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Conquering Army Getting
Ready for Final Pounce.
Chinese Repulsed After Stub
born Resistance
Mikado's Soldiers Expect to
Intlict a Crushing Blow.
News of the
by Wire.
VoHodma, Oct. 20 Latter dis
patch concerning the battle fought
on tho Yolu river yesterday, show
thru the .Japanese routed 3,500 Chi
wv of all arms utterly.
ToCrnah China.
OiKvri.ro. Oct. 26 Additional
particulars of the battle across the
Vnlo rircr are that the main body of
the Japanese crosHed the river before
daylight Thursday, and a flying col.
u inn was nent forward, and discov
ered the enemy's fortification, and it
as immediately attacked. The Chi
nee fought denperately and stub
lmly, lii t finally broke and fell
liai-k in great disorder on Kulivnchos,
leaving 2.0M dead. The Japanese
limt live ollicers and !) men killed
ami wounded. Fild Marshal Ya
tna'da expects to inllict the crushing
lilnw on the Chinese that are at Kul
icticlios. Several columns of Japan
re are noting in concert at ring
Yn.'. The plan contemplates the
coin . let ion of the invaders' net work
around the Chinese position by Sat
urday midnight and the attack is to
lc made by daylight Sunday. The
Jap:iiiee troops are in high spirits
snd anxious to rapture Moukden be
fore the birthday of the emperor of
J up. in. Nov. 3.
Th Cnr Murh Itrttxr.
I.onuos, Oct. 26. The Russian
cnil.y received a dispatch from
l.ivi.liii saying the czar is much bet
ter ami that he breakfasted with ap
1 tite and energy.
Still More FsToralilo.
.r. Pf.tf.ksbl-ku, Oct. 26. The
noon hulletin says the cr.ar slept
fairly well last night, and Lis appe
tite this morning was good.
ll.tNK UnilllEKY.
A IIkIiI t rim la Innn Other K.waof.the
.M u.vf.us. la., Oct. 26 The Far
nuTs and Mechanics bank was bur
loriad this morning. It is sup
posed that t2.000 were stolen. The
vault was Mown open and the thcives
threw the money and other contents
Into the street, and escaped with part
of it.
Nebraska Prairie Fires.
ItoitnoN, Neb., Oct. 26. The prai
rie tires are doing immense damage,
traveling with alarming rapidity.
Last night the winds drove them
through the central portion of Sheri
dan and Cherry counties. Of the big
Osborne and Spade ranches, and a
nnnilier of small ones in the track
this morning, not a vestige remains.
At nonn the lire reached Pullman.
The w hole country in that neighbor
hood is a raging furnace. It is not
known whether any lives were lost
today, but thousands of head of cat
tle perished. People in the track of
mo lire arc lleeing for their lives,
leaving all their property behind.
Threatening Salt.
riTTsiii Kfj. Oct. 26. The man
ners of the Discretionary pool claim
their business is legitimate, and ask
ior an investigation of their methods
I'hey declare thev will sne all who
have criticised or caused runs on
Heavy fire In Chicago.
Chicago, Oct. 26. One of the
large warehouses of the William Deer-
tng reajuT works was burned today,
with a loss of f 100.000.
NoOthW --a,aJ
la so V3UUU
Costs Ims than Half
anrt ploaaas much
than tho oafarlos and
ovor- ondorsod Undo.
Judge for yourself.
la Cans. At your Grocer's
" thwer, Oae-Blu Cook
and HI. Gang Htm AllTe.
Foet Smith. -fc r. .
i!Thed this rf Voe
"ZIJ 01 wtb,n Station has been
robbed a pretty much the same fashion a.
Watoba hold-up, tho express office and
vcral store, being looted. The place is
teadlosawuk of Wagoner, on tho Mis
oujt, Kansas ad Toxaa road, and as there
to talograph office there particulars of
Uta25S7i h,aVnot rocelvodher
It Is said that six man took part in the
hold-up Marshal Gromp received a tele
gram from Deputy Lambton, who had
that a flBht between the bandits and offl
cm WMcxpoctalrtaiiytljM. The latest
robbery reported here U that of a preacher,
t Illinois Station by two men. It is not
k""wn how much was secured.
The train from Wagoner was guarded by
a force of twenty -five men under the lead
ership of Sheriff Brown. The same posse
guarded the westbound train leaving here
a few hours later, and was reinforced by
twenty-five others at Kcnetia, as the rail
way people wore expecting a hold-up at
Illinois station. As ten men were seen at
tho water tank there when the outbound
train oame through Conductor DunkUng
was on tho look-out for a hold-up at
Bagg"8, and later at Illinois, but he
came through all right. Ho reports the
whole country up in arms and on tho hunt
for tho outlaws, saying thKW are fully 500
men in tho chase. Bill Cook is to bo shot
on sight.
