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A Chicago Thvjr Just Set Free
From the Pen.
Kmmic la to Ufa af a Bad Citixea A
Mimioaary eirl FalU la Lot with Bla
Wail Saving Seal Later She XarrW
Hla Pal, and Xow the Oath Weala-He
Traia Hoabera birea Fatal Daet ef
Lead Slery af tha right.
Chicago, March 2St Dyer Scanlan, one
of the most desperate criminal who ever
operated in Chicago, has been just re
leased from Jolict after earring ten
years and tea months, less the time de
darted fur good behavior. The crime for
which this sentence was imposed was
committed May 10, l&g. Immediately
prior to It a large number of burglaries
had been committed on tbe south side,
and Scan Inn was accused of being con
nected with them alL On the night of
the day mentioned Officer Martin Nolan
was passing a bouse on Twenty -second
street, near Purple, when he heard shots
and found Scanlan and a man named
O'Neill quarreling. Scanlon had been
shot in the leg, but on the officer pre
senting himself both men turned on him
and Scanlan shot him, and for a time It
was supposed that he had fatally wounded
biin. The officer ultimately recovered,
FeitiOed Himself In a Monte.
Next day Inspector of Police John Bon
field, accompanied by Detectives Ben Will
iams, William Thorpe, and John Hanlcy
and a squad of patrolmen, surrounded a
house on Twenty-second street, near
Wt nt worth avenue, where Scanlan was
In hiding. When the police reached tbe
house they found it barricaded, and when
they showed themselves Scanlan opened a
fusillade and kept it up for half a day.
In the room in which be had shut himself
Alollte Mutt loaded up the revolvers as
fafct as he fired them oft". It was only after
bis ammunition was spent that he was
captured, f-canlan was tried for assault
with intent to kill Officer Nolan. He was
convicted July 21, lhtet
Romance la tha Life of a That-.
But the most interesting part of the
matter and the reason this story is told Is
a romance connected with Scanlan's ca
reer at this period. About tbe time of
his arrest Minnie. Crosby came to Chicago
from Grand Kapids, Mich., with the in
tention of devoting her life to reform
work among the lower classes. In her
frequent visits to the Jail she met Scanlan
and was strangely attracted toward him.
(She took a deep interest in his trial and
before his removal to Jolict promised
that on the day of his release she would
become his wife. From that time till a
few months ago she had appeared to be
true to her Tow, but about eight weeks
ago she was secretly married to Frank
Mi-ad, who at one time was Scenlan's
lieutenant, and since his arrest is credited
With being the leader of his gang.
Swear Yeageaaea Again Jf eedV
When Sranlan heard of the fickleness of
his betrothed and the perfidy of his friend
he retusod to believe it, and not until a
eoy of the marriage certificate was
shown him would be be convinced. He
then registered a solemn vow that he
would kill Frank Mewl as soon as he se
cured his liberty. Frank Mead Is believed
to have been formerly associated with a
noted criminal named O'Brien in many
burglaries committed in Hyde Park.
O'Brien was killed by a policeman
and then Mead is said to have joined him
self to the Scanlan gang. It is very
doubtful, however, if !canlan will be af
forded an opportunity of carrying out his
threat. Other crimes are laid at his door
for which he will have to answer before
he regains his full lilvrty.
Caafnaed ta art Another Free.
One of these is the murder of Officer
O'Brien, committed in 17. After his in
carceration in Juliet icanlan madea writ
ten confession of this murder, and it is
now proposed to make him answer for it.
The confession was made under peculiar
circumstances, lie had not been sus
pected of the crime. One Timothy Grady
was accused of it, arrested, tried and con
v.cUd, and sentenced to twenty-five years
Imprisonment in JolieU When Grady
r a hed the penitentiary Scanlan was be
lieved to be dying of consumption. It was
not thought he could live to finish his
t sentence, and so a confession was obtained
from him ly means of which a pardon for
Grady was secured from Governor Fifer.
