genius of the
central figures of each story, but the
untiring, ceaseless pursuit of detail
and history. To the man who di
rects the various characters that are
to be endowed with life and anima
tion must belong those rare qualities
given to such a few patience, a
thorough knowledge of his art, a
keen insight into the conception of
the author and the executive ability
to transmit his intelligence to those
who look to him for guidance and in
struction. The task seems almost
herculanean, vet Mr. Salvini has exe
cuted it in such a thorough manner
that the integrity of his performances
in every detail has received the uc
stinted indorsement of the theatrical
critic wherever he has appeared. The
piay selected ior Mr. Salvinrs en
gagement will be -'The. Three Guards
men." Nervous Dyspepsia.
"I had what some of thn rinctnra
call nervous dyspepsia. There was
sum uci vuus ieenng in my stom
ach that I fnlllH Tint mat Har nr nicrrit
for three years. I took three bottles
.. 9 T I .1 o ...
ui nuuu s oarsupariiia anu now my
Stomach feels all ricrhr T ost wintor
I had a severe attack of pain in my
sine so mat i coum not turn over in
bed. I fot nnn bnttln nf tlnnd'a Sor
saparilia and now am well." Sarah
i. vaiiui, 1 lusill'iu, 111.
Hood's Tills cure sick headache.
To Whom it Mi rnnwrn: Rn
order of the board of directors of the
Lock Island riow company, a cor
poration organized and existing
under the laws of the state of Illinois,
notice is hereby sriven that the can-
ital stock of said, the Rock Island
Plow company, has been increased
from three hundred thousand dol
lars rt300.0001 to the slim nf six hun
dred thousand dollars (600,000).
Date and the corjwrate
- seal of said company
- SEAt - affixed this 7th day o"f
May A. D. 1894.
Phil Mitchell,
President Rock Island Plow Co,
Attest: W. J. Kahlke,
Secretary Rock Island Plow Co.
Excwreeai Harl!nrt
On May 29 round trip tickets
will be sold at half rates to all points
on the Burlington route in Nebraska,
Kansas, Wyoming, South Dakota and
eastern Colorado. Tickets will be
good for stop-over at any point west
oi ine Missouri river on going pas
sage, and will be limited to 20 dars
from date of sale. For pamphlet de
scriptive of western farm lands, send
to P. S. Eustis. General Passenger
agent, u., B. & fj. R. R., Chicago, 111.
South Rock Islaad Owens.
The democrats of South Rock Isl
and are requested to meet at the town
hall in South Rock Island. Saturday,
May 26, at 7:30 p. m., to select five
ablegates to the democratic county
convenuon. w. b. uardkeb.
17 John V. Kiel to Christ Kiel, lot
9, block 2, Second add.. Edge wood
park, Rock Island, 50.
L. H. Rasmussen to C. Rasmussen,
lot 4, L. H. Rasmussen's add.. Rock
Island, $300.
John Macder by adm., to John
Kiel, lot 9, block 2. Second add , to
Rock Island.
P.' Lw Mitchell to Methodist church,
lots 5 and 6, block 6, town of Milan,
km. ,, -r . T
Marx Helfrick to J. H. Weirather,
w lot 9, block 68, Chicago or Lower
add.. Rock Island, $530.'
18 R. A. Smith to William Wies
ener. lots , , 2. 5. 6. 7 . and 8. R. A.
Smith's add.. Rock' Island, tl.800.
Samuel Goode, Sr.. to Charles F.
Horn, ei sel 33, 17. Sw, si nw, and
n swj 34. 17, 3w. $6,500. "
Rolled Pews Excellent.
Aa anciei t story tells of two unfor nnalet who
were condcmnei to make a long pllgrlmspa with
peas In tbeir shoea. The feet of one of them, at
the in 1 of the Jonrnry were terribly aore and
swollen. Hi companion's were not hurt In the
least. Belns aked the reason he replied: -1
bo led my peas." Wis-man. Why ahonld men
and women and children make the pilgrimage of
life with pa'ns and aches tronbllng them, not
only In their fee, bat all over, when a simple
remedy will effect a enref Dr. Pierce a Goidea
Medical Dlscorery I. potent to cure dyspepsia,
"liver complaint," k'n disease and kindred
troubles arieln from t. e same source.
