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Rebellion Breaks out in the
Province of Mongolia.
Serious Trouble in the Imper
ial Palace.
News of a Severe Hurricane
in Japan.
The War Must be Settled as
International Issue.
Russia and Great Britain so
Tikx Tsis. Oct. 5. Reports have
reached here to the effect that actual
rebellion has broken out in the prov
ince of Mongolia. Troops from Pekin
have been sent to quell the uprising,
erious troubles are said to hnve
arisen In the palace at Pckin. No de
tails are obtainable.
An International Question
London. Oct. 6. Manchester
(iiiardian says Russia and Great
Uritain have decided not te allow
Japan to settle the war with China
on her own terms; that it roust be
made an international question: that
Germany and France agree, and that
the cabinet counsel yesterday for the
purpose of making such a "show of
force in Japan will submit to this de
cision. TerrlMe Hurricane la JaptB.
San Fkawcisco. Oct. 5. The
steamer Gaelic brings news of a se
vere hurricane in Japan Sept. 11.
Villages were swept away, many
killed and many vessels are "snpposcd
to have been lost nt Marinopal. The
devastated country is 11 miles inland
with the outer edge on the sea. Mar.
inopal is practically blotted out, over
two hundred perishing there alone.
At HcrdionshU houses were wrecked
ami a dozen persons killed.
Report of the Ciar's Death.
AisTKi;iAM. Oct. 4. A report re
reived on the bourse from Paris that
the czar was dead cansed a fall in
Unssian securities.
rie Jitpanee War-hip. In the Neighbor
hood of the 1'ort.
Lomhin, Oct. 6. A dispatch received
lu re from Hinngliai says that native ves-n-N
arriving at that place from Nangpo
r.-port that five Japanese warships ure
ly liifcf off the Chusan Islands, fifty miles
from Nangno- The warships havo no
tran-ports with them. The presence of
tli Japanese ship near Xangpo has
t:iuv l a warn at that place, iu the few
C'liiine warship on the twist ure obso
lete mid almost worthless. The Chusan
l-l:iii(l- nre situated fifty miles east north
iiid of Naligpo, off the east roast of China,
province of the Che Klnng, on the estaury
of tin- Tsleti Tang Kimig. JCangpo is a
p..rf open t'i foreign trade in the province
if Che Klang. Its imputation is variously
eotlmatiil at, l:.lui to mHI.im). The city of
Niuigisi is six miles in circumference and
I-nit li Mil iu Walls twenty-live feet high.
NangH has an nt:tlvu trade and cxHirts
mmI and chan-oiil largely to Slianghai.
A illtMitch to The Times from Shanghai
say. that according to Chinese nipnrts no
plft In d battle wns fought at Ping Yang,
Coreii. The t'hinesn tlien-, ucconling to
tltiw stories, only immUnl lS.nuo men
mill they were greatly outnumbered by the
Japanese troop. Tim Cliiiiest; general,
Vrh. It is also said, was prostrated with
dysentery and withdrew his whole force.
icinT.l Wei, the Chinese say, did the
same, leaving only (tcneral Tans' force of
-.:&i men to light against overwhelming
tills until all were killed with the excep
tion of f 'J. who were taken prisoners.
Turbulent Mnh In China That the Author
ities Cannot Control.
Los f six, Oct. 5. A dispatch from Han
kow says that as a consequence of the
urgent demand of the imperial authori
ties tin- province has Isvn denuded of
troops. Turbulent molts have demon
st rated at several points that the author
ities arc powerless to check them. Euro-
(H'tins ant alarmed, and the British con
sul h.ts advised that all women and chil
dren ! sent to Shadghai, which is con
sidered the safest place.
This will Is' done us soon as possible
The men, with the traders and officials,
have formed a volunteer corps to protect
themselves. The viceroy fears that the
luohs will break out in armed rclicllion.
tie Is having furttllcations thrown up at
oo Chang, on the other side of tho river.
In Is? ready in cast! an attack on the city is
Iliiliicaast In Detroit (fnren of Anarchist
ArreMled In Chicago.
I'Ktkoit, Oct. o. rire this morn
ing gutted I be 6-story furniture store
of Keenan & John, and 60 employes
barely escaped alive. The front wall
fell on the firemen and spectators,
and the following were taken out
'lead :
MtKE KiYl.lt. Pipeaan.
Jfl ICS f 1'MMINOH, Plprman.
