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THE AJRGU8, Fill DAY, AUGUST 31. 1894.
rbM4 Dan? and TraaMj at IM
1MM, BMk mm m.
J. W. Form,
TSUla Daily, hm per mm, Waakly,
t.CO per mbhib; la adnac Si JOl
All aosnnmntcatlont of a critical or aqraaMata
tif character, poliUaal or rsllftoaa. Boat kare
ihI nana attache for pabllaatloa. No inch
articles will be printed aver tctltloa. atcaatmea.
Oman pan ilnaas anlleitrd tram erarr toWBshrp
a Hook l1anl enaaty.
Fnr flrcatnr FaaxKi.r ftUrraAnn
Ynt tir nf Hrknnfe IIekrt Rasa
for Tiansarrr BiJ.Ci.Mwm
Tr.Mie.nf th. Tnl. t r Ji-Lia II. Farm.
ruy of llli. Tittn :. CiBunii.ni,
aol ( Calvim L. Iikam xts.
For Member of Conjrrrsa Job. W. Olsos
For Mem. or lien. A rembljf J. It. JIcluoak
For Cosnty Jade
Fur County Ckrk Cnni Wald.ah
For Sheriff ... Cbx.bs W. Start
Fir Trvasaftr Cybbs W. Oosdos
Fortupt of School. CBAKLca B. Mawbau
Kkioat, Aioist 31, 1894.
Tiik difference of sentiment with
which thr railroad managers view
the force ami application of the in
terstate commerce law before arid
after the strike Is remarkable. They
pleml for its protection before, and
defy it power afterward.
Majiciii'9f.tt9 has an "arbitra
tion and conciliation conituisinn,"
run. in ling of three nu-njlxTH. When
a atrike oernrs, it Is the tlnty of the
rotnmiftftion to investigate on the
gmnnd and bj working with the
strikers and employers, attempt to
h.irmoniae their differences to con
ciliate. The commission cannot act
as a heard of arbitration nntil the
men go to work, in other words, the
law d cs not permit the commission
to arbitrate while a etriLc is in pro
gress. Ots. T. J. lltsntiw-ox Has Wen
again U'aten for the republican turn
ination for congress in the new Kiev,
enth district. Beaten once bj his
own partv this jear after having
rendered 20 years of ditinguihed
service in congress, during which
he, more than any other man, secured
the Hennepin canal appropriations,
th death of the nominee gnve him a
chance to try again to succeed him
self at lcat in his party's estimation
ami a far as its influence went. Yes
terday at Strcator, however, he was
again turned down, the republican
convention naming Henry Mayo, of
Ottawa. "
At Central-Music hall. Chicago,
tomorrow evening. Franklin Mae
Veagh will formally ojn?n his cam
paign tor the United States senator
ship. As the chosen leader of the
Illinois democracy he will announce
the issues upon which the state can
vass Is to be conducted. With Mr.
MacVcagh as their regularly accred
ited leader, the democrats have a de
cided advantage over the republicans
in the present campaign. So far as
the contest for the senatorship is
concerned, the republicans are un
able to present a united front. The
Party is divided into factions, each
Laving its own candidate.
Mr. WII.oir.rjAa.wer.
No better reply to'the gibes and
taunt ot the protectionist agents in
congress could be made than this ut
terance of Congressman William I.
Wilson in accepting rcnominatiou
itut all this does not imply dis
satisfaction with our own party as a
whole, or distrust as to its meanings
and intentions. If the closeness of
the rote in one honse of congress
gave opportunity for a few to com
bine ugainst the people and against
all the rest of their party and ol
struct its faithful efforts to redeem
its pledges, the overwhelming mass
of the democrats in the country are
subject to no just criticism. Thev
have kept the faith. They have been
true to their principles. We may
ourselves denounce or bitterly con
demn those that failed ns in this
tight. We are not. therefore, sub
ject t condemnation by our oppon
ents. If we have done less in the
way of relieving the people's
burdens than we had hoped
and promised, they would have
done nothing at all. If we have
anywhere uncovered a trust and
found it too strong for our complete
dislodgment in the first attempt, we
have never failed to find them stur
dily and solidly arrayed for the de
fense. The weapens'with which mo
nopoly has fought ua they have
forged and tempered and supplied.
