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Talks of the Situation in China
and Japan.
Ah Sin Carrying Oat the Treaty with
Hernpnlous Uaoil Faitb. aad Bm Pleatr
of Beaoarcrs CommeoU oa tba Aatloa
of tha European Powers British la tba
Orient Bitterly Criticise Tbalr Govern
ment for Ita Nou-Intcrreraaee.
Washington. July ft Ex-Secretary of
Blato John V. Foster has arrived in Wash
ington from China, where he has taken
conspicuous part In the diplomatic
branch of the China-Japan conflict. He
Is fatigued with hi long journey, but is
thcrwlso in vigorous health, notwith
standing tha hardships inciilunt to tho
close of tho eastern war. Mr. Foster
would not consent to an interview until
be rested and examined his baggage. Ho
brings a fund of information on tho status
of tho Japanese-tiineso struggle and the
Inturosting details of the peace negotia
tions in which ho took a personal part.
Believe the Peace I Permanent.
Later, in answer to Inquiries, Foster
made a statement in which bo said there
was good reason to expect pormanont
peace between Japan and China as the
result of tiie tronty of ishimonoseki. The
terms demanded by Japan might under
tho circumstances be regarded as reason
ulI especially in view of tho retrocession
of Llo Tung peninsula. Tho treaty has
been observed and carried out by China
with scrupulous good faith. Hor conduct
In this respect hag created a very favor
able impression In Japan. The loan just
concluded through Hussion influence will
r.nablo China to pay the first two install
ments of tho Indemnity. These two in
stallments cover half of the Indemnity,
and the balance, extending over six
years, will bo a comparatively easy burden
for tho Chinese government, if any skill
Is shown in tho management of the Im
perial revenues.
China lias Plenty of Resources.
Tho country has plenty of resource
nnd has never yet fuiled in Its financial
engagements. Hence the peace concluded
at Sliimonoiekl U not likely to be broken
on account of tho shortcomings of China.
If a rupture occurs it Is more likely to be
brought about by the Intermeddling of
the European powers. Tho Intervention
of ltussin on account of tho terms of
peaco was not unexpected, aud is not un
natural In view of her predominating in
terest In tho Orient, especially on tho
North Pacific coast of Asia. That Franco
followed tho lend of Russia croitod no
surprise in tho Ktst, but that Germany
Bhould unite with thurn in a display of
forco against J.tpan wns entirely unex
pected, nnd Is not yet understood.
Code barn's Work Was the Bent.
British residents of China and Japan
ore very bitter in criticising their gov
ernment for its alutentlon In tho matter.
They alloo that its fulluro to Join with
thu other powers in rearranging the terms
has lost for their country prestige and has
loft Russia a freo hand lit Its Inlluonco
nnd control at IVklng. Of all the coun
tries diplomatically concerned in thucon
test tho United Slates has como out of it
with better graco than any other. From
tho first hnr interest has been recognized
by both belligerents as purely disinter
oiteJ, h.T only I'.emro being to render
such service ns would brlnir about a last
ing and honor.tblo poaca. Tho conduct of
the stnto department In its very delicate
relations wall both combatants has been
marked by good judgment and by few
Want to stay at Home Mow.
lleing asked why he decline I the Invit
ation to remain in China ns tho adviser
of tho government Foster said lie had
spent the greater portion of the past
twenty-live ye-rs in foreign lands, and.
While Ills nvddcnco abroad has been gen
erally a pic tsant one, he had found no
country citi it 10 bis native land nnd ho
desired to spi-nd the rcmninder of his lifo
in his native rouutry. Ho confessed that
If tho invitation had come firo or ten
years earlier he would probably not have
declined It.
Labor Leader Intimate Thai Jndge Lynch
VI til Do some Work.
Kansas Ott, July 9. Like the mem
bers of the Denver ciiy council Kansas
City councilmen are In hot water and
r.ro threatened with a rope. Local assem
bly X StfS, Knights of Labor, filed a com
munication to tho mayor and city coun
cil demanding municipal ownership of
the gas works, and T. W. Gilruth, record
ing secretary of the assembly, created a
lively scene In the city clerk's office by
accusing councilmen of unfairly treating
the people.
