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Rock Island Buggy Co.,
Phaetons, Surriei,,
Buggies, Spring and
Farm Wagons
It will
Pay you to
Call and get our
Low prices before buying.
.srs va rsvi M RtLM-riimM tke TCamll - IH1 "V Ki
- - -- .
IK rtawro. Kixtorr Tasto
ifturvm Twl
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f AMTnto.
tj baU. Ail
BcptMMUog over 40 If iHioa Dollars
of Cash men
Tire Life. Tornado.
A oddest. Marina.
Employ ax's Liability
Bradi of Suretyship.
omcS-Beotoa'a bloeS Hack Istaad, Ills.
re ear rates; they will interest yon.
General see
Insurance Agent.
Tie eld Fire aad Time-tried Oos&paalas
Leras PronptlT Paid.
states tow as say reliable sampaayeaa affer
Tear ralisaais Is eoltetted.
Holloa, CI.
date Corns? FifUanta street aad Third At
CJlPITAL 91 00.000.00.
tseeeede the Boliae Sarin s Raa. Ornnlsed im
s uvsi QTisn Fad n nron
Orgafllaed aader BUM Laws.
Opea fraa I a. sl. te I m, smd wedaeaday aad
Saturday alf bh rroaT to Bpra.
Fwawra aaisssa, Prestdeat
. A. Aravwoara, Vies Presideat
Farter Sferaaor, W. W. Wells,
C. A. XnM, H. A. Alneworta,
0. B. Bdwarde. W. H. Adnata,
Aadnw "Wharf. C. T. B sawn way.
lurasi Darltaa:.
Western Investments
for vmate parties ta toe
spot of we west ay tee
Orchard State Bank
B. W. Dan, rreeldeat.
MlDaM Casalsx.
atltcti.n A Lyase, Bankers,
r. MoMaeoa, catbist stock Islaad HaUooel
C. C. Carter, . D.
Mary Dart's Sane, Wholesale Omars.
ConesBondeace soiteitad.
Wsslsssli Pesler aad Iatportar of
Wines and Liquors
XIII aud MIS Third At
I V y ;iv.;
I I An it -
soc imiocju or
II "
Factory and
WaraSooaa on
BlzteoBta mMt between
First end Second arenas.
Retail trad specially solicited
w l.llum.aHai. Hialll yWt ft" -J
! Strom, una anrear lrlJMlJVQJ
1 fnn.ll. and t arn) fTARVQI
fnpl'ailrf in HmjVT
f fa Vwirklw Almwbrd.
BUOM WarnaSt., X
a. e. oomratxT. a. d. coxhsu-t.
Connelly & Connelly,
Attorneys at Law.
Offlce second Soot, orer afllohell A Lynde-s
beak. Money to loan.
Jackson & Hurst.
Attorneys tt Law.
OOce la Rock lalsad National Bank building.
a. . rrimr. c. u waimsa.
Sweeney & "Walker,
Attorneys and Conncellors at Law.
Office la Beaffstons Block.
Charles J. Searle,
Attorney at Law.
Legal business of all kinds promptly attended
to. State's Attorney of Bock Islaad county.
Offlce, FostoOes Block.
McEniry & McEniry,
Attorneys at Law.
Loan moaey oa good security; bui collec
tions. Befsreaoe, Mitchell at Lynda, bankers,
omos, PostofBcs Block.
R. M. Pearce,
Booms t aad 81 in Mitchell a Lynde's :
BaOdmc. Tsks olerator.
T. Ia, SilTis,
Ho. 1716 Second Arenne. orer Krsll Jk Xsth's.
Drs. Bickle & Schoemaker,
Dental Surgeons.
mtchell LTBdee Block. Boobb St and JU
formerly occopled by Dr. Ladewig. Take ele-
Dr. Asay,
Physician and Snrgeon
list. Third Areone. Telephone, 1110, office
uoars: i to p. aa. aad at night.
j. a, aoLLowauu, ai. d. . a. babtb, x, n.
Drs. Earth & Hollo wbttsh.
Physicians and Surgeons.
CaVadOSSMst. TetophooeleW
estrtsacs7BlSlstst. iiss
oyyjus aotras ?
Dr, BarttH- I Dr. Bollowbaeb-.
uUaa, ' I iotoisa.m.
1 tot and 7 klp,m. l to5andTto8p,m.
Dr. Chas. M. Robertson,
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Only.
