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a . Mrs. Anns f3sire.e&
wife of Ki-Iopiity B
lwnbns, Kan. my: II
than2l)mlnntfland Y
with acnrceJy nj jf
puln nfifr aw.nirV
only two lxUlej of
A ftold by all Drinliti. A
Hallway Tickets ran iinrchased or bsr
FITe. rhetfced t K I Twrti'irtr, street depot
.'(.'Kite depot comer Fifth avenue anil
rurtj-am street. Frank 11. flummer. Agent.
Hast. Vut,
JkiT.t Llmlwd A Omaha.
Ft. Worth, Dearer ft K.C..
OmLa A Oca Moines
fOinkiie A Minneapolis
Omaha 4k Dea Moines Sz..
JOmtU A MinooU8 Ex..
Denver, Lincoln Jb Oinaba. . .
Ht. faul A; Minncapul'S
petiTsr, Ft. Worth A K. C.
tKanrki City St. Joseph .
tKock lslar.d A Waebinpton.
K'hicwro A De Maine
Kim k NlamlAStnart Aeeom..
Rock 1 i-I.ikI A Brooklyn Ac. .
r :f-5
r :)
t 7:30
kit,' S
:( pin
:fS i.iTi
ra 6
n. S
:'0 pai
Ml am
:'.0 pm
ami 4
km 6
am r S
: 111 am
: m
em t 8
:." pm
am til
11 :l
pin t 6
: am
:3ft pm
t 1 45
km T s
pm 1 1
.in am
:sn am
pnijt 7:
ru4' 7
'4 km
ArrlTkl. t Departure. $Dally,cxccjt Sunday.
Ail otbersdali. Telephone lotii
way Depot First avenue and sixteenth
etront, M. I. Young, stent.
St. Lout Kxvre.a 7.00am 7:jm
Ht. Louis Express 7:i pn1 :53 km
Strrl'nc. DlllinqneaSt. Pail t :4II pm j 1 :f.O am
iteartlstowu iJa.i3D?,er dl.'iilpm ll:15in
Stirling. iiuonqne -T.l'ftni.T e.ooomi qiMipm
OnllF. tDally except nunday.
Ktllwey Racine A Southwestern Dtviaino
T'tvn Twentieth striet. batwenn Flnt and
Hrcoi 't avennca, It. 1). VS. Uolmel, Agent.
I.cath. 1 ASaiTI
Mall ar.d RxpreM
St. Panl Kxprem
Freight knil Arcommi ditt'n.
70 am 9:40pm
4:rtl)m ll:tm
P:) am 7:30 pm
Daily except Snudiiy.
ock Island a 1'bokia Kaijlwat
uepoi rim; ATcnne ana TV'enuvin ktreet.
iy". . I 5fc am
Ex...! nnsim
10:43 pm
nrlk a St Louis Mall
n:i pm
11:15 am
2:Hl am
h::ut pm
'i:-M pm
7 Rr am
Kxi r.
l:tr, pa.
lVrta Acrom. Frtlijht 'MOpm
him ivia Mitlrami accoui. o:i am
CiiMn ArrocimiMlittlon H Mum
alle ArfomtniHliilton -.. S V pm!
PuM'-oerr trln leave .. K. I A P. iMollne
AVeti'ie) le)nt nv. 5 mlniiTeii tkr!U r than time
Klven. Triun marked flat y, all oilier traloa
uaily except bat.iUy.
Nonhcrn Kallwuy, depot fuct of Brady
tr.i t. Bavcnport. Jaa. Morton, ilea. Tk't A
i'aw. AKvnt.
Davrntmrt Tlna,
b:'-4' im
1 aKiKtiiAr
M :.'t.j pui
Ii7:il i ni
Wiat l.lheriy Iriirtu
tNorth. tmli.
Ii7:10am ;Mn:40pm
1D :9J I'm' i:!5m
I h7 "O pm
h9:npm Ml :45am
all): IK pro M:miam
Oaiiy. nuaiiy except !tinnaT. ttiomR north,
tnlni; ttnnth and caat. No. 14 ruua betworn
Cedar tsp'd and Went Llbeity.
To the East via the
R. I. & P.
In Effect June SO.
Li Hock li md
(' K I A i Depot
Lv lio k la:nnd
Twentieth l Deiot
Ar IVuriu
Ar It'oomitiion
Ar liiiltiiTi:iHilia
Ar lmliiville
.r Citictnnkti
Ar !:ivtoT.. .k
Ar 4'oSi.nibiiP...
