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Home Industry
On Tap everywhere.
Only Union labor employed.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery I
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, has one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment in the country. The product is the
very best Beer is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to any part of the tri-cities. and may
he ordered direct from the head offices on Mo
line avenue by Telephone.
3, $4 and $5 Shoes
For Ladies and Gentlemen are
not equalled for style, fit and
Children and Misses' Shoes
Our Children and Misses' Shoes
for School Wear are just what
you want.
Adams Can Please You.
Give him a Call.
Cor lSlh anil Second A v.
Adams Wall Paper Company,
310, 312 and 314 Twentieth street.
HiggiMt Store. Biggest stock In the three cities.
Fall Opening
Of AUckintosh and Rubber Clothing.
We are now Allowing1 a Large Stork of Ladies
"ingle and double Texture Mackintoshes in
Low priced, Medium and the Finer Grades.
Also Mandleberg'e English Mackintoshes,
hich are the finest made, and are selling them
at Chicago prices.
We also have a special line of Misses1 School
(inrments that are Waterproof and Serviceable.
Men and I toys' Mackintosh and Rubber Coats.
All grades and prices.
Rubber Store, Tele&h
207 Brady Street, Davenport.
The Fashionable Merchant Tailor
Has the most replete line of new patterns in imported
and domestic suitings in the city.
1707 SEC.3D IYEC3E-
Call for Rock Island
Brewing Co. Beer.
Picture Framing
A Specialty.
C. W. MUS.
One of Rock Island's Repre
sentative Men.
One Who Has Always Been
Identified With the City.
Represents One of Rock Isl
and's Pioneer Families.
Possesses All the Require
ments for the Office.
Is Popular Throughout the
Charles W. Nopus, democratic can
didate for sheriff, represents one of
the pioneer families of Rock Island
county. There was no one liettcr
known or more highly respected in
Uock Island in his d'av than the late
Isaac Negus. He was an original
city builder, and early promoter,
a man of unflinching integrity, and
a democrat through and through.
His mantle has fallen upon his son.
in whom the democrats have a can
didate for sheriff of Rock Island
county. Like his distinguished
father, he is straightforward and up-
2 -11 1 .1
ngui in an ms dealings, is popular
with all. is known throughout the
county, and is a rock-ribbed, thor
oughgoing democrat of the old school
Charles W. Negus was born in Rock
Island in September, 1845. He was
reared here, where all his life has
been spent. From the time he left
school until 1869 he was identified
with his father's business interests,
but in the year mentioned he em
barked in the steamboat business,
purchasing the steamer, Jennie
Brown. For three years he was de
voted to the river trade, the first
year being engaged in towing mate
rial for the construction of the Hock
Island bridge, and the other two con
ducting a local packet in the Rock
Island, Davenport and Clinton trade.
Then he again associated himself
with his father, becoming the latter's
confidential clerk, in which capacity
be served until the death of the elder
Negus, although incidentally he has
always been engaged more or less in
the stock business.
Since his father's demise, Mr. Ne
gus has looked after his own estate,
which included, until recently, an
interest in the Rock Island bouse
property. He has always been one
of the city's most extensive and best
tax payers. He is progressive and
public spirited as a business man.
and is possessed of those qualities
which will fit him for an ideal sheriff
of the county.
Mr. Negus was alderman from the
Third ward in 1888-90, and by his
vote vand influence encouraged the
adoption of the system of paving
and grading under which Rock Isl
and has gone so steadily forward, be
ing himself one of the tax payers
who were hit the hardest by the "im
provement at the outset.
Police I'olnta. t
The license of John Boos, the
Fourth avenue saloon keeper, who
plead guilty in the county court the
other day to three charges of selling
liquor to minors, was revoked by
Mayor Medill today at noon.
Ernie Krebs. a little fellow about
eight years of age, who has been
making a practice of going around
the two town begging, was arrested
yesterday in Moline by Oflicer Kear
ney of that city, who brought him to
Rock Island. Chief Sexton recog
nized the little fellow as being the
same boy he had seen begging on the
streets here, but who wonuld not dis
close bisresidencc. Word was sent to
Davenport, asking if the police knew
if such a family lived over there,
and it was learned that Ernie resided
with hiB parents, south of Fifth
street, between Main and Harrison.