Four Other Mardera A gainst Bins.
should he escape from that charge
through some technicality of the law
there are four other murders for which
he will have to answer. John McMahon,
treasurer of a division of the Ancient Or
der of Hibernians, was killed at his home
at Thirty-ninth and Laurel streets. He is
believed to have been one of Scanlan's
victims. Another was Owen Miller, a
saloon-keeper on Archer avenue, who was
killed while trying to protect his place
from a raid of burglars. The other two
were employes of the Panhandle road
named Hanlon and Cassidy. Scanlon has
boen a criminal all his life. He was con'
Vic ted of robbery at the age of 18.
A Soathera Hallway Adopts the Beat Care
for Traia Robbery.
ClSClSSATt, March 3. Six men who
tried torob a fast through passenger train
on the Cincinnati Southern road, near
Greenwood, Ky., made a mistake which
three of them did not have time to repent.
Their intentions had become known to
tbe railwi-y officials, so when the attack
was made the three armed men stowed
a war in the express car opened fire with
guns and without unnecessary delay, and
at the first volley three or tne ronoers
fell. The three others took flight, though
they are supposed to be wounded. The
attempt to rob tbe train was made at the
south end of what is known as tunnel
No. V. which is a mile north of Green
wood. Tbe signal to stop was g-ven, and
the engineer, acting under instructions.
obeyed it.
As soon as the six robbers were in sight
and had developed their purposes the
fusillade began from tbe express car.
where T. R. Griffin, superinten
dent of police of the road, was con
cealed with two of his men. The officers
turned loose with their guns, and one man
.fell dead, another was so badly wounded
that he died In Greenwood an bour later,
and a third lies at Greenwood without
hopes of recovery. Tbe three other men
shot back at the men on the train, but hit
nobody, and then betook themselves to
the woods. Tbe work was done so quickly
that hardly a passenger knew what had
taken place until the execution was over.
The train was delayed only ten mlnntea,
and reached Chattanooga on time.
A dispatch from Chattanooga give an
interview with the; engineer of the train
hho said: "We left Somerset on time. I
lowed down a little as we ran through
tunnel No. 9, about sixteen miles sooth
of Somerset, la Pulaski county, Ky.
About &J0 yards this side of the tunnel a
man on the track with a white light
lantern flagged me down. This is one of
th loneliest spots on the entire road.
There is not a house within two miles of
the place. In fact I don't know of a house
that is nearer than Greenwood. That
little station was about two miles to the
south. Tbe fellow in front kept swinging
his lantern. He stool in the center of
the track. I could not imagine what was
the matter.
'There was only one man In sight.
When I stopped to see what he was swing
ing the lantern for the fellow climbed
Into the cab and said: 'Stand here till I
tell yon to go on,' and pointed a pistol at
me. He stood on the leit side of the cab.
He looked like a desperado As near as I
can recollect he had a big black mus
tache, a slouch hat and rather seedy
slothes. He looked like a rough country
man. Tbe fellow did not say another
word, but kept his pistol pointed at me."
1 hen there was some tiring heard and
Kankin, my fireman, continued Spring
field, "looked out of the cab on his side
ind said: They've killed two of them.'
'But the fellow kept me covered with
his big gun and did not say a word. After
jne or two more shots were heard up in
front the robber dropped from the cab
and said : Tio ahead. I opened tbe throt
tle and we ran on to Cumberland Falls,
about four miles further down. After
the fellow told me to go ahead we had
gone but a short distance when Kankin
found a wounded man on the tender. e
stopped at Cumberland Falls, four miles
from the tunnel and put him oil, leaving
him in the telegraph office. They say he
was badly shot in the arm and side. He
said he was a tramp stealing a ride, and
that he was not with the train robbers,
but we do not believe it."
