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lbaaai Dtnj am Weakly at MM reaa
Atmm. vacfe laUad HI. -
3. W. Form,
Time Dally, tM MH pot no. Weakly,
Mi par aaaam; ta nhuci tt .
All seaaajaalietluaa of a critical or anramoata-
pelrtlaaj m RlVoot, BMt hate
MM mm ttUcM fw MbUoMtaav Ke Meb
arUclaa will to printed or actltlowa signalon.
Xwiinaiiaaaan aollc ti-d fioaa awn township
"'"tH Oowaty CMnnntloa.
Tto 4 caver Uc rater of Bock litaad county,
a taqaeatad In arad dclcwa'e to Iha coanty
aowTemiuw. M a held it Iha court koaae, la Iha
ellj of Boca lalaad. la aald coanty. m Tarsday,
May aini, mi o'clock araa., for la fnrpaw
f aoailaatln candidate for county idga,
eowuty clerk, sheriff, trcisuirr, county mpiHa
teadcat of acaoolt, also to acloct delegates Is the
Stale coaTantma. il oln select dVlcjratee la th
(uailliaitaaal enoTatl.m, alao lo select do'rgates
to laa lrWU coavantioa and to appoint a
ilatrstlc coealy coamililoa, and to transact
sack otkar baslaees aa Bay properly com before
The reprefwntatloa will aa oca delcft-atefor
Turj 15 democrat k votea, ard oaa for every
fraetl sal of 10 rotes oa tba prtsldeutlal Tote of
ote. De!cPktca.
fawwa link
I'm Rimi
tUrt praclnrt ....
Prennd prarlact..
Tmrd prarlact....
Fir', ward
torn Ml ward......
Third ward
ViMtrti ward......
FMh wan I
Mlthward... ....
rvan k waid.....
auaih wo low. ......
Knrk lalend
first ward
a.. Cnd ward.....
Tkl-d want
Fnarth ward......
Fl th want
Hixth ward
evaath ward.....
oata I-nek Island .
Hhtca Hawk
C al Valley
Mara' ..,
Fl"t precinct....,
reaad prccinat..
Aa laiaata
Bafralo Prairie
Torrl tmt ita
Tkc pr auuHeats tba country districts will be
Bald at X o'clock p. ra. natnrday. May tS. The
irtiaar'.a la tlie cities of XoUnc aud Itock Island,
0a tba aama day at 7 o'clock p. m.
Daud at Rock Island. Ma 8 law.
T. S. SU.TIS. Chains aa.
Wit.i.ia MrKaiRT. Svcrctary.
WtiE9UAT, Mat 23. 1894.
The corner drug store neetus to
have reentered politics.
So (iF.KMAKs nwtl apply at u h
ronvi'utions as wero h Ul yesterday.
Tiif. democrat could not have
nominated a butter ticket to knock
Coi RTtsr was an unheard-of qual
ity In the republican convention, it
Tlir.KE isn't a bit of soreness among
the defeated candidates today not a
little bit.
"1T leetle (icrman band" Gact
jer, khart and Vierieh have no
o'ra.ion to play "Wacht um Khine"
If there i anything in sweet re
venge, the corner drug store ought
to feel satisliud, in view of the way
the (test outlit fared.
Tiif. Henry rountv intruders suc
ceeded in getting in thir deadly
work on Senator Crawford. Not cveii
a sueak was iicard from the Kdging
too statesman.
Mouse's hostility to Uest will find
Its sequel in the" course of human
events in the trotting out of one
William Ilutterworth for congress
from this district.
Tub Irish nationality must feel
highly complimented over the recog
nition which it received at the
hands of the convention. Two or
three of them were allowed to ciieak
in on proxies.
Tub rfjuililicans are felicitating
themselves on the grand feat they
performed yesterdnv. to the sorrow
of the A. J. A. While they admit
it was a rather unscrupulous proced
ure, they deelare everything is fair
in lighting inch an organization.
Wuat is thire about liilly Mason
to go daft over, as some of our re
publican enthusiasts seem to? His
entire stock in trade is blufferv.
blackguardism, and nauseating pro
fanity. He would make a digntticd
t'ntted States senator, wouldn't he?
lie seem betUr adapted to represent
tough ward in the Chicago council.
