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Visit to E. V. Debs and His Fel
low Prisoners.
Co-OpermtiTo Colony Organized ud Each
Iy Devoted to a Regular CoartM of Ex
rclM. Btnily and Debata on Sociological
aad Other Questions American Kail
waj l"nlon Pre.lit.ut Adopt tha Profae
loa of Teacher Dally Bill at Far.
Chicago, July 8 The "Cooperative
Colony of Liberty Jail" that Is the name
by which the seven United States prison
crs now serving a six months' sentence In
tho Mc Henry county jail at Woodstock,
Ills., wish to bo remembered by the hordes
of curious visitors who daily flock to tho
quiet little town in the hope of catching s
glimpse of tho famous labor leaders. A
reporter was one of the aforesaid visitors
and was directed to tho roar of the build
ing by a bystander of whom ho asked
where the jailor was to bo found. Fol
lowing tho directions which were given
him tho reporter mode his way to the
rear of tho building and found himself in
small inclosuro fenced In by the court
houso and small outhouses and surround
ed by a high iron fence. Lounging around
in easy, picturosque attitudes wore a half
dozen men, reading, smoking or exercis
ing with chest weights.
Granting by TUelr Imprisonment.
They did not notico the approach of tha
reporter, but upon being asked one of
them directed him to the jailer's quarters
by a wave of liis hand and a few words
and Immediately turned to his paper.
The jailer found and being informed of
tho visitor's mission, he displayed no hesi
tancy in talking of the life and habits of
the prisoners In bis charge. "You want
to know something about Debs and his
associates," sid he; "well, there is a
good deal about them that is interesting.
They aro a fine lot of raon, and they have
marked out for thcmsolves a course of
study and recreation which will result in
much benefit to them. They study and
read most of tho time, and when not en
gaged with their books they exercise and
recreato in the jail corridor and court
house yard."
Introduced to tha Captives.
At tho wish of the reporter the jailor
Introduced him to the prisoners whowero
In the yard. Those who wero thoro were
James llogan. It. AV. Kogers, Boy M.
Goodwin, and Sylvester Kclihor. All
were willing to talk and spoke entertain
ingly of their life in the jnll, and prac
tically reiterated what the jailer had said
about tho employment of thoir time. Jail
life, they said, was net tho ideal life, but
was not half as bad as imagined.
Through tho open window EupenoV.
' Debt could bo scsn seated In the jail cor
ridor. Ho was reading a Chicago paper
and had his chair tipped back while his
feet rested on the .Iron grating. Those
who knew Mr. Debs would hardly recog
nize him now.
Debs Growing a Heard.
' A board, sandy In color and cut In the
imperial style, covered his face which was
fuller than when he left Chicago soma
weeks ago. 11a looked the picture of
health, as did all tho other prisoners ex
cept Hums, who is suffering from a se
vere cold. Alt the prisoners, except
. Burns, have grown beards. After a short
talk with the croup In- tho yard tho re
porter Was rwrmlttu.1 to see tho sheriff.
Ueorgo Kckcrt, who- allowed him to enter
Debs' colL Dbs Was willing and anxious
to talk and led the w.iy to tho dining
" room, which tho sheriff had suggested as
' good ptsrsV for an interview. Arriving
at tha room tho famous labor leader
pointed to a clmir having broad arm
rests, and said: "Thoro is a place for your
copy pniMr, and you can write while 1
tulk. 1 supposo you want to know some
thing about my life, so make ready and
I'll Uro away."
A Fvatatn Tii.it Kinbraeea Their Idea of
ltenr;itse(l Society.
Ho then proceeded to rnluto tho history
of his life, and In a few moments had told
tho most Interesting occurrences, "riince
coming here," suid tho American Kail
way Union president, "wo havo lived a
studious life. Separated as wo aro from
tho world we are enabled to concentrate
our every thought on our studies, and I
have accomplished more in that direction
In a few weeks than I could In a year out
In tho world. I know you will
want to know how we put in our time.