When Gilruth entered the city clerk's
Bleo ho throw the document on the desk
with a rap of his knuckles nnd said to
Councilmen Brown and Kidwoll, who
were standing near: "We mean busi
ness, gentlemen. You must not exploit
the rights of the people in the manner
customary with the council for some time
The councilmen made a sharp retort.
Whereupon Gilruth continued: "It is
plain to us that tho council has been en
gaged in crooked business, and I will
tell you very plainly that the people' are
getting exasperated. It this thing con-
'continues, sir, we will visit you with
opes." After a few mure hot words
Gilruth hurried away.
, Ejrthquike In Missouri.
Sprisgfikld, Ma, July 9 Two dis
tinct earthquake shocks were felt here.
The first at ?:3J and the other a minute
later. The duration of the first vibration
was five seconds and the second two sec
onds. Ko damage was done and the
quakes were over before the people had
time to realise they were experiencing an
earthquake. (
y Was Ko Killed by the Train.
St. Joseph, Ma. July 9 Will Walker,
whose remains were found strewn along
the railroad tracks for a distance of four
miles last Saturday, was not killed by the
train, as first supposed, but murdered and
the body put on the rails to hide the evi
dences of crime
Prints aa Interview with Ambassador
Kostla That Didn't Take I'.are.
PARIS, July 0. The Figaro publisher
an Interview with tho United States
ambassador to France, Hon. James B.
East!, in which hn is reported as saying
tli at nothing his yet been decided as to
his candidacy for the nomination for the
presidency of the United States. Respect
ing the Jopaneso-Chincse war. Eustis is
looted as remarking that ho regretted
that the Japanese had not taken Pekin.
With reference to the rumored move
ment in Canada to separate tho Dominion
from Great Britain, Kustis said it rested
entirely with the United States as to
whether CanaJ.i should or should not be
taken Into tho confederation of stales,
but the people ct the United States pre
ferred to let the question rest, while nt
the saino time saying to Great Britain:
"Ko nonsense, nr wo will annex Canada."
Regarding tho Insurrection in Cuba
Eustis is reported to havo admitted that
American sympathies favored ths insur
gents who found .in the United States,
unknown to tho government of that coun
try, assistance of nil kinds. Ia conclu
sion EuUis is quoted ns saying: "If tho
Insurgents can maintain the strugs'.a for
a year I am nut sure that Sp tin will not
have futilcly spent her money on costly
Eustis was qu !Stioti6l In regard to the
above alleged interview. He said: "I
havo not been interviewed anl have not
consented to, or authorize.!, tho publica
tion of an opinion from myself on any of
the questions discussed in the alleged in
Some Back Counties Seed In Iteporta oi
Devastation and Death.
FrEDONIA. Kiis., July 9. A blindinz
rainstorm, accompanied by high wind
from the west, passed over this locality
and extended three milts north, lasting
forty minutes. Thcro was fully four
Inches of rain, washing away sidewalks.
At LcFuntalne, Kas., nine miles south,
the residence of K. Giles was blown off
the foundation and burned up, and at
Now Albnny, Kas., eight miles west, tho
roof of the brick school li'iiuu was blown
away, damaging tho building to tho
amount of Sl.urj; also tho Christian
church, in course of construction, was
leveled to the ground.
The family of John Cox, consisting of
husband, wife and seven children, six
miles west, whilo crossing a small scream
were thrown from a bugzy Into the water,
but fortunately managed to reach a land
ing. AKbMor.K, I. T., July B. A terrific elec
tric, rain and wind storm swept, over this
section, doing great damage. Near Mar
ietta, I. 1, s number of houses Wero
blown down. Bub Brazil's house was
blown from over tho heads of himself and
the family, and they had a narrow
escape. A mau nutucd Hudson was
killed by lightning ut BjU Station,
twenty miles south of here. Tho large
store of M. i' Michael & Cj. was blown
down. The wind swept everything in i'.s
putii for an width of a miio and ojhalf and
several miles in length. Corn fields,
fences and buildings were laid low.
Omaha Stye in the Western.
Prr.ISUKlKLD, Ills, July 9 President
Kent, of the Western Base B ill league,
has returned from Omaha, whero he at
tended a meeting of tho directors of tho
league. President Kent succeeded in get
ting prominent citizjns of Omaha inter
ested In tho club financially and it was
decidod to keep Omaha in the League un
der the present management, although
a number of cities wanted the franchise.
