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Bay a borne of Beidj Bros'.
Labor day one week from tobay.
Aid. T. A. Pender is in Chicago.
Bartlett pears by the peck at Hess
' Bros'.
Read Young & McCombs' ad. on
page 5.
Charles Lippincott has gone to
Boston. '
Sale on fancy cupaand saucers at
Michigan peaches by the basket at
Hess Bros1.
Eating apples and crab apples at
lie 8 Bros1.
Go t Eckbart's for cut flowers and
floral designs.
Eight bars of Mother1! soap for 25
cents at Shields1.
Trilby hoops 15 cents, 20 cents and
25 cents at Eckbart's.
Hon. Levi Waterman, of Geneseo,
is in the city.
Damson plums by the peck at
Browner & Co's.
Fine Damson plums by the peck
at Browner & Co's.
Free and cling stone peaches cheap
at Long's this evening.
John Hawthorne is here on ac
count of bis father's illness.
Browner & Co. are selling choice
Damson plums by the peck.
Inventory discoveries to be
slaughtered at McCabe Bros1.
Mrs. Ben T. Cable and children
left for New York this morning.
Millinery closing prices to make
Yru more lively at McCabe Bros1.
We have hats to fit any head. All
new styles. Sommers & La Velio.
For gennine. money-saving bar
gains, read Mclntyre-Ueck Co's. ad.
Miss Ella Heffernan has returned
from a visit to DeWitt, Iowa, friends.
Everything goes regardless of
price at Mclntyre-Reck Co's. clearing
The greatest of all clearing sales
now in progress at Mclntyre-Reck
Special sale of towels and table
linens all this week at Young & Mc
Combs1. Mrs. J. Menke and children are
here from Quincy visiting Mrs. C.
Linings with dress goods at unheard-of
prices at Young & Mc
Combs1. Damson plums, Bartlett pears and
peaches by the peck or bushel at
Dress goods, special for school
dresses, at low prices at Young &
The largest linen towels in the
three cities for 10 cents at Young &
Mrs. Fred Alters is visiting with
ber mother, Mrs. Alex Bell, at Cosh
octon, Ohio.
The crowds go for fruit jars and
jelly glasses to the store of Young &
Knee pants suits. A beautiful
line at extremely low prices. Som
mers & LaVelle.
The U'-cent and 15-cent wash
goods go this week at 6 conts a yard
at McCabe Bros1.
Fit your boy. in one of our combi
nation suits. He can't wear it out.
Soramcrs & LaVelle.
Our boys1 and children1! stock is
now ready. Inspection invited.
Sommers & LaVelle.
Boys1 shirt waists down they go
'JO cent and 22 cent values for 9
cents at McCabe Bros1.
Autumn coats and jackets slaught
ered to make room for the heavy
weights at McCabe Bros1.
The school suits we are showing
surpass any thing ever shown before
In tbe city. Sommers & LaVelle.
Elegant Dresden china head silk
umbrellas, value $2.50. are 11.48 at
Mclntyre-Reck Co's. clearing sale.
Hon. Truman Plantz, of Warsaw,
was in tho city today and was warm
ly received by his numerous friends.
The 50-cont quality Turker red
table linen (imported) this week 35
cents a yard at Young & McUorubs .
Otto Herkert has taken a position
as traveling representative for the
Moline Sign company a new con
Several lines of imported wash
goods from 40 cent to 50 cent values.
all at 12) cents per yard at McCabe
Bros .
The best as well as the largest
stock of new fall dress goods to be
found in tbe city is at Young a Mc
Wash goods of all kinds 5 cents, 10
cents and 15 cents at Mclntyre-Reck
Highest Honors World' Pair.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
worn Ammonia, Alum or any titer adulterant
Co's. clearing sale. Prices have been
12 cents to so cents.
Clem Briggs was accidentally shot
in the left side by Fred Lobdell at
Gilbert a few days ago, but tho vic
tim is recovering nicely.
Mrs. David Wolf and children re
turned to their home at Grand
Rapids, Mich., this morning after a
visit to JoseDh Rosenfieldandfamilv.
A 1-rear-oid child of D. Brant. 524
Second street, sustained a frac
ture of the left arm near the elbow
this afternoon. Dr. Myers attended
the little sufferer.
John Forgy, of Bowling, accompa.
nled by his daughter, Mrs. W. F.
Starker, and son, of North Bend,
Neb., who are visiting him, paid
The Argus a call Saturday.
Bny even if for next rear at Mcln
tyre-Reck Co's. clearing sale. Price
cuts na figure wash goods, hosiery,
mitts, everything in summer goods
goes at the lowest of prices.
