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VOL. XLm. NO 236
Some Ancient History About
Civil Service Reform.
In Which the War Secretary TA'ea Prompt.
If 'Turocd Down" by the Statesmen la
the Un.e Cortle Hake Some Obserra
tfona In EnglandView of the Waller
Case That Pate France In a Still Worse
asiiixqtox, July El -The plan for
extending the civil scrvloe to United
States consul in order to itop the scram-
cio lor consular otnecs will, in the opln
ion or many, como to naught They base
tholr opinion on the fact that Secretary
pewara tried to brtn? about this reform.
and after a straggle of many months
nnally abandoned It as impracticable.
The state department people appear to
have forgotten the experience of Seward,
and a number of them who wero asked
about it expressed surprise to hear that
any snch experiment had been made.
When Seward took hold of the state de
parttnent nt the ontsot of the Lincoln
administration there was the same
scramble for ofiloo that exists today. It
was particularly harassing to a man of
Seward's breadth and character, for
he wished to glvo his best energies to
ward tho great war questions then im
pending. Thought the Old System Wrong.
. lib was satisfied that the old spoils sys
tem by which consulships were passed
around to tho politicians was altogether
wrong. Ho devised a p!nn, thoroforo,
by which a trained forco of consular offi
cers should bo put in charge of tho work
and should hold their places without
reference to tho shifts of politicians. It
was necessary, however, to get the con
sent of congress In-order that somo as
surance might bo given that the new
officers would hnva permanent tenure.
Tho chango of law was accordingly made
nt tho request of Sjward, and under
H ho began his permanent civil sorvico
svtetn of ponsnls.
To begin with Seward appointed
twelvo "consular students." The pur
pope was to toko bright young rnon and
end them to tho lurgo capitals abroad,
wheru they might learn tho dotails of
consular work, and onco being instructed
they would bo in lino for promotion in a
permanent consular system. toward had
no difficulty in picking out tho twelvo
bright young inon. and thoy woro dis
patched to London, Paris, St Putorsburg
nmi ciner points at salaries ot (1,000 each.
It was not considered advisable to make
any general shift in tho consular service
till tho results of his first experiment
with tho students . hnd beon tried. The
tudonts did very woll at their foreign
posts nnu soon Ducame prouricnt in con
sular uutles.
Ami now the Pchrme Failed.
They wero ndvanoed from ono minor
post to another and wore gradually
worked into consular sorvico. Hut as
soon as tho chango in administration
como there was a demand for places held
iy ineso youtn men. l'rossuro was
brought to Iwnr in congress, and as a re
sult the diplomatic and consular appro
priation bill contalnod an item duin?
away with consular students and with
any tenure of ofli-M in tho consular ser
vice, it is a mattor of record that not
ono of the twelve "students" created by
cewani is in mo consular or diplomatic
ervlce. Ono after tiio other went down
before pelitical iulluenro and the scramble,
fortlll s-. And yet they wero the only
trained cunsuU that this country ever
sent abroad.
AosUtnnt Secretary ot tne irw,;
Curtis has just returned ir.im London,
where ho went to deliver somo bonds to
tho Uothsehllds. Speaking of tlu pollt
icul upheaval in England lie said: "A
point which struck mo very forcibly wns
that tho change of tho government made
no change in the daily businets of the de
partments, nnd though I was in the
treasury tho niurnmg after the announce
ment of tiio now ministry taking office
tlu-re was no attendant lino of cilice
lookers, and tho heads of tho bureaus nnd
divisions had no anxiety as to any pros
pective decapitation. I:i fact I was told
lay a member of tho new government
that the total patronage, including of
courso the highest ol'icers, only amounted
to about sixty places.
llutil on the Fact Ihat There Is No Actual
War In Madagascar.
Washington, July 21. Mr. Crammond
Kennedy, who has beeomo tho principal
counsel in tho case of ex-Cousul Waller,
now serving a sentence iu a French jail
for violation of the noutralltylaws between
this country and Franco, called at the
state department for tho purpose of pre
senting certain phases of tho cose.
Kennedy is disposed to lay much stress
on the fact that at the tlmo of Waller's
arrest there was no actual state of war
between Franco and Madagascar. Ho
contends that Waller, for this reason,
could not have bceu guilty of tho charge
on which ho was tried and convicted.