HtKU IIUsmkv. pectator, la till la therein"
aart rertalair dead.
Mike Gray will pro ball die and
i . . ,
l.ieut. O Rourke ninomon T
C. Cronin. John 'nu,,.ll ti. -I
---".- j iiiMimn
l.arrv. Leslie McNtim
Kinsherp anil Hi-nrv Uri , s".
jured. The loss is 80,000r
Butchery at Indianapolis.
IsniAKAi'Oi-is. Oct. 6 At mid
night, fieorrrn VA.. - I 1
' n . fa ii 'iu.ct I n;r,
Rlmt Vi i u ii-if.. f n 1 1 , A,
- " miany auu men Killed
himself. The tragedy was the result
.of a (parrel growing out of his wife's
objections tn t.ha Mniini..!,'..
f viruvniuiuniiii!! Ill"
ui iuc uiuun on meir lurec
A Female Crank.
CniCAliO. Oct. .1 A
dressed woman who refused to give
any nccnuni 01 herself was arrested
at the Union station today. She had
copies of a circular signed "Lizzie
Loftus, Queen of Anarchists." order,
'mg the destruction of Chicago on or
about Oct. 6.
Wliinky Decline.
Pewria, Oct. 5 Whisky dropped
10 cents on the board of tirade today
as a result of the whisky trust doing
away with the rebate system and
otioting open flat rates minus the
(rlcf for lrof. Swing's Ieath.
OSFOUO, O., Oct. 5. The news of the
death of Professor David Swing at his
late home at C'liiciigo caused much sad
ness here, the deceased being a former res
ident of this village. Mayor Kusk or
dered the town Hag to ho hung at half
mast. The remains will be conveyed here
and interred in the lot whore the remains
of Mrs. Swing, the late wife of the de
ceased, are buried.
Cholera Among Nebraska Hogs.
Denvkk, Oct. 6. Great droves of hogs
are being brought into Colorado from the
portions of Nebraska where crops have
failed, and hog cholera has broken out iu
several localities. Having no funds to es
tablish a quarantine against Nebraska
hogs the stat veterinary hoard has issued,
notices advising importers to isolate such
animals for sixty days.
A Mother's Fatal Carelessness.
GnHKSPOltT, L I., Oct. 5. Mrs. Pear-
sail, wife of Howard Pearsall, of Sag Har
bor, gave her SJ-year-old daughter Mar
garet a stalk of nightshade to play with.
The child broke off one of the buds and
swallowed it. Shortly after she was seized
with convulsions. Three physicians la
Isirt'd with the child for hours, but she
died from the effects of the poison.
Wauts To lie Nuiervisiiig Architect.
WaskinctoK, Oct. 5. Up to this time
applications for thy appointment to the
u!Uce of the super vising architect of tiie
tr-jHS'v hnvo ls-.n made as follows: W".
it. Poitniextcr. of Washington, D. C;
Frank B. Carowcll, of Wilmington, Del.;
Frank M. Howe, of Kansas City, Mo.;
Glen Brown, of Alexandria, Va.
Origin of the Menhaden Industry.
Mr. Robert F. Walsh, iu Tho Popu
lar Science Monthly, thus recalls tho
origin of the present menhaden indus
try: "It was in 18.10 when an old lady,
Mrs. John Rartlott of lilnchill, MtL,
boiling some fish for her chickens, ob
served a thin scum of oil upon the sur
face of the wnter. Some of this she bot
tled, and when on a visit to Boston soon
after carried samples to a leading oil
merchant, who encouraged her to bring
more. The following year the Bartlett
family industriously applied their gill
nets and seut to market 13 barrels of
oil, for which they were paid at the
rate of.$ll per barrel. In the following
year this family made 100 barrels.
Then, tho value of menhaden oil hav
ing becomo recognized, many oil presses
of a more or less imperfect construc
tion were established along the coast.
and tho indnstry developed so rapidly
that within 30 years the yield of men
haden oil exceeded that of tho whale
from the American fisheries."
Her Wicker Ilantlbag.
