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Daily 84 WwklJ M UN
1m Bock lalaaa Vi.
tHW-IW ea seats per wm. Weekly,
98.88 pet ssarea; ta asftaace $1 JB.
AB WMiliMlim of acrlttcal 1 aswaasala.
Use taeratT. poMUeal er fallftoee, bM bts
real mm attaraat for pabUoattoa, M wt
sMkleawUl to printed over tctttiowiinalaM.
Owfiiwilim eolicasu frtaa nn sswasalp
Fat Banaior FausKLta Ntcniu
Pat Sop. o( School BcxftT Rasa
Fe Trsesartr Btasaao J. CLaeetrr
TraMtM of the rnU 1 Dm Jnu U. m.
reralty of llli. Tarum C. CiBRDairm,
aoia ( Caiaui L. Plsaukto.
For Member ofCootTmw Jonas W. OLaoa
Pot Man. of Gee. Aseabl J. IL Mrixieas
Per Coontr Jadse....
Pot Cvaaty Clark..
Pot Sheriff
Par Tiaaaarar......
.... Cassias W. Mascs
Cr D. Oobdo
Par tape of School. Cassias B. Mtuiux
SATI KDAT, OcTtiBEB 6, 1894.
Toe bet we're after Shelby.
(juCT Herald: Shelby Cullom
has been elected presidcut of the
Illinois Artificial Ice company. He
I aid to have the coldest feet of any
man in America, and there it frost on
his uudprthirt 10 months of the year.
The Mercer county democratic
rally at Aletlo Thursday was a hum
mer, one of the most enthusiastic
political gatherings ever held in the
county. There were speeches by
Congressman A. J. Hunter. Bernard
J. Clapgett. candidate for state
treasurer at large, and Hon. Jonas W.
Olson, candidate for congress in this
district, and Hon. L. H. De Forest.
the next member of the legislature
from that district. Music was fur
nished by the Gilchrist band.
Marti Vak Bceen was chosen
United States senator by the New
York legislature on rebruary 6, ls?
The following year, while senator, he
was a candidate for governor, and
was elected by a majority of 30,000
(in a vote of Std.OOU) over bmitb
Thompson. On lebruarr 1. 131
William L. Marcr was elected United
States senator by the New York leg.
Mature. The year following. 13:.',
while a member of the senate, he was
nominated for governor of New York.
and was elected by 10.000 over Iran
cis Granger. Van Buren and Marcy
were two of the most popular, re
spected and illustrious governors of
New York. History is about to re
peat itself in New lork state.
A Bab for Bholbjr.
Alarmed at the fierce and uucoui
promising hostility of the wage-earn
ers of this state toward the machine's
favorite candidate for United States
senator, says the Chicago Tost, re
publican leaders are casting about
lor a better man upon wnom tbevcan
concentrate their efforts during the
remainder of the campaign. The
prominence given to "Truckbill"
Cullom has already driven away a
myriau oi working men, ana tne
movement is rapidly assuming the
proportions of a landslide. The
stern necessity of repudiating the
lonan confronts tne party managers.
Among the names already dis
cussed as likely to win popular favor
and possibly recover the ground lost
by the killing prominence of Mr. Cul
lom, are Representative U. K. Ilitt,
Mount Morris, and Luther Laflin
'Mills. John M. Smvth. Colonel
(ieorge IC IHvis and William E. Ma
son, ot tne gentlemen named, Mr.
Ilitt Is clearly a favorite. Mr,
Mills is in the dark-horse
list. Colonel Davis and Mr
Smvth are strongly and decidedly
w iluiu iuv vibivu ui prnuLiuai iussi-
bilitiea. Mr. Smyth's friends in Chi
cago are legion and they include men
of the greatest power in the party
councils, i ne mantle may yet fall
upon his shouldors.
Incredible as it may seem, and in
suiting to the intelligence of the peo
ple, Mr. Cullom is making his grand
stand play on the assumption that the
workingmen have forgotten the so
briquet of "Truck Bill Cullom" by
wnicb ne was most familiarly known
in this state among the laboring ele
ments np to within a very recent
date. And he came honestly by this
title, as will be acknowledged by
those familiar with the circumstance's
under which it came to be applied to
him. The name tits him to a nicety.
To hear him shout from the plat
forms through the state about his
love for the down-trodden working
men and about his efforts to elevate
their condition and raise their stan
dard of wages it would hardly seem
possible that only a few short years
ago he gloried in the performance of
an act of the grossest injustice of
Tho ttovlval of ladastrjr.
