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- m -
10 Per Cent
Serges, Henriettas,
Whip Card's,
And Diagonals
During the balance of this week.
This offer is good fer the specified time only.
Don't miss this opportunity.
217, 217 W. Second St., Davenport, la. H
Watch this Space.
1704 Second Avenue.
See our New
And Latest Suits.
Our purpose in advertising is to let everybod)
who buys clothing that is all mankind here
about know that our suitings are In, and the
finest ever displayed in the city. You are
respectfully Invited to call and see the latest
in patterns and styles.
Call and leave your order.
j. b. z:
Star Rlock. oDDosite Harper Hons?
1 Iltost stove Fuwrw the wfoi
Look Long
At This
Fbotograph it on
your memory. It
stands fur all that is
tfficK-nt, economical
cleanly and durable
in heaters and cook
ers. With it as a
guide you 111 gvt
what will satisfy you.
At Your Dt alert.
& Company
Tha largest and most complete line in the three cities.
11 1-113 West Third Street, - - - DAVENPORT.
Million In the Yellow Metal Become
y Percolation A Simple but ' Interest
ioB Process, With Remits Which An
Kothlns; jtn Than afarreloaa.
It is not generally known, even in
California, that millions of dollars in
glittering gold are annually taken from
rndo heaps of base looking quarts by
the gentle flowing of crystal water over
nuge piles of broken rocks that contain
the precioos metal, bnt sueh is the fact.
"The process of robbing the earth of
its gold has now been reduced to such a
fine point," said Professor Price, "that
the gentle flowing of water over the ore
gleans it of its golden treasures, and
this works well in cases where the old
chloride and other methods are not so
useful. "
But the water of which Professor
Price spoke is not so pure as it looks.
though the eye could never distinguish
it from that which is dipped by the old
oaken bucket from a well in the deep
tangled wildwood. The water used by
ainers in bringing gold from piles of
mineral bearing quartz is charged with a
simple chemical which has the potency
to dissolve eold and hold it in solution.
In truth, the sparkling liquid which
flows over hundreds qf tons of quarts,
trickles through the mines and seeks its
level, laden with gold, is charged with
a deadly poison, cyanide of potassium,
a drug which ferrets out the minutest
particles of the yellow metal, dissolves
them and brings tho precious burden to
the vats for conversion into refined gold
The cyanide process is as noiseless and
unerring as the laws of gravitation, do
ing its work as quietly as "the majestic
dance of the hours," unhindered by
darkness or weather, by disasters of field
or flood.
The btate mining bureau of California
was one of the first in the United States
to investigate the merits of the cyanide
process, and tince the earliest investiga
tions tho method has found extensive
application. It is so interesting that its
results are nothing less than marvelous.
This method of extracting both gold and
silver from ores is based on the fact that
even a very weak solution of cyanide of
potassium dissolves gold .and silver,
forming respectively "auro - potassic
cyanide" and "argento-potassio cyan
ide," in tho language of the chemists.
This interesting process consists of
treating the ores with a weak solution
of potassium cyanide, usually by allow
ing the solution to percolate through the
ore, or by agitating a mixture of the
ore and solution. V hen this part of the
operation is completed, the solution is
separated from the solid material, and
tho gold and silver are precipitated in a
metallic form. The process is modern
in its application, though it has long
been known that cvanide of potassium
would "eat gold. " During the last five
years, however, the process has been
introduced into almost every coldfield
in Calfornia and elsewhere, and more
than f 20,000,000 have been recovered
by tho genjtle flowing of waters charged
with the magical chemical over heaps of
ore. Aside from the thoroughness of the
permeating water method, its economy
is a marked feature in mining. It is in
great favor with the gold mining com
panies of New Zealand and at Johannes
burg, Africa, as well as in California.
One of the most advantageous features
of the cyanide method is that it can be
applied to many gold and silver ores gen
erally called "rebellious" or "refrac
tory. " The rebellious ore is placed in a
vat fcr percolation, and the solution is
run preferably from the bottom by a
pipe, rising slowly through the ore. Tho
solution containing gold is carried
through precipitating appliances into
the final reservoir, where, robbed of its
wealth of metal, it may be repumped
into ore vats and again used for search
ing out the coveted metal.