Ymterdat morning the Union an
nounced that Hon. W. II Ucst would
consent to become a cundidnte for
congress again, provided he was as
sured of the iodorsemcnt of his own
county convention. The convention
met yesterday and gave the ex-con-gressmen
the tuost numilinling set
back he has ever had. Yet the Union
conies out in its headlines this morn
ing with, "Gost for Congress."
Homme republicans know how to
have their own war. They put up a
good job before they enter the con
vention, and then religiously carry it
out without deviation. Yesterday they
plumped their vote from beginning
to end, it may he said stood as a
unit from tirst to last and ruled the
roost. Securing Kohler by this
movement, they went after the nom
ination for nheriff. Finding they
could not land it, they put the nom
inee at their mercy and obligated
him to them. Then they went after
county superintendent of schools, got
bim, helped knock out Gcst's ambi
tions, and went boinehappj,; v.
What absurdity it is for the Union
to content itself with the idea tbat
the delegates to the congressional
convention, June 27, will support
Gct. The Union should remember
that that was not a Gcst convention
yesterday; that with the exception of
Or. Kinyon there are very few in the
party here who sympathize with it in
its Gcst movement now, and unless
it is anxious to be very much disap
pointed, it had letter rid itself of
that idea immediately. Gcst will
not have any more thow in tho con
gressional convention than he did in
the convention of his own party yes
terday. The way the committee on resolu
tions was squelched yesterday was as
much of an insult to the committee
as it was to Candidates Gcst and
Crawford, as well as the Henry
county delegation which came down
in the interest of Fisher. It was an
insult to the committee as realizing
that the Trucsdalo resolution on the
A. P. A. organization had been side
tracked by tho committee, the con
vention determined to give that com
mittee no further voice in the pro
ceedings. The committee on resolu
tions was Imund to be heard anyway,
though, and its report appears In
t'.iis nuu n in g's Union.
Attousev Gkkeical Moloxev has
won another victory for the people
of Illinois in the deciding of the suit
against cx-Auditor C. V. l'avey for
the htate. Tho ex-auditor must re
store $i0.O00 to the public treasury
of Illinois. The outcome of the liti
gation lias been wateiied with great
interest by members of the bar, as
the ease really reverted to a ques
tion of the constitutionality of the
ex-auditor's rigiit to draw extra pny
for his services as insurance commis
sioner. Suits have been started
against other ex-auditors on similar
grounds by the attorney general, but
they have been dragging through an
endless round of technicalities and
legal binderanecs. Mr. Moloney
adopted the wise precaution of focus
ing all his c (Torts upon one case, and
thus avoided needless expenditure of
time and money. By this plan he
was enabled to press one suit and
bring it to as quick a decision as the
opponents' entangling movements
would allow.
Ilupklna fur Call.
Mayor Hopkins, of Chicago, is an
out aud out Cable man in the matter
of senatorial preferences. The Chi
cago mayor puts the Hock Islander
in the front among the candidates,
and the Chicago Post's Washington
correspond. -lit says of the situation:
Ben Cable's senatorial stock is con
sidered by the democrats of the Illi
nois delegation to be still on the rise.
The beginning of its upward move
ment was duly recorded in the Eve
ning Post a few weeks ago. and has
continued ever since. When the in
formation which came to the Evening
Post curresHndent this afternoon
from an ' absolutely reliable source
becomes generally known Cable's
stock will take a "bigger spurt than
ever. This information is that
Mayor John P. Hopkins, of Chicago,
has decided to supjHirt Cable for sen
ator, and it is fair to assume that he
will iM-nd his every energy iu the
lattur's In-half. This means that
Cable will have the Mipport of the
Cook county democratic organiza
tion. And that, in connection with
the Morrison organization in the
southern part of the state, it is
calculated will have a decidedly bul
lish influence on Cable's stock.
Cable has been here for a week
working like a beaver. He is in al
most constant conference with Mor
rison and Forman. Keports occa
sionally go out that either Morrison
or Forman intend to enter the sena
torial race. There is not the slight
est ground of truth for such reports.
Morrison, as stated in the Evening
Post several months since, is after
the presidential nomination in "JO.
He doesn't want the senalorship. He
has a better job now, more to his
liking and twice as remunerative.
