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Eke Great Political Discussion
Now confronting us is, where do we stand politicallv In v
matter. Ch'ef0r 'U &I2rSl
What Is a Democrat?
A democrat is a man who believes in free trade hnt
alarming extent, especially if it hits on sometNng that he is Xti?
, ,t. a in. He has especial fondness for holding office .
What Is a Republican i
A republican is a man who believes in protection ,.. .
Martling extent, especially if it hit. onCmetSg that he islnL?
rM.nl in. He ha. a special hankering of holding office.
What Is a Populist ?
A popullit is a man who believes that the rich man ought to divide
hativh" difference between a democrat, a renuhllcan
, tmo It ThoVr the,f'rai ". and the pVac to
get the moet for It. They have all discovered that
c McCombs
Can (.are them dollars in dry goods, crockery, house furnishings,
we. ttcare now receiving our fall atock. which we ran truth,
ful.v say is surpassed t.y none in quality or price. Note a few of
cur wonderful trade winners for this week.
Dress Goods.
Ulie. we wish especially to
,lr!w vniir attention to onr fall nov
,::ii'"in ilrt's.-t goods. The goods
i.n'v mine in full dress patterns,
ih.r "ortmrnt is only in the lat
,: v lt--. ami we can show a line
of !tUs surpassed by none. Only
,tn' pattrrn of a kind, ranging from
$:'. to .. We invite vour in-
Lace Hats and Caps.
Piif-f"irth off on lace caps and
ci all this week to close for the
i :i.n -'." per cent off.
Crockery, Lamps, Glassware.
our crockery department is a
hii-tie ami a bustle these days,
tali ami sec our elegant display!
Tc.iNt. Kockingham ware, "lic
bnva -hapc. lftc.
Vt'.low mixing bowls, 6c up.
dla.-s cream set. four pieces su-u-:ir.
ci-vi-red luttcr, spoon holder.
iTi riin pitcher, lic and np.
In !' viilunl butter 5c and np.
Iian iiet lamp and silk shades,
luniiM. wall lamps and hang
:.ui." at all prices. We hare the
n'.v liig crockery stuck in llock Isl
und enunty.
I.lankets, Draperies, Etc.
Just received our fall line of cal
blankets, comfort?., bud
iir:nU. draperies, flannels, etc.
I; surely pay you to inspect
iur line before purchasing.
For Bargains.
Corner Eighteenth
And Second Avenue.
i : r r!V &sa
Pictures Framed
A fine line of Mouldings
Has just arrived. .
Adams Wall Paper Company,
310, 312 and 314 Twentieth street.
Biggest Store. Biggest took in the
Cotton Batting.
This is the time of the year that
the industrious housewife is look
ing forward for her winter comfort.
We have some especial bargains in
cotton batting which we will sell
for this week at 6c; clean, pure and
white as snow fic; no limit. Deal
ers can have all they want.
Tinware Department.
This important department has
never failed to please the shrewd
bnyer. As we buy direct from
manufacturers and in large quanti
ties, we can save yon from 25 to 100
per cent in almost everything pur
chased. Surprise egg beater. Sc.
One-half bushel measure, Japanese
wood bottom, 15c.
Mincing kuife, 5c.
Pop corn popper, 5c.
Sensible tlatiron. three irons, pol
ished handle and stand, 76c; oth
ers ask fl.SO.
Pint Mason jars 4c each.
Quart Mason jars 5c each.
J -gallon Mason jars 6c each.
Jar tops, per dozen. 21c.
Jar rubbers, per dozen 3c.
Nutmeg grater, lc.
Woodenware Department.
No. 1 dash churn, 58c.
No. 2 C9c.
No. 3 88c.
No. 1 barrel churn, 10 gal, 2.9S.
No. 2 3.49.
Atlas wringer, warranted, $1.C8.
Christy knives, genuine, per set,
three knives, 55c.
1725 Second Avenue.
Is showing the latest
styles in fall footwear
tor ladies and gents
Ask to see our $3, $3.50
and $4 welts in ladies',
and our $3, $4 and $5 in
three cities.
