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VOL. XLm. W. 265.
FBI02 TTTttgg GZ3T8.
Masons at Boston Throw Away
the Door Key.
Great Parade Cnmra Off and la WMaewod
by Tea of Thousand Koine Wrctera
Commanderle That Are Present Ho.pl
tallty the Principal YMMe Feature of the
Gathering Boatonlan. Outdo the Record
In Propagating the That Oreat Virtue.
Bobtos, Aug. 27. Boston has surren-di-rud
to an invading army and is in the
hand of 6,00 Knight Ti-iiiplur. These,
vltli thcUtdiui accDm.panylngtlirm and the
Immense thrung of visitor uttnuted to
the Hub bjr the conclave and low rates of
railroiulrt, have swelled tho city's popula
tion to such an extent as to cause one to
woihIit if all the inhabitants of "Greater
Boston" have been forced inside the city'n
IWnits. All day yesti-nluy commanderleg
arrrlvud from north, south, east and west.
By hundreds and fifties they came, in
.'oiu.-h, parlor car, shvper and special
until there is assembled here an army the
like of which In splendor and good fellow
ship has never lx-on seen lx-foro in BoAon.
llnh to Hit limt liib and Tucker.
The eiitiro city has donned a holiday
dress, and on every hand flags, banners.
jr.iily cilond stn'nmers, and flashing
liglit greet thu eye. Immense nuiubersof
incanilt scent lights have lieim arrnnged to
represent every known Masonic emblem
The Masonic Temple decorations are the
mst elaNirute, the principal feature licing
n lme outline cross of colored lighta cover
Ing almost the entire front of the build
ing. The Albion building is not fur be
hind, and all along Newspaper Kow the
occupants have ext:nded a welcome to the
knights in a blaze of light. Many grand
mauds had liccn erected along the line of
the great pariule and the building inspec
tor uliwly examined every structure and
coiiiliminxl many as unsafe. All thoso
conilcmned went placarded with an ofli
clal notliv and no one was allowed to oo-
uuy them.
(rrat rarnde a Oreat Hucceaa.
This morning at 10 o'clock the great
conclave parade, which is the chief feature
of these gatherings, came off and was a
brilliant success. Ksrortifig the grand
master, olllit-rs and suite, the parade
started from Commonwealth avenue. The
procession was Hindu up of thirteen di
visions In columns of double sections, and
was reviewed at Columbus tviuire by
druud Master Holmes, of Massachusetts;
nt llliu kstonu wjuare, Wiihtngtuii street.
lirand MitMh-r MeCurdy, of the grand en
canipment if the United States, and gov
ernor (ireenhalge; ut Adams siiuare, by
tirand CommaiHler Jjawronce, chief mar
shal of the parade, And Sir Knight Edwin
V. Curtis, mayor of Boston. An invita
tion was sent to l'resident Cleveland, hn,
lie wrote that he could not attend.
Mreeta Parked with Sightseers,
Tin- streets on t he lino of march were
simply packed with pi-ople-. It was with
some dillleulty that the police kept a pu
Nige trtsMi in the tidddte of the street for
the knights, who ns they passed along
brilliant with uulfonn, plume, and shin
ing st-el, were cheered heartily by the
dense, throng. Thu chief social event of
the day was the reception by Massachu
setts grand oommandery to the grand en
eaiiipmeiit, the ollicersof grand comman
dcrti'S. and liullo. The NitcrtiUnment of
visiting knights has Ixs-n minced to a sys
Um. lioslou commandery, the largest in
the world, numliering ver 1,11ft) iiiciuImts,
is said to have levied an assessment of
on each nnnils r, miklngMri.oiO to Im MM'nt
In eiitertjilning visitors. They are outdoing
themselves, as this will probably Iw the
last conclave of the whole of the I'nited
Stntr.-t. The orih'r lnis lecomc so large that
it. is likely to ! divided into two jurisdic
tions at an early date.
Hospitality Itula-a the Hour.
