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JL. TTiTTT. 270- 217
tgefd's View of the Repub
lican Financial Exhibit.
tha Eatimatrs sf Stato Banana
Voaa the Inheritance aad Caraontlaa
'a .Ara To ni(h Oowipaa tha Cat-
Damoeratlo Convention Toaior
Fight for Currency Coavontloa
bMoarl Caaatic Eschangaa,
1MOFIELO, Ilia., July 1. Keferring
; claim of the Republican meinbsrt
legislature that there U no defl-
I In tho money provisions for meet
Bo appropriation made, Governor
d aold: ' I believe that when the
wound thought strikes the members
legUlatnre they will at least paaa
legislation aa will enable us to raiae
i money In the next two year to
he appropriations which they them
have made. In their caucus report
aid that the state would receive
XX) daring the next two years
be new Inheritance tax law. but
Nil aco the absurdity of this when
fp to think that tho law does not
bffect until July 1, and therefore
apply to cases In which death
Iter that time; that inasmuch as
he laws of Illinois claims or
I n be proved np against an eatate
Ime during two years after tho
sf letters of administration It
possible to tell whether tbero
Sing left of an estate until
iplratloa of two years; conso
thing could go to tho heirs
ite certainty until after that
I thatix anullei onlv to tha
Inheritance that goes to ILe heirs after
the debts' aro paid. It Is clear that tho
stato cannot expect to receive a dollar
from that source during the next two
year..., ,"'! .
t- ' , May ata BalaT Unconstitutional.
. : "Fnrt.Viv I 'we from nowspapcrs that
lhsuprraa court of Ohio has held aslm
Marlaw to. be unconstitutional. I have
the dedilon of the court, and
have oolj tha newspaper roport of la. It
Is claimed that the Ohio constitution Is
similar tc ours, and that tboroforo there
fa possibility or this law being hold to
be unconstitutional horo. Even if it
should' sustained. It la certain now,'
after tha Ohio decision, that tho conntltn
tloaallty otitis law will be tested In the
courts, and It usually takes several yoars
to do that, so that no matter from what
standpoint tha subject Is viewed It Is cer
tain that tba state enn got . no revenue
from toitt source during the next two
years. . Consequently the 11,000,000 which
tha Itepo'iUean caucus counted on gotting
f rasa that souree will bavo to be raised In
scmeoBv juftnnerw
"v - to Corporation Foes.
"Again, according to the cnuous report,
they expected to ralsu fOuO.COO out of the
leos paid into the secretary of stato's ollloe
ovt-r and above the fee which that office
has been collecting so far, whllo a most
extravagant estlmato could not bring
! those increased fees up to t .IX), 0(0. Dur-
ing the last two years it has cost t'.'o to
organize a cdrportaiou. Undor the new
law It will prubabijavcost on an average
tluO, the cxaet amount depending on the
amount of stock. Heretofore corpora
tions have IWn organized freely because
it cost so little. lu the future that will
not be tho case. Now if wo were to as
aume that there will be 1,000 now Incur
porations formed during the next two
years It would moko only $10l,000 In foes
and only 7o,(XA mora than ' tho sal
numborvt corporations paid lastyesfo
it is clear toot no large amount oiw y
will be derived fruin that acuro Ji
thntttoo revenue which tho caur ,g.
pootcl to cot in this way must be Jsod
in soma other manner. ' , .
ladleatlaas sTbat ohrCanBUon WUI Be
be held in that' city tomorrow, will beta
pretty lively gathering. The suggestion
for this convention earns from tha Ueoror
control oonuatUe, of which x- Alderman
T B MU1mmm 1. ..h r. i ......... !,.-
argumaat, was pat forth that tha ' Demo
cracy was in anopeies nunority and than
there was not a shadow of a show to win to
long as too party was doudu oy Cleveland.
It was thought by discussing the matter
some understanding might be arrived at
and some declaration mado that would
glvo the Democracy a flghtlng show la
soma parts of tho state at least. Sons
stormy sessions of the state central com
mittee were held before too can tor s
oonvontioa was issued. Chairman Frank
Arbuckle, who holds tha position of re
ceiver of tne unitea states tana ouioe,
tempted In vain to stem the tide of suuu-
inent In favor oi DltuBg a convention.