Offlce, Whlttsker Block, soathweet comer
Third and Brsdy streets. Davenport, Iowa
it and 18. Boars: S to Ua.au, 1 to I p. at.
Edward L. Hammatt,
Omos. Booai 41, Mitchell A Lynda Bail ding.
Geo. P. Stauduhar,
Plana and enperlnteadeneo for all class of
Buildings. Boom. M and 66, Mitchell a Lynda
W. A. Darling,
City Engineer.
Bnfofd Block, over Klncitrarr's store.
X.OUIG cnoiizri,
to B. WX5ST0
Merchant -:- Tailor,
119 Eighteenth Street.
tFlt and Workmanship Guar
anteed the Best
Cleaning and Bepairisg Done
A Good Deal of Kicking Over
That Agreement.
nitnots Misers Mot Ukely to Accept the
Schedule Xeetlos; Called tor Meat Btot
wrday KMclya RefleetloBj m MeBrlda
A State of Berolt la the Pittsburg DIs
trlet Mm Who Struck for Syaapothy
Emo io the Deal Reception of the Seato
at Tariows Pedato.
Spbixgfield, Ills., Judo 13. The repre
sentative of the Associated Press inter
viewed State President Crawford in regard
to the Columbus settlement of the coal
strike. He stated that be bad received no
official information as to the announced
agreement, but if the rejort as published
in the newspapers was correct, the Spring
field and southern Illinois miners will not
accept it. The only communication Pres
ident Crawford had received from national
headquarters was instructions to call a
convention of the miners of districts 4, S
and ft, and be immediately issued a call
for the convention to meet in this city on
Saturday next. '
Views of a Consolidated Man.
Charles Kidgely, prot.id.nt of the Con
solidated Coal company, was also inter
viewed, lie considers the settlement very
important so far as Indinna, Ohio, and
Pennsylvania are concerned, not because
of the rates of wages fixed in the scale
adopted, for be expects to adhere to
the rate of wngi-a which be bus
heretofore paid without regard to the set
tlement at Columbus, liut he thinks
that President Mcllride must now be in a
dilemma out of which a settlement of the
strike in JUiuois on the operators' terms
must result almost immediately, "it is
getting to be generally believed," said
Kidgely, "that the strike was concocted
by r.l Is worth and McUridc. and that the
deal baring been worked out both of the
parties are anxious to end the strike."
rittsborg Diatrlct in Revolt.
Pittsburg, June 13. Unless the nation
al officers of the Mine Workers' union.
who made the compromise at Columbus,
can give a satisfactory reason for so do
ing the miners in the Pittsburg district
will not accent the 69-cent rate, and the
strike will continue. Scores of telegrams.
letters and delegations have been pouring
on the district officers here from all parts
of the district denouncing the compromise,
ami an declaring that work shall not be
resumed next week. President McBride
has been telegraphed for and is expected
in the district soon, as the crbis warrants
bis immediate presence.
The Reception the t'olumbns Agreement
Receives at Various 1'ointa.
CHICAOO, June 13. The agreement at
Columbus lietween operators and miners
is received in a variety of styles in the
different coal regions, getting a good deal
of cold shoulder. It is particularly hard
on men who went on "sympathy" strikes
and now find their wages cut as much in
some cases as 10 cents a ton. The miners
of northern Illinois are greatly dissatis
fied. Many of them strongly condemn it
as a defeat for the miners and say they
will not accept it. Kxpressions as re
ported by telegraph are summarized as
Streator, His. The mi ners of the Streator
district are indignant at the action of the
Columbus convention. They say they
went into the strike to maintain last year's
prices, and are now compelled to take a
reduction. A convention of miners of the
district will be called, and it is probable
tnat it win be decided to remain out.
Spring Valley, Ills. The receipt of the
news from Columbus has temporarily
changed the plans of the army that was to
move on Kewanee. The streets are
thronged with men talking over the situa
tion. Every man condemns the work of
the Columbus conference, aud says he will
not go to work at the 10 cents reduction.
President MciSriue comes in for a big share
oi abuse, and many miners say it is a sell
out. There is one thing certain the men
of this district will not go to work, and
their determination to stay out until last
year's prices are restored is greater than
ever. .
Pans, Tils. The Columbus conference is
believed here to have no effect on the coal
industry at this place. While the miners
of central Illinois are out merely in svm
patby with the east it seems impossible.
or nearly so, to get men to go to work.
here so long as a mob of strikers remains
as a menace within an hour's march of
the city. 1 he merchants and bouses were
asked for food for the strikers. The dona
tions were not large.