Forman withdrew from the congres
sional race for purejy business rea
sons. He privately "announced his
intention last January of withdraw
ing when he got things in such
shape as to make it impossible for
anybody to say that he withdrew- be
cause he was afraid of being beaten
either at the convention or at the
polls. After his present term ex
pires next March he will co to East
St. Louis to practice law. Between
cases he will lay the wires for the
gubernatorial nomination in 'KG.
rrom now till next fall both Morrison
and Forman will do their best to elect
Cable senator.
Morvoua Dyapwpala.
'I had what anmit of Mm linr.
" .VJ 1 o
call nervous dyspepsia. There was
such nervous fueling in my stom
ach that I could not rest day or night
for three years. I took three bottles
of Hood's Sarsaparilla and now my
nioniacn iceis an rig in. iast winter
I had a severe attack of pain in my
sine so mat i coma not turn over in
bed. I irot one bottle of Ilonri'a Kir
aparilla and now am well." Sarah
t i in.. . t
1. van ci, i iusuum, J.U.
Hood's Pills cure sick headache.
the Illinois Farmer
One Job Done.
Aad Wheat la Coming oa la Spite oi
Ctlnchbtigs Knit and Cheat, Which Are
. Somewhat Hi-nty The Fhc-nmneaal
nallstoae Officially Rrported Frnlt
I'roaprcte Effect of the Frost in Iowa
Outlook for Corn.
, Springfield, Ills., May 23. The tem
perature for the post seven days has been
generally below tho normal throughout
the state. Unusually warm weather pre
vailed from the 14th to the 18th when a
cold wave passed over the state which still
continues. Except in a few of the extreme
east and northeast counties the amount of
of rainfall was generally below a season
nolo average and luully distributed. Hail
storms occurred on the lTtti and IDth, the
storm cf the lDlh being unusually severe
iu some sections. ' At Decatur, Macon
county, the correspondent reports that
some of the hailstones measured eleven
inches in circumference. Frosts occurred
ou the lUth and 2tlth, which did some dam
age to gardeus and small fruits and to
com ou low ground. Ice formed in some
loculities. The iwrnentae of sunshine
was below a seasonable amount. Wheat
is still reported generally in Hue condi
tion. In the vicinity of Parkersburp;,
Richmond county, considerable cheat has
developed in some f.elds aud the yield w ili
be less than was exjiectcd.
Little llaniRfre from Host.
Rust is reported iu some fields, while
chinclitrags are reported iu the wheat in a
numtier of counties, but lit tie damage has
been done. Some fields were injured by
the hail of the l!):h. Corn planting is now
practically completed over the state.
On-ing to the high temjierature of the
early part of the week this crop made
rapid growth, and is generally reported us
having an excellent, stand. There ure a
few complaints of cutworms damaging tho
corn on sod ground. S:me fields on low
ground were injured by the late frosts.
Tt'.ere is little change reported in the con
dition of oats since last week. A few cor
respondents report that some are tnruiug
yellow and that some farmers have
plowed it under. (Jardjus are generally iu
line condition, but iu some localities, were
damaged by hull and frost. Potatoes are
also iu line condition. Tjcre is but slight
improvement reported in the prospects for
fruits, l'iums, apples, and pears ure still
dropping. Aieadotrs uud postured still re
muiu iu Hue condition. -
Iowa Crop llulli-tin.
Des Moines, May S3. The past week
brought unseasonable extremes, tho tem
perature ranging from Oi) degrees to the
f ro-t line. The ave-ae r.-iinf.ill was gen
erally deficit. Reports of frosts and
freezing temperuturj on the lilth and Stth
come from u'.l Mictions of the state, but
the extent of damage cannot as yet lie de
termined. Iu mutiy sect ions corn was cut
to the ground, but it was only c hecked iu
growtn and not materially injured. Po
tatoes are not believed to lie permanently
duuiuged. The acreage of corn has been
materially increased over last year and
the outlook for that crop is uuusua'.ly
A Jury CtmMMd of Women.