So the Mayor Ruled Aids. Bla-
del and Kennedy.
Bladal Domt Waat to Pay Kants ud
Cam at All His Motloa to Strike
Their Kills lor S)1 WJ From the Ordt
aaace Keaaady. Attempt to Help Him
Appeal Front the Chair.
Aid. Bladel ia oat of order.
Thns ruled Mayor Med ill at last
evening's council meeting thereby not
only asserting his parliamentary
rights, but throwing a great imped
iment in the path of those aldermen
wno are depriving all citv employes
of their wages, though through per
sistency, on the part of Aids. Schnei
der. Bladel, Kennedy, Cramer, Nelson
and Johnson, the city employes mav
all be indelinilely deprived of their
salaries. aiq. uiaaei, wno Irom all
appearances prides himself on his
Knowledge oi rules, arose and made
a motion that the bills of Max Kautz
for $91.66 and Richard Carnes for
$91.66 be stricken from the ordinance.
rhe mayor explained, at length.
why the motion was out of or
der. At length Aid. Nelson arose
and said that at the last meet
ing his motion was to strike the
bills of the two officers for $41. 66
each from the ordinance, thinking
thus to help out his worthy apostle,
Bladel, but the minutes of the meet
ing were consulted and it was found
that although Nelson did make the
motion To deprive Carnes and Kautz
of their money, yet he did not speci-
ly now mucn. mu insistea that he
did specify the amount, but it was
too late: the minutes had been read
and adopted.
Kennedy to the Rescue.
Kennedy came to the rescue of
his pals, but with a motion
similar to Aid. Bladcl's. but that
was ruled out of order also. Bladel
moved and Nelson seconded a mo
tion to appeal from the chair, but it
was lost. The ordinance was then
read, and when put was defeated, as
may be seen by the official record,
anti city employes must wait another
two weeks for last months pay.
The mayor has very evfdcntly
stood as much nonsense as he pro
poses to with the republican ring.
i alienee Has ceased to be a virtue
with the city executive, and he has
determined to assert the rijrhts and
powers wiiicti lie possesses as head of
the city. The responsibility cannot
oe smiieu irom tne council to the
mavor of keeping the city employes
out of their pay. The mayor pro
poses 10 piace me niame wuere it be
longs and to keep it there until the
aldermen wake up to a realization of
the light in which thev are standing
before the people.
There is one among the republican
aldermen, however, who has a sense
of the responsibility reposing in the
alderman, and he is Aid. r. H
Schroedtr, of the Third ward, who
believes in the city paying its debts
ana not keeping innocent people,
who may need the money, out of it.
merely to satisfy a spiteful spirit.
Nineteenth Street I'avlnR.
The Nineteenth street paTin"' con
tract, to pave with llock Island brick
has almost fallen through. At least
the Edwards & Walsh Construction
company does not feel disposed to sign
anv sucu contract lor ttie simple rea
son that the National Clay company
cannot furnish brick quick enough.
It Has tnerelore become a necessity
to look in other lields for material,
and with that end in view, the Ed
wards & Walsh company will be seen
regarding its willingness to pave
with Galesburg brick. If it consents
to sign such a contract the work mav
be finished this vear, but otherwise
it is hard to tell when the work will
be completed.
Mew and Fatal Cattle Disease.
A new and very peculiar cattle dis
ease has been discovered in DuPage
county, and of a very fatal character
at that. Last week upon the farm of
a man near V neaton it attacked lire
valuable horses, perfectly healthy,
every one of which died before noon
the day after contracting the disease.
The cases being reported to the state
live stock board. Dr. Trumbower,
the state veterinarian, and Charman
Bartlelt, of the boari, went to the
scene and made personal investiga
tions of the disease. It seems the
recent few showers in that locality
were soon followed by severe and
prolonged drouth which produced
some kind of poison, which peculiar
ly attacked the throat of the victim,
completely chokiDg it to death in a
few hours after the attack. A post
mortem wan held ou the horses that
have died, and it was found that on
each side of their throats great con
gested clots of blood had settled in
the larnyx, which produced violent
spasms of coughing, causing death.