The following items relate wholly
to the revival of business in the tex
tile industry, as reported mainly by
the Textile World, a trade publica
tion: The Providence Worsted mills,
Providence, R. I., are now running to
full capacity and on foil time, and
have orders ahead for a period of two
. months.
The woolen mill at Niantic, R. I.,
is aoon to be operated, after a shut
down of aereral jean. It has been
leased for the manufacture of .yarns.
The Gregory Woolen mill. Wick-
ford, R. I., which is now running on
full time, is crowded with orders for
new goods.
The Stonewall Cotton Mills com
pany. Stonewall, Mass., is putting in
new machinery.
The Ruddy Thread companv, Wor
cester, Mass., will erect a 100x50 feet
dye house, two stories, with boiler
house attached.
Bliss, Taft & Co., of Norwich,
Conn., woolen waste manufacturers.
have arranged to locate a branch
oflice at Niagara Falls.
ine new uilling cotton mills.
King's Mountain, N. C, will be in
operation in about two or three
The Baltic Mills company, Enfield,
N. H., has enlarged its plant.
lne hast 1'ond Manufacturing com
pany, Newport, Me., is to add 10
more looms to ' the woolen mills.
which will give an output of one-
third more capacity than now.
The Nemadji Woolen mills, a new
corporation at Superior, Wis., is cap
uau.eu at r.'o.ooo.
The machinery of the Riverside
Woolen company at Lebanon, N. H.,
is being increased.
At a recent meeting of the stock
holders ot the Modena Cotton mills.
Gastonia, N. C, it was decided to
put on 0 more looms and 3,000 spin
The Nonotuck Silk company in
tends building an addition to its mill
at Hartford, Mass.
Tho woolen mill at East Lyon. R.
I., which has been idle for several
years, has been leased to Alfred Bur-
dick and George Lawton. who will
manufacture yarns. It is understood
that they have orders ahead for a
year and that they will start up the
mm as soon as possible.
The Pineville Cotton mills, Tine-
ville, N. C have been sold to Ste
phen A. Jenks, of Pawtucket, R. I
The mills will be doubled in size.
The Globe mill. Clarke & Co., pro
prietors, Augusta. Ga., manufactur
ers of yarns, have late put in 40
looms, and will manufacture drills.
sheeting, etc. The expect to com
mence operation in three weeks.
Three woolen mills at Niantic, R
I., are soon to be operated, after a
shut-down of several years. Albert
Burdick and (ieorge Lawton have
leased the mills and will manufac
ture yarns.
A new mill, the Tuckapahaw, is
leing built near Wellford, S. C. It
will le five stores high, 300 feet long
and 100 feet wide, with a capacity ot
ou.uw spinaies.
Nearly all the stock ($100,000) in
the new Melrose Cotton mill, at Ral
eigh, N. C, has been taken, and the
work on the factory will probably
commence this fall.
The new addition now being built
10 the ujell Manufacturing com
pany'samill. Concord, N. C, is to be
a cloth and slasher building, two
stories high. 65x30 feet. Fifty-four
looms will be put in, and 1,800 more
spindles for manufacturing white
These few paragraphs are only the
most important in a list several
times as long, but they are suflicient
to indicate the general effect of the
adoption of the new democratic tariff
The October number of the North
American Review is a notable issue,
containing many articles on timely
ana interesting topics by (lis tin
guished writers. It opens with two
articles entitiy 'issues ot the Com
ing elections," in which the prin
ciples on which the two great parties
win go before tne nation in the ap
proaching congressional campaign
are outlined with precision and au
thority by the Hon. William L. Wil
son and ex-Speaker Reed, respect
ivelv. In -The Catholic Church and
the Saloon," the Most Rev. Arch
bishop Ireland explains the meaning
of Mgr. Satolli's recent decision re
garding liquor dealers, which has
caused so mnch discussion.
Tho frontispiece ot the October Re
view of Reviews is a reproduction of
a photograph of William Cullen Bry
ant, taken shortly before his death,
and now published for the first time.
The centennial anniversary of the
poet's birth is the occasion of the ap
pearance in this number of the Re
view of an appreciative article on
Bryant's place in our liturature from
the pen of William R. Thayer. The
Review commends to our public
schools and other institutions the
celebration of the anniversary day,
November S, or Friday, the 2d, if
more convenient, as a proper tribute
of respect to the memory of the Nes
tor of American letters.