Pekin, Ills. The miners of this district
are very much pleased over the result of
the conference at Columbus and are anxi
ous to go to work. The rioters in jail
when informed of the decision gave three
Centralia, Ills. When the dispatches
announced the action of the Columbus
meeting the leaden in the strike move
ment hero were asked what effect the
agreement would have on the miners here.
Iseil Steele, the representative for the
miners in this district at the previous
convention, said that the settlement ef
fected at the Columbus conference in no
way affected the southern Illinois district.
and the miners here would not be guerned
by anything done at that convention.
Galva, Ills. There are three companies
mining coal here employing now about
100 men. They are non-union and but
few of them yielded to the entreaties and
threats of the Spring Valley committee
which visited them a few weeks ago. They
receive 80 ceuts a ton and have no grievance.
In Indiana there is a good deal of dissat
isfaction among both operators and men
as witnesses the following:
Brazil, Ind. The scale fixed for the en
suing year by the United Mine Y orkera
and operators at Columbus is not meet
ing the approbation of the operators here.
The scale places block coal 10 cents in ad'
vance of bituminous coal, aud the oper
ators aay it should tie only 5 cents, bev
era! of the most prominent block coal op
erators of this district were interviewed
and they were all of the opinion that they
had not been fairly dealt with. They re-
tusea to state wnetner tney wouiu ne
bound by the scale or not, claiming that
the matter would have to be discussed by
all tbe operators of the district before a
decision could be reached. The miners,
though to some extent defeated in their
efforts, are satisfied. It is evident that
the end of the strike is not here yet.
Washington, Ind. The coal miners of
this vicinity are very sick of tbe Columbus
settlement, as it reduces the rate paid for
era of this section had no grievance, but
went out through sympathy, and are feel
ing very sore over the turn of affairs.
Operators are trying to get an expression
from their men, but they will not talk.
No coal hvs been mined in this section
since the Caunellshurg riot, but every
thing is quiet. There is some suffering
among the families of the miners for the
necessities of 1 i f e.
Terre Haut- Ind. Operators here claim
to have no official notice of the settlement
of the strike. The settlement reported in
the newspapers makes a 10-cent reduction,
and they doubt if Indiana miners will
agree to it. Until J. Smith Tallev. the
Indiana representative to Columbus, re
turns tbe operators here say they will be
uncertain as to the outcome. Citizens
generally and manufacturers believe the
strike is over, and they much rejoice over
the prospect of revival of industry.
Farmersburg, Ind. By tomorrow all
the coal mines in Sullivan, where the
struggle has been the most intense, will
be iu operation. Farmersburg miners
Went to work yesterdav morning. Those
at Shelburn also returned to work. Alum
Cave, Jackson Hill, Hyemern, Star City,
and Curryville have been heard from. The
mines at all these places will be started
within forty-eight hours.
Sullivan, Ind. The excitement over the
miners' strike has subsided and it is be
lieved the troubled is over. The soldiers
are being ordered home. There are no
troops at Shelburn. The miners are very
tired of their enforced idleness, having
been out of work since May 1 and are in
very bad circumstances. It is universally
believed that they will accept the Colum
bus com prom se and resume work.
Minonk, Ills. At a miners' meeting
here, which was held in the grove in the
north part of the city, the miners ex
pressed dissatisfaction with the 10 cents
reduction per ton, and some of the men
say they think 1 'resident McBride ha sold
out. 1 lie men say thoy positively will not
go to work at this rate.
Tflll stay Ont for a Raise.
Cextralia. Ills., June 13. The Colum
bus conference made no scale for southern
Illinois miners, and so a meeting of strik
ers was held here to decide what should
be done. The men struck out of sympathy,
having no grievauce against the 56,' 4' cents
a ton they were getting. The meeting,
however, decided to continue the strike on
a new line for an increase to G2-j cents a
ton winter and summer. The operators
say they won't pay it.
A Striker fined Ten Dollars.
Mahion-, Ills., June 13. The first case
of the Carterville strike trouble, that of
Kev. McGinnis.has terminated in a verdict
of guilty and J10 Hue. The other cases
about twenty in all, were dismissed with
the understanding that all interfering
with work at Carterville cease.
Not Open to Arbitration.
