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I '
THE ARGUS, MONDAY. MAY 21, 1804. 5
let Your Money's Worth
W to remember us, we will present to every pur
;has, r of $2 worth or more of goods one Interna
tional Piano and Song Folio FREE. This is a me
mento, hverytning marked in plain figures and
guaranteed lower than the lowest. No extra price
markcJ on the goods, because we present' you with
this lu autiful folio given away as long as they last.
Compare prices and save money by trading at
(j McCombs
n,l see what a little money will buy. Never before
was such a grand collection offered at so small a cost.
It is just what you want, and we are glad to be, able
to furnish you the opportunity to secure it. Do not
J, lay. but call at once, and we will take pleasure in
. ,: : t
n-jvivi' rh nni )ivr set one
... pitcher, muj;, covered soap
1 .1,. uritrr pitcher, tooth brush
;, ,.r and covered chamber.
I ui n. n 1 saucers, 3!c a net.
1 upi'l l:iii'iict lamp at only
Mine ili-hca. lr each.
R. i r:i t rrv t 15c.
I :;p: I"r 'Jc up.
;.!:mr. Gloria.
I "!. Henriettas,
S r.'- Visliiij. Battel Cloth,
a: u'.ri ..
Wash Fabrics.
Iv.;!im1 ij.p, Satine Ktripc
T.Mti'li' French mull. French
,,V"'ii''tti". Taroni-t Duchessc,
M ;r.i". roiipeuu, etc.
Silk Mitts.
-i'.k milt 1 le.
A . i - -. : k mil tit 25c full size
sr.il perfect lit.
r.. ur line of w hite silk mitts
' r ;r:i'lu;itin.
l.ace Caps.
Uul'hvn'- l:i"c caps each up.
YorxG &
"m: Greatest Iiargain Givers.
snowing juu mis magninceni IOHO 70 pages
New Shoe Store.
Ladies' Low shoes in all shades and toes, in the reg
ular Oxford tie, Southern tie, or low Congress,
by far the largest assortment ever shown in this
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
Tan Shoes.
Wc are headquarters for gentlemen's shoes in all
the latest styles and shades in tans; also in calf
and cordovans. We can please you.
Comer Eighteenth St
By No
Always to the Front at the
Adams Wall Paper Co.
Where you can find the largest and finest line of
Wall Papers and Room Mouldings shown in the
three cities. If you have any fine work to be done
there is the place to go.
Adams Wall Paper Company,
310, 312 and 314 Twentieth street
BlK'ftt Stora. Biggest took in the lhr9 cltiM.
Spot Cash
Department Store.
- r -
1 Iousefurnishings.
Knlling pins 5c.
Kruit jam 5c.
Nutine-; praters 1c.
Five-lottlc castor, nickel plat
ed. !Hc.
Whips 10c.
Sponges 6c up.
Ki-ht-day clock, J-hour strikes
Matches parlor 10c.
Screen doors 9Sc.
Time nor space will not allow
ns to describe our full line.
Trices paralyzed.
Talni leaf fans lc.
Japan fans 2c.
Silk fans for graduating a spec
ialty. Call and see this beauti
ful line.
Tiie largest assortment ever
chow n in this vicinity. Call and
be convinced that we can lay
competition low in this line.
Ropers' silver plated spoons.
Rogers' silver plated knives.
Rogers' silver plated forks.
Pocket cutlery.
CLristy knives.
1725 Second Avenue.
and Second Av.
One : :
The League Season in Rock
Flowers Pradsmlaata a Rata -Ca-atis
Aadrows'aadSocler's Good Work la tin
Bos-SwMBejr and 'kU taa. Blasters-
Rock bland la Second Place.' s
... 14
... 13
.. 18
.. It
.. 18 ,
.. 13
St Xwrpbl
OflsntlA. . . .
Kmk Island...
iacnln. .......
Peorlms ....
o Moines .
. 14
Qnincys 14
Mitunlay arternoon the Western
asHociation league season oncnnl in
Rock Island with l)es Moines for op.
Knent. Early in the afternoon car
riages containing the local base ball
management, Hlcuer's band and the
ucs Aiotnes and Kock Island clubs,
paraded the streets of Rock- fsUn.i'
Moline and Davenport, and at 3
o'clock ronnded np at Twin-Citv ball
park. At 3:30 about 700 people ?at
in tne grana stand and bleachers,
and saw Rock Island take the game.
The Oame.
The game opened with Rock Island
at the bat, and little Danny Sweencv
came waddling up to the plate and
was sent to first on balls. Cantillion
was next np and his neat single ad
vanced Sweeney to third. Then it
was that Joe Katz strolled up to the
rubber with a stick, full of base hits.
