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Our Colored Ex-Consul Still in
a French Prison.
Will Not Let Eot:t See th PrUoner, and
lis. t Vet Supplied th. Cim Against
Him to Our Representative .Some 1m.
formation About the Pay of Diplomat,
Foreign sod American, GlTan bj Vet
erao Coog-reMmaii.
Washikqtos, July 23 Great Dresnare
Las been brought to bear on the state de
partment to lnduco it to secure Justico
lor Waller, tho United State ex-consul
In Madagascar whom tha French so ar
bitrarily arvted and imprisoned, and
tunny prominent men have interested
themsolTes in the case. The two senators
from Kansas, of which state Waller is a
citizen, have been particularly energetic
and Senator Martin has called in person
at tho state department to urge prompt
Action. But somehow things do not
move with any degree of rapidity. The
department some time ago instructed Mr.
Eustls, our ambassador at Paris, to make
a thorough investigation of Waller's
case; to see him and to procure a copy of
the record of tho court martial showing
tho evidence on which Waller suffered
tlio extraordinarily severe sentence of con
finement fur twenty years.
franco Inclined to Mm HtJpplsh."
The ambissador has not been very suo
eessful in executing hit Instructions,
though It appears thnt he has dono all in
his power to carry them out. For one
thing the French government has abso
lutely refused the ambassador tho right to
see Waller personally, a very extraordi
nary nttltudo to assume where the rights
of an American citizen are concerned.
Thon It has fulled so far to supply the am
bassador with tho desired copy of the
court-martial record in order that our
government may satisfy itself of tho suf
ficiency of the evidence on which Waller
was convicted. It is said by Waller's
friends here that altogether the proceed
ings wero extremely irregular and a trav
esty upon justice. The fact that Mr.
Kustis as yet has been unable to secure
anything like a record appears to give
Weight to theso statements.
TI.e Cae. of Paul llray.
Then a, to 1'aul Bray, Wallor's stop
Son, it is clear that he was deported from
M idagascar and suffered hardships with
out the vestige of a trial or any legal pro
ceeding, and as ho Is a full-Hedged Amer
ican cliisin this mint form the subjjot of
a dotnnad f jr redress. Altogether the
casn Is one threatening to hold out many
iliillcultles in the way ofan amlcab0aajftal
JuHtmunt, but in view of the pressure
which is being rxurtod on the stato de
partment it may be assumed that it will
endeavor to do so before congress meets
aguln, and the subject is further compli
cated by lnstruotljns from the leglslatiro
branch similar to tboso which formed tho
basis of the Mora cue.
Companion ol the ealnries of Foreign and
t olled states Diplomat.
Washington. July 23 "Why is It,
akotl the yo'ung congressman from Grass
Like, "thnt th-jio foreign representatives
liVj so much butter than our senators and
congressmen '
"Because," replied the veteran member
from tho metropolis, "foreign countries
pay them about ten times as much for
public setvlu'S as the United States."
And then tho veteran member who
know nil about the Ins and outs of oflk-i.i!
salaries, barked up his statement with
tho following detail. ' S r Julian
Puuncefort, tho British ambassador,
receives I.U.UW in gold per year, which is
equivalent In our -money to $i-),OiM).
Besides this ho has tho sumptuous em
bassy on Connecticut nvdnuo. ono of tho
finest buildings in Washington.
It lielongs to the British Government,
and is not a source of expense to the
Ambassador in any respect. It Is . quip
ped with six secretaries, who do nil his
oilluinl work, and n sniull army of but
lers, lackeys, oto , who look after his tlo
l.iestlc wants. B.'sldes this tho British
Government makes a bulk allowance fur
running expenses. In the aggregato, the
amount at the comnnd of Sir Julian,
over and abovo his toJ.'JUO. Is not much
short of fJj.oOJ. That is to say, ho has
nt his command about tTo.OJU per year.
His salary alone Is equal to that of tho
President of tho United States, but the
President has no perquisites, whereas
Great Britain gives her representative
Innumerable allowances.
"Ambassador Patenotre, of France, re
reive fcM.ftw a year. In addition the
French government pays the rent for the
old Porter mansion on K street, at tho
rate of fl.OiW per Toar. 1'hen he Is sup
plied with official and domestic help, be
sides a liberal allowance for olliclal ex
peuscs. Tho German ambassador. Baron
Von Thle Imann, receives f30,0U0 per year.
