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a. o. gouiuT.
Couielly ic Connelly,
Attorneys at Law.
Offlea teeond floor, over KitcheU Lynda's
bank. Money to loan.
Jackson 3c Hurst,
Attorneys at Law.
Offlea la Book bland National Bask building.
a 1 fiU.
Sweeney & Walker,
Attorney! and Councellors at Law
Offlea la Bcngston's Block.
Charles J. Searle,
Attorney at Law.
Lejca business of all kind promptly attended
to. state's Attorney of liock Island euaaty.
OiEce, Postofflos Block.
McEniry Ac McEniry,
Attorneys at Law.
Txiaa mover on (rood security- wisse eollse
ttons. Hef-Totiop, Mimbell L a , tautem,
tittiee, Postofflrsj Block.
Drack & Kerar,
Architects and Superintendents.
Kom Y M C A BnUdlna, cor Third avenae
ana nineuentn street
Geo. F. Stauduhar,
fiai.a and anperlntenrtcTire for all elan of
Binding. Rooms 63 and 65, Mitchell Lynde
Biiidlna". Take ijlcvator. '
Dr. W. H Ludewig
Specialist of Eye, Ear
Nose and Throat.
ofllee In Trcetnan's new bniidinir, comer Sev
enteenth street and Third avenue, Iloek laland.
Telephone No. loss.
Dr. Chas. M. Robertson,
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Only.
Office, Wblttaker Block, southwest corosi
Third aad Brady streets. Davenport, Iowa
Knoma IT and IS. Honrs: 9 toll a. m.,1 to 4 p. av.
W. A. Darling,
City Engineer.
Itoom 4. Mitchell Ljrndc'e building.
R. M. Pearce,
Rooms 29 and 81 In Mitchell Lynda's new
BnlldbuT. Take elevator
Mixed House
And Floor Paints,
Lawn Mowers,
Rubber Hose,
Wash Machines,
Etc., Etc.
1610 Third avenue.
Baths of all kinds, including
Turkish, plain, shampoo, elec
tric, electro-thermal, etc., may
bo obtained at the Sanitarium
Bah Rooms, on the first floor of
the Harper House.
For Ladies From 9 a. m. to
IS m. on week days For Gen
tlemen From 2 p. ro. to 10 p.m.
on week days On Sundays the
rooms will be open from 7 a. m.
to 11 a. m. for Gentlemen only.
Eloetrie and Electro-thermal
baths may be obtained at an;
timo during business hours.
Gymnasium connected with bath
Hog Cholera Cured.
A positive cure for bog clol.Ti or any other
disrate to which (he swine is sulicct. It bus
a long history, which would occupy too mm h
pace at a lar;:e exoense i f adverttsias. It
has been tbonnthIy tested with pleating re
sults. At a ctuleta remedy for chiclaca and
turkeys it l.a, no equal If it fails to do the
work the monfvjr will be reloaded. Where it
Is used once In a while ho; cholera never
makea Its appearance. Put op In 5 pound
packages to any address on receipt of 5.
1809 Washington St. DAVENPORT
John Volk fc Co.,
Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors and Blinds, .
And all kinds of
Woodwork for Bnildcrs
Siding, Flooring, Walaicoatisg
1Mb stoat, bet 4tk aad Sin an
A ii HaUif-. Mrs. Anrm fl.ttre.A
wife of Hx-Deputy B
IT. (4. Mitrhal. CX
lumbar. Kan., says: M
man 1cllvirea1 z
ofTWIMln lesuM
lhnii2Uminute3mnd f
wltb wnret'ly &"y)f
p:ttn mftiT ninr 9
as t-vasais aejr mi S'rnfiaia
Railway Tlcketn ran he purchased or hai
F?e checked at K I & ! Twentietn street depot
or O K I A r depot comer Fifth avenae abd
I'hirty-Crci sweet. Frank II. Placimer, Afoul.
f 2 .55 am
I'dLvur Limited 4c uiu.-i&a.
Ft. Worth. Denver A K.C..
Omaha A Dos Moines
Omaha A MiniieaKlis
Omaha A Des Mome &x..
torriaha A Slinpesmlts Ks.
Ilenvcr, Lincoln A Omr.ha. . .
St. faul A Minneapoi'S.....
Oenver, Ft. Worth A n. C.
tHanaas city A tt. Jnannh.
t 4 :25 am
t ft:4H am
: 8:S.po
4:SO am
t 8.t u am
!r S:ltiam
it H:r.-..ra
t (:t5,m
t 8:S5piri
t 7:liara
it'll, .n
7:i an.