There was no affectation on the left
fielder's part: he just settled himself
and the lirst ball that was thrown to
him met with a piece of ash in Joe's
hand and away it sailed over the
right field fence for two bases, there
by causing Sweeney to trot home
and Cautilliou to go to third. Bcldon
Hill next appeared, and tho old boy
is tuil of knots. Maytum slammed
up a swift "inshoot," but lielldune"
never moved, and in consequence he
trotted down to first, hit bv a pitched
ball, "rutty" Zeis came p and
punched out a single, and in trotted
Joe Cantillion. With the bases full,
Jimmy" Connors wandered up to
the plate and was awarded a base on
balls, forcing in Katz. Harry
Sage was sent to first in
tho same manner, and Hill was
forced in. Just aliout this time
Jones was taken from behind the bat
for Des Moines and put on lirst, and
Graner was substituted. Lynch hit
down to the third and Zeis was
thrown out at the plate. Andrews
placed a high fly in right field and
was out, but Connors came home on
the hit. Sweeney came to the bat
for the second time in the inning and
fouled out. Des Moines did nothing
in this half. In the second Rock Isl
and scored one on Cantinion's fum
bled hit to Kipp, (iraner's wild throw
and Parter's muff of Katz' fly.
For Des Moines, 11 t one got to the
second sack.
The third was another 5-score
inning for Rock Island. Jay An
drews smote the pig skin an awful
swipe, and it went away up in the air
and dropped in front of the plate, and
iu the meantime the young Dr."
was scudding away down tho second
base line. Sweeney's hit away out
in center brought Jay home, and
Cantillion put it over the right field
fence for two bases, and, ditto Katz.
Hill went to first on a "cake walk"
and Zeis swiped it down the third
base line, and in came Katz, and Hill
went to third. He scored a miuutc
later on Connors' out on a fly.
Sweeney opened the fourth with
a home run, Cantillion flew
out iu left, and Joe Katz
followed with a smash over the same
spot that Sweeney had found. Hill
went to first by icing hit with the
ball and was put out trying to steal
second. Zeis struck out. Des Moines
in its half scored its first run.
Rock Island rolled up four goose eggs
in tuc next lour innings ana ics
Moines got one score in the
lifth and throe in the sixth,
but that was all it made.
Rock Island scored two in
its half of the ninth, and the game
stood 15 to 5. The score is appended:
ISock Inland.
Del Moincf.
a. H. m A.
11. u. Pfl.A
Swi pncT c8
u I VIrk'r.cf
0 Trme.:n.0
l Gatew'd 2IH)
1 J. men. lb .U
11 Graner, c. 0
3 llriKUm, !f
11 Klpn. a...l
0 Partur, rf..l
u Maytum, p.l
:aiiiill'u,lb 3
K.tr.,11 8
Hill 31, a
ZeK rf....l
t'!M!nor,3b 1
JfC. C.....C
I.micd. ns .0
Autlrews. p.l
Tola's... 15 18 ST 1 4i TuH'B... 5 7 7 li 6
Bock Inland h 1 5 0 w 0 0 918
Du Muiucs 0001 i;i OO 0-0
Vml rnna Rnrk Inland 8. Pe MolDMl.
Two bane hlta Katz , Cantillimi, Andrews, Zsis,
Mavtum, McVlcker. Tun Dasi nua-onnors.
Ilnbie run Kate, Sweetie)'. Struck out May
tum8 Amlrrw4. Iae tin il! annum ,
Aailn-w.i. llltbypilcUer-M.iy.Hin 8, Andrews
Ilalk Mnyturn 1. Ihiulile playa-iraniey.
Uatewuod and Junes. Umpire Ua-keU. 'lima
Other Contests Saturday.
Other Western association contests
resulted: At reoria Lincoln, 1;
I'eoria. 0. At Ouincv Omaha, .7;
Quincy. 9. At Jacksonville St. Joe,
9; Jacksonville, 16.
Sunday's Game.
Yesterday fully 1,600 people saw
Rock Island defeat the Des Moines
tor the second time. The game
opened with Kock Island at the bat.
Sweeney got a base on balls, and Can
tillion's hit and Jones' error advanced
him to third. Katz, the mighty.
trotted up to the plate, and with a
look of the most Intense fierceness.
he slammed the sphere over the right
field fence for a home run. Sweeney
and Cantillion came home as a conse
quence. Hill got his base on balls
and stole second, Zeis flew out
at short, and Connors, Sage
and Lynch were awarded bases
of four bad balls each. Hill was
thereby . forced in, and , Son if r,
the silent," hit down to short and
Kipp tossed the ball to Gate wood,
who muffed it, and Connors came
home and Sonier got first. Danny
Sweeney came np to the rubber plate
for the second time In the inning and
hit to Bristow, who threw Sage out
at home. Cantillion hit to short and
Sweeney was thrown out at second.