Omaha does not well-patronize ball
The Christian Lodeavor Convention.
BosTOS, July k The reception commit
tees of tho Christian Endeavor convention
have received their assignments. Today
tho first of tho big delegations is expected.
when the Kndeat orcrs from Michigan, 6a)
strong, nnd tho Pennsylvania delegation,
numbering 3,000, will arrive. Tomorrow
will be the day of days. Delegations from
all sections of tho Union will then pour
Into the Hub on half a hundred excur
sion trains.
Deaf SInte Instructors Ailjonrn.
Fust, Mich., July 9 Tho national
convention of deaf mute instructors
closed last night with a business sossion.
It was the most successful aud hurmonl
ous convention of the association ever
held. A resolution was unanimously
adopted providing for the appointment
of a committee to formulate a plan for
tho organization of a protective associa
t.on among tho deaf mute workers of tho
Ill not. at the Atlanta Show.
Springfield, July . Governor Alt
geld has appointed th following. to rep
resent Illinois at the International Cot
ton States exposition at Atlanta, Ga.,
September, 1MO: A. S. Trudo nnd George
Sehneiler, Chicago; Captain William P.
Halliday, Cairo. Willis Abbott, of Chi
cago, is named as secretary of the com
mission. Scores on the Bat Ball Field.
CHICAGO, July 9 League baso ball
clubs report the following scores: At
Cleveland Philadelphia 3, Cleveland 4;
at Louisville Wash nston 2, Louisville (I;
at Cincinnati Brooklyn 11, Cincinnati?:
at Baltimore Sc. Louis 3, Baltimore 4:
at Chicago New Vork 4, Chicago 5; at
Pittsburg Wet grounds.
North Carolina Jail Delivery.
ASHEVILLE, X. C, July 9 A wholesale
delivery from the county j til has occurred
at Hendersonville. The prisoners picked
the locks to the cages, cut a hole through
the plastering of tho celling and then
passed out through a ventilator by tying
their blankets together and letting them
selves down. Six made their escape.
The California Uigutraynian Again.
Keddixg, July 9. The Kedding and
AUuras stage was robbed two miles above
Morley's Station. Supervisor Bass and a
lady passenger were not molested. The
highwayman took a Wells-Kurgo box and
the registered mail, securing perhaps ftX).
unreal s.uax City.
Sioux C!tt, Is, July 0 August An
derson, one nf the ln-iilin. fnmihiM aAnt.
era of Sioux City, has assigned. Liablll
! ties, v-3,0oof assets about tha same.
Striking Miners in West Vir
ginia Use Their Guns.
tlullets Caice Oat of tho Darkness nt
liar Nobody Danger of Trouble Im
minent la tho Elkhorn Region Gov.
MncCorkle Announces That Paradlcs;
with Arms Mnst Stop Spaclc of War la
the Ccnar d'Alene.
CnAULESTos, W. Va, July 0. Private
Secretary White wires to Governor Ma
Cork. from Elkhorn that two of the non
union m -n at work In the cobs yards at
Crosier were fired upon from the dark
ness last night, tho balls striking in tho
cinders. Neither was hurt. Tho situa
tion is very grave in tho Elkhorn mining
region. Colonel White, Governor Mac-
Corklo's pr.vate secretary, says the danger
is imminent, aud that troublo may occur
at any time. A telegram from Governor
MacCurklo to Colonel Tierney says that
if any more parading with guns is dono
by the minora the troops will be sent im
mediately. Threuts i-f burning the tip
ples are made and this, with the derail
ment of cars, has created serious alarm.
The heavy guard of United S:accs mar
shals, together with Governor Mac
Corklu's telegram. Colonel White thinks
has1 had a beneficial effect.
HieriflTe Keport to the Governor.
The expected orders for troops to go to
Elkhorn to ;uell the miners' disturbance
thero has not tc?n issued. Sheriff Eff
Iler wired Governor MncCorkle from Eek
man as follows: "Havo been over and
heard from most of tho coal field, today.