Pnch an announcement may seem traue. but
tt i a fact. 1 he jury wsia an Imiucusc one, too,
and the trial hit looted fur many years. We re
fer to the trial of lr. Tierce's Favorite Picacrip
tion. As to in merits, there ha' been a uutnl
tnmi verdict rtndctcd in its favor. Indeed ii
would he imp jfsiblc to pet to-cthsr any number
of ladies who hud given it a trial who would conic
to any otber cmcluMcns. It curre nice-rations,
displacements, removes the tenderer to cancer
oaa affections and correct all unnatural d s
charfrca. To those a .out to b cons mothers it is
a real hooo, for it lesrans the pdne and perils of
childbirth, promtocs the seer t oo f au ahun
dtti.c? of n. urinbim n- for the ihiid aud shorlciu
th : criod Jf confinement.
Worn Out Faces Coo'u,tt,oa
at Offles
E yera practical exprrlenrw
removuM wrtphlt-a, iiiuok out
hollow ch-ek.rormln nnaea.
earaand mouths. AllaUnblem.
liihManil doformltlegand thotr
treatment denerliied and lllua
trated lu a lMi nace nook arnt
staled to say address for 10 eta.
John H. Woodbury
Derautologlcal Institute,
EttablUhed 1870. 128 W. 42d St., N.Y.
WaodWy'a Facial Soap far the Skin.
Scalp and Coaaplesloa. 3 cakes, (LOU, a
Owg-gLits everywhere.
We are now at 1610
Second Avenue.
Wholesale Liquors.
and how to attain it.
At list a medical work that ttllj tkc causer,
describes the effosts, points the remedy. This
Is acicntiacahy the most valuable, artistically
the mo.-t beautiful medical book that has ap
peared for yearn; 86 pngos every pago bearing
a hair-tone illustration la tints. Home of the
subjects treated are Nervous Debility, Impo
tency. Sterility, DevelopemenU Varicocele,
The Hunbani, Those ra tending Marriage, etc
Every man who would know the grand troths,
th plain feet, the old secrets, and the new
discoveries of medical sc'eooe as applied to
marrl -d life, ah w juld atone for past follies
and avoid future nltfalla. should write for thai
wjodarfnl little book. It wlIIJ be sent free
under acal. Address the publisher.
tela Medical Co . bofUlo, a. X.
Strength and Vitality
Civen to Mother and Child
Hood's Sarsaparilla Makes th
Weak Strong and Healthy.
"C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
" I most emphatically declaro that my (rood
health of tfwlay is due to the use of Hood's Sar
saparilla. I have been blessed! with strength
and vitality to care f ir four little ones, and had
I not I con fortunate enough to use flood's Sar
saparilla the result would have beea disastrous
to me and my family as well. It has made
A Healthy Person
of me when home doctors aud all other reme
dies failed. Hood's Sarsaparilla lias founded a
strong constitution fur my little five-year-old
daughter who was formerly quite delicate. The
gratefulness that a mother feels toward any
medicine which restores health and happiness
Hood's5 Cures
to her child cannot he overestimated. I would
say to mothers, take Hood's Sarsaparilla."
Kns. C. M. Lopkr, 1153 West Forty-seventh
Street, Chicago, Illinois.
N. It. If von decide to take Flood's Sarsaprv
rilU do not lie induced to buy any oilier instead.
Hood's Pills cure roustipatiuu by restor
ing the peristaltic acliou of the alimentary canal.
Bptatc of Anna S. Enowlton, deceaM'd.
The unilcrsirned havine been appointed admin
istrator of the route of Anna . Euowlum, late of
the county of ltor.k Island, el' of liiinoir, ae
censed, hereby trives notice that he will ap)iear
before the cr.uiitv court of Kock lila'd coun
ty, at the- cflic of The cl-rk of sid conn, in
the city of Hock Island, at the .laiy term, on
the liret jdor.day in Jc'.v , at wlurh
time ail person linnc cuume aiTur.t aid es
tate are notuied ana rc-qnested toanceu for the
pnruoc of barnu; the panic nc.jr.sted. il per
sons lnciebrert to fsid estate are requested to
cue immediate pajmcut to Uiernrieticnea.
W. o T El.
Dated this JS.h Jay o: April, A. Ii.
Frtatc of 1 icua:d Pender. Deceased.