The intrenchmcnts and fortresses
behind which privilege has shielded
itself from our attack they have
bnildod for it, stone by stone, and
stronghold by stronghold.
This Is something to ' which the
Keeds and McKinleys, etc., cannot
blind the eyes ot the people. If cor
porate monopoly has been found so
strong as to resist a party armed
with the mandate of the people it is
because it ha been built up and in
trenched by the very men who now
presume to sneer at the victims of
its insolent might. It is the protec
tionist! who are to blame for the in
adequacy of the tariff bill, not the
revenue reformers. Mr. Wilson goes
to his constituency with an unequivo
cal certificate that he has done his'
duty cleanly and fearlessly.
Interesting Statistics Given by
the Census Office.
Nearly B.If th. Familkw In the Coaatry
Owa Their Horns, and 7 Per Cent, of
fheea VtM Ka Incumbrance. The Sit
uation ia the Country Contrasted with
That In tha City and Town Agere gate
aad Average Values. '
WasniNGTOx, Aug. 81. The census
office has given to the public the
principal results of tha investigation
of farm and home proprietorship in all of
the s'ates ami territories. This is the
P. r Investigation of the kind ever con
duct 4 in any country. Of the 12,fS0,l.V2
rnmi.ioiln the whole country almost 4S
per cen. own tlicir farms and homes, and
the rtst hire. Of the families ownim;
farms and home, almost 28 per cent, have
Incumbrances, and over 73 per cent have
no incumbrance. The number of resident
owners of land in the United States is
6,0GG,-13, to which must be added any
land owners who may be living in tenant
families. The farm families number
4,670,179, of which C6 pet cent, own their
farms and others hire. Of the owning
fami'iea over 9 percent, have incum
brances on their farms. In 1SS0 25.56 per
cent, of the farms were hired.
Sit aal ion In the Great Cities.
In the cities that contain over 100,006
population there are 1.94S.S34 home fami
lies, ot which almost "rj per cent, own and
7 per cent.lhire. while of the owninu
families SS per cent, own subject tallica m
brance. Among the cities having 103.000
popnlntioa aud over New York has the
highest prceutage of home tenancy, nearly
K1.C7: Boston is next, with 81.57 per cent;
jvonmyn mini, with M.44 percent.; Jersey
City fpcrth.twith 8L2 per cent., and Cin
cinnati fifth, with percent. The per
centage for Baltimore is 73.1H; Buffalo,
fiO.03; Chicago, 71.27; Cleveland, G0.9!;
iienver, in.'.': .Minneapolis, Y ST,; New Or
leans, Th.51; Philmlelphia, 77.24; St Lonis.
7U.SS; St. l'aul. .'a Si); vin Francisco. 7S.4T,
au 1 Washington. 1). C, 74.81. The small
est pt-Tceutaye-otV represents Uijckester,
. A.
Xnrcmhranrrs and Interest,
Bringing the urban population into
contract with tiie uon-urbun population,
almost 44 per cent of 4.224,500 families
living outside of cities and towns of 8.000
people own their homes, and 56 per cent,
hire. Of the owning families 77 per cent,
own without incumbrance. The value of
the l.Oitf.'W incumbered farms and homes
is f5 tis7.29C.0eJ. and the incumbrances ag
gregnte t2,I3.W!t,503, or S7.50 per cent of
tte value. Of the incumbrance on farms
aud homes over 22 per cent. Uars interest
at rates less than C per cent.; 84 per cent,
at the rate of A per cent., and 11 per cent,
at rates greater than 8 per cent.
Average Value of Farm, and Home.