14::t I am
:i am
i:M am
C:a an.
!ll!ii pn
tHock lal.wd A Wasbimnou.
IChlcatro A Dea Molnoa
ftock IslandStuart Aeoom..
Rock IslandA'Brfioklyii Ac...
ia:i air.
t 1 4r pn
7-:.u pm
6 IE pm
7 AO am
Arrival. tDc;artnre. ;Dliy,czoeptdunday,
All otherr dally. Telephone 11KJ3.
way Depot Kirt avenno and Sixteenth
street, M. J. Youna, agent.
Si. Louis Express 7.00 am. T:W pro
Ft. Lvnls Express pm! f:55 am
iteriin. DuhnqneeSt. Paul t :40 pm: 7:r0 era
Bcardrtowa raeni?or d:Opml llrHam
B'arHng. Hulmqne A M.Penl t T:iSiuj b:50ptn
Ially. tDally except Sunday.
fatlway Kaclne A Banth western WTMion
Depot Tweutietb street, between First and
docotid avenues, B. D. W. Holmes, Agent.
-,kyH- I ARIV
Mall and Evureaa 9on am Q-tfltrm
St. Panl Express 4:0 pm ll: ?iim
rrelfe'M ami Accommmlat n. 9;00 am 7:Wpm
Daily o xn.pt bnndny.
ock Island a Peokia Railwat
Depot Fir-it Avenue and TweuUeth street
Eati-rn Ex. "The Trilby"'.
I'coriae St Louis iiail Kz...
Express '
I'eoria Acfom. Freight
I iss am
1:15 pin
T:l(i pin
l:in am
8 :4i am
in: pm
tow pm
11:15 am
i:W am
5:.'Sti pm
2:-,n pm
7.55 am
C7ahlc (via Shurranli Accom.
("ahle Aorommortatfun
Oih! Arrommiidation
S :2T im
Pascnecr trains leave C.K.I. A P. (Mollue
avenue) k'iot tve (5) minutes rarlkr than time
given. Trains marked dai'y, ull other trains
ally except Sunday.
hortbern Hallway, denot foot of Brady
street, Davenport. Jag. aturton, (len. Tk't A
i art. Afrenu
Pavenport Trlns.
Lv I Atimvi
Paseuv.'er ,
'i4 ;.)& pui m:zo am
b7:iK) m rJ 45 pm
West Miierty Traioi
tNorih. tfviU'n.
bT-rOam ibl0:4iirrin
" No, "
al0:30pm ais:15ara
t o. pm
h9 41 inn Hill -If.nni
alS:4ftpm I hri -.HP am
a naiiv. tiiianv cir.it t nnua7. ttloim north.
tfolr.i; Month and eBst. Mo. IS runs between
Cudar Kupidf and Wtrt Libeity.
To the East via the
R. . & P.
In Effect June 30.
Lv TtncK l.l.m.l
C It I f Di pot
Lv Kork Islnnd ,
Twentieth st Dei
Ar P.-oria
Ar RIofiminjTTon. ...
A r IlidiMIIHtNlliS . ... .
Ar Louisville
Ar Cincinnati
Ar Dayton
Ar Columbus
Ar Jack-cmviUc
Ar Spriuetlcld
Ar St Littiis
Ar l.inro'n
r Pecatur
Ar Mattoon
Ar Decata'
Ar Terre Hautj
4 H ami HODaiul 14ipm
4 27 am 8 05 am
1 45 pm
2." am
117 am
Ml pm
(ft um
l.r pm
M pm
5o am
!M am
4.5 am
ii am
in pm
tup a.
11 20 am
It -5 pm
3 3.5 uin
7 27 am
1 l'pni
I lupm
an' pm
lrrjn urn
7 SO cm
H 1 am
14 50 am,
7 Warn
8 i5 nm
5 10 pm
6 M iin
9 til pm
r.l pm
13 05 pm
SO am
S (W pm
7(l i-m1
Train leaving Uock Island at 8:00
a. ni. rarrics through coach to St.
Loui?, passing through Pckin, Hav
ana. Springfield and Litchfield.
Lines east of Peoria carry through
coaches and sleeping cars on night
trains to principle cities.
Gen. Ticket Agent.
The Elegant Electric Light Steamer.
W. A. Blair, Mater; L. B. Svitkb, Clerk.
Leaves Rock Inland for JKnscatlne. Kew
riorum, Keithtbun:, Uqaatska, and Bur
lington every
Monday. Wednesday
And FitiDAr, at 4:30 r. si. "
Kiec moms and rood meals. Sec!al rales
to parties of five or more wh wish to
malie the ronnd trip. The Yonnir haa
been very recently purchased and tilled
np for this trade, and is nit surpassed by
anything on the Mississippi for eiegaoce
and comfort.