An Old Scheme Revamped for the Undoing
off the C a wary.
Chicago, Oct. 26. Tho raid at Pitts
burg on the "discretionary pool" business
has called attention to the fact that simi
lar schemes are running in all the large
cities of the country. Thev are practically
the "Fund VT" scheme that was broken
up in this city some years a-o; the form Is
a little different hut tho Idea and principle
arc the same. Chicnsro is the mmtor .f
this nowust method of separating the un
sophisticated from their dollars.
The modus operandi is this: The nubile
is invited to subscribe for shares in a
grand "co-operative 8ieculativc pool" at
10, $25 or J30 a share, and tho promise is
held out thnt tho investment will yield
monthly dividends of from B to 25 per
cent. With legitimate Investments
bringing only 4 or 5 per cent, the nrosnect
of from GO to 300 per cent, is most allur
ing, and the unthinking pour in their
money. In return they receive certificates
which nc.knowledgo the receipt of cash
and contain a lot of printed mutter.
Une of the moat important statements
In this jirinu-d matter is that the shares
are redeemable at the firm's or company's
o(lii on demand. Another is where in
small and uuobstrusive type the maker of
the ccrtiliuates reserves the right to exact
ten or thirty days' notice ofwithdrawal of
funds and cancellation of shares, in order
to prevent a possible run on tho bunk.
This clause is "for tho protection" of all
the shareholders, in case of emergency.
To Ituild a Rig Elevator.
Tacoma, Wash., Oct. SO. The North
ern i'acinc has completed arrangements
with tho Tacoma Land company for the
latter to build a 8.000,000 bushel wheat
warehouse 750 by 200 feet, two stories
high, to be completed at the commence
ment of next season's grain shipping bus
iness. The warehouse will be located on
the water front below the railroad's gen
eral ollice building aud will increase the
storage capacity of locnl elevators to 5,000.-
OU0 bushel. The Northern Pacific is now
unloading all grain as fast as it arrives,
hut this necessitates nigiit work and tho
big warehouse is to be provided to relieve
the present pressure to provide for tho in
creasing business.
Arrest of an A. R. U. Man.
Pasvillk, Ills., Oct. 20. Charles A.
Keller of Chicago, an American Railway
union organizer, was arrested at Fair
mount while muking a Populist speech
and lodged In the county' jail. Keller vis
ited Danville during the strike and was
quite active in organizing a boycott
against local men-hunts who furnished
tho Chicago and Eastern Illinois road
with provisions for the men who took the
places of the strikers. He was Indicted by
the grand jury for this offense. He ex
pects local Populists to bail him out, but
so fur they have failed to do so.
Revolution In Cotton Picking.
Memphis, Oct. 26. The cotton picking
machine recently invented by Bloom
Bros, of Texas, was given a highly satis
factory test on a plantation near Jackson.
Miss. It gathers 90 per cent, of the open
cotton in a somewhat trashy condition.
The nicking with four men and four
mules was dono at tho rate of ten or
twelve bales per day. It is thought tho
machine will revolutionise cotton tunn
Requisition for Morganfleld.
CLEVELAKD, O., Oct. 20. Sheriff Ken
nedy of Stafford county, Va., met Gov
ernor McKinley at Ashland, O., and se
cured tho latter's signature to the requisi
tion papers for Norganncld, one or the
Aqula Creek train robliers, now in jail at
Cincinnati. After obtaining the govern
or's signature the sheriff at once loft for
Cincinnati to get bis prisoner.
Applied for a Receiver.
Boise, Ida., Oct. 26. The Alturas Com
mercial company of Hailey, the largest
commercial concern in southeastern
Idaho, applied to Judge Htockalager to
have a receiver appointed for its affairs.
The Simmons Hardware company of St.
Louis is the principal creditor. Us claim
amounting to 10,UK.
1 be Song of Three Fa.
Lit me sing joo a King of thie P's,
That for work an a busv ss heei ;
They tnrnire too what's worth more than wealth,
A moat Uened abundance of health.
The liver they invigorate.
And yet they do not salivate.
The Mlloai anJ typeptte. ,
They qaicklr auk to fel like new;
And piles and constipation go
Before this remedy yoa know.
Bat I will stop, for yoa have probably gnesstd
what I am driving St. Who does not kaow that
Dr. Peirec'a Pleasant Pellets en re all the
plaints eouoMU ana many more "
fe.pleaant. naiisracuoa goaranicea or money
Results from the Lighting of a
Tobacco Pipe.