Clint F. All good, one of the detectives
who took part in the fight, was also seen
at Cbattnnooga, says that himself, Griffin
(the chief detective) and EJdy, tbe third,
were all armed with double-barreled shot
guns loaded with buckshot; that when
the train stopped by order of the robbers
he and Eddy got on the steps of It he
smoking car, Griffin being in the express
car; that three men passed Kddy, who
had hidden himself, and went into the
baggaure car; that he heard one of them
say, " Hands up, and later heard them
cursing because probably they had gotten
into the wrong car. They then came out.
A fourth man was on tbe bank by the
Two men then went to the express car.
and a big man man named Jesse Mor
row discovered Kddy and presented a
shotgun at him. Kddy was ready, bad
his gun on the robber, and shot him
dead. The other two men opened fire on
Kddy then, and one advanced on All good,
who fired, and the robber fell, but after
ward disappeared. During this time the
other detectives and the robbers were fir
ing and kept it up until the robbers dis
appeared thoe that could get away.
Jesse Morrow was a desperado, and the
people in the neighborhood are glad be is
d-ad. Thomas Morrow, bis son, was fa
tally wounded, and died later. Ihe other
man wounded, and who will probably die.
is named Martin. The leader of the gang
is named L nderwood. and is also a des
perado. He got away. Martin says he is
from Pennsylvania, and declares he was
not with the robbers but was stealing a
ride, and was trying to get out of the way
wben snot.
Tadrr Arrest lor Murder.
PlTTSBUKfl, March 2M Twelvo mem
bers of tbe "Bee" gang are in jail here
charged with being implicated in tbe
murder of Kearney Sutton, the non-union
glass worker, at Tarentum. George
McClelland, the leader of the gang, sur
rendered to the sheriff. He has two bul
let wounds as the result of the fracas.
Three of the prisoners have made confes
sions, from which it is evident that the
motive of the murder was robbery and not
bad feeling against a non-nnion workman
as was supposed.
Be Says the Case Will Be Tried la Court,
Not la tha Kewtpapers
Peoria, Ilia, March 28. President
Greenhut, of the Distilling and Cattle
Feeding company, is back in Peoria
after a protracted absence. He treated
newspaper charges against himself with
contempt, saying they were unworthy of
notice. The latest charge that the offi
cers had appropriated to their own use
400,000 or so of rebates from railroads he
pronounced on a par with other accusa
tions, it not being backed by any author
ity. He said he was not worried by any
thing that had been said against him.
" e have not done anything here, he
observed, "that was not legal and proper.
Newspapers are not tbe proper place to
try these matters. I want these people
who make these charges to produce them
in the proper place, and I will hold them
accountable for them. 1 will be on hand
at the proper time to answer any charges
thit may be made against me In the proper
way." Charles H. Garstin, who has been
agent of the fast freight lines especially
favored with shipments by the Distilling
and Cattle Feeding company, said he did
not know of any rebates being given tbe
company. ,
Coming Over ta Claim mm miaa.
Losdos, March "S. Hon. George Cur
io n, M. P., son of Lord Scarsdale, will
sail for New Tork on the White Star
line steamer Majestic on April 10. His
marriage with Miss Mary Leiter, daugn
teroi Mr. L, Z Letter, of Chicago, will
take place in W ashlngton on April 3J.
Coarnnandgr Mtehlgaa . A. K.
Mr. Clemens. March So General S.
B. Da boil of St. Johns, was elected de
partment commander of the Michigan ii.
A. H. on the first ballot.
The fact that Hood's Sarfapanlla.
once fairly tried, becomes the favor
ite spring; medicine, speaks volumes
lor its excellence and merit.
Eight Lives Lost and Several
Persons Badly Burned.
Five af the Kiae Children Perfahlag ta
Their Banting Houae Another Fatal
Blase That Baa Caaae gnspieiM af
Crime n.h.mn Go Dsn la a Gale
Oft- Newfoundland Eipleeioas Add to
the Daily Death Roll.