Diamond Joe Una Warehouae.
yt alac Tr Vr- R-ntbr Ki-irnor-w
R-MhVS B.II.W mviftol
fii WwIiri-c.I.W-rh.ti.
aVft-x sjizrKgiWrv.'MiiL -to kot,irs" n
e !mmi:al m?&w liaiic-d fr,-e.
Bold Mova of the Junior Penn
sylvania Senator.
Fknynsrs Chairman Cilkeson an'1 Fats One
of Ills Own Friends in Charge Also Cap
tares the Headquarters Rented by the De
posed Chairman neletrotee Find Dual
Ilmidqnartri-t How the Conp d'Elat Was
F fleeted Latest of the Situation.
HAF.nisnCRO, Pa., Aug. 27. Senator
Quay and his followers have mnde a bold
dah in the light for Republican supremacy
in this statf, by taking jiossossion of the
atate coumtittec and deposino: B. F. Cillke
iii from the chairmanship. Their object
In doin-; this was to place themselves in
a position to firepan- the rolls of the dele
gates to tomorrow's convention so that
they might ajx-ar before tliat l)oly with a
prima facie cm-. Wbut the cStt of this
move will be cannot yi t la- foretold, and
the next move of the Hastings people is
looked for with grcut interest. The situa
tion in general is intensely i xciting and
aitojrethcr uncertain. Both factions aro
claiming victor', but it must be admitted
that those who nre opjMisinp; the aspira
tions of rv nator Quay are the most serene
and confident.
IKdestttcs Find Dil.-l lleailiiiartrnt.
The junior senator h;t his licidqitortcrs
at the hii l hotel. The (k.lcpntA'3 aro
slow in arrivinjr, not inorethun lll'ty of the
2MI havinjt nuelntl t!w.-city. -s they ar
rive they are eonfront'd for the first time
In I lie history of the Republican party in
this state by dual headnuarters of the state
committi-)'. tine of these is attho Com
monwealth hotel, and is inchartreof Kllke
son. who is ussisicd liy A. 1). Ketterolf, sec
retary of the commutes. The other is ut
the Ixichicl hotel, and had Ik-uii engnovd by
llilkeson. and when he came to t.iku rxis
sesion he found that Ijiiay's followers had
captiirvd the room and phtotlJ. K. Kex,
of lliiiillniloii. unotlitT of the secri'taried
if tlie state committee, in charjti'.
The IJimy oiuinittee Mwtlne
A lari' placard unnouni iuj! tlie liK-ation
of the rival l.ra.hjtiarters and reUestini(
d 'leffates to present their enjlentials at
iaeh if llicni ornaments the walls in many
parts of tho town. S'venty-thrv of the
l-l members of the slate committee at-t'-iidi'd
tlie leis tintr held in the interests of
Qiitiy. Thomas V. C'oojicr, tif lX-lawaro
county, was made temjiorary chairman by
Rivliiiaatton. A resilulioii was then
adopted that o cominittee of time leai
point4il to wait uHin Chairman fillkesoti
and notify him that the committee had
convened and that u majority of its mem
liers wits pri-w-nt and desired him to pre
sMe over the dcliNT.iti.ins. Thiseommit
tii r-. paired to the Commonwealth hotel
and found (iilkexm. to whoum the resolu
tion was read.
iillteMon V4in't Kcrcgiilze Tllom.
When tliis had Isvii tlone (iilkcstm stiid:
"I have not called tlie stat committee to
p'tiier. nntl I have no business to lay be
for' if." The committi-e retunml to the
headiiiKirfers in the IiMtliiel liotel and
made its report, ulUTwhKha resolutirin
wtta oiTeretl and adopted that H coiamjttec
on credeni ials lie tipoiiil-l and attthorimil
to make tip the roil of deh't'ates to the
atati con vention. The committee was in-strueli-d
to make its rejHirt ut A mvtiiiof
the state (iniiinilfir. to be held at 11 o'clock
this morning at the Lochicl heiKhiutirters.
The Mate eommitti-e then adjourned to
meet today.
Iailers Sit Around mid 'latm a Victory in
the Contest.
At the anti-Quay headiinnrters David
Martin. C L. Ma-tit: and other leaders sat
arotlinl and disciiss-d tin- situation, all ex
pressing in the most confident tnunniTnns
hi'ile their belief that they had won their
fhtht. Ullkeson deelined to give ont any
liures, but Martin said he knew of fill
delegates who will vote ajre.inst Quay for
state chairman. This Is fifteen more, than
the nnmU'r necessary to win.