Ar .Ia,-konl!lo .
Ar l-pMiisf.elil
Aim Louia
Ar ! inroln
. r !et atiir. ..........
Ar Vattoon
Ar Kvanrvilltt
At lei!n. ...........
Ar 'IVrre Haute
4km! SUOau.l 1 4)pm
4 27 am! 8 OS am
1 42 pm
8 45 pm
1 ." am
7 '27 am
7 ) am
8 14 kin
7 90 km
8 -IS pm
8 40 pm
8 r.3 am
8 r-1 pm
0 45 ira
9 4&m
7 IS am
9 117 am
H Ml pm
T 0 iitn
t IT. pin
Kim poi
55 pm
10 M am
10 50 am
0 45 am
1 1 l' am
1 IDpm
o 40 pn
11 20 am
I r.'pm
i 8 lupm
I 9 (n pm
10 Jil pm
U 5U am
3 10 pm
6 51 pm
3 no rim
7 no pm
Train leaving Koi'k Island at 8:00
a. ni. carries through coach to St.
Louis, passing through Pekin, llav
ami. Springtivlil and Litchlield.
Lines cat of Peoria carry through
coaches and sleeping cars on night
trains to principle cities.
Gen. Ticket Agent.
W. J. Y0UNG9 JR.
The Elegant Electric Light Steamer.
W. A. BLkiB, afaater; L. B. Scitkb. Clerk.
t-avea Rock Iland for Taarcatln. New
lhMton. Keith.barx, Uqakvkx, and Bax
lingtes ecery
And Fkidat, at 4:30 p. m.
Mr ronm and good xaaala. Ppac!al rate
to partlee of flva or aaore who wtah to
- maka tba round trip.' The Toianx haa
beao Tery recently Barchaaed and ttted
np tor tale irada. and la w aurpaand ay
amminKoa tba Jliaiiaelppi far aiaganea
ami coakfott.
QK0E0I L&H0XT E0V.A(cita.
Diaaaomd Joa Uaa Waickoaac,
was 7V r. -saw--- 02SsV
rM" P:t,,n"'r.ti . j
The British Socialist Who Is Vis
iting This Country.
"Soclaliam the Salvation of the World" Hat
fehlubolrth Keniarke on the Mtuation in
England Debs' Opnwnrata Din; Tp One ol
Uia Editorials Written Some Yeara Age
Schllllnc'a Report on the Spring; Valley
Troubles Iuduotrktl Xotea.
New Yoke, Aur. 20. Kier Hardic, thf
British soalist and ei-memhor of parlia
ment was piven a dinner last nijrht hy the
Central Labor Federation at Lnlxir Ly
ceum. In a speech Harr'ic said thnt h
was plad to meet face to face the men and
women of America who are carrying thr
red flap; of Bnclalism on to certain victory.
H; liojM'd his visit to this country would
help the .t-lalistic movement here as
much as he knew it would help him per
sonally and, as a result, the movement in
Enpland. Hardie in sinking of the criti
cisms which have lieen made In Knirlaitd
and this country ivtrarding the course of
the Fia-ialixt t't AVilliam Morris in ro
fiiKin to issue cheap ttiitlniisuf his poems,
U that the piair people Ut whom they
Would niituntlly nical could enjoy them,
Piiiil that in his opinion Morri.s did not clo
se no the criticism showered upon him.
Quite Sancjtilne Alnint Socialism,
lie thuuKht he milit pursue the same
course umler similar conditions. Morris
wrote his tmems for tlie satisfaction of his
IiIkIht sensibilities. They wore in a meas
urv perxonal, anil for liimself alon. Un
der the presiMit course they would reach
the Wealthy classes, who otherwise might
not notice them, and really do more (rood
than If they wen? scatu-ntl liroodcnst.
There were l.V delegates nthe table, and
Ernest ll ilim, cirresMiiid:nfr sccrettiry of
tlie federation, pn-slded. To a reporter
Ilardle said: "Soclnllsin, properly inter
pretetl, is th salvation of the world; and,
mark you, t'ic day is coining when it will
prevail." The Ktijrlish latair leader is
pMxl lookliiK and broixl shouldered, of me
dium height, with a face deeply bronzed.
A silky, brown licard swtvps his chest and
liu tin I r Is dark Iron-pray.
In (inyed by Ilowery Arabs.