Total, five runs. Des Moines failed to
score in its half of the nrst, and thus
the second contest was opened, with
chances largely in favor of the home
team, which were not diminished as
the game progressed. After the
tirst inning the Rock Island liovs
were called out in front of the grand
stand, where they doffed their caps,
and Director Ohlweiler presented
them with a beautiful floral horse
shoe, with the letters, "R. I. B. B.
C," set in a bed of roses, chrysan
themums, etc.
The boys smilingly took their scats
once more, and the second inning
began with Katz at the bat. '
The game was, on the whole, un
eventful, Katz, Cantillion, Sage and
Connors contributing to the hitting
and run-getting for Rock Island and
Traffley for Des Moines.
The score is appended:
Jim ItlawL
Dk4 Mu'lHtB.
Swcerey cf 3
a h.
1 0
B. N. PO A.
O t
8 X
0 8
e iu
0 8
0 1
0 I
1 0
1 I
o n
8 0
Katz cf 8
Hill. 8b 4
Zrjia, rr 1
Cnnncrs, S 3
a'c, e .0
Lynch, ts.. .1
Son er, p...O
Jjm, lb.. I
Bristow, p 1
Kipp, as... 1
Parur. rf ..1
Maytum, If. 4
Tota's...l4 It 47 IS 8
Totals.. 7 4 27 18 8
Ro k Island 5 1 0 8 1 1 4 0 01
Des Moines d 0140000 8;
Earned runs Rock loland 4. Des Moines 1.
Two bse bite siwreuey, Connera. TrafflVy.
Uomc rnni Kata Bt.se on ball Biistow :,
omiT6 Hit by piloher By Bristow r, by o
nWfi. Wild pitch fooicr 1. Passed ball Sage
1. Mruck out Uristuw 4 Sonier 8. Double
plays Lynch Counurs and ?age. Brtotow, (tate
wod and Jones. I mpire- Haskell. Time
- 8:15.
Other Games Yesterday.
At Quiney Omaha, 80; Quincy,
15. At Boor i a Lincoln. 1; Peoria.
0. Called at the end of the third in
ning on account of rain.
Lincoln Next.
The Rock Island and Des Moines
clubs are scheduled for Friday's post-
fioned game today, and tomorrow
incoln opens a S-ganie series at
Twin-City park.
All the boys were recipients of
handsome floral favors.
Bartson will probably bo signed to
day and McFarland formally re
leased. It is the best team Rock Island
ever had, especially as to batting and
the outfield is like a stone wall.
By winning Saturday's and yester
day's games Rock Island goes up to
the position of a tie with Omaha for
second place in the Western associa
tion. ,
A nine from the Rock Island arse
nal was defeated by , the Ravens of
Davenport at the liock Island hop
fields yesterday afternoon by a score
of 11 to 9.
J. S. Wivill has been appointed of
ficial scorer again this year. No
better choice could have been made.
Wivill is one of the lest posted men
in the three cities on points of the
Numerous Offense and Offenders During
Saturday and Sunday.
Ed Moran, of Moliue, came to Rock
Island on Saturday and proceeded to
drink the town dry. The result was
that he became beastly drunk and
wandered up to the Rock Island de
pot, where he lost his hat. Ho went
out on the railroad tracks to find it
and was overcome by sleep, and fell
right where he was. " Officer Wcigand
found him shortly after lying on the
main track, and in danger of being
killed any moment. He was taken
under the kindly wing of the law to
the police station, and this morning
'Squire Schroeder fined him to and
E. M. Culp, formerly city engineer
at Anderson, Ind., has been lying
around town for the past week or
more imposing on the good nature of
the Free Masons. Chief Sexton
arrested him Saturday evening in
the Rock Island house annex, and
took him to the station to hold for
dcntihcation. He is still at the
station with a charge of vajjrancy
uanging over uis Head, and will have
a trial tomorrow morning.
Frank Gibbons became gloriously
freebrewcryated Saturday - evening,
and went down to the lower end of
town with the avowed intention of
dcanin' out de place." but Pete
Hayman put a stop to his wild breaks
at the corner of Fourth street and
fourth avenue. He was taken to the
police station, and was fined ts and
costs this? morning by Magistrate
Henry Kimball was today arrested
on the charge of resisting an oflicer.
