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0e Industry
On Tap everywhere.
Only Union labor employed.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success-
to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewerv I
tuber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Jock Islana Brewery, as wen as Julius Junge's
tiling Works, has one of the most complete
reWing establishments including Bottling de
cent in the country. The product is the
best. Beer is bottled at the brewery and
:iivereu iu ny yam-, uic in-cmes, ana may
ordered direct from the head offices on Mo-
: avenue by Telephone.
Sophosnora Preparing for Mlnimirr Work
Kills Himself.
Cambridge, Mam.. Dec. 8 Pierre J.
Guliok, a sophomore at Harvard, commit
tea suicide by shooting himself in hU
room In Divinity halt On his desk was
this note:
Whoever first enters this room, please
take this letter to T. Able. 8 Divinity
House, at once, and Rive him full charge.
uo not disarrange anything, especially on
this dusk.
On the desk were a number of letters.
all addressed and stamped. The suicide
was 21 years old, came of a missionary
family, and out of respect for the wish of
his wife, who died in Japan a year ago.
was preparing for missionary work. His
father, Luther Halsey Guliok, was a mis
sionary for forty years and died throe
years ago. Young Gulick for five years
had made his homo with his brother. Dr.
Luther Gulick, of Springflold, and was
graduated from the high school there.
He was a -member of the Snrinefleld hlsrh
school foot ball team and his brother is
an instructor In and writer on athletics.
No one knows any reason for the sui
Call for Rock Island
Brewing Co. Beer,
iilemen's Mackintoshes
: Extra Long Storm Proof Cape
-ntli-mcn Mackintosh Box Coats.
I.wlie Mackintoshes with plain
lios" Mackintoshes with silk lined
Mackintoshes with triple
iloul.lt-toxture Mackintoshes
plain raM's.
,!!' tlonlile-tcxtiire Mackintoshes
triple silk-lined capes.
,'' am! lSoys' Mackintoshes.
' and Bors' Rubber Clothing of
i quarters for Rubber Goods.
ubber Store, rione
207 llrsdv &trect, Davenport.
f 4&k'
j La I-p
i Break Wtatnt
tee our Fall
nd Winter Suits.
Our purpose in advertising is to let everybody
who buys clothing that is all mankind here
about know that our suitings are in, and the
finest ever displayed In the city. You are
respectfully invited to call and see the latest
in patterns and styles.
Call and leave your order.
Star Block, opposite Harper house.
Hekchant Taixoe
And Dealer in Men's Fine Woolens.
1706 Second Avenaa
Cyclone Roller Mills and
Jobber in Flour and Feed.
ii j
.... l:.fam.Til.alid hmell. lnfJ nrwj
i ". u . a.. stlil in lli'Jlll.
. . a- ms m jawij rairuni.
Wc trur'jt8 or by ELY liUOS- 66 V anca bU. IN. X-1
e Fashionable Merchant Tailor
Has the most replete line of new patterns in imported
and domestic suitings in the city.
of Holf a Million Dollars tn the
War Department.
Washington', Doc. 8. The annual re
port of Secretary Lumont shows a saving
of 5CO,000 in salaries and contingent ex
penses in the administration of the war
department at Washington, besides econ
omics in tho recruiting service, rents, eta
The cost of the army last year was $56, 039,
009. By May 1 next the infantry will bo
completely equipped with the new maga
zine rillo. He estimates the total cost of
finishinir tho armament of our twenty
eight chief seaports at 20,30,9S7 for
guns; rJ.801,lJ0 for mortars; 12,500,000
for gun carriages; fo,2&2,tJO for mortar
carriages; total, including contract work.
$50,277,248. Tho secretary recommends
the erection of a statue to Grant at tho
national Capitol, where there now is
none. ;
Japs Dividing l p China.
Victoria, B. C, Dec. 8. The stenmer
from Yokohama brings advices from
Japan up to Nov. 17. The Japanese news
papers are amusing themselves by pub
lishing maps of China in partitions show
ing tne condition which it will assume
after tho war has had its full effect. Most
t these maps represent Japan in posses
sion of t ormosa, and the provinces of
Shinging, Chihili, Sang, Guing, Kiangsu,
Chcklang and Fuhkien and others. To
England are assigned Kwang Tung, Hu
nan, Hupeh aud Shensi; to Germany,
Kwangsi. Kwclchow and Halnau, and to
ranee, I unnan, Szcchuun and Kangsun.
The territory of Mongolia is set apart for
Bayard Honored by the Soot.
