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Would like to whisper in your ear that it is foolish
to pay higher prices for an article when you can save
from io to 25 per cent by trading with us. This
week we will give the economical buyers prices that
will surely bring them to us. These prices com
menced Monday, Dec. 3, and will continue thi entire
Ladies' Mittens.
t - ii.,.' linn lilackiSaxonv donbln
13" 1 1 - 1 .
nitten. regular price 50o, this sale
'5c. 1 osllivoiy enn pair oniy to a
"Stonier, and none before sale.
Cardigan Jackets.
K...niunpiniT Tuesday mnrnintr
l Clii"1 p. - h'
. - i:i linm! Mark Curd i (ran iaot-
1 .3' ' 1 ' e J
ocvcleis, made of the best
mni-h wool varn, mr mis saie tyc,
,.rth 160. Only about 25 of
.l .... ;n tni'k and can't be renlaced
itbin 50 per cent of what we are
wlliti- them at.
Cloaks, Capes, Furs.
Ladies cloak, $4.88 anil up to
.;. Latest styles. New poods.
ladies' seal rapes $1.V75 and up.
Ladies' coney rapes f G and up.
We have everything in furs and
cik. :ind will, commencing on
fiiediliiy morning, throw out a
iff line of children's cloaks, age 4
,.-ar at l''c: advance 25c for each
sizes 4 to 1 years. Think
L.i'Iie' waists in flannel, three
plaits, hack and front, large
."ii yard black satin ribbon. No.
3. regular price 18c, for this sale 9c.
.W yard silk, in canary yellow
ami saire green, regular retail price
$.c: fur this sale 33c.
Just tn acquaint yon with our
tT department, we will sell our
Ji- dressed doll for this week at
i. Only one to a customer.
To lioom our crockery depart
m.nt we have placed our tine gold,
ilwrated cups and saucers worth
np to i'Je for 25c. Take your pick,
;.5c. Take rour choice. 25c.
Furniture Given Away.
A large line of elegant furniture given away when you have
traded (15 to $25. It is not necessary to trade it all at one time.
Trade at your convenience, and all purchases will count toward
these presents.
Sole Agency for Imperial Pinned Paper Patterns.
Mr Pictures
Now is the time before the Christmas
rush. Beautiful mouldings just in and
going at the very lowest figures.
Adams Wall Paper Company,
310, 312 and 314 Twentieth street.
Biggest Store. Biggest stock in the throe cities.
Prevention Costs $$
Cure Costs from 2Sc to
Means more than you imagine. Serious and
fatal disease often result from cold, damp feet
and poorly constructed shoes. Don't miss na
ture's greatest gift. Health protect your feet
with our
$5 Cork Sole
1 ::t Always Warm and Dry. Great Health Preservers.
He Can Please You.
Childrens' Picture Books.
16 pages. Raynard, the fox, 5c.
16 pages. Gee Who,. 5c.
16 pages. Little Curly Locks, 5c.
32-page picture book 9o. The
largest book ever offered at the
price. These are beautiful covers
In gold and a decided hit for the
price. Buy now.
Shakespeare's work, bound in
cloth, three volumes, for this sale,
Story of the bible in poetry and
song, being a narrative of the prin
cipal events of the bible, as told by
the poets. Illustrated with the
Ior Hoffman and Pfaurschindt en
graving. Edited by Dale. Bound
in morocco, with full gilt edge,
first quality paper, for this sale
49c. A beautiful Xmas present.
Premier Epg Cups.
It is made of china, and is dura
ble and pretty. We have one and
two egg sizes. No shells; no un
certainty. You break the egg into
the cup, screw on the cover and
boil the egg in the cup instead of
the shell, and serve the egg in the
same china cup.
Men's Underwear.
500 men's heavy undershirts, dis
played in some clothing houses for
$1; our price for this sale 40c.
150 dozen children's gold but
tons, usual retail price 15c per doz
en, for this sale 4c
Wrappers and tea gowns from
78c up.
Six-foot curtains. Hartshorn rol
lers, all mounted, ready to put up,
for this sale 15c.
Children's chairs 10c np.
Children's toy carts 10c.
Tripple-plate'd napkin ring 13c
for this sale.
Highly decorated jardinicrs, in
brown, gold, blue, green, etc.
8-in., 75c; 9-in., 9Sc; 10-in., f 1.50;
12-in., fl.75.