Scr loner's magazine for October
contains the first of two articles on
English railways by H. G. Prout. ed
itor of the Railway Gazette. Colonel
Prout recently made a trip to Eng
land expressly for the magazine, to
accumulate fresh material on a sub
ject with which he was already fa
miliar. He has in his articles pre
served the open mind and the eyen
judgment of a man who is thoroughly
well-posted on a railroad problem in
all countries. In this first article,
which deals with "Railroad Travel
in England and Amesica," he com
pares the systems of the two coun
tries, particularly as to safety, speed,
cost, comfort and construction.
The popular New York clergyman,
the Rev. Dr. Rainsford, contributes
a most interesting article to the Oct
ober issue ofthe Ladies' Home Jour
nal, in which he defines the position
of "The Clergyman in Society."
Not less interesting is the eminently
practical view which Mrs. Burton
Harrison, in her contribution to the
series "Before He ia Twenty," takes
of "A Boy's Evenings and Amuse
ments" how the first should be
spent, and of what the second should
consist. Mr. Howell's literary biog
raphy, which he has so aptly 'named
i'My Literary Passions," continues
to grow in interest and charm. A
very valuable article, entitled "The
Candy-Eating Habit," is furnished
by Cyrus W. Edson, M. 1)., president
of the New Y'ork board of health.
The biography of the number con
sists of sketches, with portraits of A.
Conan Doyle, the . creator of "Sher
lock Holmes," and James Matthew
Barrie, the author ot A Widow in
Aatolnrttc Sterlioa;.
Antoinette Sterling is incoming a fa
miliar figure upon the platform at tho
(Treat temperance meetings. She speaks
sometimes, though not at any Rreal
length. Most often her speech is merely
a brief introduction to her song. On
these occasions she usually sings 'with
out any accompaniment. It is very inter
esting to see the great singer come for
ward so simply, as she does, quietly
dressed, with no rtmsic in her hand,
at one of the packed Exeter hall nut t
ings, and by means of her beautiful
vou holding the dense throug breath'
less with attention. Coming as an inter,
ludo in impassioned speaking, to the ex
cited crowd the effect is usually delight
ful. London Letter.
A Millica Friends
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
and not less than one million people
nare iounu just such a friend in Dr.
King's New Discovery for consump
tion, coughs and colds. If you have
never used this great cough medi
cine, one trial will convince vou that
it has wonderful curative powers in
all diseases of throat, chest and
lungs. Each bottle is guaranteed to
ao all that is claimed or money will
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& Ullemever's drug store. Large
bottles 50c and f 1.
We desire to say to our citizens
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Dr. King's New Discovery for con
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Bucklin's Arnica salve, and Electric
bitters, and have never handled rem
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e do not hesitate to guarantee them
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refund the purchaser's price, if satis.
factory results do not follow their
use. These remedies have won their
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Hartz & Lllemeyer, druggists.
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rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped
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eruptions, and positively cures
piles or no pay required. It is guar-
anteea to give penect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per
oox. j;orsaie dv uartzoz LUiemever.
Jiew York Financial.
Kf.w York, Oct. S.
JUoney on call easy. Offered at 1 per cent.
ITime mercantile paper, H&.5 it cent.:
sterling exchange strong w ft h actual huxiiiew
in bankers' bills 4b7 for demand and
K!sii((,4eS for sixty days: pouted rates tMUiS,
cum mere ml uuis wu,. 4.-44.
Silver certiticates, U4 bid: no Bales; bar sil
ver, ex. Mexican dollars. 51 14.
United States bonds, Ys regular. 119;
do 5's coupojis, ll!"-4; dn i regular, lt:4;
do 4 s coupons. 114: do fa, regular, 1M
bid; ratine tt'a of 'Vi, 11)1.
Chicago Grain aud Produce.
Chicago, Oct. 6.
Following were the quotations on the Board
of Trade today: Wheat October, opened
bl?if closed Hc; December, opened iVt'-sc
Closed Wt-: May. opened K140, closed SfiTuc.