London, Dec3.. Mr. Bayard presided
last night at the 2:!l)tli anniversary festival
of the Scottish Corporation. Never in the
long history of tho Scottish Corporation
has a similar compliment been paid to
any other foreign ambassador or minister.
In the course of a speech he said: "Tho
first aud foremost name that we Amer
icans must revere is that of Washington ;
hut scarcely second is that of a man of
Scottish birth and blood, Alexander Ham
ilton." The banquet broke up with chocrs
for Mr. and Mrs. Bayard and tho singing
of "The Star Spangled Banner," during
which everybody present stood.
Murphy Will Case.
San Francisco, Dec. . The celebrated
Murphy will contest, which has agitated
California social circles for many months,
was decided in the state supremo court by
the overruling of a decision rendered by
Judge Henshaw In tho superior court of
Alameda county. The decision sustains
and orders probated the will of Anna L
Murphy, the mother, who died in Lon
don, England, inlMU. It is a signal victory
for the unmarried daughters, Mary
Nolan, Frances Josephine, and Mary
Margaret Arbclla, and a crushing defeat
for the other daughter. Lady Anna Wool
sey of England, and the brothers, Samuel
S., and Daniel T. Murphy.
Chicago Man Missing.
Chicago, Dec. 3. No clew has yet been
secured to the whereabouts of S. W.
Kidcrbcrg, who for eight years has been
chief deputy in County Clerk Wulff'g of
fice, and who has been missing since
Thursday. There are two theories afloat
regarding his mysterious disappearance.
One is that either overwork, a disap
pointment In political ambition or anxi
ety over tho knowledge that he would
loe his position unhinged his mind and
that he has wandered away from, home
while deranged.
The other theory is that he Is short in
his accounts, but that has not been verified.
Early In the Field.
Dethoit, Mich., Dec. 8. Although Gov
ernor Rich still has two years to serve a
candidate is already in the field as his suc
cessor in the person of ex- Congressman
James O Donnoll of Jacksun, a Repub
lican, a popular citizon, and a strong run
ner in a political contest. Mr. O Donnell
says: Most men wno wane omce say
their friends want thorn to run. I say I
want my friends to help me, and so I
don't see any need of denying that I am a
candidate. I expoct to be nominated and
Hogg Is After Soma More.
Jeffeksos City, Mo., Doc. 8. A req-
uistion has been sent here from Texas for
the arrest and delivery to that state of the
officers of the Waters-Fierce Oil company,
who reside in St. Louis. This firm was
recently indicted in Texas ou a charge of
violating an anti-trust law. Counsel for
the company appeared before Governor
Stone and submitted an argument against
honoring tho Texas requisition. Gov
ernor Stone has taken the matter under
Backet Shop Men Indicted.
Chicago, Dec. 8. The grand jury has
finished its consideration of the bucket
hop keepers and found sufficient evi
dence on which to base indictments
against sixteen of the keepers.
Detroit Schools Bemalat Closed.
Detroit, Deo. 8. President Clark of
the board of education announces that on
account of the prevalence of diphtheria
the public schools will remain closed an
other week.
Two Americans Saw
Camp la Tarki
Messrs. Allen and Sachtleben, who
went around the world on bicycles, give
the following account of one of their
experiences in Turkestan:
One of the chief incidents of our
pleasant sojourn was afforded by Gov
ernor Ivanoff. We were invited to head
the procession of the Cossacks on their
annual departure for their summer en
campment in the mountains. After the
usual religious ceremony they filed out
from the city parade ground. Being un
avoidably detained for a few moments,
we did not come up until some time
after the column had started. As we
dashed bv to the front with the Ameri
can and Russian flags fluttering side by
side from the handle bars, cheer after
cheer arose from the ranks, and even
the governor and his party doffed their
caps in acknowledgment.
At tho camp we were favored witn a
special exhibition of horpemanship. By
a singlo twist of the reins the steeds
wonld fall to the ground, and their rid
ers crouch down bohind thorn as a bul
wark in battle Then, dashing forward
at full speed, they would spring to the
ground and leap back again into the
saddle, or hanging by their legs would
reach over and pick np a handkerchief.
cap or a soldier supposed to be wound
ed. All these movements we photo
graphed with our camera.