Kardie's dress is the same which created
so much commeirt when hu lnatlo his first
appearance in parliament. A small Rrny
eioth cap, on the back of his head, a (fray
woolen jacket, full woolen knee breeches,
and dark worsted stocking. His shoes
were souare-towed ami low cut. In this
rl he "took in" the ltowery and the Bow
cryites commented freely. "Say, Cull,"
said one of the "loys" as Hardie passed
by, "where did you get them bloomers? '
'Cheese, it, said another liov to tho
RIM-aker. "He's one of Teddy Roosevelt's
cops ln-tho excise uniform."
Came to America to Learn.
"Have you any particular plans in your
visit hercr" Hnrclie was asketl.
"Like Howells' traveler in Altmria," ho
replied, "I hove -come here to learn. I
have come to the conclusion that tho labor
movement is much the same all over tho
"There was some talk of a leaning to-
w.irdJtepublicuuLiiu in England. Is that
"So. it Is not. Tho Republican move
ment has (rone back considerably during
the last twenty years. Twenty years ago
it was a separate movement, when Sir
Chnrles I Hike, t'liarles Hradlauph and
some of the old Chartists were stumping
tho country on the Republican ticket,
Now there is no se-parate Ri'pnblicnn
movement and no Radical movement
among workingmen. It liis come to bo
recognized that a mere change of the form
of the head of thestotedoes not necessarily
mean any Ix'iu ll ih! result."
llardie'a 1'arty in i.rent Itrltaln.
The Independent Labor party, Hardio
said, had a voting power of oo.uoo and had
Sot) branches. It was stronger in tho
provinces than In London. "Of course,
he continued, ''tlie ineinliership is more
than the voting iMiwer represents. Onlv
hoitsi'holders in Kngiand can vote, and
people must he residents for two years to
entltlethem to vote. Nearly all the young
working men who have not voted yet.and
many of the middle-class jieople are mem
bcrs of our party."
Opponents of K. V. Icb IMa; t'p One of Ula
Former Kdltiriala.
Peoiiia. HU., Aug. 2. In view of the
fact that labor organizations generally are
preparing to make the punishment of
President IVbs, of the American Railway
I'ulon, and'his assfk-iates a matter of dis
cussion on Ijlsr Day, and that Debs has
written addresses to be read before nmny
meetings, an editorial written by him
while editor of tho Iocomotive Firemen's
Mngaxlne, a couple of years ago, has been
dug up by those who are not among his
followers. At the present time IX-bs de
nounces the ollicudsof some of the brother
hals, charging that several of them have
kold out to tlie companies for free trans
portation. It Is also said that Debs as
serts that any employe who is on friendly
terms wttn manager is a traitor to the or
ganization he represent.
The editorial referred to Is verr kindly
In tone to the railways (it is in The Fire
men's Magazine written while Debs -was
member of the brotherhood and editot
of the magazine), and says: "We have
been furnished with annual paiwes for out
traveling officers over thousands and
thousands of miles of road, while, man;
companies who could not consistently
With their rule grant annual passes havt
generously oSered to furnish us with trir
passes whenever we have an opportunity
to use their respective lines." Then the
article tell3 of the sympathv of railway
ollicials for the brotherhood, .fnd approves
highly of that sympathy, saying: "Now
that we have the friendship and co-operation
of onr suticrior officers let us preserve
them forever. '
Secretary Schilling; Says the "Imported
Men at Spring Volley are to Blame. '
Spuing field. Uls., Aug. 36. In hii
forthcoming report to Governor Altgeld
regarding; the situation nt Spring Volley
between Italian and colored conl miners,
George Schilling, secretary of the state
lalxr bureau of statistics, who was sent
to the Valley to investigate the case of the
recent race riots, will state that Imported"
negro miners were the cause of tho entire
trouble. The Valley had never had a
murder, serious fight or local disturbance
of nny kind until the conl company "im
porti'd" negro miners. Colontl women
were allowed to congregate in saloons and
give the. Midway dance du ventre and
other orgii-s, hotise-s were robbed, people
held up and assaults committed, after tho
negroi-s had been imported.
Ltrvsicssncss that never existed before
immediately manifested itself upon the in
troduction of these nog-em's, who are termed
the "'scum of the earth" by Schilling.
Tlie report concludi-s with the suggestion
that negro miners be removed from the
Valley or further trouble will break out.
Colonel Hugh K. Bayle, who ulso repre-
scmeu ue governor c, .-,.n..K
made Ins reimrt shortly after tlie matter
was deelnr.tlsettl.Hl. and it ws to the ef-
feet that the trouble ressilt.tl from the in
efficiency of the locul authoritii'S.