The Knights Templar train ar
rived in Boston this morning at 6
o'clock four hours ahead of time
and the C, B. & Q. oilicials have a
telegram stating that all are well.
The boom which Rock Island is
receiving through its new court
bouse ana postotlice building is
given attention in todsy's Chicago
Times-Herald, with cuts of each
Bleuer's band is figuring on leas
ing Harper's theatre for the coming
season ana win probaoiy engage 11.
The band would be in a position to
conduct it advantageously and pre
sent nrst class attractions.
The insulation on an electric wire
in the attic of the Watch Tower pa
vilion became ignited Saturday even
ing and caught a scantling:. Tbe
fire did no damage, having been dis
covered before it made headway.
Bailiff Hall has gone to Jefferson
City, Mo., for a colored man held
there on suspicion of being Tyler,
tbe Cordova double murderer. He
will return with him tonight. Tbe
man had just been released from the
penitentiary tbere.
Yesterday morning at Buffalo oc
curred the funeral of Joseph Die
trich, who died tbere riday 01
cancer of tbe liver, aged a years.
Tbe deceased was an uncle of Gastav
Stengel. H. J. Frick and Mrs. Sophia
Clow, of this city.
G. B. Russell has resigned tbe
night clerkship of tbe Rock Island
house to accept a position as advance
agent for tbe Coup dog and horse
show, with which be was formerly
connected. - He leaves Saturday.
His successor will be Robert Con
nelly. There was a slight disturbance at
the Tower yesterday over the eject
ment by the policeman in charge of
a number of disorderly people who
maintained, the right to conduct
themselves as they pleased, bnt tbe
policeman tnougbt otherwise and
they went.
'The public meeting of Bowlesburg
people to have been held Satur
day for the purpose of giving vent
to "the indignant feelings toward the
school directors and devising means
looking to their removal for alleged
unofficial acts, was postponed one
week. The storm has apparently
subsided considerably.
Jostle WeM Bold That the BaMntMoA.
tot Hbt Cnuatttod So Offeaas).
The Salvationists may parade
the thoroughfares and pound their
drum on the Sabbath as well as any
other day. and the city authorities
have no right to interfere with them,
holds Justice H. A. Weld, before
whom the city sought to prosecute
the organization for disregarding its
ordinances. Justice Weld rendered
his decision, withheld a few days,
this morning, and dismissed tbe pro
ceedings against Harvey Butler, the
drummer boy. The statutory pro
visions contend that religious ser
vices are not to be interrupted
so Ions: as they do not harm the
oeace of the state, and the iustice
holds that the drum-beating is a part
of tbe salvation Army service, and
therefore cannot be stopped by mu
nicipal authority as a public demon
stration or procession, wnicn the
ordinances prohibit Sunday. This
gives the army full sway.
How Mayor Knox Views It.
Mavor Knox is in somewhat 01 a
quandary over the matter and is not
disposed to state how he will move
next until he gives it more thought.
There is hardly any probability of
the city pressing the matter any fur
ther. If ano move is made it will
be the repealing of the ordinance
and allowing processions and all
publio demonstrations on Sunday.
Station Vqu'fa.
The case against George Ohlweiler
for complicity in the Hefner expre-s
robbery was continued today nntil
Wednesday, Sept. 4.
Fred Skinner the former represen
tative of tbe Davenport Home Cook
ing company, was fined 5 and costs
this morning for peddling without a
Neddy Kane slumbered at tbe
cooler Saturday night to give the
people in the neighborhood of his
domicile a chance to do likewise
Neddy kept sober a long time, but
the red stuff caught his eye again.
lie was released yesterday morning.
Yon onght to know that when suf
fering from any kidney trouble that
a safe, sure remedy is the Clinic Kid
ney Cure. Guaranteed or money re
funded. Sold at M. F. Bahnsen's
drug store.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Cattorla.
Two Tfcoasaad People Come la oa Kz
coraloaa yesterday gome Get Left.
The . railroads and steamboats
brought about two thousand visi
tors to the city yesterday. The
largest delegation came from Men.
dota and Kewaneo. the C. B. & Q
having two train loads from those
and intermediate points. Peoria
sent the smallest crowd known to
have ever come from there on an ex
cursion day about two hundred peo
ple. The excursion was under the
auspices of the Turners, who were
bound for the Davenport Turners'
annual celebration at Schuetzen
rorrn iiw.
A number of the Mendota and Ke-
wanee people forgot the leaving
time of their train and others be
came confused because tbere was
more than one depot in the city.
