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Steel s. ' - r
Cast Iron.
Steel has superceded iron in all structural work
where the greatest strength and durability are re
quired. The old-fashioned cast-iron stove has made
way for the
which is made of cold-rolled steel (the strongest
steel) and malleable iron (iron that, by an expen
sive process, is made unbreakable), and the whole
construction is riveted by hand (the honest way).
The MAJESTIC is built on
.honor to last the user a life
time a long lifetime. '
H. SIEMON fc SOW, Aeents.
1515 Second Avenue. - - - ROCK ISLAND. ILL.
Gasoline Stoves.
Favorite Gas Stoves,
Gurney Refrigerators,
Ohio Ice Cream Freezers,
The Prince Lawn Mower.
All of the above are the best of makes.
If you are interested call and see them.
Prices never were lower. Everyone
Corner Third Ave. and Twentieth St.
Rock Island, 111.
Carriages, Harness,
Laprbbes, Whips, etc.
Carriage Works
Sco the ball bearing and rubber tire wheels on vehicles
of all kinds.
We carry all grades in stock and personally warrant all
work sold cither of oar own or other makes.
219 to 124 East Fourth street
$1,000,000 Cure
For Rheumatism.
Tratlmnnlals free, niehljr endoreed by doc
tor Uefur lu Hon. Henry Cane, ex-major of
Kock Inland. Wntetodar.
1(17 lerborn St., Chicago.
Sold In Rock Island by T U Tboma an Mar
ball Filher.
I V J I iTi
1 1
-riY'S CREAM BALNI-Clrfkn.iv. the Naall
"aaaaara, Allaje lain mm1 Inflammation, Ileal!
IboNim, KnUim Te: ami Mn.-ll. and nrm
ve iipilrfiil unco for Culii la ilt-ml
Azi 'tinta th Xntrilt. It it Vvi.-klv .lnbr&.
M m -
i. BBRiWDrr
A Peatttr Writtni I ACMaanAt and aH e-
' far kV4l aaftfenVVaf tenMrc-MU
T. Oearualerai mrr far I.U4I MaanUUfl cnjrratu
1. i.u-. Uollmf jouiiif and miii1i-tf'-H ii u ai.4wom.-ii. T4ipafnltT.of t?H.
Vft. triitttUt .hniiik.-Bi.rtiiHlrailnTetM..M.kihu K.wrti.. Ihi illw. Klbt:v
jjfc ftrvait. untlitina ot for ''. tu'tiwa .i.tl aitrnj, I. quickly enrad be
m '- . hruVK -rlfll- . . J Itl nam M itni nru. hrlw-
!i tvvk thcnlak lew I. aula efccc.and rratorti: tln PI RK ar Vol TH to .
'Iwihu Iit iim.l. $l.att 1 r bo nr ai t,h wrtllca aerartacere.
For ialojby Harts & Ullorncyer. 301 Twentieth street.',
. IVV ' O.rM (., wars, y'ttl
In Month. Halr-rUUn-) Write rWU
vnar mm a.u.i.w I
111., lor arool. of auna. J
1.1. maM .oM I. a -.1
! ant rVro.
Kotlre to Contractor.
Sealed p-opo.n will ba rrceired asti jfos
dy, Julys, atT o'c:ck p. to., at thaaScaof
the board of doc uios. for the crectkro aad com
pletion of a 2-room ajioolba'ldicgtotw located
on I ourttenlh areaae twea Tblity-elub
aad 1 hiry-fenth auceU. riaaa and (pacta
catwn can ba orc at ta oSfca of Diack t
Karaa, nbttccts, Y. X. C. A. balld'af.
A Great Coletbrstana Ib t'pper End of
- - . . i t-eCoaVtr.
Joslin, Jul 5. The morning of
the Fourth of July at Joslin opened
up very fine, and the morning train
from below was profusely decorated
with flags and bunting, and was a
thing of beantj. There was a large
attendance at tbe fair grounds, but
it was thought for a time that Hon.