' Other nM-aima aJSHlclans. exnorieao
In asm affairs. wpr anted that It would
be the helht of folly to allow the rank
''and Ala to gee a chance to express in opaa
oomentioa taetr ownioa of the aumims
tratloo. All was to no purpose, however,
th jnnn-ul man Ot tha nartvand t
oomnttMsB) being o the opinio that tae
party waa la a aopalass antnotity aa ftmm
aa the .admlnlstratioB'e financial folioy
waa spoareatly lndoraad by silence Ua-
.i.r this nresauza the tatfl was IuulxL and
It la said there wilt be a goodly represen
tation f Mm eary part of too state. Thar
la little question aat taas resoiutioaa ae
i- a Mfad tonMi" vixwa
Duuuvoua w . j - w
Cleveland aad CarilsM Will be Introdneed
In tho eoimatfoa. : They will be opposed
by the older membacs.
.' ST. IVovts, July li-Cuairman Mafflt,
of tb state Demoeratle exeeutlvd com
mittee, pnbliahas a loa totter addreasrd
to Cosamittcesaaa ? W. Farria, of the
LaCtod oounty DssaiBrscy, wbo U Wad
ing tao tree fllvar wlap; la aa affurt to
aacure a state coavaatkn to take action
oa the financial Bastion, Uc Msltt
aarply criticises M larda, 8aya MaCi::
"Xoa seem leas naat.ajaa car tao Uemo-
wita aii
time, ai.ni
''"as-iaaao LI" ""'
I. I
ratio oarfr thaa 1
'ourasu aad tta ! iawa srieaaao secoou.
snocfas eLT t rewatt which yoa
sumetjofiis . .bca 1 1 shall have no
more' tofifo with y oft. f personally, bat
gained to find xJiwhot the party
want aad tiil act o -octlngly.
"bee a majority of tho counties la
truitaeta that end, or when lam so
tastraasVi by a majority of the state com-
ilttaa, 1 shall at tn.'M all a meeting ot
thateoalnittee." - la c- ling his commit
tee trigafcex Chairman 'orris is equally
severe, fcu.'erriajr to' i-'hairrann ldafflt,
FarrieaBySL,. "it i rip perating to know
that a .Ires 'aoUtieaf party in a great
OGmmof wealth lika' Missouri must be
subJesJlothe erlfiniJ'nd caprices of an
autcenpie bossj or ma-'.? to subordinate
IndcpeaJenee and manhood at thedlo-tat-
at pa ty anannzers "
WasKMBrBa, Mai, July L Tho Dcm
ocrata'sf Jabnson county bold a conven-.
sior. asu atmpted resolutions domandinf
iventlon and inaoraing iree
ilvjr at a r:itio of 15 to 1. f
O., July 1-At a incetinff
rgan county Democratic cen-
Mtotr. rfS6l.!Uotis were nnani-
n favor luf free and nn-
age of sUvet t tho ratio of 10
octlftg too cnalrman to call a
ention to elect delegates to
nviotlon t!nt may be called
the flaoncUl question. Bland
1 foe presklanc.
aitlaa lar Stiver Advocates.
Farr'RiscisctJ, July I. The Chroniclo
prints a ken-page aar. !le on the silver
question, twrlttpa bjr A P. loang, man-
agir editor ot the pa er. xoung has
lijaJe UoafcciM, caavAt a special study,
aad a is caay.i
a SVP9.' argument in if.-
vorof a lime'
lie Wtnr lard. The arti-
de. a-hlci If pi
nteda lmk form would
make a large-l
ted .kob me. Is entitled:
r Mono it talllsmf"
" J ? " ' ' 1
Ba-raideat rolxotn, If. Ilnxlry aad
1 Oaa. Creea CUjl -niltb.
Rid JaxgiBo, Jnly i Ex-President
Pellet 3 it dene. . One ot blio most promi
nent fgnres in (ho cvcn.ful history of
mcditd Btnr.ll has passed away with the
dent of Florlnno Pcixoto. His position
at'of adlstlngivsbe l soldier and a
nan who was always found equal
many sudden political emergencies
oountry. By tho resignation Nov.
Uvof President da i'uwcca. Marshal
j) becasao chief execurivjof there
. His '-admlnUtration was chiefly
a to keepnig tho two indomitablu
De Hello and Da Gama, from over
throwing the government. t
TIP siege af Kio Janeiro b tha insur-
genaueet was perh ips the n v interest-
rngfieident of Pclxoto's adt ..liftrution.
