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We have Something New to Offer You
"jrHJS may seem unseasonable to you, but peo-
pie are thinking of the repairs and im
provements they will make in their homes this
spring.1' If it is possible to arrange itHyou ought
to have a fire placewith a grate set in Enam
eled Tile. Prices are lower now than ever be
fore. Examine our stock. It will be wonh
your while to do it. You may see what you
want at
Corner Third Ave. and Twentieth St.
Rock Island. 111.
Home Industry
On Tap everywhere.
Only Union labor employed.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery, I.
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, has one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment in the country. The product is the
very best. Beer is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to any part of the tri-cities, and may
be ordered direct from the head offices on Mo
line avenue by Telephone. ' -
Call for Rock Island
Brewing Co. Beer.
w w m mmm wax-
7, t
V "
The Fashionable Merchant Tailor
Has the most replete line of new patterns in imported
and domestic suitings in the city.
mi kcoid mm.
Merchant Tajloe
And Dealer in Men's Fine Woolens.
. .
1706 Second Avenue.
rs i Allaya lain ! Ui.i.nll. Hasls , J." aM
Glm krUrf at oca for ( oldinti
II is tmieilw A
1 M a.w la.
I Me. ftraoiaMrhr
J0H1 M HAFK2, Tt r o-
d Avesae, Comer ot Six siatx MM' - -
Onsssns reefs Taartre
The choicest Wine, Liquors, Beer and Cigars always on hand
tvaxy .
State Department Still Unin
formed About His Case.
Cwawnt m tlie TVlrgraas from OoT.rcor
Morrill Probability That a Statement
WU1 Be Askew by Cable from the Coo
sa la Nearest the frceae "aaia Explains
Her Delay In tbe Alliaaei Matter Ho
Klaley ritioa ra silver Officially
WAsniXGTOH, March Si. It was said at
the White House yesterday afternoon that
the telegram from Governor Morrill, of
Kansas, urging the president to take ac
tive measures " at once for the protection
and release of ex-United States Consul
Waller, reported to have been unjustly
imprisoned by the French government in
Madagascar under the sentence ot a court
martial, had not yet been received by the
president. The state department has had
no confirmation of the report from United
States Consul Wetter, at Tamatare, nor
from Mr. Campbell, oar consul at Mau
ritius, which is the nearest cable point to
Madagascar. It is probable that the gov
crnor's message may cause the state de
partment to cable to one of these consuls
for an account of the affair, instead of
waittan until a report comes t hand
through the mails from this remote point,
which though it might be suCMcnt in an
ordinary cuso would hardly meet the re
quirements of a case involving the im
prisonment of an American citizen.
. Morrill's Coarse Ratbi-r UnusfSmL
Governor Morrill's coursa in addressing
himself directly to the prfe-ilnnc in such
a matter is said to be cnusuil, but may
perhaps be based npon the prcceJcut set
by tho state department ia c.illin? upon
tbe governor af Louisiana and tho gav
crnor of Colorado recently to protect citi
zens of foreign countries within their re
spective states. There seems to be an im
pression, based upon letters alleged to
have been written by Mr. Waller to
friends in this country as we.'l as to the
state department, renouncing his Amer
ican citizenship, that he has lost this cit
izenship. Jio Such Letter Rreelved.
No such letters have been received at
the rtate department, and if there was
any such communication in a private let
ter it would carry little weight. Waller
has tho reputation of being a keen, alert
business man. He was nn excellent con
sular officer and it is inconceivable to the
department officials that he would sur
render voluntarily his American citizen
ship. Spain Explains Iter Delay.
Tho state department has received from
Spain a satisfactory explanation of the de
lay in replying toSecretary Gresham's de
mand for a disavowal of the Allianca Inci
dent. Secretary Gresham now feels sure
that the reply will be hero without any
further delay than is necessary for Spain
to make the justifiable investigation. He
is also confident that the reply, when re
ceived, will be an adequate compliance
with his demands.
He Staads on the 11 tnk or the Republican
Platform of 1893.
Washington, March 28 As there has
been of late a good deal of comment and
speculation concerning tho position of
Governor McKir.lcy on the silver ques
tion, it can be stated authoritatively
that Governor McKinley's attitude Is ac
curately expressed by the latest pronounce
ment of tbe Republican party, which in
its silver plunk in the platform adopted
in Minneapolis June 10, 189 J, said:
"The American people, from tradition
and interest, favor bimetallism, and the
Republican party demands the use of
both gold and silver as standard money
with such restrictions and under such
provisions to be determined by legislation,
as will sucure the maintenance of the
parity of values of the two metals; that
the purchasing and debt paying power
of tbe dollar, whether of silver, gold or
paper, shall be at all times cquaL .
