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VOL. XT.TT. HO 299 .
Japan's Feet Enters the Gulf
Pe Chi Li.
What is Believed to be Na
ture of the Squadron.
Celestials in Full Retreat
From Moukden.
To Oppose the Japs'
jeeted Landing.
Cuba's Banana Crop De
stroyed by a Cyclone.
Sii ANiiii. Oct. C The masters of
Chinese junk from Che Too report
linvin;; sighted a fleet of "0 Japanese
tranMrt nod warship entering the
tlnlf of Ic Chi I.i Tuesday nTght.
The ri'Mirts have caused the'grea'test
excitement, ns it is believed this is
the expeditionary force of 30.000 men
mnveyed ly the second Japanese
.uadron which left lliroschimaSept.
It is reported the Chinese nre in
full retreat from Moukden threat,
tied hy the Japanese forces from
t'..rea and thoso landed near 1'ossiel
Arab ami Itelg-laii Fight.
I.oxi.in, Oct. C African mails
hrinr news of serious lighting be.
tween the Arabs and Ueljjians in
('ngo, and state thnt after a heavy
engagement a truce was declared.
A conference was commenced, but
almost immediately an Arab powder
magazine blew up. and both sides be.
ing suspected of treachery, lighting
was resumed, the Arabs being sur
rounded on all sides by the Belgians
and nearly all massacred. Over
thirty chiefs were slain.
Maneuvers of the CelmttuU.
Manc'IU-iua. Oct. 6. It is believed
here that the retreat of the Chinese
is the result of the hasty withdrawal
f r the purpose of opposing the pro
jected landing of the Japanese expe
dition in the bay of Pe Chi Li.
The C'zat'n Actual Condition.
IIkklin. Oct. C In an interview
with the Associated Press. Prof. Ley
ilen, who has just returned from a"t
ti'iulancc on the czar, said: "His
majesty is suffering from Uright's
liitease as yet in a mild form, though
r.. in plicated with diabetes, the latter
causing ditliculty in breathing."
lluuanas Will On l p.
New Yokk, Oct. 6. Steamers
from Havana report the banana crop
of eastern Cuba destroyed by a cy
clone. At Kanes half a million bun
ches were destroyed. Sagua la
lirande was Hooded for hours.
Keports indicate that i!0 lives were
lot. and property valued at between
J,."00.000 and 13,000,000 destroved.
Ilr iiM tVhnt lie ll.-llf Tn lie Cirn.
Iliirrlwin'it INxlllon An tn Hill.
T. I'ai l, ict.fi. -ItuiicmlLcw Wallace,
"f liitliaiin, toiNtl a short time here en
Mute west. ItefiTiiiiK to (Jvnend Hurri
'ti' NKltlon ns to the iiotniuiition in 1K!K1
wibl : "I want It understood first of idl
that I (In nut (in-tcni! to sM'iik nuthorita
tivrlv nn this question, for I am out of
I'Mlitie altoituther. nml lo not pretend to
r- ir. . tit i"inTiil llurrison In the matter;
inif mv own oiinion Is that lie will not lie
eanilitlate for the imiifi nation in the
a-tive, imsliiiiK sense; in other words, thnt
lie will not make n lirh' for the noiuiiiit
tioii. Caniliilly I ilo not think he wants
I IH-Ileve ItiMsell Harrison tn
lo Ntuteiiteiit at, Terre Haute has suited
liN father's iiitiim eorreetlv.
"I Ix'lieve that Ikivlil II' Hill will be
fie Ivtiincmtic nominee for president. He
the iinly Iteniix nit. in tlio senate who
-liowiil any Miiracitv ilnrlnir the last, ses
i"M. Hut I ilo not lielleve lie will finnlly
"ct tin- rruliemntorial tioiiilnation in
New York. He has every thinj to lose
ami nothlntr to (rain liy sodiiinu. He has
U'miimI all the Militleal capital there is to lie
c.nntil fniin the nomination. It Is difficult
to lell at this distance what, pn-ssure may
N-liniiitflit to bear upon him to accept,
l ot I tin not liclicvf It will tie sufficient to
indue? htm to yield."