The Gernmn government has recently
purchased one of tho finest residences on
Massachusetts avenue, and has equipped
it from top to bottom In a most sumptu
ous stylo.. The embassy is. provided with
it own stables and carriages and horse,
and with a most liberal number of oI
flcial and household assistants, all at the
expense of the imperial government.
"The Russian minister, Prlnco Catacu
Sona, receives nlut .3.0J0. Tho Rus
sian have also taken a house, although
they have not purchased, but have taken
a long lease. The government pays tho
rent and also make ample allowance for
official and household help. Even tho
bouth American republics pay on a much
more liberal scale than docs the United
r-tnt -a. For Instance, Signor Romero of
Mexico receives FJiU) per year. This 1
doubtless due, however, to the fact that
Romero ranks as one of the first men In
his country, and President Din has long
desired to hare hint return and assume
the direction of financial affair."
Vavy Department slaving Had Lack wMh
tho lira Plates.
WASHlNOTOX. Jul VI Tha Din .1...
Bartment ha been having baa iuca iaUlr J
In securing heavy armor p.ata Zar tno Dig
battleships, and owing to tha rejection of
about a dozen great plates the completion
of tho ormor plating of theso ships may
be delayed for some months. Most of tho
plates were intended for the battleships
Massachusetts and Iowa. When they
were submitted to tho naval inspector hi
report to the department showed that tha
plates wero badly burnel in places oa tbo
uriace. In some eases there wero de
pressions in tho face of a flftecn-inch
plate four fust long and two feet broad.
whero the faeo hud been burnt out to tlie
doptb of seven-eighths of an inch.
Not only was the plate weakened hy the
loss of metal at sncli point, but the
metal below was decarbonized and re
duced to the condition of wrought iron, so
that It could not bo hardened by tho
Harvey process. Just whnt caused these
flaws is not known at the department.
but it is supposed thcr nrose from the
adoption of some experimental treatment
Intended to cheapen tho cost of production
or else resulted from forcing the tempera
ture too high while tho plates wero biinc,
llarveyized, in the effort to expedite tho
Princeton StudpuL la Danger.
Washington-, July 23 Sevural tela
grams having b?en received at the wur
department from tho officers of Psince
ton university and the lriends and rel
atives of tho Princeton students, wro
who have been on a geological lour in til j
Wind River country, Wyo., expressing
anxiety us to their welfare, Acting Ad
jutnnt General Vincent has telegraphed
tn General Coppinger. cominanjing the
United spates army forcjs in that sec
tion, asking him for information on tin
New Weather Slurp for Chicago.
Wasiunotom, July ill. Secretary Mar.
ton hits appointed Kdward 1(. Garriott, ol
Missouri, local forecast oliljial in ciinrso
of tho weather bureau in Chicago. Ho
succeeds Willis L. Moore, tho new chief
nf tho weather bureau.
Prominent Cll sen .if JlxMncliiis. lt Passes
to the llerealter.
Mklbose, J:ily 2.1. Tho Hjn. Alexan
der IL Rice, c-x-govcrnor of Macsachu
setts, died nt the LingwonI hotel here
7esterduy nfternoor. of paralysis.
Alex wider Hamilton Rico had held
many ollljrs, municipal, state and na
tional. Ho was born in Ie.vton Loner
Falls, Mass., Aug. W. ISIS Ho was grad
uated at Union college, IS 11, and was en
gaged in tho paper business in Boston.
For a number of years ho was n member
o( tho school committee. In 1S35 and
again In lo7 Mr. Rico was elected mayor
of Boston. After that ho was for several
years president of tbo board of trodo.
r'rom Dec. 0, to .Niureli 3, 1S07, ho
served In the natl n il bouse o( represent
ative. In 17(1. 1377, and 1S7H the Kepub-
111 au viocted hliu governor of .Massa
Directors to Meet aud Decide What Course
Tory Will Take.
Clevklasu, July &. Tno directors of
tho several mining companies with
mine in the vicinity of Xcgaunce,
Mich., will hold a meeting hero within a
day or two to consider what action shall
bo taken concerning tho big miners'
strike. The men demand ti per day for
minors; tl.To for unskilled underground
labor, and tl.50 porduy for unskilled sur
face labor.