"The interest, of the producer of the
country its farmers and tho working
men demand that every dollar, paper or
coin, issued by the government shall be
as good as any other. We commend the
wise and patriotic steps already taken by
our government to secure an international
conference to adopt such measures as will
insure a parity of value between gold and
silver for use as money throughout the
Ka Plearo-Paenmnnia ia Kansas Sara aa
Expert I as per tor.
WasniXGTON, March SS. W. S. Dcvoe,
traveling inspector for the bureau of
animal industry, was detailed by Secre
tary Morton to investigate tbe report that
plcuro-pneumonia existed In Kansas. The
report of the inspector has been received
and states positively there is no plcuro
pneumonia in the state and that the sus
pected animals areatree from the disease.
A thorough investigation was made by
him in Kansas. His dispatches to Secre
tary Morton state most positively that
there was nothing in the history of the
animals, nothing in their appearance, and
nothing discovered on post mortem exam
ination, either by the local veterinarians
or by the department inspector, which in
dicated even remotely that they were af
fected with contagious pleuro-pncumonla.
The officials at tbe agricultural depart
ment have maintained from the first that
U is impossible for the disease in question
to break out in Kansas.
aaad Ka Mora Letters to These.
WASHIS6TOS, March a All mails
hereafter addressed to E. J. Demorost,
Puerto Cortes, Honduras, or care of the
Central American Express, Tampa City,
Fla., will be stopped by the government
and returned to the writers through tbe
forwording postmasters or sent to dead
letter office for confirmation. IX-Morest
ia tbe president of the Hunduras lottery
eoropany. the successor of the former Lou
iaiana lottery.
Chare rtrettags at WasBiagtaa.
WASHISCTO-f, March 2S At the trial
ot Mary Djlaney, the Milwaukee woman
arrested tor setting fire to St. Dominic's
and St. Patrick's churches, in the police
court, Juige Miller saU that it was evi
dent that tha womau was not responsible
f or her acts. The case was not coocl uded.
Tuesday night an attcmnt was made to
burn Si. Mary's Roman Catholic school
by pouring oil on one of the Hour and ap
plying the torch, Just as the two churches
were tired.
Traad Order Revoked.
Washington, March as. Assistant At
torney General Thomas announces that
the fraud order recently issued against
tbe Southern Mutual Investment com
pany, of Lexington, Ky., and its officers,
on account of its use of Illegal contracts,
has been revoked on the representation of
the company that their issue and sole baa
been discontinued and will not be re
sumed. Funeral a Lycargos Daitasv
Washixgtox, March 2i The funeral
of Lycurgus Oalton, late postmaster of
the house of representatives, occurred here
yesterday. Key. Dr. Chester and Chap
lain Milburn, of the senate, conducted
ducted the services. The honorary pall
bearers were Senators Voorhecs and Gor
man, ex-Representatives Bynum and Hoi
man, and Messrs. Bright,. Kerr and Hurt.
laqurst Over a football Victim.
Washington, March 17. The coroner
of the District of Columbia has held an
Inquest over George D. Bahen, the
Ueorgetown football player who died
from injuries received in the Thanksgiv
ing day game with tho Columbia Athletic
club. Tbe jury's verdict was that Bahen
came to his death by foul play, for which
It was unable to fix the responsibility.
Cacie Sam's Wisconsin Timber 6toIea.J"
Washington, March ea The mineral
land office has received a report charging
wilful trespass on timber lands in Wis
consin by Theodore D. Gay, and Secre
tary Smith has asked tho attorney general
to institute prosecution, as well as civil
suit to recover the valuo of logs illegally
That New Vurk special a Fake.
Washington. March 8& It is stated
at the Japanese legation that no dispatch
has been received from Japan indicating
that the wound of Li Hung Chang was
more serious than first reported.
Captain ' Stauber, of Arkansas City,
Kan., says that Jeff Uavis was captured
while disguised like a woman, the state
ment of General Horndcn to the contrary
John H. Wild, a nephew of Chnunccy
Depew, committed sutcule at Atchison,
Colombian rebels are reported to have
been defeated at Boyaoa. Tau government
forces lost heavily, l.oOU out of 8,000 hav
ing dropped off through fatiguo or disease
during tbe march, and ot the remaining
L5C0 which g-ave battle to the rebels TOO
were killed.