Well, wo have a perfect system, ono of
our own invention and which carries out
our Ideas of reorganized society. We
have elected t Ulcers for our community.
which we call the Co operative Colony
of Liberty JalL Our officers consist of
an inspector, a colonel and a professor.
"Mr. Elliott Is Inspector, Mr. Hogan the
colonel, Mr. Rogers the professor and I
fill tho i Dice of plain teacher. At
o'clock each morning Inspector ' Elliot
calls tho colony and all are required to
rise at the word. After washing we have
an hour in which to exercise. Colonel
Hogan drills us and we have become
quite proficient in military manosuvers.
We have but ano gun, Mr. Eckert'a army
musket, but wo drill by turns. Mr.
Hot bas become a very good soldier. At
7:30 o'clock we breakfast, our table being
sol In the sheriff's dining room, and at
this meal wo usually have a steak or
chops, fried potatoes, bread, butter and
"After breakfast we go back to the cor
ridor, which wa call our study room, and
. read and study until Our work Is
In the lino of economics, sociology and
history. Wa have about SnO volumes of
the best works on these subjects and we
are keeping them well thumbed. I eon'
duct a class each morning and my
charge are apt pupils.. At 12: li we leave
off work and take our midday exercise in
the jail yard. We run, walk and ue the
dumb-bells and chest weights. At 1
have our dinner, and at thai meal we
usually have a roast, vegetables, pastry cr
pudding and cones. Alter Hi nuvr we read
and study until o'clock, after which
Colonel Hogan takes out his squad and
drills It. Supper comes afW:.?j and we
t have cold meat, mlik and bread.
Our Itterarv exercise bjsln at 8 o'clock
and lost until 10. 'lhe eurcisea usually
take the form of a debate. Wo take some
current labor question and discuss it
from every point of view. Our next ques
tion for debate i-: 'Kes.'lvcd, That tin
tate bas a stronger claim on the child
than It parents." -ir. rtogers tatcs the
ammative side and Mr. Kelihcr the neg
ative. After they flnisn ineir arguments
9 all join In the discussion.
"I must tell you of our "fine system.
We have a code of rule v-hlch every man
must live up to. During tho drill hours
Colonel Hogan impose punishment and
fines on dolluqucnts. During the study
hour I have the authority to do this, aud
Inspector' Elliot and Vrutessor iiogerg
jave their hour. e occasionally lock
one of the colonv up in bis cell when be
commits some infraction of the rules."
Aggregates the Sum of 633,517.337 Other
Fact fi J'i tha Treasury.
WASIIIXGTOS. July 2. Tho monthly
statement of the public debt shows tho
debt on Juno 3-', l-3, the end of the fiscal
year, to have K-on tl,0'.M,ui3l12)l exclusive
of t57U,3i7,b33 in certificates and treasury
notes in circulation offset by an equal
amount of cash in tbe treasury, and ex
clusive also of j .1,157,750 in bonds of tho
last issue, whicii have not yet been de
livered to the L )udon purchasers. Tho
corresponding l'bt of June U0, 13.(1. was
11,018,817. 8 1, shewing an incrome for tho
year, inclu Jin? bonus not yet delivered
in London, of till. 173,001. Tho cash in
the treasury, however, has increased dur
ing the year frvm tll7.uKl,135 to tl'Ji.SJ),
103, a gain of JT7.io,7I7.
The true public debt, including bonus
not yet dellvcrcJ, less c ish in the treas
ury, Is therefore tVJ3,83J,717, an m
ceeaso for tho year of $XJ,5l7,
337. Tho pr.sent debt is recapitu
lated as follows: Interest bearing
debt, ITlO.SJi.iW; debt on which interest
has ceased siiuv maturity. 1. .l-.O'.D; debt
bearing no int-rest, :;70 S'JS.JfM; t'ltnl (ex
clusive of builds not delivered), tl.U'jO,
913,12m. The c i-li in the treasury is classi
fied as follows: Gold, tl55,Kli3 931; silver.