Asjlio date fof the national .'loci Ion la
Bwil approachoJ, it was feei.jrally sur
mtd that Pclxtto would dcolare him
sen -lictator and n ninln at tho head ot
tliB povernment. i'l ixoto's course was.
bdn.'vcr, that of a good citizm. When
Da le Morses was elected president Peix-
otalisappnlntcd ali the prophets of evil
ha icacnf ully turning over tin reins of
g( n incut and doing all hi could to
trf o hts successor s road an ' easy - mr."
lil health then foiling the ex -president
rolrud from publio life.
Death of the Veteran Oea. Smith.
WASHISGTOX, July 1. General Green
CI r Smith, the voteron preacher, soldier
an politician, dlol at his residence in
th city. He had been ill for some weeks
wl i a malignant carbuncle, which re
sli d all treatment. General Smith came
frc i a famous Kentucky family, and was
bo July J, lisa. In 163 he waa a mem
be jf the Kentucky legislature, and tho
ne year become major of tho Third Ken
tui y cavalry. Whllo in tho field he was
Aa looted for congress as a Republican,
an rasignid to take his seat la the house.
In ft Le missed the nomination for tho
vi4 presidency on tho tlckot with Lin-
by half a vote. Later be went into
thlulnlstry and in 1670 he was. noml
nsld by the Prohibitionists for presW
del. In 1W3 he came to Washington
olbeoaine Kontor of the Metropolitan
bsist church.
islay Solvea tba Problem tor BlmaelL.'
SUOX, July 1. Tho celebrated Prof.
ley is dead. Thomas Henry Huxley
born near this city in May, ltf-'i. Ho
wathe originiktor of tho doctrine of evo-
luln and of tbo term "agnostic" for
thai whs) f'do nut know" in n fjrenoe tt'
area! tax, as opposed to inose coo cy
faa aad belief ia tho scriptures claim
thi tbey do know. He died In agnos-:
tlam. . Ho and , Gladstone had a con-!
trdersy through the papers on tho sub
JeJ iis great study was life where
dttit come from. Ho never found out,
b J discovered to hisown satisfaction and
IbV of other scientists that "protoplasm"
Is bo one thing common to all life.
Alter Two Tear He Confesses to
' Ilia Yernbla Crime.
fOLBao,' O-' July L John Mundv.
cttged with tfaa murder of hi wifo two
ago, was cipturod in St. Loul3,Mo.,
uugat so tins c.ty. two years ago
Xaudy tlfeappeurcd, and hor hus-
ooii moved out of the city, but
Z wrong was suspected. When
f tha woman was found week
t suspicion pointed to the bus-
niurderur. and tho nollca
work on this theorv. Mnmlv
from Toledo to Detroit aad
t to St. Louis, whore he waa
ag with bis nioco as his mia-
lie being brought to this ottr
4 the orime of murdering Ala
- ',
Tbat VII Io ta rraaa
'ffcmxAxre. July 1 Probkbly itaa
smaflptt wttrant in amount ever iasaed
by au govonmcnt was drawn Satoaday.
It M fur llsent and was mado payabta,
to Ckovar Cleveland, president of tba
DanidfitatA. It appears, that ia oai
caUkfng tbe'enuMat due the preaidaak
each (uoath tisre h!itl been an nndor-papx
men of 1 eaa which cuu:d only tie reesl-
ncdad taotaasury Doots Kept snaigas
by dmwiag A warrant for that anioaat la
, tt aaaaa lor Uovorajiaa,' T,
Dm MotMCS, Jaly 1 BepubUaaa
vataa wcia bald In twenty-oleM
tiea ta; Iowa Saturday. Tbo rraaltaof
tbsaa eonveatioea, taken in liiwiaai Hit
walk taoso abvady held, place Csasraf P.
M. Drake, at Crntemlie. in tae land foe
tha BtpannaOT aominatton for governor.
wttsV x-Snainr Jaiaes F. Harlan, - of .
"-am ca
. vzaBiiaus,
of the ISA,
wai oo 4a
to l, ard dlr
any at le
to conJdel
WMd i. 1
s-rf tdv -iwrnnnni . . ........ 74?i&z&-ii- -; ?-t , .nr --:-i-i - show- i,.ft:r-:f-wu .
an akrec' e,'w Wla.0.0OO aa tbo
Caaaaj WtlAMt,ttstanw
r U4 Usea ana us jsaia a
t .Csl1o- IFwalaw' Mvatha-taaa-
i latMai'l'.'BaaliS aaoTTaatr
an anna';'aHa"nn aaw - .