In conversation with a representative
of tho Associated press, ho said this phaso
of the case hail not yet been presented by
this government, and as soon as Mr. Ol
ney should return bo would present the
matter to him in this light. Outlining
the case In this view of it, he said: If
France was nut at war, under the law of
nations, with Modagaszar, she had no
right to subject any citizen or subject of
a third power to trial by military com
mission. "Such a trial. Involving cither personal
liberty or rights of property, u the
gravest kind of a violation ot civil rights
and liberties appertaining to cititenshin.
In Vl'.l tkP h..l h - .
- mww . 1 w uwn 11 u uecia
ration of war by Franeo against Mada
gascar. Tho refusal or failure of the
French government tip to this timo to
furnish the government of the United
States with the official record of Waller's
trial by court martial raises a very strong
presumption that tho grounds on which
he was sentenced to twenty years Im
prisonment at hard labor were not of
substantial kind."
National Krp.rt of the Crops-
WASHiMilos. July SWThe weattcr
bureau In its report of crop conditions
for the week ended July 22ad, says:
Drought has been broken in Wisconsin
and partly relieved In portions of Michi
gan, but continues in western Ohio.
Portions ot New York, Pennsylvania,
Nebraska and eastern Oregon are also
suffering for rain. Corn bos niado rapid
growth in Illinois and Kansas, and is re
ported as improved in Michigan, Wiscon
sin and South Dakota. Tho crop is doing
well ;n Missouri and Arkansas, and'is in
promising condition in the middle At
lantlc and XjwEiatlanl statas. Ia the
southern states tho corn crop li now
practically laid by in excollcnt condi
ClaS3:nd IserT.co Extended.
Washington, July 24 The president
has issued an order extending the classi
fied civil service to 125 ofUces heretofore
excepted in tho United States geological
survey. This rule places practically the
enti-e force of the survey under tho civi!
servica rules.
Aram Are In a Serious State. Bat No
Massicij of Whites Has Occurred.
Cijeyexse, Wyo., July Si. Governor
itlcnards has received a message from
Adjutant G.-noral Stitzer, who is In the
Jackson's IIolo region investigating the
Indian troublo, indicating that a serious
state of affairs ex:sts there. Tho settlers
hnvo abandoned their crops and are mov
ing their families out of the country. In
dians from Fort Hall and other reserva
tions aro reported going into tho country
and all the mountain pjsscs are in their
control. Definite information is awiited
by tho stnto authorities as to the success
of the Indian police in inducing hostiles
to return to their reservations before
sending stato troops to tho scene of the
Makket LAKE, lXdT,Z ul? ill Cipfiwa
Lectors, Indian agent at Fort Hail. II v,
reservation came la from tho Jackson's
IIolo country and reports evcrvtliinir
quiet and few if any Indians in the coun
ty. Captain Lecters was followed ly a
courior from tho settlers with a dispatch
to Governor IUchards, Tho courier re
ports the Indians joined lys larg.i num
ber or Licmpl und Leo Indians. unJ that
they havo rvory pass in Jackson's H.irn
guarded. Tho seltlers have brought their
women and children to Wilford, and in
tend to go Indian huniinir and not wait
for tho redskins to attack them.
lie Accuses a Chicago Man ot the Mnrdt-r
of Howard I'.tzel.
Chicago, July il Mrs. Carrlo Pitzel
has made the direct statement that
Holmes has bcvuspJ Pat Quinlan, the
present janitor of Holmes' castle, of tho
murder of her son Howard. Quintan is
under SMrveil lance. He has mudo man?
contradictory statements in regard to tho
Holmes caso lately.
l'lilLADELrniA, Julyl'4 It II. Holmes,
who Is in tho Moyanicnsinj prison, is
fast breaking down under the groat
strain occasioned by tho charges that
have been brought ngainst him and tho
thought of a noose hanging over his head
His nerve has completely left him, and
tno runny color in Ills cheeks has been
succeeded by a ghostly pallor. Tho dis
covery of the bodies of tho Pitzel children
and tho knowledgo that the kconest do
tcctives in tho country aro still prosecut
ing tho search for tho remains of Howard
Pitzol, nnd that tho Chicago police aro
leaving no stone unturned to clear ud the
mystory regarding tho disappearance of
hn Willi - i 7 .