W. H. Gest and J. T. Kenworthj,
our speakers, would not be present,
as thej did not come on the morning
train. However, they came by pri
vate conveyance, arriving about the
middle of the ilay. Tae Declaration
of Independence was read by Miss
Nora Schafer. who was highly compli
mented for her reading and clear
and distinct enunciation. After mu
sic by the Cordova band, Mattbew
Schafer, the presiding officer, intra,
duced Mr. Ken wot thy to the audi
ence, who delivered an oration on the
memories and teachings of the day,
and the growth of the country since
the first gun at Lexington reverber
ated around tbe world. He paid trib
ute to the fla? &nd the manner in
which woman, who had fashioned it,
had become identified with it. Ref
erence was made to our educational
institutions, the vast responsibilities
that await coming generations ow.
ing to onr constant and material
growth. "What we now want," said
the speaker, ' i - new ringing dec
laration of independence against all
foreign influence and foreign gold in
this country, which is now having a
tendency to make the few rich and
the many pnnr. And we need not
oniy protection aga'nst foreign ty
rants, but against domestic tyrants
also. If ever there was a time when
our people should pay attention to
the encroaching power of the foreign
gold-bogs of Europe and the golil-
bags of this country, that time is
now. The refuse of all natsons is
dumped upon our shores, and the
education of these people with our
own is a colo?al undertaking, and in
conclusion let me admonish you that
we educate our children to the high
est patriotism."
After music oy me Dana the chair
man introduced Hon. W. H. Gest.
He spoke of the wonderful changes
30 vears of time had wrought. He
mentioned the names of some of the
old settlers, some of whom are dead.
There was It. B. Joslin and that good
old soul, James Scarle, and Wes!ey
Hanna, and numbers of others. Mr.
Gest then referred to our great coun
try and 'its growth, and although
every family ought to have a map,
as he had, vet we can only form a
very insignificant idea of tbo great
ness and grandeur and magnilicanco
of our country unless we travel over
it. To have a proper conception of
our great country, wo must travel.
lo nave a proper idea of Niagara
Falls, we must see the falls. Ho
had traveled to the Pacific slope and
to the Yoaomitc Valley, and it had
been a great cduoation. We have
got in the country 80,000 miles of
river shore, 3,000,000 squaro miles
of territory. Look at our cities and
their growth. Look at such cities as
Chicago, New York, New Orleans
and San Francisco. He referred to
the patriotic inspirations that one
may gain by travel, and of his own
experiences. He pointed out tbe
importance of parents forming the
Christian character of their children
at home. You can't find anything
bad about the Ton Commandments,
an,d there is nothing bad about the
11th. He concluded by stating that
tbeliqucr traffic was a great evil
acd should be controlled in some
wav. and his monev nlattorm was
free coinage of gold and free coinage
of silver, that is, equal rights be
tween tbe two metals.
Milium ix Paevo.
Why Mot Yon?
When thousands of people arc tak
ing Hood's Sarsaparilla to overcome
the weakness and languor which are
so common at this season, why are
you not doing the same?- When you
know that Hood's Sarsaparilla has
power to cure rheumatism, dyspep
sia and a'l diseases caused by im
pure blood, why do you continue to
suffer? Hood's cures others, why
not you?
Hooi's pills are prompt and effi
cient So cents.
Deaver Special Train.
By the Rock Island route will
leave Koek Island at 5 p. m. Friday,
July 5, reaching Denver via Omaha
and Lincoln at 7:45 p. m. July C.
Only one night out. Ample accom
modations for all. Reserve berths
at once at C. R. I. & P. ticket oOice.
Tickets on) sale July 4, 5 ami 6, good
on all trains. Only 28.25 for round
trip. Keturn good until sept. l.
Don't miss this excursion. Free
chair cars.
Kheamntlam Cviwd in a Day.