PlTTsnur.G, Jnne 13. A committee ap
pointed by the citizens of McKeesport to
effect a compromise between the strikers
and the National Tube Works company
called upon General Manager Converse
and were informed that the company had
no proposition to make.
Tbe rronecntion Promises to Prove What
the A censed Admits.
New Yor.K, Jnne 13. Assistant District
Attorney Wellniau launched the case
against F.rastus Winuan, after a jury had
been obtained, by a long speech in which
be charged Wiman with endorsing E. W.
Bullinger's name on a check and deposit
ing it to his own credit. "The Question
in the niiuds of the jurymen will be did
Mr. W iman know that the signature was
forged when he uttered the check f said
Mr. Wellman. "We can show that he did,
for the law allows us to show that Mr.
Wiman had uttered forged checks during
the year previous."
He was proceeding in this vein when
General Tracy, coUusel for Wiman. inter
rupted aud requested that the court order
the district attorney to confine himself to
the case iu question. "We concede that
Mr. lrnan wrote the name of Bullinirer
on the back of this check and dcitosited it
to his own account. Commercial law
justified him in so doing." Justice Ingra
bam allowed General Tracy to continue.
coutiouing the jury that' they must not
consider what Wellman said to be evi
dence, unless these facts should be sub
sequently brought forward as testimony.
Accident to ulonel We insert.
MILWAUKEE. Wis., June 13. Colonel A.
G. A eissert. riast couimainli.r-lTi.rlif
the G. A It, met with au accident at his
residence. In stepping from a bath-tnb
his feet slipped aud he fell heavily to the
floor. The fall resulted iu the dislocation
of one shouldi-r nml urim 1 u;,.r,ii
bruises on the liody. Colonel Weissert
Buuers auuost constantly Iroin au open
wound received during the war, as a re
sult of which he is not sure of foot.
Mrs. Itudiirer Acunittod.
Omaha, June 13. Mrs. Eloise"Kudiger
has been acquitted of the murder of
waron" jieary Keiser at Sou: h Omaha,
Oct. 29. 113. This is li un.l .1..
former jury having disagreed. She 'had
jwiser b niiBiress, nut trouble arose
about Komet.hini? And d.... t.;. t
then tried to kill herself, but tailed. At
me seconu trial hypnotism and self -defense
were claimed. The Woman weut
home with her husband after acquittal.
Fonud m Counterfeiting- Outfit.
St. Lovis, June 13. -While Edward
Tofte and Victor Obsen.
were at a picnic in Bart hold's grove, nine
miles southwest of tbe court house, they
found a basket containing m
metal, molds, and other articles used in
couuwneiting, una f-ji iu bogus coin.
.aiigujg iu vimuv kuiu i cents to f L.
Mother "and Son browned.
DUMJTU, Miss., Juue 13. Mrs. Henrv
L. Sweet and her 3-year-old son were
fouud dead on the shore of Lake Superior.
They had been out for a walk and it is
supposed the boy went into the water be
yond his depth, the mother attemptiug to
mtviuiu, ihilu were urowned.
Baab, Door and Blind Men Meet.
Chicago, Juue 13. Tho association of
sash, door and blind manufacturers of the
northwest, representing the states of Illi
nois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota, met
here to discuss prices and arrange lor
uie publication oi annual catalogue.
Eudv's Pile Sunrtositnrw
j j. j. v J sat as-
teed to cure piles and constiDation.
or money refunded. Fifty cents per
box. Send stamp for circular and
free sample to Martin Rudy, Lancas
ter, Pa. For sale by T. H. Thomas
and liartz & Bahnsen, drucists.
New York Financial.
Ksw York. Jane 15.
Money on call easy. Offered at 1 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper 34 per cent.; ster
ling exchange dull with actual basiness in
bankers' hills tdi,4SSK for demand and 48TH
for sixty davs; posted rates 48S)i3l90. Com
mercial bills 4t!4.
silver oertincates eiS5; no sales; bar auvar
Mexican dollars &lo.
United State, bonds, a s regular, 11749
llt; do 5'. coupous.ll7ti; do. 4'a regular, ll-j;
' coupons 114 do. S a, S8 bid; Pacific 6'8 of
Mi, 1UK hid.
Chicago Grain and Prodaco.
Chicago. Jan 13.