(512,338,700; pnpor, Ilij.DJo.bNJ; bonds,
disbursing ofliivra' balances, etc., fll!,Jj3,-
li'l, making a total or ?ll,'I,'S(i,a)iaiiist
which there are deiuuud liabilities
amounting to itii5,&2t,u3.i.
Scries of Tragf.lif s In Which Death Claims
Two lieu and a Woman.
HorKlssVlLLE, July 2. Xows has just
reached hero of a terrible tragedy iu
Trigg county Into Saturday evening.
Frank Colston, a despcruto character re
siding in that county, had a dilliculty
with and shjt and severely wounded
John Rhodes, a farmer of his neighbor
hood. Another f irmer, named Ham
mond, who was i7.-scnt and who was a
friend of R'loJus, attempted to assist
lihodes. CoMton then (-hot and instant
ly killed Hai'iuiond before he could ren
der any assistance) to hi wounded friend.
For aomo ivason Colston, after wound
ing Rhodes, did not shoot him again,
probably thinking him dead. Colston did
not attempt to escapo, nor did any ono
attempt to arrest him, but ho went on
wbero ho was going when the difficulty
wa begun. A fow hours later Colston
in company with a prostitute went to the
house of another farmer. Tha farmer or
dered the disperodit and tho woman to
lea vo his place, ihey refused to do so
and attacked the farmer, who secured a
weapon and succeeded in killing both
Colston and tho woman.
The Defender Is Afloat.
BRISTOL, K. I , July 2. At 8:40 o'clock
yesterday afternoon, under the direction
of Captain ."at llctrcshofl, the tug Right-
arm began pulling three big hawsers
fastened to tho Defender. For over a
quarter of ai hour tho efforts of the tug
wero without perceptible effect and then
suddenly, a few moments before 3 o'clock.
the boat sl:;ijcd off tho ways and floated
into deep .uor amid the tooting of whis
tles and th shouts of tho spectators. A
diver examined her hull later and found
that It wan no; damage! in the least by
her forty-eight hours of "stuck In tho
loners! ot lien. Urern Clay Smith.
Wasiusi.to.v, July 2 The funeral of
General dreen Clay Smith occurred
yesterday afternoon, the remains be
ing lnt-erri-1 nt Arlington after brief ser
vice at tin' Metronulitan Baptist church.
The oerom jiiios were of the simplest
character in accordance with a request
of Ueucral Mintn. Delegations from the
O. A. K., ami Union Veterans' union
were present, and the Washington Cen
tennial lolcc of Masons bad charge of
the funeral.
Sentenced To He Hanged Again.
ATLASTA. July 2. Willie Myers, aged
19, who luroi Forest Crowley, a country
merchant, to a lonely spot in the sub
urbs of tk'i city eno day last September
and murder, j him for his money, has
been for the second timo sentenced to bo
hanged, hu second trial, having resulted
like the Crsr, in a verdict of guHty.
Aug. 'i is t.'u date fixe J tor the execution.
Flay the Itaaa Uall Expert.
CHICAGO July 2. Following are tho
scores made hy Luiguo base ball clubs:
At Cleveland Pittsburg 4, Cleveland 6;
at Washlti.-ton Baltimore 13, Washing
ton It; at louisvulu Cincinnati 11, Lou
isville J; at Philadelphia Boston 3,
Pbiladelph.i 5; t Brooklyn New York
1, Brooklyn 7, at Chicago St. Louis 5,1
Chicago 17.
Wanted cibbcms to Stay at Rama.
LOXDOX, July 2. A special dispatch
received hvre from Rome says that the
pope has Im.ted Cardinal Gibbons to re
side in Ronw and take part in the poli
tic of the V ttican. It is added that Car
dinal Gibbu j refused the offer of hi ho
liness. Flght.cc Charley" a Caadldate.
Losdos, ;aly ss. It is rumored that
Ljrd. Char, j Bcresford has become a
candidate fir parliament from the central
division ot Bu-minskannv Lord Charles
rBeresford his hold eat in parliament on.
former occju.ons in tha Conservative in
terest. ( i
tg m Ujia Virginia.