When Chief Sexton and Oflicer Kear
ney started to Davenport with the
boy, he cried, saying that his parents
sent him out every morning about 6
o'clock, and If be returned with less
than $1 he would be severely
thrashed. His home was found to
be at the place stated above, where a
lazy father and mother were discov
ered in a dark, dingy, filthy and di
lapidated shanty, not being as much
as furnished. When asked as to
their cruelty to the child, the parents
emphatically denied the assertion.
criAs. w. negus.
The Sapreme Comrt Has Roadered M De
clatoa lp It.
An item has been going the rounds
of the state in fact it appeared in
Thic Attars some weeks ago to the
effect that the supreme court of the
state had handed down an opinion
upon the Australian ballot law, and
the legal construction established by
the highest tribunal in the state was
to the effect that in order to vote the
straight ticket the circle at the top
and to the left of the partv to be
voted for must be marked, and there
must be no other marks on the tick
et, whereas, in order to vote a split
ticket the cross at the top must be
omitted and one made in the square
before each name voted for, and that
only such candidates so indicated
would be counted by the judges of
election as having "cen voted for.
It so happens that this same item
found its wav into the ITni.,n
morning, and in fact has been given
pretty general publicity.
No Declalun lilv.n
. ' " " .UIE
Rcali zing that the decision was
wuiewuu in (..uiiiuci, wun me gen
eral tenor of the law. Thk Aum-a re
cently wrote to the clerks of the
three divisions of the state, A H.
Taylor, at Ottawa; E. A. Snively, at
r r .... - " ..... wi, a l iMi,.
Vernon, asking for a copy of the
opinion of the supreme court, if such
had been filed in any of the res nat
ive divisions. The Akgls has re
ceived reply from each clerk to the
effect that the supreme court has in
no instance given an opinion as to
me manner oi voting under the Aus
tralian law.
Hence, it will be seen that the
statement to the effect nf l.xnl in
struction of the method of balloii.i"-
nau been made, is entirely in error,
and the manner, as set forth in tu
law stands, the law providing that
uere me intention is to vote the
straight ticket, it is ncccssarv mnrolc
to make the cross at the "top, but
... i .i ... .
wiiere mere is a disposition to vote
for candidates on the ormnsin.r tirlot
the cross is to be made at the top
: . . i , . i . .
jum tue same ami anotner 'S to be
made in the square opposite the can
didates to be voted for on anv of the
other tickets individually. This is
t. . i . i . . i .
iub pian ma i uas ieen in voguo since
me mirouiicuon oi ine law, and is
pretty generally understood.
We. the undersigned merchants of
Rock Island. fflOTPft t.n nnnnh IVrtn,
our tickets in Tcrfect Turchasinf
i i . i . . . o
dooks, tne amount or each cash pur
una.se at our stores, and wheu a
ticket is fully cancelled, will issue to
the holder an order which presented
at the oflice of the Merchants' Pre
mium supply company Mclntvre
Rcck Dry Goods Co's. store (second
lloor) will entitle the holder to any
premium they may select: Hooks
Tennvson's iwmi Whim Tinnm
Cook book. City of Palaces (World's
lair views), National atlas, Webster's
dictionary. Home Beyond or Views
it i , . .. .
" uuaeu, mire s uauery oi r;Ule
illustrations. SlrwMarH'a in;
the World, Golden Treasury, Con
quering the Wilderness or Pioneer
Life. Shatecrxurf. Piltrrimo' Pmir,.,,
Imperial Highway, .shams or Uncle
Ben's Kxnerinnm. ivitn Uvniu..;t..
Our Great Benefactors, Bibles and
many other books heretofore sold by
subscrint ion at hitrh nrif,.a Pin!
i t tr
urea Pastels, engravings combina-
iiun hi ms, eicnings and on paint
ings, easels, m I rrnra hnnl- M-
oak tables, plush stands, wall pock
ets, bamboo, music racks, bread
cases, spice cabinets, foot rests, solid
Kuiuiui iuiiib, ironing ooaroB ana
clothesfracks. Silverware Knives,
forks, pickle holders, fruit dishes,
syrup cups, sugar dishes, cream
pitchers, spoon t holders, carvers, etc.