Ono of tho iudispeu.sables for summer
travel, especially for busy women vhosa
only vacation consists of flying trips to
seashore or mountain, is a lightweight
valiso or telescope bag. The acmu of
perfection iu this lino of requisites is
supplied by tho oblong wicker baskets
to be found iu Chinese, and Japanese
shops. As they come in nests, uuy size
desired may be obtained, from the very
small ones which will carry only a
lunch and a favorite volume to the large
but not weighty affairs which will hold
all the garments and other essentials for
a several days' sojourn. The baskets,
snugly fitted together, are held by a sub
stantial shawl strap, and this convenient
arrangement costs less than $ 2. Any
ablebodied -woman, old or young, can
easily carry one and still have strength
enough left to rise up and call blessed
the intelligent jiersou who adapted a
foreign article to the use of the inde
pendent American woman.
Why du Ton Congh?
Do you know that Farks' Cough
Svrup will cure it? We guarantee
every bottle. There are many conch
svrups, but we believe l arks' is tne
best and most reliable. Sold by
Hartz & Ullemeyer.
It is said thnt Lord Campbell was of
ten overbearing nnd irritable. A lawyer
who had long struggled ngainst the
chief justice's criticisms finally folded
up his brief and remarked, "I will re
tire, my lord, and no longer trespass oil
your lordship's impatience. "
Rudy's Pile Suppository is guaran
teed to cure piles and constipation
or money refunded. Fifty cents per
box. Send stamp for circular aud
free sample to Martin Rudy, Lancas
ter, Pa. For sale by T. H. Thomas
and Hartz & Bah n sen, druggists.
Rock Island, IU.
He Has Arrived, and His Name
Is Flying Jib.
Done with a Running Mate at Chillicothe,
O., Before Ten Thonrand AVitnemie
w eitBuontii ireat Record of Ten Years
An Wined Out Kach Half Mile n in
Than a Minute-Remarkable Burst
of Speed Sporting Notes.
Chillicothe, O., Oct. 5. At the race
track here yesterday Flying Jib went
against the world's pacing record of 2:01
with running mate, made by Westmont at
Chicago ten years ago. Andy McDowell,
the driver, was cheered when he took tho
reins. He drove around the loop. The
pair went at a terrilic clip. Jib leading the
runner to the half, made in 59 flat. Round
ing the turn the pacer kept up his clip to
the three-uuurter pole, and shot under tho
wire amid the hushed silence of 10,000 peo
ple, who eagerly ! 'l ruined forwurd awaiting
Starter Ijojmt's .'nnonnccmcnt of the time.
The Time nf tiie Half Miles.
Some who had caught the pacer began
cheering, knowing that he had lieaten tho
world's record. Lopcr said: "You havo
witnessed something which no assembly in
the world hits ever seen before. You have
seen the fastest mile that was ever paced.
Flying Jin !ms licalcn Westmont and
made the mile in I:.71.'." The audience
once more broke into cheers nnd applaud
ed the paivr as Andy McDowell brought
him up in front of the stand. The first
half of the heat was made in Till seconds
and the last half in n'.i'i.
Tells Why He Is Cning to right Fitzslra.
mons Ai'tt-r All the Kitw.
H ARTroUii, Conn., Oct. 5. James J.
Corlx-tt said: "I am sick of the pugilistic
business and want to get out of it, but I
intend to retire honorably. I only want
to train oik' more, and I will Is- perfectly
fit that time, so that I feel that I can
safely offer to met within a week all the
men who cover my money."
"Why are you now willing to fight Fitz
simmons when yon only said he must first
defeat Steve O'Donncll!"
"Well, it was this way. I meant what I
said, but Brady went to New York and
metritz. lie saw that Mt.simtnons tmd
estimated his chances of being defeated by
O'Donncll as I icing somewhat, near what
they would lie in case of a light with me,
and of course he would not make so much
capital; so he had determined to hold out
for me, and especially as the Olympic chili
was liacking him up by a declaration that
they would uward him tiie championship
if I did not respond.
"I could not afford to be put in a false
light licfore the public, so I decided to
meet Fitzsimtnons in the way that I have
commltrcd myself to as one of a numlier in
one week. H;is it occurred to you how
unfair it Is to me that tht- Olympic club
should take sides with Kitzsimmons and
how it makes me fivl alHiut lighting in
future under the auspices of that organiza
tion? "There is just one thing that ought to lie
considered by the public just about now. I
have not on any occasion failed to keep my
agreements. I have never crawled, and
that will always lie my record. The scries
of fights must come after the 1st of July,
whun my season closes.