MlSOT, N. D., March 2S. The resi
dence of Phoenis Chrisiensen, a carpen
ter, was eensumed by fire. Five children,
ranging In age from 3 to 13 years, perished
In the flames.
The mother and father with four other
children escaped. One of the rescued
children was badly burned, but will re
cover. The fire is supposed to have caught
from a stove in the kitchen.
FKXTOS, Mich., March i'i The farm
house of Frank Annis, north of the vil
lage, was burned, and Mrs. Annis per
ished in the flames. An inquest is being
held and the testimony thus far is rather
damaging to Mrs. Annis' l.usband. His
10-year-old daughter has testified to facts
which tend to show that tbe house was
set on firo. Annis says he had gone for
physician to attend his wife when the
lire started.
Milwauk.es, March 88 A special to
The Wisconsin from West Superior says
an oil stove exploded in the house of J.
P. Nelson, a dairyman, fatally burning a
baby and a 10-year-old boy. Mrs. Nelson
and another son were seriously burned.
Uany Newfoundland Fishing; Boats Caught
In tha Keeeat dale.
Halifax, N. S., March as. Captain
Angrove of the British steamer Si Pierre,
from Newfoundland, reports several losses
in the recent gale. The schooner Car
lino was rafted under. The crew barely
escaped with their lives to the ice. The
schooner Louie I), was crushed and sunk;
the crew was saved. Ihe schooner Kay
lost two men, Fred Dix and John Rjse.
James Small and his son William put oif
from Codroy in a small n.-itlioat to take
seals, which could be seen from the shore.
The wind changed and e.lrovc them oil
shore, and they have not been seen or
heard from silica.
Fatal Uoiler Explosion,
SnKLBYVlLLB, Tenn., March -TS. The
boilers at Johnson's mills, on Sugar
creek, five miles from town, exploded.
killing klijab Cunningham and seriously
injuring Humphrey Cunningham. The
two boys were in a wagon at the mill door
wh?n the explosion occurred. The mule
bitched to the wagon was killed by the
explosion and the boys blown a consid
erable distance. Several other persons
were more or less injured.
Fatally Burned by aa F.iploaion.
Newcastle, Pa., March 2a John
Palavant, a boarder at the honse of Will
iam Lewis, walked into the cellar with a
lighted match when an explosion took
place which wrecked the bouse and
knocked Palavant insensible. His cloth
ing cauirht fire and he was fatally burned
before being rescued by Lewis. Mrs.
Lewis and three children were thrown to
the fl r hy the force of the explosion and
badly injured.
Cat to Pieces hy a Train,
New Yoke, March SS. John Shaw, CO
years old, fell from the Western (limited)
train of the New Yore Central in the
Park avenue, tunnel at Sixty-seventh
street and was cut to pieces. Ho was em
ployed as head of a department by New-
sheslin & Co., cloth dealers. He was on
bis way to Chicago on business for the
firm. He leaves a widow and three cull
Death from a Football Injury.
Washington, March 28 Baben, the
Georgetown football player who was In
jured in the Thanksgiving Day football
gamo with the Columbia Athletic club
team, died at the Emergency hospital
yesterday afternoon.
Murderer Collapses and Bis Wife and
Children Scream.
CHICAGO, March 28. Sidney Cooper,
charged with murder, fainted when
placed on trial before Judge Sears. His
wife screamed and his children shrieked.
A physician was called and Cooper was
restored in a few minutes. His wife was
led from the court room and fell in a
waiting room in a fit of hysterics and re
quired medical attention. Sidney Cooper
shot George Adams in front of a saloon
st 211 Twenty-sixth street, Oct. 11 last.
Both Cooper and his victim were colored
and had worked together In restaurants
as waiters.