Japanese cat basket 2c.
$5 Cat F Lined
Frightful Fate of Miss Mary
Miller Near Preemption.
Her Brother to Throws From Boad Cart
by a Frightened Horse Unlnjared, bat
She In Caught and Hauled Over the
i rotted Five Miles, Causing a Horrible
Miss Mary Miller, a resident of
Bowling township, five miles north
of Preemption, met a horrible death
abont 6:80 yesterday afternoon while
crossing the railroad track near the
latter place, being dragged behind a
roaa cart to tier home, five miles
distant, before the murderous course
of the animal was stopped, when the
umonunate woman's body was ex
tricated, a ghastly mangled corpse.
Cause of the Fatality.
Miss Miller was returning from a
visit in the vicinity in company with
her brother Edward, when she met
her untimely ending. Approaching
me railroad track inst south of Ire-
emption, the horse which Mr. Miller
was driving became frightened at a
passing hand car, and without warn
ing gave a quick plunge and started
to rnn away, throwing Mr. Miller
over backwards to the ground unin
jured. But his sister was less for
tunate. In falling, her foot became
fastened between the shaft and axle.
sealing her awful fate. Down the
road sped the frightened animal. with
its helpless victim undergoing
torturous death, within the sight of
her brother, who was thrown some
distance behind. The horse did not
stop until reaching home, where a
ghastly spectacle was presented, her
ooay being extricated a terribly lac
erated corpse.
The Shocking News.
The shocking news was immedi
ately communicated to her brothers
and 6ister living in this city, who
went to the unfortunate woman s
home in Bowling. Miss Miller was
29 years of age, and was keeping
nouse tor her two brothers, tdward
and Joseph, two well known farmers.
who, together with Mrs. F. ftach-
baur, Benedict and Gottlieb, of this
city, and Leopold, John and Louis,
01 Colorado, survive her.
Coroner's Inqnest.
Deputy Coroner L. V. Eckhart was
notihed and went out this morning,
empanneling a jury, composed of
George Y. Smith, E. C. Love, John
W. Johnston, James Martin, Frank
Buncher and Warren L. Eddv, which
returned a verdict that Mary Barbara
Miller came to her death from the in
juries of the accident.
J he funeral will be held from the
deceased's home, on the Monmouth
road in Bowling township, at 10
o clock W cdncsdav morning.
The Lower One to be Hnllt Next Spring
Beyond a Itonbt.
The lower bridge project, to the
prospect of the carrying out 01 which
reference has been frequently made
of late, under the purchase of the or
iginal charter held by the tri-city
capitalists, is practically assured, and
there is no further doubt that it will
be built early in the 8prinr. Mr,
Blair, of St. Iaul, who represents the
eastern capital interested id the mat
ter, is busy with the preliminaries to
be submitted for the final approval
of congress, and it is anticipated
that the lirst thing in the spring will
witness the actual beginning 01 oitcr
ations. Mr. Blair insists that there
are no railroads directly interested
in the present scheme, but that cer
tain railroads arc expected to take
advantage of it when completed.
The Plana rrouoaed.
The bridge proposed will be exclu
sively for railroad purposes, will
cost about 4M),o;0, and will stretch
from the point below the plow works
to the Davenport side. I he spans
will lie 200 feet in length, the draw
being 440 feet, with 200 feet opening
on either side.
Died for luty.
The Davenport Democrat has the
following account of the death of
Miss Thekla Heimbcck of that city
who is a sister of August Heimbeck
of this city, and Einil Heimbcck, of
Very sad were the circn instances
surrounding the death of Miss Thekla
Heimbeck, daughter 01 Mr. and Mrs.
Fred. Heimbeck, of this city, which
occurred at 4:4o Saturday morning,
Miss Heimbeck was only 27 years o
age. She was a trained nurse, and
was summoned to Preemption, 111
about three weeks ago to nurse som
diphtheria patients. Last week she
returned here, apparently in good
health, ana tooK cnarge 01 another
patient in Rock Island. Lntil tn
day morning sne attenaea to ner uu
ties as usual, but later in the day
she succumbed to the dreadful rtis
ease from which those she had cared
for at Preemption had suffered. Her
life was sacrificed to the duties of
the calling to which she had dedi
cated herself.
Afraid of Pneamonla.