Quay reiterates his previous tlevlaration
that he has not less than HK delegates.
Uoth sides chiimed to have captured somo
wavering ilelefTtiN-s (iurinff the day. Thos.
V. CuoH'r and Jiuhte Miller culled on titn--ernor
llaotlm;s at the capitol twice lifter
the state iiimiiiittee lneetiup; adjourned.
The nnti-Quay people c-'uim that they
sittrt-stitl :ih a comproniisi' that Quay anil
liilkesn Uith retire. Quay being willing to
Iiermit his opponents to name the state
chairman. Cooper says his visit was for
an entirely different purpose. Thesu!?res
tion, he stiid. was nuule that it was im
projM'r for a mini occupying the hih ei
ccntive po.-ition of jmvernor of l'ennsyl
vtinia to take an active pi"rt in a fai tiotial
iHilitical flht. and that he should there
fore net out of it. Last nijiht lioth factional
wi n- busy preparing rolls of delegates, and
it will probably not be known until to
night, when Ixilh Mrs caucus, whether
there will le tyu conventions.
Many of tho knowing ones profess to be
lieve that the Quayitcs, failing to get con
trol of the temporary organization tomor
row, will lioit and hold an independent
convention. In this event there may be
two Republican tickets in the field this
fall. David Martin, C. L. Map, State
Chainnan liilkesoii and (nivcrnor Hast
ings, the anti-Quay leaders, were in con
ference !a.-t night ut the executive man
sion from lo o'clock until nearly mid
night. It is asserted that they went
carefully over the list of delegat-s and
after eliminating from it every doubtful
name they found that they had a clear
majority in the convention.
When Asked About the I'residruey, but Is
Out-Spoken for Free Silver.
ToPKKA.lKas., Aujr. ST. Judge- Henry
F. Caldwell, of the I'nited States circuit
court, is here. A reporter found him In
his room at the Throop.
"I suppose you know that you have been
mentioned in connection with the presi
dential nomination:-" asked the reporter.
"Yes," he answered with somo show of
diffidence, ''I have heard some talk of it.
It is a matter alxiut which I do not care
to talk. It is a question of individual
preference with the millions of voters.
Ski far a I am concerned, the mention of
my name in that connection is out of the
question. I do not regard it seriously,
and 1-think that no one else does."
He declined to say whether he would ac
cept a nomination, but was enthusiastic
when asked if he wc nut for free silver.
Ye sir." he replied. "I am for free sil
ver without reaervatwa or any reference
to an Intemsjtronal agreement. It Is plain
to mo that O.ero can ha no international
agreement favorablo to silver liecauso
England will not agree to ai-oept free sll
eer. What is the use of paying any at
tention to the foreign countries unyway.
Are we not capable of managing our own
affairs I think we are. And if not-. I
am in favor of annexing the United States
to Canada or some other convenient coun
Fx-Governor Campbell Faplaina.
SIasfillox, O., Aug. 27. Ex-Govcrnor
Campbell was asked to harmonize his cx-
premied willingness to "chance it" on a
free silver platform four years ago and his
candidacy of this year on a gold standard
platform. He met the inquiry by wire as
follows: "I did not favor frco coinaro by
the I'nited States alouo four years ago, nor
do I now, although I nm an intornatioual
bimetallist. What I said four years ago
was that I would take the chances of elec
tion upon the platform as I found it."
The Deaths of a Man ami Woman In a
Sioux City Urothel.
Sloes ClTT, la., Aug. 27. Sunday morn
ing's doublo tragedy in Maud Hoyles'
house of prostitution has become more of
a mystery than ever, and it now looks as if
it was a double murder instead of n mur
der and suicide. Facts have come to light
which tend to hold up the hitter theory.
Ora Minter. alias Hiutol Hammond, who
was found with a bullet wound in her
head licside the lmdr of Max Noaek. who
had also been shot, died without regain
ing consciousness.
The dwith of the girl di-stroys the hope
of the potior that she would la-able to
throw some light on the affair. Chief of
Police Young believes u third person had a-'
hand in the tragedy. He lielievcs Noaek
went to the house and was roblied. The
proprietor of the hotel where Noaek was
stopping says he had considerable money.
Those who believe in the double murder
theory think that when Noaek discovered
that he had been roblied he raised ,t row,
and was shot by the nibls-r. who then shot
the girl to cover up his tracks. There is
evidence of a t hird party in the room. The
father of ra M inter has arrlv.il in the c!ly
from his home at Central City, Neb. He
says that his daughter up lo three mouths
ago had moved in the hest society.