uw imiuuh nisicia, iiuvti nati a wonder
ful effect upon tho mind of Holmes, and
It will not bo surprising if ho makes a
Iowa Weather Good for CropC'
DESMoises, July SM. Tho state woath-er-crop
bulletin says: Tho temperature of
the past week was about tho seasonable
average. For a midsumnior week tho
rainfall was phenomenally heavy, tho
measurements reported from more than
two-thirds of tho stato rnngiug from two
to flvo inches. Somo of tho heaviest show.
crs fell in fthe districts that had Huffored
most severely from drought, and thcro id
now only a very small area that has not
received ample moisture for present needs.
On the whole the benefits havo been Im
measurable and the aggregate of loss rein
tivaly small.
McAfee's Murderer Captured.
I.1NCOLX. Ills., July i'4 Mystery nr
rounding the murder of McAfee has beon
solved. A tramp caught In a corn Held
Monday evening and forced to surrender
at the point of a shot gun has weakened
and admitted being in tho vicinity of tho
murjcr. elgtitxirs of tho murdered
armer havo identiUed him as the strang
er lurking In tho vicinity l-'ridar and Sat-
uniay. ino culprit gives tho name of
Charles King and haiis from KingstoJ,
lean, ineuewl was committed in re
venge for McAfee refusing him food.
. New Home Forum Order. '
SrmstiFlKLa, Ills, July m Tho new
Supreme Court of Honor, organized by se
ct-tiers irom tno Homo Forum order, met
in this city, thirty-six local courts bein?
representeiL It was decided to do a bene
ficiary business in I.iwa. in Illinois out-
tido of Chic.-i -o. and in Missouri. Con
stitution and by-laws were adopted and
the following ofiicers elected for the en
suing year: Supreme chancellor, A. L.
Hereford, Mat toon; supremo recorder,
W. U. H. Hanlesley, Carlinville.
Kills Bis Brother and Couamita Snlclda.
M ASCII ESTER, la., July 24. A shocking
double tragcuy occurred near here.
Qit !
ton Boland, a well known youne farmer.
hnt and tntnntlv L11Ia.i ki. K.i..
Henry, also a farmer. Gibson then shot i r , y ar:c'c ,iavo "PPeared Inthelira
himsclf. dying In a few minutes. The : lhtn new'l'aI',r! denouncing Englacd
murderer is believed to have been tern- i
porarlly Insane, as no other motive can i
be assigned for the crime. 1
Bowing Baeea at lla.on City,
i niioa City.
vil The eleventh
Iowa StateAma-J
Mason City, la, Jul
annual regatta of the
KU ow "PentMi witn
flnnliMtin(,rMi fPfim stnn ei II.. I
buqua, Ottumwa and Cedr Uapids.
Cedar Kapids won the junior doubles,
Sioux City tho jjnior singles, and Du
buque the junior fours.
Don t you know that Hood's Sar- j warhip b. .cut to protect American in
saparilla will overcome that t i re. 1 i teres ts. The strike of tho wharf laborers,
feeling and cive voa renewed vi"-or i ship laborers. ond switchmen cuittiuues.
Jn1 tU1uJ? j
Some Characteristic News Re
lating to Salvador.
rt'hose Friends Will Probably Ask Code
earn to Interfere and Prevent Him Be
ing Shot Without Trial Eaeta's De
signs on the Country England Crabs
a Island and Brazil Is 11 ot Latest
News from the Cuban War.
sax FnAxcisco, July 21. Captain
Raphael do Moro. of Bur keley, has just re
vived a copy of El Diario Bucno Publico
if San Salvador, which gives an account
af a thwarted insurrection against Presi-
lont Guittierrez, led by Thomas Regal.
ido, a former student at, tho University
3f California. Tho paper states that Ko-
ralado, with a number of others, is to bo
ihot. Kcgalado was graduated several
rears ago from tho Berkeley gymnasium.