The Third regimont KansasNatioiial
Guard threatens to disband nnlcss Kan
sas City business men subscribe sufficient
funds for its maintenance by May L
Ex-Congressman Bland, who was
obliged to postpone his proposed visit to
Colorado on account of an attack of grip,
has written that he will arrive in Denver
April 23. He will lecture in twenty-five
or more towns in Colorado.
The Nashua Savings bank, the third
largest in New Hampshire, has closed be
cause of not being able to realizo on west
ern investments. It has deposits of near
ly $3,000,000. Depositors are to be paid
in full. ..
Mamie Dean, a school girl of Harmony,
MtL, was found with her throat cut from
ear to ear. Lynchers are hunting for the
Prince Henry of Prussia, brother of
Emperor William; accompanied by his
5-year-old son. Prince Wnldetllar; grand
duke of Baden, Prince Hohcnlohe, the
chancellor; Prince Alexander von Hohcn
lohe, youngest son of the chancellor; the
Baden ministry and Count von Wil
monski, chief of the imperial chancellery,
are the latest visitors to Bismarck to con
gratulate him on his coining birthday.
The Australia, which has arrived at
San Francisco from Honolulu, brings the
news that the islands are no longer under
martial law, and that the alleged un
pleasantness between the state depart
ment at Washington and Thurston hod
not been heard of on tho islands.
Jano Harris, tho oldest resident of Mon
ticello, N. Y., is dead at the aire of 10
years. Sbo had been blind twice, but at
the time of her death hod her third sight.
A "Lexow" committee has been investi
gating tho ex-state officers of Colorado
and has found "the ex-secretary of state,
cx-attorney general, cx-superintendent of
public instruction, ex-boiler inspector and
the present Fish Commissioner Callicotte
guilty of irregular and unlawful prac
tices." Tho German reichstag has elected Baron
von Buols-Berenberg president in place
of Von LeveUow, who resigned because
of the rejection of the Bismarck congrat
ulations. Kew Orleans Fiaa la South Carolina,
BATH, S. C, March 8. Troublo has
occurred between whites and blacks at
the sito of the new mill of the Akron
Manufacturing company. The town was
aroused by the report of Jflre arms and
Investigation revealed the fact that a
party of white men had begun firing on
the negroes assembled to do the work on
tho mill. The negroes were notified by
the white men to leave town in fifteen
minutes. They refused to obey the order
and tbe shooting commenced. The ne
groes fled to the swamps, where they re
mained all night. They returned in the
morning, however, and went to work.
Anaa Dtchlasoa a Brilliant Witness.
Scbastox, Pa., March 33. Miss Anna
Dickinson, who is suing G. B. Thompson
and others for damages in the United
States circuit court for Imprisoning her
in the Danville insane asylum in 1SJU was
on the stand undergoing cross-examination.
She was the most brilliant witness
ever on the stand in this city, and by her
evasions baffled tbo skill of the opposing
counsel, Major Everett Warren.
Famous Mastiff Dead.
Janesville, Wis., March 28. C. C
McLean's famous mastiff Mtdia Is dead.
She was valued at 1,5 JO, was 8 years
old, and the winner of many prists. She
was known all over the United States as
one of the most valuable dogs in the coun
try. Her pups have sold for f 1,5001
Victory far Bastday Closers. "
ST. Louis, March 28. The Sunday
closing associations scored another vic
tory after a great legal battle, in the con
viction of Jacob Kurtz, who was charged
with selling liquor on Sunday.
Cleeaa ay the sjherifC
MosmoCTH, Ills., March 88. The cloth
ing store of Phillip Xusbaum was closed
by tbe sheriff on executions In favor ot
bit father and the Second National bank,
t seals. ttftM0, MffbiltrtM1. t?iynM
Haw York Financial.
New Tokk. March 27.
Honey on ca"1 e.ty at 2Hi uor ceuu Prims
tntfrt-aiiEile paper 4& per cent. Sterdng; ex
change arm with actual basinet in bankers
bills at -a1446J. tor demand and 43
iSMi tor sixty days: postal rates 4W$4ea
and lir J ;:-,: roininarrial bills iS7l4 JtsT.".
bmer ceruticaiej. SiH biJ: no axles; bar
ailer. M. ilasican dollar a, i C4.
Luit-d frtatos ip'Verniueat bo'ius firm;
aer 43 res. 1- do coapons Vti'-i; &' reg.