The disease appears to be spasmodic
congestion of the larnyx. This is the
first appearance of the disease in Ill
inois. No new cases of cattle dis
eases are reported from other lacali
ties in the state.
There ! Dancer la Delay.
Since 1861 I have been a great suf
ferer from catarrh. I tried Ely's
Cream Balm and to all apiearances
am cured. Terrible headaches from
which I had long suffered are gone.
W. J. Hitchcock. Late Major U. S.
Vol. and A. A. Gen., Buffalo. N. Y.
Ely's Cream Balm has completely
cured me of catarrh when everything
else failed. Many acquaintances
have used it with excellent results.
Alfred W. Stevens. Caldwell, Ohio.
Price of Cream Balm is 50 cents.
" Rational Kacaaapaaeat at Da Tea port
-The Caatpe aad Uaa of March.
The chief bnaineaa of vastM-ilsir'a
national encampment of the Sons of
r . . .
veterans at Lraven port, was the re
ports of the officers. The most mr.
tinent features in that of Comman
der-in-chief McCabe was the sugges
tion that the constitution, rules and
regulations be amended so as to pro-
vme ior a cuange ot title of the or
der to the Militarv Order Son. nf
Veterans of the United States. Also,
to provide for a summer recess; for
the admission to encampments of all
honorably discharged Union soldiers
and sailors; obliging a member to be
present wnen elected to cilice, the
provision, of course, not covering
appointments to office; providing for
the reinstatement of members who
have been dropped, upon payment of
one year's dues; providing" against
life members; making uniforms op
tional with camps; legislation to de
termine what shall be meritorious
service in awarding the gold cross;
allowing commander-in-chief and di
vision officers to vote with their sev
eral delegations: tilin? a bond for
commanders of divisions of $2,000.
Fewer Camps bat Mare Member.
The report of Adiutant (4nral
w -
Darling is brim full of interesting
facts and figures. The number of
camps in good standing, with the
membership of each, is given as fol
lows: drops. Mimbr-ra
.. 14 215
.. 10 -s.i
14 !S5
. 17 4VI
.. 1 719
.. 11 2.:,1
... Ml tl
.. 41 ,tr
... 104
..7 iaa
.. 44 l.tb
.. as msi
... 131 4.7M
.. 41 (A4
... ' l.JHH
... 76 1,TW
4 141
1 II inoia.. ..............
M is.ouri.... .... ......
New Humu'hire......
New .!.cy
New Yorn
... T i,ar
.. -'is Ml
... 14 a.t
.. l: 3.60
... I'l 1SU
... Km! .0
.. lb 4r.4
Rueae iflaafi
Soaih Dakota
... 4S1
... IK 1.SI9
... 24 . fi
.. IS ffiii
... 15 54
West Virsiaia
This is a loss of 11 camps durini?
the year, but a gain in membership
of 100. Twenty-live camps disbaud-
ed, while 143 were suspended, but
mis loss was nearly made whole by
the organization of "new camps. The
report of (Quartermaster Locbenstein
showed that the various camps have
on hand funds aggregating f 4G.0O0,
that relief has been given to 76 vet'
erans or their families, and that in
addition several thousand dollars
have been expended in charity. Ex
traordinary economv seems to have
pervaded the administratiou of the
affairs of the commander-in-chief.
ttie total outlay tor the year's sala'
ries, traveling "expenses, officers' ex.
penses, and supplies bein but fl,.
This Morulmfa Parade.
Davenport was decorated in gala
mine kuuny in nonor oi tue grand
parade, which numbered l.SoO men.
and was made up as follows:
r 1BKT KlVISIOti .
Capt. L. A. DUIey. Aide.
I'oUcc, in Command of Chief Kcssler.
Major and city Council.
Straer'a Band.
Gov. Jackfon and Aitlca.
Col.H. Egbert, Marstal.