Move Against the Japanese.
Los AsiiKlKS, C'al., Aug. i In an !n
teniew United Stat. Senator White said
that Ijitxir Commissii.ner Fitzgi'Rdd. .if
San Francisco, has ask'tl Mm to introduce
in congress a bill similar to the Chincsu
exclusion act which shall exclude Japan
ese. Senator White has pmmis'tl to do so
if Fitzgerald will furnish the data to prove
that Juniuicric are seriously injuring Amer
ican laixir. He iIiks not believe, however,
that it will be us easy as it was to g.'t tho
Chinese bill through.
tnorganlz.'.l Men i.'t a lSulscy
NlLEs, )., Aug. at. The Falcon Iron
and Nail comimny, of this city, employing
alMiiit 1..VH) men. has tststed a notice thut
all employes not governed by the associa
tions will lie granted an increase in wages
of 10 pe-r cent. Sept. 1.
Would Have tteen lllf.erent. However, Had
They Itet-n Like the Originals.
Little Uoi k. Ark., Aug. 25. .lmy&
Wilson in tlie case of Mrs. Noo, captured
rtl haud.tl whiles in hhsmicrs, has di
ndssttltheprosucittioii. Since Mrs. Noc'snr
rest Thursday afl n.o.m tlie learned jurist
had ixt'ii devoting his das and nhthts to
an exhaustive study of the question of
feminine hahlimcnts. For this purpose he
had re:nl all the Ixxiks fur women nctvssi-
ble o nil guzitl conteinplatiwly uuin lln-di1-
siecle f;ishion piatcs. In delivering his
opinion Judge Wilson said:
'Mrs. N.H is arrested on nehargcof wear
ing Indivent apparel, and the tivenneut is
that she had blooiuers on at the time. I
am given to utiuersr.-iud by those fiuuilkir
with the fact that the garment Mrs. Noo
had on complies with the latest ntiuin-
mentsof fashion, and that Mrs. Noe Is
neither an clderlr woman nor one over-
dsiosed to what tho French call oh eui-
"Women have nconstltutional and God
riven ri;ht to ride a bicycle, and they an:
bound to have some comfortable and ap
propriate dress therefor. Were Mrs. Not-,
a woman with one foot In the grave and
the other on a pedal ; went sho of a size
that threatened to fri'ihten horses and im
tle tragic: or were her liabiliments
of the .rt originally designttl by
tiie woman whose name they K'ar, I
should lie disKsed to give her tlie limit of
the law. As it is the case is dismissed ut
the city's costs."
Itye" Smith's Kcvnge on the Itaiinoekj
lloeause They Killed Ills Father.
Iltruss. Ore., Aug. ill. A courier from
Diamond Valley reports the killing of flf
ttfn IkiniKK-ks by cattlemen tinder the
leadership of "I've" Smith. Smith's rea
son was revenge for the murder of his
father in l7s in Diamond Valley. There
is great excitement in the town and
through the country. Troop "A" is in
readiness to march on short notice and Is
awaiting orders from the county sheriff
for authority to act. Ever since Smith's
father was killed in 1K7S by warriors of
the liannuck tribe he has lioon "on their
trail" and not a few have met death at his
In the affair now rcporti-d it seems that
Smith led a party of cattlemen in pursuit
of alleged Indian cattle thieves, surprised
them, and shot lifteen of them down bo
fore they could escape.
Ohio Still Has the Disease.
Cincinnati, Aug. ;. Juck Gilvin, the
60-ycir-uld negro who has hun in the jail
here, was taken to Carlisle for examina
tion on a charge of attempting to assault
Miss Annie (iore. He was taken in a bag
gage car for fear that in cose a mob nt-
tuckeel him in a passenger coach some of
the passengers might be . killed. At the
station ut Carlisle he was met by 9j peo
ple, nn.l it was fetircd he would be hanged
before rv.iching the courthouse. Under a
heavy guard he passtl through the streets
und reached his destination. He waived
examination uuu was bound over.
Keeiutta! Wins a .reat Stake. '
Shkei'siisad IJ.vv. N. Y., Aug. 3!. R.
uuital won the Futurity with a stake of
.'v'l,7oO. and in the time of 1:11 3-5
Cres.vn.lo was second. Silver II third and
Handspring, who h:ul been looked ujMin as
thcTavonte, was Nu-k in tho rttek. What
might have been if he had not been liadly
cut in the hixk by Axiom while jumping
around, win never he Known, hut it whs
notlued that Handspring did not run with
his usual spirit although, in' spite of his
wound, he luado a great effort for the
Ileed Has One Vote Sure.