11A-U; S's con pun 1 Hi 7s: 4' ro. lllJe;
4s coupons lUJs; do 7s reg. Si; Paciaa V ot
"fti 1UU.
CuJeag Grata Bad Predaca,
Chicago, March S7.
Following were tha quutittos-i on ths
Bear I o( Trade toJay : Wli.at March,
opened 6Siii, Honed May. opened 53c.
clo-d .'-; July, open.-d W.4 cloned S0a
Corn March, nouiiuaU vlo-wd 4."tv-: May,
opened 4-V. closed ISSxC: Jn y. opened 4tr,-
rU-d . 0-Us-May. opeaej closed
jB'-gc: J 11 ie, 01-eued Sgc. ciotfd July,
opeued closed islj . i'urit -Mar, opened
IliSi. ilused SliaJ-a; Ja!y, opaael $!2.-.u;
clia d li5Ji Lard Mar, opened fi.Wl.
dosed W.t-7.
Produce: Butter Extra creamery, 3Uc j er
lb: extra diiry, 18c; tre-h packln stock.
o:$7c Etg-s -Fresli stock, lusi off, 11c per
doz. Live poultry CbicKens, bis 10 per lln tur
keys. 7tUc: docks. Will.-; gee-ie. ILK-nsuA)
p--r doz. PotatesBuruaak. f jir to choice,
bi.cT.ie p-r bu; fancy, TJiil-j; liebrons, 61
4-ttSr. reeriaM. tt&tiuc; uiiscd stocE, aSj.
Seed stockEarly Oaio, 8XU Sweet pota
toes' lllinoin, conwion to ctiofce, sl.j:iO
per bid. Cranbernei Jor-eyi, s j)&&ju
ptr box. Apjilej Fair to choice. $"-.al.To
per bbl. Ilouer White clover, 1-lb sections,
new stock. M's&lic: broken coino, lo&Uc;
dark comb, poor pacsajes, tic; straiued Cali
fornia, 5ttJc
Chicago Live stock.
Cuicauo, March S7.
Live Stock Pricjs at tie L'nijo Stojk
yards today ranged as folloxri: Jdouj Esti
mate I receipts fur the day i8.Uj K sales ranged
at H."Dji,4.7i pi-js, $4.ojl.t)5 lUuc, r4.6j4.SII
ronifil packiu -. tl.oi.UJ mixe L. and SLsa
ueavy packing and euipping lota.
Cattle Estimated receipts for the day
13.MK -4uo;ations ranisedat $'-.9j&6. it choice
to extra ship-iin? steerj, l i4xi -rood to
choice do, l.l ii..J fair to Kind, S4.-:j1.85
couiinun to me-nuiu do. -l"l'4t.it batchers'
steer. c-'.TicfKiSl stjcieri, 5 1.-111.81 feeders,
SLi-iWLtKieows, 53.-o3A.OJ heifers, fi.ilJA4.Ti
bulls, fi.ai.ij.jj Texas t jbm, aai tiJJijd
rral calves.
Sheep Estimated receipts for the day
I4.0UU; sales rung-ed at $J.7.44.SJ westerns,
fJ..V(t4.i) Texatu, natives, and i-kit
iiii.li) lambs.
The Local Markets.
Corn new. Oc
Hsy T.woU-v. $mall; nnlsnd. I93J10:
tld.eti&tlOtelocgh $i4t$7; baled. $3.
Potatoes MIQroc.
Cnioii Joe pur im. 1
Bi'fl-Fair to choice, 17c; fresh cream
Egsrs Frel, iOj.
Poultry Chickens, 6c: tnrkcys, Tc
uva arooB.
Csttlc Butchers pay for com fed steels
4Ki cows sad ncifers, Hi ; calvts
Mbeep aottc
Spring lamb 5'OS5s beat.
Coal Soft. 10c
Wood $3.50 per cord.
Wool 13c per pound.
7bea liafay was sjetc, e gave her Castona.
Y,heu Kbe was a ClUid. site cried for Conoria,
wlien she became Miss, she rJang to Csstorta.
When sLa had CluUrnn. she gave them Castgrhv
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
t Mnny fnKmttl mmfdlcs rre belnur slrlllfnfly O
f ) nnrt iTltltly ndvcrtiwci. .tn.fcsliii? t.i Short ?5
0 Labor, F.t-Hea 1 aln9 4 Child-birta, JPI
:prpare tho vst?ai fur Ctiiiii-Mi Uti nn tho?.