Of tho endurance of those Cossacks
and their Kirghiz horses we had a prac
tical test Overtaking a Cossack courier
in the early part of a day's journey, he
became so interested in tho velocipede.
as the Russians call the bicycle, that he
determined to see as much of it as pos
sible. Ho staid with us the whole
day, over a distance of C5 miles. His
chief compensation was in witnessing
the surprise of the natives, to whom he
wonld shout across the fields to come
and see the tomasha, adding in explana
tion that wo were the American gentle
men who had ridden all tho way from
America. Our speed was not slow, and
frequently the poor fellow would have
to resort to tho whip or shout: "Slow
ly, gentlemen. My horse is tired. The
town is not far away. It is not necessa
ry to hurry so."
The fact is that in all our experience
wo found no horse of even the famod
Kirghiz or Turcoman breed that could
travel with tho same ease and rapidity
as ourselves even over tho most ordina
ry road. Contury.
Low Katca the Boata.
On November 20th, December 4th
and 18th, the B., C. R. ft X. Rv. will
sell excursion tickets to points in the
south and west at extremely low
rates. Tickets will be sold to the
following territory: All points ii
Oklahoma, Texas and Indian Terri
tory. To points in southwestern
Missouri and eastern Kansas, includ
ing- St. Joseph, Atchison, leaven-
worth and Kansas Citv. Tickets are
pood 20 days from date and stop over I
will be allowed.
For further particulars call on sta
tion ajrent or address
J. MORTOS. G. T. ft P. A.
Cedar Rapids, la.
The A rocs, only 10c a week.
Did yon ever see one of the famous
waterproof Interlined Collars or Cuffs t
It's very easy to tell, for they axe all
marked this way
They are the only Interlined Collars
and Cuffs, and arc made of linen, cov
ered with waterproof "Celluloid."
They'll stand right by you day in and
it .ana Uiey arc all marked tnis wy
irst cost Is the only coat, for
they keep clean a long time, and when
soiled you can clean them is a minute
by simply wiping off with a wet cloth
that is the kind marked this way
Th e i
These collars and cuffs will outlast
six linen ones. The wearer escapes
laundry trials and laundry bills no
chafed neck and no wilting down if
collar marked this way
you ETt
a-w mm
A Oarer Marriage Ceremony.
A queer marriage ceremony was that
in Queen Elizabeth's reign, before the
deaf and dumb alphabet was invented,
between Thomas i'ilshy and Ursula
Bridget. Ursula could talk fust enough,
but Thomas was a deaf mute, aud as it
was required that promises should be ex
changed in spoken words nobody knew
how to manage the tiling. Finally tho
bishop of .Loudon helped to devise a
service by sius, and Thomas proceeded
Having first taken Ursula in his arms,
be took her by the hand and pnt the
nuptial ring on her finger. He then laid
his right hand significantly on his heart,
and afterward, putting their palms to
gether, extended both his hands toward
heaven. Having thus sued fur divine
blessing, he declared his purpose to live
with Ursula till death should separata
them by closing his evelids with his
fingers, digging the earth with his feet
as though he wished to make a hole in
the ground and then moving his arms
and body as though he were tolling i
funeral bell. Pittsburg Dispatch.
A Comfortable Route to Catlforn la.
During the winter you should pat
ronize the I'hulips-Kock Island ex
cursions that run from Chicago and
Minneapolis erery Tuesday, and via
Kansas City, lopcka, Wichita, it
Worth and fc.1 l'aso, lands vou at
Los Angeles the following Saturday
The trip is quick and cheap, for a
second-claBS ticket takes you on
fast, first-class train, and sleeping
car all the way only costs f 6 from
Chicago, St. Paul or Minneapolis, and
uut to ironi Kansas city.
W rite at once for a folder that
gives route and time table, and any
ticket agent can give you the rate for
a cheap ticket that permits you to
ride on the fastest trains, and for
small amount additional (mentioned
above) you have "A Through Sleep
These tourist excursions are a pop
ular mode ol travel, and in winter
this is a popular route.
John Sebastiax. G. P. A.
Prettiest Wirl la Towa
has been usinr Parks1 Tea and she
savs: "My complexion is very much
improved. That muddy look is all
gone. 1 take a cup of Parks1 Tea
three nights a week and I feel just
elegant." Sold by Harts & L'lle-
Coal Market.
Hard coal, all sizes, per ton. . . .7 50
Discount for .cash, per ton 25
Cannel coal per ton 6 00
Indiana block per ton 4 00
Kentucky lump Tier ton 4 25
manage auuea on less than ton or
ders. L. G Fbazeb.
i V JT 3C. X: V JC. X JflXv Jf, JTvJT J s jCWVtxt
Oreg-oa Baak Robbed.