I'mnpetl IIH Ikaat Full or Water.
Nr.w Yock. Oct. B ThetiiK W. -1. Mo
t'alilln was sunk while lit dork in a most
l collar manner. Joseph Anderson, lire
man. h.ul onlers to fill the water tank
niter he had luinkiil his furnaces and he
aitaehetl the Iiomi to the liydmnt on
shore and turned on the water. Then he
liuhted his pipe for a comfortable smoke.
Hut hm eyes were heavy from lull); duty
and he slept. Meantime the water poured
In . Ulchnnl Krickson, unite, found Water
hlliiitf into the hold, where he slept, alxiut
:i ' e,H k In tho morninp. He awakened
t'i" nccinid fireman, Ale Las.-tcn, and they
toiind Anderson struggling up to the deck.
In a few moments the tug foundered uud
tin: three men had to swUn to the pier.
Aged Woman Ilurned to Death.
Si-uiNuriKLD, O., Oct. 6. Mrs. Hester
Ann Nuwlin, an aged woman living near
the IowUtou reservoir, was burned to
il.nfli. While burning out a henhouse
her clotliliip caught fire, and being Infirm
blie w an unable to escape. Her body Wtu
(uuud nude and black.
Caorht hy FalliosVall. at the Fire at
Detiioit, Oct. 6.-Six mon deadt ten
are more or less severely Injured, and S0,
, w,orth of I'roperty was destroy by the
Imrnlng of Kecimn & John s five-story
furniture establishment on Woodward
Bvenuo. The dead, all of whose bodies
have been recovered from the ruins, are:
Michael H. Donoghue, lieutenant of chem-U-nl
engine company; J. R. D,,iyi jim
i. Juliu Cummlngs. and Martin
Hall, pipemen; Frederick Russcy, elec
trical worker and substitute fireman.
The injured: Frank K. Stocks, firemen,
head and fmw frightfully cut; Michael C.
Cray, fireman, sculp wounds, bfek and
arm hurt; John B. Newell, truckman,
scalp cut, arm and leg bruised; Thomas
C. (iarry, fireman, scalp badly; wounded,
severe body bruises; Patrick J. Hourko,
lieutenant engine company, slightly In
jured; R. Cronin, pipeman, slightly hurt;
Leslie E. McXuinnra, fireman, head cut,
hand smashed and minor injuries; Henry
Klmhcrly, fireman, scnln nml r,,
wounilwl; Henry Heric. finman. leir
broken, faco cut; Krwl Drahuim, injured
Internally, condition critical.
Fell with a Tremendous TEoar.
The fire aniiarentlv nri,-liii.t..i f n.
Uittom of the elevator shaft and swept
upnnru wun trctncmluus swiftness. About
sixty -five persons were nt work in the
manufacturing portion of the building in
the upper stories, hut nil
The water supply seemed at first inade
quate unu the building was soon ruined.
After the Interior of the structure hod
been partially burned out it liecaino a-
mirellt that the fitml i. t.,l r..,.. ..-..11..
in danger of falling, hut Fire Chief F.lli-
" i rmiiuTi ins men to advance with
t hen-hose as close as nnstihli. lu.ti. fx,...
front and rear. Suddenly the front wall
Siivgiil forward and the gn;at moss
of hot bricks, timher miH imn .n,i.wi ...
the sidewalk with n tremendous nr.
iwne nl I-amc and Atmy.
Aitnosf lit till!
crumbled and fell into the alley nt the
rear. Aliove flu? tumult of the panic
stricken crowd rose the shrieks of the
wouiiueu nun imprisoned firemen. Sixteen
in all were in the nath of the tiimlilitnr
walls, and ull were cautrlit. but ten -s-cnisil
alive after a few seconds of thrilling
c xneriiMiKH Tiieir o.,,..,-...!. .....hl-...i ...
