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VOL. ZLm NO 157
Marriage of Miss Mary Leiter
at Washington. -
Mm. Cleveland a Cnrt at the Ceremeav.
mm Well mm a Large Samber of tha For.
Diplomat! and National Official
Tha Sacra d Rita Take Place la Blstnrls
EU Johns, with Bishop Talbot Officiating
Brlda and Groom Described.
Washisgtos, April At 11:83 o'clock
this morning the ceremony that mndo
Mary U:itor the wife of George Nathaniel
Corzoa was said in oil Sc. John's Epis
copal church. The charch was crowded
with friends, of whom there were so many
that probably some were disappointed in
iiot getting the cards that insured admit
tance to the ceremony. The service was a
full choral wedding one by the choristers
of St. John's, comprising about forty
Toices. The musical programme was as
follows: Preludo, "Epithalsmium,"
from "Romeo and Juliet;" processional
anthem, "O Perfection," by Barnby;
"Elsa's Dream," Wagner; bridal chorus,
"Faithful and True," Wagner; after the
benediction, "Hallelujah Chorus," Han
sel, and recessional anthem. "To Thee, O
Father. Throned on High," Kadyn. It
was just 11:30 when the handsome couple
had taken their places before the altar
nd Bishop Talbot begin the service.
omethluf; About the Bride.
Miss Mary Leiter is a handsome yonng
woman, whose st7'.s of beauty is such
that her presence in any social gathering
instinctively draws attention to her
charms.. She has a face fall of character,
expressive eyes, but to be seen at her best
sh9 iuut be smiling. Her usual ex
pression Is rather too serious for one on
whom all the delightful things In life
have been so freely lavished.
Miss Leiter is a good linguist, sings de
lightfully and plays well, and In going to
England to live knows all the good points
In her own country, for sha has traveled
over pretty much ail of it even way up to
Alaska. She has inherited the love of
country which is an especial trait In her
mother's disposition and which led to the
latter's compiling a few years ago a most
Interesting work on the genernls of the
Revolutionary war, which is sold for tha
benefit of the Mount Vernon Ladies' As
sociation. Carzoa m Han with a Name.
Ono thing about Mr. Curzon la that
lie has a namo that ho himself has raado.
His parliamentary reputation addod to
that he has gained as an authority on
Asian politics and other questions of
proHt importance in Groat Britnin, is of
the hisrhrst. Ha has made a vary favor
able impression on the people who have
been fortunate enough tu meet him. He is
n n-.ost unliable young gentleman of fino
app'-araii-e, wnli the polish of a thorough
man of tho world. He is easy in manner-",
a ready conversationalist and remarkably
well informed on nllairs in general. He
has 1-ccn a great traveler and a close
student, and having been a member of
parliament tor several years, he enjoys
the personal acquaintance of the foremost
men of his country. At tho death of his
father Mr. Curzon will have tho rank ani
the tit'.eof Lord Scaradale and Miss Leiter
will be n titled laJy in tho Very highest
tank of K:;gi:sh nobility.
1'eople ol Note In Attendance,
The wedding was ono of tha insist bril
liant social events t io national capital has
ever seen. Among tho guests wera Mrs.
Cleveland, who is an intimate friend of
the bride; tho entire cabinet circle and
many of the forei.cn ambassadors nnd
ministers stationed hem. Governor Mor
ton, of New York, mvompanied by his
family, also cau-.e to Washington for the
occasion. Lar?. parties of guests from
Boston. New York, Chicago nnd else
where. Including Bishop and Mrs. Potter,
nnd Bishop and Mrs. Cose, of New York:
ltobert I.incutu, of Chicago, nnd Mrs.
Frederick Yanderbilt, of New York, wore
l'robably Not a Fortnne Banter.
Mr. Curson is a man of very moderate
means, which has given occasion to con
siderable ill-natured comment, and he
has been styled a "fortune hunter." uch,
however, appears not to be the case, as
he will in time "Inherit a very considera
ble estate, which will be ample to sup
port an establishment beQtting hi rank.
The Leiter family is reticent as to the
amount of Miss Curzon s "dot." Mr.
end Mrs. Curzon will sail on the Majestic
shortly after tho ceremony, traveling in
Europe and then gnlng to the groom's
London house; Carlcton Terrace, while
parliament continues in session, after
ward settling ot His country lace n.eu
leston Halls, Derbyshire. It is not yet
certain whether they will reach London
in time for the queen s last drawing-room,
which closes the London season.
One ot Thena Given the Alternative of
Iroaiog or Ranting Work.