And Re Starts a Rlase That nestroys Fowr
Hnanan Lives and Probatbljr Rnadreda
of Head of Cattle, and Rums Over Fonr
Connttea A Town Saved by Hard Work
All Xlght Fall Detail Not as Hand
Omaha, Oct. 28. A special to The Bee
from Hyannia, Neb., says: This week
has beon a direful one in a large portion
of the sand hills. Devastating fires swept
through the western part of Cherry and
tirant counties, burning on the north side
of the Burlington and Missouri railway
tracks to within about four miles of Hy
annia. Lashed on by a furious wind tho
fire traveled at a pace that carried conster
nation as well as destruction. Tho flro
north of tho railroad was set the first of
the week by a man and his pipe about
ten miles north of Alliance. Tho man
was full, and in lighting his pipe throw
the match on the ground, where it ignited
the grass. In an instant a fire started
which, fanned by tho northwest wind,
at once set out on its mission of destruc
tion. Blazing in Fonr Counties.
Specific reports of damage done on the
ranches of some of the sufferers are
not in yet. Those losing hay are as fol
lows: Bartlett Richards, 1,500 tons; Mar
graves, 350 tons; PntMore,10Utons; West,
100 tons; H. Woodruff, 600 tons; Stansbie
Bros., 4.OU0 tons; J. H. Miner, 1,0.10 tons;
Mason Bros., 1,200 tons and a barn. It is
reiorted thnt two men were burned at
Mullen. One Is dead and tho other is ly"
ing in a critical condition and will die. At
about the same time another fire started
on the south side of the track, burning
everything clear from Lakeside to Bluo
River. At present the fire Is lurgely con
flninl to isolated districts in Sheridan,
Grant. Thomas, and Cherry counties. Lit
tle information is obtainable, us the flro is
swept by a high wind first in one direction
and then in another, but the loss is known
to be heavy.
Four Uvea Known To Re Loot.
The fatalities known are as follows.
though many unverified rumors declare
many ranchmen were lost : K. L. Le
looher, ranchman, caught by flumes while
trying to suvo his home; Bliss, brother-in-law
of Lelochor; two unknown men.
In Sheridan county the fire has burnitd
over a strip of country over forty miles in
width and is still burning. Thousands
of tons of hay have been destroyed, leav
ing cattlemen destitute. The homes and
stock of two men were burmtl and their
e-ittle, range ruined. It will require
thousands of dollars to Tcpuir the great
dauutga of the fire. Nothing like the ruin
has happened for years.
Redford Only Saved by Hard Work Wind
Rlowlng 60 Miles an Hoar.
At Bedford, ten miles south, citizens
were out until a late hour at night burn
ing fire guards, and at this time the town
is considered safe unless tho fire should
come in north of the strip burned over.
The wind is blowing at the rnte of sixty
miles an hour and grave fears are enter
tained, as the atmosphere is full of smoke
and cinders. So fur no loss of life is re
ported in that locality, but tho loss of
range will be great to the stock men.
Hundreds of thousands of heads of cattlo
are grazing in Cherry, Thomas, Grant, and
other counties where these fires are raging.
These cattlo wore sent there from the
southern part of the state, where tho
drought has been felt so heavily, and were
taken to the northern counties to graze for
the winter. It is feared that a large pro
portion of these cattle have ierished in the
flames. It is almost impossible to get any
definite information concerning the fires,
as they are at some distance from the rail
wav stations.
The loss to the farmers and stock rais
ers will be enormous, and coming as it
does on the top of the drought the situa
tion will be hard to bear this winter. It
will be several days before any definite
details as to the loss of life and property
will be known, since those who have fled
from their homes to the water courses to
avoid the flames will not leave them
whilo tho fires are being so constantly
shitted by the high winds.
Gen- Fairchlld's Daughter Wedded. '
Madison, Wist, Oct..r& The most noted
social event in Madison this season was
the wedding of Miss Sarah Blair Fair
child, daughter of General Lucius Fuir
child, to Scldon Bacon, which took place
at Grace Episcopal church. The ceremony
was performed by the Kev. Fayette Uur-
lln, rector of the church. Miss Mary Fair
child, eldest daughter of the household,
Was the maid oi honor.
Heavy Registration at Chicago.
Chicago, Oct. 86. The total registra
tion this year is, io round numbers, 850,-
000. This Includes, however, the womon,
and it is impossible to tell exactly what
their registration amount to. If we put
it at 80,000, which lies about half way be
tween tho extreme estimates, there would
be left 830,000 for the male registration.