More than 5,(00 men are affected by the
strike. William Mather, who Is largely
Interested in the Cleveland Cliffs Mining
company, said that the demand for an in
crease In wages had come so unexpectedly
that ho was unprepared to state whether
it was justified or not.
Alleged Coining Hallway Troubles.
VlSTo.s. Ia., July 23 la reference to a
special telegram in the Chicago Inter
Ocean regarding trouble between the
Gould system and Order of Railway
Telegraphers, Grand Chief Powell says
ho docs not anticipato any such; trouble.
Ha left this city last night for Little
Rock, and will nmko personal investiga
tion of matters. It is true, lie says, that
tho Cotton Belt railroad has abrogated
tho contract with his order, but believes
It can be settled satisfactorily to both
sides Without trouble.
strike Demonstration at I.hpemlng.
Ishtemixu. Mich., July 23 The striko
demonstration held hero yesterday was
tho largest slnco tho striko began. A
great many women and children were
out In sympathy with tho men. Tho
engineers, firemen, pumpmen, machin
ists and other mechanics held a meeting
and decided to stand by the miners Tho
men are now nioro determined tha a ever.
Tho business men of both cities have
promised to give them all the support
Strike Itepnrt t'nf.iaaded.
ST. Lolls, July 23 Reports sent out
from Llttlo Rjck, Ark., to tho effect thnt
a general striko 0:1 tha G mid system is
Imminent beenusj of trouble between the
Missouri Pacific management and tho Or
der of Railway Telegraphers prove to bo
unfounded upon Investigation at the head
quarters of that road in this city.
Strike Amoi.g the Weavers.
BRIPGiroKT, Conn., July 2 All the
weavers of the svilts Textile company, to
the cumber of 100, have struck because
the company refused to dischargs two
A ustrlans whom they employed last week.
Th majority of the striker are English
men. Illlno a Legtalator In Sc.. Ion.
SPRISGFIELD, July Ti The senate was
In session but a few minutes and trans
acted little business. In the house quite
a large number cf bills were introduced.
Including one for tho regulation of tele
phone companies, and one to regulate the
employmeut of minors, providing among
other things that no chili nnler It shall
be permitted to work tn any mercantile
institution, store, laundry, manufactur
ing establishment, or workshop In th
Tbo Kentucky river had its name
from an Indian cxprcstiou. Kain-tuk-ce,
"at tho head of the river. "
A man' wisdom is his best fricud;
folly his wort uit-oij.
Massacre of Settlers Imminent
in Jackson's Hole.
Taken Prisoners lor Killing Came Colaw
fully They Attempt to Escape and Are
blaagliterrd n They Ban All the
fw Scut Away and tbe Knclce on the
Warpaih. Settlers Intrenched and a
liulclirry Eiprctrd.
Maulet Lake. Ida, July 23 Thirty
men left Jackson's HMo to arrest all In
dians breaking ths giine lav?s of WyO'
in In jr. Ia Rol-ack canon they surprised
a camp of seventeen Indians and took
them all prisoners and started with them
for Jackson's Hole. In tho canon thry
tried to escape and all tho Indians were
killed except one pappooso, who was
brought into the Hole. There were 123
fresh oik skins in this camp.
Settlers in Danger or Massacre.
John X. Carnes, a squaw man, onl the
oldest settler in Jackson's Holo, has gjno
over into Idaho nnd says every settler in
Jackson's Hole will ba butchered. There
were 3 0 Bannock warriors on Botnck river
when Carnes was here, nnd ho says all
the tq.iaws have bjen sent away and that
mo uucks are anlly joining tno main
band. Jackson's Holo settlers are now InJ
trenched nnd awating the attack. Unless
the cavalry gets thero quick every settler
between Jackson's Hole nnd this railway
station is in danger of massacre.
Kn Dacger r'rotu the Indians.
Dlsvw;, Col., July 3 A special to
tho News from Pocatuilo, Idaho, says
thero is no truth in tha sensational ri
ports send out from, hern regarding tho
outbreak, o: Indians, to demonstrations
hnvo been lnnde, such as tho Indians
alwjiys make betoro hostilities are com
menced. Thero is no excitement in Pjca
tello and no further trouble is anticipated.
Elislia Rrigham was killed and Chns.