CHABLMa.x,Vuly-Ia . Vd X
Morris rt, u wttdest f-ioit W tM
eoutyv Jo Cook shot an "etaJosepk
Moattt aiftour wounaW wri
Latest from the Scene of the
Winnebago Land Fight.
And, sa It Is Allexed, Plan Another In
famy similar ta tha Barret Scot I Case
Obrctionaule Men To Va Beraeved.
Prijert fur Mob Law In Kentucky Over
an Attempt ta C ollect an Old Debt Wis.
consin IUIiiibm Boraged.
Sloes CUT, la., July 2. A special from
Pender, Neb., to Tha Journal say there
Is fear of a repetition of the Barrett Scott
tragc.ly tuero as a result of tho Winno
br.go land trouble. A secret meeting of
settlers, it is claimod, was held Sunday
niijlit ot which a plot was oitcred Into to
"remove" two persons obnexious to the
settlers on account of their activity in the
land trouble In favor of tho Indians. The
proceeilinps wero absolutely secret, but
unougli leaked out to make tho Pender
people apprehensive. Captain Bock, pre
sumed to bo cue of the objects of the al
leged conspirators' vengeance, is in the
city ami was interviewed, lie declared ho
discredited reports of any plots to do vio
lence to himself or any ono else, but even
if sueii a conspiracy existed ho was not
worried, and will carry out his intention
of dispossessing the illegal losso?.
Another Spce'nl Kut So Cory.
Omaha, July 2. A special to The Bee
trom Pender. Nob , says: Yesterday was
tho time tho war department end Cap
tain BccU, tho U;naha und Winnebago
Indian ne;crit, had agreed upon to begin
the eviction tif 2J0 settlers whom Captain
Beck claims nre illegally occupying tho
Indian lands. Tho settlers were expecting
trouble, but not prepared to resist tho
armed Indian police with arnn. Itde
velo;c,l that a large number of them had
been over at tho agency to make leases
with Captain Beck for the land which
they are farming this year.
Will One r-petulators m Warm Greeting.
They state, almost without exception,
that Captain Beck informed them that
their lands had been -already leael to
M.K light, As'iford, or some other land
speculator. As a result tho renters have
practically decided to stand together and
make no leases with land speculators.
They have orpanizad to protect them
selves and crops and will usa all legal
means ta hold possesion of tha land they
now occupy. Tho land speculators will
surely nii.-ot a Warm reception if thoy at
tempt to dispossess the tenants.
Will KnUt totlie Death, of Hie Other Fel-Ion-,
Co.'lectiou ol a Debt.
Asm.ANi, July 2. In Carter county
there is intenso excitement because of
the appcarunco of strangers, who
acknowledge thoir mission to bo
to collect tho fatuous railroad tax
that has been in dispute fur forty years.
This tax grows out nf tho nd issue of
175,000 to tho Klizibethtown u'nd Lexing
ton ami Big Sandy railroad, from Lexing
ton to Cattlcltsburg. Tho company, after
securing the bands, abandoned the pro
ject, selling the bonds at a liberal dis
count to David Smton, a millionaire at
Cincinnati. '
Tlirou?h a mistake ct tho county attor
ney in drawing up tho contract tho road
escaped tho liability for construction, and
their refusal to meet their agreement
gave rise to tho contest that has ever since
been successfully maintained. All who
voted tha binds, save a single resident
of Carter county, nre dead, and 2,510 of
the nmv generation havo organizod to re
sist thn collection. Numerous attempts
havo failel and it is now regarded as
worth a man's lifo to attempt the collec
tion. Two months ngo a deputy collector,
after making a ltvy tpon the property,
escaped being lynched by 60J pcnplo only
by slipping oil in tho night. The men
nre determine! that no -collection shall
b) uiado and openly announcer it. If
Peek and his deputies resort to impera
tive measures there will ba bloody scenes.
All that l ol ia the matter from nnlsis
now is a doubt of tho siucerity of the col'
lector and his allies.
Fishermen awt armg Vengeance.