Prom Corps.
Au'. unt Wen's Pot, 6. A. R.
f Kfoiin Amnion.
Lawrence ii. Gaj, Aide.
Company Ii, Second Kri mont. 1. H. O.
bona of Vetrraus Guard, Comuuaud of Morria
vamp, iiuca l lend.
THir.D oiTiaion.
Juiinr Liacher, Aide.
O to a Baud.
Uniform Rank Kntghtc of Pytuiaa.
Bufurd roHtt4 J,. A. K., Rock I.land.
Eone ot Yeterana Delegates and Viitr.
Orphana' Hume Cadctc.
Baptist Church Cadela.
Davenpurt Fire Department.
Sham llattle.
At the conclusion of the narade
the governor and staff reviewed the
column from Court house square,
and this afternoon a irreat sham bat
tle is being fought at , the fair
Two Old Wrerke.
The government dredge boat has
been doing good work in the past
...... I. m. a . 1 - . . 1
Aiir leaving isuouquc
the first work done bv the crew was
nn the hull of the big packet. Lady
(Jrace, which sank in 156 at Bad Ax,
aoout eighteen miles below La
The low water has caused this
wrecked steamer to come near the
surface and become dangerous to
navigation. Pieces of timber from
the sunken vessel were brought ap
and are in an excellent state of pre
servation. as well as many pieces of
the machinery, and in order to clear
the wreck large blasts of dynamite
were placed in the hull, which blew
large pieces out.
Another wreck of still more inter
est was found eight miles farther np,
where a large barge was sunk in
about the year 1X61. This barge
had been loaded with cannon balls
at Ft. Snelling. it was said, for the
purpose of getting them in the hands
of the rebels, but as the pilot was a
loyal union man. he intentionally
run against a snag and sunk the
barge, which has remained in the
bottom of the river ever since. The
balls are in perfect condition, and
will probably be divided around
among G. A. K. camps as relics.
Balmy odon from spice Ialaad ,
Wafted by the tropic kreeze ;
BOZODONT in heilthf ul frapranre
Cannot be aorpaaaed by thcae.
Teeth it whitens, purine ;
au wuiaaeitlf yoa n wlau.
A Teenf Maa
Makea Off With a Barrel of
They talk in "crookdom" of laws
governing the regulation of thieving.
not lv nas always oeen understood
that the general rule followed is.
steal nothing you can't carry, bat
last evening this rule was whollv I?-
noreu uy some leiiow, ana nis theft
was too large to be nnseen or un
heard of. The rascal, whoever he
may be, must have been imbued with
an idea that he was a Sandow at
least his escapade would lead one to
bcleive thus. A barrel of cylinder
oil weighing about four hundred and
sixty pounds and valued at f 46.33,
which belonged to the city water
works, had been placed under the
viaduct on 1 wen ty-fourth street for
safe keeping, and sometime during
the night this modern Herculc
rolled it to Drost's saloon on the cor
ner of Twenty-second street and
Fourth avenue. and sold it
for less than f2. Suspicion rests
on a certain individual whose
actions during the last six or seven
weeks have led his friends to believe
that he is daft, and all probability he
will be arrested this evening.
Follee Potnta.
William Schaffer was arrested in
the vicinity of the viaduct shortly
after dinner today for selling fake
Three weeks ago some sneak thief
stole a harness from a farmer named
Foss, living on Rock river, abont two
miles above Milan. The harness was
found in a boat at Fairnort, Iowa, bv
William Uceves about two weeks af
ter. The affair was rejorted to Sher
iff Gordon and the property returned
to its rightful owner through the
sheriff's efforts.