Pome no y, O.. April Si The mining
troubles at Mine rsville have broken out
with increased intensity. Thirteen of the
twenty-three non-union men driven away
two weeks ago by the st rikers returned to
work last week. One hundred strikers
armed with clubs rallied to drive them
All but one escaped to hiding
places. He is a stranger and is known as
ro. 11, and was neanv orawom m
watering trough. He was given nve min
utes to aalt or be drowned In tho river.
He Iert on run. The strikers patrolled
the streets nearly all night in search of
non-union workers.
Blackburn a Sliver Han.
LoriSVILUS, April S3 Senator Black
burn, who has been classed as a silver
man for many months, has given The
Courier Journal a written expression of
his views, in which he comes out squarely
for free silver coinage by this country
alone at the ratio of Iti to L He backs his
course by along argu tnenti nf avor thereof.
Bono Beef Market in Oregon.
PESDIBTOS, Or., April Si J. M. S sta
ler has sold 6,C horses to a Portland syn
dicate. The animals are to be slaughtered
at Portland, Switzlcr says, and the meat
parked and all parts of the carcass util
ized. . .
Another Change In the Jontaals tha,'
Janes W. Scott Foanded.
Chicago, April 22. H. H. Kohlsaat.
who for time held the controlling in
terest in the Inter-Ocean, but sold cut be
cause he had ideas that did not "gee"
with those of others in the concern, has
since been watching an opportunity to
get back into the ranks ot journalism and
I his success marks another "lishtninz
change" in the life ot the Herald, founded
by the late James W. soctt. The Changs
is greater than that br which the pap'.-r
became the Times-Herald, for it involves
a change of politics from Democratic; to
Republican In the national issue ot pro
tection. Mr. Kohlsaat has purchased 710.0QO of
the 8I.0uu.0CU in stock of the paper and one
of the first indications of Republican con
trol was the resignation of the princi
pal p ditical writer, who could not write
protection articles against his own con
victions. James W. cott owned taO-V
000 in the Times-Herald and besides the
money for this Mrs. Scott will get an
annuity of t!O.O0O for ten years if she lives
that iong. the will also bold a small in
teret In the paper. It should be said that
the sale includes The Evening Post al-o.
Mr. Hawley, the managing editor cf tin
Times-Herald, retains his stock, but oi
course will not control the paper's policy.
Outside of the issue of protection th
paper will vigorously oppose free silver
coinage at any ratio by this nation aiuna.
In local effairs it will be independent and
hold peasonal fitness as the cu!y quai:flca
tlon for municipal office
Co. Altrcld on the Chang.
Sprisgfield, Ills., Aprii ii Governor
AMgelJ in an interview lat evening re
plying to a question whether the change
ef ownership and policy of the ChitMTT"
Times-Herald will be likely to injure tli.
silver cause, said he did not think such
would be the case. The ccvernor thought
the silver movement was dally becciuinc
more powerful, ev?n with nenr'.y all t!i
great papers asrnst It. Tha governor
thinks there will bj another paper start.- i
in Chicago, but a not going into jour
nalism himself.
And Got a Resalar Torrent and a Dimter
Almost Minaltaneoaljr.
Fort Wosra, Tex.. April -Zi Ail of
Tesas has needed rain, so Dwight Moody
called upon his audience of 8.0-Jj
Christians to pray fervently that the
floodgates might be opened. This was at
3 p. m. yesterday Last night when the
Tabernacle was crowded by people from
Fort Worth and surrounding cities
Moody announced thnt word had coma
from several points that rain had fallen
A few minutes later the storm burst on
Fort Worth and torrents of rain fell.
Then Moodr gave thanks to God aud
called upon tho consregntion to j iin la
singing "Coronation," and "All Hail, the
Power of Jesus Name.
The song had surged forth from 10,000
voices, when a cracking noise was heard
and then tho root sank and the rafters
gave way. and the heavy timbers and
boards covered with tar and gravel came
down on a portion of the congregation.
There was a panic, scores upon scores of
women fainted; some men lost their
heads and piled pell-mell over those near
them. Moody grasped the situation, and
moving to the middle of the platform
lifted both hands to heaven, moving his
arms 6lowly to and fro. His attitude and
coolness stopped the panic and men began
to go to work to rescue those in dangsr.
The worst casualties are: J. V. In
gram, internal injuries, will die; Will J.
Parsley, seriously hurt; Mrs. Mary Mur
Dhy. cut on head and left arm; Miss Sera-
son.cu' on face and right arm; Miss Lulu
Haley, cut on head; J. W. Manchester cut
on shoulder and left arm; Mrs. Morton
Logan, cut on shoulder, some forty
others were slightly hurt.
What m Berlin Newspaper Baa to Say of
the Nicaragua Aflair.