The consequence was that those peo
ple who got mixed up were obliged
to remain here over night.
Xea, TIs 80
That Foley's Colic and Diarrhoea
Cure gives quick and positive relief
in all bowel complaints 25 cents
and 50 cents at M. t. Bahnsen's drug
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
lets expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs,
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the tasto, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling coldf, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
Bet with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs i.i for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
. call at 805 Mnt b street.
and biro, 2515 Rlgtb-anda-ualf avenue.
I colored linings
Finder nlease return m ths
office and receive reward.
Jill (i-ri.ta U'.ti. a it.t.Il. . 1 1. 1 "i
aet Company, Cincinnati. Ohio.
Vl of good bought and old. disposed of either
at private aala cr at auction. Harris trvin,
1MI Second avenue.
piece or lot. Alio a floe 6-year-old horte,
tillable for del I very wasron or surrey. W De
Pom, iJi Twentieth street, above nansgen's no
ee y.
manufacturing business. Experience not
required I will enarantee yon a uroflt of at
lea-t $I per motithlf. $800 to (1.500 required.
Address C. P., this office.
made daily on small investment hw
new plan or systematic grain and stock spernla
tion. Fullrst investigation solicited. Past
workings of the plan and highest refe rences fur
nished Send for oar free booklet telling bow to
make money, even on the wrong side of tbe mar
ket; also our daily market letter, what and
where to buy. Active representatives wanted
A. Uilvjorb k Co., Omaha baildine. Chicago, 1U.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals will be received at Uie city
clerk's office. Rock Island. III., until Mnnri.v
September , lS'.-S. at 5 o'clock p. m., for con
structing tbe Improvement ordered by an ordi
nance of tbe city of Rock Island, passed August
5. 1895, entitled, "An ordinance for tbe em-
strnction or a system or aewers In the Sixth
ward, in the city of Rick I-land. Ill ''
Finos and specifications can be Been at tbe city
Blank bids will be furnished on annliration.
All bida mil! be accompanied with a certiSed
check in the sum of five hundred ifvmi dollars
payable to the onler of the mayor of this city, in
cae the bidder shell fail to enter into contract
within ten days after the awarding of said con
tract, with approved sureties to execute the
worn iw me price mentioned in tils bid.
Bock Island, ill.. Angn.tat, lsas.
A. D. HISSING, City Clerk.
Own Yovr Bam aai Bar U Iontnd.
Reidy Bros.
Real Estate,
Insurance and Loans.
Room 4, Mitchell & Lynde b'ng.
Telephone 1002.
Kernan Smoke Consumers.
Tbe soft coal furnace bere repreeentel
ander the name of Keinan Smoke Con
sumer, haebcen constructed on scientific
principles, and the Discharging of Heated
Air icto the are chamber has been so reg
alated that just a sufficient amount enters
the furnace, and at the proper decree of
heat, the result canting s Perfect State of
Combustion, no volatile carbon escaping
within the lire chamber, No Soot Gather
ing In tbe Flue or Smoke Pipe, ana So
Dense Volumes, of Black Smcke issuing
from the chisney. We are prepared to
farn'sh estimates on heating and ventila
ting. A full line of Hard coal. Soft coal,
or wood furnaces of the best makes al
ways on hand. Call and examine them.
1615-1617 Second Avenue.
Is it that only
Candies are sold by
Because future sales de
pend on the returns de
rived from present ones.
Because we realize that
in making a small per
centage on good goods
we establish a reputa
tion which increases our
Etc. ,
1716 and 1718 Second Ave.
Phone 1 1 56.
Our Mr. Mosenfelder has been in New York for some time placing orders for the manufac
turing of our Fall and Winter Stock. All summer goods must and will go. The reduced
prices will move them quick. It is a splendid opportunity to buy now. Better not miss it.
Cl0tllin$ Ulld Sh06S.
Bigr Redaction
Mdntyre-Reck Dry Goods Co.
1709 and 171 1 Second Avenue, Rock Island, 111.
August Clearing Sale.
We aim to make our Aocurt Cleerlrg Sale the Star Ivent of the
sprint and sua- mer season and a fitting close. It Is a money savinc tale
fur our enstomers; a sale at which it aiways pavs to hay. even if an lay
aside forneit year: a sale in which !T la ErUPSKO, ht sirht or.
and BABtlAINs BEIGM SliPKKMB. It Is a lolVnwinc oat of oar plan
of never carrying foods over, but presenting each season new and fresh
stocks for roar Inapec Ion.
Wash Goods Stock.