Conclusion of the "Sport" at (illicit Colo.,
and Flnnnelal Kcstttr.
Cripple Cukkk. Aug. 27. Not to cxvcd
SCO people went to Gillett to see the bull
fight yesterday, and on account of the
slim attendance no killing was done. The
so-calhd "lli-stn" is at an end. and the
ix'oplc are heartily glad. Fir.nneially the
show has proven a flat failure. Those
conni'cted with tlie management of the af
fair have lieon urrest-d I hnx times since
Saturday af term in charged with cruelty
to nnimals, but nil have settled by the pay
ment of comparatively smuil lines. W and
costs licing the amount assessed In nearly
all cases. It is not likely that there will
be wiy further proceedings in conmvtioii
with the affair. The prize fight arranged
between ti)rgo Hall and Fronchy Os
Imrne failed to come off. the pugilists lic
ing disgusted at the prospects of drawing
a crowd.
Of NO I'arficolar .Moun-nt lint to Keep the
Iteeord I'p to Date. ,
SPIllNfi FIELD, Ky., Aug. -7. A mob of a
dozen men terrorized the olliclals here, and
taking Harrison Lewis, a ncjiro murderer,
from his cell hanged him to a tree in tUo
court house yard.
YliEKA, Cal., A115. 27. Four murderers
were taken from the jail here by a mob of
".'0 men, who broke their way in, and
hanged on a rail supjiortcd by two trees.
Well-Knuwn Man shoots Himself.
Wf.LLsvh.LE, Mo., Aug. 27. Hon. Sol
Hughlett, one of the lcst known men in
Missouri, shot and instantly killed him
self in Peyton's drug store. He was alone
when the revolver was discharged, and it
Ia unknown whether the shooting was pri
ineditated or accidental. His friends us
sert it was accidental. If he did commit
suicide there is no known reason for tho
Stowal Ht His I'OMt and IivL
SEATTLE, Wash., Aug. 27. Th- Great
Northern overland passenger train ran
into u landslide fifteen miles from Rich
mond Uracil. Kngineer Xcal McKinley
was killed. Tlie train had laany iuisscu
gers and McKinley in tho face of the dan
ger stood at his iost and succeeded in sav
ing the lives of those he piloted only to bu
horriblv mangled himself.
Scores vn League Uiumomds.
ClIlCACO, Aug. 27. Follow ing nro the
records made at base luill by Leaguo clubs:
At Bnxiklyn LuuisviUu 2, Hrooklyn 7;
at Boston Pittsburg 2, Host on 3; ut New
York St. Louis i, New York U; ut Wasii
ingtm Chicago 'J, Washington 9; at Bal
timore Cincinnati 12, Baltimore j at
VhilAdolphia Clevelund 1, Philadelphia li.
Auivricau liar Assoc tatlon.
Detroit, Aug. 27. Prominent repre
sentatives of tiie legal profession from ull
over the country attended the annual con
vention of the American Bar aoi-oriation,
whisch opened this morning and will con
tinue four days. Hon. Don M. Dickinson
formally welcomed the members of the as
sociation. Cuban New from New York.
New Yoke, Aug. 27. Secretary Qucsada,
of the Cuban revolutionary conimittee,has
a letter from the island giving an account
of a fight in which 'Ji Cultans attacked
l,5uu Spanish, captured three wagons with
arms, killed 170 Spaniards and withdrew
with a loss of only three men.
Fire in the Treasury Building.
Washington, Aug. 27. A fire in the
waste-paper rooid in the treasury depart
ment building late yesterday afternoon
brough out the tire department of the
city and caused some excitement, but no
further damage than the destruction of a
little waste-puicr.
Ran Into by a Steamer.
New Your, Aug. 27. The steamer Per
seus ran into the sloop yacht Adelaide last
night und three persons on the yacht went
overboard, but were afterward picked tip
and it is believed that no lives were lost.
The Adelaide was somewhat damaged,
but did not sink.
Three Children Bnrned to Death.
Mexia, Tex., Aug. 87. Three children
of Henry Johnson, colored, living in tlie
country six miles from here, were burned
to death in their home while their parent
were at cmirca.
Comes from an Fnknown Seiiroc Wit
nessed by (inuil and Shvrnuui.