BERLIN, April 2i The dispute between
Great Britain and Nicaragua is being
watched here, and the opinion of those
competent to pronounce an opinion upon
the matter is decidedly against allowing
Nicaragua to get off too cheaply. More
over, the idea ot intervention upon the
part of the United States is not received
hero with vuthusiasm. Tna Vossische
Zitung. commenting on the situation,
say :
"England represents not only British
but European interests. The Central
American republics have been guilty of
repeated acts of lawlessness against for
eigners, and they deserve to be taught a
salutary lesson. If the I'nitcd states
claims to extend the application of the
Monroe doctrino to these unruly neigh
bors, they must also undertake to bear
the responsibility of the fulfillment of
their international obligations."
Lvarh-Moud (Iff nith Revolvers.
FUEI'EHICK, MX, April 2i Mrs. Thoa.
Butts, a highly respected farmer's wife
at Broad Hun. fifteen miles from Fred
erick, was brutally assaulted by Frank
Winterchief, an 13-year-old negro. He
failed in his purpose, but in the struggle
Mrs. Butts was seriously hurt. Tho ne
gro fled to the mountains, but was fol
lowed and caught by Peter Hemp and Da
vid Majaba. Ou their return .from the
mountain with the negro the captors
were escorted by a mob who demanded
the surrender of the man that they might
take him to the woods and hang him.
Hemp and Majaha refused to give him
up at the point of their revolvers and
bronght intcrchief safely to Fred
erick. An Enmity settled with a Can.
Siocx Citt, la., April 22. Jerry N.
Fricl shot and killed J. Nf. Shotts on a
farm five miles east of here last evening.
Friel, who claims that the shooting was
in self-defense, came to this city and gave
himself up to the officers. Friel says
Shott struck him with a club. Both men
were farmers and had been enemies for
some time.
Sheriff Xnllia Drftes the J a tie.
PENDEC, Neb., April 22. Sheriff Mullin
was convicted by the Indian justice for
; assaulting the reservation police and held
- in 1 100. He refused to give it and defied
the court, even refusing to promi-o to ap
j pear before the federal grand jury. The
1' court finally released him without for
mality to avod further trouble. -
Senator Hill Not a Believer in
Late Interpretations.
And Its Aathor Clvea a Reputation Ho
Iloetn't Deserve and Did Xot Desire
The Much-Quoted Doctrine Never Af
firmed by Cong-ret and It Features Re
Jetted When Patina Treaty soma la.
teresting Bemnrks.
Albaxt. April sa-An Interview with
Senator Hill on the Venezuelan question
was given out last night. Senator Hill
was asked whether experts in public law
think the Monroe doctrine has given to
the United states a special right to inter
vene between Great Britain and Vene
zuela in the pending boundary dispute, or
assuma a protectorate over Spanish
Amencsf He answered that be had never
thought so.
"But does not the Monroe doctrine de
clare thatths United States cannot per
mit any Spanish-American republic- on
this continent to be oppressed or its des
tiny controilod, by a European state?"
Does Not Change the Law of Nat:ons
"That would not have referred." th
senator taid, "to a legitimate dispute
such as we or any other government
might have tomorrow with a Spanish
American state. It pretested against
using such a controversy with an inten
tion to Increasj European political do
minion on this hemisphere or control the
destiny of an American state or transfer
a colony tike Cubs to a new European
owner, but did not change what was then
the law cf nations."
"Was not the Mcnroe declaration to
cccgress a guarantee of cur intervention,
lercibie. it need be. in behaif of each
Spaniih-Arnericaa republic which. In our
opinion, was oppressed by a European
Derllned to Ratify It In Treaty.
"I think not. Not otherwise certainly
than if Chill shall crpress Peru or
Mexico sha'l be unreasonable In dealing
with Guatemala. Congress has never af
firmed the Monroe doctrine. In 1S6 Presi
dent Johnson projected a trenty with
Colombia, which was signed, embodyin?
the Monroe doctrine, but neither the
Colombian senate, nor our cwn senate
ratified it Yon remember that when two
years after President Monroe made Ins
declaration a congress was convened by
Bolivia at Panama for tha consideration
and discussion ot an American alliance
to enforce the declaration there was sub
stantial concurrence of opinion between
President John Quincy Adams, who had
formulated the Monroe doctrine, and the
members of the senate nnd house es
pecially the Democrats, including Sena
tor Van Buren, of New York partici
pating in a long debtee, that the declara
tlnn did not pledge tfto I'nitcd States to
forever thereafter prevent a European
power from interfering w' h tha inde
pendence or form of government of a Cen
tral American State."
Monroe Xot 1'ioperly Understood.