Corn October, opened Sc, closed 61c;
December, opened 41H4 closed lHm;; slay,
opened 51Uc, closed ?. Oats October,
opened SUc, closed ftic; Itecemlier, opened
C closed 4c; May. opened 3lc closed
84c lork Oc tober, opened S , closed
112.70; January, opened 812.75. closed $13.71"
Lard October, opened S7.WI, closed ST.ii
iroauce: nutter extra creamery. 23c
per lb; extra dairy. Sic; packing stock. 12(t
tic. Kinrs lie per doi, loss off. Live (Krailry
lliicKons. lUbtrV per lb; ducks. i48c:
turkeys. 8c; ceese. Stl.tX)" .W per dox. po
tatoes Bnrbanks, aWjirtc jier bn: Hehmns,
otk&Klc; Rose. axftiEc; early Ohio, oi&Glc
eweet potatoes. Illinois. tl.au1.4," per bbl.
Apples Common to choice, $l.x73.() per
bbl. Cranberries 'ape Cod, choice. $a0USb
S.aO per bbl; 82.5u&at) per 1-bo box. Honey
White clover, Mb sections, new stock, li
!5Hc; broken comb. lli,12c; dark comb, poor
packages. Be; strained California, lit: per lb.
Chlcagw Live Stock.
Chicago, Oct. 5.
Live Stock Prices at the Union stock yards
today ranued as follows: Hogs Estimated
receipts tor the day, 1T.UX); sales ranged at
S.MXIM.H5 pigs, S.B.yiio.30 light, K6O04.K5
rough packing. 4.7.V().4U mixed, and 4.l&
&.OU heavy packing and shipping lota.
Cattle Receipts for the day, 8,000; quota
tions ranged at S.).KWU5 choice to extra
shipping steers. S4.0U&V.4O good to choice do.
SUtK.K34.3u fair to good. S3.4.V&4.15 common to
medium do, fi.VroJS.li butchers' steers, S2.au
fc2.K stockers. ti.wna.10 feeders. S l.25S2.0
cows, 12.40ajao belfers, $1.50543.50 bulla,
12.3133.10 Texas steers. $2.15(34.40 western
rangers, and $2.00tg&30 veal calves.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts for the day,
7,000; prices ranged at $1.503.10 western,
$1 JOSsS. 70 Texans, l.;itfJ.4o natives, and $Ls0
fti.UU lambs.
- Closing Quotations,
Cmctoo, Oct 8 Wheat firm, cah Slr,
Dec. 54c. Corn Arm, cash, 61 J, c. May Slr.
Oits Arm, cash. S8c. Pork firmer, cash, $11.80.
I ard firmer, cash, $7.60. Bibs fiim-r. cash.
The 1 nml laaraaaa.
Com asoe
Hay THaotay, $1&$13: apland Bloaill;
wUd.S89;s)ouAt&i7; salad. $9.
Butter Fair ta cantos, toe;
axi a laaa. 100-
Ponltry Spring ohlckens, large, $S tSO$3.75
per Strata
VBUR axs VBasTAsxaa.
Pay tar cm fed steers
aal aalfers, IttOs' ; calves
Wood $3,W per cord,
"Hothers' $
rriena" ssvs
Colvix, tjoc. o isSG. Mr wife
used MOTHERS' FRIEND" before
I her third confinement, and says she!
would not be without it for hundreds j
i of dollars. Dock Mills.
apnt hV PI Immu n. mall mm! r.9
lll.SO per Lottie. Book T MuTHXUS '
uauea rree. Sola by all Drusglsta.
BRanrrEt.n Rec.at-l.tor Co Atlanta, Ga.
SAFEST for modern investors.
LARGEST Returns on the Investment.
NO Knowledge of speculation necessary.
Prom tlO to S1.OU0 can be invest with
more than usual rt. crce nf aafetv. as all transsc-
tionssre rr.aite by compvteot i xvers of long ex
perience and anqestioned ability. Dividends
ymjantv uinmniv. All money TO vonr rrenn. mu
he withdrawn flrst d.rnf anv month- Dividend
ran h rein rested so as to et the benefit of com-
pouna imerest. t B per cent p:r icon 111,
comaonnri irttnrt inri wi.,t smmmitiT to over
$1,000 tlOO at 10 percent per month enrorwnnd
iiiutm ror s years, amoarts 10 over vs,viiu.
at SO per rem i er month, cvmpourd iutetest lor
3 years, atnouuts to over 1 7.000.
Ian., 1S04, lOper cent Mav, 1894. 15 per cent
Feb , 1M44 8 perrrnt June. It'M, S jier cent
IarM 1m4.li! percent Juij, 1S4, 40 per cent
Apr., 19t4, 10 per cent Aug., lfcst, 100 per tent
July aud AuL-ust dividends the result of the
rapid advance in corn Oorservative, safe, re
sponsible. Kritart ished Aoeust, 1C.H. Bank ref
erence. Onr presideT t has been for IS years the
president rf one of our uational nkM. Money
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ynnicate, or E. H. Hood, TeasnTW. Full j aruc
ulars mailed free on application to
The Trades' Syndicate.