Our object in giving away these
premiums is this: We want to in
crease OUr blmillPBS- VB U'.Tlt rnn.
trade, and will not only give you the
ucbi, jfoous at tne lowest Jiving prices,
but will, in addition to this, give you
these beautiful and useful premiums
free, which are equal to nearly 10
per cent discount. They will inuke
handsome Christmas presents. We
would be nlemipri tn h,v .
the above office and see the articles.
lours lor business.
Xclnlrye-Reck Irry
tionf Co.,
G o UorkmHt,
eorge Schneider,
llnncbi r Uroc ,
J W Stewart.
J Ramer A Son,
Wl'lltm Emig,
Hnrder (.,
J W qntnlan,
Bottrni Snot Store,
' W Hnrton,
Thom Smart,
P J Wcuer,
A P IitrtS.
W A E'.leS
U Srb'ocder,
Mil cr Dro...
Sncr Urin.,
I. C Pfoh.
Aagnut E ihueii,
Charles Onwalrt,
Charle A Long,
Kr-ll Math.
Alb n Hli ,
Llord A Stewart,
o O I .arnrtry,
Jalina Lfmer,
UuctU & Miller.
-Hiarry Uwra."
At Harrier's theatre th
the clever Irish comedian, Tony Far
rell, will present a fine scenic pro
duction of his new and latest suc
cess, "Garry Owen," an Irish comedy
which the p'ress of Chicago. St. Louis,
Cincinnati and 'other metropolitan
cities where it has been nresented.
endorse. Tonv Farrell. with his
SOUP'S, is a favorite pvi-rva-hpro Ilia
new nlav contains t.h trnn Irish
spirit, humor, pathos and patriotic
ouiiuivui, an oeing most happily
blended. The Cnm nan v ia a mmnn.
1 J r
tent one, and the parts evenly bal-
auceu. air. rarrell has for years
been recognized aa nnp nf t.he'moBt.
charming singers and accomplished
cumeuians on the stage.
S. B Basford, of Carthace. S. D..
was taken sick in Sioux City. He
procured two bottles of Parks1 Sure
Cure for the Liver and Kidneys. He
says: -I believe Parks" Sure Cure
excels all other medicines for rheu
matism and urinary disorders." Sold
by Harts & Ullemeyer.
Only Three C, R. I. & P. Dis
patchers to be Removed.
Altheaift-k Notblac Official II aa Heea Re
ceived, ftaefc la the Happoaltloa Tate New
Tlase Care, Which Uoea lne KITect To
morrow at Nooa Oeaeral Uoaelp.
As prophesied in The Akcos a few
evenings ago, a change is to be made
in the chief dispatcher's oflice of the
Rock Island, although it is to be
hoped it will effect no more than the
removal of the three dispatchers on
the main line to Des Moines. The
change, as near as cap be learned, is
to be made in the interests of econ
omy and policy. As soon as ar
rangements can he made, possibly in
10 days, or so. the transfer will be
executed. The southwestern dis
patchers will remain here, from what
can be learned, as no steps to the
contrary have vet been made. Rock
Island will continue as the head
quarters of the trainmaster and chief
dispatcher, as this is the terminal
point of the two divisions which
they preside over.
The New Tlaae Card.
The new time card on the C. R. I
& P., which goes into effect tomor
row noon promises to be ad van
tageous to the traveling public, es
pccially is this so as regards the
change in the leaving time of No. 1,
which has been changed from 5:20 to
8:J0 p. m. Heretofore arrivals in
the city on any of the other roads
alter d:'.'0 bad to lie over in the city
until 3:20 next morning, before con
nections could be made for Omaha
and other western points. Passcn
gers coming over the Peoria at 7:55
going west will only have a 25-min-
nte lay over, instead of several
hours. The only deviations that
have been made are on the Iowa and
southwestern divisions, the Illinois
division remaining unchanged as vet.
The other changes are No. 22, going
east, leaves now at 1:15 instead of
2:05 p. m.; No. 12, going east, has
neen c Hanged from 4:45 to 5:15 a. m
the fast mail from the east will ar
rive 10 minutes later, coming ia at
7:51 instead of 7:21 a. m.; No. 7, the
local between here and Washington.
will arrive at 12:50 instead of :50 p.
m.; No. 20, from the northwest,
which formerly went east at 6:45. will
leave at C:30 a. m : the same train.