Following were the Quotations on the
Board of Tra le today: Wneat June, opened
OHc, closed 60c; July, opened 6U4C closed
l:Hc: September, opened otitic, closed Klc
Cora June opened c, dosed 4u July.
opened 4144c, closed 4l$tc; September, opened
42C, closed 4-"c. Oats June, opened 4 1 14c,
clused 41ic; July, opened S9e, closed &tc;
September, opened KWic closed 30h,c. Pork-
June, opened , closed f ; July, opened
12.;l, closed $12.4."k September, opened
81i:i, closed Lard-July, opened
ro 77-j., dosed fti.tM.
Produce: Butter Fancy ssnarator.
17c per lb: fancy dairy. l:!-!j,14c; packing
stock, 10c Eggs llir-lllic per uos. Live
poultry Chickeua. 64c per lb; spriug chick
ens, lijgisc; duck, 7&7!tc; turkeys. 6-ftSc;
geese, Sii.00ft4.UJ per do. i'otatoes Bur-
banks, softo.ic per bn.; Hebron, eatfMrie: mixed
stock, (Mil 9.1c; new potatoes, SAUK&.4.00 per bbL
Strawbsrrios. Sl.aOttl.OJ por W-qt case. Honey
White clover. 1-1 b sections. ll!itl-!iC per
IK; broken comh. 103.11c: dark couib. good
comimon, ittwiu.wo; strainjd California, adiSc
C hicago Live Stock.
Chicago. Jane 12.
Live Stock Prices at the L'uiou Stock
Yards today ranged as lollows: Hors Esti
mated receipts for t he day 1 j,000: sales ranged
at SU.(&4.6.i pit-s. f4.30itl.8a liKht. Sl.45a4.IiS
rough iiackinp. ;4.)4.1RP mixed, and 4.70
4.'.ij heavy packing and shipping lots.
Cattle Receipts for tho day 5.0.10: Quota
tions ranged at S4.7595.10 choice to extra
shipping st-ers. $4.3 K.4.7i) good to choice do
S3.Vti(f(4. fair to good, $).(&4.05 commun to
medium do, $.L5.,.(.K butchers' steers, $2.tf0t
3.4t stockers. So.3Uji3.90 leedurs, fcl.G0.ft
35 Icows. $2.i(i3.() heifers, $ioai3.40 bulls
I--'. .06j-J.hu lexas steers, an J. Si.0Uji4.75 vea
Sheep and Lambs Receipts for the dav.
f.): prices ranged at J2..t0j1.4u western
H.:m'.).o Texans, 2.0J4.jU iu.Uvcs.aud Slot
U4-8U lambs.
Tbe Local Markets
eoAin, rrc.
Wheat esc
Corn 40c.
Oats MS 34c
Hsy Tunothv, $S&t!; nn'and, 17; wild.
7; ploueh. fJ.IO; baina. S7.S0Q0.
Better Pair to choice, 3c; creamery, lSe
Ktn Frea. 9a
Poultry Snrinir chicken.. l.r"c :VPr 13 fin nr
rncrr ast vtomsurs.
Potatoes Sec, SLBOfl-Sl 80 per Lu.
CmioTi. $1 per ba
Strawberries $2.50 a cise.
Cattle Batchers par for cm fed steer.
4l4'r.; cow. and telfeTa. 2423ac caUci
Horn 4cwsc,
foeep 4u&5:
Spring lamb. S3 a head.
Coal Soft JSa:6:; hard. $8.50.
Killed by Lightning.
GCTnniE, O. T., June 33. Near Grady
the house of T. W. Mitchell was struck by
lightning aud completely destroyed. One
son was killed, one daughter fatally in
jured, aud two others seriously injured.
A Hint to Young Men.
Alas, how prevalent ara thoos dread diseases
which make young men prematurely aged, pale.
Unlets, low spirited, lan jaid, caeily tired, fo.--
getfal and in-ajablc; fill madhou.es and swell
the l.t of tuicidet; separata husbands and
wivej; bring untold ec (firing to millions, even
unto the third and fourih generation.
A complete atd tcientific tresiti-e on these ail
ments, prepared hy an Mocia:ion of medical
men, who hava had vsit experience in their
tr atment and great success in their core, will be
mailed in pUin, sealed envelope, secure from ob
servation, to any enrr.-rer fending 10 cents (the
cost of postage), enclosed with this notice, to
World'. Dispensary Medical association. 661
Main rtrcet, Buffalo, N . Y.
Wash Your Face with
A pure antiseptic medic lnal toilet soap
for daily use. It embodies as far
as soap can the .
soothing;, heal
ing, preserving!
elements that I
so years practi-l
cal experience
treating the Skin have proven
most beneficial. Druggists sell it.