One of the curious things about the
solution is that a total percentage not
stronger than an eighth of 1 per cent
win carry away the gold almost as well
as fluid of greater strength.
Precipitation is effected by the use of
fine pieces of zinc, so arranged that
when the rich waters flow over them the
fine gold clusters in rich deposits over
the zinc, for which it has an affinitv.
The gold which thus deserts the waters
of cyanide deposits itself in the form of
fine dust on the plates of zinc. The per
centage of gold extracted by this process
is very large. A large parcel of fine
Bulphurets from the Utica mines yielded
an average of 93.18 per cent of the gold
value under tlie cyamdo treatment, and
similar results have been experienced
elsewhere in the state. Tho cyanide
plants are being extended, and the
noiseless process is everywhere becoming
popular. san rrancisco Chronicle. .
' BQCkkn't Amies SaWe.
The best salve in the world for
cats, braises, sores, ulcers, salt
hands, chilblains, corns and all skin
eruptions, and positively cares
piles or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per
1. a , . ,
uo. rorsaie oy cans a uuemeyer,
Flleo! FUmI FUm! '
Dr. William Indian Pile Ointment will enra
and bleedint. nleented end ltrhin. it
absorb the tumors, allay tb itching at once.
KuaaBnoaiiice.greeinKant roller. Dr. WU
Uam' Indian Pile OtntoasBt la prepared only for
piles and Itching of the private sort, and no thine
lse. Every box is guaranteed. Bold by dru?-
(ita. ant by mail, lor 50 cent and SI per box.
Wllliaaa Hannfactarinz company. Proprietor.
ucreiana, udjo. sola oy T. H. Thomas.
Ths Abqcs. 10c a week, delivered
every evening- at yonr door.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
The Date fixe for tho DetlleaUoa of St.
Anthonys Hospital.
St. Anthony's hospital is to-be for-
mally dedicated next Tuesday after,
noon, the date of Bishop Spaulding's
visit to Bock Island and on which
occasion he will officiate in the im
posing ceremony.
y Tho Elevator.
The building will be practically
completed by that day, the elevator
Deing in place, the subscriptions for
which are gradually increasing, the
amounts to date being as follows:
Davis Company. fro 00
noes teia a sanitarium io OO
WVjcmnoaer & Deukmaan... so CD
RK Cable Mitt
4. P. Wejerhauser............ as o
i W. Potter as oo
DTRooimon ........................ .... S u
James Connor....................... ..... 25 00
kock island. Brewing company............. S. oo
Peter 'ri.a. ......
Jon Volk ....... ........................ i'50i
Tn-Lity Railway company................ 25 00
wenooia screwing company. ....... ........ 10 U)
F J Koliinaon .. 10 im
William HcEblry.... 10 Mi
DrSCPInmmrr 10 00
(lartz A Bahnaen comnanv io in
J and M Rose- field.... ........ ............ in io
Carae at Oblweilcr.. ... Q oo
K W hara .... 10 On
Walter Jobnaon. sen
O. Tereler Co. f, oo
nr noiiiy wngnt 5 oo
OrGLEyater 500
DrJ RlloHowbasb. 5 00
iir B M fala 5 on
Or P Comegys S 10
M K 5 oo
A iri- nd. Sou
C J l.arkin 5 ill
Soomets LaVelie 5 (u
Mm Dan Corken. r, m
I B Zimmer. ........... ................ 5 ui
Kj Hrtuenwar r, m,
TheLondon. ............... ....... 5 (j
1 L liaas & 00
Henry I'tirtia 5 (t)
1 harlca liaford... 5 00
W H Man. hall K no
4 S Gilmore 6(0
B V. infer.... S Ml
(Inaiav fennel s m;
C 4 W Schfei, er .". s 00
II To m nn Sons ft 00
M I.tvy A Son 5 00
Clemann & "alzmann 5 Oo
n. o. UucksHeill 5 00
A friend id,
The MIsms Egm son
Lani Loeti & Co. ....... ........ ...... ... 5 110
AC Dirt. 5 00
lo nar Ilarnw 5 00
V Dauber... ........ ............... a 011
Kriwara Kobn 3 0"
Wiiliim Stewart.... S 00
Cash s in
n Micta.-ri 1 00
T Maa;ill 1 mi
MrsTVwkeabury 1 on
MisaPeetz 1 00
Total to date '.. JG5'. 00
9 Ernest R. Hortkins tn I.nnUi
Ziegler. e lot 8, Saddoris, Smith &
Devore's add.. Port Byron, f 600.