"Mvstio PnrA" fnr rhenmatism and
neuralgia radically cures in one to
three ri.iva. Its action nnon the svs-
fATTi id MtM.,lr.Ma anrl mrct.rinlllL
. C LU ... K a u wmv ,
It removes at once the cause and the
disease immediately disappears. The
first dose greatly benefits 75 cents.
SnlH I... n(i Rrntiin rimtro-iat- Rock
- "J W l fcW ..V.JWH,
isianu, and u. schiegei c oon., zzu
. second street, uavenport.
Pile! riloa! riles!
Dr. wuiitme' Indian File Olntaunt aril c re
blicd t.reding. aleerated and Itching pile. It
ab-orbrj the tumors, nil jr. the itching at once,
acta i noa!tlce. gic In-Unt relief. Er. Wl-
l!anu' Irdian Pile O ntient it prepared only foe
pi'ee aitl iichiaa of th private i arta. and tothit
Every box i guaranteed. Bold by dm -
Si . tr.t by mai', f jT SI cent anl ft per box
Wiiliaaa Mane facta ring company. Proprietor.
CleTcLcd, Ohio. Sold by T. II. Thorn..
Tax A sacs, only 10a a week.
Pay your .water rent.
Leaf lard at Scbroeder's.
See Moler's ad. in want column.
R. Glenn and John Garvin went to
Denver - on - yesterday afternoon's
special. ...
Little Japs, big Japs, all sorts of
Japs every day this week at Watch
Tower Free. .,
E. B. McKnown is prepared to fill
orders for hard coal at the lowest
market prices.
Little Japs, big Japs, all sorts of
Japs every day this week at Watch
Tower Free. .- ,
Rev. R. F. Sweet departs for the
east in a few days on a vacation, the
vestry Jast ' evening having voted
him ia leave of three weeks.
E. D. McKown will conduct the
young men's meeting tomorrow af
ternoon at S:JJ at the Association
building. A cordial invitation is ex
tended all young men.
Thomas Campbell and E. E. Par-
men ter. as executors of the will oH
John A. Boyer, have been empowered
Dy me caaniy ennri to deliver to tbe
trustees of the First Baptist church
the $2,000 bequeathed by the de
ceased, who stipulated that the
money should be invested and the in
terest used only in paying the pas
tor's salary. .
The delegation leaving Rock Island
ou the Denver speeial yesterday af
ternoon for the National Educational
convention included: Misses Nellie
Wilson. Alice Kane. Msry Dowline,
Jennie Kane. Ada Muse, of Rock Isl
and; Motlie McEniry, Moline; Hattie
rraning. Milan, and Rose Tiltertng
ton. Ed'rinrton. The party was
joined at Iowa City by Miss Anna
Sunday Sam coa.
At Trinity chapel. Rev. R. F.
Sweet, rector, even song and Sunday
school at 2:311 p. m.
At Trinity church. Rev. R. F.
Sweet, rector. Sunday school at
9:15 a. m. Matins and celebration
at 10:15 a. m. Even song at 7:30
p. m.
At the Swedish Baptist church,
corner Twenty-first street and Fifth
avennc. Service at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. in. Preaching by Rev. A. Laeer-
quist. . Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.
I'raycr meeting ibnrsday at 8 p. ni.
At tho Second Baptist, corner
.tenth street and bixtb avennc.
preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 p. ra. by
ttev. j. u. it. joncs, pastor. Morn
ing expression niceting. Evening
subjeet, "War Among Backsliders."
Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
At the Central Presbyterian. preach
ing by the pastor. Rev. Ira W. Allen,
Morning service, 10:4.) a. m. on 2 Cor.
1:3, "The God of All Comfort. In
the ovening the congregation Is in
vited to join in 4hc union service in
the United Presbyterian church.
At the Immanual Baptist, Fortv-
fourth street, Rev. W. H. Slickel,
pastor. Will "preach at 10:45 a. m.
and 7:45 p. ra. Morninr subject.