The ondersiiricd havmz been appointed ad
ministratrix of the e.e of ltiehard
Hciulrr, late cf the eonntyof liock lil.nd, ta e
of Illinois, dereased. hureby give notice that hi
will apiienrlefurc the couMy court of Kock lbland
oon.ttv. at Ihr office of Uia clerk of paid c-nrt, in
Ue chy of Rck-K i-iatui. at tlie July term on
Uij first ftoimay in July nct, at which time
all persons havaig clulin aca'n!t said estate are
nouilc-d liud requciteil to attend, for th purpose
of huring the fume atliustuu. II persons in.
debted toaaid estite arc reqnt-sled to make in.
mediate panncrct to the nnrtcrtiucd.
Dated thia UM div of April. A. 1. 1894
MAUY 1 ENDLl;, Aamiuistra'-rix.
rainlcsslr, Positivfly, Terfectly. Pcr
manently, C-U-li-E-1)
Without Surgical Oreratiou or dctcn
tion from Business.
So pay fer treatment nr. til carrd. Disfaaes cf
Ttectum: Chronic Constipation, stricture, Kieaures
Fruriiis or itchtnc pllm permsnen:lr cured.
Fistula cured without the use of kalfu.
l'lies removed without paiu at the
Medical sod Surgical Institute
Permanently Loeated in the Ean Block, Corner
becoud and tiraoy Btroets, Uaventiort, Iowa.
Dra, Anderwon an:l Hose are graduates of the
leading medical colicpea of this country, and
vitu -t years expeiicuca in tha treatment of
ih.onlc uiseues.
They eueceaefullv treat Catarrh, Throat and
I.unp.. diecaM of ibe dic.wt.ive organs, dvapeu
raaVUr u,,le,' co"stlpation, chronic diur-
Tronbles apecdlly removed.
The most agtrravated cases are speedily and
men';"011 " bjr out UKW mothT of troa
toi dInj,I7KD-f,eoW attention ren
to all dieeaxea peculiar to women. Hveiy facility
and nevyntace for the treaunont and speedy re
moval of this claK of diieasea. ' r
ElectricityIta Scientific Applica
tion. lnCmJr!re"' " moler snrwrflnoti. hair
tro?yaf wens-ctc-. removed by elec
All trouble arising from impure blood, scrof
ula, eczema, teller, tumor, ulcers, etc
Can be oonsulted conuaentlr by letter or otoer
rns AND'ISNl,r?ru'rti"bUak- Addrea.
Jafrt'lowa? K3rttl1 Wock' DY,B'
Louis ErjGLirj,
(Sacceaaor to H. HKNDT.)
Merchant-:- Tailor,
119 Eighteenth Street.
9Flt and Workmanahip Guar
antoed the Best
Cleavning avncl Repairing Done.
aV MC.M.Loper. m
Railway Depot comer Fifth avenue and
Tbiny-flri'. rect, Frank H. Plummcr. Agent.
Baar. , Wasr,
Denver Limited I Omat..
Ft. Worth. Denver A K.C..
It 2:Mam
8:4 pm
6:10 pm
b 00 am
t 5 Alpm
t 5:15 am
t R:S0am
t 8:iu pm
t 6:15 am
jt 9:00im
It fi:V am
it 8:80 pm
It 7 :0 am
t 4:45 am
t 6:45 am
t T.X am
R. C, et. joe A Minneapolis
uamc uea aioicea. ......
i' imaha A Kansas City
Omaha A Des Koines Bt. . .
tmaha A Des Moines Ex..
Denver. Lincoln A Omaha...
Su r"aul A Minneap.-l a
8t Paul A Minmiapoba...,
at. Joseph, Atchion Jt K. C.
Denver, Ft. Worth A K. C.
tKanraaCity A 8U Joacph.
llcoak Island A Washington.
tl :40 am
13:20 am
2:50 au
6:15 aa
18:80 am
X :43 am
4:40 am
111 lOpm
y picaa-o tr- ie Moinea
Arrival. tDepartnre. tl)aily,exccptSiinday.
All others daily. Telephone 1093.
F. B.Px.tTKaura, Agt.
way Depot First avenue and sixteenth
street, al. J. Young, agent,
TRAINS. lat. aaarv.
St Louis Bxpnsa CMS am 7:pm
St. Louis Express 7:M pm R:S5 am
lit. Paul Pansenger 6.25 pro 7:55 am
Ceardftown Passenger.... . S:15pm 10:S5am
SUTling Passenger 7:n6am 8:4Spm
I'ubiiquo Passenger' 7:55 am tt:45pm
Bierling Pabapngcr aApn.