1). Kimball et al by commissioner,
to Peter H. VVessel.'lot 1. block ifl
Old Town of Moline, $5,4' 0.
Peter H. Wessel tn Deera Mr. Cn
lot 1, block 16, Old Town of Moline,
A. Reynolds et al by master, to B.
Rpvnnliia of. tl lnr 1 llnin Hnll'o
add.. Rock Island. f3.57S.36.
. U. Guvcr et al. to WillUm
Gramms. lot17, and nj lot 16. block
uujer's second add., Kock Island,
D. Kimball et al by commissioner,
to Samuel S. Crompton, lot 3, block
7. Pitts, Gilbert & Pitts' second add.,
Moline, $725.
D. Kimball et al by commissioner,
to Samnel S. Crompton. lot 4, block
7, Pitts. Gilbert & Pitts' Second add.,
Moline, $925.
John Lohmeier to B. H. II. B. L. &
S. association, part lot.8. block 14.
Orlando Childs' add., Moline, $i.
William Kerns to Charles S. Kerns,
part lot 2, block 23. old town of Mo.
line, $200.
Susan O'Donnell arid Mary J. Cou
ncil to Cuarles Benson, wj s sej nj
36, 19. e. $475.
Susan O'Donnell to Charles Bren
nan, 5 acres ej sej 36. 19, le, $75.
11 Estate of Daniel P. Beery.
Proof of publication and posting.
Inventory, appraisement bill and
widow's award tiled and approved.
Widow's retinnnishment
tion tiled and approved and order
turning over property so selected to
wiuuw. Claims a:iowea.
Licensed to Wed.
11 Berton E. Richards, Mies Eliz
abeth Millett. Reynolds.
12 Thomas E. Casady, Council
Dl... A a " .
diuus, miss Agnes v . Barnard, Mo
line. No Humhoa;.
Foley's Ilonev and Tar does not
claim, to perform miracles. It does
not claim to cure all cases of con
sumption or asthma. Bat it does
claim to give comfort and relief in
advanced stages of these diseases and
to usually cure early stages. It is
certainly worth trying by those af.
flic ted or threatened with these dread
diseases. 10 cents. For sale at M.
at M. F. Bahnsen's drag store.
Twenty-lx Honrs to Atlanta, On.
via Rock Island & Peoria railway.
Leave Rock Island at 8:05 a. m.; ar
rive at Atlanta next mnrmno1 et
11:50. Wagner or Pullman service,
Peoria to Atlanta. Low rates now in
effect on account of Cotton States
exposition. For farther information
inquire of B. Stockhocse, G. P. A.
Tho Theatre.
Another crowded house greeted
the Marie Wellesley company with its
presentation ot "The Phoenix" at
Harper's theatre laal, evening. The.
play is an excellent one and was ac
ceptably handled. "Lady Audley's
Secret." a story of English high life,
will be given tonight.
This is the day of anti-this and
anli-that, bat what people most need
nowadays Is the anti-bilious medi
cine, Simmons' Liver Regulator, the
king of liver medicine, and better
than pills. "I have used no other
anti-bilioas remedy for six years and
know from experience that for ladies
of a constipated habit nothing equals
it." Laura V, Craig, Ellenbury, Fla.
Subscribe for Tub Argc,
M. E. concert Nov. 15.
Mrs. Melchert is visitinz Chicago
Mrs. C. C. Copp and son. Stiles.
have gone to Chicago to spend the
Mrs. S. M. Stoddard and children
returned home to Minonk. 111., this
mormpg after a visit with her sister,
Mrs. W. S. Marquis.
Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Haler are
having a month's visit from Mr.
Haley's sister. Mrs. Geonre Heath
and son, Harry, of Annawan.