WASHINCTOX. Aug. 27. The will of fhe
late J.cph Hoit, who was judge advocate
g. neiJ U. S. A. during the war. has bwn
filed. The instrument was wituestl
twenvy years ago by Generals Grant and
Sherman and Mrs. Sherman. Tiie estate,
valued at nlxmt 2j0.U. is left t Lb.7!3
Kynes, a lii-ec, and Jos, pl!ie Thmrkmor
ton, a grandchild. Holt was a Kentuckiaii,
but for rwjnty-five years lived in this city.
He died here sovcxal months ago. leaving
considerade phiptTty, hut no will, so far
ns niligint search could discover.
Arrangements were made accordingly
for its division among his nearest ir'a
tives. Yest'rday morning the register of
wills retx-ived in the mails a letter cm
t.iinii.g an old, faded and partially bun d
sheet of iitijK'r, which on cv.imitiatina par
ported to l.c ;:n old will of Jiulg-- 11, -l;.
There was no coiiiniiutictttiou aniimiiuny
lug Hie paper to show the sender or the
motive for transmitting to the register.
The exear.tor of the will thus s;r:;ie
found is Mr. Devlin, a clerk in the war
department, who was the ronfidential sc--retary
of Jttdgt" IIol: when the will w.ia
written. Ho has identihetl the wr'uim.
New lork Fmaiieial.
Xkw Yon K.Aug. J'
Honey on call was c:i?y at 1 r--r e.-nt.
Prune, merx-aiitilc iiajwr ! V 3 jn-r o-nt.
friterlin,? exebane weak, with nciuul Ijimiu-vi
in bankers' hiiN at J -tssi: 1S1 14 for den;;eiil
and 4-Ssi .HMfij for sixty day : jxist.-d rati-s is;"
(lJ.krKl4M0'.4Ul:e:iiuieruial 4ss.
Silvi-r certilb-atcs. rtT.m1, : no s-iK-Ss bar sil
ver. 07;-. Alexieau dollars, oil1 4.
Ciiili-d Stati-s government lnmils firm ;
new 4'sreg. l"i."a; do. imuixi'.k I ii'jc : .Ts res.,
llo.Si: .Vseonpons, 1!.V; t s n e. I12'4: V onti
oua, - ri p-. Wai IVvifte O's vt T5, lJJ.
Chicago 4raiu aul lrtMliiee.
Ciiii'a;o. Aui;. 1.
Foltowir.g were the iiaiitatimis on thii
Boarl of Traib- today: Wheat Angnst.
otMiifl fU'4e. clon-il iVe; rteitiuli.'r. .p.-iuxl
III1 to. cl'isetl lir:e; Deeenils-r. oih-ned ft-te.
closed :. t.V.ra Au-:ust nominal, eiiwl
aji; S-pt, rarier, tp leii -''mC. rh..Nl Mr;
ixci'ilx-r. o;e:;, l ;i, .lost j ;W,c; May,
ogieaed :flV. -loil M OatM Anrust.
inn-u'd IIU,, el K ll ll,.: Septenlii-r, 0H-llitl
Hl-'-jC, elo d l'!-: Vav.ie:ied eloratl
.' :;:. l'ork Seiiti'rnlier.op: i"il i.37'j. el.w d
. : Jariunry, k-iim1 :i.75, i-iosed" .n-ji 2.
Lard S atiuU;r. o,iea.il JtV.U, closed .i.lsj.
Produce: Itutter Kstn; creamery, 2kie j r
111.; exira diiiry. I"e; it.Ma;iii? stock. S'vfie.
Eirs l'"r-sh st;..-k. loss oT, Viv. p,ir di:'.'ii.
Live Poultry SprniK liiek,ai.s. lie er !!.;
heiK. 1K-: ro:st i;. ."Vi-'i'-e; turkeys. 8"t'e;
ducks, HcTl'Je. pi-e-e. l.tv 1 lUMper doZi n. Vtr
tatiH-s Choice. tTic ht Viushcl. New Air
ph-s 1.IK' Lull -r barnd. Honey White
Clover, 1-Pi svetio.n, ii-w stock, a" 1 -en ;
brown OTiniii. l'Jielc: ilark eouili, Mr iMk
ages. c; strained I 'alifora-. An V.
f uit-uKD Live StM-k.