Mrs. Catherine Black, of Le Roy,
N. Y., took a severe cold. The phy
sician feared pneumonia. She took
one bottle of Parks1 Cough Syrup and
says: "It acted like magic. Stopped
my cough and I am perfectly well
now. I recommend it to everyone
for throat and lung trouble, as I be'
Hove U saved my life." Sold by
Hartz Ullemeyer.
The Argus. 10c a week, delivered
every evening at your door. .
The Ward Caacnees Bator day Klght Dele
gates Neteeted.
The republican ward caucuses
were held Saturday night, obedient
to Chairman Steve Collins cail to
select delegates to the county con-
ention to be held tomorrow morning
to choose delegates to the judicial
convention. The various meetings
passed off without incident, the dele
gates named having orders from the
county boss to meet at the Lincoln
club rooms tonight to select a dele
gate at large. While there was some
interest manifested as to who should
ba the choice of the republican
county delegation, the caucuses were
all at sea, as all the republicans of
note had been worked by the candi
dates from the various counties, but
not having had speciLs instructions
from Mr. Collins, none felt like mak
ng any expression of preference.
The Caacuws.
The result of the various cuueuses
is appended:
rirst Ward 1 nomas Mnart was
chairman and E. B. McKown secre
tary. Delegates selected ara J. S.
McGarvey, Thomas' Smart, Charles
Youngberg, W il'iam (lahrgan, John
Hcveriing, Curries Kngel. t. B.
Kreis, J. H. Gardner, K. B. M-Kown
Second Ward E. E.Parmrnior was
chairman and W. II. Itankcr secre
tary. Delegates wore selected: K.
E. " Parmenter. H. Curtis. M. E.
Swecnev, Adair Plciants, Henry
Carse, Albert Johnson. W. B. Pettit,
Louis Eckhart, jr., William Baker,
Charles Oberg. J. H Cleland.
laird Ward v . u. .Jordan was
chairman and John liinck secretary
The delegates are: W. H. (lest, J. J.
Ingram, W. L. Ludolph, t S. Hull
Dr. C. B. Kinvon, Wiiliam Rnmskill,
W. W. Eggleston, Jnhn Hinck.
fourth V ari C. L. Walker pre.
sided and S. W. Sfisrle was secre
tary. Delegates: M. M. Sturgeon,
S. W. Searle. William Jacksor. C. L.
Walker, J. L. Haas. T. II. Thomas.
S. Matlison. G. H. AicKown, W. B.
Brtiner and S. J. Co" mis.
Fifth Ward J. 1. Kobinson pre
sided and 11. II. Clcnvcland wu sec.
retarv. The delegates: II. C. Cleave-
land, H. A. Weld. L. Stretnme!, Swan
Johnson, B. F. Knox, M. V. Archer,
C. Willis. J. F. Robiusi n.
Sixth Ward Williaai MoCf.noehie
was chairman and C. J. teaiie sec
retary. The delegates are: C. J.
Searle. William Edwards, Andrew
Bladel, H. B. Hubbprd, Bobert Lynn,
William Kennedy, Oliver Cramer, W
F. Schroedcr. 1 iiarlcs Li-rkin.
Seventh Ward F. .M. Sinnt pre
sided, and A. 1 Nelson olliciated as
secretsry. These delegates were ap
pointed: E. H. Guyer, F. M. Sin-
net, C. W. ross, H. II. Hull, . J
Gamble, A. E. Nelson, William Uobb
J. G. Lindholm. A. C. Peterson, H
Doerring, William Atkinson, A. W
In Moline the republicans held
mass convention at the Art gallery
with W. A. McBclh as cht.irtna'u
and W. F. F.ustnian as secretary
Delegates from the different ward
were elected as follows:
First Ward Swan Trop, C. H
Peterson, L. I. MeCord, George
Oldi'fest. Nelson Pierce, Emil Heim
beck, John A. Godehn, D. A. Thu
Second Ward A. II. Kohlcr, Wil
liam Butterworth, W. T. Ball. L.
Cralle, E. A. Edlund, H. Yierich. C.
II. Deere, C. G. Carlson, J. M. Hult
IC A. Smith.
Third Ward W. F. Eastman, J
A. Gcttemy, G. M. Ford, W. A
Meese, Frank Herbert. II. 11. Martin
Harry Ainswortb.F. W. Gould, C. I
Kneberg, George Chad iek.
