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Manufactured Expressly for Us.
These goods received the highest award at
the Columbian exposition. Made from the
best lead and zinc, mixed with pure linseed
oil, warranted not to crack or reel off. put
up in tight cans. Eighteen beautiful colors.
Look at these prices:
i quart can
yi gallon can
i gallon can
Floor Paints.
Oxide of mineral paints guar
anteed to dry in a single
night the best floor paint
l-uart can. 28c.
l-gallon can, 50c.
l-gallon can. f 1.
Carriage Painrs.
For painting carriages, bag
gies, wagons, farm machin
ery, etc six colors:
1-p'tnt can, S5c.
l-ijuart can, 60c.
Hard Wood Stains.
Natural Hard Wood Colors
Mahogany, cherry, walnut,
light oak" and rosewood.
Household Varnish.
Exterior and interior var
nish. Elastic floor Tarnish.
Extra coach varnish.
No. 1 coach varnish.
Light hard oil finish.
Extra No. 1 furniture Tar
nish. Ton save 50 percent by buy
ing these goods at the Fair
We put on sale today 1. crate, (100 dozen,)
Real China gold band tea and coffee cups
and saucers at only 10c for cup and saucer.
Trade at "The Fair" and save money.
nS, 120. 122, 124. i24tf W. 2nd st. DAVENPORT.
Telephone S34.
Alien, Mvers &
1S21 Second Ave. Opposite the Harper House
P. S Call and see oar Glass Front Electric Lighted Eefrici.:..-.
- 5c
and Ice Chests.
Adam Heinz patent self-ventilating
refrigerator the
only Ury air refrigerator
made. A full assortment in
stock from $3.93 up.
fee Cream Freezers
Of every size and kind at
bottom prices.
Fishing Tackle.
Wood bass rod, three pieces,
brass ferrules, lengths 101
feet in paper bags, each 10c.
3-piece Japanese double
ferrules, capped butt, length
10 to 14 feet, each 35c.
Kirby fish hooks, ringed,
12 sizes. 15 for 5cw
Sproat hooks on gut, 2
for 5c.
Furnished lines. 15 feet
long, with hook, floater and
sinker, each 4c.
For Bargains
trade at "The
Smile because their refrigera
tor came from Allen. Myers Sl
Co. Smile because it is a Shirk
Cork Filled Refrigerator, the
very best made. They are happy
because they bought their entire
outfit for the kitchen from
Allen, Myers & Co.. who keep
the largest and finest stock
in the city and sell at the
lowest prices. They are now
talking of advising their friends
to buy there, because only the
highest grades of goods are sold
and the price is always the
lowest. Call in and see them.
I Prisoners Arraigned Before
Judge Bigelow.
Tha Indicted Law. breaker. Given aa Op.
rortanltj to Plead Tha GrantsMc-
tolrjr Case la the Jarjr's Haatls T2e
Cloalaz Araameata of Coanael.
The prisoners confined in the
county jail indicted by the grand jury
were arraigned before Judge liigelow
this morning, provided true copies of
the bills against them, list of wit-
esses, etc., and given opportunity
to plead.
John Nelson, for obtaining goods
under false pretenses from David
Don, Baker & Housman, G. E.
Bailey & Co., and J. S. Gilniore,
plead not guilty, and W. R. Moore
was appointed defendant's counsel.
John t. Urell, ol Molme, charged
with arson in setting his home on
re, plead not guilty. J. B. Oakleaf
will defend him.
William Barker, the colored youth
who burglarized Barren's barber
hop and tomale establishment, en
tered a glea of guilty, and was sen
tenced to the state reformatory at
Joseph FUher, indicted for break-
ng into nam sera Aloiine jewelry
tore and appropriating valuable
rticles, sjid he was not guiltv.
Maj. J. M. Beard sley was named as
Frank Bueroe. Burton Harm an.
Curt Miller and Russell Ellison.
barged with burglarizing the resi
dences of Warner Sedam and William
McGreer in Drurv township, plead
not gnilty, and Charles Bulord and
E Cramer were namea as defend
ing counsel.
William Hall entered a plea of not
guilty to the charge of rape. The
defendant is accused bv Lizzie Veley,
married woman of Rural, with at
tempting to commit the criminal act.
He has retained J- T. Kenwortby as
his attornev.
Oscar Carlson, of Moline. for lar
ceny, second offense, plead not gnil-
v. U. K. Uramer and Axel Kohier
were appointed counsel.
John hinncr, 01 Minneapolis, ad
mitted the larceny of two pairs of
pants from Sommers & LaVelle, anil
was sentenced to five davs and fined
Charles Saunders plead guilty to
be charge of larcenv, and was given
3 ) days and fined 1. Sanndors is
the colored man arrested in Daven
port with the $S bottle of cologne
stolen from Bahnsen'a Twentieth
street drug store in his possession.