Reading, Pa., Aug. So. Thomas B.
Ile-cd will get the Tote of the first delegate
to the Republican national, convention
In ISsri. The Berks county Re-publicans
have held primaries to i'ltct delegate! to
the district convention Saturday when a
dolcgntoteithe nati.mai llepublii-an con
vention will lie clioMcn. That delegate wat
the Lwur in the primaries, and a Keed man
Is sure to be chuacn delegate His name is
Some af Them Walk Ont of Home Circlea
and Are Siever Heard of Asjtln Aberrav-
. lion of Mind One of the Causes) StrDe
Case of This Character.
In a community of 2,000,000 sonls a
man must be great indeed to command
general notice. The young man who
comes from tho country, leaving behind
him a happy fireside filled with loved
ones and .bringing with him only his
fond mother '8 Bible and a few neces
saries, to try his luck in tho city, comes
unheralded, to bo qnickly swallowed np
in a whirlpool of uninterested, selfish
hnmnnity. Humanitarians am tho ex
ception hero, fie does not fill the ocean,
and tho simplo drop ho represents will
not be missed when he vanishes.
Thcro are thousands of dark corners
in a groat city, and in one of these he
f.iay be found dead, with marks of vio
lence upon him. The coroner's jury may
find a verdict of "killed by some person
unknown," and, nnidentifietl, the poor
boy finds final rest in the pauper's grave,
while the loved ones at homo wonder at
his silence that is never broken. Tho
merciless waters surrounding the town
Lwash nncc-iiiplv iu and out of dread,
, . ,, , ,
d:'rk la M?ck' shm-v Plats nu,1,lr
piers and ferry slips, and objects are of
ten found there which loving mothers
aud tender sisters should not look npon.
There aro resorts in the great citv from
whence the innocent, misnsiecti"g
young man is followed by the assassin.
There are open places where desperadoes
lie m wait for victims und kill without
either mercy r,r remorse, mid for finch
u pittance cf plunder t!if.t ono wonders
that they make the venture. A groat
event is but "a nine days' wonder" in a
great city, for vh:tt length of time will
the peopio boar in mind the murder of
an ntiknown man?
The scenes in the thoroughfares ere
kaleidoscopic, with instant changes.
The Ftoiics of tho disuppcarqneo and
wanderings of tho people are Eouietiiues
Bad, but they aro frequently amusing.
In many cases aberration of mind is tho
cause of disappearance, and whilo tho
whole city is ularmed tho object of
search is innocently wandering aiuoiig
tho searchers after him and contributing
to tiio lino aud crv.
Only yeetcrday I heard of a man who
canio from tiio west nino years ago und
found himself iu Providence, so dazed
thut ho lojt his identity, and under tho
lirst name that camo to his mind start
ed a businesa which ho continued with
success tli.TO for six years. One day, ut
the end of that time, ho went to Paw
tucket on n.sines.s and at,aiii lust his
identity. Again lie stiirted a new busi
ness end lnado a mceews of it for three
yours when ho remembered his Provi
dence name and returned there recently
to resume his former occupation.
It tires His yens npo, whilo I w!W IttE-
ing iu a flat wiih my ngod parents, that
a strango case of aberration of mind
enmo under mypersonal notice. It illus
trated that tho cause may bo grief, whilo
other case's show that business troubles
lead up to it. Iu tho first fiat lived a
physician and his wife, a very estimable
lady of eouio 50 years, who was also a
practicing physician. Both were grad
uates of medical colleges and they had
their own patients. It may ho granted
that tho lady was of sound mind and
fair reasoning power. The husband died
very suddenly and for tnrce days tko
widow remained inconsolable, lament
ing his unexpected death.
At the end of te-.at time k'io went ont
alone for a walk. Sho walked several
miles np town, as nearly as ho after
ward remembered, and then turned to
go home. But everything seemed strange
to tier tuid sho could not decide what
direction to take. She thought of the
recourso that comes to every mystified
person in a great city and decided to ask
a policeman to set her right. Bnt cfter
arriving at this conclusion she could not
remember the street or tho number of
the street where hor homo was, and
worse than all she could not recall her
name. Sho was not addicted to tho nse
of liquor, as this state of aSairs would
indicate, nor was she of a constitution
ally weak intellect.