. ...... ...v., a n,
rescue the dying and remains of the dead
mine not rums amid a liliiiding smoke,
and ull were recovered, but none of the
six had survived, nnd their limp and
crushed remains were in some cases utmost
An Investigation to Follow.
ClllCf KUilltt is llellll? rouiullv i'iinrl frr
risking the lives of his men "when, it is
claimed, there was no cull for such an
action. He said thev had till reiwjtn tn luk
lieve the walls wen; unsafe. The wnlls of
the building are itlleed to have Im-uii un
safe. An ilivestii'illioll will orohuMir Iw
Ls or Life on the Florida Coast During
the (ireuil Toriimio.
KEY Wkst, 0:t. U.-- Kvery day fnsh in
forimitoin notches hen- from the keyes
relative to the loss of life tn the recent hnr
rieanu. Mr. Pender who resides on Fast
Matacumliie Key reorts that after Sept.
-1 two siiilors drifted aslion; with life pre
servers from the ltritish bark Urimdon, of
Quels-c, from Ship island for Liverpool,
with a cargo of timU-r, which nn ashore
on Crocus ri-ef at 10 o'clock on the night
of Sept. 2t. und after Miunding over the
reef got Into the channel and capsized.
Another of the erew came ashore the
same niitht. There were seventeen In all
on I m Mini, and thirst; three are the only ones
accounted for. The captain, Woodford,
hud one leg broken by a wave us soon ns
the ship struck the reef, nnd a Norwegian
sailor had both legs crushed. While two
of bis shipmates were trying to relieve him
another wave lift4.1l the timlier which held
the Norweigiati dowu, so they could draw
him nut. They then fastened a life pre
server on him. Thi-se surviving ones think
the captain, the Norwegian, the mate,
stcwurd, nnd another of the erew were
drowned, as they were iu the cabin when
the ship upset. '
The shun- is full of pieces of her cuhin,
forecastle and houses, the three of her
boats arc smashed to pii-ccs. On Sept. 2H
Messrs. Sam Williams and Leonard Lowe
discovered the body of a drowned man on
the outside of Tuva near Key. It is likely
that the numlx-r of lives lost will never be
known, ns communication with the Keys
Ls dillicult.
ltetluction in Tarift Kates.
Wash tN(iTox,Oi:t.r.-Thel)einocrtic com
mittee has issued a large illustrated poster
to siiow the percentage of reduction by
the Democratic tariff hill from McKiuley
rates on materials entering into manu
facture, and tn it figures arc given to
show that under the new law there is a re
duction of the tax 011 a llannel shirt of 70
per cent.; on trousers. 75 iier cent.; on
vests, 65 per cent.; on cents, 74; shoes tit;
soap, 50; towels, S5; water buckets, 2H;
stoves. Si; coal scuttles, 40; clay pies, SO;
overcoats, 75; bats, 71' woolen dresses,
75; woolen stockings, 74; woolen shawls,
7, woolen blankets, 71; sheets 50, and
carpets 07 per cent., and so on.
Twine Trust lias a Kival.
CHICAuo, Oct. 6. It is learned from the
best authority that tiie United States
Cordage company hus a robust rival in tho
shnMof the Decring Harvester company,
of this city, which will make its own bind
ing twine hereafter. A plant Is now being
constructed which will turn out forty tons
per day. The Decring company could not
make satisfactory terms with the I'nited
States Cordage company und wanted bet
ter twine, so it will make the twine itself.
So says the authority referred to.
Damages Against a Railway.
PATTOS, Ills., Oct. 6. In the case of W.
M. Wright, of this city, against tho Loke
Erie and Western Railway company, on
trial here for ten days, tho jury brought
in a verdict of U,5U0 dumuges in fuvor of
ttw plaintiff.
Fatal Boiler Explosion.
Pakkkksbiiro, W. Va., Oct. 6. A saw
mill boiler at Mineral Wells, owned by
Oeorge Schultz, blew up, killing Frank
lluley uud fatally wouatUiig Samuel Cook
and George Schults. .