Tho military Instruction he received cn
ibied him to secure a commission In the
?nlvadorcan army. He rose rapidly until
President Guittierrcz made him hU con-ldenti.-il
adviser and aid.
Ierloped a Vanlting Ambition.
Then, according to the account which
Captain Moro translates from tho Bueno
Publico, Rcgalado became ambitious to
:ontrol the government and plotted an in
mrrection ngainst Guittierrcz. Tho pres-
dent was informed ns to tho conspiracy.
ind before tho insurgonts could mature
;heir pinnshey were arrested and thrown
nto prison. Pablo Areno. Thomas Heal
ido, and Manuel Kivas, tho leaders, are
;o Do snot., the paper states, without triaL
An appeal will be made to Consul Lemus,
mo Salvador rcprcseutativa in San Fran
isco, to intercede in Rczulado s behalf.
rho telegraphic advices from San Salva.
lor announcing tho discovery by tho au
horitics of a plot fr murdor President
auittierrcz and Foreign Minister Castel-
.unos, aro discredited.
Exile l i'li Makes Some Itemarlif.
General Eleta. the exiled president.
lays tberulerof tho turbulent iittlo re
public will be deprived of his power in a
noro heroic manner. It is stated that an
Italian cook h is been arrested and has
jonfessed that he has been offered a large
lum ol momy by mo to poison tho presc
ient nnd foreign minister. I don't be-
ieV3 the Italian made any such confes-
lion. It is an excuse to eet somebody
jut of the way. When Guittierrcz wants
;o get rid of an enemy he adopts such
ueasures that lie may carry out his plan
with impunity. If ha did not find somo
roou excuse no puuuo would rue up
ind obj -ot to his n:ga-hauded proceed-
ngs. it is simply an indication of ho .v
.Tiiiltiern z is running tilings in San
Is ioinsr to l:a;e-n Row Himself.
General Kzefa repents thi assertion that
3o will lond a ship with munitions tf war
tnd return to Uvador and overthrow the
ruvernmcnt, but says that instead of
Hilling from a I'jeifio port, as ho had in-x-nded
to do, ho will sail from somo point
3a tho Atlantic coast.
ii'KTUEit NEtvM inon CUBA,
Spanish Advlcrs Itrgarding the Progress at
the Iniurrectlon.
HAVANA, July f.3 A band of Insur
gents attacked tiio fort at Sougo, pro
pinccof Santiago do Cuba, but the garri
wn, lifter an hour's firing, compelled the
snemy to retire with their dead and
ivounded. From private advices it is
learned that tho insurgents, Major Bor
rcra and Captain Hen ilia, wero seriously
wounded in tho engagement. Colonel
Izquierdo has dispersed nt Asionto Viejo
ind Zjiizo, the insurgent bands com
manded by 7. yas. Tho insurgents loft
two dend nnd o:io wounded oa tho field,
tnd tho troops captured several horses.
Izquierdo is continuing tiio pursuit of the
bands. The latter aro making their way
towards Puerto Principe.
A combined forco of regular troops and
volunteers has routed and dispersed tho
insurgent band commanded by Comte,
:he insurgent Brigadier Snares and lier
mudiz, in tho immediate neighborhood
3f CatuajuanL Tho insurgents lost four
killed and three wounded. A detach
ment of volunteers has disperse! a band
M ten insurgents, killing one of them, at
Vabuilto. in tho Sagua district Tho in-
lurgent loader Alvcrdi, in tho samo dis
trict, captured three volunteers on July
tfK Captain General Martinez do Cam
pos is nt ilavamo. It is rumored that the
insurgents will retire at the approach of
his troops.
Los dox. July it The Times' disnntch
from Havana outlining tho situation of
affairs there says: "At every turn Gjmez
has cut-generaled Compos. Gomez has
raised tho revolt all over the whole island,
thus forcing Campos to scatter bis sol
diers over a wid9 area. If Spain wishes
to qnell tho rebellion she must prepare
for a long occupation of the island by a
largo force."