Blyth and Jacob Wishart were badly In
jured by their houses near Salem, O.,
being struck ly lightning.
Lady eholto Douglas, tho Los Angeles
variety actress wiio recently married tho
youngest son of tim marquis of' Queens
berry, will soon lmvj i'jJO.UJO. Her
father has fallen heir to an estate in On
tario nnd says bo will share with his
Siutbern coal producers nro organising
a big combine to control prices. The
capital krTrrDo"?on,Oo,,yoJ.
r Br. P. J. Gibbons, of Rochester. X. Y.,
who was present ut tho electrio execution
of tho negro Johnson, at Auburn, de
clares that the rondemiied man was part
ly resuscitated after being taken from tho
chair, .when tho wardcu prevented further
attempts to restore consciousness.
Forest fires have broken out nmln In
tlwi vicinity of Traverse City, Midi.
Obituary: At Portland, Ore., cx
Ju.!o'0 R. S. rrahan. At New Oilcans,
Cnptain Frank Williams, fnrmor mana
ger of tho Olympic club. At Lafayette,
Ind., J.iUu it. C iffroth. 67. At Prlnco
tun. Ills., Henry rinow, CS. At Laarencc,
Kas., Professor F. D. Robinson.-
Henry Vcczl.', of Tacomn, Wash., aged
28. has married his stepmother, aod 4'i,
nnd his father, William H. Veazio, a
prominent and wealthy mlllman and
logger, has disinherited him.
Reliubles estimates of the census of tho
city of Milwaukee, now approaching
completion, pla-o the population ut from
25j,O0J to iG0,XW, an luer jase of over 50,
CJ in live years.
A fisherman of good rcputo at Fall
River, Mass., reports seeing distinctly a
s-a snnko ell Coxswnin's ledge 509 feet
1 jng and as large uround as a hog.
Total absence of potato bu?s In Minne
sota this year has been noticed and glee
fully commented upon by the farmers of
that state. Tho causo of tho freedom of
the potato vines from this pest for tho
firt time in many years Is that a parasite
is boring holes in tha bug.
Tho advance sale of seats for the
Coroett-Fitzsimmons fight has reached
E ldie B.iwen, 1 J years old, was killed
at North McGregor, la., whilo riding on a
freight car being switched.
A lone highwayman held up a Wichita,
Kan., electric street car in the sight of
City persons, and after robbing tho only
passenger and tho conductor made his es
cape. James Roy Tucker, of Fulton, Mo., Is
either a record maker or a calumniated
man. He is reported to have taken fifty
different girls out riding in fifty days,
rain or sliio", on a wag t.
Directions Tor Sterilizing Milk.
Priiviilo six or cif,-lit half mit Ixittlcs,
aocurding to the number of times tho
rhiM is fl tluriuif the 24 henrs. Pet
the pr'rf'r anuiunt of fxxl for one feel
inpr in c.-.oh bottle and nse a tnft of cot
ton 1 -lifting us n stojij er. Have a sanee
pun that tho In ttle.;-:;n stand in conven
iently. Invert a j.erfor.ited tin pie plitte
in the h ttoin ami pat in euonli writer
ti come alove tiie uiili i;i tho Imttles.
Stand tlie r ittle.s on it; when the water
buls draw the s:incr;Ktii to a cooler part
of the tove, where the water will re
main noiir the boil:;;? p;ii:t bnt not ac
tnaliy bo:!:::-.'. Cover the K-ncepan r.n-1
let the Iw.ttles it-main ia it one hour.
Put ikrni ia t!c in 1.- x or a cool pluce
ia winter. Ladies' Hume JonruaL
Oa the ll- lll Uiamood.
Chicago, July 3 Fullowfng are Na
tional loigna scorts at base ball: At
Cleveland Washington 6, Cleveland S;
at Pittsburg Baltimore li, Pittsburg 0;
(second game) balilmure 6, P.tuburg ;
at Cincinnati New York!, CI iciunati li;
nt Chicagj Brooklyn V, Chicago S; at
Loclsvole i'liiladelphie IS, L JUl?V.Ui h;
at Louis Boston 13. rt. Luuis
A pood appetite and, refreshing
sleep are es-ential to health of mind
and body, and these are given hy
Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Onlj One Vote Anlnst It In tho nooae
at Mrlugfielrt.