Congressman Wilson Reaches
New York, f !-
Speaks of His Speech
It Was Made to Suit Amer
Massachusetts Republicans
Governor Greenhalge is
New Yokk, Oct. C. Congressman
Wilson arrived this morninjj from
England. In a talk with an Asso
ciated Press reporter, he said his
speech at the chamber of commerce
dinner in London was not made to
suit them, but Americans. He de
clared he had nothing to add to his
remarks as cabled.
MasarhuiM.-tta Republican.
Boston', Oct. C. The republican
state convention assembled this
morning. Sumurl T. Vins:ow was
made permanent chairman, Senator
Hoar being made chairman of, the
committee on platform. Gov. F. T.
(ireenhalge and Lieut. Gov. Roger
Wolcott were renominated by ac
clamation. The other nominations
follow: W. M. Oly. secretary of the
commonwealth: II. M. Phillips, treas
urer and receiver general; Gen. J.
V. Kimball, for auditor, and H. M.
Knowkon, attorney general.
MeKlnley in Iowa.
Marsh AU.TOWN. Iowa, Oct. 6 .'
On his artival here from Dcs Moines
this morning. Gov. McKinlev was
escorted to the Court House park,
where he delivered an address. Later
he left for St. Paul.
Had Fire at AnVI. Iowa.
Pes Moikks, la., Oct. . Fire at
Add this morning consumed the
opera house and a number of other
buildings in the business portion.
The loss is f75,0u0 to so,0u0 with
insurance but half that amount.
Fifteen horses were cremated.
A North Dakota Senwit!on.
FoltMAN, SI. 1)., Oct.. 6.
Carlson, a farmer, fatally stabbed
Mrs. Ilclma Strom, with whom he
had becu living, this morning, and
then suicided. He had eloped from
Sweden with her, and she had decided
to return to her husband, who re
cently came to this country.
More Fire Victims Keeovereit.
Hixt KLEV, Oct, 6. Three bodies,
victims of the late fires, were found
live miles west of Tamarac this morn-
inr. One was recognized as
Kvans, of Filield, Wis.
t'levelauri Men to Support lltll.
NKW Yokk, Oct. 6. Chairman Hinckley
of the Democratic state cominitteu, said
to a reporter: "As the situation now
stands I can most emphatically state that,
the regular state Dcmucrctic ticket will
receive the full support or tlm Cleveland
factions. I can tell you that I am pos
itively assured that the administration
men in Washington desire most earnestly
the success of the regular Ueinocrut ic tick
et headed by S-nator Hill. I can also
state to you that Jmlne W. .1. finynor will
without doubt appear on thi; state ticket
as the nominee for the court of appeals."
In this connection it should lie stated that
Secretary Lament has been in the city for
a day or two.
What Shea Thinks of Dean.
ClIICAKO, Oct. 6. Kefcrring to the testi
mony in the Dean halieas corpus case und
a "scoring" that Juilg; GojtKiii (tavc the
police Inspector Shea says: "If I was
looking for soniethiuir to give me a repu
tation nsu Milicc otlicer I would cure for
nothing better than a scoring at, the hands
of Judge Goggin and this man Dean. The
latter is a notorious shell -worker. It is
necessary for the ixilice department to ar
rest these men 011 sijjht. It is the only
way. to deal with them. They are con
stantly working these jfaines upon unsus-
lectin if strangers ulHitit the railroad sta
tions uud in the down-town portion of the
Both Kngiueers Killed.
ST. Lor IS, Oct. . A telegram to Tho
Republic from Laredo, Tex., snys a
double-headed freight train was ditched
on the Mexican Central railroad near
Monterey and the enirineers of both loco
motives killevL. Their names were Da'iiel
Drunnun of Curlxindalc, Ph., and Jo ph
SharN of Eust St. Louis, Ills. Tho' ro
muins will be sent to their rcspc. -ive
New York's Ciame Again.
Baltimore, Oct. 0. New York repeated,
the dose of willow bat given to the pride
of the Monumental City at the first game,
and tin' second of the buso ball scries for
the Temple cup by a score of New York,
6; Baltimore, li.