The different hotels when1 t he large com
niniulcrics are making their headquarters
are jammed to the doors. Kach command
crv is kwplng ojx-u houso, and a constant
stp'am of huin-inlty in blm k and gold re
galia pours in and out. J he principid re
ception of yostordny was at the lieiuliuar
tersof Uoslou commandery in llorticul
tural hall. Two tables stretched from one
end of the long hall to the other, loaded
with cut able, while attendants dispensi-d
punch from enormous lovts. A genera
invitation was extended to visiting knight
to make themselves nt home, and there
was no formality.
Aul Wliat They Are Ihilng with the llours
of Their Holllilny.
A mong the coinmanderles present are the
following: Sterling and Galesburg, Illi
nois; Montrose and Calumet, Michigan
I'eoria, of Illinois; St. Bernard and Cceur
d'Alene, of Kanas. and Muskogiv, Indian
Territory. Ascalon oommandery o. In,
f St. Ixuils. Mo., spent a merry day at
Nantasket. Columbia de Molay and ash
Ington, of Washington, D. C, are here,
So are (Jorln, of Indiana; .Vlnccnncs. of
Indiana; Torre Haute, of Indiana; Wis
cousin, of Milwaukee; Ivanhor, of Wis
consin. All the spare time of tho above Is
ta-cupicd sightseeing. Excursions by
water In all directions are a favorite
Henry It. l'almrr, M. I'., sovereign grand
commander of the supreme council of the
thirty-third degree A. A. Scottish rite, for
the northern Masonic jurisdiction of the
1'nlted States, has arrived, and is making
Ids ncnuquarters with the isconsin dele
gation. Chicago Apollo commandery is
settled at the I'arker House. In addition
to the regular headquarters a ladies' parlor
hits been opened, in which the wives of the
knights are entertaining lnvishlv. This
tiimmandeiy has no special plans for the
week other than to give every visitor
royal welcome.
Among the belated arrivals was that of
Damascus commandery of Detroit, escort
ing the grand commander of Michigan
The grand oommandery of Indiana irave I
luill at their headquarters in Cotillion hall,
at which upwards of l.bUu knights and la
dies were present. The evening passed off
pleasantly, and the Indiana commandery
proved itself a royal entertainer. One of
the features of the evening was the parade
of the Philadelphia knights, who marched
through the streets for several hours ao
coiupanicd by bands. The headquarters
p(. other oouuuaudurlca were vbiicd in
turn, ana gereniuli-K
were rendered by the
Scheme Evolved That la Believed To Be
the Thing Wanted.
Xew Yoi:k, Aug. 37. The Erie reorgan
ization plan has been issued by Messrs. J.
P. Morgan & Co., New York, and Messrs.
. S. Morgan & Co., London. The plan
contemplates the harmonizing of interests
hitherto more or less antagonistic of the
lines composing the Krle system.
An arrangement has liecn made with
the New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio
railroad voting trustees whereby, subject
to ratification by their beneficiaries, they
undertake to foreclose and deliver the New
York, Pennsylvania and Ohio property,
subject only u the prior lieu equipment
and leased line securities, for which reser
vation Is made. Tho rcorjrnnlzers have
also practically secured the Chicago and
trie, so that the Erie system will bo solid
ified into one comp:u-t organization from
New York to Chicago. New securities are
to lw created on the entire line from New
York to Chicago, with ail branches, coal
roads, etc.
Ends Two Men's IJves, One of Whom Scads
the Cowboy Hence.
BCTTK, Mont., Aug. 27. Word has been
received here of a triple, killing which oc
curred at Sweet Grass on the international
boundary. William Long, cowboy for the
F" outfit, who is also said to be a whisky
smuggler, killed a mounted policeman
named Kichardaon. After the shooting or
Richardson Long went to C. B. Toole's,
ranch, where he is alleged to have killed
ra Brown, foreman of the sheep ranch.
Tho latter before dying shot Long, killing
him almost instantly.
Persecuting the Salvationists.