Ashland, Wis.. July 2. Game Warden
noodley went to Caequamagon Poiut
and captured seventeen barrels of white
tt-h under ono pound and arrested foar
lishermen. Woodlcy is causing a great
stir among the fishermen and hunters.
They are swearing vengeance. The seizure
was made undor tho fish law passed by
the last legislature.
Johnson Wins Over Sanger and Tyler,
Tobosto, July 3. Five thousand pea
plo saw the triangular match race on the
Toronto Ferry company's neV board
track between John S. Johnson, Walter
Sanger and Harry Tyler. The match was
for a purse of l,5'J0, best two in three
heats. In the first heat Johnson won by
less than 6 inches over Sanger, with Ty
ler half a wheel further back; time,
:59' i. Sec ,nd heat, same; time, 2:01
Representative Reman' Condition.
Vandalia, Ills., July 3 Along with
the other complications which huv.; arisen
in Congressman Roman's condition is
tho reappearance of Bright' disease,
which has troubled him at intervals
throughout his illness. It is doubted very
much if he can stand another attack, as
be is much weaker than when this trouble
tirst made its appearance
Whisky Trait Crmutrd Incorporation.
SrmuFtEUi-, Ills , July 3. The secre
tary uf siate has granted a license for the
incorporation of the old whisky trust un
der the name o the American Spirit
Manufacturing company.
Caolda'c Stop Progreaalva fcoeuro.
Mr-mils. July 3 Dr. John A. Brooks,
pastor of the Linden street Christian
church, has resigned hi charge as a re
sult of an unsuccessful crusade against
progressive euchre.
L-Hyixi.i pure blood is the cause ef boils.
vunpies Ana other eruptions, itooa
in - ... ... ... ,
SarsaparilU purifies the blood, and
cares these troubles.
Rni Ein, a Chinese, was ordained a
minister of the University Place Presby
terian church. Now fork.
"Colonel Bob" Strong, executioner of
Guiteao, riiad In Washington in his 80:h
Frederick Youag, aged 12. took an in
voluntary rido upward a mile and a half
in a balloon at Neshamy Falls, Pa. He
bung by bis feet most of the way. being
entangled in t rops.
The Stanford case decision will be car
ried to the court of last resort, if need be.
tho government's attorneys say.
Truman Stewart s Indiana scheme for
colonizing persona on o0J,000 acres
of land In Tennessee has failed utterly.
List Sunday was th "dryest" Sunday
the New York barroom) havo ever known.
Tho World's Students conference Is in
session nt East Northflcld, Mass.
Venezuelan rebels havo taken Merlda
and shot the government com mandor, Col
onel Garzi
Heirs of L iu'.s Deno" havo begun ault
to obtain heart-of-town proparty in St.
LoulO.valued nt sevoral millions. Thl
is claimed through French and Spanish
grants and includes Shaw's gardens.
Wesley McVcy, need i!& drowned w hilo
bathing In tikunk river, near ' Ucd
rick, la.
Dr. Seaman, of Detroit, charged with
the murder, by malpractice, of Emily HalL
an English girl, has been cranted a
new trial, the jury disagreeing.
JuJgo Goggin, of Cr.icago, adjournod
court and discharged jurymen and wit
nesses becnno ho did not belie vo tho new
indeterminate sentence law constitu
tional. Other Chicago Judircs and law
yers don't seem to agree with Goggin
and say they cro not making laws, but
enforcing them.
Three unknown Huntvwero killol by
the cars near Philiipsburg N. J.
Two masked men keld up Hudson &
Peters' gambling house at Tellu ride. Col ,
took all the in oney in sight, and escaped
on horses.
T. M. Hydock shot and killed a burglar.
Charles Taylor, at Omaha.
Fifty-flvo millions of money is lying
idle in tho banks of the City of Mexico.
Gladstone has returned from London to
The board of health is advised of two
additional cases of smallpox at. Villa
Ridge, Pulaski county, Ills.
Im V. Olds and his wife, ot Galcsvillo,
Wis., were probably fatally injured in a
runaway accident.