I'liu ioo. Aii. ai
Live St-ick PiHee-i at' tV Cnion 8ti;lt
ya:ibi today ranu-'d as follr.Tvs: ll.us K.--ii-uiatiil
nxt ipts for tin- day, 2l,tMU; aabw
r-inp-d nt C'.7.Vii 4.70 pijts, 4..V'i 1.10 light,
4.u.Vm.25 roiiKh pif-kino, 4.'io4.!3 mixed,
and H.iJ4.7o heavy atkit and shipping
Cattli-1 E.-.Mui3ted roccipfs for tho Liy,
17,01: quotations rannl at ."i.tiu i.'-5.h. choii-w
to extra, sqipptllg sti-.-rs. tSo.VS.fli good to
choice do, HA:e i.So fair to good. S-iLSta l.ej
coniinon to miflimu do. fXW it :t.sa l)utcllls,
bt-rs. ?i.4ii.i;;.l 1 st x-ki rs, wAi (. 4.0J f -ler,
S1..V : JoO cows. ta.SI I.iW In if rs. $1.7uo.'M
bull.,?--'.tltlSo.7o Texas stii rs, J.lW.;4.1i) western
raiy-'- hiw-rh, aad f:.o .i.Oj veal calves.
S!jiii Ks'inco-d n-ipts for Tho di.y lti.WXI
solis fatigcd ut ttMiMSa westerns,
i.sa Tcxiuis, Ji.;iiJ.i'j natives, aad .i'-i-UJ
The Loral Markets.
efuiN no,
Crrn- Sj'i
tatv-Ncw. 'IkQ-IiV; oM.SJc
H-.y T jmthi r.-((.$;4,ue"ir.i!,J13; srtlj, 59
SH'J; slough t7ttl'); baled. tu.
Potatoes :0c.
Eu.t Fair to choice. l.'iclCji fresh cream
ery S'J .
Pi!!-'s Fresh, inc.
Pou.try Cnlcac js, fic.
lava nwx.
Cr.ltle Btitchers pay for c-"m fed st.cT
3H'I.5; cows and Duifcrs, 3H'4i-; calves
ftiecti i.i!ic
Spring lamb. $2.S0dL a brad.
fol Soft. Vie.
FIcven tfurors In the Inrmnt C'ase.
Sax Fkam'Iscii, Aug. 27. At yester
day's session of the Durrani case two
veniremen were jassiil by liothsities mid
sworn in, making elevcu jui'ors now se
lrctttl to try the cuao.
e laresV" piece
ever sold jbr
mane a wen
nan of
RMrim taM DT1 Cnr 1
Viehni.itn',riTan.t, ani qui te.v fci:ts:iTi7 tvtorv
L,s-ri MH(t m;.!-! or yotinrj. r--iiyrrW-J inv-rf
ti.v it.-i. Im.- I-M a rr -kaifo. Hix for .A nitk
rr&ttt-a KviriiiUt'torNfrtr mms F;lwf-4.
btyai tS4f'ifr4virJ.uc in-i.t on iiu.inr ,MaP), It
vonr'.r'ipMt li; tir'v it. wid wnd u iirpaitl.
4rteMl Xeiieal O. CUttff. hL-mr
SOLD t the Harper House Drnj; Pharmacy,
ROCK ISLAND. ILL.: by Wm. Clcndeom,
liULM, ILL.! aad other Irading dmccms.
s L-iY - r . M
11 1
RF'StflUB'-oft ii r iar as!
for Infants and Children.
PnOTHERS, Do You Know that Paregoric
UWU Batemtn'a Proprs Godfrey's Cordial, m.-tny aavvaLcd tMXthitip ft.vrupa, aud
most remedies for cuildrea are composed of e :a:a or uiorpLine f
D Yon Knovy that opium and morphine are stain-lying narcotic poNcusf
Po Yrv KnoTy tti.it In most couctsics Jrocstets are not pcrcuitcJ to scB aarcotica
vttaout laboliue them poisoas f
Po Yon Iwnovr that you should not permit any medicine to be clvea your child
Unless you or your physician know of srbst it is composed ?
Do Yen Knots' that Castoria is a pitroly vegcUblo preparation, and thut a Ust of
ltt ingredients is published rith every bottle f
Ha Yon Knmr that Oactoria is tho pr scrliitioa of the roTous Tr. R-unucl I'ltcbrr.
That it has been in use for nearly thirty yccri, and that tuare Castoria Is row sold thna
of all other remedies for children combined t
Do Ym Ktiow that the Pateat Oflleo tv-partinrr.t of the f nltod P'.ato. and of
ether countries, have issued crc'.iiire right to Pr. ritchcr and his assigns K use tl word
Castoria, " and iu formula, and that to Ic.ita'e hem Is a state prison ffTOc
Do Ton Knoiy- that eco of Ihi reasons f.r granting this roverameat protection was
becauFo Caslpria had been proven to be abaolutel; hatmleaaT
Tn Yen Kgi that 35 ftTerage doses of Castoria aro furnished for 8&
cents, or one cent a do.se f
Po Yon KirpiVaat when poajesscd
be kept well, and that may have unbroken rest ?