PoXTIAC, Mich., Aug. ST. The Salva
tion Army has liccn made the object of an
ollklal assault, based upon street obstruc
tion, and eleven of them taken to Jail,
where they gang hallalujahs from the grate
if the window. The arrest will provoke a
legal light which will be interesting and
exciting. Tho little bund of Salvationists
could provide If necessary !,) ball.
The Presbyterian, Baptist, Congregation
al and Methodist churches passed strong
condemnatory resolutions against the au
thorities for their arrest, embodying a call
for a public meeting.
Harking l' the Wronic Tree.
pKoltlA, Ills., Aug. 27. The following Is
an example ot a large numncr oi let
ters received during the past throe years
from all parts of the I'nited States and
Canada by the surveyor of customs nt Pe
oria: " on will please give me a little In
formation concerning the mass wine re
cently shipiasl to Pishop Suldlng, which
proved to be Winchester rilles." All
these letters have liren answered, and to
the same effect, that no such consignment
had passed through the olliiv.
Window Class Men Combine.
"ClEVELASD, Aug. 27. Window gla.-
manufacturcrs from Ohio, Pennsylvania,
Indiana and Illinois met here and organi
zed a combination, tho purpose of which is
to advance prices to meet the Increase in
the price of raw materials and the pros
pective advance in wages. It was decided
to establish two aironcies for the sale of the
products of the factories. One will lie lo
cated in Indiana and the other in Pitts
Rye" Smith Story ot Credited.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 27. Tho reixtrt of tho
killing of liftecn Bannock Indians by cat
tlemen in the neighborhood of Diamond
Valley, Or., is not believed nt the Indian
bureau. Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Browning says there is no reservation
within 'Mi miles of the region where tho
affair is stated to have taken place, and
that as far as tho Indian olllcu is Informed
no Indians were in the vicinity.
Got a Statement Direct front Waller.
Washington, Aug. 27. Ambassador
Eustis has wired the state department that
Newton B. Eustis, second secretary, and
Mr. Alexander, counsel of the embassy,
have returned from Chtirvaux, where they
took down a full statement from ex-Consul
Waller of his trial and conviction by
the French military court at Tamatave.
The statement will lie forwarded to Wash
ington as soon as possible.
Wales' Cutter a Uig Winner.
Cowes, Aug. 26. The Prince of Wales'
cutter Britannia has finished her racing
season and has come, here to dismantle,
previous to laying up for the winter. Shv
is floating forty winning flags. The prince
has presented Captain L arter, of the Britan
nia, with a large silver jug, and has mado
gifts to the crew in recognition of the skill
fill manner in which they have handled
tho yacht.
New Kail a ay and New Town.
ASHLAND, Wis., Aug. 27. Work will be
commenced within a week on the Mimic
apolis, St. Paul and Ashland railway
The counties along the line have voted the
aid asked. It willnot go to Hayward.but
six milos south, to strike a heavy belt of
pine and locate a new town on the lakes
to make it the county sent of Sawyc
Harrington Get a New Position.
SEATTLE, Wash., Aug. 27. Mark W
Harrington, late chief of tho w cut hi
bureau at Washington and professor of as-
tronomy at the University of Michigan,
has been elected president of the Univer
sity of Washington in this city and in
stalled in the duties of that office.
Want It Wide Open or Tight Shut.
West Siteuiob. Wis., Aug. 27. War
rants have been issued on those who vio
lated the Sunday closing laws. A street I
car conductor and motorman were arrest
ed to make a test case against the street
railway. The Liquor league intends to
prosecute until everything is closed tight
on Sunday or until saloons and all other
place are allowed to open on Sunday.
Boxing Bouts oat Long Island.
New Yobk, Aug. 27. In the arena of
the Seaside Athletic club, Maspeth, L. L,
Frank Erne, of Buffalo, and Jack Skelly,
of Brooklyn, at 124 pounds tried conclu
sions at boxing, resulting in Skelly being
knocked out in the tenth round, and
George Lavigne put Jimmy Handler to '
leey in the fifth round.