In this dilemma, as she afterward
told me, she wanted to talk to some
body, just to hear her own voice, and
slio stopped tho first policeman who
camo in view. Sho recognized the fact
that tho officer might think her either
drunk or crazy, but while she had en
tirely lost both her uaino and address
from her mind rfie was perfectly suno
on all other subjects. She asked him,
first, if ho knew where she lived. Ho
stared at her quizzically at first, seem
ing to want to suggest an insane asy
lum, but her elegant attire and common
sense face refuted that idea. He simply
remarked that he was as igufirant as
herself of her address, bnt was non
plused when sho followed up her first
inquiry by asking him to tell her name
It was too much for the officer. Ho
laughingly suggested that sho should
accompany him to the station houre,
where the captain might give "hef "the
desired information. As a last resort
Eho went with him.
The captain did recognize her, for
when she entered tho station he greeted
her as Dr. B., and she rejoicingly ex
claimed: "That's it! That's my name,
but where do I live?" The captain had
once presided over the preciuct in which
she had lived and was familiar with the
place of her removal. He nent an officer
home with her, and npon her arrival she
met my mother, to whom she first told
of her strange Wanderings. She has ever
since been of sound mind and is today
practicing medicine tip town. Phi la -delphhk
Bo It Was.
Mrs. Bray I thought you said it was
tho little hoy next door who was mak
ing all the noise.
Little Jchnnie So it was, ma. I was
beating him with stick. Exchange.
The Illinois lahor arbitration b vii h,
orvnnizd. o:i"ne.l he.Tdiiiuirtors r.-. pr;p.S"
field and is now renely for Kusine--.
The Hooi heirs expoct.tl to reeovct
thousands of acres of land iu Wisconsin
by a suit against tho possessors i,n thc
ground of invalid title. The suit has jua
been dismissed by Judge Se-iiiuau.
Four pnaiilnout citizens of K;i-.u City
ciiiimitted sidcide in fHir days, te last
being Henry K. Roll, a loading d;y tr.KxL
merchant. Financial losses.
The Polish National Alliance will hold
its biennial convention la Clevelant!, Ohio,
next month, its principal object !;-:ngthe
or.eoTiraging of mi insureetion iu Poland
by a "eampaiitn of education."
John S. Prince, the champion I: 'tig-distance
bie-ycle ruler, is nt Nashville tr,-'i:i;
to arrange a twenty-mile relay race e?ai:ist
two horse's, pacers or trotters, fr a
Thc pres'.d 'tit has issued an ordi r abol
ishing i ho civli sorvle.i age limit so far a
printers and pressmen are concerned.
Fire at Cincinnati destroyed live five
story buil.llncrs 11ml damaged mother
building, the whole cost:ng the owners ami
insurance companies fi"m,.;i. The build
ings wen- to luiv Iksmi torn down tti i:i.;kc
room for a new Ohio river brhLic.
One thousand garment workers have
struck for le-ss hours, more pay. and lsiu.1
fro 111 employers to keep the agreement, at
Rochester, N. Y.
It is believed nt Chicago that som fl.-ml
is poisoning tl?s uninmls ut Llneidii pjirk
"zoo." A luiby lion has ju.t dieti with ev-
deuce of arsenical p iisoning.
The rainfall at Chicago Fi idav an '. Fri
day night was 3 'Vi inches. Other heavy
f'llls were at Des Moines, which had 1.7s
inches; Kunsus City, with l.:N; Omaha
Milwhukce, 1.18, and Port Huron,
T.Nlny tho civil service reform law gies
ir.to effect in all departments of the Chi
cago city government.
The total yield of wheat in North and
Shi'ui UakeM mid Minnesota is KKI.dnO.
(Xi bushels, of which Minnesota and
North Dakota have each (M.uoo.OOO.
A gang of fr.-ight rar burglars that has
been imikin;r rich hauls in the Missouri
P:u illc and Iron Mountain railway yards
at Sr. Louis has Ixvn captured.
Tie- Certi'.an-Ameriean veterans who are
visiting the "Faderland" will be royally
entertaioeel. in Sept. 4 they will lunch
with Kaiser Wilhe'lm.
The Iii-nuu-. k tnouunient on the sini.njil
of the Rudetslk-rg. Germany, erected ly
the students, will lie iinveih'd' Oct. IH.
The unniial raiv for tlie silver yacht
given by Gcncrai l 'hil Sheridan, known as
the Sheridan regatta, was sailed at Liike
Geneva and won by the Lama.