Daily. '
Pat'vav Racine A autbwestern Division
Pep Twcnthth street, between First and
Second arenuts. K. D. tV. liolmes. Agent.
TA'a. I.EAva. aaarva.
Mail and Exoress T:00 am 8:2Spnj
t-t. Paul tiyrw pm ll:5am
Dock Island a Peokia Railway
' D.-pot First Avenue and Tweatieth etrecU
F. A. Kockwe!!, Ag'.nt.
TSAlXy. I.tat I Arnuva
Ftst MaU iit.e S: 05 ami 7:S0 pm
Krpres S: 1 pm 11-15 pm
tabic AccommoJction :insm 8:(M pm
" " 4:00 ami 7;55 am
Du Islington, Cedar apids a
orhern hailway, di-pot foot cf Bradv
street. Davenport. Jas. iiorton, Uen. Tk't A
Pars. gent.
Dsvenport Trnlna. I.a-v AnnTK
I-aMcmter i4 :4ii piuililO 35 am
Freight i7 :oU . m bl :li) am
West Liwrtv fr.ii 1 TNonn. J-U'n.
Passenger j i7:l(in jblfl:4(pm
" . 'al0:S0pm aAtlhaa
"No I I ti7 :S5 pm
Frelsht I 1)2:40 pm jhn :4Sam
'ai'i:4.r.pm I 1-S:0fam
a Daily. bDuily except unila. tGolng north
ttoiiiB houth md east. i.o. 18 rune between
Cedar Kepid and Weei Libe.ty.
To St. Louis
Leave Rock Island . . .
Arrive St. Louis
.8:05 A. M.
.7:10 r. m.
Rate S7J0
This Route affords a pleasant day
journey through the best por
tion of the state of Illinois, in.
eluding the cities oi Peoria
and Springfield.
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ter place. Lunch is served on
the train you can order what
jour appetite demands and at
a reasonable price.
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rise at an unseasonable hour
to take train. You are landed
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due time to catch out-going
trains on connecting lines in
case your destination is be
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ft IF
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m pozzonro
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InK.auii-bnrn, wind-tan. lesson pcreptrnthn.
etc.: InfactttisanMMtaelicttleanddealniMa
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EVwaa 1. -...4
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PP!?1 arntotaaVaTtt
. , . . . alaKlc Ravn-
toabmnmHmnt N0a toa.lUMWH iraw
UMfNai wwi.aatat.fraf bi and. ws at.
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about know that our suitings arc in. zi
finest ever displayed in the city. Vt-:
respectfully invited to call and sec the! -in
patterns and styles.
Call and leave your order.
Star Block, opposite Harper hou;
Painters and Decorator
SHOP. 419 Savaateenth St , LZZZ IZIXZ, Y
Pl'v, jwilau
Qclie tMtrwit. lutori1
f t 4.le K li' f at vuee for 4 ol.l in lie;..:. ? j
I Afttty into iht 'i-ttriU.- It in V"l-i. Al.--rUl. ' .
Contractor and Builder.
Shop, Holly Hose Honse.
Residence. 410 Sercrtb Etree-
Wednesday and Thursday.
Ladies' White Leghorn Hats, all new shades tf
Ribbon and latest novelties in 1 low
ers, formerly sold at $3.75 and ;.-r.
at $1.48. These are the grc-nt ?t
bargains ever sold in th? history ' f-
, the millinery trade of ibe thr . -
CAPES, former price $3.75, this sae $1 50.
3' 1 J.
JACKETS below eastern cost price.
''"""J .m ifff-u i
in Tan
Endless styles ami ...
ties in black ami CV
,. wxiorus arul oir.
Wear our cclebrattd I
Kingbhocs. $2apa
t sic TP!? ii
1803 Second Artrst
i:lxi:v a. iv.::::
CALM-rtowrti lie Nr-HrT
aiti Irflaiamatinr!. Ii-a!r L -
Taiit r?t fc?neJl. T.vM '- tJy' f iF"' -v
Miri-.i I- 1 Tnn t
W. Second St., Divccport. j

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