"1 have got a lot of money invested in
this show which I must get return for and
I cannot stop and attend to every fighter
who claims my attention. It is only those
who have a right to challenge me that, I
should notice, lint 1 am going to lie mag
nanimous if they will only wait until my
season closes, when all will get satisfac
tion." Those Temple Cup Games.
BAI.TIMOKK, Oct. 5. Ward and Ilan
lon have agreed to play the Temple series
in accordance with the committee's ruling
of a li5 and H."i per cent, basis, the winning
club to take ti5 per cent, of the net re
ceipts. The score of the first game was
J'ew York, 4; Baltimore, 1.
Won by a Hank Outsider.
ClSMXXATl, Oct. u. In the first race nt
Latouia four horses came unoer the wire
ntises apart, and a rank outsider. Sadie
llortl at 25 to I, lieat the 7 to 10 favorite
Utrathrol, by a nose.
Over Two Score I'eriMms 1 uj tired.
Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 5. A disastrous
wreck occurred on the Brushy Mountain
railroad, sixteen miles from Harriman,
Tenn., in which several convict guards
and convicts were injured, some of whom
may die. The most seriously injured are:
D. O. Webster, Bon Air, Tenn., foreman;
J. X. Blankall, Nashville, guard; K. II.
Burrows, Oliver Springs, guard; John
Thornhill and Green Armstrong, convicts.
Thirty -nine convicts whoso names ore not
known were also injured.
Favor the Whipping Post.
ALBANY, X. Y., Oct. 6. Commodore El
bridge T. Gerry addressed the convention
of the Humane societies in favor of intro
ducing the whipping post into the state of
New York, es;cially for the punishment
of persons cruel to children. Dr. Thomas
A. Hendricks of Hochester, a Catholic
priest, spoke in the same line nnd also
thought that corporal punishment would
prevent many of the abuses now heaped
upon children.
Found Floating In the Kiver.
NEW York, Oct. 5. The body of John
Dorsey, the colored prize fighter known as
the Baltimore Spider, was found flouting
in the bast river, lie fell off an excursion
barge on Sept. 3.
Columbian Kelica Going Home.'
Washington, Oct. 6. The Columbian
relics, loaned to this government for dis
play at tho Chicago fair by the poic, have
commenced their homeward journey, hav
ing been placed on the Norfolk steamlsNtt.
They will be delivered on board of the De
troit at the Norfolk navy yard today.
Good Templars of Wisconsin.
OsHKOSH, Oct. 6. The annual session ot
the state grand, lodge of Good Templars
bus closed. The officers chosen were:
Grand chief templar, W. H. Clark, Klpou;
Brand counsellor, C. T. Everett, Omro;
grand secretary, B. F. Parker, Milwuu-
Total Damage Done ly the Cyclone
Wounded Improving.
Little Kk:k, Vt. 5. Tlun; are no ad
ditions to the cyclone fatalities. The in
juivd victims are imiirovinK with theer-
;'litionf Convict Tim Mitt-hull, whoso
condition is critical. His spine is nffoctcd
and his chances of recovery tire slight. In
the flaniafrcd districts men continued the
work of clearing awny the debris prepara
tory to the rebuilding. The bourd of
trust-es of the state cliaritnMo in-
and dotonniiu-d to repair
tit once invt e&i-cuM uicuajus upon me
msiiiic asylum iuUilinjr-
The loss t the state by the nsvlnm
damage is definitely estimated at r7r,uO.
Revised estimates of the aggregate dam
age sustained in tho city indicate losses of
a half million dollars. But few extreme
cases of destitution and suffering are re
ported. hence but few calls have been miuln
for assistance.
Kansas City Carnival Closed.
Kansas City, Oct. 5. The carnival pa
rade yesterday afternoon with the carni
val and Flambeau club display last night
closed the most successful Iriestsof Pallas
festivities Kansas City l::is ever seen. The
carnival king issues an order .each year in
viting everybody in quaiut and terrifying
language to shout and he merry during
his reign ol aday. Thcsipulationof Kan
sas City and 4o.Kin visitors accepted the
invitation. The din of horns and shriek
ing of tune instruments was terrific and
unit using from early in the morning until
long after midnight.
Hard on the Kew Settler.
GxiANTsr.rim, Wis., Oct. o. Word Is
received here that a hurricane of flames
swept over the Klatk Brook country,
twelve miles north of here, miming every
thing in its path. Hundreds of tons of
hay, together with other property, is de
stroyed. Some buildings wen? burned.