"To Every Man His Work;" evening,
The Doctrine of the Blood What
Has it to do With My Salvation?"
Sunday school at 3 p. m.
At the isroadway Presbyterian.
Rev. W. S. Marquis, pastor, will
preach at 10:45 a. ni. and 7:30 p. m.
Morning subject, Tho Doxology of
the Lord's Pravor;" evening, "What
Constitutes a Life Worth Living?''
Sunday School at 9:15 a. m. Young
people's meeting at 6:15 p. m. South
park Sunday school at 2:3 I p. ni.
At the United Presbyterian, preach
ing at 10:45 a. m. by the pastor.
Rev. II. C. Marshall. Subject:
The Sabbath and Its Observance."
At 7:45 p. m. there wilt be a union
mcelinc. the Baptist, Christian and
Central Presbyterian congregations
joining with "us. Sermon by the
Rev. Ira W. Allen. Subject: "God
Is Love." Sunday school at 9 SO
a. ru. Xoung people a meeting at 7
p. m.
At the Mrst liaptist, preaching in
the morning by the pastor. Rev. C E.
Taylor, Ph. D. Subject, "The All
Powerful Motiye. In the evening
the congregation will unite in the
union meeting in the U. P. church.
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.. George
II. Kingsbury, superintendent. B.
Y. P. U. meeting at C:45 p. ra..
Miss A. Young leader. Topic:
Help in Temptation." Roll call.
and all members requested to respond.
At the urst Methodist. Rev. F. W.
Merrell, pastor. At 10:45 a. m..
subject: "Religion, Genuine and
Spurions." In the evening at 7:45
p. m. rroi. uavice win give a aong
service in which the choir will bo
assisted by a male chorus of 25 voices
from Moline, and an address by the
pastor on "lhe Moral Klcmcnt in
Rock Island's Prosperity." Sunday
school at 9:?1 a. m. Young people's
meeunjj at 0:43 p. m.
Tho Valoeofejolaa.
The value of gold coin is in its
weight; the value of silver coin is the
government stamp on it. The value
o' Simmons' Liver Regulator is the
relief it gives from biliousness and
sick headache. A 25-cent package of
powaer nas permanently cured many
a one.
A tilrad t,lrl Wanted!
"Not by me! Since nsing Zoa
Pbora I can do my own work. It is
Woman's" Friend," indeed." So say
scores 01 women today. Sold by T.
H. Thomas and Marshall & Fisher.
tor Oror rift Yean
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Svrnp has
. a . .... 0 .r.
ueen usea ior cnuaren teething. It
soothes the child, softens tbe cuius.
allays all pain, enres wind colic, and
is tbe best remedy for diarrhoea.
a weaiy-nve cents a bottle.
Veno's Extraordinary Offer
to Sick People.
All Patients Applying to Veno's Of
fices, Kimball Honse, Will Re
ceive 'Advice. Treatment .
and Services Free Cn-
til Cured.
The Only Expense to tbe Patient Will
be the Actual Cost of Medicines
Necessary to Effect a Cure.
Ihis is for the Benefit of Poor Peo
ple Who Cannot Afford to Pay
the Usual Charges. '
The Veno Drug Co. is the Only In
corporated Medical Compa
ny Traveling.
They Guarantee Every Care Under a
W rittcn Legal Contract.
The cures performed by Veno in
Davenport have caused much con.
troversy among medi
cal men. He has
cured tho very people
they nave been trying
to cure for years past.
He give a written
legal contract to cure,
or to refund their
money. The con
tract is as good as a
bank check, payable
on presentation, if yon are not cured.
The Veno medicines are imported
and different from all others. They
have been used in European hospit
als for years. Mr. Arnold, whom
everybody knows in Davenport, is
thoroughly cured, but . only two
weeks a;o" was walking on crutches.