The average of value of each owned
and incumbered farm in the United States
is $3,444, ot each incumbered home, $3,
25 and the average incumbrance on each
of the farms is ? 1,224; on geat-h incumbered
boraa $l,2'.i3. The Si.UuT farms subject to
incumbrance are worth Jl.o-M.ftTI, 105, and
the incumbrance is Cl,0S5,MCi 3fi0, or 35.15
per cent, of the value. The 8W,Xt3 homes
subject to incumbrance are valued at $."2,
(hS?,374,904 and the incumbrance is $1,
04V5,tWS. or 30.77 per cent, of the value
The Accrr-gate and Average In City, Town
and Ilural lii.trict.
The cities of 8,000 to l'lO.OOO population
have 214,013 incumbered homes occupied
by owners worth tT39,S4C,0!7, with an in
cumbrance amounting to $29,611,074,
which is 39.55 per cent, of the value. In
the cities of 100.OUO population aud over
the vulue of the PiS.lca incumbered homes
occupied by owners is r.K,191,811 and
those homes are iucumliered lor (393,029,
NI3, or for 42.07 per cent, of their value.
In the country outside of cities and towns
of 8,000 x ople aud owr tha va'ue of the
427,1.1 incumbered t omes occupied by
owners W (95,:i37.(.06, and the incum
br mee is f 'Cl,3U,7W, or 87.70 pur cent, of
the Valu
lu the citioi having at least 100,0' 10 popu
late n. f"i,5.Vi r-prjscnts the average value
of each owned and incumbered home.
New York has the highest value (19,200;
b.n KrnnciM-o second, (7,993; Brooklyn,
thirl. $7,349; Omaha fourth, (7,170, and
Washington litth, (7,C4i The annual in
terest charge on each owued and in
cumlierod home in these cities ia (134,
the highest amount being (438 in New
York, aud the lowest amount (33 ia
Louisville. Denver bos the highest aver
agearate of interest on the incumbrance
ou owned and incumbered homes, namely
7.87 per eent. and New Orleans is second,
with 7.8b per cent.; New York has the
lowest rate, 4.U5 per cent., and Boston
stands next with 5.14 pur cent.
Over 74 per cent, of the incumbrance
on owned farms was incurred in buying
real (state aud making improvements,
and over 83 per cent, of the total incum
brance was for the purpose of bnying and
improving real estate, investing in busi
ness, etc Over 61 per cent of the incum
brance on homes was incurred to secure
the purchase money and to make im
piovrmeuU. Stand Against Secret Societies,
CoLCMBts, O., Aug. SI. The Evangelical
L itLeran joint synod of Ohio has ad
journed. After diicussinir the
e ety question the following was adopted:
i uai we iiiajin uoa mat many ol our
congregations, according to the rule al
ready adopted, have taken a decided stand
aaillNt all nwrint nrilr ami ur will
earnestly labor and pray that all, soouer or
later, may take the same decided stand. "
This leaves the mutter open to still further
Guilty of fraudulent Vaulting.
IlAPO-AS, Ia.. Aug. 81. At the trial of
A. W. Dickersou, cohier of the broken
Cus county bank ot Atlantic, Ia., the
prisouer pleaded guilty on the charge of
(rauduleut banking.
Home and Abroad.
It is the duty of everyone, whether
at homo or traveling for pleasure or
business, to equip himself with the
remedy which will keep up strength
and prevent illness, and. cure such
ills as are liable to come upon all in
every day life. Hood's Sarsaparilla
keeps the blood pure and less liable
to absorb the germs of disease.
Hnnd'a Pill, ara hnnii.molA ,4
perfect in proportion and appear
ance 25c per box. - i
An That Is Keeded For tha American Peo
ple to Start I p Again.
Everybody who has money is tired
of getting 1 per cent or no per cent for
it Every business man who has been
lying on his oars is crazy to do some
thing or engage in something he under
stands. Every enterprise which has
been dormant is feeling its way for cap
ital and confidence. Labor is every
where euger for work and employers
still more eager to open their works. It
only requires the normal machinery of
the country to move in a normal way,
for consumption to again make demands
upon production.