May 8, 1894, low rate excursion tick,
ets may be had at the "Burlington"
office to all points in Texas. Final
limit of tickets. SO days from date of
sale. For particulars apply to
M.J YotHO,
Agent, Rock Island.
H. D. Mack, D. P. A.
lor Over Fifty Tears.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing syrup has
been used for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea.
Twenty-five cer-s a bottle
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, wi th
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs
Its excellence is due to its presenting
In the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
ana permanently curing constipation.
It has giv?n satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Fip is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
orridAL rcsucATio.
Rock Island Savings Bank,
at nocK ISUSD,
Stale of Illinois, before the commencement of
Dusiuem on me l.tn any or Mar, Ism. a.
made to the Auditor of Public Accounts, of the
State of Illinois, pursuant to law.
Loans and discounts S 779,317 93
bonds aud Stocka 4' I) V
Cash n Hand E 56 10
Due from other batiks J'K.TItt Is
Other R.-al Esta e ia.!W H
Furniture and ttxtuie. 1 057 21
Cnr.-entexpeni-ea imltid nj tuxra.. 4.159.5
Collections .M; ut
Tot U $l,06j,6M81
Capital tnck paid in lOl.Odl 00
unuiviuea pronrs.... az.T.ia
Pividen 's nnimid 11 0U
Sarin. Dtiiir subj- ct to notice.. . ' OI'.WO 1
Individual dep-wils subiert to Check. 2 in hi
TimeCertiBcatesof lepe t ST3,?;il
ooe to otner o u.ae n.'ei e
Total .. 1,06S,B9 81
BjcalsLASDCoiarr. 1
I. J. M. Bulord. cashier of the Ruck I.land Sav
in". Bank. d'i solemnly swear that tha sb.
tatement is true, lo the hert nf my knowle-lis
and belief. J. M. Bl'FOKD. Cafbtcr.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Slat
day of Ma. lMti. . J. KINNEY.
LaKAb.1 xvoirT ruDiic
Watihn iTtrrtttog Frea lint
Silk Banfla-gcfcief to CirwiTttt
Liet CvrUlti a dttdittj.
No. 1724 Third Ave.
u U. V I J. FiBSm
Telephone No. 121 4.
IT FLOATS ev-r-tb
ma wooita a OAnaut co. earn.
Home Industry
On Tap everywhere. :
Only Union labor employed.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery, I.
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, has one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment, in the country. The product is the
very best Beer is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to any part of the tri-cities, and may
be ordered direct from the head offices on Mo
line avenue by Telephone.
See our spring
And summer Suits.
J. B. Zl
T. F. BURKE, ,
Vice Tresident.
Steam and Gas Fitters.
Rock Island Heating
acJ Picking Co,
Hot Water Heating
Beer Pumps
119-121 E. 17th St.
Rock Island, 111. Tel. No. 1288
Fo'.e Agents for the Fannan.
All Kind at Carpenter "Work Dona.
SKrI lobMag done aa abort aotiea sad aaoancdoa (aaiaiiaml
OatW aal lhB TTI Twrwlftfc) WtFat. ftueK HLAKD
l-ELY'S CREAM BALWI T'-a.rs the
(Sort-, K4rtor- TsM
Give Helirfat
A win into Iht Kimtrilt
1 50c ltaucKifcU or Ij ad.
GEOBtiE SCHATEB, Proprietor.
Mm iaeond Aenaa, Corner of Sixteenth
The choicest Wine. Liquors.
r Dal
enter and Builder,
OFFICE, 50: 2821
Shop on Yin Street.
.City Bu3 and Ezprccs Lino.
( For Bat or Express Line telephone 1141. and you will reoeiTe
prompt attention.
TTTaHrarsT.igg ft cygrcsa, prey
Call for Rock Island
Brewing Co. Beer.
Our purpose in advertising is to let everybody
who buys clothing that is all mankind here
about know that our suitings are in, and the
finest ever displayed in the city. You are
respectfully invited to call and see the latest
in patterns and styles.
Call and leave your order.
Star Block, opposite Harper house.
Sec. and Tress.
ml fern II, aid
u - e lor4IU I
It it ln-.cLm Abmirbed.
ELY l6 Warns bl,1. K-l
Street, - Tt anafu flaiaai'aTliaalia.
Beer and Clears always on Hand

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