Traders' EcUaing jl
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; a
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IS pa
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I 6
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Omaha A Dea Moines Ex...
tomaha A Dea Moines K..
beaver. Lincoln A Omaha. . .
St. fan! Minneapolis
St, Paul A Minneapolis....
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: a
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t D
t S
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MO am
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Sterling Passenger
7 :M am
4:46 pm
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afail and Express..
St. Paul Express..
Dock Island a Peoria Railway
Depot First Avenue and Twentieth street.
F. A. Rockwell, A Kent,
I I.aava I Aaaiva
.1 8:05 am "7:80 pm
i C:Si pm 11:1s am
. ! H:mi am 8:45 pm
r..l Mall' RvnhMi
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Northern Hallway, depot foot of Brady
street, uavenpon. J as. atonon, eea. Tk't A
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I.a.ve f Aaaira
Passentar . .. . ..
s zw pm.7iu:a4 am
t7:33 1 m bIM) am
West Liberty Trams
t Worth. ,rSoutb.
Passenger ,
" so. .""!.".
alS:4Spm I bs Aaj am
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tGoinc Mouth and east. o. 18 runs hctweea
Cedar Rapids and West L'be.ty.
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Springfield, ffl.
St. Louis, Mo.
And Intermediate Points
We now offer to the public a good
route to and from the above cities
ia Feoria and the Chicago, Peoria &
St. Louis By. as follows:
Lv Rock Island. 8:05 a m 2:20 p m
r reona. n:zvtm 6:40 p m
Lv Peoria 11:55 am 7:45 pm
Ar Springfield.. 3:15 p m 12:45 am
Ar St. Louis.... 7:10 pm 7:00 am
Lv St. Louis ... . 7:45 am 8:15 pm
Lv Springfield . . 11 :45 a m 2:15 am
Ar Peoria 3:05 p m 6:50 a m
Lv Peoria 4:30 pm 8:00 am
Ar Rock Island. 7:50 pm 11:15 am
Gen. Ticket Agent.
Depot foot of Twentieth St.
Rock Island, 111.
How to procure ANTI-WASHBOARD
SOAP POWDER free of charge:
Cut off the end of the wraoDer.
at place named. When yon have
oo pictures oi onr Anti-Washboard
Soap Powder, take them
to yonr frrooer or present them
at our office and yon will receive
FREE a 4-pound package, worth
250. We make this liberal in
ducement to quickly introduce
Onr Lady Soap and
Anti-T7MAboard Co&p Powdar
And hold rood an til all wrap-
- - - 1-1 -i- .Li. s . . a
pen uu wmi; a ima oner 18 pnat-
WcrnocEx Cl1 Rclston
Soap lUkats, Bock Ialaatl,
SMktlkm 50AP
Heavy Weight Novelties
English Enamel.
Calf Linod Cork or Double
Calf Lined. Double, or
Cork Sole.
Cork Solo; l.acc or Con
gress. Kangaroo.
Calf Lined, Double Sole.
Comfort, Style, Durability. Call early while
stock is complete.
Cor. Second and Harrison Sis.
See our Fall
And Winter Suits.
Our purpose in advertising is to let everybody
who buys clothing that is all mankind her:
about know that our suitings are in, and tit
finest ever displayed in the city. You art
respectfully invited to call and see the hte
in patterns and styles.
Call and leave your order.
J. B. Z
and Winter Wear.
I See Our New Lasts.
The Graham
New Paris
Narrow Square.
tV Razor,
AU Sizes. All Wiuilii.
Star Block, opposite Harper house.
Cyclone Roller Mills and
Jobber in Flour and Heed.
Bee Hive
114 W.
Offer the largest an1 Lati.!
aomest assortment f
Cloaks and Fur Capes
at moderate prions in t!:e
tri-oities. We at-ll jrt.i
littinp. well-made partm-t'''-mlv,
and guarant-e t
yon money. Conic t ti
before purchasing.
We arc positivclj rhoajn.
the mma romplctc- linr '
MILLIXKHYin thetrii it -
whether you wbal.at' r
tl or one at fl5. We !
able to fbow you an zsturi
ment at any p'rice.
114 West Second street.

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