When the history of tha late panic
comes to be written and the troubles in
cident to it, ono of its remarkable fea
tures will be the effect upon railway
traffic, upon e business of 65,000,000
people, of thoso who had to and those,
who had no noed to economize, but did
so in every possiblo way. When ouo
family uses tho old stove with the
cracked lids and pastes paper over tho
broken pane of glass aud does not renew
any of the furniture or crockery, when
they wear last year's clothes and go
from food which might bo luxuries to
food which simply supports life, the eco
nomies are demonstrated which follow
a total or partial loss of income.
Precisely that process has been going
on for two-thirds of a year among 1)0
per cent of onr population. It has made
clear the fact that tiie American people,
who are charged, and probably justly,
with being tlio most extravagant people
in the world, can live as closely as any
body when it becomes necessary. Bnt
the effect upon merchants, middlemen
and carriers in the volumoof their busi
ness and their profits is disastrous be
yond any process which has ever affect
ed the business of the country. Chaun
cey M. Depew iu New York Tribune,
Not So Easy to Entertain Royalty.
Apparently tho entertaining of royal
ty has its little disadvantages. When
tho Princess of Wales accepted Lady
Dudley's Invitation to hot danco last
week, she stipulated that only-150 peo
ple were to be asked. When the list of
tho chosen was sent to Marlborough
House, so many were struck off that only
SO unmarried girls were left, several of
the hostess' own near relatives being
ruled out. The consequence was tho
ball was a failure, for tho few guests in
vited could hardly Cud each other in
tho vast rooms of Dudley House, Lon
don Correspondent.
A Little Oirl'i Exo.net ca in a L ghtton e.
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Trescott are
keepers of the Gov. Lighthouse at
Sand Beach, Mich, and are blessed
with a daughter, four years old. L.t
April she was taken down with
measles, followed with a dreadful
coujjh and turning into a fever.
Doctors at home and at Detroit treat
ed her, but in vain, she prew worse
rapidly, until she was a mere "hand
ful o- bones." Then she tried Dr.
King's Xew Discovery and after the
use of two and a half bottles, was
completely cured. They say Dr
King's Xew Discovery is worth its
weight in gold, yet you may try a
bottle.free rt llartz & Ullemeyer's.
If you are not feeling strong and
healthy, try Klectric Bitters. If "La
Grippe" has left you weak and weary,
use Klectric Hitters. This remedy
acts directly on liver, stomach and
kidneys, gently aiding these organs
to perform their functions. If you
are afflicted with, sick headache, you
will find speedy and a permanent re
lief by taking Electric Bitters. One
trial will couviuce you that this is
the remedy you need. Large bottles
only 50c. aYlIartz & Ullemeyer's.
blcklen's aknica salvk.
The best salve in the world for
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, 6alt
rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped
hands, chilblains, corns and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures
piles or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by Hartz & Ullemeyer.
Wreck uu the l.ig luur liuad.
Pasa, Ills.. Au-i. 31 .A teriouu wreck
occurred ou the liji Four at Tower II ill,
when the M.ittoou accommodation from
St. L'juis collided with two flat cars load
ed with stone. The pa-sicuger tram was
Hoiug at the raU) of tlnrty miles au hour.
Xot a siiiKle person, iiat-seuer ir traiu
hand, wa injured. A ftoue weighing
2.UUO pouutUt was lodged in the paosenger
engine's boiler. The wreck will result, iu
a loss of itO.'HU to the coll: puny, us the
engine is a total wreck, us Hell as the
cars, track, etc
Co-Operation Not a tuccea
IlfliUAKn, O., Aug. 31. The Co Opera
tive lioUing iliU company, which was or
ganised several mouths ago to ojierate the
idle mill in this pace, bus declared its
first divident. The amount, is 1 percent.
All the employes of the mill, except the
bookkeeper, huve left 00 per cent. o( their
earnings iu tue general tuud of the insti
tution since it was started, aud they are
not at ull satisfied with the uuiouut re
ceived, i
Know Thyself.