He implored the court for leniency.
stating that it was bis initial ctTense
at first denying it outright but
finally a liuitted that he once stole a
watermelon. This caused an out
burst in the court room.
James Howard, of this city, plead
guilty to larceny, second offense, and
was given six months in the peniten-
arv. lie stole a lot of bottles and
glasses from the rear of Loch's liquor
Thomas Brown, of La Crosse, plead
guilty, and was sentenced to 18 days
lor swipm" two chickens from a
down town roost.
The saloon indictments are not as
vet matters of publicity, service be
ing deferred for the court's endorse
ment. It is understood, however.
that there are 18 refreshment dis
pensers on the list.
The ranti-M tnlrT iki in the Hand,
of the J or j Cloning Arguments.
The slander case of Grantz against
.McKniry which has occupied the at
tention of the court for the pa-t
week, was civen to the jury this
morning at 10 o'clock, after a lengthy
charge bv the court. The argu
ments of the counsel, two on a side,
occupied the time until the evening
adjournment, and were listened to
by a large audience or interested
j. l. nenworiny maae tne nrst
reech for the plaintiff occupying
the time until noon and until 3
o'clock after the noon recess.
William McEnirv then occupied the
attention of the court for an hoar. He
claimed that the action of the post'
master under the great provocation
as detailed bv the witnesses was jus
tifiable: that the conduct of the
plaintiff was despicable and a breach
of his oath as clerk in the postoflice:
that one who would c induct him
self as plaintiff did would not be un
likely to commit the breaches
chanred, and at any rate would not
suffer in character by the language
used against him. E. D. Sweeney
closed the argument for the dcfeDse
It was a plain review of facts and
application of law to thm. The
chief points were that the acts of the
postmaster, 11 not legauv jusiinaoie.
were at least so morally, and that
the language used by Mr. McEniry
was uttered in the beat of passion
and was not used in any mali
cious sense: that the injury to the
plaintiffs character, if any there
was. was not occasioned by the
defendant's language, but by the
plaintiff himself, bv his conduct in
the nice ana in cringing tais suit,
and that there was in fact no damage
to the plaintiff and he should receive
none. Great stress was put upon the
proof showing that the plaintiff was
he one who wonld likely know about
the missing money, and that he
would be the one who should account
or it in some way; and that in view
j of this fact the" words used, if not
i justifiable in a legal sense, certainly
i would warrant the jury in finding no
'damage to the plaintiff's character,
1 W. 11. Gest closed the plaintiff's
argument in an hoar's speech. He
called attention to the insidious
character of slanderers generally,
and the inability to compensate one
who was thus injured; to the youth
of the plaintiff with his life before
him and the great damage this g con
duct of the defendant would d him.
Then in a perorat'on he called upon
the jury to vindicate the plaintiff and
punish the defendant, and thus serve
as an example for all persons in like
manner offoi'ding.
The Verrtlet.
The jury took the case and re
turned into court at 4 o'clock this
afternoon, finding the defendant
guilty and placing the damage at 81.
Public Sentiment Sen in. to Have Centered
oa II. D- FsIhu and J. W. Welcn.
The discussion of candidates for
members of the board of education
which has been indulged, in during
the past few days, has formed an ex
pression of publfc sentiment which
has crystalled on II. D. Folsom and J.
W. Welch as the most favored candi
dates, and friends of the public school
system who have taken an interest
in the matter, have succeeded in ob
taining the consent of these two gen
tlemen to be considered candidates.
It is with a sense of deep satisfaction
that The Akgi'S makes this an
nouncement, as both represent in a
lar-re degree the truest and best
qualifications for membership of the
school lo:ird. 15otn nave nan tne ex
perience that identification with the
tublic school Rvstem alone can give.
Both are fully acquainted with the
exact conditioi, of school funds. Both
are good business men, and as men
of experience and business men, they
seem to be tne very candidates we
want this year above all others.
The Right Hen Exactly.
The jtorms expiring are those of
Messrs. F. E. Uobbins and H. D. Fol
som, and the somewhat premature
announcement of a combination
which excluded Mr. Folsom, not
withstanding that he had not per
sonally sought a renomination, has
led to the discussion of available
candidates, the outcome of which is
the formation of the ticket which is
in this connection announced.
Messrs. Fo'.sotu and Welch it is
believed will bo generally accepted
as the right mn exactly for mem
bers of the board of education, not
only in their respective individual
capacities, but particularly as their
candidacy comes with the force of
public opinion in which so many peo
ple have been instrumental in form
William Carodiff. farm Viltel-The Bo
ca. Cirrus Agent.