AtoB, -7Bly 1. The treasury dc-
J Oaeal fear Just dosed v. Ill bs
Itf V'" debt statement to beap-
ti3,3)J.WJ This, added to
leva ye deC jlt of nearly 70.000JDOu,
thefexccsloi expendlturos over
eelpes sinib Juuc 30, lbVi, about 1113,250,
000. lite jotal receipts of the government
this fiscal year, exclusive of postal love-
nues, amount to nearly 1313,000,003, and
the expenditures to 3jO,2jO,CJJI of which
pension took 141.391,623. Last year the
aggregate receipts, exclusive rl postal
revenues, were s37.723,0ia, ana tne ex
penditnros 3S?,525,S79. Tho receipts this
year tucreioro were tu,swj gnww
tbaq !Mt, and tba expenditures about
tjl , OOJ leaa. Tbo pos al service defilcit
is ab '.:t 1100,00J, which is considerably
in ex of that of any tosent yeir.
im Detailed Inures on Reeelpta,
Thr Internal revenue department of the
govr-aiantbaa coatributcd this year to
tbo r. celpta nearly ! 43 C00,0J0,as against a
Uttlc m'oastAaa MX.OJO.OtOlast year. The
east msx this year macas a oertor
shewingtSan last year by about $J1,C0),
Coqi Last yeat the receipts from - this
aoarce amounted tip nearly 18.000,OX)
and this yeevthrr approximate U3 000,-
ftXk The dei sT.itt.mcnt will show an
avaQblacash,balanl3a of about tl93.0JO,.
00l of which about f 107,600.000 U gold ro
seiva, This reserve will include payment
In foil fr tba last bond issue. The ex-
seadiM I tot July will be exceptionally
heavy, at pensions and lntorest alone are
.axpeotea toamouat to 23,00.,ni
.Irta Aaaat National Vaafca,
I artortbe flsoal" year the numbor of
narioaal aanks in exisfinco has decreased
frt a 8,7Ti to '8.7jB. Forty-one national
bf ks have ' beeav. organlzod during the
reir, sixty bovagone Into voluntary
llf.jidntlou, and thirty-six have been
plaeed in the bands c f receivers. Ine na
tional bunk circulation has increased.
H ami. Fro n July 18, 1SW to May 7,
Id '5, the nearest datea . to tho year obtain
able, tno loans ana otscounts oi national
b-iaks have increased from $1,933,689.35?
to il,C7(5.CJ1.4j. During tbo sometime
Individual deposiu have lucre a sod from
?1 G77,801,2 to tl.0M,96l,l!M. Tho law
ful money reservo held by banks shows a
heavy Increase, from (301,103,77 to H3d,-
SK1 1170. . . . ...
. -.4 , Record as to Immlgratloak, . ,
The records of the immigration bureau
isov the number of immigrants who
arrived In this country during tha year to
be approximately 2"5,32i, a decreoso for
t.ie y w of ; 3JL Oi the whole number
of arrivals about S.tOO vera debarred
from landing and deported to the port
wheno3 they came.
The total number of rrovornmcnt uuUd-
ings.ntw astdat construction by the su
pervising architect , of the treasury Is
forty-tour, contemplating a total expendi
ture ttador existing limit of cost of f 18,
700.01A - The number legislated for, tu5
not oomnataoad, is thirty-two. involvlag
an expenditure of (13 3S1,1J. . ". v .
Hie latiftlaa Cabaa ttera Are Wrlt-
' - ; teatna-Xavs C aatry, Sa It Is Said.
baJKMVibliria July l The man
who wss sand-bagged here last week, f"td
who has bocomtf notorlouv as the r 11
am throbgh which Cuban letter pi
"JSsdor jFi F , Bonn" bavo beer n
ssncrdf irireolatliin through the rLt 4a
not F. y. AAdatf dr. but V. P. Hann. The
man aud that aa possessed a Greek cipher
by means of wtich ho communicated
with Haaa, than translated tha news.