Everything siftras perfectly quiet; seventy-seven
new men went to work at the
Tick B ink colliery this morning in per
fect peace. Xo one was thero to say any
thing to them. The Pulaski Iron com
pany is working liX) men. Everything
is qui :l there. Will gj up Xorth Fork
where thero are nine operations and will
wire you more lu'iy tonight."
Cliargrs against a Major.
Richmond, July 9 In a letter pub
lished hero tho board of trade of
Pocahontas, Va , charges Major W. E.
Simons, who has command of tho
Virginia troops there, with b?ing too
autocratic, and intimates that tho soldiers
are being used in tho interest of the coal
operators. The statement says that per
sons are made to work against their will
and that innocent citiz.-ns aro arrested,
placed in prison, kept there for duyYaud
never given a civil hearing. Major Simons
is charged with making false statements
in his letter with reference to atluirs
alinero Colon Preparing to Fight Against
Lower Wages.
Boise Citt, Ida., July 9. Thero is con
siderable apprehension of trouble in Couer
d'Alene. The recent starting up of the
great Bunker Hill and Sullivan mine on
wng-es lower than tho union scale has been
watched with much interest. It is now
said that the union is preparing to make
trouble. Governor MuConuell has been
ud v:ud that tho slicriil (a millers' union
man), threatens to disarm the employes
of I lie mine. As a result he has dispatched
Adjutant General Capwell to tho Eccne
witn eighty standi of arms and 5,otr
rounds oi ammunition. He wilt muster
n company of militia today composed of
men ready to defend the company's prop
Strike at Miarnn Fettled.
Sharox, Pa , July 9 The strike at the
Sharon Iron works lias been settled, the
company granting tho men an advance
of in per cent. In wages to tnko ellect
Aug. 1. The negroes who had been Im
ported to tnko tho place of the strikers
will be sent back to the places from which
they cauio.
Mrile of Ciuc.nnatl Uorocaliocrs.
Cincinnati, July 9 0:ie hundred and
fifty members of the Hors eshocrs' union
hnvo determined to strike. Their demand
for $1 60 inorcaso of wages per week, for
shorter hours aud for a recognition of
the union has been refused. This caused
the strike.
Last Miot m the echnctxenfest.
Glendalk Park, L. I., July 9 Ths
last that of tho big Schuetznfest was
fired at 7 o'clock last night and when tha
cimion'i smoke had cleared away the
4iuetzj!is shook each other's hands and
horded they wouid meet again at the f 3st
cf ys, which may possibly be held in San
Francisco. George Helm, of San Fran
cisco, won cn the ring target, Gus Zim
merman on the American standaid, and
Alits May Clinton won a silver and gold
medal on the point target. She Is from
Buffalo. There wei e dozens of silver and
gold medals distributed.
Picks, feboteis and Winchesters.
Silver Citt, Colo., July 9. Excite
ment increases over the Willetta gold
camp southeast of here. New strikes aro
being made daily and business men and
housekeepers are becoming prospectors.
A general miners' meeting has b.fn
called to make camp rules and organize
the district. Picks, shovels and in
chesters are numerous.
Greet W hrcl-Meet mt Asbory Perk.
Asbcrt Pare. X. J., July ft The rs
ception committee has its hands full :n
welcoming the incoming delegations of
wheelmen. L A. W. mea here.whohavo
visited every national meet for ten years,
ciy that there are more people here now
than they have ever seen at any meet (lur
ing their exi cr.ence.
Ltlacatora la ConaciL
Denver. July 9. Tho Xitlonal E loca
tion al association spent the day in listen
ing to papers and rd Iresscs on educa'
tioual methods. Normal schools was tho
sul ject for the afternoon session, and tho
discussion was very animated and gen
Druggist say that their sales of
Hood's Sarsaparilla exceed those of
all other.. There is no substitute
for flood's.
j The Aug i s, 10c a week.
Street Car Plan see Over a Bridgo aad as
verely Irjuree Thltteen Person .
East Liyeufool, O., July 9. An elec
tric street car running between this city
and Wcllsville got beyond tho control of
the motorinaa and plunged over a bridge
into a run, falling thirty tut. The car
was smashed and it was miraculous that
any of the passengers escaped alive. As
it was only James Hamilton, the motor-
man, was killed, and bo met death at his
post after doing all he could to stop tho
Thirteen others wero hurt, of whom
Mooley Coburn, Maggie McOole, and
Frank Green will, probably die. Mrs. F.