The murder is said to have been cold
blooded and cruel in the extreme. Cooper,
it is alleged, stood over Adams, who was
on his knees begging for mercy and fired
two bullets in his body. Adams died in
tbe Provident hospital. Cooper escaped
but was caught in St. Louis tbe first of
the present year. When Assistant State's
Attorney Pearson began examining tales
men he anted the nrst one if be would in
flict the death penalty In a proper case.
It was this question that caused Cooper to
Arrested for 8wii dung.
CAliKOILTOX. Ills., March SS. Jona
than Pierce of Fayette was arrested on
the charge of swindling Charles Wallers,
a prominent Green county fanner, ont of
foJOL Pierce and a third man, whose
name ta not known, contracted to sell
Wallers S3.00J in "green goods" for ti-0.
Wallers paid tbe foA) to the third man.
who stepped into a house in this city to
count out the 3,(XKi for Wallers. Instead
of returning be went ont of the back dour.
and be has not been beard of since.
Pierce will be given a preliminary trial
next Monday, wben It is expected a nest
of green goods men will be unearthed.
conghing around. Yon can stop it
if you want to by nsing Parks1 Cough
Svrur. If it doesn't cure too. too
can get your money back. Sold by
nartz at iiiemeyer.
Corrected Daily by eiater Montrose,
1830 Second Avenue.
Stocks, Bonds, Grain and Provis
ions bought and sold. Private wires
to Chicago and New Tork.
Open - High Lew Close
Csb M
May W4 55' 4 51 H '.
Jaly 86 - 5S' BS)
Cash M
Mav .... 4Mi '
Jaly ess s '
Cash t
Ma H 4 SH
Jaly 29 sS
Cash 1 SI
Mar IS 45 13 SO -12 1i .5
Jaly 12 67 IS 67 IS 55 IS 63
Cash S 97
Ms T 05 7 07 7U 707
July 7 53 7 2i 710 Is
Cash... 6 S3
Mar S SS SO S22 S SO
July S tl 45 S 8a 45
Nh - W
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder. Highest of
all in leavening sirenstn. Latest Cniud State
Government food Eeport.
Rotal Bakins roaDKB Co.. ins Wall 8u M. T.
Virginia Land
Seekers' Excursion
Tuesday, April 2, 7 p. m.
Stopping at Lynchburg, Rich
mond, Norfolk and other
points in Virginia. Une fare
for tbe round trip. Tickets
good for 30 days. For cata
logue and other, information
Farm News, Springfield, O. .
Gen'l T. P. A.,
Cincinnatti, O.
The Portage Entry
Quarries Co.,
Sncccssors to the Portage
Kcd Stone Co., also to Furst
Neu & Co.,
Security Building, Ninth
Floor, Madison Street and
Fifth Avenue,
Is a Chance
Woodyatt Music House
N. B. Or send ns four two
cent stamps and we will
mail the book to you.
March 26 and 27, 1895, we
will hare a complete line of
Pattern Hats and Novelties.
Please give ns a call.
Kirs. S. Schmidt.
1805 Secon. avenue.
Wishes to move . .
Every dollar's worth of Winter Clothing.
To accomplish this we will give the people
the greatest chance they have ever had to
secure a first class suit at a third class price.
We Have Inaugurated a Great r
$5 Men's Suit Sale
Suits worth twice as much, suits worth three
times as much, will be sold at this special
sale for the one price, $5.
All the broken lots in our great big store
go at the same price at this big sale.
The Blue Front.
Visit our furniture depart
ment. Lowest Prices.
AH New Goods.
He Ml Mm
Haicot Co.,
324. 326. 328 Brady St.,
Spring 1895,
Up to Date Footwear.
Ladies' Razor. (Square and Needle.)
Gents Patent Leather Razor, Vici Kid
Tan Elite, and Elite Russia calf tan.
A few small sizes still left, and going
at big reductions.
162) Second Ave., Under Rock Island House.
See our New
And Latest Suits.
Oar purpose in advertising- is to let everybody
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about know that our suitings are in, and the
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