Brazilians Want the Monroe Doctrine Ap
plied la this Case
Ecexos Ayees, July !U. A correspond
ent in Rio Janeiro telegraphs that ad
vices to tho F.nglish legation there de
clare that England claims tho island of
Trinidad as her own. Oae cargo of coal,
it is reported, has been landed oa the
island already. In view of this it was do
cided by Brazil's calinet to formally pro
test, ana a m-sugo to tnat tlltct was at
once sent to Brazil's minister in London.
. m r Pl,",P'n w territory l-l or. g-
10 DrBZl "s lDnt country alhrms.
1 h. corespondent says that these articles
trine applies cow. 'ihey dLSiro to see it
inuti apinc now. xney utsiro so see IS
ust,1 n a P:itical method in settling th.s
A.k. for W arminpa.
Colos Julj. 2l Iu view ot tha re rt
that Ecuador Is threatening ti invade
Colombia tho garrison of Panama is be
ing reinforced. It is added that the
United States consul has telegraphed to
V.hinit..n ..L'ln.tlirit A I " n i f.. i f
The Akgis, only 10c a week.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder. Highest ot
sll in leavening strcr-rth. Latm Cnltti Stata
Gottrumtnt Food Report.
KoTAi. Btraa fownEB Co.. 10 Wall 8t H. T
Baby Marian Cleveland is spoken of as
tne distinguished person wno will touch
the button and sot the Atlanta exposition
in motion.
Death duties in England are leading
people to dispose of their property so as to
avoid taxation.
Mile. Louise Imperial!, daughter of the
Marquis Imperial!, who was long charge
a all aires ol Italy at Washington, was
married nt Brussois recently to Count do
Railroad men estimate ton rist travel
this year at 33 per sent abova last year.
P. C. Brooks, an American steamship
company cierc at iivzngston, Guatemala,
was murdered and nis vauis robbed.
Chicago's new Democratic daily, The
Chronicle, bos entered into a ninety year
contract with the -Vssoclated I'ross.
The Illinois firemen's tournament.
opened at Decatur with a parade withelght
bands and twenty-uvo companies from
all parts of tho state, with local organiza
tions In lino. It was the finest parade
ever nindo at a stato tournament.
It is cfllcinlly announced that the union
carpenters of Boston will demand, on and
after September 1, eight hours as a limit
of a day's work, nnd an increase of five
cents an hour in wago rates. Tho pres
ent rate is thirty cents an hour.
Tho British schooner Eiglo collided
with tho Norwegian steamer Terrier, off
Uemerara. and tho ,iglo was sunk.
drowning two women, two men and one
child, all passengers. Iwenty-four pas
sengers were saved.
Tangiers is besieged with rebellious
Bedouin troons.
it our autograph pieces of musio by Mo
zart were sold for ols in London recent.
ly; Beethoven's autograph, "Three Songs
ot tioctne," mil). lor f ISj: a quartette bv
pponr lorfi , alraiinentola trio by S3bu-
oerts ior 5o.', the pi ! olio paid fur two
poloniiisss by Chopin.
State Auditor Gore says that tho retru
lnr session of the Illinois legislature cost
tho peoplo ?C71,i7-L
Dr. Samuel L. Butler, a prominent
dentist of Ivouisrilie. committed suicide
while on a spreo. Iio was very wealthy,
Residents of EJdv street, Indianapolis.
aro excited on account of many fires ot
incendiary origin.
itussia am u-wce liaro lixed up a
trcaty.the i-ffect of which will drive Amer
ican iK'troleum out of Greece.
Maeedoma rebels have been rcnulsod In
Salouica and arc now in the Mulcsh
Still Ilowl.ng AUont the Mnooi uv.
Br.ussiiLS, July i!l. Tho king present
ee a set of colors to tho civic ;guard and
large crowds c.f people gathered to wit
ness the ccrcmanr. When the colors had
been presented and tho king was start
ing for tho palace his majesty was as
sailed with cries of "Down witn the
rhool law."
livery lilrl In Her "Teens"
eeds nt times a safe ami gentle
tonic 10 counterbalance the extra
trains on the iihvsifcnl and nnrvniis
Vftem. Zoa-l'hora (woman's friend)
will jrive health nad freshness for
weakness anil palor. Sold bv T. H.
Thomas anil .Marshall & Fisher.
in the world,
is experience.
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Home Industry
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Only Union labor employed.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
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