No. 19, going northwest, will leave
at :Uo instead of 8:55 p. m.: No. IS.
the Kansas City train going west at
9:05, will hereafter leave at 9:10
p. tn.
ftenerat Nw.
George Dodsre, fireman of No. 337.
is taking a vacation.
No. 907, EnHnecr Morgan's iron
horse, is being repaired at the Daven
port snops.
W. Freeman, arcnt for the -O." at
Davenport, is spending a couple of
....... i . I. v, ,
ci-iws uuuuiig in luano.
Night Operator G. E. Nelm. of the
C B. & y.. went up the road n a
pleasure trip yesterday.
Charles Stevens' switch engine.
No. 50, is out of the shops at Daven
port, alter being repaired.
Brakeman C. G. Mevers, of the
H.." is laying off for a few davs on
avTuumra sicKness in nis lamuv.
C. J. Jensen, freight house foreman
of the C, R. I. & P., left last night
for Minneapolis to spend a few days
iiu relatives.
' Two car loads of butcher chobnintr
uiui-kb uassea over tne it. l. & p.
yesterday from Piatt City, Mo., on
tneir way to ham burg, Germany.
Foreman G. J. Dempsey, of she C.i
B. & Q., is at work airain, after hav
ing been laid up for about three
weeks wun an attack of rheuma
The offices of the Peoria depot both
up ana noun stairs are being over
hauled and repaired by Volk & Co.,
while Kabc, Heitharends & Lewis
arc to do the painting.
Xo More Collft-e root Ball.
The question of regulating snorts
at Augustana college, especially that
of foot ball, was discussed for about
two hours at a special meeting of the
lacuity last evening. From informa
tion received concerning the recent
game at Monmouth, it was felt that
the authorities should take a decided
stand in the matter of regulating
sport. It was finally concluded to
allow the eleven to play the five
games already scheduled for this
season, bat that no new en?are-
i j . o e
That Joyful reellBa-
With the exhilarating sense of re
newed health and strength and inter
nal cleanliness, which follows the
use of Syrup of Figs, is unknown to
the few who have not progressed be
yond the old time medicines and the
cheap substitutes sometimes offered,
but never accepted by the well in
formed. Te the People Who Kat.
Miss Jennie Toolo havincr lmnirht
out the Alcazar restaurant. 12S
Eighteenth street, will be pleased to
meet her friends and the public gen
erally. She has cooked in thi rin-
cipal hotels and restaurants ia the
mree cities xor several years, and
can and will serve a first class meal
for 25 cents.
Rudy's Pile Sunnositorv ia rrnaran
I . 4 9
teed to cure Diles and conatinetinn
or money refunded. Fifty cents per
box. Send stamp for circular and
free sample to Martin Rudv, Lancas
ter, Pa. For sale by T. if. Thomas
and Hartz St Bahnsen, drngeUta.
Uock Island, HL
Fall Overcoats
A beautiful selection, comprising all colors,
in the best of fabrics.
Ziorrect Prices,
Korrcct Stj-les,
Korrcct In Make.
All Weights, Colors, and Grades.
Everybody can be suited in our under
wear department We carry the best
makes in foreign and domestic goods, and
prices never were so low. Your money
back if you can do better. You are sure to
save money by trading at
Simon &
One Price Clothiers
$3 WELTS. Square and opera toe. Every pair
$3.50 I,andsomest Shoe for the money ever
$4 NEEDLE TOES. See these for Extreme
A RAZOR TOE. Men's Calf Skin. Goodyear
Welt. Every Pair Warranted.
162) Second Ave.. Under Rock Island House.
Made Firm and
Fit Perfect
That is what we have to offer to the
public No old goods and no old
Our Fall Stock Entirely New
Comprising the very Latest Fabrics cut
i i . f . . ... ...
4 aim mauc in me very latest styles, which
we offer at POPULAR PRI CES.
Call and Examine the Line.
1804 Second Avenue.
Rock Island House Corner
& LaVelle
One Price.

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