How lm;iOTt.tt this injunction to every rnunj
man! IIow many ruin tbelr health and future
happlceu through pernlrloas practice con
tracted in ignorance tnl repented of when too
late. Parrots, guaraians sod humanitarians can
ono better senrioe to. the rsiie generation,
tbfio to place In their bands the information and
warring contained in a Hltle book carefully pre
pared by an association of medical gentlemen,
who bare ha 1 vart eircrie.ice i dealing with
the grave maladic? here hinted at, and who feel
that they owe it to humanity to warn the young of
the land ainst certain deMrnctir. hibils which
are far more prevalent tlian anr layman can pos
sibly imagine, and which, if persisted in, gradu
ally undermine the on-titution and health, aud
destroy the future happiness of the victim. Cut
ont this notice and inclose it with 10 cent la
stamp (to nay pnst.ee) to Wor'd's Diir8ry
Medical Association. M4 Main timet, Buffalo. N
Y , and tas bonk will be sent, secure from obser
vation in a pls'n seakd envelope.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
Effervescent, too.
Exhilarating, appetizing.
Just the thing to build up the
HireS' Rootbeer
Wholesome and strengthening,
pure blood, free from boils or
carbuncles. General good health
results from drinking HIKES
Rootbeer the year round.
Tackage mnkes five gallons, 25c.
Ask your druggist or grocer for it.
Take no other.
Send a-ceitt stamr- to the Charles F. Hlers
Co.. 117 Arch St., Philadelphia, lor beaaU
lul picture cards.
Wholesale Dealer and Importer of
Wines and Liquors.
1616 and 1618 Third At
Baths of ail kinds, including
Turkish, plain, shampoo, elec
tric, electro-thermal, etc., may
be obtained at the Sanitarium
Bath Rooms, on the Erst floor of
the Harper llocse.
For Ladies From 9 a. m. to
12 m. on week days For Gen
tlemen From 6 a." m. to 7:S0 a.
m., and from 2 p. m. to 9 p. in.
on week days On Sunday the
rooms will te opun from 6 a. m.
to 11 a. m. for Gentlemen only.
Electric and Electro-thermal
baths may bo obtained at any
time daring business honrs.
Gymnasium connected with bath
AaIe iv Well
VITi! IC '.jt&
Procures the Alw Kp5iilts ia 30 ftaja. It acta
ponertullyanuqiiickly. Cures w hen all otherf
wil 1 TOueuiei. wiureratn their lost manhood,
anaolani'-n viil recover their youthful vipo
by UHins VITALIS. It quickly aud surely re
sures Nervouxu. Hij, Lost vitality, lm potency,
NiRhtly Kmissi.n... Lost power, Failing Mem
ory, Wasiinir Diseases, and all eflecl.s of self
abuse or excess and Indiscretion. Wards oil
insanity and consumption, lusist a having
VITALIS, no other. Can be carried in test
pocket. By mail. $1.00 nr packaee. or six for
&.UU. with a atwitite written a-saraatee to ears
Or ref.nd the nioaey. Circular tn-e. Adilreas
CALL SET KtMtKI COMFAK1, Caicaco, 111.
For sale at Hock Island hy Harper Honse Phar
aiacy aud William C'lendenin, Imggist, Uollne.
Everything From a Zinc
811k Eatiflfrerchief to a Oircu Tent
Laca Cartalcaa Ecocl&ltj,
No. 1724 Third Ave.
Telephone No. 12 14.
i 1
P " I
Railway Depot earner Fifth avenue and
1 niny-am reel, riui n. rianuner, Agenu
Denver Luaftwl Omiaa..t S:.'A
Ft. Worth, Denver K.C.. t 4:45
K. C at. Joe A Minneapolis t
10 pm
OaalwItie Moines t T:M
tOrnaha E.nsas City Tit :40
Utn.hs Des atnine. KZ...I T:nil
toaoaha Des Moines la.. Ml :m
Denver. Lincoln V Oinaaa... I t:M
St. Paul Minneapol I :
8v, Paal A Minne.peli.....ilt:i
SU JoMph, AtrhiMtn K. C. t:5
Denver, Ft. Worth M K. C. 4:40
t Kinase City dt. Joseph. hlAI
) inn
r a
an am
It s
am 111
:'i am
iKock Island WashinirVin. 1
unit S
:.) pm
(Chlcatro A He. Molnce ! t S
Arrival. tDepartnre. t Dally. except Snnday.
au oiaers oauy. lewpnone wn
F. n. Furnas, Act.
wayDepn( s'irst avenna and bizleenth
6:40 am
St. Lonis Kr press
rtt. Lonis KxpreM. ........