4ji 'Hiiitmry.ij.f f-rrt-ii r,nudie nt this lime niny rTV
M,ttup4ril her life. Wa cfimestlr pay ucwakc X
ifcOf alt such; thry c&iiihiu at this critk-ul it
JTJ period, do any pottsluto g&, and tbfcirniii
Jf mar pnT fatal. Itis.only !y perr.tPr.t EX-V?
w i tMAii iiFamwni wiiii-.j encicmr. tuns miax-
I UuoaddrtiirA
2urtHor Iniomuv!
Job ii Volk 5c Co,
. axjrjsBAL-
Manufactnrer of
Sash, Doors and Blinds,
And all kinds of
Woodwork for Builders
Hiding, Flooring, Wainreoating
ih strre', ha 4th sad tth ava
Kfl -
"' awZZ
lor Infants and Children.
OTHERS, Do You Know that Pareeoric,
Bateman's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, many ecalled Sut4hin? Syrups, and
- most remedies for children are composed of opium or morphine f
Pe) Yon stnoarthat opium and morphine are stupefying narcotic poisons f
Pe Yen Know that in most countries druggists are not pcrmittel to sell narcotics
wttbout labeling them poisons ?
Pa Yoa Know that yon should not permit any mediciao to be siren your chQd
xuess you or your physician know of trtat it is composed?
P Tph Kbdw that Castoria is a purely vesttable preparation, and ""t a list of
its ingredients ia published with erery bottle t
Pe) Vow Ksrear that Cactoria Is the prescription cf the famcas Dr. Samuel Pitcher.
That tt has been in use for nearly thirty years, and that more Castoria is sow sold than
of an other remedies for children combined t
Po Yon Knotr that the Patent Office Department of tho r cited States, and cf
other countries, have issued exclusive ritlt to Dr. Pitcher and his assigns to use the word
" Castoria n and its formula, and that to Imitate them is a state prison olTcnsc ?
Pa Yow, Know that one of the reasons for granting this goremnient protection was
because Castoria bad been proven to be absolutely Ti i ailasiT
Po Yon Know that 35 avermc doses of Castoria are furnished fur 35
easta, or one cent a dose t
Po Tea Knew that when possessed of this nerfect rertmratSon. our children may
be kept well, and that may have unbroken rest -
WaHt these thlmf am worth knowing. They am facts.
Tha fac-trfmila
rignatnra of
yV r. Ia n srrarr
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
tUSi VV rr- mT XivJ
1 fa 'iiVZ?
new mm mn
The New Merchant Tailor.
HarpsTHcuse B!or-
P. lisiifisytf H 1
rfJerii. njf .c;3irn. 6. ; TL. " fSr-jf-r iM TH-Vj"
Sold by Henry Dart's Sons, Wholesale Grocers. Rock Island.
Vice President.
Sec. and Treas
Steam and Gas Fitters.
Bock Island Healing
and Plumbing Co.
Hot Water Heating
Beer Pumps
119-121 E. 17th St.
Rock Island, 111. Tel. No. 1284
Sole Agents for the Parana.
1 r
AU kinds of carpenter
work dons
Office and Shop 721 Twelfth street
General Jobbing dona on short notice
and satisfaction gaarantcad
t. T. Bo'sjrr.sui.
Tost Bos nans j
Plumbers, Steam, Gas Fitters.
House Heatine and Ksnittry Pltunbinif. Basement Rock Island Nat. Bank
Bvaefdaes n4s a reliable, monthly, rcsnlatla; saadlelne. Only tiarales ta4
tns I-are&t drugs shau Id be assd. It yoa warn tho best, get
Dr. Psal's Pcnstjfrojal Pills
Tbsv am arrant, sale ar4 eerlala in raaaH. Ta rsmiine (Or. PaVil never 41
auixti. bsataBjwaarc.flAtt. Jtaatss. ti-xl. itJOiltiBB Ucrslid, .
For sale by T. H- Thomas. DrnrrisU cole aent. Rock Island, I1L
Spring Gurry Comb
Clock Sprin j? Tilailc. Soft as a Brush. Fits every Ccrve. The
Only Perfect Comb. Vscd by V. K. Army and by Barnnm and
rortpaugh Circuses, asd Leading Horsemen of the World.
Ask yonr Dealer for It- Sample mailed post paid 2; ccnti.
i-uMihpni. SPtUQ 1 1 KB I COM C0 lMUfaretts kU.asaU Beaa, -"-ir-

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