Secretary Lamont Issues a Dedi
cation Order.
Boy In Blue Invited Generally to Attend
the Service, at Chlckamauga and Chat
tanooga Programme In Brief of the
Gathering of Men Who Wore the Blue
and Gray Some Information for Those
Who Will Attend the Dedication.
Washington-. Aiii 27. Secretary La
mont has issued an order outlining the of
ficial programme for the dedicatory serv-
icc of the Chiekamauga and Chattanooga
National Military park. It is as follows:
"Pursuant to the act of congress ap
proved Dec. 15, 1M, the national dedica
tion of the Chickaninuga and Chattanooga
National Military park will take place on
the lltth and Cnth of Septomlcr proximo.
The veterans, those who have been invited,
ind the.public will ussoniblo at Snodgrass
Hill on the battlefield of Chiekamauga.
t noon, Sept. ID, orations willbedeliv-
red by General John M. Palmer, of Illi
nois, and General John B. Gordon, of
Big Tent for the Meeting.
"The exercises on the ioth will begin at
noon in the city of Chattanooga. Orations
will be delivered by General William B.
Bate, of Tennessee, and Charles H. Gros
vonor, of Ohio. The eveningsof ttoth days
will lie devoted to meetings of tho veter
ans of the armies participating in the two
Itattles. The complete programme in do
tail will be hereafter Announced. A water
prcsif tent covering seats for lo.WHI people
will lo erected in Chattanooga for the
meeting of the Sdth, and both night mcct-
Soulier i.iven nn initiation.
"The nurticiimtlon iu these dedicatory
exercises has lieen reqiKstod of the presi-
ent, of congress, of the supreme court
ind of the heads of executive departments,
ind invitations to be present have been
Rent to the governors of the states ana
heir stuffs. Like invitations arc hereby
xtonditl to tho survivors of the
several armies that were engaged In the
tattles of Chiekamaupi and Chattanooga.
t is obviouslv im practicable for the secrc-
tarv of war to issue individual invitations.
Should Arranee at Once for Quarters. .
"The act does not make provisions for
rniisportntion, quarters, or entertainment.
In view of the large attendance which now
seems assured, it is suggested that all who
Xpert to lie prowHit nutke Immediate en-
imw-mcnts for omul era. These can be se
cured through the Chattanooga Cltkens'
Executive committoo. General J. S. rul-
lerton, chairman of the Chiekamauga and
ChattaiKMtga Military Park commission, is
designated as grand marshal of the cere
monies, and will appoint such marshals
and assistants as may lie required.
Regular to Camp on the Field.
The K-ind and tine brtttallon of the Sixth
Infantry, the band and ono Itattalion of
the Seventeenth infantry, the Kind and
ono battalion of the Third artillery all
under the command of the lieutenant col
onel of tho Third artillery will encamp
on the field of Chictiamauga nltout Sept. 1,
rroximo, nflil rrtnnin until ufter tho cere
monies. The troops will be used in pre
serving order in the park and the protec
tion of public property.
"Dasiel s. lamost.
"Secretary of War."
Ue Declares It no Shortage at All and Ex
plains the Case.
Washington. Aug. 27. Librarian Spof-
ford, in view of various conflicting state
ments regarding the sum of $23,400 paid
by him Into tho treasury last week, was
asked what the amount really represented
He replied that It was 'approximately the
amount due the t reasury on balance of
copyright and salary accounts, as he
found it.
Unfavorable and wholly wrong construc
tion, he said, had been placed upon it as
representing a large deficit, whereas It was
actually a balance between two accounts, a
salary account due the librarian for several
months' disbursements, and an account
duo the government for several months'
copyright fees. These accounts had re
mained unsettled, although constant pay
ments had Wii made by him.
He emphatically denied any allegation
that the recent payment was mode to
make good any wrongful withholding of
moneys due to the government. On the
contrary the whole matter involved a bal
anclng of delaved accounts, which his ac
cumulate! lultors, constantly growing,
had too long postponed.