The lower end of the count v seems
to b a rendrzvous for robbers of the
wild western tvpe. The Ai;cs of
Tuesday cave the account of the
bold and outrageous crime commit
ted in Buffalo Prairie township, and
yesterday the farm of w illiam Ua-
ruthers, near Taylor Ridge, was vis
ited, the house ransacked in broad
davliirht, and f 125 and a watch be
longing to George Tittcrington, a
hired man. and also $1 in small
change taken, the scoundrels escap
ing. '
The Boca. Circa. Atrat
The surmises as to F. J. George,
who visited Rock Island Tuesday as
a contracting ageDt for the Main
Royal English Railroad Shows" and
borrowed money on the strength of
rontracts made in advance of the
shows coming a month hence, as de
tailed in last night's Argus, have
roven correct. George worked
Geneso before he came to Rock Isl
and, and he left there with abundant
fruits from his enterprise. Yester
day he was tikea off a train at Cam
bridge after leaving Rock Island, and
escorted back to Geneseo for a hear
ing. The Hc-cand Mgtit.
The second night of the Indus
trial Fair drew a good attendance
and furnished an abundance of en
tertainment. The program was
lengthy and varied, such as to
please all. and admirably presented
under the direction of E."E. Ziegler,
who has secured the cooperation of
the best taient to assist him during
every evening of the fair. In lat
uight's entertainment llollo Teal
played a violin overture, the Svea
Male Quartet sang nicely two selec
tions, the Orpheus, Symphony and
Harmony Mandolin clubs consoli
dated, gave pleasing numbers. Miss
Inas Wiilinms recited "The Maniac"
cleverly. Miss Caecile Rohde sang two
solos pleasingly. Miss Florence Les
ser cpntributed a piano solo and ac
companied the singing, E. E. Ziegler
artistically executed a medley of
operatic airs on the violin, the Or
pheus and- Harmony clubs gave a
selection, ana :.later Dan Jensen, a
talented youngster, played the
"Washington Post," a drum solo ac
companied by piano and the three
M. ndolin clubs. Tonight the Wil
liams family will appear, and there
will also be songs and recitations.
Miss Lizzie Zwicker died at her
home near Freemitioa Monday even-
iing oi consumption. he was a
' niece of Gottlieb Z pricker, of thiscity.
; The funeral will be held tomorrow at
j 12 o'clock.
Henry Dasso expired at 6:;0 last
evening at hi home, 25 Fifth street,
i cancer of the stomach being the
cause of death. He was 57 years of
age. and is snrvived by his wife and
: four chihlren: Mhs 'Minnie Daso
' and Mrs. James Dixon, and Chailes
and Henry. The funeral will occnr
from the German Lutheran church
1 at 2 o'clock Sunday af terooon.
The Cycle Club's Petition for
Municipal Regulation.
Tha Proper retlttoa a Retards Coasld
eratioa of Public Bights as Well aa
Thoee Who Enjojr tba Pastime of Biding
The action of the Rock Island Cycle
club in preparing a memorial to the
city council regulating the use of
bicycles is both timely and proper.
With wholesome consideration of the
interests of cyclers, it likewise voices
a just regard for the rights of the
public at large. People who enjoy
the pastime or bicycle riding snouid
be as considerate ol tne rignts ol the
pedestrian as they expoet the pedes
trian to be of the rights of the wheel
men. There are people who have a
reckless disregard for everybody
else. These people sometimes ride
bicycles,, and they sometimes do not.
and they get in the way of bicycles
the same as they get in front of vehi
cles and street cars and expect them
to turn out.
Worthy of Consideration.
As said, the proposition of the
Rock Island Cycling club contem
plates the highest consideration of
all interests.
In the appeal of the board
of directors to the council the
statement is made on behalf of
the club, that miny of its members
are property-holders and tax-payers
of the city of Rock Island; that 'the
members of the organization, in com
mon with all other well meaning citi
zens, feel an interest in the welfare and
good name of the city; that at the
present time there are several hun
dred bicycles in daily use on the
streets of the city by persons of all
nges, from children to adnlts; that
the increasing number of riders de
mand that suitable legislation be en
acted by the city council.
Ve, therefore, respectfully sug
gest," say the petitioners, that we
are in favor of your body enacting
an ordinance which in substance re
quires a bicycle bell to be attacuea
to each bicycle ridden on our streets.
both in day time and night; that
each bicvele must be provided with
a lantern to be- carried after dark,
except on moonlight nights; that
coasting on Twentieth street hill, be
tween Lighteenth and Ninth avenues.
be absolutely prohibited; that the
speed of bicycle riders be restricted
in day time to not more than twelve
miles an hour, and in the night
time to not more than eight miles an
hcur; that as near as practicable.
bicycle riders, especially after dark,
take the right side of the street with
reference to the direction in which
such rider is going."