A. Xessly, of West Virginia, had her
thigh crushed and the others suffered se
vere cuts und bruises. The injured peo
ple wero crushed and jammed in the
wreck, und it is a wonder no more wero
Santonclli, the luodern Svengali, it is
claimed, hypnotized a subject a week ago
and kept htm in a trance for seven days.
The test was made at Lake Brady, O., the
Spiritualist Chautauqua.
Brooklyn burglars foiled to get tho
wedding presents, valued ntHtM.OJO, of
the widow of tho late Dr. Alexander F.
C art-oil.
Four of tho thirteen American heirs ta
the iTi.OW.Oty left by Lord Antrim aro
preparing to begin a contest for the es
tfrnator Stewart, of Nevada, is said to
bo the president of a secret organization
to boom free silver. It is called the Or
der of tho Supreme Temple, Silver
Knights of America, and the headquar
ters are at Denver. .
Obituary: At Salt Lake City, Judge
Moses Kirkpatrick, of Butte, Mont. At
Lexington, Ky.. Thomas Foreman, the
trotting horse driver, uL At London Paul
Mcrritt, the dramatist.
Frank X. Pixley, tho veteran editor of
tho Argonaut, is reported dying at San
Francisco. His wifo is also dangerously
ill. Both are suffering from nervous
Mrs. I la Johnson, charged with the
murder of her husband, has been found
guilty of manslaughter at Galesburg,
Ills., and sentenced to ten years' im
prisonment. Dr. Alico B. Cambell, of Brooklyn, re
fuses to hold membership in church or to
contribute to its maintenance unless she
is allowed a vote in the management.
Frank Hinckley, formerly a Chicago re
porter, has been ordained as a Congrega
tional minister at San Francisco.
Father Duccy, of Xew York, says the
pope has issued a decree abjlishing all tho
days of abstinence ixccpi Fridays, even
during L?n(. '
General II. R. D. Mclvcr, iate United
States consul at Deulo, Spain, has re
duced to writing specific nnd sensational
charges against c-rtam persons in th
state department ut Wasnington. It is
thought that tin investte; r.ion will bo or
dered. Census returns from fifty counties of
Iowa indicate a sra-o population of y,039,
000, a guin of G; per cent, since 1SJJ.
Sadie llarkins, of Kiamiehl, L T.,
killed John Burgess, a negro, for accusing
her of urson.
Joseph D ilia, his wife and two child
ren, wero blown nway from tho Bermu
das und wero twenty-ono days on the
ocean without food or wnter when they
were sighted by a steamor and rescued,
nearly dead.
A rampaious btitTilo in a wild west
show at Shamokin, Pa., gored Standing
Hawk, an Indian, fatally, killed three
horses and wounded six cowboys.
But ono lifo was loss in tho storm at
Caieugo John Uuss. Bjdlow, tho tower
man who went over with his towor, will
General La Chanibre, a Spanish com
mander In Cuba, committed suicide lo
cause reproved for his drunkenness and
France favors Arbitral, on.
PAULS, July 9. The chamber of deputies
has adopted a motion to tbo ellect that
tho government negotiate as soon as
possible with tho L ntled states lor sne
conclusion of a permanent treaty of arbi
tration. eilver lJemocrale Object to Cozry.
Colvmuus, O., July 9 Populists hav
ing iuvitcd Coxey to speak at the Wash
ington Courthouse free silver meeting
next Weuuesday, silver Democrats ob
jeeted, and tho outlook is that separate
mtetings will bo held.
. Filty llonsis Burned.
Cornwall, Ont., July 9 About fifty
houses havo been destroyed by firo al
Lorneviile, a suburb of this place, and
SOU people rendered homeless. Great dis
tress prevails. Ono child was burned to
death, as far as known.
Saved by the Surf Duet.
WAsniNGTOX, July 9. A telegram from
Michigan City, Ind.. states that tho
schooner May Brown capsized near tho
life saving station, tho crew of three per
sons being saved in the surf boat.
Algiers is so called from tho Arabic
words Al-Jcaoir, meaning "a peninsu
la." PQVMR
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