Canine Listen with Joy to His Master's
Voice Over a Telephone.
Anpkiwon, Ind., Aug. 27. An extraor
dinary incident happened here. Secretary
Joseph Millspaugh, of tho Anderson Nat-
Lurul Gas company, owns a very fine dog,
which in himself and formation is a mar
vel. He is only nine inches high, but Is
eighteen inches long. Millspaugh went to
the summer resorts of Michigan last week
and since then the dog has been very niel
aneholy. Millspaugh was forced to call up
the olhco over the long-distant telephone
on some business matters. The dog Imp
pened to Ik- in the room at the time.
He was placed on the long-distance telo
phono tuble and the receiver was put to
his eitr. Millspaugh began to talk to him
and the dog fairly went wild. He stood
on two legs, then on three, wagged his tail
violently and Ix-fjan barking. A dog was
never better tickled, and during the short
conversation between the muster and the
dog 200 miles apart he kept up his end of
the wire with vigorous barks.
Idle Gbua Work Burned.
Fostohia. O., Aug. 27. The Idle glass
works building near here, sold years ago
by the Nickel Plato glass works to the
United States glass works, burned last
night. Loss, .Y),000. It is supposed
tramps set it on fire.
Hot weather proves depressing to
those whose blood is poor. Such
people should enncb their blood with
I Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Zella Xicolaus says she will this week
add another count to her prosecution of
George Gould by suing him for defamation
of character.
Obituary: At North Andovcr, Mass., It,
O. Houghton, Sr.. head of the Boston pub
lishing house of Houghton, Mifflin & Co.,
70: at Edtrewood. Ills., Robert L. Jen
nings, of Milwaukee; at Detroit, James L,
Edson. 65: at Kcwanee, Ills.. Luke Strong;
at Indianapolis, Thomas Barnltt, 80; at
Mcndota, Ills., uliam Brunner, o3; at
Red Oak, la.. David Thomas.
Mr. Blackman, of Chicago, a guest at
Block Island. R. I., was shot by Charlie
Bascom, 17 yearsold, of St. Louis, who was
practicing at a target. Blackman will
probably die.
Tho cause of the non-action of Sheriff
Bowers in the matter of the recent bull
fights at Gillett, Colo., is said to be poli-
:cs. He wants to be re-clectod next fall.
Home rule prevented iTOvernor Mclntyro
from acting, but the governor is very angry
with the local authorities.
Colonel Romero, who killed Yerastegul
in a duel at the city of Mexico, has been
sentenced to prison for three years and
four months at hard labor; to pay all the
costs of tuj trial; to pay crasteguis
funeral expenses: to pay a fine of tl.SUO
or serve three months more in prison, and
to pay in monthly installments to eras
tcgul's widow and children ti,5U0 annual
ly for eighteen years.
Prince and Princess Colonna have
reached an agreement by which the prin
cess is given custody of the children and
pays tho prince f 12,000 annually.
Miss Annie sandnttcr died at Leaven
worth from a spider bite. She was bitten
on the lip and blood poisoning set in.
Bandits who held up William Leo, a
Liberty, Ind., farmer, got 22 cents for their
After all the newspaper talk alvtut tho
state of Illinois being without an execu
tive, unless it was the president pro
tern, of the senate, it is discovered that
Lieutenant Governor Gill has not been
out of the state since Governor AH geld
J. C. Schukers of Woost.T, O., has lieen
arrested at Denver charged with uttering
a forged draft for q.i. He is a grandson
of John N. Katike, president of the hoard
of trustees of ouster university.
China has already executed four of tho
men engaged in the murder of the British
missionaries at Hwa Sang.
Five men were drowned by the cniisizlng
of a yawl at Sccgues, on the east coast of
A suite of rooms has lieen engaged lit tho
Pom fret Inn, Putnam, Conn., for the fam
ilv of President Cleveland for ono month,
They are expected Sept. :t.
A special dispatch to the Paris Figaro from
Rome contradicts the report that the pope
Intends to establish a nunciature in tho
United Stab-s.