Wanted tocce owners for the balance of oar Wah Gods stock,
season of 1MB. A K t of choice things left U, pick from. To make
chanv of ownership easy, trresisteele, prompt, wee it prices to pieces
and divide the entire stock into three lo s.
Lot I Everything op to ltc a yard, ftc
!r x-AIi there Is left from IS to aJc, 10c
Lot3 Everything 10 to Xe, 13c,
Lawn a, Orcandles. Dimities. Scotch Zephyr Glnghame. French
Satin, a. all wool French Cnal lea, Inda Fancies. 8wval Crepe Cloths.
Fancy Seersuckers, Swivel Silks, Printed Crepes, etc
Summer Hosiery,
Too. seta a derided benefit and yon some crisp bargains at these Dtices
Ac Ladle," striped Balbriafan Uuae. 7c P
Ladies White Hose, SSc and 35c q uallt es, Wc
Ladies' Part Black Hose. Pc quel ty. 3c
Ucnts' 40-usc fine Past Black Hose, S4c qna'ltr. S pair for We.
Genu' Hlh Top Hce.s pair for Be
Gent-' Itlark and Tan Rose. 4 pair for f5c
Child's Fast Black Hibbcd lioe,2tc quality, lic
Shirt Waists.
What Is left in Shirt Waists a-Ul be closed eat at Eteatly reduced
Twenty-First Street Addition
Fine Residence Lots in this
addition For Sale on
Easy Terms.
This addition is located be
tween Twentieth and Twenty-second
streets and Tenth
and Twelfth avenues, and
nearly every lot in it has
upon it b fine walnut, elm,
hackberry, or other large
tree, and is already provid.
ed with abundant shade.
These lots are in the very
best part of the city, ana
the most desirable for resi
dence purpose of any lots in
the city. Apply to
Boom 21, 2at0h.ll ft Lynia Sloc
The Portage Entry
Quarries Co.,
Successors to the Portage
Red Stone Co., also to Furst
Neu & Co.,
Security Building, Kinth
Floor, Madison Street and
Fifth Avenue,
Real Estate, Insurance, Loans
Office 1612 Second Ave., Rock Island.
Hire on hand 40 lota In Sooth Rock Island on
easy tcras; just oataide the city limits; eood
water; low taxes, and cheap insurance Ten lota
on TbirtT-elkbth street nd fifteenth arenne.
A number of pieces of propertj la the city for
sale and rent.
The prices of Silk
tbea- three lots:
Mitts from c to
M itts from SSe to
Hilts from Sua to
McIntyre-Reck Dry
1709 and 171 1
To tie Ladies of tbe Hties anil Yiciniiy
Ladies wishing to do their own dress making
should secure and learn the famous KELLOGG
SYSTEM, which is equal if not superior to all
others in the market, by calling on or addressing
the undersigned. Will also teach the new
method of boning, the only stiffening in dresses,
etc., that does its work In a satisfactory manner.
The Kellogg System with full instruction given
for $10, and moderate terms for learning the
boning process.
Mrs. M. A. Thompson. Agent.
Ryan Block, Second Floor, Davenport.
Q Jill.
iaj rctmrtjr. -
All kinds of carpenter
Office and Shop 721 Twelfth street
. & K.
1729 Second Avenue 1
on Tan Shoes.
Ton feel oa'y half as had whea yon Vwe year t'mhreUe If It casta
y hut utile over one-holf price. Tbow c frood servweableeaes. Inr
instance, which ouRhi to K So. or the fc kind with Pangea frames
and Eicl.h Scire t huh. would be caeap at tl.Hi.
. "est of all. ISO elegant ptld mounted, in fierce Milk timbrel,
is, with handsome Dresden ball hea . and wormwood sticks, splendid
ft h,,ch "T" lu" u'elvse woald dare aeU at oaltl.48.
They may not last three days. Horry np.
Pretty Capes.
Toe f IS Ca-.ethis week Ss.
The H Capes this week M
The S Capes this week flaO.
Summer Underwear.
Clip to the shears and prices or Summer Cnderwear fall one-third
and one half. Thie means a Mar savira to you, atbook and matiee
purrhasee for next year advisable.
I'nderwear at 10c, now 7c.
nnderwear at ISe, now Sc.
I'nderwear at now INC. .
Underweat at 34c, now sac
Silk Mitts.
Mitts suffer severely,
5c at ISo.
Mc at SUi
Se at SW.
Makeour selection from
Goods Co.
Second Avenue, Rock Island.
1803 Second Avenue.
General Jobbing don oa abort notice
and satisfaction guaranteed
16 10 124 Eighteenth Street

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