Fourth Ward W. J. Entrikin, S
S. Cromptou, Charles Pcrrin. Kd
Cumpson, Milt McHmiey, L 11,
Dunn, C. F. Grants, C. F. K rns. S.
W. Odcll. C. O. Nason, J. H. Porter
II. J. Hull.
Fifth Ward ,lohn illiams. C. B
Guy, August M"lin. II. A. Anderson
Swan Bjorkluntl, C. W. Lundaiil, Au
gust Miedtke.
Sixth Ward Max Kroeger, N.
Blackman, Tom Welch. C. F. Hem,
enwav, John Johnson. E. M. Joukins.
Seventh Ward D. W. Gan blc.
C. Dailey, Swan DahllnTg. George
Lovejoy, r. G. Gould. i;u:us Walker.
E. B. Keator, A. B. Fi"k.
The country caucuses arc to be held
More Help for Ilminepln.
Mayor Vollmer, S. F. Smith, E. M
Sharon and Cant. Lon Brvson, of
Davenport, have returned from St.
I.ouis, where they attended the
Trans-Mississippi Commercial con.
vcntion. Mr. Smith was made
member of the river and barber com
mittce, and the followuig resolution
proposed bv him, was adopted:
Resolved, That the Illinois and
Mississippi canal ("known as the Hen
nepin canal) one section of which is
completed making now available
about twenty miles of canal tiaviga
tion, should be vigorously pushed to
completion thus connecting the
Mississippi river and the lakes, mak
ing a through water rmite from said
river to the eastern seaboard; and
Resolved, That we recommend an
annual continuous appropriation by
congress sufficient to complete the
same as epeeany ns possible.
It Does et Coat Anything
to try Parks1 Sure Cure. A specific
cure 01 an diseases peculiar to worn
en. Ask your druggist our guaran
teed plan" Sold by Uartl & L'lle
Kewvoal Tar.
The Empire Coal company has
opened a coal yard for the sale of the
celebrated utlcbrist. Mercer county
coal. . Office in the Diamond Jo ware
house, corner of Seventeenth street
and the levee. Telephone 1105.
ueorge jjaniont, agent.
erne Irwta ana Joha Brlseaw KOleal at
Elailra, Cat.
Information has just been received
here of the killing of Yertte Irwin,
formerly of this city, and John Bris-
cow (colored), of Kock Island, two
boys about 15 years of ae, near tl
riiira, Cal., by being run aver by a
train of cars, while asleep on the
track in company with a couple of
tber boys, who were also killed, tbe
latter part of last week.
Becoming hungry after a day s
walk, and night drawing upon them,
the young fellows, several in number,
had started a bon tire on the railroad
track with which to warm some eata
bles. They gathered around the lire
and fell asleep, from which they
never awoke, a passing train during
the night having killed and mangled
veryone of them. . 1 he two boys,
together with their companions.
were buried by the Elmira author!
ics a conple of davs ix-fore their sad
fate became known here.
Kan Away From Home.
Irwin's parents, who formerly lived
n the lower end of the citv, some
time ago moved to Alexis, 111., while
the colored boy, Briscow, resided
with bis step-father and mother, Mr,
and Mrs. tieorge Hubbard, at 514
Kin tit h street. Unknown to their
parents, the boys ran away from
ionic about three months ago, anil
heir whereabouts was a mvslerv un
til the shocking news of their fatal
accident was learned yesterday.
Police Folcta.
Swan Nelson, arrested Friday for
drunkenness, became sufficiently
thawed out yesterday, and was re
Magistrate Schroedcr dismissed
the peace warrant case preferred by
Lottie, agaanst her husband, George
Morrow, tins morn leg.
The wires of the burglar alarm at
the People's National bank becoming
crossed about s o clock Saturday ev
ening caused an alarm to be sounded
at police headquarters. Officers
were on the scene in a very few min
utes, thinking it to be a case of bank
robbery. It caused no end of excite
ment for a short while, a large crowd
having gathered.
The two fellows arrested atBarean
Junction Saturday on suspicion of
being connected with the C, K. I. tc
P. ticket office looting, were identi
tied and brought bask to this city in
company with Detectives Flynn and
McClaughlm. of the Bock Island
road, and Chief of I Vice McGuire, of
Bureau Junction. They were locked
up in the county jail, giving their
names as Eddy Connor and frank
Daniels, and their home as Memphis
Minn. A charge of robbery has been
preferred again3t them, and they
are lieing tried this afternoon before
Magistrate Schroedcr.