He was taken before Magistrate
Schroeder today and the case contin
ued until aturday at 2 o'clock.
Teams Stolen.
A team owned by John Lonr. of
Rural, was stolen sometime during
Saturday night from a pasture some-
wuere in me neignoornooti oi nis
house. No clew has as vet been
found of the horses or the thief, but
Sheriff Gordon and the police are
looking hard for one.
A horse of Geortre Huller's. a
chicken peddler of Swedoua. was
stolen Saturday afternoon, and the
thief has not as yet been appre
hended, although he is reported as
having come this way.
Look Oat for Counterfeit.
Beware Of imitation brands of
Pillsbury's Best flour, which are now
on the market, and take no other but
the genuine, and buy only of good
respectable dealers. Examine the
brand carefully. - -
Republican Delegates
One at Large.
The Strength of the A. P.'.a. laaaeaee la
Vjb Delegation Shawn la the Tote far
Searle-Atklnaoa and Iaa Cosablaa and
Rale the Ranch.. -
The delegates elected the previous
night to Tuesday's republican con
vention met Satarday night at the
Harper house in obedience to Boss
McConochie's wishes and were organ
ized by him in the election of C. L.
Walker as chairman and C. W. Foss
secretary. The program laid down
by the wily Mac was to have himself
elected delegate at large, in that he
failed of election on the delegation
from his own ward, but finding early
in the proceedings that he could not
secure the strength - required, he
withdrew his name. The outcome
eventually, however, resulted in the
choice of one who, like himself, was
laid aside in his ward caucus.
After Dr. E. M. Sala and Aid. Fred
II. Schroeder had been appointed
tellers, the names of S. J. Collins. C.
J. Searlc, F. C. Dcnkmann, M. M.
Sturgeon and H. C. Clcaveland were
proposed for the nomination, and an
informal ballot gave Collins 19 votes;
Searlc, 50; Dcnkmann, 20; Sturgeon,
6; Clcaveland. 1. Four formal bal
lots followed, on the last of which
Dcnkmann was elected, the results
lt 84 sd
Co lm it 8i 18
Searle 80 81 8s
Hnmnn S3 35 33
stur.eon 6
The caucus proved an animated af
fair within itself and was a fore
runner as to what may be expected in
tomorrow's convention. Among the
candidates for the position of dele
gate at large, Searle represented the
Eckhart A. P. A. strength among the
delegates: Collins the Hemenway
faction, and while Sturgeon, as the
manager of the Atkinson compaign,
was ostensibly the representative of
Atkinson, he was unable to control
the delegates selected, who joined
with the Lynn crowd in electing
Denkmann to the coveted honor, thus
springing fresh complications for
tomorrow s convention to solve
The general situation is not al
tered from what was given Saturday,
other than there are rumors today of
the entry of a dark horse into the
race for sheriff, which may appear in
tne person oi an entirely new man,
and it may be that David Sears will
furnish the candidate.
Ia Moline.
The Moline delegates met at the
Keator house Saturday night and
elected A. P. Fisk delegate at large,
and it was decided to vote as a unit
for Kobler for county clerk and to
get whatever favors for the conven
tion were possible, Kittilsen and
Cralle. of course, not to be lost sight
of for sheriff and are to be used to
the fullest extent in making such
combinations as will give Moline the
best oi tne situation so far as is
Other Caucases.
County districts elected delegates
Saturday afternoon and evening as
South Rock Island H. II. Robb,
W. S. Flack, William Bailey, Fred
Brochmann, Charles Campbell, E. D.
Fisher, H. D. Cox. Instructed for
David Scars for sheriff and Thomas
Campbell for the legislature.
Black Hawk G. E. Brown, F. H.
Caldwell, W. L. Heath, II. S. Dib
bcrn, D. R. South. J. P. Johnston,
F. M. Tindall, Willis Benn. In
structed for Gcst for congress and S.
W. Heath for representative.
Coal Valley James Clegg, T. J.
Murphy, Frank Nay lor, D. H. Lyons;
alternates, Ernest Rhode, Andrew
Oberg, K. J. Stenstrom, S. L. Stod
dard. Canoe Creek G. F. Mill, R. II.
Hill, Chris Dillon.
Hampton, No. 1 Daniel McNcal,
William Edelman, G. B. Henry, L. F.
Hampton, No. 2 William Adams,
Lee Schafer.
Cordova Dr. W. R. Freek, Joseph
Forsyth, J. A. Cool, Charles George,
F. S. Cool, W. N. Gale.
Coe A. F. Hollistcr, Charles
Wake, William Ashdown, James Mc-
Connell, John Moody, Peter Engdahl.