A book oa Dermatology with every cako,
Woodbury's Facial Soap
Kidney Trouble?
Bladder or Uri
nal Trouble?
Catarrhal trouble
Do yon want immediate relief and
cure? Get . .
For sale by all druggists.
Read what Dr. Snyder-, formerly
of Freeport. says:
Chicago, March 7. 18SS
Dr. Burnh.m, 84 Adam street, Citr :
My Dear Doctor My attention was first called
to "San Jak" last year In the cae of Captain J.
M. Bro.int.of Atl.nt', Ua., who was attacked In
this cttv with acute ncphriti. (inflamed ktduera)
andcj .tiiia (inflamation of bladder). After pre
scribing the atual remedies wlthoat avail, "ban
Jak" wa. .accented, and the ImurorcaMnt was an
marked after tbe Srst done that a complete care
followed so speedily, that I at once commenced
an investigation of it. merits, and have since pre-
acnoea It In almost every Known form of kid
ney, bladr, arelhraU vaginal and catarrhal
troubles, followed in each instance by the kap-
pieei rwniia.
In my own ease (cystitis) the relief it gave 1
in a few da?, was simply marvelous.
A case of enuresis in my own family was very
ranch Improved by a few doses, and radically
cured in lets than a week rom practical exper
ence In a number of bad eases of leocorrhoea. lam
tree to .ay that I have found no remedy that is
eoual to "8an Jak."
And while I have never before given a profes
sional endorsement to a proprietary remedy, 1 say
nnhesiuitingly and withont reserve, that 1 consid
er "rjln Jak" a veritable boon to hamanlty. and
after applying It to the sorest professional teats,
can say with confidence it is better than it Is
recommended to be.
I shall continue to prescribe it ta all cases of
genito-urinary or catarrhal troubles io preference
to all other known remedies.
A. a nerve tonic, especially la the caaes of weak,
oracmle children. "San Jak" can he mlied ma
fully and entirely. The dellcions taste of the
medicine is also in its favor, in prescribing It for
children. 1 am at present nsing "San Jak' as aa
alterative in skin d erases and several ease of
chronic eczema having veilded so readily to lu
Influence that I rUill continue to nse it In Similar
am, reeling cowraeni task Is Will Beet all the
uuuHMai in.Doi caaes.
Very biaoarely,
(Signed) Qao. W. Bimsm, at. D.
Ask your Druggist for home rcf
i -Times Remedy;
No man can afford to have a sick Wife or
Daughter, nor, iu such times as these,
A big Doctor bill Zoa Phora cures
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m ..... --o.
unfits oMvmu KtsULTS FROM THE USE OF
A complete line of Pipe, Brass Goods,
Packing Hose, rire Brick, etc.
DAVIS BLOCK, Molinc, 111.
Telephone 2053.
J. M.
Wholesale and retail dealer in Flour, Feed,
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Tr-Iepkrae lis.
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Trade supplied by HORST VOX KOECKRITZ, corner Fifth ave
nue and Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Pharmacy. Sole A-dU
Rock Island. Manufactured by the Pastaur Chemical Co., New York.
Vice President.
Steam and Gas Fitters.
Reck IsltcJ Heating
ana PMing Co.
Hot Water Heating
Beer Pumps
119-121 E. 17th St.
Rock Island, 111. Tel. No. 1288
Cole Agents for the Fannan.
AO Binds of Cat Flowers constantly oa hand.
One block from Central Park, largest la Iowa.
Carpenter and Builder,
Shop on Tint) Street ROCK iSLiNi-
City Bus and Express Line.
For Bus or Express Line telephone 1141, and you will rcc ive
prompt attention. .
All Qada ot Carpenter Work Done.
Gas and Steam Fitting
Sanitary Plumbing
Largest and best equipped establishment
west of Chicago.
112, 111 West Seventeenth street.
Telephone 1143. l;,,- lslad
Telephone 1169.
and 1603 Fourth Ave.
Small Pox, Cholera, Typhoid and
Scarlet Fevers, Diphtheria, E;c
for Use. .
Sec. and Trias
of tbe Brady strcat
Flower Wow ,
SKI Brady vtrrct, 1iavcir- "
nuiied coal io cents on tne ton. The uiu'
lfshatscaMaeBmaaMSnasatwacS:'a rssranta.
nUtk.tttMt. huOAULAH
iuks leiaiiu, au.

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