Keep the Street. Clean.
It is also urged that the safety of
aheelmen and others depends upon
keeping the paved streets free from'
obstructions and as clean as possible.
The petition is certainly worthy of
the council's favor.
The New llirectorjr. .
The general canvass for informa
tion for the new directory is com
pleted. If you have changed your
business residence or place of board
ing recently, or you expect to do so,
you should not fail to report the
fame at the directory office, over
1615 Second avenue, or drop a postal.
World's Columbian Exposition
was of value to the world by illus
tra'ing the improvements in the
mechaninl arts, and eminent physi
cians will tell you that the progress
in medicinal agents has been of equal
importance, and as a strength ing
laxative that Syrup of Figs is far in
advance of all others.
The Akgcs. 10c a week, delivered
every evening at your door.
Real Estat
Insurance and Loans.
Room 4, Mitchell St Lynde b'ng.
Telephone 1002.
The Portage Entry
Quarries Co.,
Successors to the Portage
Bed Stone Co., also to Furst
Neu & Co.,
Security Building, Ninth
Floor, Madison Street and
' Fifth Avenue,
At Mc
proV.b'T ba ClM and Warm.
Muslin Underwear Department.
We want to suggest to overworked mothers a few items here. It's the endless worry
aud woik mothers have tuakiiur up the garments we re speaking of that brings gray
hairs too fast, and makes it so hard to get rid of that "tired feclim;."
Ready-made Children's Night Dresses.
XUtht Dresses, cambric ruffled, at 23c.
Mother Hubbards at.tlie sauie price, 35c.
Very good night dresses, embroidery trimmed, well made, all sizes, to 12 years, 50c
Gingham aprons, large stock, all styles and sizes, to suit everybody, 25c.
Child's printed uiusliu aprons, ruffled trimmed, all sizes, 1 to 10 years, at 2'ic, 25c, atic
Children's Gingham Dresses.
Sizes from 2 to 14 years. Plaids, checks and stripes, nicely made an J trimmed, ready
to wear, beginning at 840. Other sizes 43c, 47c, B7c and V,c.
We Have
A fresh supply of Tribuue Picture Frames
Dress Goods.
We've never had such a spring dress goods season as this year. Evidently our buy
ers hit exactly what people want, and we've had hard work to keep with the demand.
Especially in Wool Novelties those neat, serviceable, stylish goods, broken checks,
pin stripes, zig-zags, basket effects all colors, light and still not too light; just what
a lady likes to Wear when it's too cool for silks and too warm for wntis. When our
buyer came to these, they took his fancy by storm, and he bought enough to give us
the widest range in patterns, colorings and designs, and recent arrivals enable us to
meet the demands of any taste in these goods. When yon realize that at 35c and 3Uc
which Is our price on these goods, a dress with linings, trimmings and thread com
plete, costs you S4.6U or 55.09", you will believe that we have bought right, to be able
to sell that way.
lt us remind you also of our Wool Challies: light, medium and dark colorings,
satin stripes, quiet, durable and good. Nothing for wanu weather wear Is more dur
able, satisfactory or in better taste. Ik-ginning Friday we will sell our S'Jc quality for
Sewing Machines.
Buy the New Easy Running Sewing Machine. We arc sole agents.
Made to sell at 855, oar price f 21. Every one guaranteed.
1720, 1722, 1724. 1726 and 1728 Second ave.
She Fell
When lie came home in one of our handsome
suits. She never fully appreciated him before.
Best investment he ever made and not a costly
one either. Our clothing is the best that
money can buy, and it takes very little of your
money to buy it; that's one reason we have
"the run of the trade" this season. A man's
wife likes to see him in one of our
All Wool Black, B ue or Gray Suits
AT $8.50.
Can you
blame her?
, Sommers
1804 Second Avenue.
Clearing Sale
Mackintoshes, Rubber Cloth
ing, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes,
Horse Covers, Bugjjy Aprons,
Gloves, Mittens, Door Mats,
Matting, Hot Water Bottles,
Bulb and Fountain Syringes,
Bed Pans, Cushions, Sheeting,
Tubings, Etc.
A Rut)l)er Store i the Piace to bny
. h..ne Rubber Goods.
207 Brady street, Davenport.
. President.
Vice President
Steam and Gas Fitters.
Rock lslznJ Hsatini
tii Plowing Go.
Hot Water Heating
Beer Pumps
119-121 E. 17th St.
Rock Island, I1L TeL No. 1888
for thai
r Tomorrow -Soa'herlj wind.
at 22c
In Love
& LaVelle
One Price. Il
Eec. and Treas

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