The Jacksonville Florida .Citiaen oorra
epondent aeoured this cipher and asked
Bev. Mr. Hundley to translate it. -
HedJl so, and-it was proved to be a
Clraakjoaay of a letter written in English
Twos a friend ia Philadelphia, and al
deM'ta Hann.' Andorfer, or Hann, is
mil o .Caad to his room, and says that
aa wtl Trove all he claims when he gets
9. Ill knowa; that ho has received
aa. r aaeratkm for the Cuba letters
which have been published, and there are
many here aa wall as a number of Cubans
ia tha stataVRS'tMlieve the man has tome
kind of connection with the Cuban insur
" Cballeagar at la Light Waataea.
Loxdox, July L The new Valkyrie,
which U to contest with the American
Defender for the America's cup, bod her
first trial In a race, the competing boat
bela the Britannia, which latter won by
g..x lasa. catching a b roe so while
the Valkyrie Uy becalmed. There Is no
aenbt that aha hi a much better boat than
tba Brttaoata aad nnusaally last in light
waataan walle with a good. Dreeseano
niakea very rapid time.. Captain Craa-
nelu..wBO wUi: salt the Valkyrie in the
op rate, says the Defender will need to
be a saaati better boat than the Vigilant
It Amertoa retains the cap. -
. ' emrCrant Uay Yah.
Lobdow, atly t May Yohe created
mach'aauMBTncnt at the Avenue theatre
tba oOar evening. Lord Rosebery waa
taen safcc nsooneed ia th recess of the
Stag .- box., and May, espying him, pro-
odws wm enaracKristie irreverence to
lotraaae aandry gag la reference to
itnauy," ais poliUcs, his horses and vari'
oaa .ata j matters, into aar part la
-Wiatry i)icfe Whittingtoo." -: , r
Waraaee Cat Itrttrr Wl
OXlflKLD, July L The Sorutfftotd
!rosoapany has posted a aotlos that It
iwf.d. advance the wage of all emolqye
0 percent. The company eoapluya over
so men. ' .-. :ie advaace aapltcu
braacacs and goes into effecs Ju'y
Tfce best ia what von
von are ia need .of a medicine
why yon shonld insist np
,isJW--is; aooeaio cult witn "cmimo-s, J.JL ' ' 1 f . J, ; I ft : v. : if ' r.-1 1 1-1,1 .1 III f I - -; ' :
atkthJexccMof expenditures over re- wj.- -oflrf they eaa lie cleaned by " Si HKSZal VlU W, "V A;-; .vf f X41A. X U,JU1A VAsI V JL JLXXJ.I
jcarsspan ta. . .
UiefflationRdiirmbleanawa&rr P iJty. xLl-- nil I 1 U I Tl lf.l I II II I ni ll "
rimply wiping off Willi a wet doth. ?V fXTA P U ' ? ' -V-..,V,V'-"-?.--i' J W: U
with this interlining, consequently no I jJ I fTm. ' llA Last ' " ' ' ,.' - - v -;
oOter goods can poQ)Iy give utisfac- tjrSriT ' "' . ,-" ", T : rm ;'.
tion. .Do not forget. that every piece' I " - VjMll ' V'i - ' ' . - v' '--' '- : ' ;.' ' -U" ' ' '' 'V
rffliegetittfaefattanipedaslbllow. ;;r leLea v" . JL ' 'r''" ' '' - - '"' 'V : - ; .
Insist upon goods ao raarkartnd re
fuse as ytbing else if offered. If your .
dealer does not fceep, them yon can
procure, a sample from ns direct by
enclosing amount anil stating size and
whether staad-ap or turacd-down col
lar ia wanted. ColIar3 35c. 3cb Cuffil
lie CeUulCjSanyeV ;
427-429 Broadway. -K" Hew Tort.
An. attempt to launch the Defender, Her-
reshofT production ta ' tho yacht line
tbat is to keep the America's cup on this
side, was a failure. The boat stuck la
the ways and Herresboff is stated to have
said some bad words. ...
- R M. Sweet, ot Af ton, O , bos been dis
barred from practice In tho interior de
portment for alleged unprofessional and
unlawful conduct in connection with
pension eases. , . . . -
A duel between two French statesmen
Gadaud, minister of' agriculture and
Mirman. socialist, resultcl in a slight
wound in the wrist sufforod by Gadaud.
Blanche Newborger. of Djn ver.' 13 years
old, committed suicide by taking carbolic
acid because she- had bzen .severely
scolded for quarreling with her younger
sister. -. - . . :
8. Cafky, dry goods, i-at Jacksonville,
Ills., has Called. Assets, tit, 000; liablU
ties, 817.059. , . . t "
Kl Corrigan and Goorje V. Hanklns
take occasion to denounce as a He out of
Nrholo cloth Chicago dispatches which
credit them with trying to buy the Hll
nols leglslataro. -. t- . .