All lovers of music will miss a
treat if they fail to attend the grand
concert given by the First M. E. choir
at the church Nov. 15. Admission 25
The Joliet branch of the National
Letter Carriers' association has
issued an invitation, a copy ot which
has been received in Rock Island, tor
the first annual ball Thanksgiving.
The Christian church consresation
contemplates the erection of a new
$15,000 edifice, this bein? necessary
owing to the inadequacy ot the pres
ent structure. Sunday the matter
was finally shaped in the appoint-
mcui vi a uuuuid committee com
posed ot M. A. Patterson, Mrs. M. H.
Wadsworth. Virgil -Warren, A. M.
Parker and Rev. T. W. Grafton.
The Tri-City Railway company will
hereafter run a through car from
Davenport to Moline every Saturday
and Sunday night. The car will
leave Davenport at 12 o'clock, and
iias wen cnristenea tne owl " car
by the wayfarers who hunt for street
cars at that hour of the night. It
will start from Davenport promptly
at the hour named and will be dis
tinct from the cars which start im
mediately after the theatre.
The Rock Island County Christian
Endeavor union wi:i hold its sixth
semi-annual convention at the Cen
tral Presbyterian church Friday af
ternoon and evening .of this week
This union has now a membership ot
nearly 500 members, which are di
vided up into 13 societies, including
ijie two local societies. All after
noon delegates will be served to sup.
per in the basement free ot charge.
A fine program has been arranged.
v Uld Yon Ever
try Electric Bitters as a remedy for
........ . Ll 1 . . . . . ..
uur iruuuicsr ii not, get a bottle
now and get relief. This medicine
has been found to be narticnlnriv
adapted to the relief and cure of all
T ' 1 . ..
reiuaie complaints, exerting a won
derful direct influence in giving
strength and tone to the organs. If
yon have loss of appetite, constipa
tion, headache, fainting spells or are
nervous, sleepless, excitahle. mln.
choly or troubled with dizzy spells.
r.iecinc miters is tne medicine you
need. Health and strength are guar
anteed by its use. I.nro-a hrtla
only 50 cents at Hartz & Ullemeyer's
A Nw feature.
The Argcs publishes today the
in i ui a series oi articles on lamous
mysteries of crime. While this fea
ture is not of the sensational order to
the extent that it is rpnnrnnt tn
good taste, yet it is believed" to be of
timely importance and will h re
ceived by the patrons at certain in
tervals who. interest, me articles
are prepared with great care and are
, . .
property illustrated.
niieamatlam Kaaa Riot
When there is lactic acid in the
blood. Liniments and lotions will
oe oi no permanent benebt. A cure
can be accomplished only by neu
tralizing this acid and for this pur
pose Hood's Sarsaparilla is the best
medicine because Hood's Sarsaparilla
-.a mo omj true Diooa puriuer prom
ineutly in the public eye.
Hood's Pills act easily, yet prompt
ly and effectively, on the" liver and
bowels. 25 cents.
Brings comfon and improvement and
lends to personal enjoyment when
rightly ns?d. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
le expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, PvTup of Figa
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleaning the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently currig cenxtipntion.
ll has given satisfaction to millions and
Ket with the approval of the medical
profcixion, because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver end Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable sutwtance.
Syrup of Fisrs is for sale by all drag'
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name. Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
ccept any substitute if oSered.
W. S.-Hoi brook's
Is the place
To buy your
Nos. 103, 105 and 107 East Second street
Barnum Once Remarked:
"Most People Like
to be Humbugged.
Barnum never kept a Hat and Men's Furnishing Store, or he neve
would have said that. A much truer saying was once uttered
"Honesty is the
Best Policy."
And that is what I am strong on.
See what we have in Winter Underwear. Trices never so Low.
The Hatter and Furnisher.
1 7 14 Second Avenue.
V ' a"--. -At
Ladies' Tailors.
Full line of Fore. Capes.
Cloaks, Fur Lined Cloth
Garments, M tiffs, and
Ker airing and rrders
given prompt attention.
210-221 VV. Second St.
Home Industr
On Tap everywhere.
Only Union labor employed.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery. I
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, has one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment in the country. The product is the
very best Beer is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to any part of the tri-cities, and may
be ordered direct from the head offices on Mo
line avenue by Telephone.
Call for Roch Island
Pretrial Co. Deer.

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