The position of the Cuban planter these
days in the most uiihannv one m the isl
and of Culia. He is levied on by both gov
eminent and rcltcl troops and is fast
running into bankruptcy.
The Dan Head & Co. Itank nt Kenosha,
Wis., has asked for a receiver to close up
its affairs. It is claimed that the bank
will pay 100 cents on the dollar if given
reasonable time.
Between the hours of 3:3 and 4:80
o'clock Sundav afternoon the Rev. Dr.
Hunslierger, at Milwaukee, performed tho
marr'.uge ceremony for ten Chicago couples.
Indiana Drought 1 llroken.
Indianapolis, Aug. 27 The drought In
Indiana which has existed in some sec
tions since the middle of June is broken.
A general rain has fallen steadily and
corn, which was drooping iu high places,
Is assured life.
The Obedient Dog.
Here is a dog story by n Putnam
chronicler: "Ono of tho most interest
ing and at the same time truthful dog
stories v.-o have heard for some time is
that told by Victor Peluquin, who keeps
a confectionery store on Bridge street.
Lust winter ho went to Ciuiada and
brought back with him a little black
and tan dog, tho gift of his futher. All
went well for about a mouth, when lie
bad occasion to reprove- hiui for some
trivial offense, telling him in French to
go home. He .saw no more of his dog
and was greatly e&rprised recently to
receive a letter from his father in Can
ada, informing him that the dog had
returned. lie was ihreeniontlis iu niak
ing tho journey. Hartford Conrant.
Chancellor AJo.
At Oxford there is what is calle
"chancellor ale," brewed out of 10
bushels of malt to the barrel, nud so
strong that two wincglafsfnls will iu
toxicate most people. It is kept in oak
bell shaped casks, nud is never tapped
until it is two Years old. Sonw of the
casks have been in use for half a cen
tury, but "chancellor ale" is only used
at high table, when a man takes very
high honors.
Life-Long Keanlta.
Many a girl, by using Zoa-Fhora at
tne opening period of womanhood
might be saved from life-long suffer
ing and expense.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar bakisg powder. Highest of
all is leavening strength. late at Pmittd 8tatn
Cmrnmm Food BerarU
Rotal Baxois rowDia Co 101 Wan 8U S.T
We want it
And must have it!
THE LONDON is buying space in it's own big store. We must have
it. Our proprietors have been in the eastern markets for one
month, buying FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING, and are still there,
keeping it up. The truth is they have bought more goods than we
have room for. Hence this SPACE-BUYING SALE. You want the
goods. We want the room.
Men's Suits, worth 20, 18 and 16.50 are yours for $9.00
Men's Suits, worth 16, 15 and 13 dollars, are yours for 7.S0
Men's and Boys' Suits, worth 12, 10 and 8 dollars, are yours for 5.00
Men's and Boys Suits, worth 7, 6 and 5 dollars, are yours for 3.00
About one hundred Children's Suits, ages 4 to 14, worth 6.50, 6, 5 1 QQ
and 4 dollars. Ladies, here is your chance, at A ' '
Everything in our Big Store at a Sacrifice.
Has One
Large Furniture
Store, where prices
Are the Lowest,
Where Style
And Finish
is the
See our
New line of
Carpets and Rugs.
Davenport Fnmitore
& Carpet Co.,
324, 326, 328 Dradj St.,
Are Willing
Home Industry
On Tap everywhere.
Only Union labor employed.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery. I.
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, has one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment in the country. The product is the
very best Beer is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to any part of the tri-cities, and may
he ordered direct from the head offices on Mo
line avenue by Telephone.
See our New
And Latest Suits.
Our purpose in advertising Is to let everybody
who buys clothing that b all mankind here
about know that our suitings are In, and the
finest ever displayed In the city. You are
respectfully invited to call and see the latest
in patterns and styles.
Call and leave your order.
Star Block, opposite Harper House
to Pay For It.
Call for Rock Island
Brewing Co. Beer.

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