Delegates are for A. t. Cox for treas
urer. A Successful Operation.
Morris Hosen field, of this city,
submitted to an operation at the
hands of Dr. Nathaniel Senn, of Chi
cago, assisted by Dr. G. G. Craig, of
Kock Island, in Chicago tbis morn
ing, in the hope of removing the
cause of the trouble with which
he has been suffering for
some time. The operation proved
successful in all respects. The seat
of the ailment was in the abdominal
cavity, which was opened and the
appendix vermiformius removed. No
unnatural conditions were found to
exist, and the surgeons now feel that
the patient's recovery will be speedy.
Dr. Craig will remain with him for
the present.
World's Cwtnaaalas Rxae'altlsa
Was of value to the world by illus
trating the improvements' in the me
chanical arts and eminent physi
cians will tell yon that the progress
in medicinal agents has been of equal
importance, and as m strengthening
laxative that Syrup of Figs is far in
advance of all others.
Light rain this morning, clearing
in afternoon; fair and slightly warm
er Tuesday; northerly winds, becom
ing easterly.
M c Cabe's
J. & P. Coat's best 6-cord Spool Cotton hereafter
Will be sold at 3 cents per spool.
To Demonstrate . . . .
That we are headquarters for silk's
and dress goods in this section, we
have decided to place on sale, com
mencing Monday at 8:30 1. m.. the
following lines at prices which have'
never before been quoted on high
class desirable merchandise right
in the middle of the season:
We place on our counters 20 pat
terns best $1 quality China silks,
a 11 light ground, at 60c a yard.
Plain Chinas.
10 pieces blues, cream, pink and
navy, 29 inches note the width
value tl; sale price 67 c a yard.
. Waist Silks.
15 pieces plain white and striped
Kai-Kai and Habutal wash silks,
fresh and stylish, at 42 J c a yard.
Black Silks.
Five pieces rich black Pcau de
Sole, worth $1.12, at 87c.
Three pieces 44-inch black Gren
adine, worth $2.50, at tl.75 ayard.
Three pieces black Canton Crepe,
worth 75c, at 40c a yard.
Two pieces Satin Stripe Taffetas,
24-inch, worth 11.12, at 77Jc a yard
Moire Silks.
Another lot of those 62c kind
just received. They go at 39c.
Elegant designs in Moire Mirror
Silk, value $2.25 in black only
at $1.37.
15 pieces $1 quality Colored
Moire at 82ic.
1720, 1722.
H H no
H H no r.vw "h
men- tfl
And they are beauties, and we invite every
body to come in and be convinced that we
have the very latest as well as the prettiest
shoes in the three cities. We make it our
special aim to carry just what the people
want, and have all colors and all widths.
Our prices can't be equaled.
Remember that you can always find the latest styles
and largest assortment in the tri-cities at
Hason's Carriage Works
Davenport, Iowa.
Ladies that do their own housework
or cultivate.flowers will find our
Just the thing, as they not only protect the
hands, but keep them soft ana white. Try
IN DRESS SHIELDS we offer great bar
gains. The Goody ears Seamless Stockinet
are imtervious. and can 1 wai..t
cleaned. Also the robber lined Zenhvr and
Silk Shields in stock. '
We are headquarters for Garden Hose, Keels. Sprinklers, Mack
intoshes and Rubber Clothing, Hospital Supplies and
. Bnbber Goods of all kinds.
207 Brady Street, Davenport.
The Fashionable Merchant Tailor
Has the most replete line of new patterns in imported
and domestic suitings in the city.
1707 cec::3 mc:E.
An Imrrter'sSurplus
Of size 8-inch Brown Balbngg'au
hose, the full regular made ones,
always sell at 25c to 30c. We
bought 40 dozen (all he had left),
and in this one sise only; and can
sell them per pair at "v
Another 15 dozen of those fancy
braid sailor hats for ladies
and misses, the 371c kind go on
sale, commencing Monday, at
Sailor hats, trimmed, ready t
weir, at 9c. We reserve the rijrht
to limit the quantity. Rememltcr,
. we will sell them at
Ladies' White Leghorn hats
beginning with Monday we will
offer the 91.50 kind for
100 bunches Geranium Monturcs,
the 50c kind, for 22c while thev
Assorted colors. Daisy wreaths,
3c during this week.
One big lot fancy ribbons, reg
price 88c to 65c a yard, this week
25c. Jast the thing for trimming
children's hats.
1724 and 1726 Second ave.
H H OO Fn .888.
H H O O B rnZ
H w
SHOE STORE, 1712 Second Avenue
Of Carriages, Harness,
Laprobes, Whips, etc.

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