In arresting a gang of horse thieves nt
Clr.yton, Mo., o:;e :i!!ic:'r was shot in ihi
arm and another in the leg. Six thugs
wen e-iiitured.
Anthrax in th, Malignant form Is raging
no.nr McKonzie, Tcnti.
The total nutulvr of deaths from cholein
in Japan duriug l.iua up to July 19 v.ai
i,:i, the liuielH rot eas-s'!Mug 7,UUI.
The Local Markets,
eokui KTC.
Com- 35c
tVe-Ne-, tficCt.S-ir; old. 23c.
l'v TunnUK Tl2rr$l4i u,. nrt,t;3; wild, to
diti---; r.ougn tviltia; baled. $11.
fh 'ticca.
Bo -r Fair to choice. i-.-fiilO:: frosh cream
erv 19 .
Kt:i: Frcrt. 10c.
Poultry Cuickejr, 6!ic.
tiva STOCK.
r.nt!e Cutehers py for ern fd ntcors
3"bT.; cowa aii.l iieifcrs.
2U2.3i-; Cuivib
tkeep ;isi4c
Spring lamb. i'.'Mlii. a head
Coal -Soft, We.
Reader, did you ever take Simmons
Lives Regulator, tho "Kino of
Liver Medicines?" Everybody needs
taken liver remedy. It is a sluggish or
diseaned liver tliat impairs digestion
nd causes constipation, when the waste
that should bo carried off remains in
tie; bodv and poisons the whole svstem.
Tha dull, heavy feeling is due to a
torpid liver. Biliousness, Headache,
Malaria and Indigestion are all liver
diseases. Keep tho liver active bv an
occasional dose of Simmons Liver Reg
ulator and you'll get rid of these trou
bles, and give, tono to tho whole sys
tem. For a Laxative Simmono Liver
Regulator is better than Pilis. It
does not gripe, nor weaken, bat greatly
refreshes and strengthens.
livery package has the It?d
stamp on the; wrapper. J. 11.
Zciliii & Co., l'liilaUclphia.
Jotin Volk: Oc Co,
Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors and Blinds,
And 11 kinds of
Woodwork for Bai.'d jrs
Sidinc Floorinjt. Yaloaooatiog
lh street, nat 1h and It as
rao nave reason to r gie't. r
abowsofclrb bare loft tbe.Tir
ca.lrntitie.WFak frooi I ItrttiT
o.,wit!i had Mrarerr Ji K f 1 w
a-, ar1roce-l,Atrurkr,laj-(-. I,
cr.- notnln so .paecule fr..s
nnjfTdMfJUtT(d(rtB ku-m&a "ttemeely atcr
dtaa'aerrvlif- SoelataLaOapaekaar"; .rtr.i.T
afr.no vrUai a V7rnteii oranMco car ar sanry
rnis4.. . tlacciaa iktJL AUdrva bUV.ll.
CHSaicAI. cti. Aaenu lor r."S,,chicao, at fua
esAiMiyitof thutsijrtjittuaMd below. -MaxuiaU
ft i liter, kOCK ISLAND, ILL.
for Infants
nnOTHERS, Do You Know that rarrgorie,
qJ Bateman'a Props, Godfrey's Ooniiai, many so-mlicd rVo4hins Tr, and
most remedies for children are comrxiam ef opium or morphine t
Do Yofk Kikftxr that opHun and morphine are stupef) ing narcvic potaona t
Do Yon Knrpr that In most countries druggists aro cot prrniitte4 to sell tmrroUca
Wtthout aabcling thorn poisons t
On Yon Know that you shoaM not pcrtrilt any medidno to bo girrn your child
anlesa you or your physician know of waat it la composed t
Ha Yen Knfiw that Castoria is a purely vegt table preparation, and that a Ust ot
its IngrcdienU is published wilh every bottle t
Do Yow Kwott that Cacloria is the pmacripnon of the fjnjcus tr. Samuel Titcher.