Dyspepsia seldom causes death
but permits its victims to live on in
misery. Hood's Sarsaparilla cures
dyspepsia and all stomach .troubles
Brings eom'o-t and isprsrement and
lends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The Many," who live bet
ter thsn others ana enjoy lite more, wilu
less expenditure, by more rrompliv
adsptinff the world's best pnduct to
the needs or Physical being, will attest
the value to health of the iure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellent is due to its presenting
in the form tno-t acceptable and pleas
ant tn the taste, the rcfreehincand truly
beneficial properties of a erlect lax
ative ; enectualiy cleaning the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and pernianrnt!y curi'ig constipation.
It has given satifactiou to millions and
met with the epproval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the KM
nevs, Liver and Rowels-without weak
euing them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup f Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and f 1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
tJo. on'y, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute 11 onered.
Call At
And Get
Bis Prices on
1717 Second At.
Plums for Early Choosers.
Cloaks and Jackets.
We have succeeded ia filling our
cloak room to repletion with the
choicest coats, jackets, cloaks and
capes it bai ever been oar pleasure
to exhibit. Nearly 400 latest, new
est and choicest garment of the
season just opened up. Many rare
bargain: were bought right, and
will be sold right; you will see how
some other's price suffer when
compared with oar. We wilt offer
some extra special drives in this de
partment every day this week.
Watch the daily papers.
On Toesdav six dozen (72) copper
bottom tea kettles 25c. none deliv
ered, take them yourself, only one
to each.
Iook oat for breaker all this
Big fine envelope 1c per pack
No. 7 stamped tin wash basins Sc
Thirty dozen ladies' mixel hose
Sc jier pair.
One hundred pairs bed blankets
59c per pair.
Look out for some rare bargains in our Milliney Dp part merit are
opening them now. but not quite ready yet. Ivecp your eye on our Millinery
Windows this week. Columbian souvenir half dollars given out in
change to customer in all parts of
1720. 1722. 1724.
Ladies' fine Dongola boot, patent tip. all
solid. Opera or narrow square toe. Best
shoe for the money ever offered.
Buys a better shoe, a little more style, and
wears better. Try a pair of these.
That's where we talk. Our Welts and
Turn boots can't be equaled at the price.
Lots of style. Fit guaranteed, and great
wearing qualities.
Men's Shoes
At $2.00 $2J0 and SJ.OO that are trade
162) Second Ave;. Under Rock Island House.
jV7e Ato Giving
Bigger value for your hard-earned dollar than ran
lie got elsewhere. SOMMERS & LaVIXLK i the
household word for
I Good Clothing
At cheap price. Time are bard, that's true, never
theless, we are selling good. And why? Because
we study your interest.
I Don't Rnn Away
With the idea that yon ran do better. Oar past
record proves our reliability. Strictly all wool
Hen's Salts, 3,
Bme as you pay f 10 and f 1 2 for. The 10 anJ fit
Overcoats must be seen and tried on. It wont take
you long to decide. Ladies are sarpriscd bow cheap
ly we dress their children in a nice stylish suit.
1804 Second Avenue.
New Books! New Books!
Bargains All.
We have just received some of the
most attractive Children's books we
have ever shown, newest, latest,
best. In orW to bring oar book
department sharply to the front,
and to quickly advertise oar large
line of Holiday Hook, we shall
name the following startling prices:
Youth' Golden Davs
m m
The Bovs' Bert Book J 14C
Tbe Girls' Best Book
200 illustration by best artist
These book are great elegant
volume, eaab book I'rinteJ and il.
lust rated in four different tint.
Usual price 40r, oar price 14c
Little Playmate
Merry Moment 9C
Happy Hoar )
All by noted authors, copiously
illustrated in the new tint, print
ed to correspond, worth four time;
our price, Ve each.
The last I the brl; 500 book,
ten different title, all for little
folk, with plenty of picture: and
printing: also, in tbe fonr new tint,
good value at 25e, onr -, Ac
These great bargain may n -t last
long, but we have thousand of
other to take their placts when
they go. Come early and look over
this elegant holiday assortment.
the store.
1726 and 1728 Second ave.
& LaVelle
One Priee.

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