Mr. John Dalton, 809 F.at Tenth
street, who had been in a hospital in
Chicago, where 25 doctors tried to
cure him, but failed; Veno's med -cines
made htm walk in 40 minute?,
and although he was a total cripple
from rheumatism, he is now well
and able to walk. Mr. Day, 1302
Fourth avennc, had been afflicted
for 13 years with chronic rheuma
tism, was only able to hobble around
on cratches. Veno's medicines made
him walk. The doctors and neigh
bors are astonished. Tbe cures could
not havo been performed by any
other medicine. Many other cures
have been performed since Veno's
arrival here. All suffering people
should come at once, ior two days
only, closing positively Sunday after
noon. Advico, treatment and ser
vice will be given free, charging only
the actual cost of the medicine nec
essary to effect a euro. Come be-fore
4 o'clock Sunday. Immediate bene
fit and a quick Cure are guaranteed
in oases of nervousness, rhenmatism,
paralysis, fits catarrh, deafness,
blindness, throat and lung troubles,
liver, kidney, blood and stomach
troubles, urinary and bladder ail
ments, diseases of men and delicate
ailments of women and children.
Hours, 9 a. m. till 8 p. m. at Kimball
house, Davenport.
llaltlmoro July 10 to St, 1809
There is only one route to Balti
more combining the best railway ser
vice with tbe most interesting scen
ery and historical associations. It is
the Chesapeake &OhioR'y. via Wash
ington, "the Rhine, the Alps and
tbo Battlefield line of America"
along the great Kanawha river,
through New River canons, along the
Greenbrier, crossing the Alleghany
ana nine uidge mountains, the Pied
mont and Shenandoah valleys, and
the most famous of Virginia battle
fields. The F. F. V. limited is the only
modern through train to Baltimore
via Washington with electric lights,
dining car and observation car. One
fare for the round trip. At compar
atively a slight additional cost return
trip can be made by way of Chesa
peake Bay, Old Point Comfort and
For full information, descriptive
pamphlet, etc., address C. B. Ryan,
Ass't. G. P. A., C. & O. R'y., Cincin
nati, O.
Xotlco to Dog Owner.
Owners of dogs arc hereby notified
that the city tax on dogs is now past
due, and owners or dogs for which
checks have not been taken out
will be proceeded against if the tax
is not paid.
Andrew Eizel, City Marshal.
Hard Coal Market.
Hard coal is cheaper now than it
has been for many years, and this is
the best time to lay in your winter's
supply. Call on E. G. Frazer for
rock lottom cash prices. Telephone
nigh Tariff or Low Tariff
docs not interest the individual who
is suffering from colic or diarrhoea.
What he wants and wants badly is
Foley's Colic and Diarrhoea Cure
25 cents and 50 cents M. F. Bahn-
scn's drug store.
Baby waa ate, we gat br
aba -tae a Child, aho cried for
aba became Warn, nhe dang; to
t and Children, at gawUwn
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorlcu ,
If so you can get one at W. S. Hoi- v
brook's, 10?. lOJ-and 107 East Second
Street, Davenporr,
This week for $1Q.QQ.
Nos. 103, 105 and 107 East Second street
. Tritrr AUdocr rur .
1 Dieting
Cure you
Neither will medicine.
Bicycling will
All you need is to get
outdoors and let the tonic of rapid
motion put new blood into your
veins and tissues.
V i
Best ...
Or a HARTFORD - 80, 60.
Boys' or Girl;' Hautfor4;$50.'
F'te'it any Co
umbu agency ;
by mail for two
''fa' if
aaaaOH aroaas
lew YorH
Sao rVaoelsc
Home Industry
On Tap everywhere.
Only Union labor employed
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery, I.
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, has one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment in the country. The product is the
very best Bett is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to any part of the tri-cities, and may
be ordered direct from the head offices on Mo
line avenue by Telephone.
Call for Rock Island
DrexTtacr Co. Deer

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