Portland, Dec. 8. Tho Union Savings
and Loan Association bank was entered
by burglars and the safe blown open and
robbed of fS.wO in cash.
Ives Flays Phenomenal Militant.
Chicago, Dec 3. Another world's bill
inrd record has boen broken. In a practice
game Frank Ives made a run of Kll. This
is not only the biggest run on record, an
chor barred, but by running the game out
in three inuingj Ives mode an a srago uf
J0 for a 600 point game.
Rudy's Pile Suppository is guaran
teed to cure piles and constipation
or money refunded. Fifty cents per
oox. feena stamp lor circular and
free sample to Martin Rudy, Lancas
ter. Pa. For sale by T. H. Thomas
and Harts ft Bahnseu, druggists.
bock tsiana. xu.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Ask your dealer first, and take noth
ing that lias not above trade mark, if
you desire perfect satisfaction. All
others are imitations absolutely.
If you can't find collars or cuffs
marked this way, we will send vou a
sample postpaid on receipt of price.
collars, 25 cts. cacn. cutis $o cts. pair.
Give your size and say whether stand
up or turned-down collar is wanted.
Braaawar. HEW YORK.
We have also
Rubber Hose,
1610 Third avenue.
r-'-'.v.'-t a i rz ..g
At Bennett's
Glove and Fur Store.
The Largest and Best selection of
Gloves and Furs in the three cities at
160, Second avenue. Reck Island, HI.
If Not, Why Not?
Come and see the Heater, and judge its
merits yourself. Fifteen sold this sea
son, and more oinr. Call for descrip
tive circular.
U2 and 114 W. 17th street.
Telephone 11H.
V.t'l "1
And s complete line of
mixeu house and floor
paints, white lead, lin
seed oil, etc.
DICE 1W Fill fS
The New Merchant Tailor."
1822 B1XX3ND AVE
Harper Hcuss Block
& son
Painters and Decorators
SECP. 419 Seraatioath St SOCZ XSLA272). ILL.
All kinds of earpratcr
or doo ,
Office and Shop 721 Twelfth street
Goners.! Jotitirn? tnnt oa Sbort notles
sad ssUffactkia gTisTstiltisS
Wholesale PssWf and Importer of
Wines and Liquors
1616 aud 1(18 Third Ave
am aarls a nllsbl. SBoathls-, fnlaUc( ssdlds. Onlf ItaraUasj aM
to. pawstdrussaaaulo as assl. V f ou asat lb tsstt, (
Dr. PcaFc Pennyroyal Pillo
Timn hh Boons
Baths of all kinds, including
Turkish, plain, shampoo, elec
tric, electro-thermal, etc., may
be obtained at the Sanitarium
Bath Rooms, on the first floor of
the Harper House.
For Ladies From 9 a. m. to
12 m. on week days For Gen
tlemen From 6 a. m. to 7:30 a.
m., and from 2 p. m. to 9 p. m.
on week days On Sundays the
rooms will be open from 6 a. tn.
to 11 a. m. for Gentlemen only.
Electric and Electro-thermal
baths may be obtained at any
time during business hours.
Gymnasium connected with bath
TTipt ST sraarat. sate ar wrtals lr rssalt. Tbf mrtalne Or. Pss1s1
mas, saaa? acxe, flM. AtUtmt I'tAi. Ki rx isa i4 Utvclsad, W.
For sale by T. U. Thomas, Druggist, sole agent. Bock Island. I1L
t. T. Kcnsniu.
Tea BlosaaTtBLa.
Plumbers, Steam, Gas Fitters,
House Heatine and Sanitary Plumbing. Basement Rock Island Nat. Bank
Proicielorot af the Brads atruat
AJ t ads f Cat Wimmnn winstamis oa asaa.
On block fross Central Park, larrest la Iowa,
Ptr Hints
SMI Krads sues. Dssausort. la
la Wall street snceussrnnresnica oa with tlx
aid of our SlU? Sirs tsnsr sod pm
phlrts on specaistlua.
MjiLtD Fan.
DtsoKtlona-y Aecovn'r a specls'tr. D'rrct wire
froai our oftice in H West tn Vuloa Teli'gm'h
unces la las I nuua hhh.
iOBI BCHATEB, Proprietor.
. Onraataf tlrnasts tUsH. Omsnslarsr1
All Infinraiation FRE. Bank Kfcrrncea. I
OECHAn AC3aawinin; T hechclccrtWine. Lfauon, Beer and Cieart alv.avi on Hand
Mo. il Btuadwar, KXW TOKS CUT I

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