"Do you think that President Monroe
has the reputatiou of having given his
name to a rule cr condition by the United
States for which neither he nor Adams
"Precisely that," tho senator answered,
"The 'doctrine' cannot be formulated In
a treaty or a statute, but Its moral influ
ence has been, is, and ought to be very
great. Discrimination should, howover.
be mad: between legitimate disputes and
illegitim ite purposes behind the disputes,
s:ich as imposing by force European po
litical comrol ever the destiny of a reluc
tant Spaiiisli-Americau state. President
Lincoln must have felt that some thirty
yettis ago."
Kev Feature in the Durrant Case.
Sax Fkaxcisco, April i The only
new thin; iu the Durrant case is the de
velopment of tho fact that tho police have
a shoe found in the study of R?v. J. O.
Gibson, pastor cf Kmanucl church, where
Marion Williams and Miss Lamont were
murdered. The shoe has blood spots on
tho sole and is the property of Gibson.
There have been hints that Gibson is tho
guilty man and those who made them
are continued in their views by the find,
but the polico have settled on Durrant
and explain it by saying that probably he
knew where ' - shoes were aud put them
on before . l--t the girl.
Mayor aa V.iy Dads in Jail.
Pittsburg. Aj.-.-il SI. A special to The
Post from Marion, O., states that Mayor
Nichols and Council men Thomas Roberts
and A. Busard are in jail for contumpt of
court. They are all Republicans. At tho
spring election George Lowe and Jacob
Aliug. Democrats, were elected from the
Third ward in place of the men arrested.
The court ordered that the Democrats be
seated, but no attentiou was paid to the
Chicago AatMlver Democrats.
Chicago, April 2i "The Honest Money
League ot Illinois" was organized by
prominent Democrats of this city at a
meeting held in tho Palmer House, where
it will open permanent headquarters and
begin a "campaigu ot education" to be
prosecuted from now until the next presi
dential election. Henry S. Kobbms was
elected president and Jacob W. Richards,
Confesses to Save Her Mother.
Des Moises, April 22. Cora Smith be
fore Judge Spurrier declared she and not
her mother, Betsy Smith, murdered
Michael Smith, her stepfather. Betsy
Smith is serving a. life scntenco for tho
crime. The judge set the time for pro
nouncing judgment. Ine legislature
will be called on to act in the case ot
Betsy Smith, the governor not having
Mrs. Panell in a Critical Condit ion. -BoBUESTowx,
April 2 J. Mrs. Parnell
passed a good night and see mod brighter
in the morning, but as the day advanced
he grew weaker. It is doubtful whether
she w ill survive the shock of the assault.
Nothing has yet developed to throw any
light upon the case, although the JeU-o-
tive are still at work.
Hood's SarsapariUa gives great
! bodily; nerve, mental and digestive
strength, stmply because it purifies,
vitalizes and enriches the blood.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream ef tartar eakins powder. Highest of
an in leavening etrenrtta. Latett VmUi Statu
Gwmumtmt Food Stport,
Hotai BAKixe rowsaa Co.. 10 Wall BU H. T.
7 Per Cent Loans
as sirs as
The following is a partial
list of completed gilt-edged
first mortgage loans on hand,
which we offer for sale, sub
ject to previous selections,
for their face and accrued
interest. These loans have
been carefully selected by
us. and are first-class in
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fair Cath
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The securities we offer are
especially adapted for the
investment of savings and
truat funds, as our personal
attention to all the details of
the loan, from its date to its
maturity, relieves the hold
er from all annoyance except
to present big conpon to ns
for collection. For further
information call at the of
fice of
Masonic Temole.
GEO. F. ROTH, 6npt. Lean Department.
Sole Agent for the
Celebrated Josephine
Seamless Gloves.
Bennett's Glove Store
Headquarters for
Base Ball Goods.
Tventy-First Street Addition
Fine Residence Lots in this
addition For Sale on
Easy Terms.
This addition is located be
tween Twentieth and Twenty-second
streets and Tenth
and Twelfth avennes, and
nearly every lot in it has
upon it a fine walnut, elm,
hackberry, or other large
tree, and is already provid
ed with abundant shade.
These lots are in the very
best part of the city, and
the mo desirable for resi
dence purpose of any lots in
the city.' Apply to
Earn 21, Kkclull & Lynda Sleek.
EAKTH. rvean aortal x nantenlara. Nutaiu
baa it. Oeatt to all nrtlrr. Wantrd br cti-rj
anav. He (rnaaV Ieanaaeat grvmim koaianas
sorboneetpmnat. .
THBO. HoeUCeaiarfst CMraccIll
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Js'j A
One of the largest clothing manufacturers of this country Happened
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