Ex-Capt. D. E. Clarke, of Monmouth. Sue-
Tho regimental election held in
Moline last evening to elect an offi
cer to fill the vacancy caused by the
expiration oi tor term oi waj. M. I,
rauacn, of the rixtb reglmeut, I. JS,
(.. was close and exciting, requiring
14 uanois lo decide it. Among those
present were Capt. Mctiirr, of Gales
burg: Col. llanlon, of Dixon, aide
de-camp on the governor's staff;
Capt. Baldwin and Lieut. McGrath,
of Dixon: Capt. Shields. Cant
t. , . 11 1 1 , ' . a . . . .
i'. r.. v iarae ana L.ieui. j. A. MCIel-
vey, Monmouth; Capt. W. F. Cole
baugh and Lieuts. Gnffin and Law-
ton, of Morrison, and Capt. Kling, of
rreepori. uompany M, of (ialena
Company E. of Sterling: Company
B, of Geneseo; Com pan v D, of Cam
bridge; Companv K, of La Moille.
and Company A. of llock Island, were
all represented.
The KlecUoa.
Lieut. Col. Kittilsen, of Moline,
presided, and the following randi.
dates were announced: Capts. D.
E. Clarke, of Monmouth; W. E. Bal.
dwm. of Dixon; T. L, McGirr. of
Galesburg: Tourtelot.of La Moille and
W . r. Colebaugh. of Morrison. Capt
l. i i iarac, oi aionmouth, was suc
cessful on the 14th ballot, receiving
tue ii votes necessary to elect.
After the election Company F and
the staff officers present were ban
queted oy the relief corps.
The American beauty owes her
prostige more to a clear complexion
than to any other attribute. A cup
of Parks' Tea will enable anvone t'o
possess this. It clears the skin and
removes pimples and that sallow,
muddv look. Parks' Tea is used bv
thousands of ladies for the com
plexion. Without being a cathartic
it cures constipation. Sold by Ilartz
av Wll .
at t.iemeyer.
Washington, 1. V. and atetara.
On Aug. 24 and 25 the C. K. I. &
P. railway will sell tickets to Wash
ington, it. C.. at the rate of one fare
for the round trip. Different route
going and returning if desired.
.',-5Si Wife
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal rnjoytrent when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, wiih
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's beet products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced ia the
remedy, Syrup of Figs,
Its excellence is due to its prrventtn
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the ref mbing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleanving the 'vstem,
dispelling cold, headaches and 'fevers
and permanently curi is: constipation.
It has piven satisfaction to millions and
tact with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Pyrup of Fips is for sale 1 y all drug
pi ta in 50c and f 1 bottles, but it is Man
u fact u red by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name ia printed on every
packarr, also the name, Syrup of Fujs,
and being well informed, yon will itui
eoept any substitute if offend.
Monday and while tbey last.
Bleached' Pillow Cases Mus
lin 12 inches wide 7c, muslin
46 inches wide 8c; muslin 46
inches wide (brown) 7c.
We have bought, and have in
transit, 750 yards Sheeting 8-4
(two yards wide) which should
be here early in the week (prob
ably by Wednesday), which we
intend selling at 10c per yard.
Stick a pin in bore. Double
Width Sheeting 10c per yard.
Watch for it, as it will not last
Crockery Department
Just opened a lot of very handsomely decorated
Dinner Sets, which we shall sell at $67 per set.
And an elegant assortment of higher prices.
A shipment of 6-Piece Toilet or Chamber Sets,
decorated in colors, with gold lines. While they
last, $1.67 per set.
1720. 1722. 1724. 1726 and 1728 Second ave.
School Shoes
Special attention is called to
our line of
Kangaroo alt
Shoes in Button and Lace.
Warranted to Wear.
162) Second Ave., Under Rock Island House.
J Walt!
Will Open About September i With a
Complete Line of
And Gent's
Furnishing Goods.
1804 Second Avenue,
Rock Island.
Domct or Shaker Flannel.
For two days (not enough to
last longer) at Sjc per yard.
Twenty pieces Tennis or Out
ing Flannels. heavy fall weight,
all new dark colors, ia checks,
plaids aad stripes, the 12c
quality. This lot, as a leader,
we shall throw out at 9jc per
One case (SO pieces) full
standard liest Indigo Blue
Prints, this time 4c per yard.
Xew Prints, new Brilliants,
new Foulards.
i .

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