As this section is composi'd of new settlers
it leaves them in a pitahle condition. An
iipis-al will lie mailt: t tiovcrnor Peck
for aid. A relief committee has ta il
ganized here.
Pythian Sifters Change Name.
Kansas City, (.M,. 5. Application lias
been niaile in the circuit court by tho su
preme temple, l'ythiau Sisters of the
World, for permission to change its name
U Supreme Temple, Rat Illume Sisters of
the World. It was due to the action of
the supreme lodge of the Knights of
Tythias last Augunt, in debarring every
1 1, ),;,,., fr,,in i,i, i,,lw.rsl,(i. t i. I..l,.r,.-i
to UI1V tll,,r organization whose name
I contained the word "Pythian."
I A Key Found.
I My ceipthnr, B., bas fiiond a key a kt to
I health it is, save he. If he i- iron tiled with las-
; aitndc, cjnstlontion, b linusuets, sick or nervou
healuche, c ltl feet, chilly sensations, rn!lne at
the stomach, or any other of a Ijiib array of com
pli.lut, he takes Dr. IMerc'a Pleasant relicts.
Thty are so small, so easy to tae, so rrcnipt and
thorough is their opera' ion. ami cost ft little that
they are sure to prow in far.ir stth a'l who ne
them. In tilum iuls, gr cents.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoriat
No ether
to so
No ether
Is so
Costs I
i then Half
end plea
much betterl
than the over-prieed and
ever- endorsed" kinds.
Judge for yourself.
I la Cans. At your Grocer's I
Real Estate,
Insurance and Loans.
Buy, sell and manage
property on commis
sion. Collect rents.
Koora 4, Mitchell & Lynde b'np.
Telephone 1512.
(BacoaMor lo H. WSHDT.)
Merchant -:- Tailor,
119 Eighteenth Street.
WFlt nd Workmanship Guar
anteed the Beat
Cieavniiig and Repairing Done
5. 1894
The London
Undersell Everybody on Everything.
Only more so than usual.
We always go them one bet
ter. No place like the London
for good goods at right prices.
Big Store. Blue Front.
Have You Money
To Invest?
If so, read this:
7 Per Cent Loans
The following is a partial
list of completed pilt-edjred
first mortpapeloii-n on hand,
which we offer for ale, rub
joct to previous selection,
for their face accrued
interest. Thet . ana have
bttu carefully selected by
as. and are firsl-clas in
every respect. They are all
7 pek cent net to the inves
tor. W'e have many other
loans to offer, if these are
not in amounts to suit the
f air Cask
Vol it of
- 1,700
2.0 H)
Or Hi.
. 7
5 yrs
6 yrs
6 yrs
6 yrs
6 yrs
5 yrs
5 yrs
5 yrs
5 yrs
5 jrs
6 yrs
fi yrs
5 yrs
The securities we offer are
especially adapted for the
investment ol saviugs and
trust funds, as our personal
attention to all the details of
the loan, from its date to its
maturity, relieves the hold
er from all annoyance except
to present his coupon to us
for collection. For further
information call at the of'
Cce of
Masonic Temple.
Snpt. Lou Department
I make a specialty of repairing or
iurnisning parts lor any
Bicycle, and guarantee
satisfaction on all work
If your wheel needs attention try
me. Hair Clippers and
Razors sharpened on short
Market Square.
The house who has knocked
the bottom out of high prices
no matter what prices are
quoted or goods . given away.
Get yonr FUR CAPES
lengthened and made over
in the new Fall and Win
ter styles. Sealnkin coats
made" to order, refitted,
lined, etc.
The late fall
now on sale.
stvles in
lGOS Second A v.
A Positive Cure for Corns, Warts and Bunions
This remedy is sold under a positive uarante; and we will cheer
fully refund the money if yon are not eatislied with the resnlu.
Different from any other, it will allay the pain instead of making
the foot sore. It has been tried by many, who praise it highly. We
can furnish testimonials if desired. Try it, and suffer no longer.
Manufactured by HORST VON KOECKRITZ,
Analytic and Manufacturing Pharmacist, fifth Avenuoe Pharmacy,
corner Fifth avenue and Twenty-third street. Rock Island.
For tale at all shoe stores.
j ' lp i j A
furs tii n ca nrnra
You Know Us
1SC3 CwtnA Atcssct

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