Tte f ozodoxt woes yon have caleo ;
l"e SoroDosT yonr breath toaaeetin;
Tie ScsonoHT to aid digestion :
Ues Sozodokt and ask no qnection .
Preserve joor molaf aad 70a won't
Regret the tue of Sozodoot .
The View Bradstreet'n Takes or the CoarM
of Trade.
New Yokk, Oct. 6. KraUstroet's says:
While no radical change has apocared tht
week there are features of the situation
pointing to continued progress' in the di
rection of Improvement. This is true of
the country at large. Thus, in the eastern
and middle states, while the larger cities
do not report noteworthy changes. Provi
dence announces that all industrial lines,
notably manufacturing jewelers, have re-&-ivadtbcral
onlers, with the exception of
DiamtMfturcrs of machinery. Baltimore,
oo, reports larger sides in a few direc
tions. In the west corresponding reports come
from Omaha, where a better feeling is re
ported throughout the tributary region,
and there is more buying of dry (roods,
clothing, shoes and groceries. Duluth also
finds business improved and johlicrs in
several lim-s have liecn encouraged. St.
Louis and Kansas City rcjxirt stimulation
in wholesale as well as retail lines, due In
part to an influx of visitors to the carnl
Tals. From the south tho moyt favorable
rilKirts come from Jacksonville, where
wholesale trade is kkI and retail trade
improving. Merchandise is moving satis
factorily from Havnnnnh, and from
Charleston and Chattanooga,
The previously reported large volume of
lmsine.s of Chicago jobbers is maintained.
At a numlier of poinrs east and west de
mand for money has increased, and
ch.mjn-s In the charai-tcr of mercantile
collections us a rule." are in tho direction
of improvement. Wheat, corn and oats,
have advanced from previous lowest
levels. Some varieties of lumlier, naval
stores, tin, late and a few other staples
have remained steady in price, but refined
sugar is lower for reasons which may or
may not lie similar to those governing
prices in other lines.
Concessions in prices have also been
marie for pig iron, steel billets, lumber,
lard, coffee, cotton print cloths, a live hogs.
Cable nnd tcletrnipldc advices show the
heaviest total of available stocks of wheat
In the I'nited States nnd Canada, both
coasts, afloat for nnd in Kuropc, on record
for Oct. 1, la,a.tm bushels, notwith
standing a sharp decrease in Kumpcan
stocks of late. '
Sumlny Itest for Kallrouiler.
PAKKKKsni nu, W. Va.. Oct. . At the
session of the Farmers' National congress
a resolution offered by Judge Coffen, of
Iowa, favoring Sunday rest as far as pos
sible for railway employes, was adopted;
also a resolution memorializing state leg
islatures to compel all adulterated food
articles to lie plainly marked.
A Key I'ounci.
My neighbor, B., has fonndakry a ke to
health it is, sy he. I' he it troubled with la
itnde, ennMtpntinn, h'lionnneifi.vlck or niTvono
headache, c ild feel, chilly n-mntinni, rielne'e at
ilie smirarh, or any other of a lopp array of com
plaint, he takes Dr. rlrrc.' I'lcnsant relicts.
They aro no amn'l, o cany to taie, so immij.t and
thorough in their o)cration. and cost to little that
they are sore to crow in favor with a,l who ue
them. Iu Klasi ials. 25 cents.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria
TO BE- etrW UlNLr.
Real Estate,
Insurance and Loans.
Buy, sell and manage
property on commis
sion. Collect rents.
Room 4, Mitchell & Lynde b'ng.
Telephone 1512.
(ttoonawor o H. W BITOT.)
Merchant -:- Tailor,
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anteed the Best
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We always go them one bet- 1
ten No place like the London
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Big Store. Blue Front.
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7 Per Cent Loans.
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list of completed plt-cdged
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Snpt. Loan Department
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Bicycle, and guarantee
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1G05 Second A v.
A Positive Cure for Corns, Warts and Bunions
This remedy is sold under pty-itive guarantee; and we will cWf
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Different from any other, it will allay tbe pain instead of making
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