Spriscfield. July 23. Horn's
arbitration bilr passed the house.
Murray alone voting against it. The
Ferris revenue bill was then read for
the first time.
She Fail to Confirm Everything Be Baa
to say.
Philadelphia. July 23. H. H. Hoi mi,
tho alleged swindler and murderer, met
his wife from Indiana, Mrs. 'Howard,"
who looked at him with apparent horror.
To prove tbe story ho told the other day
he produced a diary kept by himself and
wife in Toronto. The diary would have
confirmed same of his statements had not
his wife declared that whilo they wero
living together in a Toronto hotel Holmes
went away for two day.
Cuicago, July ib In tho digging in
the collar of tho house on Sixty-third
street tn which ilolmes, tbe insurance
swindler, lived sjme bones were found.
butitn not known that thry are of hu-
mun origin. In a chest b.-lunziug to
Holmes a vjst was found that had stains
on it that looked like blood. Some of
the bones are certainly beef bones.
Holmes will bo charged with tho crimo
of murder in this dty today. A warrant
for his arrest on tho charga will bo sworn
out by A. Minier, nephew of Julia L.
Conner, of Mcscatine, I a. Holmes will
bo charged with having murdered Mrs.
Conner some time between the 1st of Au
gust and tho 1st of November, lVi. Julia
Conner is missing and none of her friends
kuovvs where she is.
llie Weather We atar bxiieit.
WAsniNOTO, July Si The folio win r ar
the weather indieauoas tor twentv.fottr hoirs
from s p. nt. yesterday: For Illinois Fair
weather, except showers ia extreme South-
era pontion; cooler in central and southern
portions; northerly winds r'or Indiana Kair
weather; slight)- cooler in southern (mrtion;
northerly wiuJs. For Aliehiiran. Wisconsio
auu iowa rair weather; varitiltle winds,
store ateta evtti hue otriae.
IslirEMlNG, Micih., July 23 The men
employed at tho Dexter mine, eight miles
west of Ishpeming, havd jjined the
strikers' ranks, and it is reported that the
Cliampion and Rmublic miners will alsc
fail in liiu within a few days uulos ac
udjustment of afiairs is reached.
'Tis Sozodoat the whele world tr'cs.
Tis Soz dont vhich parities
The breath and month, and dirt deScs.
'Tis SosoduQt forwhkh we cTr.
Sw et Soi.oduiil for wbich we sl"i,
'Tis oil Sozr.drr.t wc buy.
Wak, Weary an.l.Wated
people may become stron-, visjorons
and healthy by taking Foley's Sar
saparilla. a perfect blood purifier, a
splendid tonics-trial sixe, 5i cent's.
Sold at M. V. Rahnsen's Urti" store.
Absolutely Pure.
A rrsam of tartar taking pom der. flichest of
all in leavening streneth. Lot, it CUitJ Stattt
Covfrnmmt food SejiorU
Mrs. S. Smith,
Mourniner Goods
A Specialty.
180 Second Ave.
m i
O o
O -
r- a
Q t
&3 S
We have put on
Cheap this is the re
mark we hear every
day when quoting ,
prices toour custom
ers. WE KNOW
RIGHT on Furni
ture, Gasoline Stoves .
and Refrigerators.
We know we can
save you money if
you will give us an
Tbe M FoiDitDie
& Carpet Co.,
324, 32C, 323 Brady St,
MASe H.'.H h' Mf JT eftatr1Ha . Tom JBJBk
Greatest Pant Sale on Record.
sale about 300 pair fine, all wool
trousers at
WORTH $3 and $4.
Come and jump in a pair. Just
the thing to finish out your sum
mer suits.
Home Industry
On Tap everywhere.
Only Union labor employed.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery, I.
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, has one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment in the country. The product is the
very best. Beer is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to any part of the tri-cities, and may
be ordered direct from the head offices on Mo
line avenue by Telephone.
See our New
And latest Suits.
Our purpose in advertising Is to let everybody
who buys clothing that is all mankind here
about know that our suitings are In, and the
finest ever .displayed in the city. You are
respectfully invited to call and see the latest
in patterns and styles.
Call and leave your order.
J. B. Z
Call for Rock Island
Brewing Co Beer.
Star Block, opposite Harper House

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