Lincoln lUuiinment Transfet Postponed.
Springfield, Ills., July 2. Ycstcrdoy
was the day when the transfer of the na
tlonal Lincoln monument was to bo
modo by the Monument association to
the state, and arrangements had been
modo for a public meeting in Representa
tives' hall last night, at which the trans
fer should be mode, but tho ceremony
was postponed to lhatilglit of July tt.
Cases Against Strikers D.stuissed.
Sax Fbascisco, July 2. The cases
against all the strikers, who wore indicted
by tho federal grand jury lost September
for obstructing the United States mail
and Interfering with Interstate commerce.
havo been dismissed iu the United States
district court. .
Rubbing It In" an tbo socialists.
LoXDOX, July a. According to a dis
patch received from Homo King Hum
bert of Italy has bestowed the title of
prince upon Premier Crispi as a protest
against the repeated attacks mado upon
him by socialists and others.
International at-laoa Congress.
Pak:s, July 3. Mr. Randall was elected
vice president for Artierica at the session
of tho International Penitentiary con
gress, now sitting at the Sorbuune. Gen
eral Brinkcrboff, of Mansfield, O , Is
among tho vio presidents of sections.
Mis. Leaaa In a Syrian Custnine.
Wicuita, Kas.. July i Something of a
sensation was caused in this city by Mrs.
Mary Ellen Lease swinging into the main
thoroughfare of the city riding a bicycle
and elaborately dressed lu Syrian cos
tume, including large trousers buckled.
Orgsn crd ta Umlil street Itallways.
SrKisiiFiLi.it, Ills., July 3 The secre
tary of state bus granted a license for the
incorporation of tho, Chicago -W estcrn
Electric retrect Railway company; capital
stock, 15,000,000. Its object is to erect and
opcrato electric street railways in the
counii.e of Cook. Dupage, Lnke, Kane
audWilL -
. Site for a New Normal school.
SriU.VuFlHLD, Ills., July 3. The trust
ees havo completed a tour of inspection of
sites offered nt Rockford, Oregon, Polo,
Fulton City, and DeKalb for the location
of the new northern Illinois Normal
school. Thi board will meet July 15 in
Chicago and decide cn a site.
Retlrrd Miabter Killed by a Train.
BLissFlEl.DMich., July 3 Rev. H. N.
B.own, a retired M. K clergyman, prom
inent In Detroit aud other Michigan cities
for forty years, was struck and instantly
killed by a locomotlvo while walking
on tho Lake Saore railroad track last
evening. .
Ateolutsly Pure.
A trmrn of tartar kmkaM ptwder. Hlgnect of
all la leaveninc ft rrn it .ateX Cuittd State
1 -..
1 Uoth. Rakixs Vowdck Co.. IOC Tall St, M. T.
At prices absolutely unmatchable. All the novelties and
fads in Suits, Coats and Vests. Negligee Shirts, Thin
Trousers, etc. We also offer today 25 dozen
Yeddo Hats at 33c Each.
They won't last long. Come early.
That's what we want
our Furniture to do,
and have made prices
that should cause you
to leave your money
with us if you think
you ever will need
any Furniture, Car
pets or Draperies. To
eveiy purchaser of
$40 worth cash we
will give
A Handsome Solid Oak
Upholstered Rocker
All goods marked in
plain figures every
one representing a
big bargain.
The M More
& Carpet Co.,
324, 326, 328 Brady St,
The Most Complete Assortment.
mM : :
Home Industry
On Tap everywhere.
Only Union labor employed.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery, I.
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, has one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment in the country. The product is the
very best Beer is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to any part of the tri-cities, atf
Jie ordered direct from the head offices c
line avenue by Telephone. L
See our New
And Latest Suits.
Our purpose in advertising b to let everybody
who buys clothing that is all mankind here
about know that our suitings are in, and the
finest ever displayed in the city. You are
respectfully invited to call and see the latest
in patterns and styles. 5 ,
Call and leave your order.
Star Block, opposite Harper House
Call for Rock Island
Brewing Co Beer.

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