Btntlstles of the Cotton Crop.
Washington, Oct. 88. The statistician
of the department of agriculture has been
conducting an investigation regarding the
acreage and product of cotton for the year
18U3. His estimates are as follows: Acres
planted in 1803. 19,525,006; number of bales
harvested, 7,4a8,0O0.
Ten Trainmen Killed.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 88. A collision
between two freight trains has taken
place near the Przybitkowa station on the
Kosloff Woronesh railroad. Twenty-two
cars were demolished, ton trainmen were
killed and a quantity of benzine was ex
ploded. Flying Slh and Robert 1. Against Tiaae.
Louisville, Oct. 26. At Churchill
Downs the weather was fine and the track
low. Flying Jib went an exhibition mile
n :08X. Robert J also paced an exhi-
bitkn mile. He broke at the three-fourths,
mnlghlng tue wWLiip Ua.
Pe Stockholders Wul Elect Direct
ors by That Method.
Topkka, Kan., Oc. 538. A very impor
tant action was takea dliring the night
In connection with the Santa Fc situation. '
Newman Erb and General B. F. Tracy,
acting for the protective reorganization
committee, went before Judge C. G. Fos
ter of the United Statea district court and
asked for an order rout ruining the stock
holders from electing directors until the
courts should decide whether the cumu
lative plan of voting could lie exorcised.
Judge Foster granted the temporary re
straining order- conditionally that is, be
said the meeting could proceed if the
cumulative plan of voting were exercised.
Otherwise not, and in this event he would
set tho hearing on the temporary restrain
ing order for Monday, Oct. 2V.
Tflorc was no election of directors. This
was because tho directors' committee has
decided to resist the cumulative plan of
voting opposed by the promotives, who are
in the minority and have no hope for a
representative on the board except under
the system in question. Judge Foster's
order from the United States court is thus
in force. The hearing on the restraining
order will be heard as fixed on Monday
next and the directors' committee will
make a strong resistance.
After a half hour's session in the after
noon the runta re meeting elected
Thomas A. Oslwrn chairman and ad
journed to 10 o'clock Thursday, Nov. 1.
Considerable bitterness was displayed
over the election of a chairman, the pro
toctives claiming that tho rules required
that tho vice president preside. The
directors' committee showed Vice Presi
dent Robinson was obliged to leave To
peka, and that under similar circum
stances a chairman could be elected.
Newman Erb introduced a resolution that
the federal court be asked to appoint a
committee to investigate the company af
fairs and report to the stockholders with
in about thirty duys. This motion was
shut out by the passing of the pending
motion to adjourn made by Mr. Glocd.
Price for Anthracite Advanced.
Sew York, Oct. 26. Tho eastern an
thracite sales agents report a conclusion
not generally expected. They decided to
advance prices and put no limit on the
production of couL This is an unusual
proeeling. Heretofore production hits
iieen limited and this limitation has btn
depended upon to maintain and even ad
vance prices. Tho Lackawanna com
pany especially takes the ground that
there should he no curtailment of produc
tion. A company which can sell Its coal
according to it should be ullowed to scl!
all it can.
Tracer auii Hieedbaiu to Fight.
St. Louis, Oct. 2H lorn Tracoy and
Danny Nccdham wire mutched for a
twenty round fight for a purse of 11,510.
The fight will coiuc off at Madison. Ills..
one week from next Saturday night.
Purify yonr blood, tone up the svs-
tcm, and regulate the digestive or
gans by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Sold by all druggists.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Great Change of Management Sale
Is now on in full blast. The people are deriving the benefit of this great sale in a manner that
demonstrates very readily that
Good Honest Values for Little Money Is the Factor.
Look carefully. Don't buy a stitch until you have called upon us and found out for yourself what we are doing.
Men's Suits and Overcoats
Former Price $2?, Our Price $15 85
1500 " 10 85
10 00 7 85
" 800 5 85
Others as low as S3 85 at a x saving of
equal proportion.
Linea Col
lars. Coon Brand and
others equal
ly as pood,
Also Celluloid.
Saturday only.
Fleece Lined,
Ribbed, Bal
bripgan, 48c.
Sold every
where for 75c.
This is not mere talk, but SOLID FACTS. We save you from 20 to 40 per cent on every article you
buy of us. All mail orders must be accompanied with the cash.
MORRIS LEVI, General Manager.
S8. IS94-
I Wear
i Under-
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Can't shrink
9 Absorbs moisture 9
a Jams Hygienic Underwear a
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P f I wear that makes the
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Jaros Hygienic
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r l one cool in summer
warm in winter1
the ideal underwear
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