St. Paul Farseneer
Bearri'tuwn Passencer....
Slerli.g Famenxwr
!uonque Fassengor.....
berlini; Pa-scnrer
T:SS pm
f :&5ani
:46 pm
B:4S Dm
Dal If.
P.ailway Racine A fcenthwestarn Division
Dcp.it Twentieth street, between First and
second avenues, K. u. w. uulmea. Agent.
Lkavs. I a.Bivs
Mail and Express..
(UPaul Kxpreas..
t0 am :pm
4 .iXI iml 11:45 am
Dock Island Peoria Bailwat
Depot First Avenue and Twentieth street.
a. "- s(i"m
Laaya ! Anarvn
Fast Mail Express
faole Accommodation . . . . ,
8:am 7:50 pm
). . . , . . . a . .
! II .14 Mill
V :in am S i pm
ISonhern Railway, depot foot of Brad,
street, Davenport. J as. Morton, Uea. Tk't At
rasa. Jiarenu
Davenport Trains.
Lv. I A surra
b4 :i:i pm hiu7sian
l7 :30 , ni bl i an
Passenger ..
West Lihortv Tr!ns
tNonh. itsoa'h
hT:KIm 'blO:4nTim
alO:S) pm: a.:lbam
i 07 ns pm
hS:40 nm Ibll :4!mm
aul:4Dpm I Uvtmam
a Daily, h Dally excenft Snnd.Y. t'oin. twwlh
tGolnc Soma and cast. IS runs uetaix.D
ceaar Kspids and r est Libe.ty.
From Peoria
Big 4 Route
Tuesday, Sept. 4.
Tickets good for 30 days.
Tho "BIG FOUR" runs three
trains each way per day. Don't
forget this fact. For full infor
mation call at the K. I. & P. do
pot, foot of Twentieth street.
T. P. A., Peoria, 111.
IIow to procure ANTI-WASHBOARD
ouArrunuKK free of charge:
Cut off the end of the wrapper,
at place named. When yon have
85 pictures of our Anti-Wash-board
Soap Powder, take them
to your grocer or present them
at our office and you will receive
FREE a 4-pound package, worth
25c We make this liberal in-
ducement to quickly introduce
Our lady Soap arid
alnti T7a.hboard Soap Powder
And holdj good until all wrap
' pen on which this offer if print
ed, is presented to a.
Warnocka Ralston
Snp lUkn, lack bind.
hWwP4 ftMtlffi I It! fU-vi
rii a 1 1 si'ijivf 11 -w3j
Do You
for the Children.
SOLID Sules. Uppers and Counters
GOOD Fitting and Good Looking
vuninit 1 i.uu
Brinor on the Hoys
take special care to
-t-v- Wl'
Cor. Second aud Harris;.:. bt.
Telephone 207.
See our spring
And summer
Our purpose in advertising is to Jet -vc-r.l. :y
who buys clothing- that is all mr.kir.i here
about know that our suitinjs arc in. zr.l :'e
finest ever displayed in the city. Ycu are
respectfully invited to call and sec the LtcS
in patterns and styles.
Call and leave your order.
Star Block, opposite Harper ho't
In all the leading shades 'for the coming sea
riving daily.
1 14
a' -arf" 'ill .71 .
Want Shoes
i ur .
in cui wtiianu iy 1.
and Girls, ar.d iu v.
fit them properly.
Vt. VvYv V?
Cyclone Roller Mills sr. j
Jobber in Flour and 1'ccd.
:. .k
- - : iff
; - vii
W. Sec25d Street. WVESPDRT. IOWA.

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