Formal dcllvory of the seals of office
has token place at Windsor castle, and
the Conservative cabinet Is now in charge
of the British empire i . ,
' Thirteen men Thomas Croak; Thos.
F. White, Patrick Chambars. Fred Kal-
ley, Thomas - Sweeney,- Edward, Kelrln,
Peter Field, James Weir. Thomas Vona-
shek, William Dorman, W. U Wals,
Frank Simmons, Janaea McLauahlii
have been indicted by the grand Jury at
Chicago on charges of having stalled city
payrolls. ,
' At tho annual tournament of the Penn
sylvania Bicycle clan, at Philadelphia,
Joha S. Johnson, paced by two tandems.
mado the fastest mile ever made on the
track. 8:00 8-5. v .
At Marshtteld. Wis., tbera waa astigns
frost Friday night, but little damage
was done.
The international sapromo lodge of
Good Templars ha elected Dr.' Delos H.
Mann, ot Brooklyn, right worthy grand
templar, and ii. Y; Barker.:of w lsoonsln.
n. v.u. a. . , . ' ,
' The largest steamer on tba great lakes
was launched at tho uhlearo sblpyara.
Sbo will be called the Victory, Is 3S) feet
long on her keoL 43 feet beam, t feet
deep and 6.U00 tons bardoo. Her engines
are to develoD L600 horse cow jr. ,
Secret servico a treats have arrested at
afansflsld, O., Amos Lehman and James
Matthews, sons of wealthy farmors. on
the charge of trying' to pais countetfeit
money. ' . -
There fs no truth in the roport that tho
dace of Aumale, uncle of the lata count
o. train, not been assajsinatoa.
John P. Tread will and William Deny,
two green goods men, ST ho beloogod to
tho ao-eallei Hillsdale (Mich ) gang.
havo been cjnvloted In the United States
court at Detroit. .7
iiiur Iienuorz. wiiiuse editorial 'Vriti
cUui" resulted tn tho tragedy at Eaid.
O. T.. is at Ktngtuhor, sorry oven to tbo
point ct wishing ha bad caught a fatal
bullet, bat declaring hit coascienca clear
ana toot thoaga ho bat been tnreatenea
be was not armed at the. time of tho
tragedy. . ... . . . .
Assaf )
: J 1 -re . J "...
-. cz' zzy ra vC':
an la lav viae s artav faraw
CMWCtt at aJ.T.
At piics aliliitely'i
fads ia Si&Coati i;Vtts.V NegUj
:... ' Trcu:ersctc:t:Wealst offer today 2r!reno;i ;;- .yJ
, ., . . - - - . - . j . . . . - . ; v . ; ... . ' ' '. . . ,
.- , .-1 :r - i ... ; , . - - - . , - - - .v....-j'S.-
i i.
That's what we want
our Furniture to do,
. - and have made prices ,
' that should cause you .
:'f ... . . . c
,to leave your money
with us if you think v
you ever: will need -any
Furniture,. Car- -pels
or Draperies. To "
every" purchaser of
$40 ' worth cash we
will giveV .. "
A Handsome Solid Oak
Upholstered Rocker '
. ; pniii. ..:
All goods marked in
plain figures every-
one representing a v
big bargain. I
. : - - ; .f- k J- " ' --- "-
tJ4, J M, 123 Brad EX,
won't last long. : Come
M M af-" U T
Only Union
The Rock Island Breryinj Compdny, ; success
ors to Georpe Whir?s Atlantic ' Breterv. A
U.,kae Kr;fir Dravtaru
1 1ULW o wily . wiwnwir
kock isiana orewcry, zs
Bottling Works, has one :
Brewinsf eblbhrnehts;
partment in -MiA''Xas.)WA -
' a a VAS.ta' 'a
very oesi. f uzzr d poiusa zi in
deliyercd to cny pit of ths tri-'
he ordered direct frcsi ths hel l.'
line avenue by Telephone;, -
-v :. " - ' . : f.'t
sea or -
who 6cy
Shii. iXhiii - r y " f
. V'
l ; : :,
W UU it-- ' "A
labor employed
atari lt-t JaV" rVlS
aim a 4 )
vcu u jcl- i
eft vn:r
T 1 .
ml '
" 1.
f '

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