That It has been lu use for nearly thirty years, and that moro Castoria is now sold thaa
of all other remedies for chiliiron combined t
Po Tan Kncfor that tba Patent Office IVpartmont of the Cnlted Btatoa, and of
other countries, havo Issued exclusive right to Dr. ntchor and his asstsns to use tho word
44 Castoria M ar J its formula, and that to kutatc. theta Is a state prison off ease t
Ho Yon Knfe-.g that one of ,h9 reaaons for crantuie tiiis porernaxnt protection was
because Castoria had been proven to bo abaclutely tiarmloaaT
Po Yon KrintT that 35 average doses of Castoria aro furnished for 8
oents, or ono cent a dose t
Po Yon Kwo.that xrhim vi!eVer-d of ihir. perfect prepoxatioa, your children mas
be kept re!!, and that ru may tmce unbroken rest t '
Will, these) thing are worth knowiag. They are facta,
Tba fne-aim
tdgnatnrri of
Children Cry for
Painters and Decorators
8Z0P, 119 Saventoanth St.. ZOZZ lZLlVm. ILL.
The Moline
State Savings Bank,
Meii.tNK, III., O.'liee Corner
Fifteenth :St. and Third Ave. i
CAPITAL Sioo,qoo.oo
Snrrrettii the" XlolIlO tC7 J1R Bank
Organised 1S'I
4 Per Cent Interest
Paid on Deposits.
Orudii'tssml nn let rJUte I ;.
H'ii fnim II a. lu. to 8 p. m., ar.d
w ednefiay sua baturday niglils from
7 to o p in
1'outbu skimxtk, - - Prctident
IIiiiah DtRitNu, - Vice l'rcplilrnt
C F ilkaiswar, - Caviller
II II AivewoiiTH, Ceo 11 linwkans,
C B Ai.Mewon-rn, W II Addmt,
W W WKiia.
Western Investments
Blade for private iaril- In the gtrdan
euot of the was; by the
Orchard State Bank
cf Orchard, Ntb.
E. W. Dart, President.
J. S. Dart, Cashier.
Mitchell A Lyndc, banker.
J F Itobluton, calilcr ltock I'lknd NaUonal
C C Catter, H O.
Uenry Part's bona, wholesale grocers.
Correepondence solicited.
Adminlntrator'a Notice
Ert'itc- t.f John M. Dctjcns. Dexcaaod.
The i,nlcr"iEel havirur heen appolptcd admin
istrator ofth'? eomtc of John M. Oetje-ns. late of
the county of Hock Inland, state vf Illinois, da
cekreid. I.ere-hy nvea notire that ho will appear
eelore the enmity ourt i.f Kutk Inland coun
ty, at. ihe olflce of the clerk of sal 4 eoort. In
the city of Kork Ii-iar.d. st the October terra, on
the llrsi Monilay in ;ctohrr Dekl, at which
time all perMica liav.r.e ciaims atfa.nt said ea
tate are notified and req nested to attend, for the
parpoae of havinir the suae adjaed.
All perotia Indebted to Ud estate are reqeesk
ad to make immediate payment to the under
signed. Dated this ?h day oi J air. A. D. 19k3.
HERMAN DET3ENS, Admlaistrktor.
Keal Estate
nd Insurance.
Buy, Sell and Manage
property. Collect Rents.
The old fire and time
tried companvs repre
sented. Rates as low
as any reliable company
can afford.
four Patronage is Solicited. .
Office 1820, Second At.
Harper Boom Block.
end Children.
9 tn rvry
Pitcher's Castoria.
3L3ucstns & Hoeffc
Keprosenling ntuoi) othur time-tried
and well known Fire Insuiaucc Com
panies tho following:
lncho.tcr 5erma Inn Co.,
Wci-ii:lH-Bter fire "
Uiitfalo tierir an :
Sjirinjr tioriloa
liertuun Fire .
New llkinpnlilre
Mllkuhee Mechanic .
ccurlly .
RiK-rn-ster, N T
N'pw York
PiilTulo. M Y
rcnrlu. Ill
.... Mnncb-ter N II
Milwankeo, Wj
...New Haven, Coun
OKcc Corner Eighteenth htrcet
and Second Avenue, second floor.
Telephone No. 1017.
Established lacs.
"The Old Reliable"
Snsnrance Agents,
Represcnlinj'"bvcr Forty Million
Doliars of Cash Astets.
Ilouds of Suretyship.
Office -Bcwjpton'e block, Lock Island, IU.
Secure nr ra'er; they will tr.tcrost you.
General . . .
Insurance Agent.
The oid Fire and Time-tries Oomcadee
Lcsses FrcraptlT Paid.
Ks'.es as low ss say reliable com paty can aSord
Your Fatronace Is eoilaltad.
Tjuhgg ETfirtUag Trcm a Fiat
SIIlcHan1Varch!rfto ClrcuTok.
Law CorUlcf Bpachlty,
No. 1724 Third Ave.
Telephone No. 1214.

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