Well, theso things are worth knowing. They ass facta.
The far simile
siarmtnri of
ChiEdren Cry for
MmiflaMBBBBKOtai i rag
Painters and Decorators
PAPZ2 HAi;srE3. CALCSimnSS. eta.
The Moline
State Savings Bank,
Moline, III., Ofiiec Corner
Fiiteentii St. and Third Ave.
CAPITAL $ioo,coo.oo
Fncccds the Vo"c9 rTUigs Dank
Oruii.ied ltlil
4 Per Cent Interest
Paid on Deposits
Oivan'r.cd under ftate I nws.
Open from 9 a. m. 10 3 p rn., ar J
cdneeiiay sua Saiarday Digbu frou
7 to 8 p m
PoiiTEn SKINSKn, - - President
1!iiu Utai-uco, Vice Frcfdth-nt
C " Uemcswat, - - tshlcr
Poiiteb SKPoreu, lliitia Dni.iio,
C P IlnrKKWAT, C A Kosk,
C R AutswouTH, W n Adams,
W W Wells.
Western Investments
Made for privnt- patties In tho (fardcn
rjiot of thu weft by tho
Orchard State Bank
of Orchard, Neb-
E. W. Dakt, Trcsidcnt.
J. S. Da ist, Cashier.
Mitchell Lyndo, hankers.
J F Hoblnaun, cariiicr liock Island National
C C Tartc-. M 1).
llenry Kail's cs, abolcsalc i;rocen.
Corrcpundeccc solicited.
Administrator's Notice.
Bstste or John 51. Ih-tjers, Ileeeased.
The uni,criiT.ed havinr lieen appointed admin
istrator ofibe ente of John M. fxtjena. laks of
the cojnty of Hoc Isimi, rial of liUnois, de
ceased, hcrcdy pf.es notice tint he will aj.pr
before tlio county carl of Kock Ifiimd roan
ty, at tha rfBr-i of 1I10 clerk of ssid court, la
Ibecityof lieo It-innU. at tho 0':lobcr term, on
tha rsi Monday in Octoher Dell,, at which
titoe 1.1I pcr-or.s navinif claims a?n.nt asld es
tate arc notjled and rcqnetlciS toattcnu. for the
parpreof having thesme arljasted.
All pcrons lndebu-d to said estate are request
ed to make iaunediaia paymeat to tha nnocr-
Dated th's S'l'.h day or July. A. D. 15.
HEItMAN DETJENH, Administrator.
Real Estate
id Insurance.
Buy, Sell and Manage
property. Collect Rents.
The old fire and time
tried com panys ' repre
sented. Rates as low
as any reliable company
can afford.
Your Patronage is Solicited. .
Office 1820, Second Av.
Harper House Block.
jNTT?T ff' - Jtf.gfl
of ibis perfect prtf oration, your children 1
ts ri avsry
S vrappoa
Pitcher's Gestosis.
SHOP, 419 Seventeenth St.. HQZZ ILL.
Kcpicscntino; auvjiiur oilier limc-lricd
ami well known Fire Insurance Com
panies the following:
noche-ter Herman Ins Co..
WtMcIn ster Kiro ..
ItniTuio IJerxao ..
Sjirii-ir iiori!ia
Ocrmau Fire
N-w llamishlm
Milwaukee Mcchaidcs
Security ..
Io. lii-ter, N Y
. New York
Iliiffuin, N Y
........ l'llilie'.elphla
Fi-ttla. Ill
... Mntirliester N II
....slilaatikee. Wis
..New llavcu, CO Ull
Oilicc Corner Kihteonth etreet
and Second Avenue, second floor.
Telephone No. 1017.
"The Old Reliable"
Ileprcsenting over Forty Million
Dollars of Cash Assets.
Bouds of Surctyt-Iiip.
Office -BenMon a block, Krk Island, I1L
Secure onr rates; they will interest you.
General . . .
Insurance Agent.
Trao'.d Tiro aad Tejo-tMea Ooapaatwl
Lcssss Promptly Pail.
rta'e low as dj KUnbl torn pan eaa afcra
Tour Patronaza Is sollcltoo.
WuhM Evepjthlii; tm a Fln
Silk EaarlkftrsUcf to a Clretu Tot.
laco Cartalaa a Spodaltj,
No. 1724 TKirrnVve.
A. M. PA.RKER. ' ' -
Telephone 10.4214.

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